Lent 2018: See the Lord's Salvation: Day 4

The Lord Calls Moses


Today's Text: Exodus 3:1-22, Exodus 4:1-31, Joshua 5:13-15, Matthew 22:23-33

Scripture Reading: Exodus 3:1-22, Exodus 4:1-31, Joshua 5:13-15, Matthew 22:23-33

I’ve never seen a burning bush, but I know how it feels to hide my face.

Acceptance of the mission God had for Moses would mean leaving the life he had spent four decades building, facing the maniacal ruler of the most powerful nation in the world, fleeing again with only the clothes on his back and a nation to care for, and then leading the most miserable, insufferable group imaginable on a forty-year road trip through an unforgiving desert.

My calling may not be of Mosaic or burning-bush proportions, but what God asks of me, and of you, isn’t altogether different from what He required of Moses.

We are called to speak the truth in love, even to those who disrespect and disagree with us (Ephesians 4:15, 25). We are called to help lead people away from their slavery to sin and toward the Promised Land of freedom found in Christ (Matthew 28:19–20). We are called to run toward, not away from, pockets of suffering and hold high the staff of hope (Galatians 6:2).

This all sounds exciting in theory, but when the opportunity arises, our gut reaction is often the same as Moses’ response. We turn away from the call, begging, “Please, Lord, send someone else” (Exodus 4:13). If even a burning bush cannot compel us to run toward the mission God has for us, what will?

Remembering what’s at stake.

Tucked here in between the ignition of the burning bush and Moses’ decision to obey, we find an object lesson as unsettling to us as it must have been to Moses.

Moses’ staff becomes a snake (vv. 2–5) and his healthy hand becomes diseased (vv. 6–7) before a third sign is promised: the Nile River will turn to blood and will be spilled out on the dry ground (vv. 8–9). Sure, these are demonstrations of God’s power, but look again. This is a compelling reminder of who we are without Jesus.

We are snakebitten, attacked and weakened by the serpent who first struck in the garden.

We are diseased, desperately broken by sin and unable to cure our own sick hearts.

These first two signs show that we are enslaved to the taskmaster of sin without the means to break our own chains. The gospel is the only key that turns the lock for shackled people walking in darkness. We cannot hide our faces from this.

The third sign given to Moses runs like a river of hope through all of God’s Word and overflows into the banks of our lives. As Moses turned river water into blood and dumped it onto dry ground, he was preaching the gospel, pointing toward the day when the blood of our Savior would be spilled on a cracked and desperate world for the deliverance of our sin. In Exodus, the wooden staff of a shepherd was a foreshadowing of the wooden cross where the Good Shepherd would hang for us.

Moses remembered what was at stake, slipped his sandals back on, and put one foot in front of the other, walking out his calling. And the Lord, used him mightily in order to set the captives free.

Lord, help us look across the table, across the street, and around the world, remember what’s at stake, and choose declare the gift of the gospel.


Erin Davis is an author, blogger, and speaker who loves to see women of all ages run to the deep well of God’s Word. When she’s not writing, you can find Erin chasing chickens and children on her small farm in the Midwest.

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  • Clare Lafaele

    Soooo Good ❤️❤️

  • Christina Popham

    I have heard this story so many time but never really felt the message was clear. I love seeing how even though we feel unworthy God finds a way to use us if we allow him.

  • Lilly Dyer

    Wow! So much in this passage to take in! l am so grateful for the ability to read and converse with so many women to help me understand the word! It’s amazing how much God can pack in to just one chapter!

  • Lindsey Bailey

    Oh. My. Goodness. This was an unbelievable devotion today. I have read this story a hundred times or more, but never had this take away. What a revelation. I don’t want to stay persecuted or snake bitten, lame in sickness, I need Christ’s blood to cover me. I need to put one foot in front of the other and walk out the calling that He has for me. It wasn’t what Moses would have chosen for himself, and it may not be what I would have chosen. But, God says I will equip you. Thank you Jesus.

    • She Reads Truth

      We’re so glad to hear that Lindsey! So grateful that you’re here. -Margot, The SRT Team

    • Julia Morgan

      I’m right there with you! You read something many times, but then you see it in a different light. Gods word is so good.

  • Mish Pope

    This. This. This. I so needed this today ❤️

  • Amanda Montgomery

    Awesome! Thanks!

  • Amanda Montgomery

    I can never get enough of OT foretellings of Jesus and His work. Jesus in the OT is AMAZING!! I love the connection made between the signs given to Moses (the snake, diseased hand, blood, etc) and what it means about us without Jesus. Lord, teach us these hidden, deep things in your Word!

