Advent 2017: Joy to the World: Day 1

The First Sunday of Advent


Today's Text: Isaiah 9:6-7

Joy to the world, the Lord has come! Join us this Advent season as we read the story of Jesus’ birth. From the earliest promises of His coming in the Old Testament, to the angelic messengers announcing His birth to the shepherds, this 4-week Scripture reading plan presents the biblical story of our need for Christ and the glory of His arrival. Read with us as we anticipate and celebrate the coming of Christ, discovering anew “the glories of His righteousness and wonders of His love.”


Scripture Reading: Isaiah 9:6-7

A Prayer for the First Sunday of Advent
Almighty God, give us grace to cast away the works of darkness, and put on the armor of light, now in the time of this mortal life in which your Son Jesus Christ came to visit us in great humility; that in the last day, when He shall come again in his glorious majesty to judge both the living and the dead, we may rise to the life immortal; through Him who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

Use this lock screen as a reminder of this truth throughout the week.


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  • Laura Clark

    Casting out the darkness and putting on the armor of light. Great way to start

  • Kanisha Kirk

    God is good, and I’m grateful to be able to revisit the birth of Christ with you all . To renew my spirit and stay strong within my faith . Thank you so much for creating this community to help along this journey !

  • Glenda Eckert

    I’m super late starting but can’t wait to catch up.

  • Shana Sonnier

    God teaches us everything we need to no

  • Kim Taylor

    So excited for celebrating the true meaning of Christmas this year – Savior of the world!

  • Tiffany Vela

    Getting my life back on track! I’m so excited to start this study today!

    • Sunny Golden

      I’m in the same boat! Christmas season is crazy and my study time has been so horrible! Getting back together even with a late start to Advent

    • Rachel Harman

      I’m trying to do the same! I’ll say a prayer for you tonight.

  • looking forward to catching up!

  • Ashley Miller

    Love this app! I bought the SRT bible a few weeks ago and have been studying it and I love how relevant the devotional are. Can’t wait to go through this Advent devotional and all the other options, I’m so glad He guided me here

  • Kelsey Bender

    I don’t really have many friends who are God fearing, but I’m so excited to have this community of support to know I’m not alone :)

  • Alyson MacMillan

    I’ve never done advent before and I know I’m a few days behind but I’m excited to start

  • Cheyenne SkyeHolton

    I am so excited to start this journey of she reads truth!

  • What great studies. And the ‘lock screen’ lifts my heart.
    Does anyone know why Jesus is referred to as ‘Everlasting Father in this Isaiah passage?’ I can’t recall Him being referred to as ‘Father’ anywhere else in the Bible.

    • Katharine

      Lea, I think it refers to His triune nature and that like a father he is always there. We can rely on hHim to guide and direct us. His love is unconditional. In contrast to our earthly father who may falter, our Everlasting Father is constant.

  • Emily Lange

    So excited to start this study and be reminded of Christ’s holy birth.

  • Aretina Marie

    I have been called and I am so excited to rekindle my relationship with God and his word! This app is so perfect what a blessing to have came a cross it! Starting my first study today have some catching up to do tonight but so excited to let my heart listen and his light shine and guide me. Honored to start this studying journey during Christmas. God is so good and I trust his timing I was searching and he provided

    • Tracy Sims

      Yes Aretina! God has brought this into our lives for a great purpose!! I recently have been restored by God and was searching for a way to connect to him more. I think this is a great way! Merry Christmas!!

  • Kirsten LaShure

    Are you going back and reading the first 9 tonight? I am!

  • Stevie-Marie A.Mullins

    I can’t wait to start my first study☺️ ready to open my heart, and grow!

  • Jetty WelkerHill

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Just discovered this tonight. Jesus thank you for directing me to this study. I am excited and awaiting your rich blessing for this Advent season.

  • Lydia Kempf

    This seems so sweet! Can’t wait to read and study it!

  • Emily NicoleLittle

    So excited for this!!

  • Alyssa López

    I love this, super excited!

  • Christina McCulley

    I’m starting this study today! I’m excited for what God has i store for us!

  • I’m excited about this Advent devotional. This is my first time using the SRT app. I’ve heard about SRT through a friend at church. I’m hoping this helps me strengthen my relationship with God. I’m also very excited about meeting new women of faith!

  • Deb Filotto

    Great way to add quiet and focus on true meaning of Christmas during a busy noisy rime

  • denise frasier

    super excited to get in to god word more closer to him

  • Lindsay NicoleNevola

    I got this advent devotional on sunday and now I’m playing catch up

  • Nancy Frankovic

    Just discovered this Advent app. Thank you She Reads Truth!

