Lent 2018: See the Lord's Salvation: Day 12

The Lord Provides in the Wilderness


Today's Text: Exodus 15:22-27, Exodus 16:1-36, Exodus 17:1-16, John 6:41-51, 1 Corinthians 10:1-5

Scripture Reading: Exodus 15:22-27, Exodus 16:1-36, Exodus 17:1-16, John 6:41-51, 1 Corinthians 10:1-5

I struggle with the idea of provision. The cultural ideal tells me that if I want something done right, I should do it myself. And the American dream assures me that I can pull myself up by my own bootstraps, and take care of my business on my own. We can find this subtext of self-reliance in most of our films and stories. When the heroine wavers on the brink of a difficult challenge or important decision, where does she find the strength to go on? She finds it within herself, of course. This is how the constant cultural inundation with the message of self-reliance sneaks into our brains.

So when I’m confronted with real world dilemmas, like, “Honey, how are we going to pay the mortgage this month?” and “How can we possibly help and heal our trauma-scarred adopted son?” My first instinct is to smile through my gritted teeth and TRY HARDER. We can make more money if we just hustle more, and we can help our kid if we just find the right program. I want to depend on myself and find the strength within to make our life great. The problem is, strength doesn’t come from within.

Scripture tells us that strength comes from outside of ourselves; our strength comes from the Lord. In the wilderness, the Israelites couldn’t provide for themselves. He provided for them, raining down bread from heaven (Exodus 16:4). And in the New Testament, God sent Jesus to us, who said, “I am the living bread that came down from heaven” (John 6:51). He is our provision for our earthly and spiritual needs.

Obviously, we can’t swing to the extreme of giving up all effort and work. Work is good. God called us to use our hands to create (I Chronicles 22:15-16; Genesis 1:27; Ephesians 2:10). There is a reason hard exertion of effort is satisfying: it is good. “There is nothing better for man than to eat, drink, and enjoy his work. I have seen that even this is from God’s hand” (Ecclesiastes 2:24, HCSB). But our first line of provision is never our own effort, and it’s always God’s good gifts. The air we breathe, the sunsets we take in with awe, our very bodies—these are all good provisions from Him.

While we are so often tempted to complain, wondering where our daily bread will come from, God is already leading us to a land with springs of water. Like the Israelites, we grow frustrated with God, wondering, Why are you taking me into this wilderness? (Exodus 17:1-7). But He has called us to trust Him, that no matter the wilderness we may wander, He will provide enough for us each and every day.

Rest in His provision, diligently gather the bread He offers, and know that He is the Lord.


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  • RebeccA Steel

    I want to get to a point where every time I see/ eat bread I think of Jesus and the life he brings.

    If you’re gluten free, sorry. Lol

  • Mercedes Burk

    It was so good to be reminded of God’s constant faithfulness to His people, even while they complained and doubted. Father forgive my doubts and unbelief.

  • Alina Valero

    I need prayer for my daughter. She is physically hurt. Had an accident and has stitches on her chin and her teeth were pushed in. We see a specialist tomorrow but we don’t know if we can save her upper teeth. More than that she is emotionally and spiritually in pain from unhealed grief from something that happened two years ago. I’ve been praying for her for a long time. She’s 24. She was a happy young lady up to two years ago. She’s stuck. I don’t know what to pray. I’m scared. Pray for Amanda please.

    • Kimberly TwistJasper

      Sending prayers for healing, wisdom, and strength.

    • Heather N (MNmomma)

      lifting Amanda up in prayer

    • Debbie Lanier

      Alina, does your church have a Stephen Ministry? These are lay persons trained to come alongside people who are hurting or have gone thru trauma, loss, and having a hard time coping. Amanda might benefit from having a Stephen minister come alongside her during this difficult time in her life. Here’s their website: https://www.stephenministries.org/default.cfm
      And now to pray for your daughter:
      Father God, You see Amanda where she is right now. Together we lift her up to You, asking for Your Healing Hands to hold her close to You. Let Your Holy Spirit comfort her with Your Presence. Fill her with Your Peace as Amanda places her trust in You, knowing You hold ALL things together, including her heart which feels broken right now. We ask that You would send a strong believer who could come alongside her and help with her grief and sorrow. We ask the specialists be given wisdom and guidance on how best to treat Amanda’s teeth. In Your Name, Jesus, which is above all other names, we pray, Amen.

    • Abigail Bartley


    • Lindsey Bailey

      Praying for Amanda.