  • Amanda Montgomery

    I can never get enough of OT foretellings of Jesus and His work. I love the connection made between the signs to Moses

  • What was with the circumcision thing there? God was going to kill Moses? Stopped when his wife cut the foreskin from her son when she yelled something about being a bridegroom of blood?? Very confused by this part.

    • Nan

      I noticed the same thing! I’ve read this text before but never noticed that part. What in the world!?!

  • Pamela Strommen

    Ha ha! Did you catch that Moses did not tell his father-in-law his true purpose of returning to Egypt? (Exodus 4:18). Was this more evidence of Moses’ lack of faith? God uses all sinners for His purposes. He is redeeming all of us. The gospel is salve for our souls in that we do not have to measure up for God to bring us to Himself.

  • Robin NHendrich


  • Robin NHendrich

    The perspective on the Miracles of God

  • Amy Hickman

    Man, this reading was so good on comparing Moses’ situation to ours and the Gospel!!!

    • Karen Stancombe

      I agree! I had never put that association with Moses’ story before, but it is fascinating to see the comparison!

  • I loved how when Moses asked God “Who am I that I should go…? God’s answer was “Because I am with you.” Wow.

  • Rebecca Jean Verona

    Anyone understand why the Matthew portion of the study was there? I’m just a little confused with that.

    • Jennifer

      I’ve struggled with this connection too. The obviously parallel is God saying to Moses at the burning bush “I am the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob” Jesus says the same things to the Sadducees in reference to the resurrection. Perhaps it shows Moses and the task at hand being instrumental in our ultimate rescue?

    • Amy Hickman

      I think the key verse is vs 32 where Jesus repeats what God said about being the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob…

    • Lindsay Gietzen

      I think they are reminding us that the Old Testament connects so much with the New Testament, and that there is so much foreshadowing to the coming Messiah.

    • Pamela Strommen

      Matt 22:32 “I AM” is a reiteration of Exodus 3:14. Matthew is telling us that Jesus was reminding the Sadducees of who God was and is and will be forever. Sadducees were a sect of Pharisees who did not believe in the resurrection. Perhaps Jesus was claiming that he himself is that living God.

  • Peony Noirr

    We are stronger in God. His plan for us isn’t always about comfort; sometimes we will be forced to overcome uncomfortable and inconvenient situations. Ultimately God is in control and has the best waiting for us on the other side of our comfort.

  • Kimberly Hartzler

    I started getting curious as to why God would make the staff turn into a serpent when it could have changed into any creature. My first thought was hmmm maybe he was redeeming- making a snake be the verifier of the spoken word of God opposed to his first introduction as the accuser. Then I researched snake symbolism to the Egyptians and saw they are used as a symbol of sovereignty, royalty, deity, and divine authority. He was showing the Egyptians how I AM was the supreme God. Stay curious while reading, explore! What awesome revelations God gives while we seek Him and His truth.

    • Amanda

      Thanks for sharing! That adds new meaning to the passage.

    • Pamela Strommen

      So helpful, Kimberly!

    • Mary Foster

      Liked your exhortation to stay curious Kimberly….curiosity and asking God to reveal Himself as you look for things He wants to show you helps us engage with the Word and pushes us in our growth. Also a cool tidbit about Egyptian symbolism. So amazing the big AND little details the Lord connects!

    • Would you mind sharif what resources you keep on hand when you’re researching or want to dig deeper into something? Do you have books or just use online tools to dig deeper? Thanks Kimberly!

  • Marisa Narro

    “With out God we are Snakebitten.” Powerful.

  • IndigoBlue

    I’m in the middle of a job for God and I don’t think that I can do it anymore. I know all the right answers to do what God calls us…but I feel alone, disrespected and taken advantage of. This calling is taking a high school child into our home. I’ve raised my own children and have had her here for 2 1/2 quarters. I’m tired of some of what we deal with.

  • Mandi Kay

    This is BEAUTIFUL!! I love this so much!

  • Sarah Marshall

    God can use anyone, anywhere. Moses didn’t feel like he was good enough, or eloquent enough to speak and move on behalf of the Lord, but God gave him everything he needed to complete his mission. What a great reminder for my own life!!!

    • Mary Foster

      Amen:-) just sat in on the IFGathering simulcast and was freshly reminded that it’s very often the very areas we have failed and held onto the lies that pronounce us “disqualified “ that God wants to use. These are the tender spots for us because we feel our own weakness so keenly. BUT GOD (2 pretty powerful words from scripture) so loves to use these weaknesses or failings because it won’t be done in our strength but absolutely in His! And somehow He delights to let us be involved….crazy cool to see His amazing power!

  • Wow! I did not recognize that foreshadowing of the Gospel until you pointed it out!

