Nehemiah: Day 2

The King Sent Me to Jerusalem


Today's Text: Nehemiah 2:1-10, Psalm 137:1-9, Hebrews 12:18-24

Scripture Reading: Nehemiah 2:1-10, Psalm 137:1-9, Hebrews 12:18-24

Have you ever been so worried you couldn’t do your job? You’re supposed to be watercolor painting, but all you can think about is the outcome of your mom’s surgery? Or you’ve tried to be present in a classroom full of third graders, but you can hardly see their faces because all you can think about is the broken heart of your sister? Beyond even these pains, have you ever felt a burning passion that you might be called to something else while you must continue to intone, “Thank you for your purchase, have a nice day”?

I imagine this is how Nehemiah felt as he worked in the service of King Artaxerxes. He had a great job, but while working, he heard really terrible news from Jerusalem: The walls are down! The gates are burned! Our people are living in shame! (Nehemiah 1:3). This news was heartbreaking for him.

The first thing Nehemiah did was pray. But then he went back to work. For about four months, he showed up to work every day and did his job, not saying a word about his own personal bad news, even though his heart ached. It’s shocking how the world mercilessly grinds forward in spite of our personal griefs. Regardless, sometimes we just have to show up and keep on doing our work.

During this time Nehemiah prayed continually and earnestly. And even though he hadn’t breathed a word of his personal anguish to the king, the king saw it written on his face and reached out to him, saying, “Why are you sad?” Nehemiah then confessed his heartbreak, to which the king immediately asked, “What is your request?” (2:2,4).

And here is a wonderful moment. The very thing he had longed for—a chance to get exactly what he needed to rebuild Jerusalem—appeared right in front of his nose: a king ready to hear his request, with all the power of the Persian empire in his hands. What did Nehemiah do? Rush in with his five-year plan? Build a case to woo the king’s heart to support his passion project? No. None of that. The first thing Nehemiah did was pray. As my pastor, George Grant, would say, “Instead of running to the throne of the world, [Nehemiah] runs to the throne of the Lord.”

Nehemiah was a man committed to prayer. And once he had prayed, he was a man ready for hard work. He asked the king to send him to rebuild the city and a people. By trade, Nehemiah was a white collar palace worker; he attended the king and brought him wine. He wasn’t a city planner, and he didn’t have experience rebuilding walls. But God had called him to rebuild a city, and Nehemiah was a willing worker.

Whether he was working for the king in Persia or rebuilding his homeland in Jerusalem, Nehemiah worked for the Lord. This can be such a difficult and painful thing to do. As the psalmist cries out, “How can we sing the Lord’s song on foreign soil?”(Psalm 137:4). How can we continue to praise the Lord when things are terrible, when everything has gone spectacularly wrong? How can we obey when obedience is the furthest thing from our hearts? By continually turning to the Lord in prayer.

Before we decide what to do: pray.
Before we do it: pray.
After we begin: pray.

In this manner, our relationship with God is written on all the hours of our days. May we learn to humble ourselves before Him and submit our requests to Him, instead of bowing to the powers of this world. May our lives become a song of prayer unto the Lord.


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  • Manda Bartlett

    Prayer comes first!

  • Janna Jackson

    Nehemiah knew that the answer to Israel’s problems was not of this world. His first action before he made any decision was to pray. I want to be a woman that prayerfully considers her next step and for My desires to be aligned with the Lords.

  • Awesome reminder to always pray! Before, During, and After a situation!

  • Kirsten Groves

    A good reminder to stop and pray before I rush ahead with my own plans.

  • Prayer is something so simple and yet I struggle to do it often enough! This reminded me of a time when I was so close with the Heavenly Father! I prayed and talked to Him constantly❤️

  • Hannah Shelton

    I loved this devotional today! I love how Nehemiah has the heart/love for his people & the willingness to step out. We need both to minister effectively, and to walk out our purpose just like Nehemiah. So encouraging!

  • Terrie Fulk

    In all matters that I am troubling with I must seek out our Lord. Pray to Him from my heart and in earnest. The Heavenly Father will show me the way.

  • Kesha Fortson

    Definitely a reminder to me, Pray. As I get so busy and consumed with the affairs of life.

  • Emily Gates

    Lord take this cup from me! It’s so easy to do, yet so hard to remember to pray; unless we feel like it benefits us in someway we see good. If we truly want God, we will call on Him. Communicating with God is how we push through whatever is in front of us. Need to take this in with my whole heart!

