The Sermon on the Mount: Day 1

Thy Kingdom Come


Today's Text: Matthew 4:23-7:29

Scripture Reading: Matthew 4:23-7:29

Can you think back to a moment when your wrong actions or motivations were exposed? When the dark corners of your heart were revealed, and even you stood surprised at the depth of your flaws?

I am remembering a time recently when my sin was laid bare. I failed to consider others before myself, and I acted in a way contrary to what I know to be true. It was not all intentional, but it was all me. I felt embarrassed. I felt sad. I felt distraught at my helplessness to rewind the situation and make it better.

Imagine with me a version of this scenario where the one who reveals your wrongdoing also offers the remedy for it. He says to you, “Here is what you’ve done, and here is how it violated God and others. You are deeply flawed. But you are also deeply loved. You are not wholly righteous, but I am. You can not live up to every line of the law, but I have. You are not enough, but I was and I am and I will be—on your behalf. Your life is now hidden in mine.”

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus’ longest recorded sermon and arguably His most well-known, Jesus holds the lives and religion of His hearers up to the light of God’s law. It is as if He takes a spiritual X-ray of their actions, hearts, motives, and rituals, as well as their pain, longings, confusion, and suffering. Reading this sermon should do the same to ours.

The prognosis is bleak: we are broken beyond self-repair. But the remedy is real: Jesus came to fulfill every inch of the law on our behalf.

Much to the shock of His listeners, Jesus taught that the kingdom of heaven is utterly unlike our earthly kingdoms. The poor and afflicted—not the powerful and attractive—are called blessed, along with the grieving, the seeking, and the persecuted. The the true measure of a person is not just her action, but her heart. Authentic spirituality is reflected not by how loudly we worship in public, but how earnestly we worship in private. Jesus, in effect, says this: You tout the law even as you break the law, but I alone fulfill the law. I alone am enough.

Because of the person and work of Christ, the law gives freedom instead of chains, life instead of despair. Rather than dwelling in condemnation or striving in vain for our own righteousness, a proper view of God’s law directs our gaze to Jesus. Seeing God’s law as both holy and wholly fulfilled in Jesus compels us to live out of Christ’s love for us in all areas of life.

As we read the Sermon on the Mount, we will feel the sting of Christ’s rebuke of sin and self. The dark corners of our hearts will be exposed, and we may wince at what we find there. But we will also hear the invitation to new life. There is peace in relying solely on Christ’s perfection and goodness. There is freedom in living our lives on earth as citizens of our truer, everlasting kingdom: the kingdom of God.

This is the life we were made for. This is the life that is ours in Jesus.


Editor’s Note: You may notice that today’s reading is longer than the others. On this first day of the study, we are reading the Sermon on the Mount in its entirety. Each weekday that follows will include a smaller section of the sermon to allow for more focused study, along with supplementary passages for broader understanding and deeper engagement. We invite you to read along with us.

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  • Carleen Burch

    We are going through The Sermon on the Mount as a church body and I’m working on memorizing it! Finding this plan is super exciting!

  • Faith Mosher

    What strikes me the most is chapter 6, verses 25-26. I have a tattoo inspired by verse 26, but I haven’t ever put the pieces together to connect that verse to the context of the halter and the entire sermon. It is so simple but blew me away how Jesus casts away our anxieties in a few statements, reminding us that He loves us and is taking care of all our needs. What a beautiful way to go about our day, keeping that in mind.

    • Emily Cook

      I agree! Anxiety is immediately put into perspective in these verses. He makes something so complex, so simple!

  • Ingrid Troxell

    Today when I was reading “blessed are the meek” really stuck with me. In our culture today meekness is not always appreciated or valued. Those who possess outward appearing strength often overshadow the meek or gentle spirited. For me being more gentle is an ideal that I want to strive towards.

