The Sermon on the Mount: Day 12

Love Your Enemies


Today's Text: Matthew 5:43-48, Leviticus 19:18, Deuteronomy 6:5, Matthew 22:34-40, Luke 6:36, Romans 12:9-21, 1 John 3:18

Scripture Reading: Matthew 5:43-48, Leviticus 19:18, Deuteronomy 6:5, Matthew 22:34-40, Luke 6:36, Romans 12:9-21, 1 John 3:18

If you don’t have an enemy, you’ve probably never lived in the South during football season. When you declare devotion to a specific team or conference—or in my case, if this affection is delicately handed to you by a long, never-to-be broken-or-else lineage of family fans—you inherit the cheers, the players, the colors, the mascot, and of course, the rivals. You cannot root for one team without rooting against another.

Although I did not choose the college my family cheers for, I did choose to root against their rival school, so I could still show up to Thanksgiving dinner without remorse. When it was time for my brother to choose a college, however, he asked me to sit down and brace myself for bad news. Using a poster board and pre-written speech, he told me something I never thought I’d hear from my own flesh and blood: he had chosen to attend our family’s rival school. He had chosen to become my enemy. Suddenly, game days consisted of watching the game in separate rooms and raising a flag above our childhood home which read, “House Divided.”

Other than the fun and games of college football, I try really hard to be liked, and therefore, don’t have many “enemies.” And since I can’t name them, I don’t have to worry about loving them, right? But Jesus doesn’t ask us whether or not we have enemies. He does not give us qualifiers like, “If you have enemies… ” or “During football season…” Rather, He assumes we do have enemies and tells us to love them.

What if our reluctance to admit to having enemies is standing in the way of God working through us to bring Him glory? What if our “goodness” and pride are blocking the flow of His true goodness in our relationships? We must stop avoiding the fact that we have enemies and get to the hard, kingdom-building work of loving them.

In Matthew 5:43-48, Jesus clarifies a way of following Him that goes above and beyond the law:

“You have heard that it was said, Love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be children of your Father in heaven.”
– Matthew 5:43-45

Gulp. Okay, so maybe I have a few enemies—and not just of the sports variety. But loving my enemies in my own strength looks like the half-hearted lineup at the end of a football field, exchanging handshakes and “good games,” then ducking out to head for the locker room.

But loving people the way Jesus taught means praying for them, and prayer requires more than a half-hearted intention. Prayer requires truly wanting good for someone else. Because Jesus did not settle for anything less than redemption in His love for us, we must do the same for each other.

I don’t think the point is to love our enemies until they stop being our enemies; I think it’s to experience God doling out grace in equal proportion alongside them in community. This serves as a reminder that if it weren’t for Jesus, we would all be eternal enemies of His and of one another.

There is no reason to keep score in our relationships. The Victor has already won. This means we no longer count someone else’s gain our loss, or vice versa, because Jesus is ours, and He is all we’ll ever need.

Praise the Lord, our constant companion, for His love. Amen.


  • I think what stood out to me most in this was the statement that we were all enemies of God until He stepped in to change that. I’m sure that is a truth I have known for awhile but sometimes it just stands out in a different way. We love our enemies because God loved us, His enemies, first.

  • Bevvie Byrom

    This really speaks to me. One thing i can do is support those busineses that are against the christian worl view. And bless them with my money in spite of there ways. Here to loving our enemies.

  • No weapon formed against this family will prosper!
    In Jesus Name! AMEN!

  • I’ve struggled with resentment and hatred towards people in my life who have caused me to suffer. It’s hard to know how to pray for them, especially when you really don’t even want to think about them. I was so lost I did a deep google search on it, and found some helpful teaching – I started just simply asking God to change my heart and use my enemy’s life for His purpose, whatever that is!

    Still a hard prayer to pray, but I’ve felt change through it!

    • Caroline

      Oh my goodness. I needed to read your words. I’m in similar situation and am struggling. Thank you.

