Nehemiah: Day 8

I Stood Against Social Injustice


Today's Text: Nehemiah 5:1-19, Exodus 22:25, 2 Corinthians 8:9

Scripture Reading: Nehemiah 5:1-19, Exodus 22:25, 2 Corinthians 8:9

I’m no bargain hunter when it comes to shopping and did not inherit whatever gene it is my grandmother and mother and at least three of my brothers seem to have. I want and weigh and debate and discuss until finally I buy at full price. There is one place, though, where I have no problem hunting for bargains: my standing before God.

It seems I’m always being measured and measuring myself up against the standards of others, and therefore, against the standard of God. Unconsciously, I list my good deeds against my less than good deeds and, finding myself short, try to make it up to God.

I’ll be more faithful here.
I’ll give more of myself there.
I’ll be a better friend here.
A better wife there.
I’ll be quick to say I’m sorry here.
And I’ll be slow to take offense there.
Surely the scales will be weighed and I’ll not be found wanting?
Surely my generosity must count for something?

What I love about Nehemiah chapter 5 is that while Nehemiah is a man who is known and loved by God and loves Him in return, somehow he still feels the need to present his list of good deeds before God. It’s as if he is a small child who’s come in from a long day of playing outside to then dump out the contents of his pockets and present them as treasures before his father.

I found this rock and this stick.
Look at this leaf and this frog.
I played with this boy and then we built this fort.
Come see it…

And instead of ignoring or rebuking the child for distracting him, the father delights in the boy’s account. This child is not earning the love of his father; he is simply overflowing with the gift of who and what he is—a child, about the work of being a child, doing the things a child does, and certain in the love of his father.

It is not a bargain Nehemiah is on the hunt for here. He’s not listing his deeds to God in order to gain His approval. He knows who he is and what he is called to do: rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and call the people to repentance. It is not scales on which Nehemiah lays the goodness of his deeds—it is for the delight of his Father.

We know that as children of God, our “good deeds” are like filthy rags before the goodness of Christ (Isaiah 64:6). We are fully covered in the sacrifice of Christ’s death; therefore, we can no more justify our good deeds or count our bad ones against us. Jesus’ work on the cross is complete, as is our justification through Him (Galatians 2:16).

So since we are children of God, as we go about our lives today, let’s not tally mark our good deeds or our  bad ones, but instead be about our Father’s business, being faithful with what He has called us to today. And at the end of the day, whether we’re tempted to feel self-sufficient and justified or ashamed and unworthy, based on what we did or did not accomplish—let us instead empty our hearts before the Father and show Him the treasures of a life lived in faithfulness for our joy and His glory.


Lore Ferguson Wilbert is a writer, thinker, and learner. She blogs at Sayable, and tweets and instagrams at @lorewilbert. She has a husband named Nate, a puppy named Harper Nelle, and too many books to read in one lifetime.

  • Suzi Istvan

    While I love your message, I would like to hear more about the social justice part of the reading, as your title implies. Can you provide any insight? ❤️

  • Janna Jackson

    God is the defender of the weak and the helper of the helpless. Similar to how God defends us, Nehemiah saw how the rich people were taking advantage of the people and he stood up for them. It says in Proverbs, when the righteous are in authority the people prosper but when the wicked are in authority the people perish. God has to come to set the captives free and open the eyes of the blinded. I was blind but now I see. I need to daily rest in the truth of Gal 5:1 and live in the liberty God has provided to me.

  • Jen Nohrenberg

    Social justice begins at the heart and not by our deeds – Nehemiah’s fear of God led him to act and was the reason for his outpouring of love. We need to be getting alone with God at the end or beginning of everyday and emptying our pockets before Christ. We as a Christian culture don’t value alone time with God enough. Love this devotional – thanks for sharing ❤️

  • Andrea Myane

    What? Your devotional had nothing to do with social justice, though that in the title. Can you explain to me why this is? Though I do not disagree with your

  • Edith Arroyo

    Im so thankful for this message this morning because before my day has even started found myself overthinking about how to be good and the steps I need to take to be good but I believe after reading this it brings so much peace and a weight lifted over me to just enjoy the day and remember that I am were I am because of my faithfulness to God and not to discredit that.