  • Erynn Beebe

    Love how it says this passage shows us who we are with and without Jesus in our lives

  • Mary Beth Barden

    “Then the anger of the Lord kindled against Moses…” but then without hesitation, he gave him what he asked for, even though he would’ve empowered him if he were willing to trust him! In anger, God showed mercy. But I can’t help but think Moses missed an opportunity to see the Lord work, an opportunity to receive the rewards of obedience. How often is it that I pass up opportunities to stand in awe of what my God can do because I don’t trust his plan, because I put my confidence (and lack thereof) in the flesh instead of putting my faith and hope in the power of Christ? Oh Father, forgive your faithless child. Holy Spirit, help me in my unbelief. Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Restore in me the joy of my salvation, and make me willing to obey you. Teach me to do Your will, for my hope is in you. May I walk in confident trust that your voice speaks to me, that your Spirit guides me, and that your strength is made perfect in my weakness. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, I recognize your promises and trust you with this day, agreeing with who you are and what you’ve done; amen.

  • Samantha Stens

    I was confused about this too. My boyfriend’s study explains that Moses had neglected to circumcise his son as he should have done as a sign of the covenant.

    • Pamela Strommen

      Yes, of course! That makes sense. Moses had not followed Abrahamic law and his wife took it upon herself.
      Before confronting others of their sin, am I repenting of mine?

  • I love the post for today, but I am confused as to how the Matthew passage fits?

    • Martha

      Same here. Can anyone explsin howths passage fits with t

      I thought the same thing, Emilee.

    • katielinnae

      I think it is trying to match up Matthew 22:52 with Exodus 3:6 where it says, “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob …” and I found an interesting commentary by Matthew Henry through the Blue Letter Bible app which said referencing the ancient fathers was for two reasons:
      1) to strengthen the listeners’ (Moses in OT, Sadducees/other followers in NT) belief in a future state (heaven/eternal life with Jesus). Abraham was dead and yet God is the God of Abraham; therefore Abraham’s soul lives to which God stands in relation and to make his soul completely happy, his soul must live again in due time. And when Jesus uses this same phrase in his dealings with the Sadducees in the NT, He also adds, “He is not the God of the dead, but of the living.” Further showing us that Abraham lives, despite his earthly death.
      2) And God also reminds Moses of the fathers to assure him of the promises made to them. Moses may confidently expect this for Exodus 2:24 shows that God remembers His covenant. God did not rescue the Israelites from Egypt because THEY were worthy, but because HE is worthy in keeping his promises.

  • Leslie Limardo

    I have read this story before and thought if God called me I’d go.
    I’m ready to be used until I’m called. You always think you will be ready to do something you know how to do. The you are called and then like Moses the excuses come in.
    Such a great reminder of the quote he doesn’t called the equipped, he equips the called.

  • Sheila Busch

    The account of the burning bush is one of my favorite ways that God revealed himself to His people. And I had never noticed before that Moses was nosy, and amazed, and turned toward the bush to see what it was about. The bush stopped him in his tracks. God does that for me all the time. He puts something in my path, something that catches my attention, and tells me, “I am here. This is mine. YOU are mine.” Sometimes, I can be focused on the day-to-day monotony of life, and I forget that my purpose is to love God. Another part of the passage that I loved today was that, when Moses was concerned that his words would not be good enough to spread the word of God, God sent him someone to assist. So many times, I just have felt like things were too much, it was too hard, I can’t do it. And God has sent me someone to walk with me on my journey, much like He gave Moses Aaron. God takes care of me, He takes care of His people, and we are all His people. Lord, let me see your burning bush today, allow me to be stopped in my tracks by the amazing sight of You. Let me also recognize the people you have gifted to me, to help me in my journey. Let me see them as your way of giving me humanly support in this world. And, Lord, let me be their support as well.

  • Kathy Valentine

    Something new I’d never picked up on before is that when Moses saw the burning bush in the distance, he made a conscious decision to change directions, ” turn aside to see,” it. Then, “When The LORD saw that Moses had turned aside to see, God called to him out of the bush…”What if Moses had been so goal-oriented and focus on getting where he was going that he didn’t stop? When do I get so focused on my own “stuff” that I miss a chance to hear God’s voice and be in His presence? Lord, please open my eyes to the “burning bushes” you create to get my attention, and help me break my stride, turn aside, listen to your instructions, and obey.

  • Rae Ann Smith

    Lord, thank you for this message. Let me lean on you like Moses and stop wandering in the desert of my own making. Help me to hear and do the things you’ve planned for my life. Help me to remember what’s at stake.

  • Use me Lord.
    I am ready.

