Nehemiah: Day 1

My Prayer to the God of Heaven


Today's Text: Nehemiah 1:1-11, Deuteronomy 30:1-5, Deuteronomy 30:11-15, Hebrews 7:25

Scripture Reading: Nehemiah 1:1-11, Deuteronomy 30:1-5, Deuteronomy 30:11-15, Hebrews 7:25

Back in 2014, when the She Reads Truth community was not quite two years old, Raechel and I felt called to something unexpected and, frankly, a little terrifying. Feeling a kinship to Nehemiah and his call to rebuild the walls of his city to establish a safe place for his people to gather and worship, we believed the Lord laid it on our hearts to build a Bible app with our Shes—a place for them read Truth together, every day. As that app was being built, the community read Nehemiah—some with the very first She Reads Truth study book in hand.

Today, four years later, we are reading Nehemiah together once again.

The Lord has done remarkable things in this community of Bible-readers in those four years. So many women have opened their Bibles for the first time—or for the first time in a long time—and have kept coming back, day after day. Together, we’ve approached God’s Word again and again as days and weeks have stretched into months and years. And together, we’ve marveled at what we’ve found: God is still faithful, and His Word is still true.

When Nehemiah heard that Jerusalem’s walls had been destroyed and her gates burned to the ground, he was devastated. As he wept for his home and his people, he did the one thing he knew to do: he sought the Lord. With prayer and fasting and confession, Nehemiah petitioned the Lord on behalf of Jerusalem. He declared God’s goodness and recalled God’s faithfulness. He spoke the Lord’s promises  back to Him, believing those promises to be true while also petitioning the Lord to act on them.

Nehemiah longed for his city to be restored, and we can guess from the gumption we’ll see from him in later chapters that he felt a fire inside to bring about that restoration with his own two hands. But before he put a hand to a hammer, he bowed his knees in prayer. In his humility we see a truth confirmed throughout Scripture: any sense of calling we have, even those directly related to our faith in Christ, rests on the strength, sovereignty, and grace found only in Him. Any good work is God’s work. He invites and equips us to participate in it, which we do by faith in Him, not in ourselves.

As we read this Old Testament narrative together over the next three weeks, we’ll see how God indeed called Nehemiah to lead the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s wall. But today, as we read this prayer from a broken man for his broken city, may we, too, begin with prayer and confession. Let’s declare God’s goodness and recall His faithfulness. Let’s speak His promises back to Him, knowing that He has both fulfilled them and is fulfilling them right where we are.

May the Holy Spirit teach us more about God the Father and Christ the Son as we read this book together. And may God give us strength and courage for whatever work He puts before us—both the grand endeavors and the single acts of faithfulness—to the honor and glory of His name.


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  • Asia Shanyia

    Yesss i love this .

  • What a beautiful study. I am over-joyed to dig deeper and rediscover the story of Nehemiah. My prayer to myself and to all reading this study is for all to have a clear mind and an open heart to the message brought before us.

    Would also like to lift up my prayers to my dear sweet younger sister. In this time of trial and season, I pray she continually see’s God light and never strays from it. Whether she’s far or near, I pray she will continue to follow that glimpse of light until she finally finds herself at his feet once more.

    Lord, please open her eyes. Let her witness and see the world and blessings around her. Let her receive the joy she knew all too well once before. Amen.

  • Manda Bartlett

    I’m so excited to start this. Even if I am behind.

  • Janna Jackson

    Oftentimes it takes brokenness to bring me to prayer to truly seek the Lord. Neamiah is a good example of humbly going to the Lord by prayer, confession and fasting. In theAmerican society we are so full and often don’t really need anything, until we do.

  • Taylor Pennington

    I woke up early this morning in conviction for my season of unfaithfulness and dryness to Christ. I quietly prayed that yes, I still recognize Him and have faith in His works. So I opened up SRT to see what The Lord could do and I’m SO THANKFUL for this study.

  • Mary Swartzendruber

    Who do we contact about grammatical errors/missing words?

  • Aliseea Hooker

    Excited to be doing this study and to see what God does in my heart and life ❤️

  • Jen Nohrenberg


  • Ellie Black

    I know I need to read Nehemiah, I’m excited for what I’ll find! He knows who he is in Christ, he knows his purpose, and he does things afraid… all very relevant for me in this season :)

  • Lydia Rae

    Good question! Got me thinking too! Because on one hand, haven’t God’s people been called out to tell of the good news to people in far flung places, right?
    My guess would be that there’s a difference between this sort of “going out” and “scattering”. First thing I notice is that people are being gathered TO a place where God is – it’s gathering them back to him. But you’re right – there is something else about being back together with him and others. My thoughts (not based on anything other than that!) would be that there is something about identity here, and being able to live out in your true identity. I guess being a Jew in those times meant that you weren’t always met with kindness from other people – in fact, that’s pretty much a fair chunk of the Old Testament. In which case, these stories about giving land to the Israelites is a lot about giving them belonging and an identity and the ability to be close to God – gathering them together. Being scattered was also experiencing persecution. So, in this gathered place, they would be able to more easily live according to his word, be encouraged by one another, but also be close to things like their priests etc. This is how they would also receive forgiveness, through sacrifice. If they could gather for that, they couldn’t do what the law told them they needed for forgiveness.

    I also think there’s maybe just something lovely about gathering together. It’s encouraging, fun, life giving, allows us to rely on other people for things we can’t do, strengthening, etc. God is a God of relationship (He’s three in one!) so I can’t help but also think that it’s just a really good thing to not be alone. I think the challenge would be to question what it is we gather for, making sure it’s to Him, and listening for when he is sending us out.

  • Rosanna Geisler

    It’s been a while since I’ve done a SRT study … it’s coming back to The Fountain to drink deep.
    God is so faithful … He’s weaving so many threads of our lives together here in Nehemiah …
    ~ Calling our souls to bless Him, love & obey Him
    ~ Drawing us to Himself before speaking to the gifts and callings He’s given us … “the grand endeavors (homeschooling these boys & growing people) & the single acts of faithfulness (invitations into the background of the stories of others)”
    ~ Reminding us of the importance of speaking out His Truth, His Word, His promises

    All to the honour & glory of His name …

  • Libby Unwin

    I am wondering…. As I read, I see that it talks about “gathering” them from far and near. I’m curious….why was it so important to have them all back together? That seems to be a part of this whole redemption story. Gathering them. Why?

  • Hi there! I am just getting acquainted with SRT and have a few questions…
    How exactly does this format work? Is it more of a reading plan, or is it a study? Are there forums to discuss content from the Scriptures for more of a “group study” experience?
    Thanks for your guidance!


  • Jennifer Arthur

    As I begin a new job, a job I was not expecting, may I bring glory to God! Reading Nehemiah will help me further understand why He has called me to do His work.

  • Jaynee Way

    I was struck be This verse in the Deut passage

    If your outcasts are in the uttermost parts of heaven, from there the Lord your God will gather you, and from there he will take you. 5 And the Lord your God will bring you into the land that your fathers possessed, that you may possess it. oAnd he will make you more prosperous and numerous than your fathers.

    I’ve never read this before. Do you think this refers to loved ones who die before receiving Christ’s forgiveness. I’m intrigued by what this passage may mean. Thoughts please

    • @TheCommonersCall

      Hey girl! This is a really great question and I see you have no responses so I thought I would take a shot at helping out incase you are still interested. Let me preface this by saying that I love love love that you are asking questions of the text. In the world that we live in, it is so easy to fall into the trap of reading the Word without really letting its meaning sink in. And if we really want the meaning to sink in, we have to ask some questions of It and ourselves. Then we should seek to find how the truth should influence us for a better step forward.