  • Kristen Clegs

    I’ve never associated this passage with the idea that I was God’s enemy. Did He hate me? Avoid me? Leave me alone in my helplessness? No, He searched me out and wanted me and prayed for me. “He did not settle for anything less than redemption in His love for me.” How can I, then, not fight and pray for Him to redeem the difficult relationships in my life?

    • Melissa

      This is awesome. So true. I feel like your perspective just shattered this hardness that was creeping around my heart. Thank you for commenting(:

  • There is no reason to keep score in our relationships. The Victor has already won. I love that. This is the piece that allows us to forgive and extend grace when we just feel we can’t. This phrase so clearly opened my heart this morning. God is so giving.

  • Secrets tear us apart. Why? because we are all meant to live in the light. Matthew says that God sends rain on the just and unjust. God provides growth for both parties. He also shines light on both parties. Perhaps, when we love those who want to stay hidden in their secret pain (those we consider our enemies), we get to be conduits of God’s light. Shining it where the Enemy does not want it to go. Just a thought:)

  • I have been thinking about this, and I feel that sometimes our enemies are not those who actively are against us. Sometimes, they are simply those who think or act differently than we do, who have different beliefs or values. We are called to love these “enemies” just as we love ourselves as well. The LGBQT community comes to mind…they are children of God just as everyone else, and deserve to be loved as such. Not persecuted, ignored, disposed or hated. A line from Casting Crowns’ song “Jesus, Friend of Sinners” comes to mind: “nobody knows what we’re for only what we’re against when we judge the wounded, why don’t we put down our signs, cross over the lines and love as you did.” I personally am more concerned about their eternal soul than what is done to their physical bodies here on earth. God help me to love like you did…and do.

  • I’m feeling as though God is trying to show me something here. I went to dinner with my mother in law this evening, which is a story in itself. She expressed to me that she had felt at times that our family friend was the only person who really prayed for her during some hard times. I don’t know what made her feel this way, but the statement made me think. Have I really, truly prayed for all of the people that I’ve promised prayer for? The half hearted prayer is probably a common occurrence in a busy life. Get it done just to say that I did…Today I pray that prayer for both friends and enemies becomes priority.

    • Jeanna

      Kristy, I’m with you on this one! What a great way to frame your mother-in-law’s comment. Thanks!

  • Lizzieb85

    My church is doing 45 days of prayer based off of Ephesians 3:14-21. Here is today’s prompting:
    In the strength of Your power in my inner being, help me to love my enemies as I love myself, find joy in pain, have peace in turbulence, have patience with all, show gentleness when treated harshly, and in all things exercise self-control & restraint.

    Sometimes my twin toddlers feel like my enemies- today they sabotaged my morning plans with their toddler-ness. I lost my cool & had my own tantrum. I need this today.

    • Lauren

      Thank you for this. Praying for you. I have felt some of the same feelings lately with my 4.5 year old. I am struggling with disciplining him in a loving way and want so badly to make sure I am doing it how God wants me to discipline him and not how I want to in the heat of the moment. My anger has gotten the best of my attitude recently and I let it rob me of my joy one too many times over the last few weeks.

      • Natalie

        Wow! I have twin 4.5 year old toddlers, too, and until I read your comment I was struggling with this passage – thinking “but, really, I don’t have any “enemies” unless you could people who I have never met who I have heard about on tv, or read about online.” I never thought that I could be treating my own children as my enemies, but, yes, I have moments with them as well where I definitely see them as the rival team – especially when they’re working together! Thank you so much for your comments, Lauren and Lizzie – I struggle with loving discipline and not losing my temper as well. I’m going to re-read the passage with my children in mind!