  • KC Derond

    The part I find interesting is that when God originally called out to Moses, he responded with “Here I am!” (Exodus 3:4)
    It really makes me think about how I approach God in my own life – I start off ready and willing, wanting to please Him with everything I am, but it turns into self-doubt and excuses as to why I can’t.
    I pray that that’s how we respond. Not with a “send-someone-else” attitude, but with a “Here-I-am!” attitude.

  • Jennifer Howell

    Reading this story without the light of the cross would be so confusing and hard. The amount of faith it took for Moses to put one foot in front of the other is astonishing. I am thankful I am living on this side of the cross.

  • Debbie Huiras

    Woah. Such an awakening perspective on the miracles God performed for Moses!

  • Stephanie Thorp

    My heart was drawn to Exodus 4:11 this morning. I have battled depression and anger, and despite many lifestyle changes it is still present in my life. Last night I was crying out to God (with my amazing husband by my side, a clear gift from God) with the understanding that it may never be God’s plan to completely heal me this side of Heaven. This morning reading God’s words to Moses “who has made man’s mouth?” was a comfort. God knows my struggles, he knit together, and He will be with me and teach me how to live a life that is used by Him.

    • She Reads Truth

      Thanks for sharing Stephanie. We’re praying for you now and we’re so grateful to have you here! -Margot, The SRT Team

  • Daniella Moore

    Unreal…I have never thought about it like that!

  • Tatiana Adams

    God, please be with the suffering people in Florida.

  • Courtney Osborne

    Sarah, I like the way you think! :) ❤️

  • Audrey Gonzalez

    Love that…the signs are illustrations of what we are without God. And what he does for us with his blood. Amazing. I am not worthy. Or the most well spoken. But he chooses to use me.

  • Dana Melvard

    I laughed out loud when Moses said “pardon your servant Lord -send someone else”. How many times have I said that!! I’ve been doing foster care for many years and still I get scared about being enough (which I am not-on my own) and then I see Moses Saying that!! Ha! “X” amount of anything I’ve ever faced is nothing compared to facing the pharaoh or speaking to Gods people….

  • Abigail Lane

    I’m thankful for the reminder in Moses’ story that I can take my fears and inadequacies to God. But more wonderfully, he reminds me that anything he accomplishes through his child is by his power and not my own. The weight is lifted and I am free to take that next step knowing he provides what I need, whether it be the gifting itself or a mouthpiece.

  • Alex Jenks

    This was a GREAT read! I love the point of view here and the mission God has put forth for us all.

  • Louise Fisher

    I never thought about the signs (the staff, the disease and the blood) about being reminders for today. I’m sure Moses was super confused because Jesus hadn’t come yet! But wow, I love how EVERYTHING comes full circle with Jesus!

  • Just a question but if you buy the study book shouldn’t you be able to access the study plan on the app without having to pay for it?

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Amy thanks for your message! Our Study Books and SRT app are in fact separate purchases, so you would still need to pay for the plan in each. The app is quite costly to update and maintain, so while most all of the features are free (including some older reading plans – yay!), there will be a small fee for the current community reading plans. In other words, the fee is not for the content itself but for the convenience of reading it within the feature-rich app — and it’s completely optional. Hope this helps! -Margot, The SRT Team

  • Julie Waldvogel

    Never thought of this like how it was explained in this reading!

  • Cathy Brase

    I love in vs12 when God says, “now go! I will help you speak and I will teach you what to say”. It reminds of something I say as a parent, just go, trust me! Just as God is our Father encouraging us!

  • Erika Sparks

    I love the illustration between old and new testament here: serpent, hand and blood all alluding to our sin and Christ’s redemption of it. This is a fantastic study!

    • Pam

      And…what about the staff becoming a serpent and Moses grabbing it by the tail returning it to a staff. Is this a metaphor of the serpent from the Garden of Eden being brought under control?

  • Gigi Constable

    I like the reminder to always run towards God!

  • I found your explanations of the three signs very interesting. However, I was wondering how you came up with these explanations. Is this just your opinion as to what the three signs mean or is there some place in scripture that says this? I think we need to be careful not to add or subtract from what scripture says.

    • Morgan Dunbar

      I agree. The other scriptures from Joshua and Matthew don’t really point to this analysis either. Anyone with additional insight?

  • Jane Andrews

    This was amazing reading. I have never learned how the Gospel is spelled out in Exodus. I’m so excited for this study!

  • Sara Hearne

    I like the reassurance that God is a God of the living.

  • Esperanza Moses

    my last name is Moses and that is my husband & I testimony it lives in our names. love it!
    no matter the cost, no matter the price! we do our living for Christ!
    Though people may call us names, supérate us because we don’t partake in the ways of the world, or even act of it! that is ok!
    truly reminded that what matters is his kingdom and the way we live under his name ❤️❤️❤️

  • Cindy Holland

    I am reminded of the scripture, “May I run and not grow weary.” I know God directs my steps and gives me a gentle push in His direction when I trust him unconditionally.

