Nehemiah: Day 9

We Completed the Wall


Today's Text: Nehemiah 6:1-19, Isaiah 9:6-7, Jeremiah 23:5-6

Scripture Reading: Nehemiah 6:1-19, Isaiah 9:6-7, Jeremiah 23:5-6

Whether it’s creeping doubts or, in the case of Nehemiah, a determined band of enemies with names like Sanballat (boo!), the work that Christ has for us rarely goes unopposed.

As I consider the ways God has used His Word to call me to serve and go and share, I am bolstered by Nehemiah’s tenacious faithfulness. Though his opponents sought to distract and discourage him, Nehemiah stood firm. His eyes were on the prize. His mission was God’s glory. His feet were firmly planted in the idea that he was building something bigger than himself. When his enemies accused him of plotting a coup to take the throne, Nehemiah simply sent this message:

“I am doing a great work and I cannot come down” (Nehemiah 6:3).

His words have the power to equip and encourage us. As we minister, as we obey, as we ask God to shape us into the image-bearers we were made to become, the voice of the enemy will continuously ring in our ears. But we do not have to listen. Christ is doing an important work in us, after all. There’s more to see. Nehemiah is pointing us toward something bigger.

Fast forward nearly 500 years past the construction of Nehemiah’s wall. Jesus, our Savior, hangs on a cross. Just like Nehemiah, Christ’s enemies accused Him of vying for a human throne. A sign carved by hatred was placed above His head, declaring sarcastically, “This is Jesus, King of the Jews” (Matthew 27:37). Sanballat, Tobiah, Geshem, and the rest stood at the base of Nehemiah’s wall and hurled insults.

Christ’s accusers stood at the base of the cross and did the same.

“He saved others; he cannot save himself. He is the King of Israel; let him come down now from the cross, and we will believe in him” (Matthew 27:42).

Jesus didn’t flinch. He didn’t rush to His own defense. He didn’t climb off the cross and put His opponents in their place, though He certainly could have. His eyes were glued to the Father, and His mission was our salvation. With His actions Christ was, in essence, declaring, “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down.”

Nehemiah rebuilt the temple walls, and Jesus rebuilt the temple. Nehemiah stayed the course until the wall was finished, and Jesus stayed on the cross until the veil was torn. Nehemiah couldn’t have known it, but he was declaring the gospel with his life and work. Because Jesus was not deterred by His accusers, we can declare the same.

I reckon Nehemiah would tell us there is no cost to count when compared to the privilege of pointing to Jesus. And through His death, Jesus declares there is no cost too high to pay in order to ransom us. With the gospel as our grid, we can stay the course, embracing Christ’s words as He reminds us,

“If anyone wants to follow after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow me.
For whoever wants to save his life will lose it,
but whoever loses his life because of me will save it” (Luke 9:23-24).

Pick up your cross. Tune out the enemy. Let’s keep building.


Erin Davis is an author, blogger, and speaker who loves to see women of all ages run to the deep well of God’s Word. When she’s not writing, you can find Erin chasing chickens and children on her small farm in the Midwest.

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  • Janna Jackson

    Oh to have the focus that Nehemiah had when building the wall. He was bombarded by his enemies and their discouraging words, yet he kept his focus and did not sway to the left or right. The hym is so true “Turn your eyes upon Jesus Look full in his wonderful face and the things of Earth will grow strangely dim”. Ps 141:8

  • Courtney Javier

    I really enjoy when the devo really dives straight into the heart of the text rather than a long story. Thank you for this!

  • Courtney Javier

    I really enjoy when the devo really dives straight into the heart of the text. Thank you for this!

  • Emily Gates

    I love this so much. I have always struggled with understanding how to live as a sacrifice like that on the cross. I knew nothing could compare; obviously, but I knew God wanted my ultimate sacrifice. Nehemiah 6 was that resolve for me. I teach Sunday School, Children’s Chapel, and am a Director for a Children’s Choir and I’ve never been able to fully relate in order to tell them how the power sacrifice should reflect in their daily lives. Nehemiah will be a great book to reference book. It’s truly incredible, this study, I feel like I’m reading the Bible with so much more interest than ever.

  • Soraya DosSantos

    This scripture has left me in tears…how great, how glorious, how powerful and reckless my father is! I remain anchored in his grace and promise of faith!!!