  • Emily Gates

    This was such a great read. I struggle with this. I attempt to do the right thing, but subconsciously I am doing them to please God, for myself. It becomes selfish and then His work seems diminished in a sense. .. My debt was paid, and my freedom died for. I plan to use my freedom to delight my Father, and make Him happy. Forget about self worth and self gratification. What more can I be proud of when I have the ultimate Father calling me His daughter.

  • Terrie Fulk

    It took me awhile to understand the scripture today. I have been re-reading and pondering over what the message was in this reading. I feel that I now have an understanding. I shouldn’t treat people in a lesser way than myself. Let God see what I have done and marvel in His acceptance.

  • Hannah Blacksmith

    I would have to agree with Sarah- I’m a little disappointed that there was no mention of how Nehemiah felt VERY angry about the systemic injustice he saw and the action he took to resolve and speak up for the oppressed. Still love this study though!

  • AnnMarie L. Smith

    Nehemiah had a pure heart and feared God. As Governor he held a position of power and had the ability to demand service. But he took into consideration the plight of the people “because of the fear of God”. Also, he “did not demand the governor’s provisions, because the bondage was heavy on this people”. This lesson reminded me to never take advantage of people even though I can demand it though positions of power. Always, fear God.

  • Julie Waldvogel

    It’s not easy to stop measuring myself, but I know I’ll try my best not to.

  • I’m always in favour of getting something new from scripture but not sure that was standing out for me! Happy to hear further comments from the guest speaker about her thought process.

  • That’s all you’ve got after reading about bonded labor slavery and not exploiting the poor by charging interest? Your devotion had NOTHING about that even though it’s titled “I stood against social injustice.”

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Sarah, thank you for sharing this feedback. I’ll be sure to pass this along and we’re so grateful that you’re reading along with us. -Margot, The SRT Team

    • Joy Thomas

      I really wish there was a like/heart feature , as there used to be on these comments, to show that I agree with a certain comment on that I recognize someone’s need and am praying for her. It was such a great way of visual affirmation.

      • She Reads Truth

        We appreciate the feedback Joy and will be sure to pass it along. We’re so glad that you’re reading along with us! -Margot, The SRT Team

    • Julie

      That’s what I thought, I’m confused as to where this devotion came from…

    • Kari

      At first I kind of thought that too, but after thinking about it, the title makes sense! The passage was about Nehemiah’s generosity to the poor when he saw they were being treated wrongly. He stepped in and stepped up against social injustice! Then as the devotional said, he listed all his good deeds he had done for the poor to God. I think it was a good devotional because instead of choosing to focus on the harsh reality of the bonded labor slavery exploitation of the poor, Lori chose to focus purely on God. She focused on how Nehemiah handled the issue rather than focusing on what the issue was. I thought this was pretty good!! But of course I can most definitely see where you are coming from :)

  • I see today’s reading the same way. I don’t think Nehemiah is telling God about all the good things he’s done. I think he’s telling Jews that have forgotten God’s law that it is possible to live honorably and not oppress others in order to live well. The Jewish nobility had forgotten God’s law about how to lend to the poor. Nehemiah is showing them how to live as God’s chosen people.

  • Catie Mickletz

    The story in this passage is incredible; that Nehemiah, under God’s authority, just gets all these wealthy Jews to stop taking advantage of the poor and cancel their debts (or at least their interest; I wasn’t totally sure from my reading)!? Can you imagine walking into a Wells Fargo or a car dealership today and getting a group of bankers or financiers to do that? It’s unthinkable. This makes me think hard about how I go through the world, and what things I might be doing thoughtlessly or for my own gain that are actually taking advantage of the poor and voiceless. This really matters to God. Food for thought…

  • Kathy Valentine

    Love the analogy of a child telling a parent about the treasures of the day. Children never report all the failings from the day, just joyfully recount the good. Lord, help us come to You as little children. Thank you for this devotional today.