  • Sarah Moody

    Matthew 5:48 “therefore be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.” This one was hard for me. Lately I am working on looking past trying to be perfect and this verse made me question my intentions. I have a lot of anxiety. I’m really trying to work through it and learn to place my trust in God. A lot of my anxiety is from wanting to be perfect. This verse is a little confusing for me. I’m hoping the deeper into this study I get the more I will understand how to take that verse.

    • Laura Quinn

      I think that verse is best understood in the context of what Christ was saying previously. Jesus is talking about the law (by saying “you have heard it said…”) and then contrasting that with the heart of the matter (“but I say to you…”). In the section right before Matt. 5:48, Jesus is discussing what the law said about enemies and what the heart of the matter really is when it comes to interacting with enemies. When Jesus says “be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect”, he is saying be perfect in showing grace to or loving the good and the bad just as God does (Matt 5:45).
      Your feeling of inadequacy is, I think, exactly what Jesus wants you to feel. After each exposing of the heart of the matter, we should realize that there is no way we alone could possibly fulfill that requirement. Jesus is exposing our very vulnerable need of a Savior. What is amazing is that throughout the book of Matthew, we see Jesus fulfilling each of these commandments including “be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.” Christ fulfilled the law, and he took our place so we might have his complete and perfect righteousness. Sarah, you already are perfect in the eyes of God! Because of this great gift, we no longer live out of fear of not performing perfect enough, but now live lives of joyful obedience to God, exuding our gratitude of saving us from our sin. Oh what mercy has been shown to us!

  • Sarah See

    “Your eye is a lamp that provides light for your whole body. When your eye is good, your whole body is filled with light. But when your eye is bad, your whole body is filled with darkness” what a wonderful reminder to keep our focus and our eyes off of social media and the things of this world, and to keep focused on the word of the Lord

  • Colby Riley

    I’ve never really intentionally focused on being a citizen of Gods kingdom outside of church and I want to apply more of his word to my everyday life.

  • Erica Cross

    “Blessed are those who mourn, for those shall be comforted” this really sticks with me because with all that I’ve gone through, I really feel the peace and comfort of God. In this, it makes me want to evaluate all dark corners of my life to receive these holy rewards that Jesus spoke of.

  • I’m new to She Reads Truth. The first day inspired me to consider my heart, not just my actions and to think about how earnestly I worship in private. I look forward to the day by day study.

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Glenda, we’re so glad that you’re here and reading along with us! -Margot, The SRT Team

    • Britany Martindale

      Me too, Glenda! First time subscriber! Same thought.

  • Susan James

    I downloaded the “She Speaks Truth” at an Abundance” conference and I chose “Sermon on the Mount” for my first study because I just finished it with Jen Wilkin. I look forward to each day getting even more JOY from all of the community as we all live through these tough times and are reassured that God loves US!

  • Amanda Campbell
  • KC Derond

    We are gracefully broken, and made whole in Him ❤️

  • Donna Miller

    I pray I will hear these lessons with an open and a willing heart to glorify God with my broken humanness

  • Jataunia Jones

    Wow first day of this plan and the conviction is so real but I’m so ready for the surgery that’s about to take place

  • Bevvie Byrom

    This is amazing. I never realized that i can depend on Christ to be my righteousness every day. This is so freeing. I always knew He completed the work on the cross for me. But i never realized what this looked like on any given day. It takes away the sriving for my own righteousness. And lets me depend on His righteousness alone. Wow.

    • Kaitlyn Reed

      You should totally read “fruit of the spirit” the last devotional was mind blowing to me. I had no idea that fruit of the spirit is not OUR fruit at all, it’s God’s, and it’s only produced by abiding in Him. Has nothing to do with our righteousness! That was so freeing, too!

  • Heather

    Just started today and this is going to be great!

  • Mireya V.

    Today is day one for me in this series! So excited to see what’s in store. This definitely spoke life into me- there’s no need to be anxious, God will provide.

  • Just started this series!

  • Lisa dK

    I just joined today. Excited to see there are still people who have joined/are joining the conversation.