  • Judy Coss

    Something that spoke out to me was when the scripture notes Nehemiah’s lack of experience of expertise in rebuilding however notes his WILLINGNESS. As long as God sees the willingness in our hearts he will do anything and everything for us to do his will. He loves to show off with those who are not qualified and in turn equips them for his service. WOW!

  • Sarah Diaz

    Great reminder to seek the Lord and pray.

  • Soraya DosSantos

    This message is one that I am embracing fully heartedly… another reminder of God’s power and strength. I lay at his feet in prayer!

  • I am currently in a period of waiting, and this session was such a reminder that God will eventually open a door. I am so excited to see what God has in store with me. I am continuing to pray for His will and not my own.

  • Heather Totten

    It is such a blessing just reading everyone’s comments. Seeing all the ways the Holy Spirit brings Gods word to life in our hearts. He is faithful even in our brokenness, may we take our heartache to him that he may lighten our burdens and direct our steps.

  • The first thing he did was mourn, fast, and pray (1:4) and then we get the recorded prayer in 5-10. I love his actions: mourn (1:4), fast (1:4), pray (1:4), confess (1:6), believe in God’s promises (1:8-9) wait (2:1), pray (2:4), act (2:9). I often skip straight to act….

    • Kim Davila

      Me too. I act. I go straight to that TOO often. I need to put more effort into slowing down and following Nehemiah’s lead

    • Vanessa Pardi

      Love your post. This is exactly what I noticed. We are quick to act though. It’s hard to stop and present things to God before acting. I think this is more of a challenge to us women as we are wired to make things happen right away.

  • Shelby Lynn

    Oh how our face shows the emotion of our heart, as in Nehemiah 2:2. Reading that Nehemiah constantly seeks the Lord prior to doing anything, instills a drive in me that I have been doing this thing called ‘life’ all wrong. Sometimes we rush and pray ‘Lord please help me,’ but sadly it’s just speech and we don’t permit ourselves to actually breathe and call upon the Lord with our hearts thus clearing our hearts eye to be able to receive the Word of the Holy Spirit given to us by our gracious God.
    Lord, I come to you today asking for you to break my heart and help me mold it to your desire for me. Please allow the Holy Spirit to penetrate me and kick out impure, caustic, destructive thoughts. Please give me peace within your Word; as I read a time long ago but allow the message to be received despite your book being written for you and showing us your goodness; allow me to see your goodness that you have done in the Bible and allow it to bring light to my world.

  • Judy English

    Question. Towards the end you stated that God called Nehemiah to rebuild the walls. Would you give me the verse where that’s found. Thank you.

    • Eleny Morales

      11 So I went to Jerusalem and was there three days. 12 Then I arose in the night, I and a few men with me. And I told no one what my God had put into my heart to do for Jerusalem. Nehemiah 2:11-12

  • Kathy Valentine

    Nehemiah asked to rebuild the walls which Psalm 137:7 describes as being laid bare “down to its foundations.” It occurred to me that while a building can be torn down or burned to the ground, it is much more difficult to destroy its foundation. I’m claiming this for our older children who may have walked away from the faith foundations poured into them when they were young. There is hope for rebuilding their lives in Jesus!

  • Monica Davis


  • I found my brain comparing Nehemiah to Esther and how she asked the king to save the Jews. It made me realize that when we have respectful relationships with people in power or opposing beliefs, they are often more inclined to have an open mind to our own. It is so clear in both those stories how God masterfully used Nehemiah and Esther to help His people. I’m also really inspired by Nehemiah’s devotion to prayer. I pray that I will be as faithful a prayer warrior as he was.

    • Karen Kilps

      I also noticed parallels between the story of Nehemiah and Esther. God placed both of them where they were at an appointed time – to do a work that He had prepared in advance for them to do. And He also gave them favor with the earthly kings in order to accomplish that work. I love seeing glimpses of God’s sovereignty throughout scripture.