  • Kari Shoultz

    My heart is heavy as me and my boyfriend of 2years are breaking up I am in my early 20s and it’s very heartbreaking for me.He is my first love and the guy I honestly thought was for me and who I wanted to Marry eventually . I am asking for prayers and that I can empty my heart to our Father so I can live in joy and his glory!

  • April Hernandez

    LOVE this! I so often think God is waiting to correct me or direct me & give me my marching orders, but He is really just looking to “have me.” Have me in His presence & just love me. Like a parent takes joy in just holding, hugging, and loving their child, God takes pleasure in our coming to Him to just be with Him. ❤️

  • “Every day is fresh, with no mistakes in it.” -Anne of Green Gables :)

  • Abbey Byrd

    Oh, how I struggle with bargaining. It is so hard for me to see another way to measure my worth aside from my accomplishments. What did I get done in my day? It’s mostly subconscious in that I do it without thinking of it, and yet I’m also keenly aware of it. Lord give me wisdom, give me new eyes to see. Help me to understand your word, show me how you measure worth, let me live in a way that glorifies you so that I can pour out my heart to you, not so that I can bargain but so I may share my fruits, my joys, and my burdens with my father. Help me Lord.

  • Gracie Nuñez

    Loved this one. I am in the first trimester of my first pregnancy, and keep catching myself worrying and wondering about the future with a child. (I am excited but still find myself running through all the what if scenarios). Also I’ve been having really vivid dream/nightmares (thanks pregnancy hormones!!) that have made me tossing and turning thinking about past regrets. A reminder that all I can control is today and I will be faithful and about God’s business today. One step in front of the other!

  • Shelby Lynn

    As I read this message today and the article of support. I feel overwhelmed, dragged down and defeated. Actually this morning prior to bible study, I sat in my spare bathroom, sat on the floor writing in my journal crying. I wrote why I’m failing in my marriage. My husband told me last night that he wasn’t happy, that I don’t love him how he wants to be loved. Yet yesterday we laughed and joked and held hands and did things that led me to think ‘everything is fine and wonderful.’ I literally slept last night in the fetal position holding onto my bible for dear life, I didn’t move in the bed at all for the couple hour sleep I obtained. As I was writing, areas I could change to be a better wife, how to love him how he wants, the sex he wants and desires; I was told one of my friends passed away suddenly at the age of 34. My mind shifted from what I’m doing wrong to how can I make/fix this life with my husband so we can enjoy this not-so-promised life more. I shall just sit and pray to God for answers after I bible study to avoid emotional eating—as God fulfills my desires to avoid leaning on food. Lord please help me.

    • Gracie Nuñez

      Praying for you Shelby! Sorry if this is unsolicited advice, but maybe it will help. If you haven’t read the 5 Love Languages, I highly recommend it. It helped my husband and I learn that we speak in different “languages” when we show our love to each other, and things can get lost in translation and make it hard to feel each other’s love. I obviously don’t know the details of your marriage, but know it helped me!

      • Shelby Lynn

        Thank you Gracie. I read it and pointed out things to my husband. He shows no interest in reading it—thus we struggle.

      • Terrie Fulk

        My son and his fiancée are struggling with their relationship. I have been praying for them. This book may be a help to them. Thank you, Gracie.

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Shelby, thank you for sharing. We’re praying over you today -for comfort, peace and encouragement during this time. We’re so grateful that you’re here! -Margot, The SRT Team

    • Cathy B

      Dear Shelby,
      I am lifting you up in Prayer today. May the God of all grace strengthen you and restore you. May He lift you up and stand you on firm ground. You will not be shaken. May you continue to cling to Him and listen to Him as he answers your pleas. He calls you BELOVED {Romans 9;25}, You are His TREASURED possession {Deuteronomy 7:6} You have been and will be restored {1Peter 5:10} I ask this in Jesus name AMEN.

    • Natasha Reyes

      I’m praying for you and your husband, Shelby!