  • Amy Alexandra

    I’ve felt recently that, maybe, I’ve finally messed up so badly that I’m no longer fit to serve God. I’ve been anxious that my present failures have rendered me “unfit” to serve Him in whatever plan He had for me, that I’ve somehow managed to get myself demoted to a not-so-important life calling because I’m clearly not faithful enough, mature enough, or godly enough to handle whatever Plan A was.

    Then I read these chapters in Exodus, and they blew me away. The person bringing up his insufficiency was Moses—never God. In fact, there’s not a single word from God in this passage suggesting that Moses’s weaknesses disqualify him from taking on such a monumental role God’s plan. Throughout their conversation, God was patiently reassuring Moses again and again that his own ability didn’t matter: God would be with him, God would give him the words to speak, God’s presence would be more than enough to make up for Moses’s weaknesses. What a beautiful reminder for me that God does not bring up my failures and my weaknesses! He does not disqualify me from His service for not growing fast enough; instead, He urges me to simply obey and trust Him to be with me. “But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’” (2 Corinthians 12:9)

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Amy thank you for sharing! We’re praying for continued encouragement and peace for you. We’re grateful that you’re a part of our community. – Margot, The SRT Team

    • Kara Kelso

      Thank you for sharing Amy! Your words really brought home a message I needed to hear. Let us trust God’s calling for us and know that with Him we are completely qualified. :)

  • Rebecca Trump

    Wow. This touched my heart so deeply today. “One foot in front of the other…”
    thank you, SRT, for making these stories come to life and relate so much to mine❤️

  • Rebecca Trump

    This one touched my heart so much. Thank you thank you. “One foot in front of the other

  • Sarah Kelnhofer

    Chapter 3 verse 10 says “come, I will send you.“ It’s such a sweet reminder that every commission from the Lord actually exists as an invitation to be near to Him. His “assignments” are not solitary duties. They are fellowship and intimacy and togetherness with my King. What a beautiful poured-out gift of His grace!

  • Sarah Kelnhofer

    Chapter 3:10 says “Come, I will send you…”
    It’s such a sweet reminder to me that every c

  • Heather N

    I don’t know if anyone else struggled with the reading from Ex. 4:24-26 today, but I sure did. I found a good explaination here: http://www.kjvtoday.com/home/is-the-kjv-confusing-in-exodus-424-26

  • Samantha McEvoy

    Just YES! It was so wonderful to have the reminder that Moses was terrified to begin, but we know in the end he trusted in God in did AMAZING things for his people. We need to have faith in ourselves because God isn’t going to give us anything that we can’t handle. Everything we do is part of His plan not only for us, but for all of His children ❤️

  • Lisa Olsen

    I LOVE how we are given the explanations for the signs God gave Moses! Incredible!

  • Jennifer Steinriede

    I am just speechless and in awe of the symbolism here and the different perspective from the 3 signs/promises. Who knew Exodus would have such a powerful lesson? “The wooden staff of a shepherd was a foreshadowing of the soon to come wooden cross where The Good Shepherd would hang for us?” Amazing! I love how She Reads Truth ‘s programs, books and authors, combined with confirmations from the God and the Holy Spirit that I have been receiving lately are really showing me how to understand the Bible and what it all really means and it’s bigger purpose. Everything is all starting to finally make sense. Absolutely Amazing devotional Erin Davis!

  • Brittany Couch

    Yes! Speak truth in love, Help lead people from slavery to sin ➡️ freedom in Christ, and Move towards the suffering with the hope. Lord, may I be willing and obedient. ❤️

  • Good insight – making me see the comparisons in scripture and life

    I am seriously thinking of starting a small groups with a few young girls. 2 of which is granddaughters. They need to be redirected
    A few bad choices

    Getting my thoughts and heart on same page is where I am now.

    • Barbarabeana

      You go girl and do it . You may be I one who has just the right word of Life that changes a precious heart. Your love can be the open door for their deliverance . You may be the only one who ever speaks a blessing over them. Be blessed and full of joy.

  • I needed this- processing grief after another horrific school shooting- a slaughter. The what’s at stake part- we are diseased and snake bitten, individually and culturally- we desperately need the spilled blood of Christ.

    • Rhonda

      Me too, it’s just horrible. Prayers for people to come together in unity, instead of division. And letting Christians be the soldiers of change.

  • Katie Blackburn

    So beautiful. I had never thought of the signs God gave to Moses as pointing to the gospel so explicitly. Scripture is amazing.