      So, to get to your question- the first thing I would suggest is to always ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes and heart to see the truth He wants to reveal to you through His written Word. He wrote it and He is the only One who is fully effective at illuminating His Truth.
      I will try to partner with Him here and offer you what I have, although I will tell you it’s not much compared to what I someday hope it will be.
      After prayer, read the verse(s)/sections surrounding the verse in question. This helps us to gather a better understanding of the context and reason for writing the verse that we are looking at. If you have already done that, *high-five* to you! You’re on the right track! :)

      At this point in the book of Deuteronomy, we find Moses on his way “out.” Basically, he knows he is going to die and not be able to cross over into the Promised Land and he is making one more attempt at trying to get the nation of Israel to choose an intentional, faithful relationship with the LORD. Prior to the point in the text where we land in the text that you questioned, we can see Moses giving the rundown on blessing through obedience and curses for disobedience. Then he talks about how the covenant that God once offered Israel had been renewed, by God’s mercy and love, even though Israel had been unfaithful to Him. Then we get to chapter 30 in the book of Deuteronomy, and Moses is making a heartfelt call to Israel regarding a foundational truth about the LORD – it is on how God is faithful to forgive and restore those with repentant hearts.
      That is true just as much today as it was back then, and we should never think that just because something was mentioned in the Old Testament that it is invalid for us. This is why I love 2 Timothy 3:16-17 so much: “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of Godb may be complete, equipped for every good work.” (ESV) — ALL Scripture is profitable. In this section of the Old Testament that you asked about, we can see the principles and how they apply to our lives, too.
      – I realize that is a little sidetone from the text you mentioned, but I hope you’re tracking with me and that this makes sense… My aim here is to give you as full of an understanding of the text in question, and then hopefully there is a chance for you to be able to apply these words of Truth in your life.

      Ok, so back to Deuteronomy 30:1-5 >>
      This whole segment of Scripture is referring to the LORD’s mercy and love for His people. He is saying (this is the Amanda-paraphrase now): IF you return to the LORD your God, even after such extensive wandering and sin, THEN He will restore and return to you what He has set apart for you. In verses 4 and 5 in particular, He is saying that no matter how far away the people might have run or been scattered, He can scoop them up right where they are and bring them back to Him if they are sincerely in a state of repentance. And from there, He can return them back to what He set apart for specifically for them.

      For us today, the plain and simple truth is that if our hearts are sincerely repenting of our sin and we seek to return to Him, no matter how far of the God-road we have wandered, He is faithful to return to us and gather us back to Him and His call on our lives, which is right where we belong…

      Wowee! That was more than I anticipated writing, but I sure do hope it is helpful! There is nothing that excites me like the Word of God!
      Go hard after Him, girl! You won’t regret the effort ;)

      For the fame of His Name,
      Amanda :)

      • Tammy Budd

        Excellent response, Amanda! I whole heartedly agree and appreciate your insight!

        • @TheCommonersCall

          Thanks, Tammy! I get pretty excited about studying and sharing the Word, so it is hard for me to keep things “short.” But I am glad that it was helpful and insightful.
          Stay in the Word,
          A :)

    • Tabitha Ferrell

      This is a promise that God made to His people Israel. Because of their sin and even persecution they were scattered all over, but God promised to bring them back to the promised land. I think “uttermost parts of heaven” is not literal- it’s just saying no matter far away they are from the promised land, he will bring them home and fulfill what he said he would do.

  • Mary Murphy

    After losing my 44 year old daughter to suicide 19 months ago I desperately needed answers and comfort. I found it in God’s word, the Holy Bible. The more I read, study and pray the greater my thirst for his word, Thank you for allowing me to join in to She reads the truth , God Bless!

    • Stephanie

      Mary, I am so so sorry for your loss. Praise God that we can find comfort and hope and peace in His Word. Praying that it will continue to give you strength and that you will feel God’s presence as you walk through your grief. God bless you.

  • Kaylan KeeterLewis

    We all have Nehemiah within us, it’s just a matter of finding the strength to feel worth and trust in the Lord on where he’s leading us.

  • Terrie Fulk

    This is my first SRT. This is also the first time of reading Nehemiah. my heart feels the strength of Nehemiah taking on the sins of his people and asking God for His forgiveness for those whom are suffering and want to rebuild their life around Him and his promise to bless them and keep them only unto Him. I am beginning to see my own transgressions and know the only way for me to get past them is to seek God’s forgiveness and follow the direction he has for me.

  • Emily Gates

    I just finished a conversation Sunday with our Sunday school class about how we need to up our game when it comes to accountability. We started talking and coming up with ideas, but I knew something was missing. This is an incredibly first study and I’m so excited to share it.

  • Natasha Arevalo

    what a great reminder that in our times of need, we can come to god with whatever struggle we have because nothing is too big for God. God hears our prayers and will answer them according to his great plan!! and all the good work that comes from
    us is God’s good work because our strength comes from the lord and not of our own!

  • Brenda Nunez

    Faith In Him not in ourselves! Amen!

  • Mikaela Jraij

    A great reminder that al good work comes from good and nothing we can do on our own!

  • Vanessa Pardi

    This is my first SRT study. Looking forward to what the Lord has in store and to relate with all of you, amazing ladies of God.

  • Heidi MelinJones

    I am thankful for the example of Nehemiah. His first instincts to come to the Lord when he is troubled. Yesterday I became troubled over something that someone said about me that was not true. My first reaction was to be offended and hurt. Last night I came before the Lord in prayer and recognized my pride. I should have come to Him immediately. I am praying for God’s wisdom in this situation.

  • Kelly Jensen

    Nehemiah—my favorite book and my favorite study you have done! I’m so glad we are doing it again! Praise the Lord for your response to Gods calling in His work brought SRT! I’ve been blessed to have joined when you were just getting starting and it’s wonderful to see how the Lord has reached so many through this ministry! Continual prayers and rejoicing going forward.

  • Katie Podlaski

    So grateful for this study and this app! As a 16 year old girl there is so much pressure to stray away from Him but I’m glad to be able to participate in such a wonderful community of strong women.

  • Heather Carty

    So thankful for this one. I’m just starting but know this is where the Lord wants me right now. He is beginning to stir up something in me about my future and I am thankful for the reminder of first and often brining it in Him in prayer.

  • Lucinda Gardner

    Hello beautiful ladies! I am new to the group. Thank you for being part of the group as we are united to do God’s will. It is so nice to know others are out there.

  • Megan Erickson

    Does anyone know how to highlight and take notes on this app…I don’t seem to be able to get it to work.

    • Victoria Velez

      If you click Tap to read in the bible in the plan you are reading, and find the verse you want to highlight, then tap the verse, and it will give you the option to share, highlight etc. That is the only way I know how to do it. Hope that helps :)

  • Soraya DosSantos

    Blessings to you all! I just downloaded the app and so happy to be here with you all!

  • Martha Morales Hernandez

    Hello I am new and happy to join for this study.

  • Kenley Richey

    I’m so thankful that the SRT community is reading through Nehemiah together! I just graduated college, I’m getting married this summer and I am going into full time ministry starting this fall. While I was at a fundraising training conference last week, I continually felt the Lord nudging me towards reading Nehemiah and I have been working on reading through it this week. Among all of the other transitions, I have a big calling in front of me, to raise $19,000 in personal support before July 1. This season has seemed so overwhelming that I just haven’t know where to start. This morning I’m thankful for the sweet reminder: start with prayer.

  • Maya Basquin

    “But before he put a hand to hammer, he bowed in knees to prayer.” I needed to read this as I am so excited to go on a construction-related mission trip. Truth be told, I’ve gotten a little ahead of myself but I need to go to the Lord in thanks and remember that he is the one who divinely coordinates and orchestrates things like this. Thank you for this.

  • Abby Frye

    Only one day in & I can see this will be a great blessing for me!

  • Thanks for the reminder that good work is God’s work! I need to remember that everything I do is for the Lord. It is not for me or anyone else.

  • Thank you for making this app. It has helped me stay in the word so well as I chase my two toddlers. And I love the devotionals that go along with the study! So thankful!!!

  • LaReashia Jackson

    Selah !To the only wiseGod, send a refreshing a newness of your word
    Let are spirits be renewed to build strength to accomplish the task you have set for us.

  • Alexandria Roy

    Really enjoyed this!

  • Maegan Harrison

    Thankful for a beautiful community of believers to learn from. My Bible has stayed closed for a very long time, and the deepest places of my heart are longing to open it back up. This is a good place to start.

  • EV Monroe

    Same here!

  • Leah Moore

    Love it so much already!