  • Brittany Couch

    Complaining… whining… ungrateful… fearful… Thinking I know better… Lord replace these with…. a grateful heart… a trusting belief… eyes to see Your faithfulness… and a peace of just knowing.

  • Meghan Usry

    This was exactly the lesson I needed to read. I, often, try and take control in my life to assure that things go “right.” This was a reminder that my job isn’t to control the provision – it’s to trust the provision. God will always provide. He will hold me in the palm of his hand. My fears and worries are pointless…”for I know the plans I have for — plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

    • Susan

      Hello, Meghan. I am just now catching up on reading. I noticed your last name immediately. My daughter is married to Steve Usry (Atlanta area) . It is an unusual name so you must be related somewhere along the line. I know that he has done some investigation on ancestry, but can’t remember what he found out. Also, like your comments on this devotional.

  • Sheila Busch

    God provides all we need. Each day, He provides us all I need to prosper that day. It’s easy to forget that all is from Him, and I must trust Him to give me exactly what I need. Dear Lord, see me here today. You know the needs and desires of my heart and body. Please provide for me, Lord. God, you see my family, provide them their needs for today. You see this world, Lord, Your creation, provide for them, all of Your people, God. All praise be Yours, Lord, today and everyday.

  • Jo Gistand

    In those times, I need to be reminded that my God will provide all of my needs. Not my wants. And I can trust him for that.

  • Imogen Diks

    These passages have given new meaning to Jesus’ instruction to pray “give us today our daily bread”. Do not try to gather for future days. Rely on him each morning

  • Leslie Limardo

    After reading this i wondered what took the Israelites so long to ask for help? Three days went by and then…. or 1 month and thee weeks and then…. Every time they did God responded. They waited so long that it then turned into complaining vs asking right away and getting the help they needed. Reminds me of me! I take so much on in life that when it becomes overwhelming I just complain instead of asking for help right away! Great reminder.

  • God didn’t only provide the food they needed to survive, he also made the manna taste like wafers made with honey. That sounds delicious! What a generous God we have, that he doesn’t just provide our daily needs, he blesses us in abundance!

    • Melanie

      Love this! It reminds me of how me and my son interact sometimes. He can get so upset and frustrated when he doesn’t get what he wants or thinks he needs, but he doesn’t know that I have something better in store for him. Our God is a good Father who delights in meeting our needs. What a gift to be his children!

  • I need to be reminded of this truth daily,
    I am a fixer and am always trying to solve the next problem. So many times the answer lies so much less in what I can figure out and so much more in stopping and resting in Gods promises and recognizing how He is already moving in the situation.

  • Natasha Reyes

    I’m a couple of days behind, but in a way, I like it, because then I can read all your comments and insights! They add depth and dimension to the study. Your comments today are especially enriching for me. Thank you, ladies, for reminding me that (1) while I do the work, God is in control, (2) my strength comes from God, it is not my own, (3) His love and mercy are new every morning!, and (4) God also provides rest.

    • Michelle

      Natasha I completely agree! The comments are so fulfilling and enlightening. Thanks so much to everyone for sharing their thoughts.

  • Alex Jenks

    What a great read and reminder that He will provide for us no matter the circumstances. Too often, I also feel like I must just try harder; but in reality I have the strength of such a giving God

  • Lauren Hultz

    These verses painted a beautiful picture in my mind today, giving an example of how God places other people in our lives to come alongside and help us to accomplish His plans. Sometimes we need to let others help us so that God’s provision can be realized.

    “So Joshua did as Moses told him, and fought with Amalek, while Moses, Aaron, and Hur went up to the top of the hill. Whenever Moses held up his hand, Israel prevailed, and whenever he lowered his hand, Amalek prevailed. But Moses’ hands grew weary, so they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat on it, while Aaron and Hur held up his hands, one on one side, and the other on the other side. So his hands were steady until the going down of the sun. And Joshua overwhelmed Amalek and his people with the sword.”
    ‭‭Exodus‬ ‭17:10-13‬ ‭ESV‬‬http://bible.com/59/exo.17.10-13.esv

  • Audrey Gonzalez

    It’s hard when I feel helpless and feel like even my best efforts can’t help my situation. Thankful I have a God who provides.

  • Denise Powers Fabian

    I am an Appalachian girl going back to the 1700s and self-reliance is part of my DNA, my culture, and expectations. Who am I fooling? I need to remember that I have what God wants me to have, no more–no less, just as the children of Israel had in the wilderness. Lord, forgive me when I complain or grumble. Even if I am not directing it toward You, it is truly You to whom I am complaining. You give me enough…always.