    • Laura D'Amico

      Praying for you now, Shelby ❤️

    • Kenda Pohl

      Praying for you Shelby. My husband and I went through a really rough time awhile back in our marriage and a Christian counselor saved our marriage. It’s hard to walk that road ….Not sure if your husband is open to that but it was the best investment we have ever made. Will be praying for you!!

    • Terrie Fulk

      So sorry to hear of your struggles Shelby. I will pray you find answers you need.

  • Mendy Gauthier

    Beautiful and encouraging insight. Gods smiles on us . May we believe this with all our hearts.

  • This devo left me scratching my head a bit. Nehemiah lived in the days of the law and I think he *was* recounting his good deeds in a manner of mentioning his merits. No doubt God would not be indignant that Nehemiah had the audacity to bring his ‘filthy rags’ to Him in hope of gaining favour and blessings.

    What jumped out at me was how God provided abundantly for him despite the fact that he did not demand for the governor’s provision so that the people could have more provisions. Nehemiah is a good example of a servant leader and the lesson I get is that God will always provide when we take that posture of serving the people.

    • Meg

      Me too. I felt the scripture and the title went together. I don’t get the connection with the devotion portion. It left me a bit confused.

    • Rochelle Walker

      My thoughts, as well.

  • Lynne Stephenson

    I think that todays reading reminded me to take time to talk to God and make a conscious effort to follow his example.

  • Maya Basquin

    phew! This Devi knocked me out when she mentioned that we bargain with God! This is so helpful to know that God delights in our account.

  • Sabrina Klomp

    This devotion was written for me! I’ve been struggling so hard with this and I’m so thankful for the friendship of God. He cares enough to delight in us! Praise the Lord!

  • Jess Rivera

    I love this! Amen❤️

  • I am often tempted to show off my “good works”. I often spent time weighing things out before God; “I did this, so I don’t understand why this is happening”. It’s our human nature. Yesterday I was sick with food poisoning. I invited God to reason with me, telling Him how ineffective I am when I’m sick, and He needed to just heal me. I finally laughed at my own rationale, or lack of, and invited Him to be with me as I wait for my marvelously created body do what He made it to do; process the poisons out of me. When I began to think that way, it changed my perspective. Instead of listing my virtues before Him, aka filthy rags, I remembered His goodness and His promise to never leave me. And in that, He took delight. I’m sure He was mildly amused at my ravings as He waited for me to remember His truth.

    Nehemiah reminded God of his integrity before Him, and indeed it did bring God joy. Because He delights in obedience and we are invited to delight with Him. He delighted in Nehemiahs kindness and integrity. It blessed the heart of God. I tend to forget that God IS joy. And I am His delight and His joy. We all are as we obey and remember Who He is.

    As believers, we know that we are, or should be, always available to Christ who is always at work within us. If there’s an injustice He wants to address through us, He can, if we are listening and willing. Can we address the world’s injustices? No, and it’s not up to us to do that. It’s up to us be available where we are and allow Him to influence our world.We don’t have to worry about speaking out against social injustices, God is more than aware of what is fair and not fair. Social injustice has been around obviously for a very long time and is not new to God. If He asks us to speak, we speak. We don’t have to be reminded by anyone, or follow someone else’s agenda, we wait for the quickening of the Holy Spirit within us because His timing is perfect and is always the most effective. If we move without His Spirit, we are just clanging cymbals creating alot of loveless noise. I loved the reading today. Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!!

  • Ellie Julian

    I have been reading along with SRT since the 2017 Advent Study. The devotionals along with the reading have done wonders for revealing things for me in my own personal walk with Jesus. When I read the title of today’s… “I Stood Against Injustice”, I was excited to hopefully hear a call for Christians today to stand against the injustices being committed currently. However, I was disappointed that the author of today’s devotional took the route of comparing Nehemiah’s righteous anger against the social injustices being committed and compared it to a child trying please his father with a list of accomplishments. And not mentioning God’s own hatred of injustice against people but rather comparing Him to a paternalistic father figure. I understand why this was said after reflecting as I could see how some of the wording in chapter five makes it appear that was Nehemiah’s goal. I just think the reading and the devotional would flow better if we addressed the need for Christians to stand up to social injustice as well. I appreciate all the work, time, and effort you have all placed into this community and look forward to continuing to read along! Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts.