  • Danisha TuneeBrown

    I love that “prayer and confession” is where we should start even in reference to our calling … excited to jump in this study !

  • Megan Huff

    This study comes at a perfect time for me. Thank you!

  • Heather Totten

    First time user of SRT, it’s a pleasure to be here! Praying God would speak to us all, and we would her and apply all that He teaches us.

  • Courtney Crosland

    I’m so happy to come back to SRT after some time away. I’m thankful for this study.

  • Excited to read and be a part of this!

  • Chelsea Gonzalez

    Started a little late- but the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! Thankful for a community of powerful women that have created tools and resources to get into God’s Word and dive in together!

  • Katie Riegel

    I started this study a little late in the game but I have been feeling so urged and nudged to get back in the word. I get so frustrated because I do so good for a while and then life gets crazy and just like that I fall out of it. Then I try to pick back up again and I just keep failing at being consistent. I feel like I am always apologizing to God for putting him on the back burner. I know how important he is in My life and I definitely feel the lack of communication with him right now. I pray I can stick with it this time! For a while!

    • Michelle Erin

      Praying that God rekindles that fire for Him in your life Katie! I’m trying to remember that the messy pursuit of God is so beautiful and that He is never lacking, and always forgiving. Walking through this with you sister, expectant for how God is going to move because He will!!

  • Nikki Rutherford

    Reading this message as a 15 year old girl has sparked my wanting to read my Bible more and more and wanting to get closer to Him. There is a loss in youths today where we don’t know much about God or the Bible and it is considered “not cool” to learn more about them. I pray that this app will help me read my Bible more and to spread the joy that it gives me. I may be small, but He is great, and I can do anything if I have Him.

    • Karen

      It warms my heart to see a young teen wanting to join in and read God’s Word as you have done! May God encourage you through this experience to help you grow as a Christ follower and share in a community of other believers.

  • Shelby Lynn

    As I start this later than anticipated.. I know that the Lord doesn’t mind as long as I’m in the Word. The foundation of my marriage needs more God as it appears partially it was sand when I thought it was rocks. Praying for God to open my husband and my eyes so we know how to mend our differences, goals in this life, how to not over complicate things, how not to constantly speak of things that need to be done and live in simplicity. Lord please mend the heart of your daughter.

    • Jen

      I feel for you exactly as I feel like your words are exactly (and I mean exactly) where my words are too. Prayers for you, sister.

  • It’s been a while since I’ve been on the SRT website. It’s been a while since I’ve read God’s Word outside of church. I’ve always felt it was somehow wrong to read my Bible & pray if my motives weren’t 100% pure. I’m not sure where this thought has come from in my life. I’m not sure if this was something I was taught as a child in church or what. My husband has been reading through the Bible, finished it after 2.5 years and turned around to start again. He’s been trying to encourage me to. I haven’t. Will God be disappointed if I’m doing it bc Kevin asked me to? Silly thought, I know. I’d be following my husband’s spiritual leading. God would actually be pleased. I am also a business owner through Mary Kay. I’ve often felt that maybe God would see that I’m using Him to build my business and would be disappointed that this is why I’m reading & praying. Again, silly thought. God’s word TELLS us to ask, seek, knock. AND the thought just came to me as I was reading that several years ago I was having a regular time of reading and prayer and my business was the best it’s ever been and for some reason (not even sure why) I stopped reading & praying regularly and I’ve floundered the past year & a half. So sad. I’m not sure why I just confessed all this to a group of strangers, but if you read this all the way through, I’d be honored if you’d pray for me & even hold me accountable to reading daily. God bless yall. <3

    • Kara Armstrong

      Thank you for sharing where you all, I am similar and this opened this for the first time in months. I will be praying for your time seeing His truth

    • Alyssa McKee

      Bless you Kayt and yes I will be praying that you can stay consistent in coming to God in scripture every day. I pray that it is a place of rest for you and wisdom to guide your life (that includes your business ;) )

    • She Reads Truth

      Thank you for sharing Kayt. We’re so glad that you’re reading with us and grateful that you’re a part of our SRT community. We’re praying for you! -Margot, The SRT Team

  • Shavaughn Haack

    Today, I am so grateful for God’s sovereignty as He lead me to this study of Nehemiah. He is rebuilding me with my foundation in His love.

  • Kelli Lynch

    I’m so looking forward to this study. I’ve been struggling to find joy in my work/career and it’s been a stressful few months because of that. I’m looking forward to the sweet reminders of God’s faithfulness and learning to trust Him and seek him when days are hard.

  • Nasrin Chiappetta

    This week, I had a miscarriage. On Tuesday, the morning of my procedure, I saw this verse image (Nehemiah 2:8) on the SRT Instagram page. As I was waiting at the clinic, anxiously praying and trying to hold in my grief, I remembered this verse and repeated it to myself over and over. Even though this has been the hardest week of my life, I have felt God’s gracious hand on me, through the love and prayers of others, through the support of my husband, through God’s Word and peace. Thank you Lord, and thank you SRT for being there when I needed it.

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Nasrin, we’re so sorry to hear this. Thank you for sharing with us. We’re praying for you and your husband during this time -for continued comfort and encouragement. We’re grateful for you! -Margot, The SRT Team

    • Janey

      Nasrin, you are a strong woman because you are a child of God. My heart aches for you this morning. I pray that you will continue to feel God’s love and strength. Praying for you and your husband. May God be close to you. -Janey

  • Monica Davis


  • Edith Arroyo

    So beautiful!! I think just reading Nehemiah 1:11 made me envision how his relationship between him and God was. And even how I can be with God and just talk to Him, share my heart with our Father. But also remind myself of Gods promises before my life. Such a great but simple reminder I needed to hear at this time. ❤️

  • I pray that in this dry season of my life I can reconnect with the Lord.

  • Molly Cross

    I love that Nehemiah brought the promise of the Lord back to him and he prayed and interceded on behalf of his people. He didn’t just say my people, he confessed of his own sin and talked of not following God’s commands, but his heart had returned and wanted to do what was right for restoration in the sight of God.

  • Chelsea McCurren

    I have never been a part of a full devotional. Life has been hectic. My priorities have been elsewhere. I have been looking inward instead of outward. I went to church last week for Mother’s Day and felt an intense, deep pull to dive deeper into my faith. I was raised in a Christian family and know the basics, but long to be part of God’s inner circle. Looking forward to the start of this journey!

    • April Hernandez

      Awesome!!! Welcome to the family girl :)

    • Mel Poynton

      Chelsea, this is so exciting! I pray that you will be encouraged and strengthened on this journey, and that as you look to God you will find Him in everything. I am new to this community and am super excited to be a part of it, getting into God’s Word with other women like you! Thank you for sharing :)

  • Claire Belle

    I opened this app today after a long time of not reading my bible. It holds so much truth for me. I am in traditional housing, just starting a job, fighting with my family, worried about money, and feeling so broken. I feel connected to this story because it gives me a course of action to take to allow God to restore my life. Thank you.

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Claire, thanks for sharing with us. We’re praying for you and are so glad that you’re reading through Nehemiah with us! -Margot, The SRT Team

    • Briana Castillo

      Claire, I’m praying over the brokenness of your heart and soul. Don’t give up if you feel more pieces shattering. God is thee catching all of those pieces and placing them back together. Once the pieces are back, the won’t look the same as they did before they broke. That is the work of God. He’s close to you, He hears you. Peace be with you.

  • Beth Vaccaro

    We read parts of Nehemiah this year in a study, but what speaks to me the most is that one servant can pray for the lot. That despite their falters and failures, Nehemiah can ask God to bring forth his promised covenant. Reminds me that I have the power to pray for others who might have fallen from God’s path.

  • Kathryn Yow

    The Church my family and I are members of is in need of a great revival and restoration. Nehemiah’s prayer spoke to me and forced me to ask God “what will you have me do?”. Lord, guide and lead me and my family in our service to assist our church in the restoration and revival it needs! You are FAITHFUL! ✝️

  • I’m in the midst of an unexpected translation with the sudden loss of my job. Seeking God for the next steps.