  • I’m so thankful for this today. It is God who provides, God who gives me strength. He leads me and He alone knows the end from the beginning. I struggle with thoughts of just trying harder but God wants me to rest in His provision. To find joy in my work and in my day because He is in it with me.

  • Dot Hardin

    I’m reminded of the hymn, “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow” for us today as well as the Israelites watching Moses strike the rock for the water to flow.

  • Jesus is the Bread of Life. He came down from Heaven to be our portion; literally, not just figuratively. The bread he gives us is his flesh. If anyone eats of this bread in faith, he will live forever. Faith is important, because as 1 Co. 10:1-5 makes it clear, going through the motions is not enough. Faith is active, not passive. Grateful for the gift of the Eucharist, the gift of Jesus’ flesh.

  • Today’s message hit hard…I so struggle with feeling like I have to perform/work super hard in order have God’s blessing. I always think to myself, “God can do it, but will He? (since I always focus on my lack and feel like deep down I could be doing so much more). For instance, I work 2 jobs, up to 65 hours a week as a way to save money/pay off debt, but it still doesn’t feel like enough most of the time. Also, I want to work smarter, not just harder. I feel like God is slowly revealing to me some sort of change down the road, also scary! However, Good news is I finally change my availability so I will get one full day off each week that I will take a Sabbath. God has been speaking that to me for sometime.

  • Sharon Smith

    While I am comforted with this promise I struggle with the dichotomy of “God helps those who help themselves “ response to this ~ I wait on the Lord , but this world moves at lightening speed and sometimes the world doesn’t wait while I’m waiting. This is my constant battle~ when to wait and when to move in accordance with the world around me. What’s the balance? How can I perceive when it’s time to move appropriately and when do I wait too long and miss the opportunity before me.?

    • Amanda Montgomery

      Sharon, I’ve come to believe that the cliche of “God helps those who help themselves” is a lie from Satan. Satan has fooled the believing and unbelieving alike with this. This is not Biblical. Our Word tells us, as we just read, that God helps those who rely on Him and trust Him—DAILY. I can relate to your struggle of knowing when to move and when to wait. Our world doesn’t wait. So many believers in the Church aren’t mature enough to follow the Spirit’s leading and voice daily to wait appropriately either. Also, many with spiritual maturity don’t dwell in the Word (communion and fellowship with God) enough to hear His voice (and thus block out the world) to know when to wait or move (this is what I struggle with). What I’m saying is—NOT that I’ve mastered this at all—following the Spirit’s leading comes from maturity and daily communion with the Lord. Keep knocking, seeking. He hears your heart. Don’t give up. I’m convinced we, with reliance on the Lord, CAN know when to wait and when to move. I’m praying for you!

    • Eva Holsinger

      Yes that phrase is not in the Bible. I am beginning to learn how my agenda is not God’s agenda. I was impacted by a quote from Dallas Willard about how to have a better ministry and all that: “you must relentlessly eliminate hurry from your life.” We are told to wait on God. Sometimes the obligations not meant for us should just pass us by and we do not need to take on what is not ours to take on. I say this as a pediatrician mother of five living in China….I can always find more to take on but need to ask Him what to do next and not feel pressured from the outside.

  • Jordan Kragen

    This hit me hard today. I feel like I’m constantly hustling and stressing and I just need to take a step back. I need to TRUST God while still keeping up my work but not thinking I can achieve it all on my own. This study is providing so much personal growth for me.

  • Davina Spencer

    Powerful promise!

  • God reliance not self reliance!

  • Like always, today’s reading provides so much insight into how I should be living, rather than how I’m living. One of the areas in which my husband and I struggle is with money and debt (like so many Americans.) Today’s reading really made me stop and think about that. “I am going to rain bread from heaven for you. The people are to go each day and gather enough for that day. This way I will test them to see whether or not they will follow my instructions.” (Exodus 16:4). Wow! The Lord provides for me just what I need and what He feels I should have and that should be enough. Yet, daily, I turn my back and do what I want to do. I shop for things I think my family “needs”, racking up debt, rather than be thankful for the many provisions and blessings that God gives me daily!

  • Like always, today’s reading provides so much insight into how I should be living, rather than how I’m living. One of the areas in which my husband and I struggle is with money and debt (like so many Americans.) Today’s reading really made me stop and think about that. “I am going to rain bread from heaven for you. The people are to go each day and gather enough for that day. This way I will test them to see whether or not they will follow my instructions.” (Exodus 16:4). Wow! The Lord provides for me just what I need and he feels I should have and that should be enough. Yet, daily, I turn my back and do what I want to do. I shop for things I think my family “needs”, racking up debt, rather than be thankful for the many provisions and blessings that God gives me daily!