  • Deb Pizzuti

    I give too much power to negative people in my life. I ponder on their words and it brings me down. My prayer is to think and respond with Jesus’ wisdom; to be confident in handling people with the right words; and to recognize their ignorance and pray for them…that they have a change in heart. How awesome would it be to increase Jesus’ spirit and decrease the devils influence

  • I loved the parallels between Jesus and Nehemiah. They’d never been pointed out to me. I also loved verse 3. It is a reminder to keep doing what God has called you for and ignore those who want to bring you down. Great devotional!

  • Rene' Bancroft

    So good! “His Mission was God’s glory.” So simply put but what a powerful image! Nehemiah knew God would strengthen him & give him the wisdom he needed for this project because Nehemiah was close to God; he knew His voice & followed it!!

  • As a girl who tends to overthink, I love how simple minded Nehemiah is. He faces his enemies with easy replies. He faces opposition with prayer that asks for greater strength. He see’s the task God has laid before him, and he follows it. When I face opposition in my life, I want to be more like Nehemiah!

  • I would love prayer for clarity. God is doing a great work in me, and I am so thankful. In that though, there is some confusion regarding my old relationship. There is a part of me, where I feel like all that I am reading and being enlightened to by the Holy Spirit points to restoration. Some days, I a m so very sure that is what God is doing. That is working on the impossible. And other days, I feel foolish and off base. That instead of it solely being about the work he is doing in me, I am applying everything to the relationship. I know deep down the battle has been won already, but I think its out of desire and if im honest, fear and self protection that I want to know that I am understanding Him correctly.

  • annmarie l. smith

    two things caught my attention in Nehemiah 6.
    1. fear can come in a variety of ways; when fear enters my heart and my mind, my prayer will now be “Oh God, strengthen me”.
    2. what seems impossible to complete from a human standpoint is always met with opposition, mocking, disbelief, etc.; however, if God has backed it, then it will come to fruition. after the walls was built in 52 days, the opposition and onlookers “perceived that this work was done by our God”.

  • Maya Basquin

    “Nehemiah could not have know it, but he was declaring the Gospel with his life and work.”

  • Amy Masaschi

    God’s purposes cannot be thwarted! I love that Truth and it’s no more revealed than here in Nehemiah’s life.

  • Melanie HallWilliams


  • Logan Christine

    Loved the devotion for this passage! Before reading the devotion I wrote in my study book that I would have become swayed by the threats of my enemies and that I need to build my confidence in God’s promises. While I wouldn’t call myself a pushover, when things get scary I can be. I will be asking the Lord to build in me a confidence like Nehemiah’s for future persecutors!
    After reading the devotion, I loved seeing the parallel between Nehemiah and Jesus (also, it reminded me how wonderful the Bible is and that everyone can glean something different and show others a whole new perspective!). When our eyes are fixed on the Father nothing can shake us!

  • This was fantastic! Thank you, Jesus, for completing your great work. This is love <3

  • Abbey Byrd

    As the world and my selfish desires seek to distract me from my God given role as a wife and mother, a homemaker.. I pray I would have the strength and resolve to continue forward and say “I am doing a great work and cannot come down.”

  • Amy Alexandra

    ‘With His actions Christ was, in essence, declaring, “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down.”’
    ‘Nehemiah stayed the course until the wall was finished, and Jesus stayed on the cross until the veil was torn.’

    Because of Him, I have access to the presence of God. Because of Him, I no longer longer fear death. Because He viewed my salvation as a great work, worth the terrible, awful cost He had to pay, I have life, and life abundant. Praise Him! A thousand times, until my last breath, praise Him!

  • Kathy Hensley

    I can’t let fear hold me back from doing God’s work. I pray for strength and wisdom to carry out God’s plan and seek to glorify Him. Amen.

  • Mimi Arganbright

    Beautifully written… powerful truth. Thank you for spurring me on in the faith today!

  • Kate Wells

    Wow! So powerful!

  • Praying that I am indeed doing the work that God wants me to do, career wise. Sometimes I think it’s time for a change. Trusting His guidance and wisdom to make sure I’m on the path that is His will… It’s not clear to me. Give me faith to keep building where I’m at until He guided me elsewhere.