    • Bunny P

      May he guide your heart and steps to the path he wants. It is always hard to do, but pray and trust in him. He has a special place that needs you and he will show you!

  • Very excited to learn from Nehemiah these next three weeks. One thing that stood out to me in the reading is how Nehemiah ran to prayer and sought God’s guidance before rebuilding the wall. Rebuilding it was already on his heart, but instead of doing things his way first he humbled himself. I find I often make big decisions without running to God for wisdom first and then run to Him after it’s either gone horribly, to ask for help, or if it’s gone great and thanking Him. I’d save myself a lot of hurt and selfishness if I just went to Him in the beginning. I hope everyone has a great day and I look forward to learning from this community! xoxo

  • This study is very relevant for me right now. I have been feeling lost and at a place where I often feel restoration can’t reach or is beyond me. Today’s scripture is a reminder that God can and will restore if we follow his commands and seek him.

  • Erin Calvin

    I love that Nehemiah went directly to God, and immediately started confessing – not just his people’s sin, but his own as well. I long to have such humility and to go to God in prayer as quickly.
    Excited for this study! Praying for all of you as we start this journey together!

  • Ruth Lorentz

    Danielle, many years ago I was in a position/job for which I was overqualified. God used it to provide a key person to get me to the right job and position. And in the meantime built skills in me that I would need but never thought I would learn them there! It’s amazing to look back and see how his promises are kept. Prayers that you can find peace where you are and allow Gods purpose to be lived out there while he prepares you for your next step.

    • Danielle Merriweather

      Thank-you Ruth for sharing. Your testimony has lifted and encouraged me. Thank-you for your prayers.

  • Tamara Goda

    I’m here. And I’m rebuilding after an excruciating and devastating divorce.

    • Colleen W

      Praying for you as I am currently walking this same and difficult road. God has us. He has you. Our Faith says redemption will come!

  • Caralee Lilly

    As I pray for mine I will pray for you and yours. It’ll be easy to remember you in prayer… my daughters name is Maegan. Gods kind of fun that way…don’t you think?

  • Amanda Guilmette

    I’ve been away from the word for awhile now after a super trying time physically and mentally during a bad surgery. My community fell apart and I was mad at God. It’s been over a year since I even looked at a scripture. After deciding to take a fast from social media for the next month from feeling overwhelmed and anxious. I stumbled upon my SRT app and felt a sense to open it and start this again. After reading this Day 1 post about Nehemiah I am hopeful and renewed a little and a bit excited to get back into relationship with the Lord. Call me crazy, but I feel almost like the Lord was hugging me and affirming my journey back home to restore our relationship. Thanks so much for putting this material out there. A non threatening gateway back.

    • Brittany

      That’s so good! I will be praying for you! Don’t let anything take away that hope! I know what it’s like to feel hopeless, and then feel true hope. It’s amazing how hope can help us through hard times.

      There was a time when I was so anxious I could barely get my stomach to keep food down. And then I went to a good Christian counselor! It has helped soooooo much. Anyways…. My grandmother just passed last week, but I haven’t felt anything…..yet…… The tears will.come though. But through these past couple busy weeks, I have noticed a huge improvement on my anxiety, and it has given me more hope!

    • Kelsi Berry

      I love your honesty Amanda! He’s always there, always waiting for us! I am praying for physical and spiritual recovery for you.

    • She Reads Truth

      Thanks for sharing Amanda. We’re praying for you and are so glad that you’re here reading through Nehemiah with us! -Margot, The SRT Team

  • Charlese Inyabri

    I pray that I am able to have a heart like Nehemiah’s to go to God in prayer when my heart is overwhelmed. It is so easy to just overthink things and get stuck inside of my head. God wants to alleviate the pain, pressure, worry, BUT I have to yield the power to him and NOT the situation!

  • Lauren Morris

    This is my first SRT study. The study guide is gorgeous! I’m hoping to draw closer to God and better understand his word through this study. A couple of points from the study today: Nehemiah fasted and prayed for a number of days – not just one – how often do we go before the Lord with this tenacity in our prayers? Also, God always provides a way for us to restore our relationship with Him.

  • April Ruen

    Praying for God to guide me in my thoughts, words, and actions, and that His will may be done.

  • Elizabeth Kauruter

    My heart is drawn to the verse when Nehemiah mourned and fasted and prayed FOR DAYS before God. So many times, when my family has gone through hardship, I’ve rattled off a prayer, only giving God a few minutes, almost out of habit. Where might my faith be if I would give God more than a moment and shifted my anxiety for the situation to a God who is in complete control.

  • Sarah Scott

    I underlined the words that are used about God in these passages:

    Keeps His word
    Great power
    Near me
    In my heart

    Thank you Lord for You hear me and You are the same God then and today!

    • Jana Ansel

      Love this! Thanks for sharing! This is my first study on SRT – fixing my eyes on Him and His promises is what is needed for me to do today!

  • AnnMarie L. Smith

    Even though God is all knowing, I like that Nehemiah confesses the sins of himself, family and Israel. He is deeply and truly anguished by it. But he remembers that God made a promise in Deuteronomy that if we return back to God and follow his commandments then HE will return back to us. This encourages me and gives me hope when I stray from God and feel to ashamed to ask for forgiveness and come back to HIM.

  • Ana Lisa Johnson

    I am struck by Nehemiah’s heartfelt prayer and his belief that God hears him and cares. I have struggled many times with believing this as I pray.

    Lord, you are faithful to listen to those who seek you. Help me believe this more and be unafraid to go to you with whatever is on my heart.

  • Alicia Durfee

    I’m very young (13) and just started this bible study because I was struggling with reading and learning God’s word every day. As I read about how God has a plan for me in my faith, I understand more about the true meaning of what God has done for us. God is so Good. And I’m praying for him to work in me every day as I grow in my faith and understanding.

    • Miki Jayy

      Hey Alicia!! Sooo I was born and raised in a Christian household and got saved and baptized around 7. I was on fire for God until I hit around your age right now. I fell off the deep end around 13 and stayed off throughout middle school and the beginning of high school. I’m only 20 now but I just wanted to say keep pushing. On days when you don’t feel like getting into God’s Word, do it anyways! God will always show up and do something great even in the small things! He will always come through and is willing to give to you as much as you want to get from Him. So just keep going after God!

    • Mary DoreStanley

      May God bless you as you begin this study!

  • Judy Holland

    I love to find out details of scripture. One of those was the reference to he month and year. The month would fall to the end of our November/ beginning of December, and the year was in the 20th year of Artaxerxes reign. I like details like this when I study, it helps bring it to life for me.

    • Ana Lisa Johnson

      Thank you for sharing this context in relation to today’s passage! :)

    • Christina Berger

      Love that you posted this. We named my son Nehemiah. His due date was 12/24 but he was born 11/30 @ 12:24am. Crazy the way God orchestrates all the beautiful details!!

  • Jamie Prichard

    Thank you for this study! An online study with discussion with women I don’t personally know is certainly out of my comfort zone.. but I definitely need it. I am learning to pray first and trying to lay down some burdens to the Lord today. I’ve also always struggled to feel and accept the freedom that comes from the forgiveness of the Lord. I want to know Him deeper so that I can truly understand that freedom!

  • Shannon Stovich

    This study is coming at a perfect time for me. I have been praying for God rebuild and restore my heart! I have gone down a path that is not honoring God. I know it will be a difficult trek out but I need to keep the faith.

    • Deon Sexton

      Praying for you, Shannon! The verse that stood out to me today was Deuteronomy 30:15 “But the word is very near you. It is in your mouth and in your heart, so that you CAN do it.” Don’t give up…just give in to God. He is very near you!

  • I tend to have kneejerk reactions to situations in which it feels like my world is falling apart. I want to go in and get my arms around the situation as soon as possible and try to fix it. I come up with a gameplan as I go. Sometimes it works, but it’s exhausting each and every time. My prayer is that myself and others like me remember the attributes and behaviors of Nehemiah in this opening chapter. We can have time for weeping and feelings of despair, but we have to come to Lord with humility and ask him for direction before tackling the situation on our own.