  • hello! is there a way to gift some of these plans or advents? would love to give one to my mom and some friends

  • Kasey Summers

    So excited to do this study!

  • Mary Hyatt Grant

    My husband and I just started this!! So excited!

  • Anja Derry

    It is so beautiful to read all the names that we have for Jesus. My favorite was Prince of Peace because when I have been in need and felt like things were going wrong he always provides me with a sense of peace.

  • Callie-Jane Britt

    This is my first “She reads truth” study and I’m eager to begin!

  • Maddie Shirey

    I am super excited to complete and be apart of this bible study

  • I hadn’t noticed before that He is identified as a child, a Son, here in Isaiah. A child will carry our government. A Son will be our Counselor… our Father. The zeal of the Lord will accomplish this. Before the adult Jesus who in 3 years of ministry showed us the Father through through the 4 gospels, He had about 3 decades of youth and young adulthood during which the God was carving out who Jesus would be when He “took stage.” Maybe this is a lesson to not look down on humble & small beginnings. For out of humble servants, God can bring about salvation for many (as we learned in Esther). Before becoming our crucified Christ, Jesus was the quiet son of your neighborhood carpenter.

  • Alice De Andrade

    Really excited to complete this study.

  • Christina Bentheim

    So many glorious names for our Savior come to life in these passages.

  • Adriana R.

    I really appreciate devotionals that you can feel are Spirit breathed. Feeling grateful and excited to acquire new insight through the application of thee scriptures and devotional… Very Grateful to Jesus for his Light illuminating the World! Blessings to all!

  • Adrienne P

    There is such sweetness and joy in these verses and this time of year. My heart and soul feel full, thankful and excited!

  • Anna Newsome

    This is my first time doing a devotional since I was young, I grew up going to church but feel like I have almost lost my connection/relationship with God, I know it needs work and I want to rebuild it❤️

  • This prayer is so reverently powerful and beautiful…

    Estera Marian

  • Love the advent prayer. God calls us to put on the armor of light but not ONLY with our words but with our ACTIONS. This is such an encouraging reminder to me. To be the difference that we wish to see in the world.

  • Emily Steele

    My husband and I are doing this together. Excited!

  • Shannon King

    Excited about finding this bible study site !

  • Raquel Hernandez

    Thank you for the lovely visual. Excited to start this adventure with you.

  • Lindsey Felder

    New here as well! I tried the parables study but started late. I’m really looking forward to the daily focus during this Christmas season.

  • I noticed something really interesting during my reading today. I read the beginning of Isaiah ch. 9 as well as the recommended reading, and noticed that in verse two, it is written that “on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.” Shadow of death is the same phrase used in Psalm 23 when we talk about walking through the valley of the shadow of death. That means that when we’re walking through the valley of the shadow of death, we’re walking through the valleys of our lives themselves, and God in his glory came to be with us in the midst of our lives.

  • Devin Bybel

    “Of the increase is his government and of peace there will be no end” PRAISE! Need that reminder in times like these!

  • Elizabeth Fabian

    So excited to read this with you all !

  • Jody Heavenrich Hensley

    Love these verses!!!

  • In s world that has never had peace, we will have eternity in His Peace.

  • The words that stand out to me is, ‘to us’. The savior is born to us. Not sure why God chose us as the recipient of such a gift, but He did and I say, praise his name!

  • There IS so much darkness in our world….violence, intolerance, self serving people of power, sexual misconduct…..Just a lack of care towards others. This armour of light is essential to encourage myself & others through this type of darkness.

  • “7 Of the increase of his government and of peace
    there will be no end,
    on the throne of David and over his kingdom,
    to establish it and to uphold it
    with justice and with righteousness
    from this time forth and forevermore.
    The zeal of the Lord of hosts will do this.”

    No matter how much this world tries to silence us. No matter who holds the seats of authority. No matter what the law says we can or can not do. Christ’s Government {His rule} will continue to not simply remain, BUT INCREASE!

  • hey I recently joined SRT and am loving it, so happy to be part of a Jesus loving community, this plan is one of the reasons I am so happy I joined, I love christmas and constantly am thinking of Jesus at this time of year even more than the rest of year.
    emma , england

  • Alexis Horner

    Advent is such a wonderful time to celebrate! I love this fellowship

  • Rachel Brown

    This is my first SRT study. I’m excited to dig in, and I’m thankful for this community!

  • Natasha Pavez

    So excited for this study and the new app!