  • Aubri Foster

    My nephew was swept away on a river because of a dam release on Saturday and we are still trying to find him. My heart truly is breaking for my sister and I have to teach juniors and seniors. I am a Bible teacher. Christian Living is the name of the class. Last week we studied suffering… I can’t even wrap my brain around all the ways the Lord is (and has this year) drawing me to himself to not just talk the talk, but to walk the walk. Today’s study is CLEARLY for me. That I am doing the right thing by washing my face and living real with the people God has called me into community with. My prayers have not ceased. The name of the Lord is on my lips, heart, and mind constantly. I want so desperately to just hide in bed, or stay by the river, or cling so tightly to our family, but my Lord calls me to him. To the work he has for me. It is not fun. I feel a deep connection to Nehemiah. To brokenness walking. But I will walk. I will work. Before I do, I will praise the name of Jesus. While I do, I will praise the name of Jesus. After all is done, I will praise the name of Jesus. – I don’t normally post, but I just needed to stay thank you today. Thank you for studies like this that are clearly not fun, or easy, but sharing them anyway. Speaking truth anyway. The word of the Lord on your app first thing in the morning is a balm to my soul. So thank you.

    • She Reads Truth

      Aubri, we’re so sorry to hear this. Thank you for sharing. We’re praying over you and your family during this time. We are so grateful to have you a part of this community. -Margot, The SRT Team

    • Makaeya Brock

      I do not normally post either, but you need to know how much of an encouragement you are. Thank you. Praying for you and your family. Press on.

    • Sylvia Tomlinson

      I’ve never posted as well. Thank you for sharing your

    • Sylvia Tomlinson

      …. brokenness walking. Your family will be in my prayers.

    • Sylvia Tomlinson

      I hope my messy attempt of posting brings a smile to your lips. I’m so awkward, Lucy like;) Thank you for your honesty. So beautifully written. Praying now.

    • Elenoa Delana

      I’m blessed by this reading. Timely reminder for me to keep believing and never to cease praying.
      And thank you Aubri, I’m also blessed by your testimony! Thank you for sharing this.

    • Kathy Valentine

      Praying your nephew will be found, Aubri. Asking Jesus to hold all of you close to His heart during this time.

    • Laura D'Amico

      I’m praying for the safe return of your nephew, and that the Lord will hold you and your loved ones close during this time. May you encounter His peace that surpasses all understanding. ❤️

    • Stephanie Goodwin

      Any update, Aubri? Love and prayers!!

    • Shelbi Archer

      I’m praying for you Aubri. I have been in a very similar situation as you, and it was the most difficult time of my life. Praying for God’s peace that surpasses understanding while you wait- I never truly understood how that felt until I went through this with one of my best friends. He is sweet and He is close ❤️.

    • Aubri Foster

      Thank you so much for your prayers. I can feel them! I put a link to the article the news paper did of him, and I have been posting publicly on Facebook for the first time in my life. I’m OVERWHELMED by the outpouring of love from people I don’t even know. He was found on Friday and he is with the Lord. We are now planning his memorial and I am in awe by the Love of the Body and the sustaining strength of the spirit. Sometimes my legs and arms go a little numb during the day, but I am held up!

    • Yvette Ling

      Praying for you and your family.

  • Mel Poynton

    I absolutely loved this reading, and got so much out of it! God has been showing me to trust his timing for the next thing, and to just be faithful where I am now and to keep drawing closer to him. I am so inspired by Nehemiah’s faithfulness! When God has laid something on your heart, when he has called you to something, He will make a way when you are faithful to Him. We need to wait until the time is right, and when it is, God will make a way for us. The key is intimacy with him, to “make your life a prayer” (1Thess5:17 TPT). I also love that Nehemiah wasn’t qualified to rebuild the wall, but he was willing. So often I feel like I am not qualified for what God has called me to, but I love that it is God who qualifies us. He just looks for a willing heart, a life that is surrendered to him. Ahh. So glad to be joining in on this study!

    • Alicia Durfee

      I feel the same way! We are so blessed to have God in our presence, yet some days we do not honor that. Our God is the king of kings. I need to remember that and keep that in my heart. Prayer is always the answer. ♥️

  • Jamie Gerdsen

    This is such a good reminder! So much peace comes from prayer!

  • Ashton Taylor Kelly

    I needed this more than I knew I needed it. I recently graduated college and found out who my real friends are. I was distracted from my life because of this, ashamed with feelings of guilt and resentment towards them. Really the whole time I just needed to turn to my Father in prayer and give it to Him without looking back. Instead of thinking that I was doing something wrong, I should know by now that everything happens in His plan. Praise Him Amen!!!!!

  • Jess Rivera

    I needed to hear this today, wow amen❤️

  • Amy Alexandra

    I’m a day late, but this is exactly what I needed to hear today. I live in a country that is currently being torn apart by civil unrest. It seems like we are on the brink of a revolution, and every day we hear about young people—many of them teenagers—being shot at, wounded, and killed by the pro-government police. In times like this, when there’s nothing I can do to bring peace to my country, I have to be like Nehemiah: pray, and keep doing my daily work, even though it feels insignificant next to what people I care about are going through right now. Please pray for Nicaragua!