  • I’m not sure I know exactly what to say other than I’m just so happy to be here. I am doing this study with a small group of women (about 3 or 4 others-aside from the community of course), and am so excited to finally get back to a spot where I feel ready and the desire to devote more time to God’s word and really studying. Fortunately, praying is something that has always come easily to me. I pray before everything. It’s the rest that I struggle with. I want to be able to take passages from the Bible and understand them in a way they touch my life and I can learn to apply them in everything I do.

  • Shelley Thomason

    Thankyou Lord!
    Please let your ear be attentive to the prayer of your servant.
    My daughter age 22 receives these studies in the mail. Thankyou! The Lord is so faithful & she is following Jesus. A complete 180 from 2 years ago. Praise God! Anyway i typed she reads truth & saw Nehemiah study which I was reading. This will be good!

  • My prayer is that God would reveal Himself to all of us in sweet special waya in the weeks to come.

  • Lynne Stephenson

    I am excited about starting this series and seeing what work Good puts in front of me. Thank you ladies for being here to share in this journey with me.

  • I don’t know where the years have gone… but I do know where God has been…
    And what a journey…Amanda Bible.. Rachael Myers..
    And all at SRT…
    Thank you.
    Thank you.

    Looking forward to delving into and finding the nuggets in Nehemiah..
    Love and hugs dear dear friends…xxx

  • I finally bought a she reads truth bible today and then realized it was the first day of a new study. I am excited to return to she reads truth.

  • Laura Bezuidenhout

    I’m excited to study this… It just came on my path so must be Christ led.

  • I’m so excited for this study! I’ve never studied this book before and don’t have much exposure to it.

    Judy – I’ll be praying!

  • I am excited to begin a study of Nehemiah. I am the last woman standing in my family. My two boys no longer believe and now my husband quit going to church. I am trying to be a good example and live a godly life. I need prayers to live with my family but not like my family if that makes sense. Prayers that God would change me in a way to be able to help them see Jesus in me.

    • Melanie

      The SRT community is with you, Judy! Praying for the Spirit to be at work in you as you live to point others, specifically the men in your life, to Jesus. May he also be softening their hearts to receive His love and turn from their rebellion. Praise God that He loves your husband and sons more than we can even imagine and He has a plan for their futures that brings Him glory!

  • Praise Santos

    Hi SRT sisters! God has been asking me to surrender my body image/eating disorder struggle to him. I’ve been trying to fix myself (personal trainer, counseling, diets, etc.) in my own strength for so long. I pray that God will be the one to restore my mental health and grace-filled view of myself and those around me. I know that this is a struggle we often go thru as women. I need help to remind myself that God’s got this. If you’re struggling with this too, I’m with you and you are not alone. For the women who have already seen victory through this, can you lend any advice or encouragement?

    • penny g

      I heard something on the radio the other day that might be encouraging to you. If you don’t give your problems to God than He can never take them away for you. I had never thought of it that way. I’ll be praying for you.

    • Melanie

      Do not be confirmed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2

      I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14

      We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:5

      If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer. Matthew 21:22

      Just a few verses that came to mind when I considered your battle. As you know, eating disorders and distorted body image stem from harmful patterns of thinking that we easily believe and meditate on, instead of the Word of God. As you begin to identify the lies that you’ve been believing about your body, appearance, worth, and so on, begin to challenge those thoughts with truth from scripture. This is a spiritual battle just as much as it is a mental and physical one. Ask God to reveal to you the root of the harmful beliefs you’ve been holding and to replace them with His truth. Do this with a couple of trusted, godly friends or a Christian counselor who may be able to ask insightful questions and help you identify things that you wouldn’t on your own. Ultimately, this battle is the Lord’s, so you can rejoice because He’s got you! Praying for you, sister! Keep us posted on how you’re doing along the way <3

    • Melanie

      And to add, I’ve struggled with these same things at various times throughout my life, and something that I recently recognized in reflecting on my past struggle is that I was seeking control when my life felt out of control. I thought if I could control my body and how I looked then at least one thing wouldn’t be out of my hands when the rest of my life looked so chaotic. I didn’t realize that I was actually trying to be God and that I didn’t trust God to be in control of my life. This was idolatry and sinful. I needed to repent of it and ask God to take my fear, anxiety, and desire to control and to give me His peace and the ability to trust Him instead. I still struggle to believe this in my heart at times, but I know that these things take time.

    • Praise Santos

      I can’t thank you enough M and Alexandra for your encouragement! This was the first time I posted on SRT and your encouragement to research and self-advocate and lean into support systems is uplifting. I have much gratitude for you.

  • Thank you SRT. I’ve followed your studies long enough to remember the app launch. It was so important to be in the Word every day and you were the only study that did that. You honor Sabbath with your Grace Day & Scripture memorizations. I love your studies and all these beautiful ladies. Thank you for building this.

  • Amy Alexandra

    I’ve not done every SRT study—sometimes I feel my soul needs to just be in the Word for a while without reading other people’s thoughts—but when I’m overwhelmed by life or struggling to maintain a consistent Bible reading time or just not sure what to do next, I always come back here. I love the fact that these devotional have substantial Scripture portions, not just a couple of verses. It helps me remember that God’s Word is the focus and priority, and the devotional is just an aid to help me understand His Word and know Him better.

    My prayer for this study is that I will learn from Nehemiah’s example (and from all of you) how to keep my focus on the Lord rather than on the work itself. I’m finishing my last year of college and starting to explore where I go from here, and my heart’s desire is to find work that not only supports me financially but also has eternal value. I don’t want to take a single step without the confidence that I am obeying my Lord. Thank you for the reminder that I need to begin with prayer and confession, accepting and embracing my total helplessness and need for God!

  • Deborah Craytor

    OK, sisters, I apologize for my comment being totally off-topic for today’s devotional, but a question keeps arising in my quiet time that I need your help with. Several of us, including me, have seen family members who were raised in faith move away from, or abandon altogether, that faith as they got older. But if someone has truly been saved, Jesus assures us that we cannot be snatched from His hand. So if, for example, my daughter Heather claims to no longer believe in the existence of God, does that mean that (1) she was never saved to begin with, or (2) she has somehow left Jesus’ hand? And if she left Jesus’ hand, was that because she made an affirmative choice to do so, in which case she arguably wasn’t “snatched”? But if the Enemy convinced her to abandon her faith, doesn’t that mean that she was “snatched,” which he can’t do without God’s permission?

    As you can see, I’m going around and around with this, so any clarifying thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    • Amanda

      Deborah, I have been through this, not as a mother, but as a daughter. I questioned my faith for many years. I was afraid and confused. My mother was patient (extremely), loving, and never made me feel judged. She answered my questions and helped me find answers when she didn’t know. She prayed for me and never gave up. It was grueling, emotionally exhausting work, but she was fighting my spiritual battle right along side me. I believe God knew how much I needed her. I know this doesn’t answer your question directly (snatching vs. leaving), but maybe she is going through something similar to what I went through for several years that you can serve as a beacon of hope and wisdom during a dark time. I hope my story is an encouragement to you.

    • Amy Alexandra

      I’m so sorry you’re going through this, Deborah. I’ve seen similar situations on the mission field where my parents and I work, and here’s what I learned during those experiences. You mention a key verse for this topic: Jesus says of those who are saved, “Neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand” (John 10:28). No person can snatch me from His hand—and that includes me. I cannot snatch myself from His hand—and I praise God for that! There are so many verses that confirm this truth: “If we are faithless, He remains faithful” (2 Timothy 2:13). “He is able to save to the uttermost those who draw near to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them” (Hebrew 7:25). When we believe in Him, we “were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit, who is the guarantee of our inheritance…” (Ephesians 1:13-14)—the guarantee of my salvation is God Himself, the Holy Spirit. How could I ever “undo” that?

      In my experience, when someone abandons the faith, they were never true believers to begin with. Sometimes, in the case of children who were raised in the faith, they were just living the lifestyle because that’s what they were raised to do, but they never made a personal decision to trust Christ. Sometimes, people are attracted by the Christian lifestyle but never actually recognize their need for a Savior and believe in Jesus. Sooner or later, most people who are trying to live the Christian life without actually having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ give up. It always comes down to their hearts: they can do Christian things; they can read their Bibles and pray every day; they can live the life and talk the talk, but if they haven’t believed in Jesus Christ in their hearts, they aren’t saved, even though it looks like they are from the outside.