  • Morgan Hoy

    I think this Advent is going to be a great study ❤️

  • No end to peace. In a world that is so very unsettling this is good news. This truth helps me to better cling to, rely on, and trust this Prince of Peace. Thank you Lord.

  • Thank you for this study! He is the reason for the season ♡

  • Venita Geschwendt

    Looking forward to being part of this Advent! Grateful for a group of Godly women coming together celebrating the beautiful season. xx

  • Kathy Martella

    I love this, so excited for this study this is my first srt study

  • Advent is one of my favourite times of year, perhaps it’s my Anglican upbringing. It is a time of remembering and anticipation but also one of hope and rejoicing. We have this promise to us and for us that even when we are at our worst and darkest, the God of all things still opens his arms and says “Come, daughter. You are loved, you are mine.” We cannot be too far or too broken, that is simply impossible.
    I hear “Wonderful Counselor” and am reminded that my name means “listener” and that counselling is the career God has called me to, that I may serve Him. I’m curious, what name(s) stick out to you or have the most meaning for you?

    • Kassie Ramirez

      Prince of Peace, in my struggle with anxiety and negative thoughts I can always hold on to this truth. My God freely gives me peace that surpasses all understanding!

      • Sam

        I get the anxiety thing, sucks! but anxiety is a liar, God speaks truth and offers peace and is stronger than anxiety. Zephaniah 3:17 (it’s one of the memory cards if you have the book!) has been such a help for my anxiety.

    • Natalie

      For me, it’s “Everlasting God”. There is something innate, deep inside myself that recognizes this name, that hums it in stillness and hums it is chaos. In relation to a God that existed before I️ can imagine a beginning and will exist beyond a need for an ending, I️ am small and safe. No “great terrible thing” or anxiety is significant when viewed in the light of the Everlasting God. Nothing can touch Him. He needs no protection. Nothing will ever effect His being and having been, and continuing to be. My Saviour existed from the beginning of time, desiring to come for me. No matter what, he will be my Saviour.

  • Mary Olubogun

    What grace it is that Jesus was born to die so we may have life!

  • Rebecca Ferrell

    As I read the names that the prophet Isaiah used for Christ: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace I am simply in awe to consider each of these in light of Advent. How complex that I serve a God whom I can remember that in my present my God cares to counsel, hear and guide me, he is mighty in all of my circumstances, he is a father that will never forsake me but love me and care for me forever and ever, and in the midst of my calamity he can bring peace and calm to my world. Yet, I also in the same way anticipate the day of his coming when all of these attributes will reign in all things as they were meant to. His glory will be unending, ever present in all things, good.

    I am looking forward to this Advent season!!

  • Pat Baker

    God’s promise to Abraham did not guarantee a smooth ride, just as our own lives are sometimes troubled. But the promise of our salvation through his Son was firm and true. We celebrate His birth!

  • Jana Parrigon

    It’s such a good reminder that even thought we celebrate his initial coming as a baby, we ultimately await his second coming. It makes such a difference when you think of Christmas in a “future” tense.

    • Sheree Stubblefield

      Love that!

    • Lauren

      Today was the first time in my life I didn’t get freaked out by reading the prophecies and warnings in advance of the second coming. My pastor spoke about Advent and left us with this thought, “If you made yourself an Advent list with faith like a child – to make room in your life – what would be on it? What would you ask God to take from you to help you prepare and make room?” It’s kept me thinking all day. It’s such a different way to approach the Christmas season for me.

  • I look forward to this every year! It is so heart warming! ❤️

  • I received the beautiful book that goes with this study, as a gift from my loving daughter. I’m so excited to use it and go through this study. I will be framing the 8×10 prints that came with the book, to decorate my mantle so that Christ will be the center of our celebration all month.

  • Ashley Rowell

    This is my first SRT study, and I’m excited to have something specific for Advent.

  • Kathryn Silvers

    My walk with God has been off track as life has been difficult and a continuous uphill battle the last year. I’m incredibly thankful for this season of Advent to renew my relationship with Christ and study His word.

  • Mikia Tarver

    I’m so sorry xcoted for this study and to be doing it with you all!

  • Meagan Bremer

    So excited for be a part of this study, so beyond thankful for our Savior

  • Hope Minter

    Excited to begin this new study in the new app. Seems to be a great time to be jumping back in to using SRT. Transitioning from just being a young wife to a mom of two littles has been hard and put quite the strain on my ability to carve out time for the devoted time in scripture I need and crave. Praying God uses the convenience of this app and the power of his word to renew and refresh my soul and relationship with him.

    • Jana Parrigon

      I understand what you mean about trying to carve out time to be in the Word. Praying you have that time during this Advent season.

