Matthew: Day 7

Weekly Truth


Today's Text: Matthew 4:17

Scripture is God-breathed and true. When we memorize it, we carry the gospel with us wherever we go.

This week we will memorize the key verse for the Gospel of Matthew:

From then on Jesus began to preach, “Repent, because the kingdom of heaven has come near.”
- Matthew 4:17

Save the image below as a lock screen for your phone so you can read these words throughout the day.


  • I repent from my many sins in the name of Jesus.

  • Victoria Velez

    Praying that people everywhere can experience God’s love and mercy through the sacrament of reconciliation.

  • Christina McDade

    The way I see it, is that we need to fully confess from the year before and move forward into battle for the kingdom, whatever the calling that is placed in your life. Repent and move forward because it’s time to fight.

    • Maria Tenereillo

      I love this and completely agree. It is our job to love as close as we can to a Christ-like love and that is only done by repenting our sins from the previous year.

  • Amen and praise His Holy Name!

  • Bonne Nagle

    I think sometimes I can fool myself thinking I’m not a sinner. I’m not on the news for a crime, but that doesn’t make me sinless.

  • amen to grace! ♡

  • DebbieinAZ

    The biblical definition of repentance is to turn away from evil (or sin)and turn to to God and godly practices. . Ezekiel 4:6, 18:30, 33:11. It’s more than just feeling remorseful and confessing our sin. It’s replacing our bad behavior with good behaviors and leaving those behaviors and practices in the past. That is so much easier said than done. It’s an additude of the heart. Thank heavens for Jesus and his grace. Lord help me to completely turn from my evil ways and turn completely to you and you only. Amen.

  • Natalie Palumbo

    So thankful to be loved by Jesus so deeply that he can see our goodness through all of our mistakes. Trying a little harder to practice his forgiveness in my own life on this day of worship.

  • The Wuest Bible (greek translation) says this:

    From that time on, Jesus began to be making a public proclamation as a herald with that formality, gravity, and authority as must be listened to and obeyed, and to be saying, Be repenting, for the kingdom of heaven has drawn near and is imminent.

    Jesus spoke with such authority that it must be listed to and obeyed. Thank you Lord for you kindness and direction!

  • Tracy Sims

    So grateful that God gives us second chances! Praise you Jesus!

  • I looked up the definition of repentance in the dictionary, and thinking back to when I received Christ as a little girl and knowing I did not fully understand what it meant to repent and ask forgiveness of my sins. That is why had I not stayed the course, although wobbly at best at times, as I am now 55 yrs old; if I do not seek Him daily to ask forgiveness of my transgressions from my thoughts, my deeds that were unkind, my words said that were hurtful, the things that He asked of my that I did not do, daily – and yes these things and sometimes more transpire daily unfortunately. If I do not repent and ask His forgiveness, then my heart is left darkened for another day and the enemy rejoices of keeping me in bondage to his dark world. This is why I begin my morning with God – to quiet myself before Him, to clean out the crude and replace it with His goodness for a new start to a new day. Thank you Father for Your Amazing Grace. It is sweeter and sweeter in my failure!

    • Brittany

      This is definitely true for me too Susan…thank you too Jesus that His grace abounds everyday because I need Him everyday!

  • Kelly Chataine

    After reading posts, I agreed, “Come Lord Jesus, Come.” However, that is not necessarily how I felt when my husband coded and when I was told to make plans when the medical personnel had no hope, twice. I was content with the thought of my husband being in heaven with our Lord. I also prayed for healing. Does it seem like a contradiction? Maybe. So, I pray that Jesus would come, if not His return today, our my leaving this earth, then my life, time, dedication, love, focus and more need to have Jesus come and lead.

  • Churchmouse

    “The kingdom of heaven has come near.” Thrilling words. And He’s coming again. Come, Lord Jesus. Come.

  • Confession is important because we are all flawed but God wants us to enter His Kingdom when we are pure. He is therefore a forgiving God and one of second chances. He gives us the opportunity to repent our sins so that we can gain access to the Kingdom of everlasting life. That is how much He loves us.

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