  • What happens when your child is the one who has the enemy? My 8yr old daughter is being bullied at school by another girl(who used to be a close friend). It began last year and is now continuing this school year. I asked the teacher if she could place the girls in different classrooms, thinking this might solve the issue, but alas, the girl just seeks her out at recess. What this girl is doing is pernicious, it’s quiet and pretty sneaky. Like forming clubs that include everyone except my daughter. Turing other classmates against her, -girls my daughter doesn’t even know! The glare at her at recess and spy on her while she is playing with other people, what is she supposed to say? They looked at me in a mean way? What is happening is very subtle, -however something IS happening. I feel deflated, because last year was so stressful. She cried every night and now it’s happening again. I am continuing to pray about this situation and I am trying to guide my daughter the best way I can, but honestly. -I’m beginning to feel so deflated I feel abandoned by God. Sorry I just do. The teacher didn’t really take what was happening too seriously until the end of the school year. It’s just so very frustrating, so I could use some prayers.

    • Anna

      Prayers being sent your way, Jami. I am so sorry that this is happening to your daughter, but I also know that God uses everything for His glory. Have you been specifically praying for the girl who is bullying your daughter? I wonder if prayer for her (the enemy) would be something that God may be pushing you towards? And maybe even encouraging your daughter to pray to God about it and pray about her enemy as well?

      • jami

        I’m sure you are right, -about God pushing me to pray for this girl. I’m actually surprised I never thought about doing that, -I’ve been so focused on my own daughter’s feelings and experience.

        I’m friends with the girl’s mother, and I do care for this child- even though I’m upset with what she is doing. I realize there is more at stake here, -as sad as I am about what is happening to my daughter, I am also concerned about this other little girl’s well being. Her behavior is only increasing and becoming more worrisome. As difficult as it is for me, it cannot be easy AT ALL on the other side. Perhaps worse even. -No one wants to be the parent of “that child.”

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Jami, thank you so much for being willing to share this. I can only imagine how frustrating this has been for your family, and we grieve with you in it. We would encourage you to seek out a local pastor or counselor who can offer advice on this situation if you haven’t already. Community and encouragement from other believers can help so much! Also, we’ll be praying for everyone involved and that God’s name would be glorified in the midst of this difficult situation. – Abby, The SRT Team

      • Lynné

        My heart goes out to you and your daughter. I am 23 now but when I was in school I experienced bullying for years. It was very hard. But trust me when I say that it is something that has made me a stronger, and more caring person. I would not be who I am today, or have the heart I do for girls going through similar situations if it had not been for the struggles I faced at school every day. Yes, please let your daughter know you are there for her and do everything you can in the midst of the situation, but know that God will work all things for good in the end, even if we can’t see it at the moment. I would encourage your daughter to pray for the girl who is bullying her. That ended up being the thing that changed my heart for the girl who was mistreating me. Instead of seeing her as bully I began to see what a difficult home situation she had and my heart hurt for her instead of being angry at her. It won’t make it easier, but I know that the peace of God and His strength can be with her in the midst of this.

    • SB

      I’m so sorry Jami! It is so hard to watch our kids hurting. Prayers for you and your daughter.

    • Lynné

      I responded under the wrong comment so I’ll repost it here:
      My heart goes out to you and your daughter. I am 23 now but when I was in school I experienced bullying for years. It was very hard. But trust me when I say that it is something that has made me a stronger, and more caring person. I would not be who I am today, or have the heart I do for girls going through similar situations if it had not been for the struggles I faced at school every day. Yes, please let your daughter know you are there for her and do everything you can in the midst of the situation, but know that God will work all things for good in the end, even if we can’t see it at the moment. I would encourage your daughter to pray for the girl who is bullying her. That ended up being the thing that changed my heart for the girl who was mistreating me. Instead of seeing her as bully I began to see what a difficult home situation she had and my heart hurt for her instead of being angry at her. It won’t make it easier, but I know that the peace of God and His strength can be with her in the midst of this.

  • Hey guys, can you please pray for me, that I learn how to manage my time? Stayed up late yesterday finishing homework that I should’ve done earlier…super tired today. Just frustrated that I didn’t plan well and that I wasted time procrastinating. Something to work on.