  • Emily Kleinhans

    This new app makes Advent all the more exciting!

  • Tracy Noland

    Interesting that we would ask for GRACE to cast away the darkness,

    • Barbara

      Amen- Satan uses people in our lives to bring darkness and offering them nothing but Grace in return will shine the LIGHT of Jesus for them to see!

  • Marva Goins

    I am thankful that God deemed us worthy to send His Son to save us. He is such a good Father, who truly loves His children.

  • To think of Advent- the season of waiting. God is calling us to be still and wait on Him. He is not idle. He is actively pursuing this world for redemption in Himself. How grateful I am for His call to rest. The holiday rush drains me and distracts me from the purpose of this season- that God will stop at nothing so we will know how fiercely He loves us. It’s not about us doing, it’s about what He has done. I will rest, I will wait, for He has come.

    • Lauralee espinosa

      Beautifully written, Sierra. Thank you for blessing my heart with your words!

    • Sheree Stubblefield


    • Kimberly Valles

      Amen! This is a great reminder for me to rest in the Lord during this season and not be anxious as I am due to have my baby in January !

  • Michelle Giantti

    From Brazil, very happy to follow and participate this study! Peace and grace!

  • Just thought I would share my heart a little tonight: Today it dawned on me that we celebrate the birth of Jesus in the winter. Obvious, I know. But here’s the thing: winter is associated with the death, with endings, with darkness. The plants wither and die, the warm weather ends, and the days get darker and darker as the season goes on. And in the midst of all this death and darkness, we celebrate the LIFE of our Savior, who came to pull us into His eternal light and life. And He does that still for us today. Even in our darkest, most death-filled seasons, He is right there, ready to pull us into a loving embrace of light and life. Happy Advent, ladies. Very excited to spend this season with y’all.

  • What is the book you refer to? New to SRT. Advent 2017: Joy To the World?

    • Robyn

      Yes. That’s what I bought. Just trying to figure out where the daily discussion will be.

    • Olivia

      Jill, the book is available on But you can follow along here as well. The book is beautiful and includes recipes, space for note taking, scripture memory cards and bonus gift tags. I’ve done previous studies without the book. Welcome to the SRT community!

  • I purchased the devotional book. Are these comments where the “community” resides? I want to participate in the study with other women.

    • Emily B.


      • Robyn

        Thanks Emily. Do I have to purchase the reading plan in the app too in order to participate in the discussion?

        • Allie

          Hi Robyn! You can participate by commenting if you go to the website (not on the app). Each daily reading is posting there and the comments appear there as well. Hope that is helpful!

  • Lindsey Abercrombie

    This is also one of my first experiences with this wonderful community of people! Raised in a household without a lot of faith, I am forever grateful for this opportunity to reform myself and study His word!! I love you all, happy holidays!

  • Candice Stevens

    God bless everyone! Excited to begin this Advent study with you. I ordered my book a bit late so hoping to get it tomorrow. I love the SRT studies and my SRT bible is hands down the BEST bible I’ve ever owned. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!

  • Advent ♥️ thankful

  • Jody Welch


  • Emily Jundt

    So excited to read God’s word alongside all of these amazing ladies!

  • My first time reading with SRT..
    I’m very excited…

    • EarlyBird

      Welcome, sister! May your heart be open to all the Lord has for you as we study His Word together in this beautiful season!

  • Kelly Fehr

    Thankful! We had a sermon on these verses this morning, don’t just do Christmas, be Christmas ❤️

  • So excited to start this study! Have been needing something to get me in touch with the spirit of Christmas

  • Sydney Merino

    So encouraged that his government and peace will eternally *increase*!

  • I just made an advent wreath to add to the reminder of this season especially this being the first Sunday of advent.

  • Rachel Thies

    Never-ending peace! Praise God for that!

  • So excited to start this study! The SRT study guide is absolutely beautiful this year. Looking forward to spending Advent alongside all my SRT sisters.

  • Jackie Champion

    I’m reading Isaiah right now on The Bible Project as well, so this is perfect for the first week of Advent! I love the new app, too! Thank you all so much!

  • Debra HuntHartzel

    What a precious way to start this special season!!!

  • Yolanda Harbon

    My first time doing advent day by day, and I can’t wait! Loved the first day. And so pleased I’ve got a beautiful lock screen for my phone to keep reminding me throughout the week!

  • Katie Pugh

    Can’t wait to share on this study with you all!! Such an amazing time of year!

  • Stephanie Hamilton

    So excited for this study!