    • I B

      I have been in this place for what seems a while now —- trusting each day – asking God what do you have for me here – sometimes it’s not the actual work – sometimes it’s the relationship a of your coworkers – your being light in the dark -

    • Natasha Reyes

      Hi April, we’re in the same boat! Your words describe exactly how I feel right now. And your prayer at the end of your comment will be my prayer too, thank you!

  • Megan Blew

    Nehemiah is admirable for sure! God may I be more like Nehemiah and stand firm and know the work you have called me to is bigger than me!

  • Lynne Stephenson

    “let’s keep building”… I needed to hear this today as I struggle to push ourlt the doubts and remind faithful in pursuit of God’s plan.

  • Laura Surman

    I wish I had this to hold onto when I was drawn away from the great work I was doing. Instead I live daily in regret and remorse for have stepped away. Now I cannot see the work God has for me in my new existence because I cannot forgive myself for leaving my post. I try to believe God has designed my life but am tormented by my thoughts that I can no longer do a “great work” because of my choices in the past.

    • Molly

      Laura, I do not know what you’re going through right now. However, I have felt this same exact way before. I know what it is like to have done something that you feel you can’t recover from. For me, I felt like no matter what happened, God would never love me and would never want to love me. I went through depression for at least 4 years thinking I would never come out on the other side. God did bring me through to the other side that I never thought I would see. I don’t want to just say something to blanket over your feelings, because I’ve had people do that to me. I just want to empathize with you, because I know it sucks. I also want to declare truth over you and encourage you to keep going. Do NOT believe the lie from hell that God is not chasing after you. He sees you in your pain and still says you’re beautiful. Forgive me for the novel I just wrote you. I saw your comment and just had to let you know that you are NOT alone.

      • Mandy

        Beautiful,sensitive, insightful,and truthful comments Molly-good on you for putting pen to paper:) praying Laura is greatly encouraged.

      • Dawn Cayce

        Thank you all for sharing. God led me here because I too am in a hard season. I’ve made some awful mistakes and am afraid God can’t possibly redeem someone like me, but I try to remember His grace and mercy on the cross and remember fear and Satan are liars.

    • Tricia Cavanaugh

      No matter what you have done or not done in the past, God had a new plan for you. Trust in that promise. Praying for you.

    • Bunny Perry

      I believe this is something each of us has gone through. It is our “human” nature to feel guilty. What we all need to remember is what a priest told me. Jesus HAS FORGIVEN you, now you must forgive yourself. Jesus suffered for our sins, and he has forgiven us. I wish I could be with you Laura and Dawn! Please know I have added you both to my prayer book. If you need to talk, please feel free to email me. I know that it so darn hard, but we are all here for you. Pray and believe in Jesus! [email protected]

    • Annie K

      If this were true, we would ALL be hopeless—not one single person here today would be able to do God’s will. You may think your mistake is truly the worst and most unforgivable, but those lies are from the enemy. Forgiving yourself is powerful, and the enemy doesn’t want you to know that. Focus on doing God’s work no matter how heavy your cross—there is endless strength found in Jesus.

    • Bessie

      One time I was praying that God would help me be a forgiver. I asked Him who I should forgive? He said to me, oh so clearly, ‘I want you to forgive yourself’. What for, I asked? He told me a specific thing that I had done many years earlier that I still struggled with. I know He had forgiven me, but I didn’t realize that I hadn’t forgiven myself. With tears streaming down my face, I was able to forgive myself. I’ll never forget that morning.
      Forgive yourself and let it be put as far away from you as the east is from the west.

    • EV Monroe

      That’s the Devil lying to you, sister. God knows what His plans are for you. God isn’t surprised by the choices you make. Don’t let the enemy convince you otherwise.

  • Naomi McManigle

    I love how every story whispers His name!

  • Ann Duncan

    “His feet were firmly planted in the idea that he was building something bigger than himself. ” And, “Nehemiah stayed the course until the wall was finished, and Jesus stayed on the cross until the veil was torn.” Are these incredible quotes that are going in my journal. Quotes to remind me that even in this season of “Jesus? What’s next?” He will give me a mission and when I keep my eyes on Him it will be completed. Thank you Erin for this post!