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Amy, thank you for sharing. We’re praying over you, your community, and Nicaragua. So grateful you’re here! -Margot, The SRT Team

    • Debbie

      Amy, I am praying for you, your community and for Nicaragua this morning.

  • Karen Sliger

    Sorry accidentally sent my post while I was still writing it. I know God is telling me that I am to do something in kingdom work, it just hasn’t been revealed to me yet. My pastor said I am like Paul in Arabia right now and I am to keep praying and spending time in the word to prepare myself. But sometimes it is so hard to still show up to the job I currently have. Thank you for this reminder!!

    • SharonKC

      I’m with you Karen! I’ve been told I’m going to be let go – and I’m glad for it, but I don’t have a date – and don’t know what God has for me next. But I need to be like Nehemiah, pray first, and keep showing up. It’s such a good reminder, and a much needed one for me too.

    • Michele Willberg

      Karen, I’m in the same place. The good news is, we don’t have to figure it out, (new epiphany for me) we just have to seek the Lord and He’ll reveal it. Let’s press in sister. It’s going to be good.

      • Karen Sliger

        I completely agree and it’s a great feeling knowing God is taking care of us! I will pray for you too!! I know how discouraging it can get sometimes.

  • Karen Sliger

    This is exactly what I needed to hear this morning! I am really struggling with my current job and know that God iscalled to do something more. However, it is not my timing but the Lord’s.

  • Christina Berger

    It’s so easy to forget that we can come to Him about every little detail…

  • Danielle Merriweather

    I love Nehemiah’s attitude and his praying spirit. I love Nehemiah’s faith in coming to God in prayer, in every situation that he was faced with. This shows that our God wants us to come to him for anything, those things that seem small in matter, God still cares. I love the end of verse 8, “The King granted my requests, for the gracious hand of my God was on me.” God provided Nehemiah with everything necessary to be able to accomplish the task ahead.

    When there is a calling on your life pray, trust, and have faith in God knowing that he will provide the necessary tools to do whatever he is calling you to do no matter how small or huge the task maybe.

  • Shannon S

    Praying for you Tochi!

  • Charlese Inyabri

    Such a beautiful reminder that we ,just keep Jesus truly at the center of everything. I also appreciate that Nehemiah continues to model what it looks like to live a surrendered life.

  • Jessica C

    This is exactly what I needed today!!! I came in contact with a stranger today whose story absolutely broke my heart. I did everything I possibly could to make his situation better, but still felt it was not enough. While having dinner with my mom this evening, I burst into tears and told her about my encounter with the man. She assured me that I did everything I could do, but I needed to pray. I immediately felt comforted knowing that I could give the situation to the Lord. I know that he has a plan for this man. I pray that I can give the Lord control over more things in my life and worry/stress less. I trust in HIS plan!

  • AnnMarie L. Smith

    There is a scripture that says whatever we are doing we should be doing it as if we are working for the Lord and not for man. I feel that as anguished Nehemiah was emotionally feeling about Jerusalem he knew he still had to be productive at work. I find that in order to get through the day whether good or bad I must pray for God’s guidance. Thank God every body has the ability to talk to God at anytime about anything. There are no words to describe the feeling to know that “good hand of God ” was upon Nehemiah. My prayer is to have that in my life.

  • Megan Blew

    Prayer has proven time and time again to be the best thing I could do in the midst of trouble or a terrible situation! I really don’t know how people live life without God. He is always faithful in the storms of life. It can be so hard at times, but it is truly the best thing I can do is pray.

  • It strikes me that he is sad that the city where his ancestors are buried is in ruins. Society has become so cavalier with tradition and family and many have no regard for their immediate family much less their ancestors. It shows how much culture and technology has done to the family structure. Back then family and God was everything to them. We have fallen so far away from that.

  • Lynne Stephenson

    Praying for guidance and reassurance today.

  • Ana Lisa Johnson

    Praying the Lord would draw me closer to Him and help me to crave his presence more and more as I seek him in prayer.

  • Kelsi Berry

    I have been thinking and saying….’okay my next step in getting closer to Christ in my walk with God is a better, more focused, more intentional prayer life.’ This is not where I thought this study would lead, with so much focus on prayer! And here we are. Love it.