    • myreille

      I’m incredibly thankful for SRT as well. I do agree with you. I’d love to hear a call for us to stand firm again injustices (like Nehemiah did), especially in our current climate. I also understand that SRT has readers from lots of different backgrounds, so I can imagine that must be a balancing act. But staying neutral isn’t really an option for followers of Jesus…

    • Lake M

      Thank you for your comment. After reading the title and scriptures, I too was disappointed with the devotional but also wanted to be open-minded and not overally critical. I am grateful for SRT and the devotionals but finished this one feeling uncomfortable and disappointed. Your comment was the first I read, and was exactly what I needed to hear. We are to encourage and support one another, but also to call out in love when we have missed an opportunity to truly reflect who God is. This passage is clearly about Nehemiah’s (as a reflection of God’s) heart regarding injustice and it felt a bit like a deservice to the fullness of who God is to skirt around that.

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Ellie, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. We appreciate the feedback and are so grateful that you’re reading along with us! -Margot, The SRT Team

    • Rochelle

      Thank you for your thoughts. I felt the same way. While everything in this devotional was true, and convicting in a really good way, it left me wanting. We *do* have to rest in who we are in Christ, and not try and show him our good works as if we will be saved by them, but we definitely need to follow up that faith and act it out by how we stand up for, and treat, other people. I do think we need to live out our faith and show others how good Christ has been to us, by then being good to them as well. The two are not mutually exclusive…

  • Today’s verses and devotional were timed just right for my heart. Do what is right. Do the next thing. Most important is do what the Father has called me to & give Him glory. I tend to not wait until the end of the day, but talk to God & share as I go so that I don’t get off track. I’m so very easily distracted!
    Loved this Lore. Thank you.

  • I love this perspective. I too sometimes feel like that child presenting my tiny treasures before God.
    It’s a beautiful thing that a single devotional can focus in on a part of a chapter that is often overlooked. It takes nothing away from the greater theme to dial in on the lesser. And we are all blessed to have easy access to other resources if we want more input on the larger theme.

  • I do see this as a story about Nehemiah standing against the injustices against the people and fact that the nobles and officials were not helping to restore their own community. I appreciate how this scripture shows Nehemiah being faithful to the Lord and choosing to do the right thing. Nehemiah backs it up by getting in there and doing the work along side the people and serving them. His love for God is reflected in his work. I am going through a rebuilding of my own and I have been dealing with fear and anxiety in doing so. It helps to see how God can work through us to bring about the changes that need to be done. May I be open, willing and faithful to His guidance in what I need to do to keep taking the steps to move forward. Amen

  • God delights in the pursuit of justice. Easing the burden of our brothers and sisters so that our community can experience restoration. We must each take an active role in that, even if it means denying some “right” or privilege we benefit from. May we each examine our own hearts and politics to align with this calling to honor our true King.

  • Congratulations Mari. God be with you

  • This evening will be my last night of our 12 step study through Celebrate Recovery. It will be a time of celebration. I am thankful for all the ladies in my group. And even though my life is not put together and they’re still, major challenges it’s now time for me to step out and help others. I must let them know that there is hope, joy, healing, and rejoicing through this wonderful 12 step study. And though I don’t have it all together and as I mentioned I still face major challenges I am so grateful for this ministry.

    • JMarie

      Mari, your comments give me courage and hope.

    • PamC

      Congratulations! I loved my time CR. It taught me so much that I still use it everyday. The work is never done. It’s a process that will help us to help others on this road of life.

  • Brooke Kubicek

    May my life be presented as a treasure to God!

  • Molly Cross

    God I pray that I am faithful to do what you have called of me today. summer is starting and this strikes a chord as more time is spent with my children, more time for those moments of keeping tally on myself. Was I a good mother or did I lose it today? Help me father to just be about your business and that my heart and mind stay faithful to the one who has called me to love and lead. May my rest and reassurance be found in your overflowing goodness to not keep account, but to listen to our treasures we bring before you Father. Amen!