  • I’m starting the series today! I hope I stay committed to it. I’m definitely a person who struggles w being too busy staying busy. If that makes sense. (My old young life leader used to say everyone can give the excuse of being too busy with being busy but how often do we actually have a minute to reach out to a loved one or study the Bible for a second.)

  • Hi everyone just joined today!

  • Tiffany

    There are many days, like today, where I want to pull the covers back over my head and sleep until the next day comes. Although I have lived by God’s truth for several years now, generalized anxiety, depression, loneliness, and the sting of rejection are invisible enemies I continue to battle everyday. I feel like I never get a break nor am I truly happy – even in moments of laughter I am struggling. Currently, I’ve received help from the Lord in the way of allowing old friendships to resurface. I am reconnecting with women I once pushed away or allowed the relationships to lapse because of one too many of my bad days. For some, their lives are better, some worse, some the same. But I pray I am able to help them, speak life into their situations, and cease to judge them through the pain I have. I’m mature enough now to be a friend based on what I have to offer rather than looking at what they have to offer me. So, though I am still struggling with my mess, I am blessed to say my heart is pure and my intentions are to see others live life fully – even in ways I am unable to fully live. These friendships are a true second, third, fourth…chance.

    • Marissa

      Hey Tiffany. Oh, girl. This was so much me. Thank you for sharing. I totally get the “mature enough now to be a friend based on what I have to offer rather than looking at what they have to offer me.” That’s been a lesson God has been teaching me for a long while. I spent so many years asking God for friends…and He was telling me to BE one. Thanks for your words. You aren’t alone in those feelings. <3

  • Crystal White

    So I had my 20 year high school reunion. It brought back so many memories, Including revisiting a bad decision I made that embarrassed my parents. So today I felt compelled to find me an app – to help the ‘forgiving myself’ process. Landed on this. Excited to see where God’s word will take me.

  • Miranda Menzel

    There is so much freedom in being fully known – so inspiring that irrespective of our sin, we are covered and sanctified. Knowing the revelation of who Jesus is enables us to want to continually be purified!!! Love it.

  • Sara Cook

    Authentic spirituality is reflected not by how loudly we worship in public, but how earnestly we worship in private. I love this.

  • Theresa

    A journey much needed.

  • Shuana Huggins

    Starting today I am looking forward to change and growth through this study ,

  • Melissa Paul

    Starting today:). Have read it multiple times in the past and am excited to really reflect on Jesus’s words.

  • Starting this today.. First time I have ever read the Sermon on the Mount in its entirety. Powerful words… deeply flawed but deeply loved…

  • Paula Sardinas

    I’m starting this series today and feeling very encouraged. It’s a blessing to experience the word of GOD from great women!

  • Kristen Clegs

    Love seeing Jesus use the Law as a schoolmaster to show us the heart of God rather than – like the religious leaders – a tool for control and prestige. The Who’s-who in the Kingdom of Heaven are not the stringent keepers of the Law, but the poor in spirit, the mourners, the meek, the merciful, the persecuted – these people are God’s salt and light in the earth! Then Jesus takes different Laws and shows us that our sin runs so much deeper than just our actions; but he prefaces by explaining that He Himself wholly fulfilled the Law, so we can rest in Him. “My life is hid with Christ.”

  • Shelby Crews

    It’s been a while since I’ve truly studied the Bible. Growing up in church I didn’t realize how much I took that influence for granted. Now, as an adult in a city far away from all family and friends, I’ve had the opportunity to truly seek Christ for my own understanding, not just because it’s the norm. I’m so excited to dig deeper!

  • This is everything I needed today. God finds us in the darkest corners and hears our silent tears. Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I say rejoice.

  • Just staring this journey I’ve been feeling so disconnected and don’t like my inner core as this moment

  • I have recently started my graduate program and need this desperately. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Latesia

    I am so happy that I found this site. It is very refreshing.