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Sarah, thanks so much for being willing to share. We know how difficult time management can be, and will definitely be keeping you in our prayers this week! – Abby, The SRT Team

      • truthseeker

        Hi Sarah! I have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers . I hope that you recovered from your cold and are now feeling better. It does take time to become an organized person with the ability to manage time well. I say this as I am a great procrastinator . When I was in school I tried to do my homework assignments as soon as possible so that they would be done and I could go on to the next thing and not have to worry about it. I also want to welcome you to Lynchburg and glad that you chose LU to attend. My husband and I attend Calvary Chapel on Leesville Road- and we have quite a few LU students who also attend here. Next Thursday September 21 is the Women’s Ministry Bible Study Kick Off & Coffee Fellowship held at 9:30 am and 7:00 pm. I attend the 7:00 pm study as I work days. This year we’ll be doing a Kay Arthur study on the names of God called “Lord I want to know you”. I would like to invite you to join the study and to visit the Sunday service – you have a choice of 8:15 am(we attend this one); 9:45 and 11:30am. I truly hope to meet you – my name is Denise Morgan. I pray God’s blessings on you.

  • I used to be the kind of person who thought I didn’t have enemies. I thought ‘enemy’ might be suited for people in war or politics, but not a term for my everyday life. I genuinely like just about everybody. And even people I didn’t *like* I still care about.

    This February, that changed. We moved from one apartment to another- a bigger, better one. Or so we thought. But from day one we faced what having an enemy looked like, because our neighbors did not want our family there. I know, because they’ve told us to our face. We’ve been cornered and verbally attacked, our friends told to leave, and endured banging on the walls when our baby would cry, and most recently blatantly ignoring us and cold, unforgiving silence. We felt isolated and alone, and I’ll admit months after the worst incidents I still get nervous stepping outside.

    I’ve felt guilty – how do I love a neighbor when I am terrified to knock on their front door?

    My history with prayer is complicated- I struggle with the knowledge that God hears our prayers and that it actually changes things. But today, reading this devotion, I realized I don’t have to initiate a ‘neighborly’ relationship to show love to these people. My first calling is to pray, genuinely, for this family. To pray over their days, over their dreams and desires, that the Lord will reveal himself to them. To put my own feelings aside and truly submit myself to interceding on their behalf.

    Does prayer change things? I genuinely don’t know. But I do know it’s not without purpose – when we pray we are turning over the control to God, laying our burdens and troubles down at his feet. There is freedom in letting go of what we can’t control- including the stronghold our enemies may have. May His will be done, and let it be so.

    • Alexandria Buttgereit

      Veronica, I cannot stress enough that if you decide to give God the chance to show up through prayer HE WILL! When we pray for others He works first in us to change our heart towards them as He works in their lives as well. We may not always see it, and it may be the smallest of things, but He so will. My favorite quote on prayer is “If we o my knew the power of prayer we would never cease to pray.” I pray He works through you to love this family!

    • Cindy

      So hard, so sad, so stressful …. I can’t imagine being in your situation. I do believe that God in infinitely able, and this little quote that I have in my sewing room came to mind…
      “Lord, I crawled across the desert to you, uncertain in asking any small refreshment; if I had know you better, I’d have come running with a bucket!” Prayers for you and your family …

  • I am struggling with this heavily right now. My fiancé cheated on me and the women he cheated with knew he was with me and had been for many years. She taunts and sends me messages, posts things and does things to bring my attention to them, all this trying to come between myself and Mike. I know that I am suppose to love her, forgive her, and pray for her, but i really don’t want to. I tell myself that by praying for her to find someone else to keep her occupied that I am doing what is right, but I know, deep down, or maybe not so deep down, that this is not what my Heavenly Father wants or expects from me. She is not worth losing my soul over. So how do I turn off the pain that scars my heart so deeply and love this person who continues to persecute me? Is there a secret to loving someone like this?