  • I found that He Reads Truth helped to better align my thoughts to today’s Bible readings. If any of you were confused by today’s devotion like I was, I encourage you to hop over there for a different perspective!

    • amanda

      Agreed! I loved this line: “Jesus refused to please or comfort Himself.” A good reminder for us today: look outward and meet the needs of others as best we can, as Jesus calls us .

    • Rebecca

      Thank you for the suggestion. I found that devotional to be more in line with the text.

    • Gina Glennon

      You were right. HRT was very helpful.

    • Elisha

      Thank you.

    • Kara

      Thanks for this suggestion!

    • Alexis

      Thank you so much for this tip; it really helped me connect better with the verses. <3

    • Janice

      Wow! you were right, that was so powerful and more in line with what I was thinking. Thank you.

  • I don’t think this was the point Nehemiah was making. He’s telling a story not bragging.

  • Megan Blew

    May we encourage one another to be faithful and follow the call Christ has given us!

  • I do not see this interpretation of Chapter 5 as an emptying of good deeds, but as an emptying out of the injustices of the wrongs that people do against each other. If we do not open our eyes to the way we treat people as Nehemiah was calling the rich Jews in that day, God will be the one who will eventually shake out our pockets and leave us with nothing. So help us all to open our hearts eyes before we lose everything. We are a selfish nation, living for self-gratification where the rich get richer, leaving the poor to fend for themselves in a lot of situation. We are called to take care of the poor and needy and it is not somebody else’s problems, it’s mine and yours, together so that we too can say, “Remember me with favor, my God, for all I have done for these people.”
    That is my take on Chapter 5.

    • She Reads Truth

      Thank you for sharing Susan. We appreciate the feedback and are so glad that you’re reading along with us! -Margot, The SRT Team


    Genius! I love it when I get an original perspective . I have trouble with trying to earn love too. This helps!

  • This passage encourages me to stand against social injustice by not seeking personal gain from a position of authority, and holding brothers and sisters in Christ accountable.

    “Feed my sheep.” John 21:17

  • Kelly Chataine

    There is a lesson in all of this, well several lessons but there is one that stands out to me. Nehemiah was in the middle of a busy time, had a lot of people to deal with, and work to accomplish. In the midst of it all, he wanted to make sure that his people restored each other and treated each other well. Today’s scripture provides a good lesson for me because I have felt squeezed and weary with all my responsibilities. God says to do what is right and good. Am I tired? Do the right thing. Am I lonely? Do what is good. The most significant part is that God gives us what we need to do what is right and good! We serve an amazing God!

  • Wow, the devotional thought only alludes to the last verse of the biblical passage and misses the point of it! Yes, our deeds are like filthy rags, yes God delights in us, but we’re still required to do what’s right, and this chapter in Nehemiah is about that. The ppl of God were oppressive to their own, to their neighbors, their countrymen. They saw that some could not afford food and instead of helping, they decided to profit and to treat each other like the slaves they used to be, to sin and to bondage. Yet a man of God comes along and reminds them who they are supposed to be, not like the others, not like in their pasts, but like children of God, where they love, honor, and restore one another. As Jesus said, “by this they will know you are my disciples, if you love one another” God is still love, and if we don’t love others in our every everyday lives, we cannot say we know Him.

    • Amanda

      Exactly! This passage is definitely telling us to ACT and provide for physical needs of the poor much like Nehemiah did. It’s not enough to see injustice happening and simply post a Facebook message claiming we’re against it. We’re to run to those who are in need and be the hands and feet of Jesus. This passage is a reminder and encouragement for us to do just that.

  • The injustice is that God’s people are enslaving their own by charging interest’ taking property as collateral and not following God’s direction referenced in the verse from Exodus. They were meant to be a people set apart by community and compassion to their fellow Jews. The world had impacted their perspective as it certainly does ours today. Amazing that Nehemiah’s story rings true today.