  • nursedodie

    After my son’s death I first questioned God, “Why me?” Then I heard about all the people’s lives that were saved while they were looking for George, my son. When they were looking for him 11 other people got on the creek in rafts and their lives were saved because police and rescue teams were on the creek looking for George. That brought back my faith somewhat. many of my friends at that time were Christians and they were surrounding me and every time they came in we would pray. The church where my sons and I went held a candlelight vigil for him. At this time, I was told, 30 youth gave a confession of faith. This increased my faith. But what brought my faith in God and Christ fully back, was when my maternal aunt and uncle walked in the door 10 minutes after I was told they found George’s body. My aunt and uncle had lost their oldest son at the age of 18 also. So like the Israelites my faith wavered and then came back after many signs. Since then my faith has been stronger than ever.

  • We moved from Georgia to California a few years ago and are often still stunned by the cost of living in this state. This is a good reminder that God is our provider, even when we make decisions about renting and/or buying a home in the years to come. I will not fear, for You are with me. He’s provided for us this long. I choose to trust. A daily choice. An hourly choice.

  • It’s good to question American individualism as it is not biblical. Community – specifically the church – is where God wants us to be and thrive. Someone wise once said that Christianity is not meant to be lived out alone. We need to live and grow together. Where two or more are gathered . . .

  • Elizabeth Mayberry

    I find myself trying to provide for myself so often! As a full time blogger I feel solely in control on my income but I’m not – the Lord is the one who decides how much comes in! I was convicted in today’s reading by all the grumbling in the midst of provision. I wonder how much I do that. How much I feel like God’s goodness isn’t enough when in fact it is more than enough!

  • So timely for me! I will be losing my job in the next few months, and I’ve already been struggling with provision. It’s a good reminder that God will provide and I need to trust. I also love Exodus 17:11-12. I will see struggle, just as the Israelites did with Amalek. And I may grow tired, like Moses did trying to keep his hands up to win the fight – but I need to remember to ask for help. Moses didn’t do it alone, Aaron and Hur were there, helping him through it. Together we are stronger. Amen.

  • Lauren Brooks

    Lord, you provide for me in the wilderness. I need you more in this wilderness than I need anything else.
    Let the only expectations be of your goodness and provision and faithfulness! Let me not worry with how you’ll do it, where you’ll do it, or when you’ll do it, but help me to simply trust in you that YOU WILL DO IT. I trust YOU with all the details. Open my eyes to the provision that’s already in front of me, so that more praise can be lifted up to do you!

  • Kelley Fokey

    “No matter the wilderness we may wander…” such powerful words! And a timely reminder that God is there with us through it all, despite any doubts of His presence.

  • Mary Abel

    He is my strength!

  • I needed this today. Thank you for sharing and illustrating the LOVING FAITHFULNESS of our God!! He knows our needs before we even think or speak about them!! And for that I am truly GRATEFUL!!!

  • This convicted me so much. I strive so much to have it all together and do things on my own. All it does is leave me weary and the complaining starts. How much more peace would I have in my life if I just laid back into the arms of my Father and put my total trust in Him? My goal this season is to just let go and put all my trust in God. If I fall, He will catch me. He will never leave me. God thank you for being so patient with me when I forget your goodness over and over again. I long for the day where I can have complete peace in trusting you.

  • Churchmouse

    Complaining just seems to come so easily. Little complaints voiced here and there. The water from my shower didn’t come out hot enough fast enough. The weather forcast was for sunshine but it’s raining. Traffic is moving too slowly. The grocery store doesn’t have what I want. AND YET… I have water. I have shelter. I have transportation. I have food. What am I complaining about ?!? God has abundantly blessed but I’m like the two year old having a tantrum: I want what I want when I want it. Shame on me and forgive me, Lord! My grumbling isn’t to the thin air but to God. As if He isn’t providing. As if He’s a cheapskate. Lord, forgive me for complaining, for minimizing your generosity in my life. Help me to be more appreciative and grateful. Amen.