  • Bettye Hanks

    Remember what is at stake. I so often don’t take the time to do this. Too busy, too stressed, too self centered. A much needed reminder and a fresh perspective

  • Wendy McSwain

    Amazing message and exciting to see that Moses walked forward in faith, even with all those questions. I pray that I can walk into my calling even when I am unsure, and the people are miserable, and I seem to have forgotten who God his. I’m already humbled by the reminder of who He is and His sacrifice this season.

  • Beth Vaccaro

    The symbolism drawn here was remarkable. I also loved reading about Moses’ struggle to obey due to his lack of self confidence. And God, constantly proving His love by giving Moses every single tool he would need to succeed. God wants us to succeed. We just need to look at what he’s given us and use it appropriately. We need to have confidence in ourselves and our God.

  • Leigh AnneAkey

    Every time Moses said “but” God showed him what His plan was and that it was good. So many times we say “but” instead of “yes Lord.” I want to be and do exactly what He has for me to do to further His Kingdom. God is good all the time. All the time God is good.

  • Jennifer Schmidt

    I had never really thought about the symbolism of the three signs in that way. The serpent-the fall, the diseased hand-the effect of sin, the blood spilled-Christ’s sacrifice for us.

  • “We are snakebitten, attacked and weakened by the serpent who first struck in the garden.”

    “We are diseased, desperately broken by sin and unable to cure our own sick hearts.”
    “The third sign given to Moses runs like a river of hope through all of God’s Word and overflows into the banks of our lives. As Moses turned river water into blood and dumped it onto dry ground, he was preaching the gospel, pointing toward the day when the blood of our Savior would be spilled on a cracked and desperate world for the deliverance of our sin. In Exodus, the wooden staff of a shepherd was a foreshadowing of the wooden cross where the Good Shepherd would hang for us.”

    I never saw any of this in this way before. So beautiful how it all points to Jesus and our rescue <3. I love how God always allows us to learn something new through his word.

    • Brianna

      I know, I was just thinking the same thing. It’s amazing to see how everything past, present, and future point to Jesus and the hope of the gospel!!

    • Erin Davis

      One of my favorite things about God’s Word, is that when we look for the Gospel in it, we will always, always find it. Don’t you love that!

      Grace & Peace,

      Erin Davis

  • Rose Tekstar

    Such a powerful message.

  • Ashley FaulkenberryLindler

    My recent burning bush was the flu. I was in bed for 5 days, at one point feeling like death & wondering if I died today, what have I done that matters? What difference have I made? What is my purpose? How am I living that out? I’ve been lukewarm & I want to once again have a heart that burns & yearns for Jesus, using what God has given me to spread the fire. I wonder how many times I’ve ignored His calling & where I’d be if I’d put on my sandals & stepped out in faith. No looking back. Only up. And pursuing Him with passion.

    • Dear Ashley, it’s good that God used the flu to get your attention. But please don’t beat yourself up about where you would be if you’d stepped out in faith – you are exactly where he wants you to be. His providence. His pursuit of you. Yes, no looking back – look up and pursue.

  • Lois Wilson

    My “aha” moment this morning was definitely Matthew 22:29 Jesus replied, “Your mistake is that you don’t know the Scriptures, and you don’t know the power of God.” How true is this for all of us? I lived most of my 53 years without truly grasping that I have the power of God living inside me, and sitting on my bookshelf gathering dust were His words… His wisdom… His directions… His Good News! For the last 3 years I have enjoyed daily meetings with Him, gathering His wisdom, following His lead, taking baby steps toward truly knowing the Scriptures and the power of God. What a difference it makes!!!

    • Rhonda

      So true, I think that same sentiment can describe thousands of us!! How we take for granted things we can do and learn, and don’t even open our bibles!! They collect dust, yet we profess as Christians! We must get back to knowing God’s word in our culture!
      I have grown up in a church, and have tried to read my bible and quickly get lost or bored, truly not grasping it. So I turn to other forms of “daily readings, or meditations.” I tried reading the bible in a year programs, but soon drop off! This year I have committed, again, but I am following SRT. I am really grasping the WORD and trying to apply it, implement it, and live it! I long to make a difference and follow my calling.

    • Lisa dK

      This jumped out to me also. It’s very direct.

  • I love Moses’ story because it shows how God uses the least of us to show His glory to the world. Moses was a murderer, raised by a non-Jewish family, slow of speech, and by the text in Exodus – not exactly a man of great faith or obedience. And yet, God. He uses Moses to rescue His people and lead them to the promised land.