    • Natasha

      I agree with you, Kelsi! I was surprised to see so much of the theme and focus being on prayer. I find myself trying to find this “deeper meaning” in each reading, and it’s really as simple as more focused prayer! Love it!

  • For any Sojourners too young to remember Godspell, there’s a song in it which is Ps 137 put to music. It is beautiful.

  • England Elsie

    “The King sent me” – wow. No coincidence, that Jesus is also the King. Where is he sending each of us today?

  • Wow. You truly hit this message out of the ballpark! Let that be a change in me. Thank you.

  • Sandi Baecker

    Our pastor recently concluded the study of Nehemiah and his words in teaching about this part of Nehemiah continue to ring through my mind. During his sermon, he said opposition will come as we start to serve God, pursuing God’s call will often require us to overcome opposition, apathy, and uncertainty to accomplish the task. He went on to say that through prayer, we often ask for what we think we need, but oftentimes God blesses us with an abundance of what we need. It is during these times we have to step out in faith. When we have fear, we have to be willing to step out in faith to be willing to do what calls us to do.

  • For the gracious hand of God was on me. Nehemiah 2:8. I appreciate the day’s scripture reading and the reminder to pray to God first. I am in need of His Gracious hand! I am going through a bit of a challenge I wrote my story on day 21, the weekly truth of the last study ~Psalms. I have discovered I have a PPD allergy and it required medical attention and now I need more answers. Because of this I need to be careful of all products with chemicals-your soaps (body, dish, laundry) as well as lotions even toothpaste and of course make-up which I can deal with really but one must be clean! My poor 21 yr. old daughter can’t use any products right now either. I can’t be exposed to any remnants of product in the bathroom. I think she may want to go stay with her Dad now while I figure this whole thing out. Sort of hard on me as we have a fun loving close relationship but this has taken its toll on it.
    I pray for His gracious Hand to be upon me as I move forward seeking answers. I need to find an allergist who specializes in chemical testing. I also need to find support with all the fear and anxieties this has kicked up. I was already working on this before but perhaps not as well as I thought. Prior to this happening I was realizing how isolated I had become and really had just begun to take steps to change this-going to church, seeking support groups for connections and looking for work. I feel like this put me back but I want to find a way to break through this and come out the other side. I definitely feel cracked open and vulnerable and I just need to bring this all to the Lord. I will Trust the Lord with all my heart, Lean not on my own understanding, in all my ways I will acknowledge Him and He will lead my path straight Proverbs 3:5-6. I place this situation at His feet and ask for his guidance, mercies and protections. I pray that He hold on to me with His righteous right hand Isaiah 41:10. In Jesus Heavenly name, I pray. Amen!

    • She Reads Truth

      Thanks so much for sharing Julie. We’re praying for you now – for continued comfort and encouragement. We’re so glad that you’re reading along with us! -Margot, The SRT Team

    • Melanie

      Prayers for you, Julie! May God use this tough season to mold you into the image of Christ and bring glory to Himself. You’re loved <3

    • Leah

      Just prayed for you, Julie. May the Lord provide abundantly for you as he did Nehemiah – the right allergist, the right answers, and comfort and mercy for you and your sweet daughter.

    • Kris

      Julie I hesitate to suggest anything because I’m not sure of the extent of your illness, but look into Young Living. They do all the items you mentioned with essential oils. Praying for peace, healing and answers.

  • Rene' Bancroft

    “And the king granted me what I asked, for the good hand of my God was upon me.”
    ‭‭NEHEMIAH‬ ‭2:8‬ ‭AMP‬‬ ~ not because Nehemiah got what he asked for, but as a reminder that no matter what happens in our life, God’s gracious hand is always upon us. This coupled with the reminder to pray in & through all aspects of our life, we will see God’s hand move even in the midst of the hard stuff!

  • Rene' Bancroft

    I love this part in Nehemiah 2:8b

  • Kelly Dickinson

    I love this! In vs 4 we see Nehemiah, a regular servant who brings wine to the King, standing before this King who recognizes sadness in the heart of Nehemiah. The King asks him “What are you requesting?” It’s at this point that I would be shaking in my boots!! Nehemiah, however, was so familiar and dependent on prayer that, in that moment, he PRAYED! It had to be brief but he turned his eyes and trust to the God who he knew would give him the words and boldness to ask for permission and all that was needed for his journey. Oh that I would naturally turn to prayer like this!! Last night we learned of threatening circumstances in the lives of one of our adult children and his family. This morning, after reading these first two days of Nehemiah, I’m turning fear into prayer and trusting God for guidance and all that’s needed for the journey!!