  • Jessica McCreary


  • I’m confused that this devotional is called “I stood against injustice” and it mentions nothing about standing against injustice…

  • Churchmouse

    Yesterday’s sermon was a call to action on behalf of evangelizing children and youth. Statistics were presented that implied the millennial generation has been lost – the church has not influenced them. As I sat there I felt my shoulders drop under the burden of one more thing to do. I had walked into the sanctuary already feeling like my head was barely above water and now I felt, because I call myself a Christian, I had somehow neglected an entire generation. There seems to be so much to do in the name of Christ, to represent Him well, that there are days it weighs me down low. I sat in church and prayed. I asked Him once again to clarify what ‘my Father’s business’ is for me. Because I can’t do it all, no matter how worthy the cause, no matter how impassioned the plea. What is it, Lord, that You would have me do in the midst of all that needs done? Nehemiah had a lot swirling around him. Yet he said, “I devoted myself to the construction of this wall…”. He kept his mind and his hands to the task that God had first laid on his heart. In all that needed to be done, he remained focused. And so today, I will do the same. I will ask the Lord to remind my of His calling for me and to empower me to not grow weary or distracted. I cannot do everything, but He will enable me to do this one thing. Let me rest content that it is enough. May He find me devoted to my Father’s business. Amen.

    • Abigail

      I’m a millennial and have been a believer all my life…don’t believe the statistics! We just don’t look the same and frequently have different values than the traditional American ones as previous generations have had…

    • Kelly Chataine

      Witnessed to three high school girls, recently. Kayla, Sabrina, and one that I did not know her name. Pray for the Holy Spirit to work and if God wills it, that they come back to see me during the last five days of school.

      • Lauren

        There is always hope! I walked into a Starbucks on my way to school one morning (I am a elementary teacher) and noticed a table full of teens. At first I thought they were studying for a test, but after looking again, they were doing Bible study before school! Truly I tell you this filled my heart. ❤️

      • Terri

        I pray that as women of God we keep our eyes and ears open to those girls who are vulnerable or are being sex trafficked and then ACT as you have when prompted of God. Listening and being aware of His promtings and then doing what God says is what’s it all about. He won’t tell you to do something He is not going to help you do.

    • Susann

      Be encouraged, Sister. The Spirit is alive and well among millennials! As Abigail said, our focus may be often be on different issues, but what we have in common is so much greater! We do need the older generations; it brings the Church into balance as we edify each other.

    • Deborah Craytor

      Churchmouse, you might make this quote, attributed to Edward Everett Hale, your new motto: “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”

  • Colleen DeVeau

    Father God, let be faithful to do Your will. Let my heart stop feeling like everything I do is not enough. It will never be enough for me, but You don’t care. Thank you for loving me anyway and calling me worthy of Your love. Help me to see my worth in You. Thank You for being my Father. I love You, Daddy!

  • Remember me favourably my God…

    So so apt for today as I go of to speak to a room of people about the Shield of faith…
    Nervous and Hope filled the content of my message is God given and that my faith and trust in my Lord God will win through to touch a heart or two…

    Remember me favourably my God..

    Prayer filled thst since i am a child of God, as i go about today, that i not tally mark my good deeds or my bad ones, but instead be about my Father’s business, being faithful with what He has called me to today. And at the end of the day, whether I’m tempted to feel self-sufficient and justified or ashamed and unworthy, based on what i did or did not accomplish—let me instead empty my heart before the Father and show Him the treasures of a life lived in faithfulness for my joy and His glory.
    I love you God.. Thank you for the opportunity of this new day… for your Glory.

    Remember me favourably my God for your Glory..

    Happy Monday Dearests … every blessing.. xxx

    • Churchmouse

      Praying, Tina, that your words will come directly from the heart of God. I trust that you, a willing vessel, will be calm and confident as you share His good news. He has chosen you for such a time as this. You go, girl!

  • Dear God, help me to be about your business today, and to be faithful to what you have called me to today.
    Thank you Heavenly Father!!

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