  • Just beautiful and overwhelming. My first alone Christmas as well. Nadine I am praying for you and doing this with you!

  • He is our Prince of Peace and we are blessed!

  • Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer!

  • Cassandra


  • Wandra Williams

    Grateful for the sweet reminder of the light of Jesus!

  • Rachel Shank

    We joined our church this morning after completing their new member class. How special it was to be reminded on this day, the first day of Advent, that we are His because He cane to us.

  • My first year to practice Advent! Love that this app connects us all and makes it easy to read scripture anywhere. ❤️

    • Chelsea Morgan

      I agree! Such a great App. I love the daily readings, it always helps me start my day with Jesus at the center.

  • This advent season is my busiest one yet as I finish off my final teaching internship and graduate in two short weeks and then move to the other side of Australia! I’m drained, anxious about the future, run off my feet and so sleep deprived. A slow hour or so in His Word has had to be replaced with snatching a quiet moment to read my advent devotions and say a quick prayer. But He has not changed. Believing and trusting that He can meet me with His peace regardless of my circumstances or the time I have to give. Hoping that still in the chaos that is my current situation, I feel the wonder, hope and refreshment that makes advent my favourite season and devotion of the year.

  • My Advent church message this morning was unpacking Luke 1:26-38. Coming home to read this scripture was such a strong companion piece I was moved to a few tears. I’m excited to see what’s revealed about Christ’s promise through my first SRT Advent!

  • So excited for Advent 2017! This is my third one with SRT and I have found new meaning each time. Grateful for it and this season!

  • This would be my first Christmas without my family. I decided that this year I will skip Christmas as it hurts too much. Then I found this study and decided this will be my Christmas. No trees. No gifts. Nothing but this. Please keep me in your prayers, where hurt is plentiful and it is easy to be overwhelmed by sadness. May God give each of you an amazing message during this study!❤️

    • Bridget

      I’m sorry for your heavy heart, Nadine. ❤️

    • Verna

      Praying for you, Nadine that God will fill you with His peace and comfort especially during this holiday season.

    • Churchmouse

      May you sense a daily warm welcome here, a sisterhood that gathers to read the Word and to encourage and pray for each other. I’ll be praying for you to feel a quiet joy well up within you that will comfort you and strengthen you long beyond this season. May you receive the gift of listening ears and shoulders to lean on in this place. And may you come across others who can gain from your journey.

    • Alice Catherine

      Nadine, I’m so sadden to hear of your pain. I will prey that He fills your heart with the comforting peace that only He can provide. ❤️

  • I love the idea of concentrating on the true meaning of Christmas every day! Our study guide is beautiful and I am excited to see Christmas through fresh eyes!

  • So excited for Advent! Love the study book too ❤️

  • I love that the first prayer holds a message of grace

  • LPMoreland

    I’ve walked my children through an advent study, and I’ve read doctrinal books during advent, but this is my first time doing an advent study just for myself. In this crazy season, I’m looking forward to those moments of quiet and stillness in which to commune with the God who became flesh for us.

  • Training my eyes on the reason for the season!!

  • Churchmouse

    We set up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving Day. One set of lights has already gone out. Sigh. This seems to happen every year – and after the tree is fully decorated -and even though we carefully check each stand. It’s a little bit of darkness in an otherwise brightly lit tree and yet my eyes go right there. I’m reminded today that I’m guilty of focusing on the challenges in my life and not the myriad of blessings. I’m praying this Advent season to set my eyes on Jesus and the glorious Light that He is – the Light that never goes out-and to be grateful for the ordinary blessings He so faithfully provides..

  • Charlotte

    So excited to start Advent 2017!

  • Excited to start my third year of doing the advent study with SRT! Each year the Lord reveals something different to me. Praying that I will see the Christmas story with new eyes and that my heart will focus on Christ instead of the material things of Christmas!

  • Here we go! Looking forward to focusing on the Savior and reason for the season!

  • My first SRT study!! And what better way to start than the advent season. Any tips/suggestions to help me out my first time around?

    • Jordan

      Welcome Brianna! So excited that you will be coming along on this journey! This is my 3rd advent season with SRT. I would suggest taking some time to look through the comments each day. I always try to find a few people to pray for in the comments. Interact and share your thoughts! That is what makes this community so special to me!

  • I’m excited to start this study, I’ve never really done advent before! Lately I’ve been feeling distant from God and I am really craving his presence in my life right now. I pray that through this study the Lord will bring me peace, joy, and a sense of being near to Him

  • So excited for this advent!!