  • Katie Werner

    Beautifully said!! And I love how you pointed out the “you do you” culture we are in right now, and that GOD is the only One through whom we can accomplish the things He asks of us. It is not anything of ourselves, and no self-empowerment catch phrase can lead us into glory. Only trusting in Christ, through both joyful times and painful struggles, will lead us to ultimate glory in Him. ❤️

  • Jo Gistand

    It’s amazing how Moses interceded on the Israelites behalf—the same way Jesus intercedes for us! We are in such bondage to our sin, and cannot free ourselves. I’m so thankful for Jesus taking me out of Egypt.

  • Gina Glennon

    Outstanding devotional teaching! Thanks Erin!

  • Samantha McCulloch

    I am so struck by mountains, and how special they are to God. I am also reading through the New Testament, and as I think of both Jesus and Moses going to the mountain to be alone with God, I am in awe. He wants to meet with us! To equip us, strengthen us, and prepare us for our calling!

  • Rochelle Holman

    Love how God has shown us Jesus through Moses!

  • Jessica McCreary

    Wow!!! This is amazing! We are here to spread the gospel! I must admit I can be nervous about ways to take on the characteristics of Christ but this makes me feel so much more confident because He is there every step of the way! I can do ALL things through Him. (Philippians 4:13)

  • Kat Smith

    Just out of curiosity … what are people’s thoughts/insights into Exodus 4:24-26?

    • Barbara Menefee

      Same. I’m perplexed by those verses. I don’t ever recall reading them before. Why was He going to kill Moses?? But it’s encouraging that he was swayed from his decision by Zipporah’s actions. I wonder if she knew what was to happen? So many questions!

    • Momtomany

      Kat see my note below and what the commentary said- apparently Moses and Zipporah had sinned by not circumcising their son on the 8 day as required by God’s law. The commentary states she was appalled by the practice so God intervened and caused Moses to fall deathly ill until this was accomplished

    • Amanda Rockett

      I had to read that several times and I’m still unsure what I’m reading.

    • Kelsey Baker

      I was confused by this too, and looked up some commentary. It seems that God was confronting Moses about his neglect to circumcise his son sooner. Moses was to lead and to bring the law to the Israelites, so it was all the more important that he and his family actually observe the Lord’s law, and that his son be accepted by the Israelites.
      It was such an abrupt shift! But I guess a humbling reminder that the Lord is swift to acknowledge disobedience in those he calls to serve Him?

    • Courtney Dewey

      I think the text was speaking of putting Moses son to death because he was not circumcised. Truly the son should have been circumcised 8 days after birth because Circumcision is a sign that you are entering in the the covenant promise with God that Abraham had cut.

    • Carolyn Stringfellow

      I’m so glad it wasn’t just me! I was thinking the whole time I’m was going to look that up later.

    • Carrie Doss

      Moses has not obeyed the law of circumcising his son even though he knows God has made him a lawgiver to the people. How can God’s people trust Moses as God’s messenger and lawgiver when Moses himself was not following God’s law? Once again Moses is running from what God requires of him in the previous passages where Moses runs from the snake and begs God not to use him. If Moses can’t follow God’s law but calls himself God’s messenger, then the people will see Moses as a hypocrite and will not follow him. Moses had also broken the law of marrying his wife who was not of God’s people. She refused to allow the circumcision. Rather than standing up for God’s law, he listened to an unbelieving wife. But by her performing the circumcision herself to save Moses’ life, she proves her love for Moses and her belief in God’s power and rule. Moses couldn’t go to a people commanding them in the name of God with a non believing wife and not following God’s laws. He would have lost all credibility.

    • ~ B ~

      Though it doesn’t say specifically, it is universal thought that this was about lack of circumcision, as the other ladies have indicated. But I once read a commentary that based its conclusions on the KJV wording which is much more direct in interpretation and the thinking there is that it isn’t about God killing Moses but instead God killing firstborns, potentially even more specifically Pharaoh’s firstborn, (based on the grammatical events in the passage) …. Additionally, the commentary concluded that Moses recognized his indiscretion with God’s law regarding his own firstborn’s circumcision and therefore required his son’s circumcision because he wanted his son to be counted among God’s people during the slaying of Egypt’s firstborns. His wife would have had to perform the circumcision because of the advanced age and strength of their son, so it is likely Moses participated by holding their son during the procedure. Clearly her disgust is still evident in the passage.

      Either the entire passage is incredible.

    • Cara Eshleman

      I was confused too! A friend sent me some commentary that said the same thing you guys are saying.

    • Heather N (MNmomma)

      I also had to dig into some commentary…..LOL! It threw me for a loop at first….but definitely makes sense….

    • Claire Brock

      I read some commentary re: Zipporah. At some point he sends her back to her father and then it gets strange. I am going to have to dig more.

    • Wendy McSwain

      Yes, wasn’t that weird? Carrie’s explanation makes perfect sense.