      I hope that helps clarify the issue for you. If you’d like to talk about it more, I would love to chat with you! (My email is [email protected]). I’ve found the support of other believers to be so helpful when I’m wrestling with topics like this one, so if you need a sounding board or anything at all, I’m here.

    • Lizzieb85

      I had a preacher spend 6 weeks on Matthew 13, parables about the Kingdom of Heaven.
      Please stick with me as this very much pertains to your question.
      The Bible teaches about the new heaven & new earth Kingdom that will be established at the second coming of Christ.
      Matthew 13 is not talking about this, it is talking about the kingdom of heaven that is happening right now in the hearts & workings of Believer’s right now. Jesus’ parables in Matthew 13 are talking about people who believe & trust in Jesus now & are spreading the “kingdom” to other people, before the Second coming happens.
      My preacher referenced the parable of the wheat & weeds as directly relating to your question (vs 24-30, 36-43). The parable says that Jesus sowed good seed (wheat) the gospel in the world. But His enemy (Satan) spread weeds (a plant that looks exactly like wheat until it bears fruit, then you can see that it is different). The wheat is true believer’s of Christ. The weeds are counterfeit believer’s. They look exactly like believers, but they do not produce the fruit that the weeds do. In the parable, Jesus explains that the farmer says to leave the weeds until harvest, then they will be able to see who the counterfeits are. That will be the final judgment.

      The parable of the sower (vs 1-9, 18-23) also makes clear that ONLY the seed that produced fruit is a TRUE believer. The seed that grew up in rocks & eventually died, did not produce fruit. It looked good, but did not produce fruit. The seed that fell on the thorns grew, but was choked out before producing fruit. The seed that was snatched by the birds never even grew.

      The preacher used the example of his own siblings who professed to be believers, but now say they do not believe in God anymore. NO ONE, NOTHING, can take away someone’s true salvation, not even his or herself. The preacher said that he believed his siblings were these counterfeit weeds that looked saved, but were not. That they grew, but did not produce the fruit of the Spirit.

      How can we ever really know the state of someone’s heart? We can’t. Only God can. All we can do is pray pray pray that He will soften their hearts to trust in Him alone as their true Savior. I pray for you & your daughter.
      (Believing in God is not the same as completely trusting Him alone with our current & future & eternal lives. Even Satan believes in God, but he does not trust Him & follow Him. People can believe in God, but not fully trust in Jesus as their Savior. I think perhaps this is where your daughter was/is)

    • Deborah Craytor

      Thank you for your insightful answers; they were very helpful. I do tend to intellectualize things; I need to remember that, right now, the only thing I can, and should do, is continually pray for her.

  • So thankful for SRT and all the support everyone gives each other. I have almost finished my first year of college (just need to finish two online classes)! Also going to be taking a chemistry class at the community college near me (since I had to withdraw during the year sadly)…hoping that goes well! So crazy that the year has flown by, but I am so thankful for how far God has brought me and what He continues to teach me. He is so faithful. If you all could continue to pray for my brother, who is most likely going to be getting a divorce with his wife soon, I’d really appreciate. It’s so heartbreaking to hear, I’ve already cried so much over it. His wife just completely left their house (which they just bought a couple months ago) and changed into a totally different person. So sad. But I know God will use this, and I pray that my brother (Mike) will stay close to the Lord in this time. Thankful for SRT and how they’ve encouraged me to open my Bible every day. Love you all!

  • England Elsie

    Thank you ladies for being faithful. I’m going to follow along this study everyday and try and comment everyday – that I haven’t done. I have some wonky walls and could do with a rebuild – Lord show me how – I am ready.

  • I never realized that it was four years ago that She Reads Truth started to take off and now thinking back, I remember reading the Nehemiah study in my dorm room my freshman year of college. I had just discovered She Reads Truth and knew I wanted something to help me keep my faith in college. I just graduated college this weekend and today I saw that we were starting Nehemiah again. I began my college career with Nehemiah and now I will end with it. Wow. This book is so applicable to this time of life too because we are basically open to wherever God calls us and whatever he calls us to do. Congratulations to everyone else graduated or graduating these next couple weeks!

    • She Reads Truth

      We’re so glad that you’ll be reading through Nehemiah with us again! We’re grateful for you. -Margot, The SRT Team

  • Abbey Byrd

    Pray first.
    Today I’m praying for my home, my babies, that the Lord would forgive my selfishness that has caused me so much grief and restore peace and grace to my home. I want to restore things to God’s plan, God’s design instead of my own. I want to fortify with my own two hands, but I want to learn to pray first, because I cannot rely on my own strength.

    • Devon Loy

      It is not my first instinct – to pray. I also need to work on/learn to pray first. The only way to improve on this area in our lives is to 1. ask Him to help us and 2. practice praying! He is listening!

  • Cherayah Valdez

    Hello everyone :)
    This is the first time I have posted in the community messages. One of SheReadsTruth’s objectives is to read together as a community of women loving the Lord and growing together, right? This is something I have not taken advantage of, until today.
    For the past couple of years, I have done the SheReadsTruth plans, off and on struggling to do it every day or even complete the plans in their entirety. A recent trial in my life showed me that Christ has not been my first love. This is something I am aiming to fix.
    This study on Nehemiah is very relatable and also challenging. Like Nehemiah, I have the desire to fix things. Like other women, I am independent and have the desire to do it on my own. My independent nature tends to get in the way, as it causes difficulty seeking God for help (which is so silly because how can I do anything without God’s help?!) What Amanda said about Nehemiah getting down on his knees to talk to God, before lifting a hammer…was very thought-provoking for me. I am quick “to lift the hammer” but neglect to talk to God about it all first.
    Very good read this morning!

    • Laura Smith

      I completely understand your struggle! I have had seasons where I have felt spiritually dry, and have been reminded over and over that it’s because of my natural desire to control everything. Thankfully, the Lord lovingly disciplines me in these seasons and I am convicted of my sinfulness and repent. You are not alone, sister. I will be praying for you!

  • I am so grateful to the SRT community for taking a leap of faith years ago. These devotionals helped me stay in the Word throughout college and now in my young adult life as well. I look forward to reading these devotionals, but just as much, I look forward to reading the comments from sisters in Christ! This is an amazing community that encourages me in a time when I don’t feel I have a community in God. I have been living in a new place for about 5 months now, and still feel like I am building the foundation of my spiritual life as well as finding my community in this new phase of life. Please pray that I would find a family of believers to grow close to during this time of life.

    • Suzi

      Praying for you, Annie! This past semester, I studied abroad and finding a family of believers was difficult and it took time. I believe that it will happen for you!

  • Kimberly Burchiel

    I too want to write a note of “Thank You” to Raechel, Amanda, and the SRT team! I found SRT over four years ago via a short devotional in the YOUVERSION bible app. I liked that devotional so much that I looked y’all up on the web and checked y’all out to see who you were. I found that your writers each had a good biblical foundation and the organization had spiritual oversight in place to make sure you were teaching sound doctrine, and then I was in. I don’t comment much but I’ve done most all of your devos since. I don’t purchase the study books as they are out of my budget, but I’m glad they’re there for those who can and do. I’m old school and do the study online, receiving the daily email. I remember well the development of the app and participated in that first 48 hours of the kickstarter. I participated because I believed it would reach more of the younger generation (which I am not:)). I rejoice with you all each time I read a comment from a young woman new in her faith who is becoming grounded as she studies the Word with this community. And those who had lost they’re way and are coming back, and those who needed the help to be in the Word on a daily basis. I pray for those who ask the community for help. And I am so, so thankful that the writers continually keep reminding the community to look for Jesus in every study we do. The Lord has used SRT many time over the years to speak to my heart as well. Sometimes it’s something the writer said, sometimes it’s something that was said by someone in the comments. I rejoice to see how God is using you all. May God bless you and keep you and continue to use you to help women get in the Word every day!! PS: I love hearing from Amanda and Raechel and miss the days when we heard from you both more often in the on-line devo, just sayin’. :)

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Kimberly, thank you so much for sharing with us. We’re so grateful that you’re a part of our community! -Margot, The SRT Team

  • Alexandria Weaver

    This so true of my season! I want to see deep lasting change on my life and those around me!