  • Caralee Lilly

    It feels like my heart was exposed in this devotion. Thank you for your words. I am continuing to pray as I seek to rebuild our home in faith. Gods timing is amazing.

  • I loved the recent study of the Psalms. When we started Nehemiah, I wasn’t quite sure it would apply to my life. God always has a surprise waiting around the corner. He took Nehemiah, a white collared wine server to the king, and made him a city planner and builder. He took me, a single mom, working 2 jobs (Thank you Lord), going to school, and placed me in a classroom (without a degree). The progression from there to now is amazing… credential, BA, Masters, 2 more credentials,, MRS. Learning director, Charter school developer, Principal/Superintendent, and Almost Doctor….

  • Ashley Lienhart

    Sometimes I think I become overwhelmed by the idea of prayer, the complexity in which it seems to be lain before us in the Bible. It has only been recently that I have realized the smallest thing can be a prayer. Everyday when I feel overwhelmed I utter, “Lord, I place my trust in You!” That prayer holds more power than the longest one I’ve ever said. I have no clue what Nehemiah may have said before he answered the king, but I hope that I am on the right track in uttering my own prayer during my times of struggle.

  • We have a wayward daughter whose “walls”have been destroyed. She has rejected the Lord of her youth and her father. My husband is heartbroken,she left last Easter and is just now starting to have contact with us again. In our heartbreak we have often thought of this story. It is filled with hope. Even though Nehemiah did much work, it was God who orchestrated it from the beginning. That is our constant prayer for our wayward one. Lord, rebuild the walls of her city may she be strong again in you. We have seen you rebuild our own cities and we know you are working even when we cannot see it. Thank you for your WORD, the TRUTH. We wait on You in peace expectant for the day of freedom for Mya. Thank you Jesus.

    • Pamala

      I’m praying for complete restoration for your family Tanis. I pray also for your daughter’s faith to grow strong and to be a wonderful witness to other young people that struggle.

      • Kendal

        Praying for your family. I am so encouraged by your faithfulness and trust in the Lord’s provision. And the story of Nehemiah paints such a beautiful picture of that. The Lord is constantly working for our good!

      • Tanis

        thank you!

    • Lori

      Tanis, what a beautiful prayer…

  • Lately, I have been so convicted of how often I handle everything in my life on my own, without prayer. I mean, I’m heading into full-time ministry and I am struggling with prayer. I am so excited to be reading Nehemiah because it not only shows God’s faithfulness to Nehemiah, but to the people who had been praying for the restoration of Jerusalem. Faith and work really do go hand-in-hand because nothing we can do apart from God is worth anything. Love this prayer and fasting reminder and I am going to be incorporating it into my own life.

  • What happens when you’ve been praying and hoping for something that seems like a Godly passion and desire for 2 years, but it has only lead to hurt and frustration? Do I let go of this desire? I know all I can do is pray and pirsue Christ, but holding out hope is exhausting. It is hard to move on from this dream though because God has been so much at the forefront of it.

    • Tanis

      Emily when God leads He enables you to follow. No door can be closed if he has authored the opening of it and no door will open except those he has opened. We can, reject his plans and think we have open or closed doors in front of us which leads to chaos and overthinking and really hard work in out own strength. When We are fully surrendered, I believe the path is revealed step by step in miraculous ways. He wants to show off for you. There is a great sermon given at Elevation church, (Steven Furtick’s church)called “marked”. It is by a visiting pastor, Michael Todd. It was the Sunday after Easter of this year. I think you would love it. I found it on YouTube just now. It is all about exactly what you are saying. I’d love to hear what you think about it. It blessed me abundantly. Praying for you. I had to hold on to Hope for a long time after my 22 year marriage dissolved. You will overcome and You will look back and see God’s hand and presence all around you, even in the pit. He is with you. He is good. He is faithful.