    • Irina

      Amen, Churchmouse, amen!!! Lord, forgive me for endless every day tiny grumblings that making my heart ungrateful…

    • Angela

      Exactly. Over the last two years I have learned to thank the Lord for every blessing He has given us. Yeah our apartment has some problems, but it is warm and safe. My kid is screaming up a storm in the grocery store, but I have a child who I’ve prayed for and money to get good food for my family. We’ve been challenged in my MOPS group to turn negative thoughts to positive. I have a pile of laundry- Thank you Lord for clothing me.
      It can get so easy to say, “Why are you complaining when God brought you out of slavery…” But how many times have we done the same thing?
      I struggle with it every day, but I know he’s still working on me every as well.

      • Jennifer Steinriede

        I LOVE this challenge idea you have shared. “I have a pile of laundry-Thank you Lord for clothing me! Amen! What a great way to make us more aware of our blessings from God, Thank you for sharing this. I am going to challenge myself daily to write mine down. I am walking in a tough wilderness right now, but I have never ever been this close to God in my entire life because of it. I see his revelations, confirmations, and his lessons multiple times a day. It is a reminder that God shows his power through our trials and he will provide if we obey and remain faithful and trusting, for he is a merciful God. We are all guilty of complaining: IF ONLY….We are guilty of worrying (doubting God): How am I going to do this? How will I provide? Why me God? I have worried myself to extreme exhaustion before, many times, until I finally realize I forgot that I didn’t involve God in the picture. Every single time I do this, I finally surrender, pray to God, and he almost always immediately solves the problem or there suddenly isn’t a problem. I wasted all that time exhausting myself in worry and doubt when all I had to do was let God handle it. I feel like the Israelites so much: Why is it so easy for us to forget the numerous times he answered our prayers, fought our battles, gave us second and third chances, only to go right back into trying to provide for ourselves? It’s because of our flesh: Unless we deny our flesh daily, by renewing our minds in God’s word and praying, our butts will still keep getting kicked by the devil. It truly is a daily thing.

  • God gave me an interesting analogy today. Like a manual car, there is something oddly satisfying about going from first to second gear, braking, and doing it again. Like what you would do around a neighborhood. But God wants us to be on the highway in cruise control – letting Him be the power and really going somewhere, but we are just paying attention and correcting the steering occasionally. And yet, going 55 in this scenario is more restful than shifting gears all day.

    So that is my prayer today. That God will allow me to partner where He is already working, paying attention and jumping in when He calls, but not getting distracted by the minutia of the world and missing what He’s doing! He cares about our rest and he designed us with strengths, but never so that we would survive without Him.

  • I had the chance to go to Israel and Jordan last year. We stayed at a camp on the middle of nowhere in the desert for 2 nights. The first night was fun, but the second I was so over the desert and wanting to go home. I sat there thinking this is how the Israelites felt for 40 years……why am I complaining after 2 days. It changed my perspective of my situation a lot. The sunsets were beautiful, the people were amazing and yet I just wanted to go back to where I came from. I didn’t see the glory of it all because I was stuck complaining about how miserable I was. The desert will forever be etched in my memory as a place the I need to give glory to God for all the good things he has done and have faith in him.

  • Tina Laughary

    He is enough! Thank you Lord.

  • I’m always struck by how many miracles God showed to the Israelites and they continued to turn to Moses and continue to grumble asking if Moses had brought them out to kill them. They didn’t have water and the complained rather than turn to God. They didn’t have food and they grumbled and complained to God. I’m struck today that they DIDNT have. God waited until they needed food and water and wanted them to turn their eyes up and request it from God. He is our Provider but he did not provide for the Israelites without ceasing. He did not want them to be so comfortable that they forgot that every good and perfect gift comes from Him. What a revelation that God wants ME to do the same. To lift my eyes up for every need. Yet I bury my head in the ground, run around like a crazy person and try to do it all on my own. This led to the manna getting mold and worms and God’s anger shining through. Is this what happens with me every day? I pray that I begin resting in God’s provision. What a different life I would have! Forgive me God for focusing on my own strength rather than relying on yours.

  • I’m really struck by how much complaining happened during those 40 years of wandering! Every single thing is a complaint! I can see how Moses asked God “sheeesh, what am I supposed to do with these people?” I’m encouraged both by the admonition in the New Testament not complain so much all the time and the fact that God came through for the Israelites even when they did complain the whole way there.

  • Maddie K.

    Last summer, I was raising support to go on a mission trip. It was a very slow and frustrating process. I wasn’t meeting the deadlines, so when the final deadline came, and was very far off from my goal, I was told that I wouldn’t be traveling internationally. This was heartbreaking because I felt like God had called me to this trip and I thought I was trying to do something that would be glorifying to him. I really doubted God’s ability to provide. But, way after the deadline had passed, I got a call from someone saying that I had received an anonymous donation, and that I could go overseas! I was shocked because when I felt like God couldn’t hear me, and like he wasn’t working, he was really just waiting to show me more of his power.