  • I’m excited to start this advent season with you all as well. It’s my second year. At the same time it’s sad, but won’t get into that right now. I’m just excited to start a new season. Praying like most of you that I will draw closer to my creator God

  • This advent, my prayer is for joy in the lord. I’ve been drifting for so long, begging god to let me feel his presence like I used to… with no response. It’s been devastating feeling so far from Him for so long. Praying this advent will help me grow closer to him

    • Krystle

      Micahlee, I’ve felt the way you do before, and I just want to encourage you to stay in His word, keep praying and seeking Him. And know with certainty that even though it doesn’t feel like it, He is with you right now. You’re so much closer than you think! Praying for you to draw nearer to Him sister! ❤️

  • Hello, everyone. This is my third SRT study, but the first time I’ll be completing one alongside the community. I would like to wish everyone a joyous holiday season as we prepare to celebrate our Lord’s birth.

  • Anastasia

    glad I didn’t miss the start! excited! never really done advent before!

  • Drawing closer this Advent!

  • Taking advantage of this Advent to draw close to Jesus once more. My relationship with Jesus is rocky, but I know he is watching over me. All I need to do is draw close to Him

  • Ashley Edmondson

    Amen! What a great reminder of Unwavering Faith for us. This season of celebration is my favorite to carry through the year.

  • Happy Advent! I am so thirsty for contemplation and silence. I think this study will help me re-orient my mind, heart and spirit towards my savior.

  • May our hearts prepare Him room! Come, Lord Jesus, quickly, come!

  • Have been eagerly awaiting this season, and anticipating our Lord’s return! Advent season is my favorite! Been reading through Isaiah as I waited for Advent to begin; so grateful for Jesus- the perfect fulfillment of each prophecy. He shall reign forever, amen!

  • In great expectation on what God has planned to show me in this season

  • Excited to start this! Looking forward to reminders of what this season is really about.

  • Ashley Trammell

    Our pastor at Rev Church in Canton, GA used Romans 13 scripture today for the beginning of our Advent sermon series! So good!!

  • My sister and I use these studies as a way to spend time together and center ourselves during the week. I pray that this time of anticipation brings us closer together in Christ as we find more distance between us during this time of year.

  • This season of anticipation every year has a way of drawing me closer to God in profound ways. Looking forward to reading through this study this month! ❤️

  • Mary Buddig

    I like being reminded that Jesus came to live with us and offer His life for us!!! I am excited to prepare my heart and soul for His Coming!!!

  • Cindybelle

    I bought the physical Joy book for me and my sister to celebrate Advent this year – she needs time in her busy life to rest in our Lord and remember why she’s a believer and is deeply loved by Jesus…praying that her time during advent is one of joy and peace ❤️

    • Michelle

      Wow, Cindybelle! It sounded like you were describing me as you talked about your sister! Praise the Lord for the ways that you are reaching out and loving on her. You are such a blessing whether or not she realizes it! Praying for both of you today!

  • I am really thankful for this series. I am hopeful I can be faithful through reading the Word and not get wrapped up in buying buying buying.

  • This season, I am desperately hoping for a revival in my heart – the promise of advent is so precious. I was touched by the Isaiah 9:7 and really liked how it read in the Message: “there’ll be no limits to the wholeness He brings.” I am looking forward to what the Advent season brings this year. We have had a particularly rough year and I am claiming that He has no limits to wholeness… God will use each trial that has come this year to create a more whole me… I hope to see more of His greatness shine in this season and am SO thankful that each of these dear prophecies cam true and our Savior CAME!

    • Christina D.

      Aubrey just hearing your heart is already an indication that His greatness shines through you. I am so sorry for whatever struggles and difficulties this year has brought for you. I am praying that the season of advent will be filled with peace and ease and that you will experience the Lord in a new and beautiful way.

    • Emily B.

      That translation is great! Thank you for sharing it!

  • I can’t imagine what it would be like to be waiting for this prophecy to be fulfilled. Yet we are doing the same thing as we wait for our Prince of Peace to return again. Jesus thank you for sustaining us and the works you have started. Thank you for bringing endless righteousness and justice and for promising it forever.

  • This was also this Morning our church’s message greatful and blessed He is The Light may we Shine on

  • I love that last part: “The passionate commitment of the Lord of Heaven’s Armies will make this happen!”
    So grateful that it’s all down to him and his commitment and it doesn’t depend on us!

  • Happy Advent! Thank you for this study to prepare my heart for Christmas!