    • Alexis

      Emily I too am in your shoes. God promised me something several years ago and for a while it seemed as if that promise would come to pass. Then…bam! Done. In the aftermath of it all, God whispered, “You are being tested; what I said will come to pass. Your promise is not dead; only sleeping” So I wait. Waiting is HARD. The time rolls by, I get discouraged and want to give up. I stop believing I heard from God. I start having trust issues with the Lord. But in all that, He still remains with me. He still kindly reminds me of the promise He made me. And He tells me: “Blessed is she that believes that the Lord would fulfill the promise spoken to her.” That’s my verse. When I start to waiver, this verse pops into my head : God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill? (Numbers 23:19). I cling to it. Then I have learned to praise God for what is to come, for His promises to me. This is how I cling to hope. It is still hard and there are days that I feel myself wavering- but I continue to go back to the Lords words to encourage me. Hope that helps some. I will pray for you that you not grow weary in the waiting and that if you have heard from the Lord and He says it will come to pass…then it will come to pass. Hang in there <3

      • Tanis

        Beatiful Alexis. Love your words. What a beautiful set of verses to have on your heart always. I am writing that out to read at my desk daily. Thank you for sharing!

  • I love to cook.. And for friends. There is nothing that is more of a blessing than to make for others. So you can imagine the joy at being asked to make the christening cake for a friend’s little person… well until she told me what she would like as it was to double up as a pudding…
    She wanted a Croquembouche!!!
    A choice pastry tower with a spun sugar surround.
    Gulp!! Help!!
    I’d said yes and couldn’t now say no.
    I could make the buns. Fill them with cream.i could pile them into a tower … I guess but spun sugar…???!!!!
    I prayed. I prayed. I worshipped. I praise the day of the christening…my assistant asked me if I was okay…
    At the venue there was all sorts of issues with me working in the kitchen as the chef had to prepare the meal for the guests and we would be cramping them…
    In anger he said ‘I’ll give you 45mins. Then I’m back with my team whether you are finished or not. .
    Heart beating I accepted his offer, never believing that I could fill 300 profiteroles let slone cover with spun sugar which i had never made or done in my catering career.
    We set to, my assistant filling the buns, me on the stove making the sugar…whilst worshipping my God in whom I place my hope…
    As I put the profiteroles on the plate sticking them together with the sugar, an amazing thing was happening it was spinning as I added each bun…
    I lie to you not.. we were done and cleared out when the chef came back to claim his kitchen..
    He looked as did his staff, in amazement..
    It was done by Grace and finished in God’s perfection

    He listened.
    He heard.
    He went ahead
    He came through.
    He was perfect and strong in my weakness.

    Sending hugs to all… xxx

  • Sisters, I come to you today asking for your prayers. I am a nurse on a busy cardiac floor. Yesterday I interviewed for the position of Clinical Nurse Supervisor on my unit. I really need to get this position. My age is making it difficult for me to continue at the same pace I have been doing and I feel like this position would be a great match, not only for me but also for our unit as a whole.

    • briony Bohm

      Prayers for you!

    • Joan

      I”m praying for God’s favor to be upon your, as it was on Nehemiah and you will get this job as Nurse Supervisor, for God’s glory and honor, In Jesus’ all powerful Name!!!

  • Kelly Chataine

    Nehemiah and I are different yet alike. Sadness tracks on my face a lot even though I try to act like all is fine and that I am doing fine.
    Thank you ~ B~, Churchmouse, Pam, Julie, Alice V, and KimN for reaching out to me. It means a lot. Please continue to pray.
    Any Northern Indiana sisters out there?

    • Goldy1991

      Kelly, I’m in Indiana but far South. May the God of Comfort calm your soul and give you unexplainable joy.

    • Pam

      You’re welcome Kelly, will keep praying for you!

    • Cindy


    • CJ

      I keep you in my mind Kelly! This time of year is the hardest I guess for teachers. (The night is darkest before the dawn?) Just one step at a time with Jesus hand. You don’t even have to try – He’s got you! :)

    • Julie

      Sweet Kelly, sister in Christ. Still praying for you. I wish we lived near each other. I could use your friendship, but so happy to know you here :)

    • AliceV

      Oh, Kelly, I was so hoping to hear that you lived in Southwest Washington!! I will pray and ask God to send you a friend to help carry your burdens, encourage you and strengthen you in the Lord. My sister has suffered a severe brain injury, so my heart goes out to you as I can relate to the huge trial you face each and every day. So grateful, though, that you, unlike my brother-in-law, know the Lord. May God bless and keep you today and may His strength be yours.

    • Elaine

      Kelly, I am in Northern Indiana near Fort Wayne. I am a retired teacher and well remember the craziness as the school year comes to a close. You really are managing two full time jobs – caregiver and teaching. I have been praying for you in the bleachers. My email is [email protected] if you wish to get in contact.