    I’m currently going through a season of raising support for another trip this summer, and I’m just as scared as I was before. It’s crazy how quick we are to forget God’s goodness and his faithfulness in provision. I know that he doesn’t withhold any good thing from his children, so I’m excited to see how he uses this season to reveal more of himself to me!

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Maddie, thank you for sharing. We’re praying for you and are so grateful that you’re here! -Margot, The SRT Team

  • Pam White

    I love that God not only provided manna, but he also had a provision of rest for them in the Sabbath.

    • Elle

      Yes, this is such a good point. I’ve been trying to not do any work on Sundays but haven’t always followed through. I need to try to have more faith in that God will make sure I have enough time during the rest of the week so I really can rest on Sundays.

    • Leslie Schall

      Amen! And yet the Israelites tried to go and collect more mana on the sabbath. This is something I think I would’ve done if I were there. I have a hard time truly resting- without thinking about what’s next and how I could be more productive and what I need to get done. Such a great reminder that God is our provider and provides both for our physical needs and for times of rest!

  • Dani Luyo

    So good. Exactly what I needed to hear this morning. A great reminder that God is in everything. Sometimes I look to hard to find Him but in reality it’s the little things around me that He uses to get my attention. I love how deeply known I am by my Heavenly Father!

  • God’s word is so powerful and relevant! Thanks be to God!

  • This has nothing to do with the devo, but I was wondering if anyone else has had problems lately accessing this website? Maybe 3 times in the last week or so I’ve gotten an error when trying to get on. Not sure what’s up, or if I’m the only one. Catching up this morning on the ones I missed because of that. Great stuff!

    • Kat

      I’ve had the issue on my phone app and have had to resort to using my desktop in accessing the website! Don’t know what’s happening, but wanted to assure you that you’re not alone!!

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Allison we’re so sorry about that! We did experience some problems with our server, but everything should be up and running now. We’re grateful that you’re here! -Margot, The SRT Team

  • Corinne Bryan

    I have been asking God recently why he is leading me into this “wilderness”. This is a good reminder for me to continue to trust in Him no matter what my circumstances are in the moment.

  • Lisa A Olsen

    Such a good reminder to put our trust FULLY in our truly good and caring Father!

  • Rachel Reimer

    This is so true! I am a recent college graduate who works for a nonprofit and let me tell you, money doesn’t come easy or often. I compare myself to the Israelites nearly every month, because just when I begin to think “maybe this is the time where He won’t provide” and I begin to worry, here God comes in with just what I needed. I have to laugh at myself for even beginning to doubt. I may be in a season where I won’t get all of my ‘wants’, but praise God he provides what I need consistently.

  • Laura Barthelmess

    Praise Jesus! Thank you Father!

  • Jessica C

    Lord, help me to ALWAYS remember your promises. Through You, I will have eternal life!!!!!!

  • Peony Noirr

    Worrying is pointless. God will provide. He always provides!

  • Leigh AnneAkey

    He never changes! His love and mercy are new every morning! Thank you Lord for your provision!

  • Wendy McSwain

    He is bread, water, protection, even breath. Is there anything too hard for God?

  • Jessica McCreary

    God will provide! That’s a promise that will never get old. No matter where we find ourselves He is right there! We must trust and know He will do what He promised! ❤️

  • Katherine Dopulos

    Yes! Work is different than control.

  • Another thought about God’s provision- He provides us with Sabaath rest! As Americans, virtually everything is within our fingertips thanks to Amazon Prime and Target…but one thing is not and that is rest. Rest has to be received. We can only receive it from God, he alone can create it. Hebrews has a whole commentary on receiving our rest in Christ.

  • Thanks for this devotional, Rebecca! My husband and I are pursuing adoption and even as I think hopefully of our future child, I pause and frown, because i know that if there is a need for us to adopt, it means that some child is suffering now, and I hate that she is suffering now.

    On another note, the SRT website was down 2 days for me. So glad it’s working this morning!

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Abby! We experienced some problems with our server, so thank you for your patience. We’re praying for you and your husband during this adoption process! -Margot, The SRT Team

  • Caroline Smith

    Oh I’m so thankful for our Heavenly Father and no matter what valley we find ourselves in, he is always there to care for us! I’m in awe of him and his love for us!

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