    • Jess

      I love wild verses like this. It makes me wish I had taken Hebrew and Greek classes in college.
      The commentary I read is mentioned by other commenters here. But what is interesting is that we are almost appalled at God. I mean he just had this whole convo with Moses easing all his fears only to kill him right after. What?! But it taught Moses to fear the right thing. Moses was so worried about Pharaoh and pharaoh’ s anger that he wasn’t focused on true obedience to God. God is who Moses should fear. The other thing I liked was that God actually rectified Moses’ s sin. (Some commentaries note that it could have been Zipporah who strongly opposed the circumcision not understanding the disobedience). If this was the case, Zipporah needed to also learn to be obedient to God. Either way, the couple was walking in sin. One commentary says, “Moses could not have effectively served as deliver of God’s people until he had fulfilled the conditions of God’s covenant”(one of those being circumcision). According to this same commentary “failing to circumcise your son was to remove yourself and your family from God’s blessings.”

      I’m sure there’s more goodies to pull from this passage about the old covenant and the present covenant with Christ. I think I’ll dive into this more.

    • Julie

      Thank you to all for sharing what the commentaries said about these verses. I was confused by this myself and read 3 other translations trying to understand what it meant. I don’t have a commentary or a study bible at this time. Any suggestions about which is more helpful? I have to be mindful of spending but I think a dictionary/commentary or study bible would be good tool. I used to have a study bible but it was donated during one of my moves. The thing I realized is that I would sometimes look to the notes too soon before trying to figure it out myself. That’s why I wondered if a dictionary/commentary would help with that (not right there in bible making it too easy to peek ha!) But also want to be careful its not too much like an encyclopedia. I made that mistake once too. Just curious what people are using to dig deeper. Thanks!

      • Bunny

        I got to biblegateway.com and on the right side, about 3/4 of the way down, they have free commentary’s from a few different people. I really am enjoying Matthew Henry’s commentaries. I am like you, I want to study it first. But he really helps me see things I missed.

    • Barbara Menefee

      Thanks, all, for digging in and helping explain this difficult section. I love the SRT community!

    • Terri

      Moses had not circumcised he’s son. God demanded this be set right before Moses enters Egypt to fulfill God’s calling.

  • Montomany

    Why would the Lord have tried to kill Moses along their journey (Exodus 4:24) after he has been chosen to free the people and has agreed and set out on the journey?

    • Momtomany

      Commentaries state it was because of their failure to circumcise their son on the 8 th day as required that the Lord brought and illness upon Moses and this caused him to recognize and rectify the disobedience

  • Penny McAuley

    Exodus 4:10-12 touched me this morning. I am going through a trial in my life now trying to understand where God wants me. My short term memory and speech have been problematic for several years. God has put some things in my path that have made to take a closer look at myself and what my strengths truly are and how I can develop them for the good of others. I claim that God can help me as he helped Moses. As God told Moses” I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.” I know that He is helping me. I must trust his plan for me. Thank you SRT for giving us a forum of love to speak what is in our hearts.

    • Louise

      Aw Penny this was good to read – I have prayed for your discernment in developing what God is putting in front of you to do.

  • These words took my breath away! Oh, Father, save us, save me, from complacency, from being comfortable, from taking for granted what Jesus did for me on the cross. This world is so lost and so hurting. Open my eyes, make me alert to the possibilities You present to me today.

  • Churchmouse

    How easy it is to forget what is at stake… until tragedy strikes. Watching students run for their lives from their school yesterday once again reminded me of the urgency of the Gospel. We don’t know how much time we have here on the earth. We become complacent. We don’t want to confront or offend. Our fear looms so large we minimize both the priority and the power of the Gospel. I pray those students who fell at the hands of that gunman fell into the arms of Jesus. And I pray that their families lean into His strong arms as well. I pray they feel upheld as they grieve, confident in the truth of who He is and what He has promised. I pray that they were told and knew and accepted before yesterday. I do not ever want to forget what is at stake. Thank you Erin for your impactful reminder today.

  • Sabrina Michelle

    This word was such a blessing that sent chills all over me. I agree with Rebecca, the parallels here are very rich!! We are nothing without God but through Him, we can do all things. Praise God!

  • Rebecca Leek

    The parallels Davis draws between the staff-snake and the serpent in the Garden of Eden, the leperous hand and our sinful nature, and the Nile water becoming blood on dry land and God’s living water as Jesus and His blood falling on a broken and cracked world is beautifully done. It is such a helpful way to look at the story of Moses, from a wide lens perspective, so to speak. Jesus is all throughout the bible from the very beginning, not just in the NT. I love SRT for providing such interesting and thought provoking devotionals, not to mention beautiful.

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