    • Elaine

      Kelly, I am in Northern Indiana near Fort Wayne. I am a retired teacher and remember well the craziness that comes at the close of a school year. I have been praying for you from the bleacher section. May God give you the strength to finish the year. You can contact me at [email protected]

    • KimN

      Still praying for you friend and sending you much love. It’s maybe okay to not “act” fine. It’s Nehemiah’s sadness that brings the offer of help. I wonder if it’s okay to be honest and let someone know you’re not fine. In your church or someone you’re close with or a professional counsellor? In the meantime though, Jesus has you and won’t let go. xoxoxo

    • Glorybe

      Oh yay! I am northern Indiana! 547.536.6389

  • Kristine Loughman

    This is so simple, yet so huge. I feel so under water right now, I’m so deep in survival mode, I even hired my neighbor to run errands for me today because there just aren’t enough hours to get it all done! She took pity on me after listening to me list all the things (All! The! Things!) I needed to get done and lament my lack of time. But! Why didn’t I think to take it to God first?! Throw it at his feet, ask him to make a way, drink in his peace. Lord, help me remember to put You first. Thank you for meeting me where I am, even if I’m a mess. Be the captain of my ship today!

  • Emily Kleinhans

    I was just asking God to show me what it looks like to truly surrender to Him.. Whether it be about the issues with my car or the projects I’m dealing with at work- how can I truly look to Him for my strength and wisdom? Prayer, always prayer. Nehemiah does it straight away, almost subconsciously. I pray that I can be this way when I feel the fear and stress creep in. He centers us, He comforts us- He listens!!

  • Carol Eustace

    Do not be afraid! Trust that the conviction is from
    God! We’re praying for you!

  • Churchmouse

    “Go to the throne before you go to the phone.” Sound advice given years ago. So often I run to others for counsel and support before going to my heavenly Father who is all wisdom. I can get so busy telling others my tale of woe that I haven’t even talked to God. Not. Very. Smart. Thank you, Rebecca, for the reminder to keep prayer at the forefront. There is no one better to talk things through than God. I need to keep Him first on speed dial.

    • Gina Glennon

      Love that piece of advice to first go to the throne!! Yes, if only I would remember that!

    • Lori

      I love this… I am so guilty of trying to “vent” to others. God has clearly been telling me lately to not defend myself. (hard to do when I have a civil suit, an OCR complaint, and upset staff)

    • Julie

      I think we are all guilty of this. Ahhh the speed dial~a blast from the past. So true though He needs to be number 1 always!

    • yingzhen

      haha like that advice. May God continue to bless us through this study! x

  • Tochi Heredia

    This study couldn’t be more timely.
    I need to make a decision by the first week of June. I came to London in October, following a calling to serve God in this city however that might look like. I have been working on a temp job since March, something that initially felt like a setback, but allowed me to take care of the more mundane things, like rent.
    The contract comes to an end and I have the conviction in my heart to work freelance and have a flexible schedule to serve my church and its people better. It’s terrifying.
    I’m afraid of financial instability, of the vulnerability that comes with ministry, and many other things. It was great reading about Nehemiah (a story I confess I had forgotten about), about his fear and about what he did about it. I just need to pray, go to work until 8th June and trust that, if this calling is the Lord’s, He will bring it into completion.

    Sorry that was long, but it felt good to put all I’m feeling into words and being able to share it with you all. Prayers are appreciated x

    • Churchmouse

      I’m praying for you, Tochi – for wisdom, direction and peace in the outcome. Surely your obedience will be rewarded. Surely your faithfulness will bear good fruit. I trusting God with you and for you.

    • Betty Stanica

      Bless you x
      I m sure God’s in control and He will continue to work in your life like he did in the past. That’s how I roll these days .I totally understand your situation.. first of all haha funny enough I also love in London and I need to make a decision about work soon . If you want we can meet up for a coffee,talk more pray together or something? ☺️

    • Lori

      Praying God will lead you….what an exciting journey though!

    • Julie

      Praying that God’s calling will be revealed to you and that you will know the direction to which God is leading your path. Blessings :)

    • Deborah Craytor

      Tochi, I remember praying for you when you were looking for a job and rejoicing when you found one. I, too, believe that God has put you where you are for a reason, so just “keep trucking” until His next step for you is clear. Love and prayers -

    • yingzhen

      thanks for sharing this! I’m in Glasgow finishing my masters and thinking if I should pursue the job of being qualified as a solicitor that would provide financially, or do something with international students ministry. Your post really encouraged me :) I do so agree that this study came just at the right time too!! x

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