Psalms for Prayer: Day 13

Grace Day


Today's Text: 1 John 5:14-15

Use today to pray, rest, and reflect on this week’s reading, giving thanks for the grace that is ours in Christ.

This is the confidence we have before him: If we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears whatever we ask, we know that we have what we have asked of him.
—1 John 5:14-15


  • Emily Dick

    Resting in the peace and assurance of the Lord is my favorite way to end a week.

  • Amber GrayScruggs

    My husband and I have been praying for a baby for quite some time. It’s hard not being discouraged every negative pregnancy test and doctors appointment. I believe God put a strong desire in our hearts to be parents and now I can only trust that his will be done. Pray for us please.

  • I keep checking and I don’t see anything myself . Let’s pray that they get it fixed soon. It must be hard to do all this Tech work on a Sunday when we’re supposed to be with our families

  • Tanya Rodriguez

    Can anybody else see the next reading in their plan? For some reason I can’t see it in mine

  • Kristina Moore

    Good morning, ladies! My little one came into the world two weeks ago yesterday, and although we are starting to have more good days than bad, it’s always tough when my husband goes back to work each week. Being a new mom literally makes my head spin every minute of the day, so I’m praying that the Lord will help me find rest and assurance in Him while testing the waters of my new role as a mother. I know He is always with me and will grant me the wisdom it takes to raise a baby.

    • Marnie Ricks

      The days will keep getting better. My little guy is 6 and a half months now. Between exhaustion, challenges with nursing and crazy hormones, it’s tough!!! May the Lord encourage you and give you wisdom and strength for each day! Congratulations!

    • Ana Lisa Johnson

      Kristina, Praying for you in this season and that the Lord will sustain you each day as you cast your burdens on him. ❤️

    • Marisol EsquivelEscalante

      Praying for you Kristina

  • Caralee Lilly


  • According to HIS will is key!

  • Praying!

  • Hey all I could use some prayers! A year ago my husband left me to start a new job and he never came back. Since then, there has been nothing I could do or say to get him to communicate with me. I’ve been living in confusion over the situation. He filed for divorce in November and I’ve been fighting it, as I believe it’s Gods will for our marriage to be restored. We have our final court date on May 16th. My husband knows the Lord, but I don’t know where he stands now. While this situation has been so so hard, it has also brought me so much closer to God, helping me to find a peace that can’t be explained in the midst of this struggle. Please pray that God intercedes into my husbands life and that he will rededicate his life to Jesus. I want a miracle for our marriage but more than anything I want God to show my husband the love and grace that only he can provide, so he stops looking to the world for things he will never find. He is lost and I prays God will reveal himself to him in a big way.

  • Just prayed for you and your daughter Chelsea. Maybe try her local church if she can do something from home?

  • Deborah Craytor

    Sisters, I need your help. My daughter Chelsea has epilepsy, for which she had brain surgery 10 years ago. We have just learned that she is now having seizures in a different part of the brain, so she has had to quit working (she’s a CNA) and cannot drive. She just got married, but her husband travels a lot for work, so most of the time she is alone in her apartment with her dog. They are visiting us this weekend, and Chelsea is once again struggling with “why is this happening to me?” Is anyone aware of a Christian volunteer opportunity that she can do on her computer from home? (I tried Googling but the sites I looked at weren’t helpful.) I think it would help her to direct her attention outward, as well as build her faith. Of course, prayers are very welcome, too.

    • Churchmouse

      Praying for an opportunity to become available for your daughter and for healing from these seizures. And for peace and comfort for all.

    • Diane

      Praying! And on a practical note, may I suggest helping missionaries with admin/computer support? As an overseas worker, I know how much time these tasks can suck up – and they become even harder if you are in a restricted access country and/or have slow or unreliable internet. If she has a personal connection with a worker or agency, she could start there – just ask what she could do to help and I’m sure it would be appreciated.

    • Katelyn

      I’ll be praying for her. I know YouVersion needs volunteers to help run the Bible app/ website. I think it would be a great way for her to volunteer from home!

    • Eva Holsinger

      And perhaps surprising opportunities to minister to other neighbors within walking distance!

  • This verse is the perfect reminder for me. A few months ago, I broke up with a guy I’d been in a relationship with for six years. When we got together we were both lukewarm Christians. But God continually pursued me and four years later, He drew me into an intimate relationship with Him. My ex started to grow closer to the Lord too, but not at the rate that I was. He expressed a desire to grow in his relationship with Christ and took steps in the right direction, but I could sense the reluctance from him to jump in completely. Eventually I realized this break up was necessary because I needed to seek God’s will for my future and also allow this man whom I care deeply for to grow in Christ at his own pace, without pressure from me. We have not had any communication since the break up, but I pray for him daily and have gotten occasional updates from mutual friends and his family members. It seems that he is hopeful that we will be able to reconcile eventually, but I know that God’s will for me is to marry a man who loves Him with his whole heart. So I am praying for His will to be done, not mine. If you are reading this, please pray for continued discernment for me and for God to be glorified in this situation, regardless of the outcome.

    • Churchmouse

      Praying for you to remain steadfast and confident in pursuing and placing God first. I’m also praying for your ex to come to know the joy of the Lord and the contentment that comes from commitment to Him. So proud of you, Kristi

  • Brittany Holmes

    LORD, help me to snuggle up to you to better discern what Your will is for my life. When I pray to You, help my prayers not to be filled with vail repetitions or selfish supplications. I pray that I’ll be so tapped into your power that I will know what it is you want for my life, my community, and my testimony that I will pray with power to shake the kingdom of darkness and move mountains for Your glory. Help me eradicate the selfish desires in me and become more like You as I wait in Your presence. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen

  • Lord, today I ask that you speak to my daughter’s heart- that you call her to your throne of grace and mercy. I’m asking with confidence knowing and believing that you want her with You NOW and not later. Please embolden those around her to speak your love and truth into her heart and mind. Father God, your ways are a mystery but your love is not- please reveal it to her – even if it hurts. Amen

  • Jessica McCreary

    Great reminder of that He KNOWS exactly what we need!! It may not be what we think we need but in that being thankful and grateful that He knows better than we do!!! ❤️

  • YvonneBonnie Delgado


  • Also if you ladies don’t mind please pray for my son he’s taking the SAT test this morning.

  • So comforting that He hears us. He hears me when I call out to him.

  • Marta Padilla

    This is a lovely reminder in my current situation. Thank you, Lord!

  • Caroline Smith

    Amen! Praise the Lord that He knows better then us!

  • He hears and he blesses. I’m living testimony that answered prayers don’t always look the way we think they will. But God gives he best to those who leave the choice to him!

  • Amen.
    Thank you Lord God… thank you.

  • Erica Peake

    Churchmouse you are so right. We have to be or we get so bogged down in thinking what he “didn’t do for me”. He does according to HIS will. Thank God he doesn’t give me everything I ask for or think I need.

  • Melanie G.

    Woke up with a song from church in my head, “This is my confidence, you’ve never failed me yet,” and opened to find this verse! I have needed God to do a mighty work in me, my husband and our marriage for going on 9 years. A good reminder that he is listening even when it feels quiet. Please pray for my family as I pray for all of us wives who are praying for our marriages!

  • Kelly Chataine

    Lord, I ask that you watch over my husband during Monday’s procedure. Please, let the procedure lead to continued improvement and healing. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  • Churchmouse

    I am confident in this : I ask. He hears. I receive. His will is best. I’m OK with this. I. Am. Confident.

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