  • Shelby Lynn

    Reading this with the weight of my heart.. makes me want to go sit in nature and meditate in scripture. Today, I need the Lords help picking up and carrying my cross—it’s heavier today than normal. I’ve been up for hours with agony of a troubled marriage and a friend passing. As I lean onto God, knowing my friend is safe with him—you still wonder the reason for dying (heart attack or whichever can happen at the age of 34). With my marriage, leaning on God to guidance because I don’t know where to start, I don’t know what to say to my husband who told me ‘he would rather be at work than home.’ I don’t know how to be a wife right now, what I thought was working for the last 3yrs apparently isn’t good enough right now (or anymore). Lord please carve on my cross your will for me and how to lean on you more, carve for me peace/love/security. I know you will never hurt me Father but please hold your broken daughter—you’re all I have.

    • GramsieSue

      If we’re honest, we all will admit we’ve had those moments/valleys in our marriages when we thought it was over. We had gone beyond the point of no return. And we either give up or dig in and rebuild. My husband and I chose to rebuild. It wasn’t easy and there were hurdles but we stood firm. One of the things we did was read TOGETHER through the book, “Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars”. It started conversations that were eye opening. We both had to learn how to love each other again. But with Christ as our foundation we succeeded and our marriage is still stronger than ever. We will celebrate 25 years in June! Don’t give up! Blessings ❤️

    • Deborah Craytor

      I would not describe my marriage as “troubled” (we will celebrate our 32nd anniversary on June 14), but this past weekend, my husband told me part of the reason why he is not in favor of my retiring early. He said that since the children were born, he has never felt that he is #1 on my list of things to care about. He said that, now that the girls are on their own, he had hoped to move up on my list of priorities but that he now feels supplanted by my devotion to Bible study. How do I respond to that? It’s true; I am actively trying to maintain God as the center of my life, the only thing of true importance, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love my husband. To give a concrete example, last night I was studying my Bible when he asked me to come sit down and watch TV with him. I did so, and I enjoyed the show, but part of me felt that I was short-changing God at that moment. Thoughts?

      • Rhonda

        I don’t think you are short changing God at all. He wants you to love your husband and bring joy to each other, and that takes work…meaning choosing to spend quality time together doing what you both enjoy. Unless you water your marriage it is going to wilt quickly.

      • Sonya Ables

        I believe God is honored when we respond to our husbands’ desire to spend time with us…even when we need to put a good thing aside for a short time. Do you know his love language? It’s a game changer. Also, books I recommend are “Love and Respect” and “Created for Connection”. Marriage is a journey of give and take, highs and lows. Hang on.

    • Rebecca H

      When words don’t sit right, prayer does.

    • Rebecca H

      Praying for you dear sister

    • Natasha Reyes

      I continue to pray for you Shelby. I can sense your deep hurt and despair. I pray that God gives you peace and comfort today.

    • Terrie Fulk

      Do not allow those to ridicule so that they may hinder us in our work for our Father in Heaven.

  • Lately, I have been severely struggling with trusting in God’s plans and believing in the path that I have been asked to follow. It seems as if every day, I feel the doubt sink in further and further. This message has just reminded me of my worth, and how great of a privilege it is for me to serve such an almighty God. In doing His work and following His path, I am telling the enemy that I am ready for his challenges. We must remember that we will not go through these challenges alone, for He is good and He is with us.

  • Sabrina Klomp

    This is such a timely word and powerful devotional! I love the connection of Nehemiah and Christ. Thank you Erin for such a God-breathed post. I feel more equipped today by these truths!

  • Brittanie Rosas

    This is so encouraging. Have a blessed day ladies!

  • Andrea Lopez

    A daily prayer to pick up my cross and walk. Thank you for showing me the comparisons between Nehemiah and Christ – had never seen that before!

  • Keeping the faith…staying strong in God’s word, knowing through Jesus I am saved. I am redeemed. I am being rebuilt. There are situations and people who may try to pull us away, but I will remain steadfast through God’s grace and mercy and keep my focus on Him. Thank you God for your strength, your help and for holding on to me with your righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10.

  • This study and today’s lesson have been so encouraging. We are in a rebuilding phase at our church due to a lot of staff changes. Our pastor died in March after a short battle with cancer. As you can imagine, it felt like things were falling apart. A rather new associate pastor had to step up. God has obviously provided yet we have seen people leave. Some were people who had been with us a long time. Satan has used this to bring discouragement about the work we are trying to do. This study is helping my husband and I both as we continue to serve, and do God’s work at church. We have a solid foundation and we will see Him work!