    • Veronica

      Oh, Pamela. I hurt alongside you- I cannot imagine the pain you are going through. First, give yourself space- I think it’s totally appropriate to block her number and any social media- you do not have to see her taunts. Second, forgiveness is a process. It does not happen overnight, but takes time and patience. I definitely don’t have all of the answers, but our God knows your struggle and invites you in. Pursue him harder, even when you don’t want to forgive or don’t want any more of him. Be patient with yourself as you learn to forgive and love- it’s definitely not easy. I am praying for you in this time. ❤️

    • Erin

      Hey Pam,
      That’s a really hard situation, and I’m sorry that it happened. Honestly, I think the root of all of what God asks us to do (including loving our enemies), involves total surrender to his will and goodness before anything else. That means that we release our grip on things that we are clinging to. Whether that’s your anger, or specific desired outcome of the relationship with your fiancé, I think truly trusting God to do as he pleases is the only path to obedience. That won’t be easy, but I can definitely say (from experience) that God will grant you peace if you truly give him the reigns. Also, I do think healthy boundaries are important with people who have lied/cheated you, especially a significant other– I hope you are caring for your heart there too. I’ll be praying for you lady!

    • Jess

      I hate that you are having to go through this. Dealing with infidelity is hard enough all by itself when others aren’t aware, but to be taunted is even worse. Recognize that this is nothing but the trick of the enemy (coming to steal, kill, and destroy). But remember the readings from earlier this week about Adultery (what God has put together, let no man destroy). I agree with Veronica that forgiveness takes times. There are stages that you will go through with dealing with this and “loving your neighbor” may not necessarily happen day 1, but that’s ok, it’s a process. I would definitely block her number from being able to call or text you (just call your phone carrier for help with that) I would also block /unfollow her from all social media accounts. I pray that God gives you and your husband the tools needed to work through this

  • churchmouse

    Confessing here that I need to read these Scriptures daily. Relationships are so difficult to maneuver, influence, improve. There are layers of understanding and misunderstanding. There are misspoken words begging for forgiveness. There are Christians tussling with other Christians. There are estranged family members, tension with work colleagues… The list goes on and on, doesn’t it? I’ve experienced all of these – some resolved, some ongoing. There is such a need to learn to be quiet and listen well, especially to the unspoken words. There is such a need to learn to read the body language and not just prepare a counterattack. Sigh. It takes work! It takes humility and resolve forged from time on my knees. Praying daily for endurance to press on and love on, with no expectation from the other. Just honor Jesus in the effort. Amen.

  • Love the football/sports analogy, so appropriate for this southern girl.

  • I’m learning the Lords directive is the better one for all involved. I have some ongoing issues right now but I am praying that the Lord continues to fill me with his love and help me to see those as he wants me to do I can respond in “peace”. I woke up with Francesca Battistelli song in my head. ” If we’re honest” take a moment and look it up and listen.

  • We rent in a picky town home community . We’ve been here about 18 months no issues . There’s a signed parking . We came home from church and someone had stolen my spot . (On going issue ) We were there all afternoon. The tow truck came later and took the car . The newish neighbor across from us came to my door angry (in her 60s ) that we had a foreign exchange student towed who doesn’t live here and doesn’t pay for my spot . She was really nasty about it. She lets the students take any spot they want even though they don’t pay to live here and don’t even have tags . It even looks like she knocked down one of my back porch plants and broke a wad . It’s been hard not to be upset in return . Good timely Devo !!

  • Ooh this was so good. This is one of the greatest lessons of the Christian faith (in my opinion). Because even as Christians when we’re told to love, oftentimes we’re actually taught to fight back. Even by the Christians who told us to love! One thing the Old Testament does a beautiful job at illustrating is how violence (whether it’s emotional or physical) only breeds more violence. The only way to break that cycle of violence is to correct the behavior with love. And not a judgmental love because that isn’t really love either. But a Jesus love. A recognition that you and your enemy are the same in the eyes of God. No one is better. No one is worse. You are both doing the best you can in the moment, and as a Christian, you are charged with being the healer. And the medicine you use is love.