  • Linda Smith

    The opening of the U.S. Embassy opening in Jerusalem today should not be lost on us as we begin this study.

  • Holly Hinski

    Right now feels like a time of rebuilding for me. I have gone through the transition of being a college student doing my best to follow Jesus (I was saved my sophomore year) to a woman of God moving into the workplace. The past semester was a time of extreme confusion and pain and a lot of what I had built up in college seemed to be torn down. This year I’ve been really focusing on my foundations in Christ, and now I feel as if the Lord wants to rebuild on those foundations anew, making them better and stronger and this study with Nehemiah has a come at a wonderful time. I’m hoping to see the Lord work in my heart as He remakes me.

  • Laura Jean

    I’m in a place of new beginnings in my life as well as coming from a place of needing to be healed and restored. I’m looking forward to this study during this time.

  • My best friend introduced me to She Reads Truth close to two years ago or less. All I know is that I love it! II love that all of you are walking this life with me. And as many of you here know my life took a big drastic change and you are all walking this life with me here. I appreciate all of you!

  • The only thing that stays consistent is change. Changes are coming for my family. I will lean in to Nehemiah and how he sought to lead change that would honor God and witness his goodness.

  • Caralee Lilly

    My heart echos the cry of Nehemiah wanting rebuild the precious city of God. In these years of my children transitioning into adulthood they have all abandoned the teaching they were raised with and walked away from the Lord. So often I’ve questioned where I went wrong but truly we have to move on to being broken to the point of being desperate to rebuild. That’s where I am. Starting in my home I want to build the Kingdom of God. I’m excited to learn from Nehemiah what that means. Trusting the Lord with great expectation!

    • Katy Bagley

      I am so very sorry that your children have walked away from the Lord. I am only 18, and let me tell you that I walked away for most of my high school years. I never stopped believing, but I turned to the Lord for nothing. Last October, the Holy Spirit made Himself more present than ever during a serious breakdown, and I came back one of the strongest Christians of my peers and the strongest I have been all my life. I believe that, once we accept Christ into our hearts as our Lord and Savior, He dwells within us forever. He will bring them back, and if not, pray about it with God. He still has access to your children, and we are children of an Almighty God, where nothing is impossible! I will be praying for you and your children.

    • Heidi V

      Just wanted to say “me too”.

    • Michele Nickerson-Swanson

      Caralee, I will be praying for your children to come back to the Lord. I also want to share something that will hopefully encourage you. I am 43 (I became a born-again Christian when I was 19.). My brother is 10-years older than me. He had always said that he “believed” but he didn’t think that he had the Bible or to go to church or anything else to have a relationship with God. A few years ago, my brother made a **complete** turn around! He has truly given his life to Jesus Christ! The changes in my brother have been awesome to say the least! I live in another state so I don’t get to see my family often but to hear my mom tell me all the things he is doing for, and because of Christ has been more than awesome!! There are many times when my mom and I will be talking and we will jokingly say, “What happened to your brother??”” The answer to our question is always this: “Jesus happened!” Caralee, I truly believe that your children will come back to Him and they will also have their own “Jesus happened” moment, just like my brother did!

    • Linnea

      Another me too….. my heart breaks for my kids and my walk needs rebuilding but I want to focus on my savior first and foremost and put Him as the goal of repairing the wall….. I know He will weave my kids in in His own way!

  • I am so happy to be starting another bible study. I am truly grateful for the SRT community. I was just telling my mom how much SRT has helped me to get back to reading my bible. Truly reading it! I had been away for sometime before I found SRT. Thank you She Reads Truth for bringing us together in God’s word. Your bible studies and daily scripture readings along with devotions are making a difference. What a beautiful ministry you have provided for us. Ladies from all over coming together seeking to know God more deeply. I was just commenting to Kelly that I wish we could gather in person but I am at least happy that we have place here that we can reach out to each other. It is sometimes all we have and it provides much needed comfort and connection. So I thank you for all your hard work and dedication to providing such a valuable service in His name and for His Glory!

    • She Reads Truth

      We’re so glad to hear that Julie and grateful that you’re a part of our SRT community! -Margot, The SRT Team

  • Kelsi Berry

    This study is timed perfectly as I’m helping to launch a new ministry this fall. Praying for strength through faith and that I hear God clearly so that I may be obedient to His will in His work. Faith & Work indeed.

  • I picked up the latest study book last week. When I opened it, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It is my very first study with She Reads Truth. I opened it early, reading the first day’s reading, out of pure excitement. Imagine my surprise when I read the passages and realized that it was a story of coming home, a story of rebuilding. Ironically, I’ve just moved home. I’ve just begun to rebuild. It spoke to my heart, and I’m glad to say that I am along for the ride.

  • This bible study is coming to me at the PERFECT time in more than 1 way. My husband and I move around a lot due to work & we just relocated in January in Ohio. While moving across the country and packing, starting a new job, being pregnant for the 1st time, just life really, the list could go on, I have put the important things on the back burner. So my goal is to try & wake up earlier to get the daily readings and prayer done. Second, like i mentioned above, I am 9 months pregnant with my first child (it’s a boy!) and we are naming him Nehemiah! So while I go through my last weeks of pregnancy I am so excited to dive into this book and his character while we wait for our little Nehemiah Jordan to get here!

  • Perfect timing for this study. I am taking my two daughters to Israel in several weeks and this study goes well to prepare the way.

  • Meghan DelGiorno

    My prayer is to put God first in everything I do; to truly make Jesus Lord of my life.

  • Carrie Rogers

    How have I neglected praying to our faithful God? I’ve been so busy trying to figure things out…Lord, forgive me. Thank you for the reminder to PRAY.❤️

  • I too find myself called to do bring restoration to my city with my own hands. Certain circumstances (and people) are making it difficult to minister as I feel God is leading me to.

    Today I commit to prayer and confession. I am currently breastfeeding my daughter, so instead of a full fast, I commit to a week of abstaining from desserts.

  • I have prayed that this not be just another study to check off my to-do list, but that God would so mightily use it to open my heart’s eyes to see Him like never before. To show me areas in my life that need to be cleaned out and focus ALL of me on Him. Prioritize need over want, others over myself, and His desires over my desires. I Thank you, SRT for your commitment to keeping us Shes in the Word every day as this is my sweet start every morning, along with a good cup of coffee.

    • Kim

      I second this thanks. I wake up earlier when the house is quite to be able devote uninterrupted time with God and my open heart sipping a hot coffee. Thank you for this app and your devotion to spread the good news to us!

    • Ann

      Amen. And Amen to the cup of coffee (in my case sometimes tea).

  • A blessing to see many SRT “old timers” this morning. I don’t post that often, but just wanted to recognize the folks I’ve missed hearing from.

  • Judy Holland

    Very excited for this study. I have the hard copy as well, and it is lovely. Can’t wait to share in a community.

  • Ashlee Farr

    I’m praying that my first reaction in all situations is to pray instead of worry. I want my first instinct to be Jesus.

    • Taylor Davis

      Yes! Same here! I wrote down that I could learn so much from Nehemiah in this first chapter!

    • Charlese Inyabri

      YES! After the day I’ve had THIS was God’s challenge to me personally, train myself to pray FIRST without the worry. #travellight

  • Theresa Beach

    Thank you for stepping out in faith with She Reads Truth! I have been reading along for about 2 years now. My scripture reading life has never been so rich and full and consistent. She Reads keeps me accountable and motivated. I look forward to my sweet time in the Word every day. I appreciate your simple concept of women in the Word every day and the attention to detail in your study books. I recommend the app to everyone and some of my friends are also following studies! God is returning fruit from your obedience and effort.

  • Natasha Pavez

    I pray that I live more for Him than I do for myself – that I indulge myself in His desires for my life than my own sinful longings. I want to have a heart that wants what He wants.