  • Kristi Veis

    Baby Jesus I needed you and I’m so glad you came to save me. Thanks for adding a son to my family this year! I’m so glad I don’t have the pressures that Mary did giving birth to my Savior Jesus but I do want to raise mine to be just like Jesus. Advent brings back sweet memories of childhood. May you all be blessed today by Baby Jesus!

  • Keli AvantCartwright

    Love this reminder!

  • Priscilla Swanson

    Thankful for the gift of Jesus and excited to dig into the Advent season!

  • Happy Advent! Looking forward to stepping away from the darkness daily with these devotions and putting on the armor of light! Thankful for the SRT community! ❤️

  • Crystal Mendez

    I’m thankful Jesus came to bring peace, justice, and righteousness. I pray the Church will follow His lead and bring light to this increasingly darkened world!

  • Are there supposed to be study questions to go with this? What am I missing.

    • Katie

      Saturday and Sunday are usually different than the rest of the week :) there aren’t usually questions.

  • I’ve been a believer for many years but I’ve never really don’t advent- so excited to share this with my friends at SRT!

  • Whitney Hornbuckle

    Excited for Advent! Focusing on Jesus makes for the Merriest Christmas!

  • Katie Zeeb

    I absolutely love the promise and truth in the scripture. What an amazing reminder to cling to God’s promises. God always keeps his promises!

  • Marie Riley

    I loved the first part of the prayer. I’m definitely praying for Him to help me put on my armor of light. There has been a lot of darkness around me.

  • I woke up this morning SO excited—this is one of my most favorite things of the year. Can’t wait to learn and remember alongside this community. ❤️

  • After reading these verses, I am feeling nothing but joy and excitement this morning for the coming season. While I was watching the SEC Championship last night, the only words I could muster throughout the last quarter were… “Is this really happening??!”. Although I know how this story ends, I can’t help but as the same question this morning to our Father. I am in such awe that he sent a Savior to us that I have to continually pinch myself. But HE DID! A CHILD WAS BORN! A child sent to save US. Completely humbled and excited to see what the next four weeks of study bring.

  • First advent with SRT and I️ am so excited to follow the plan! Merry Christmas everyone!

  • So excited about this advent! Glory to God on high! My favorite time of year and my favorite thing to do is read of the coming King and teach my child of who He is. Have a great day ladies!!

  • Welcome Chris! I too am excited to start the Advent season with this study! The zeal of the Lord of hosts will do this-this verse really spoke to me this am- what a Mighty God we serve!!!

  • Joy to the World! ❤️

  • Chris Gruhlke

    Excited to be doing this study with you all! My fist Advent with SRT. Blessings ladies!

  • Thankful for this season. Thankful I get to slow down in the morning and be reminded of God’s glorious gift of a savior.

  • What a blessing to join sisters to celebrate Advent! Nearly 50 years of knowing God, and though I would not call myself a woman of great faith, I do believe in a GREAT GOD. And this is one thing I have learned and experienced: our God is a promise-keeping God. Hallelujah!

  • The gift of Jesus is the greatest gift we could’ve ever been given ❤️ Praise God!!

  • Just finished Exodus and that is a book that emphasizes that our God is a God of detail, description and clarity. I see that again in this Isaiah passage. In this world we have many counselors, gods (small g), fathers and princes. However, notice the capitalization which points to our One True God. Notice the adjectives wonderful, mighty and everlasting. Praising God that He describes, uses clarity and detail!

  • I went back and read the verses that come before this passage. I love verse 2 which says, “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone.” This verse talks about people walking and dwelling in darkness, believing that’s the normal way to live. People today believe the same thing. I wrote a quote out beside this verse that says, “It is only because of Jesus that we are even aware that darkness has an opposite.” I am so thankful that because of Christmas light has come into this dark world. Because of Jesus I walk and dwell in light rather than darkness. One of my favorite quotes says, “The world is dark but it shimmers along the edges.” I pray that this Advent season we will all choose to be a part of the shimmer.

  • So encouraging that of the increase of peace there will be no end.

  • My dear friend gave me the printed devotion book. It is so beautifully done, praying each perfectly designed detail in it will remind me of how He is in every detail of my life. I can’t wait to see the JOY this advent season brings into my heart.

  • Lauren Hudson

    Love the reminder that Jesus came down into a dark world for us!

  • Good morning fellow Advent readers! So excited!!! ❤️

  • So excited that Advent season has begun! He is a Wonderful Counselor, and a perfect Prince of Peace!

  • I’m so excited about this study!

  • Rachel Kim

    Amen! Thank you beautiful Jesus! Increase our ability to see You and cherish You above all else. You are more than we could ever have hoped for. ❤️

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    I pray we can all use this study to shine brighter than the Christmas lights on any tree!!! WAHOO Advent!!!!