    • Katelyn

      Pam, I’m praying for your church: that it may rebuild and heal together and come out stronger through this grieving process

  • Caralee Lilly

    Oh that I would have the steadfastness of mind to follow in Nehemiah’s footsteps…Christ’s footsteps…to stay the course and finish the work He has called me to.

  • Melissa Corrick

    Pick up your cross. Tune out the enemy. Just keep building.

  • Nehemiah’s story really resonates with me right now. It seems that just as soon as we are determined to rebuild something that God has brought to our attention, there is an increase in opposition and threats from our enemies. Recently, I have been trying to rebuild some bridges that have been burned in my marriage. God has made me aware of some of my shortcomings as a wife, and has provided me with the scripture and information I need to begin making changes. In the midst of this understanding and conviction, however, I feel like there has been so much spiritual warfare going on in my home/life. Sisters, please pray for me as I encounter opposing circumstances in this time of trying to get my wind back and do the work God has called me to do. Bless y’all.

    • Remi

      Amy, thank you for sharing this sweet message. I believe that Satan often works incredibly hard against us in our lives when we are actually making a difference for the Kingdom. Your marriage is Holy, Sacred ground, and you’re responding to the ways our Lord is sanctifying this relationship in your life. Your open ears and action which are propelling you to be more and more Christ-like are dangerous to Satan. After all, Satan’s not worried about a luke-warm Christian. Satan shakes in his boots when he sees dynamic Christians living out the Truth he tries to squelch, and showing others how precious it is to know our God. Be encouraged! You’re on the right path and God will strengthen your hands for the good work he has set before you, just as He strengthened the hands of Nehemiah. Thank you for being an encouragement to fellow women of God!

    • GramsieSue

      Praying that you stand firm. You’re building something bigger than yourself. Christ is doing an important work in you. Hugs! ❤️

  • charlie woodruff

    Oh my, thank you Lord for your word and this study!

  • England Elsie

    Just wow – “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down”. The foreshadowing of Jesus in the story of Nehemiah – brilliant. Let’s keep the faith ladies – keep doing the great work that God has given us each to do until we see him again. Let’s show his glory!!! Thank you God for this today and the way you have gifted Erin to give us your appeal to us in her writing here.

  • As a pastor’s wife, I’ve been in situations where ppl conspire. Today it may not be letters but phone calls that seek to bring down the work by opposition, criticism and even lies. These are painful and very stressful situations, but its encouraging to know Nehemiah’s story, his unfaltering purpose and, specially for me, his decision *not to fear* in the face of his enemies schemes . It’s my prayer also: “But now, O God, strengthen my hands”

  • Beauty, encouragement and truth in your words-
    “Keep Going!”
    Thank you!

  • This brought tears to my eyes! So important. Thank you!

  • Verna Miller

    I’ve never thought about the comparisons of Nehemiah and Jesus…..fascinating!

  • Churchmouse

    You pray before meals, even at restaurants?! “I am doing important work and cannot come down. ”

    You go with all your kids to church every Sunday?! “I am doing important work and cannot come down. ”

    You go to work on time and you don’t ‘borrow’ items from the office and you don’t gossip?!” I am doing important work and cannot come
    down. ”

    You speak words of respect and support your husband, no male bashing?!” I am doing important work and cannot come down.”

    You mow the grass for your elderly neighbor and take a meal to another who is ill?! “I am doing important work and cannot come down.”

    You sent flowers to the hospital to a sick colleague and you visited them and even prayed with them?! “I am doing important work and cannot come down.”

    You go to baseball games to cheer on the neighbor boy whose dad is deployed and you bring a picnic lunch to share with his mom in the stands?! “I am doing important work and cannot come down.”

    You wait in the dark, though you’re bone tired from a long day, for your teenager to come home to have a post – date conversation and your face brightens when they come in the door and you listen attentively to young love?! ” I am doing important work and cannot come down.”

    You get up early the next morning to open your Bible and pray over your list?! “I am doing important work and can’t come down.”

    You listen to the same story for the hundredth time because your lonely parent loves to tell it?! “I am doing important work and cannot come down.”

