Advent 2017: Joy to the World: Day 7

Grace Day


Today's Text: 1 John 4:9

Advent is a season of anticipation and celebration. We long for the promised Savior’s return, even as we rejoice that He has already come to us. Use this day to pause and reflect on this verse which celebrates the gift of salvation through Jesus, God’s Son.

God’s love was revealed among us in this way: God sent his one and only Son into the world so that we might live through him.
- 1 John 4:9


  • Erika Dzangare

    God is Love! Whoever doesn’t love doesn’t know God. His love for us is unconditional. There’s grace for our shortcomings, hallelujah! Our love for others should be the same, unconditional, regardless of circumstance, status, race, gender…we should always extend grace and show love as He does for us. Amen.

  • Nicole Lawrence

    God gives life!

  • Feeling blessed that with Jesus, every day is a grace day!

  • Kezia Goodman

    At the end of it all Grace wins, who died upon the cross Grace wins, Grace wins every time!

  • Great comments today!! I love going back in the evenings to see what has been shared through the day!! Love SRT

  • Helen Pollard

    What do you think ‘live through him’ actually means?

    • Gregory

      “Live because of Him” is how it resonates with me. Curious what others say. And if someone knows the original Greek words’ meanings.

      • Brette

        I feel as though it means to live a life for Him. And in doing so you must create a very special relationship with Him. Then you’ll share,show, speak, and give to others the love that God has given to us.

    • anna mcneese

      Maybe something to do with abiding.
      I am the vine and you are the branches
      …without me you can do nothing…

    • Kristi

      I did some word study of the original Greek and it seems like it is speaking about eternal life. So the verse is saying that through Jesus, we may live eternally. The phrase “we might live” is translated from the word zaó in Greek. The general definition is “to live, experience God’s gift of life” and the definition that applies specifically to this verse in 1 John is “emphatically, and in the Messianic sense, to enjoy real life, i. e. to have true life and worthy of the name — active, blessed, endless in the kingdom of God.” Hope that helps! I am no expert, but word study is something I’ve come to enjoy as part of my personal Bible study time and your question inspired me to look deeper into today’s verse. :)

      • Kristi

        I also want to add that a note in my study Bible says that eternal life doesn’t begin when we go to heaven. Eternal life begins now, from the moment we believe in Jesus and accept Him as Savior. So the definition “to have true life” can be applied to living eternally but also living life to the fullest here on earth, to God’s glory, because we have the assurance of living eternally with Him. It reminds me of Jesus’ words in John 10:10: “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

      • Amanda

        Thanks Kristi! And in Answer to Helen’s question, I’d expand upon the word study above to say that I interpret it as this: The meaning of the words used, as Kristi notes, are “to live, experience God’s gift of life…enjoy real life” (true, worthy of the name, etc.). And I take that as not only are we to live a life that FOLLOWS Christ’s teachings, and not only will we live ETERNALLY (starting now) because of Him, but we are to live FULL lives. Meaning, enjoying everything in creation that God has made because it is a reflection of his grace, beauty, love, power, majesty, etc. and a gift for us to live in such a world. Love people, no matter who they are, take time to stop and enjoy peace and stillness with God, smell the roses, notice the minuscule plants, bugs, and seashells God took the time to create as well as enjoying the majestic oceans and mountains. Live in a way that is full of trust and hope in God and his promises that allows you to truly have peace and joy that spreads to everyone around. Be honest, be humble, be strong, be pure, be kind, be daring, be joyful, mourn with those who mourn, and celebrate the little things. Live a FULL and ETERNAL life by living through the One who created it!

    • Helen Pollard

      Wow. Thanks all!

  • Rachel Shaw

    Thank you, God, for sending your one and only son to save us!!

  • Jennifer Adams

    How simple eh? Jesus was brought to us to love us, forgive us, humble us and call us his own. He died for us so our sins could no longer keep us from Him and His father. That’s it. That’s the gospel.

  • Crystal Mendez

    Thank you for the reminder to simply pause and reflect on Jesus. ❤️

  • Love, love Grace day. Praying for all you my dear sisters as I know you are praying for me as well.

  • Merissa Woltman

    Oh for such unconditional love! He gave His “one and only Son” for us; to save and redeem us. Lord, please help us to show that same love to those around us! ❤️

  • Daryl AnnLowry


  • Calle Demeter

    May we see God’s love and praise him in ALL seasons of life. In the good and the bad!

  • I love how God works even in the small things and He can bless abundantly through even the tiniest of things. Today I’m so grateful for the gift of a restored friendship. Anyone from the parables study before this one who saw my post about a strained friendship, prayers have been answered and after almost a semester of tension we are starting to repair the friendship! (I’m also grateful for the small gift of a little bit of snow :D )

    • Christina D.

      Erica I did the other study as well and remember praying about this specifically. Thank you so much for sharing this answer to prayer. It is hard to live with tension in a relationship and I am so thankful for you that you and your friend have begun to restore this friendship! It’s an encouragement to met o hear this answer to prayer as a reminder of God’s faithfulness and His desire for us to be in community. So thankful for you!

      • Erica

        I was hoping you would see this, as I knew you.had seen my previous post and had been praying! Thank you for your prayers, and I will continue keeping you in mine!

  • Churchmouse

    I am alive through Him. Yes. Grace day every day.

  • Johanna Collins-Wood

    Praying for my husband and family today. We’ve been going through a terrible time with my husband’s job and I’m just praying that God brings us peace and guidance this Christmas.

  • With two little boys of my own, I cannot imagine what it takes to give up a child or know they will suffer, even if it’s for the greater good of mankind. But that is how much God loves us. Immeasurable, unconditional and beyond even the love we know as humans. Thank you, Lord, for your love!

  • Karen From Virginia

    Thank you, Father for sending your Son. For me. For Redemption. It never gets old. Amazing Grace!

  • Praising and glorifying your name Lord God.
    Thank you for the wonderful gift of your Son Jesus Christ through whom we get to do LIFE with You..

    Happy Saturday to all.. With love.. xxx

    • Emily B.

      Amen! What a privilege to get to do life with our Creator and Savior.

  • Catching up on yesterday’s reading.
    Funny to think Bethlehem was so insignificant while it’s such a well-known name now.
    I think there’s a catch here to think that everyone/everything that is small will lead to grandeur. There are a lot of small towns in Israel (or elsewhere in the world) that have always remained insignificant, have never had a major historic event. Yet in all these insignificant places God’s love may shine just as well as in the famous metropoles.

    Sometimes I see myself as a somewhat mediocre, with a very moderately successful life and there’s this bit in my that wants me to think “but my day will come, that day when it is me who gets the happiness, the achievements, the nice house. One day I will be the one who shines”.
    The devotional reminds us that this is not what God’s grandeur is all about. And I have to admit that this isn’t always easy.

    • Tiffany

      I appreciate your thoughts and their challenging reminders, what about all the other poor young couples with a mandate to travel through hardships? Most of the smallness of the world does indeed stay small. In exchanging the big for the small, there is a beautiful gift that is the other side of He coin.. The small also becomes big, but not because of success- or reward that wraps is in comfort, but because God notices the small, and inHis notice is His presence. There is truly no feeling bigger than that.

    • Rachel

      I love your attitude and honestly. it is hard to be humble when what you have ‘seems’ to be humble. with consumerism running rampant, I love your outlook on keeping with our faith and embracing humility.

  • Karin Sommer

    Thank you for your love, God! ❤️ Your love so great we can’t even grasp it!!! – I just read all the verses from 7 – 21. Such great scriptures. Let us all walk in Love.

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