  • This is the best news. The government will rest on the shoulders of the Prince of Peace. Glory.

  • Good morning, She’s
    What a glorious time of year to be celebrating the gift of Our Savior being born into the world. I pray that we all will be filled with his peace and joy and that the eyes of our understanding would be enlightened during this Advent study.

  • Emanuel, Christ with us, our Hope, praying for a fresh revelation of those truths for me in the days ahead. Blessings ladies .

  • “Almighty God, give us grace to cast away the works of darkness, and put on the armor of light.” SRT, thank you for this part of the prayer. This is the second Advent in a row where I’ve felt more sad than joyful (due to struggles with infertility) and almost not felt like celebrating, but this prayer encouraged me today. I look forward to reading through the scriptures with the SRT community this season!

    • SB

      Lauren. I’ve been struggling with infertility too! I’m right there with you that this is the second season of being more joyful than sad! I’ve been using SRT for a year now!! Prayers for you!

      • Patti

        Lauren and SB, I’m right there with y’all. We just learned we lost our 7th baby this past Monday. Christmas has been a hard season and a season of loss for me for 12 years now. But I’m thankful that I have Jesus. I couldn’t have survived this journey without him! Keeping you both in my prayers!!

    • JennyBC

      Girls, I’m praying for both of you. My daughter and son-in-law are in the same season. My heart is tender to you both. Believing God for an extra measure of closeness to each of you and that you will know that He is near.

      • Erin Kostun

        We experienced unexplained infertility for 2 years before conceiving our daughter (now 6.5) and then again experienced secondary infertility for 4 more years before our son was miraculously conceived. He turned 9 months yesterday. It’s so hard to be patient and wait when you want it so much, but know that God has a perfect plan for you, and that He will give you a miracle at just the right time! Though we didn’t plan on having children 6 years apart (and at an “advanced age”), I couldn’t imagine it any other way! Prayers for you and all who are going through this. Don’t give up hope!

      • Jennifer

        Infertility is much a hard struggle. We experienced unexplained infertility for 3 long years with two early miscarriages before we got pregnant with our daughter. I will say I lost my faith during that time. I was depressed and angry. Looking back I wish I would have opened my bible and immersed myself in his hope and ultimate plan for our family. my daughter is now 3 and the thought of trying again is scary. This time though I want to seek Christ and try to trust his plan. I’m sorry you ladies are struggling. I pray your struggle is short.

    • Amber

      Lauren, I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling more sad than joyful this Christmas season. Each year that goes by without me conceiving a child is harder than the previous year. Right now I just want Christmas to be over- and it’s barely begun!

    • Lynn

      Hang in there, sweet sisters! Holidays certainly can be tough when struggling with infertility and I remember the sadness far too well. I wish I had SRT then to help keep me focused during the 4 years I was struggling. My twins will turn 3 on Christmas Eve. Hope is alive! Prayers and hugs to all of you.

  • Karen From Virginia

    I have been looking forward to having a devotion for Advent. Lord, bless this season with eternal significance and hope.

  • “Of the increase of his government there shall be no end”. Jesus, very God of very God, the Truth and the Life, is reigning and will reign. I love the Advent period and , of course, Christmas itself. Spending this special time with others reflecting on the unfailing and amazing love of our God and Savior is wonderful. I am also encouraged by the comments of beautiful sisters here at SRT.

    Joanne in Maine

  • Mina Mamoe

    Wow. So good to be reminded of the Armor during this season. Recently Holy Spirit has specifically highlighted the belt of Truth — the importance of knowing our God trough His Word to decipher what is false and what is righteous, for that is what determines what takes root in our inmost being. Thank You Jesus for the reminder!!

  • I recently joined the SRT community (after hearing about it through the risen motherhood podcast) and am very excited to start with this advent series. I’m praying that this app will be Gods way of kicking my butt into gear… I need to get back into reading the word more! What a wonderful ministry SRT is. Thank you!
    Jess- Newcastle, Australia.

  • There is something very exciting about the start of Advent. For the first three Mondays in Advent, our church has a pre-dawn candlelight service to wait for the infant King as we welcome in each dawn. It is a very traditional and beautiful church service called a Rorate Caeli Mass.

  • Thanks God for his Son!

  • Praise God for the gift of Jesus, whose life has set us free! Thankful to experience the gift of grace, and to soak in the significance of our King’s birth during this season. ❤️

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    WHOO!!! So excited for this Advent season and the wonderful truth God has to share through this beautifully thoughtful study. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!!!

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