    You did the tough love thing with that prodigal child and your heart is breaking and you get up today and go to work?! “I am doing important work and can’t come down.”

    Countless more could be written. The thousand daily ways we honor Him by doing the little things that really matter. Our calling is often quiet, unseen and found in the ordinary. But it is no small thing. It is IMPORTANT WORK with eternal consequences. I cannot come down and give my precious time to that which would be less. “My God, strengthen my hands.”

    • Lori

      Spot on! God bless you and everyone who identifies with this. May we all press on❤️

    • Michelle

      So many things seem like ordinary parts of my day. Recognizing them as Love Work and Important Work is a ground breaking discovery! I see His Truth in your words.
      ❤️ Thank you❤️

    • Pam

      I love this! Thank you! Very good examples of what I believe Jesus would also call “bearing fruit.” When we love sacrificially like He did, we bear fruit. I believe this should be our daily calling!

    • Lizzy

      This brought tears to my eyes! So important. Thank you!

    • Jeanette

      Beautiful! Thank you for this encouragement.

    • England Elsie


    • Rachel

      So blessed by God speaking through you Churchmouse! Don’t stop!

    • PamC

      Amen & Amen

    • valerie

      THIS spoke to me on so many levels…
      Thank you for reminding me that:

      “Our calling is often quiet, unseen and found in the ordinary.
      But it is no small thing.
      It is IMPORTANT WORK with eternal consequences.”

      Those 3 sentences stopped me in my tracks of self-pity, weariness, discouragement and frustration. Parenting teenagers in this day and age has worn me down but your words reminded me that “I am doing important work and cannot come down.”

      I was also reminded of Isaiah 41:10 – “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

      God spoke to me through you this morning so thank you for showing up here every day and posting your comments. They speak life!

    • GramsieSue

      So very true! Thanks for the reminder that those little things are in reality the big things! ❤️

    • Katelyn

      Thank you for putting this into the context of daily life, Churchmouse

    • Momtomany

      Simply beautiful and profound

    • SuzD

      Thank you Churchmouse for doing important work by sharing these thoughts with your Sisters.

  • Colleen DeVeau

    Thanks for the encouragement and faithfully pointing us toward what it’s all about: Jesus and salvation.

  • Such a beautiful parallel between Nehemiah and Christ. I love how thoughtful God is.

  • Kelly Chataine

    Agreeing and praising with Jo, due to seeing Jesus in all of the Bible!

    Pray for four young girls/women that I have begun to share the gospel with Kayla, Sabrina, Kaylee, and Katrina. Also, I have covered my bulletin board, at school, with pages that I colored while sitting next to my husband. These pages have Bible verses on them and have the students asking me questions. At the beginning of the school year, last August, before my husband’s accident, I was praying about upping my game for Christ and telling more and more about His love, sacrifice, and more. That has been happening a lot more since October 10th! God is amazing!

  • Chriatina

    Reminds me of the Jim Elliott (or was it Nate Saint?) quote, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to get what he cannot earn.” That may not be exact, but it is close.

  • I picture Jesus on the cross and seeing every sin that ever was or will be committed. I picture Him seeing the lies, gossip, defiance, cheating, stealing, abuse, rage, murders and more. Then He heard those people taunting Him and lying about Him. I would have come down from the cross and showed them all. I would have appeared to those that did that to me and let them see I was resurrected that third day. But Jesus didn’t do any of that He endured the cross despising it’s shame for the glory set before Him. He did keep His eye on the Father and thought of us. How truly amazing! Like the song says, “We will never know how much it costs to see my sin upon that cross.” Thank you, Jesus for Your Love and Sacrifice for our salvation. And These are great songs!

  • “I reckon Nehemiah would tell us there is no cost to count when compared to the privilege of pointing to Jesus. And through His death, Jesus declares there is no cost too high to pay in order to ransom us. ” Wow, just wow!
    Father, I pray that all I say and all I do point people to Jesus. Help me daily to pick up my cross, tune out the enemy and keep building.

  • Christ in all the scriptures! Not seen this before, thank you.

    • Erin Davis

      He’s in every pen stroke, Jo!

      Rooting for you,


    • Deborah Craytor

      Jo, you might want to take a look at the Jesus Bible. Its entire format is designed to show Jesus throughout the Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation.

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