    I had to deal with feelings of resentment and judgement not too long ago. Instead of stewing in them like I normally would have, I surrendered them to God and asked for His help and perspective. A thought came to mind that really helped: this person is already healed, they just don’t know it yet. And somehow this lowered allllllll of my defenses and all those nasty feeling just melted away and the tension left. I could respond lovingly instead of judgmentally. Having this hope made all the difference in the world. It was like an unshaken belief that Christ would heal it and fix it, maybe even through me. So grateful for God lifting that burden we were never designed to bear.

  • I needed this reading today. My husband has just been diagnosed with crohn’s disease and last night a frenemy decided it was the night to make unsolicited passive aggressive remarks. The remark rolled around my head for hrs and is popping in an out today. I need to remember she has her own struggles and I can look the other way from her remarks, remembering to pray for her that she finds peace for herself as well.

  • Oh man! How this hit home but in an exciting way! Such a different feel than what I would’ve felt yesterday! I’m having issues at school. I would’ve never classified them as an enemy but I just kept trying to see the good in the person and every day I had to work through anger and resentment. Through the frustration and literal tears. We had a “blow out moment” the other day and nothing bad was said just tension grew even more …then amazingly for me, it felt like it was all resolved. I know things probably won’t change but I was blessed to get a glimpse of what’s going on behind what’s felt like contempt for me to really just help me let go of all the emotion and just show love. God is good. He works amazingly though things. Every moment of the day He is just showing how much He loves me. I hope you all feel that way about Him and I hope if you don’t, you lean into Him more.

  • Thank you Kaitlyn! I was just thinking when I saw the title of this devotional “oh this doesn’t apply to me today, I don’t have any enemies”….you put me in my place real fast! And I’m so grateful you did! Thank you for a new spin on this passage for us girls who are always “trying really hard to be liked and don’t have many enemies.”

  • Karen From Virginia

    Love without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good. Learning to love is a lifelong journey depending upon Jesus. Learning to walk wisely, generously while forgiving and entering into others lives. A journey that is imperfect but genuine. God has been faithful to lead. Sometimes to forbear, sometimes forgive , sometimes to let go and sometimes to joyfully love whole bunches. God is good

  • With the deterioration of mum’s dementia came a family conference call to organise a Rota of people to take care of her by a younger sister.
    It soon transpired that it would be difficult during the week as all 7 children had jobs and families, kids to be taken to football, ballet, swimming…choir, shift work… just living stuff.
    So the holder of the conference threw in the she’s been there for you all your life card… I got cross, but said nothing.. still no takers. She then proceeded to call us one by one to ask why we could not make time for our mum… blood beginning to book now..
    When she got to our brother, she asked him what he could do, he said he worked 8-6, got home in time to relieve wide of 5 kids as she worked nights and Saturdays were taken with ferrying kids here there and everywhere. Sunday’s he worshipped at his church and so he would have to see weekly when he could see mum.. she told him he would have to stop going to church, so he could visit mum.. blood boiling now.
    Then she asked me… I live 120 miles away.. so I said I don’t know that I could do every week as it costs to get to mum, over £60 each time. I don’t have the money… to cut a long story short I said I could do once a month, which I have kept to… in the end we were able to come to some sort of Rota to include home care from outsiders and yes perhaps we needed the bull in a China shop approach to get there..
    Here’s the thing.. the sister that was using the bullying tactics lives in Italy..!
    So I found myself not liking her much.. thinking of her as my ‘enemy ‘. This went on for a while… until this summer when we were around mum at the same time.. She badgered me into telling her why I was not that friendly towards her.. so I told her i thought she acted like a diva and that she bullied us that day… She only picked up on the diva part… told me I now only have 3 sisters until I was ready to go to her..
    I still love her as my sister, but now it seems I’m her ‘enemy’.
    I have no idea how this story will work out, but I do know I need to repent of holding my sister as an ‘enemy’. That I need to let the dust settles and maybe write a letter, and, or, if I have the money go to Italy in person…
    I will leave that in God’s hands…praying each day for the strength to not retaliate in anyway.. but also to have the peace to wait on Him to help, guide and direct me in this mess I have created..
    I look to you Lord God.. I look to you… praying you give my sister peace of heart, calm of mind and love in heart to see that sisters will fall out, but that in you we can be made whole again.
    I look to you Lord God, only you… in the Mighty and forgiving powerful name of Jesus I pray…Amen..
    Praying every blessing for you.. sisters… in peace and grace and love..xx