    • Becky Pederson

      That’s a powerful prayer! I so desire it to, Jesus let me live for YOU today, more than I live for myself!!

  • my prayer is to have people enter my life that are in pursuit of God and to help me not to reflect on worldly things

  • Brittney Hightower

    My prayer is to seek him instead of focusing on myself. To put him first rather than me. To make him my priority and not my selfishness.

  • Nehemiah has a special place in my heart as it tends to pop up during seasons of rebuilding. I’m starting a new job today and love that the writer says any good work is Gods work! This job is the answer to many months of seeking the Lord and following Him through dark valleys. Praise God that He is a Lord of restoration and provision!

    • Julie

      So happy for you Kara! Thank you for sharing God’s answered prayers for you. I pray many blessings for you on your first day. May this be the beginning of a wonderful adventure for you :)

  • Sandy Forsythe

    I know You hear me Lord, help me to hear You.
    Thanks Laura, wisdom from a sister …

  • Churchmouse

    “… the message is very near you..”. YES. Which is why I open my Bible every day, why I gather here with you ladies in this community. His Word, the Truth, is my only hope for success as His servant. I confess my sins and I recall His promises. I’m so incredibly grateful that He hears, forgives and is compassionate towards me.

  • Joanne de Graaf

    I thank the Lord that months ago I opened the app store and saw the SRT app and I downloaded it to see what it was like. It led me to buying the She Reads Truth bible and now everyday I want to read God’s word and it fills me with so much joy and hope when I read about my Father, my Savior and the Holy Spirit. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit continues His work in me to renew my heart so I can love the Lord my God, walk His ways and to keep His commandments, statutes and ordinances.

  • I remember those days SRT announced the reveal of the app, how time has passed and so much has occurred in the hours between and yet, as you point out, God has remained the same. How refreshing and comforting that is that in the midst of our lives, whether in what seems mundane, challenging or exciting, God is there. The Word is there ever present and never changing. I, too, feel a kindred ship to Nehemiah as God used his story to reconcile my heart to the work God could do and would do in my broken marriage ten years ago this month. It didn’t mean He would do the work alone, He would use my husband and I to rebuild our home and would bless it as we did. Yes, there were days, weeks, even months that the work was unbearable and seeming endless, even pointless, but we prevailed because of the strength AND courage (as mentioned above) that God saw fit to provide. I am so humbled that our now nearly 24 year old marriage stands to honor Him … our “wall” may be misshapen by imperfection but it is fortified by the love of our very good Father and I am forever grateful. Looking forward to diving in, again, to Nehemiah!

    • Tina

      Ahh ~B~.. I miss you ma friend… it’s been a while…
      Here we are again together hopefully to study together, journey and grow in the Word with our sisters here in this community of God loving women…
      Sending love wrapped hugs and thanks for you and yours.. B. Xxx

  • Kelly Chataine

    SRT was just the ticket for me to be in the Word daily. I have studied and read my Bible for years but never on a daily basis. I am grateful to God for bringing SRT to reality and to so many. I only wish that I could talk to and fellowship face-to-face with the community for I continue to be lonely and feel unloved. Yesterday, Mother’s Day, my children chose to be other places than with me, and due to my husband still recovering, I worked all day. Well, that is not the full truth. I cried all day as well. I am asking God to fill the hole in my heart, dry my tears, and help me through the loneliest time I have ever known.

    • ~ B ~

      Kelly, I think to you often and am prayerful that God use this time to fill your heart even more with Him, than ever. That in the moments you feel alone, you find peace in knowing He is present and that in the moments you feel full, you still know His presence. In my home, yesterday wasn’t the most perfect of “Mother’s Day’s”, eight-year-olds and Autism are challenging, but it doesn’t diminish that I AM a mother, that I don’t have and haven’t had influence on my children. The enemy would like to tell me I am failing in those moments but it isn’t truth, there is already victory because of Christ and so it goes with you … your children’s choice doesn’t reflect what God wants you to see … know you are more than what one day a year would like you to believe. Peace to you today! Praying with you as you endure this season, though we are divided by distance, the web and the world my heart is with you!

    • Churchmouse

      I’m so sorry, Kelly, that your Mother’s day was so disappointing and that you are so lonely. I wish I could come over and sit with you awhile and just talk. Vent. Pray. I am glad however that we can meet here and that you are so transparent – I can pray specifically for you because you share so honestly. I’m praying daily for you.

    • Pam

      Hi Kelly, I’m so sorry your Mother’s Day turned out like that. I’m praying for you. I know this is a hard season in your life but things will turn around because you are praying for them to do so and I know the Lord will answer your prayers. Just keep believing they will and don’t let the enemy keep you down. Sometimes being joyful is an effort but always worth it.

    • Julie

      I too am in a lonely period Kelly so I truly understand where you are right now. I wish we could all gather near and give each other the company I think we so desperately need. I come here everyday and when I read these comments I just take them in and I have such a gratefulness for you ladies. I am so appreciative of this community. Kelly I pray that God would be near you and to those of us going through this lonely period. I pray that we would draw to us the friendships and support that we truly desire and that would glorify God. God loves us. He is near. He hears our cries! Blessings!

    • AliceV

      I am praying for you, Kelly. Thank you for being open and honest about your deep needs. I am asking that the Lord bless you with a supportive and encouraging friend to help share your burden. May I ask what part of the country you live in? Could some “She’s” live nearby?

    • KimN

      Oh Kelly – how I wish I could give you a hug! But while we’re on this side of heaven instead I’ll “hug” you with prayer. Thank you for being real & sharing your heart so your friends here can lift you up to the Lord.
      Father, wrap your arms around Kelly that she would know how deeply she is loved and cherished. Give her the strength and wisdom to continue on in the tasks you’ve set before her. And when she grows weary Lord, send people to her to encourage, help and refresh her. You have said you will never forsake us and I ask that You touch Kelly’s heart in a way that she would KNOW that you are near. And please send her someone to give her a hug today from me! :). In the awesome name of Jesus I pray – Amen. ❤️

  • A few years ago we moved to a rural area and I felt isolated and hungry for fellowship. Someone told me about SRT and I immediately felt a part of a precious group of women. Sharing your joys, hardships, concerns and needs has been manna to me. I feel like I know you and often during the day I will think about a need expressed in the morning and pray for you, wondering how it is going. Thank you for making me feel a part of this international group of women.
    It helps to know that I’m not alone in my desire to know and serve our Lord. You are an encouragement to me daily.
    I thank you!

  • I will be forever thankful for the Facebook post from someone I hardly knew which led me to SRT. Having been through something difficult that had really shaken my faith in God, I was desperately trying to find a way back but not succeeding. When I read that first post I felt I was connecting with God again in a way that I hadn’t in months and that gave me hope. Three and a half years later I’ve followed the SRT reading plans almost every day and I have grown so much through being part of this community. Thank you for all you do!

    • She Reads Truth

      Thanks so much for sharing Lesley! We’re so grateful that you’re a part of our community and reading along with us. -Margot, The SRT Team

  • She Reads Truth has been a crucial part of my walk to continue to grow in my faith. I thank God for the last four years of teaching, molding, growing, maturing, restoring and pruning that I have received from Him through SRT. So thankful!!!!

  • Thank you ‘She reads truth’ team, I am one who picked up my bible for the first time in a long time Nearly 2 years ago along with the SRT app, and have kept reading ever since. I have felt my understanding of the word of God grow, and my faith and love for Him and His word deepen over that time. I am so grateful that you sought God and were faithful to the call. Blessings x

  • Elizabeth Neels

    My prayer is to seek God in everything! Lord give me direction and light my path. Forgive me for the things I do or attitudes that are unpleasing to you. Search me O Lord and remove anything that is unpleasing to you. I want to live for you Jesus! I lift my marriage up to you Lord. For I don’t know what to do but you do. You have a plan for my life. I’m leaning into you and seeking your face Lord! In Jesus name Amen

  • Miesha Willoughby

    My Prayer is to continue seeking God while studying his holy scriptures. Want to stay enlightened and inspired. I am in pursuit to be a consistent reader of Gods holy word. Want to be able to share the word in truth.

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