    • Carol

      I had a falling out with my sister a few years ago. There is great power in prayer and letter writing. It took me a few letters and different approaches, but I do have my sister back. I was very explicit and told her “I am not trying to make you feel bad I just want you to hear my side.” She has opened all lines of communication. I am praying for you.

    • SB

      Tina, thank you for sharing this! I am the sister that lives far away. I really struggle with the expectations I have for the remaining 4 siblings and what they should or shouldn’t be doing. Not because I think they should do more though really because how literally I can do nothing. The control is completely taken from me regarding them and it’s terrifying. Things can happen at any time and I won’t know, I will miss out. I lash out at them because I think I would do it completely different if I was there and the truth is I wouldn’t. And that is painful. I wouldn’t be there because of other responsibilities and that is ok! We can only do the best that we can do but thank you for giving me the perspective of the other family member.

    • Sarah

      Tina thank you for sharing today. I felt convicted reading your story because I am terrible about loving my younger sister. We fought nonstop growing up, and then when I moved out and went to college, we just kind of stopped talking. We never bridged the gap and bonded like most sisters do. I don’t think of her as my enemy but I certainly do not treat her like my neighbor. I live very far away now. We only talk maybe once every other month… if that and usually just a couple of texts. I always feel awkward around her and sometimes she feels like a stranger to me. This girl I grew up with but haven’t really had a relationship with in 4 years. So today I am going to text her and see how things are going. Praying that God heals our relationship today.

  • Alison MacFarland

    Hello my dear sisters down south! Do Americans really watch college American football? In Canada I don’t even know the name of our college teams! Oh how cultures are different. May you all have a blessed day!

    • Hahahaha Alison! You’re making me want to move to Canada next! Oh how it sounds amazing to not even know the team names! My husband and his family are maniacs about it. I dread football season (that really has become year around, somehow!) just because the talk that goes back and forth makes me so anxious. But yes…it can be that bad!!!!

      • Taylor H

        It can also be that good! :-) We love our college football. I follow my team much more closely than the NFL. It’s enjoyable and there’s a deep connection when you attended the school. But yes, college football is huge in the US.

    • Megan

      Yes! College football is huge in the US South! (Georgia girl here. ;-D ) Pro football’s not as big, though. At least, it doesn’t carry the same depth of tradition and emotion. Here’s one I learned growing up:
      My roots are in Alabama’s sod
      I’m southern, by the grace of God.
      Bear Bryant taught me the meaning of pride,
      My pledge of allegiance is Roll Tide!

    • Yes we do! Go Green! Go white!

  • While I would much rather read this scripture and quickly move on to something easier for me to swallow, I won’t. I will pray for the enemy who blames me for their problems, who hurt me, my husband, and our kids. I went from love to anger, and have settled in apathy. That’s a terrible place to be. I will make a commitment to pray for her, that she just might open her heart to Jesus.

    • Karen From Virginia

      Praying for you as you pray for those who hurt you. That God will give you wisdom and His heart and love for you and those that hurt. Only God can heal your heart.

    • Eims

      I hear you on this. sending prayers and good vibes to you and yours. I’ll pray for her also.

    • Arnie

      If I comnamicuted I could thank you enough for this, I’d be lying.

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