  • Leticia

    I felt so disconnected from God and the body of Christ, almost becoming ” bored” in my journey? As I studied the scriptures and journaled Gods loving whisper to me, I realized that I put way to much pressure on myself and others to be perfect. I want a fairytale life of perfection. I realize that in my flaws I’m blessed. I am flawed and loved. Jesus is enough.

    • Rue

      I’m glad to see that there are others who have been feeling the same way. I hope your journey is improving and thanks for sharing!

  • Stephanie Michelle

    There was so much conviction in this reading. I’m glad I found it when I did. I’m excited to see me in these words… as painful as it is! God is Good! Love this study!

  • Ines P.

    I’m trying to catch up on this study. I’m a born again Christian and I am running towards God and trying to learn His word. I pray this study helps me dig deeper into God’s word.

  • Cheri D

    Taking a look at myself is always so discouraging but praise be to God! He became my sin that I may become his righteousness… I am going to love this study.

  • I am seeking, running to the Lord. My life lacks purpose yet I feel I am impatient. I need to rest and heal physically. This was an amazing reminder to trust. I need this constantly as the worries of life often consume me. This is exactly what I needed today. I look forward to the further study of the sermon

  • Annette Briones

    Love this new study! It’s helping me see the Sermon On The Mount in a new light!

  • Janelle

    I have read the scripture so many times about the lamp shining for all to see yet I am so quick to dim myself in comparison to others. This is yet another wake up call from God, goodness he must know I sleep a lot for fear of rebuke and condemnation from others.
    Time for my lamp to be on the table to shine the light God has given me!

  • “You are not enough, but I was and I am and I will be-on your behalf. Your life is now hidden in mine.”

    Praise the Lord for that truth! I need a constant reminder that I need the life-saving help of Jesus. I know this study is going to humble me in so many ways and it’s going to be so hard, but so good.

  • This deeply speaks to my heart. I was just telling my husband my fear of the unknown at work, with maybe getting hours cut and needing to look for a new job despite loving my current. But the lord knows what I need, if he can care for the grasses and birds and the lilies, what do I have to worry about?

  • “Authentic spirituality is reflected not by how loudly we worship in public, but how earnestly we worship in private” working on this never been too much about the public side but the private side could sure use some work. Thankful and excited to start this story. Love the whole overview before it’s broken in to parts.

  • Reading through the chapters today, forced me to look inside my heart and find everything that had been “hiding” in the dark. There were a few passages that made me duck as I read them because those stones were coming hard and fast at me. I felt sadness because I realized how much work I need but I also felt hope knowing that Jesus is a restorer of hearts and even though I am not perfect, Jesus made a way that I may be found righteous.

  • As I read through the chapters today; I couldn’t help but think of my lack of relationship with my younger sister (who will be 22), my dad (whom is 52) and an intermittent relationship with my mother (whom is 55 in a nursing home due to a bad fall two years ago). I randomly see verses speaking about not having a relationship with your sibling and you to be punished as such, makes my stomach turn. Growing up in an abusive household and being kicked out half way through my senior year of high school for being really involved in Honor Society (age 17).. I found it easiest to not have the negative, guilt trip ridden, swearing, verbally/emotional abuse relationship with my immediate family (sister, dad and mom) to be at a minimum or none-at-all. Does that mean I’m sinning because I limit my contact with them. Also they don’t consider me family as well. My sister doesn’t speak to me and my dad had told me she hates me. My dad only speaks to me on my birthday (which he gave me a guilt trip after saying happy birthday). My mom only speaks to me when I visit her in the nursing home so she knows I still love her (because she is my mother, I see her wearing the cross necklace I got her and it makes me smile despite sometimes she makes hurtful comments stating her family is my dad and sister). I focus on the love of my Heavenly Father and how forgiving he is to me and my sins. I pray that me not having a relationship, or trying due to avoiding negativity to maintain a peaceful state of mind.

    • songbird

      dear sister, I’m sorry to hear about your difficulties with maintaining healthy family relationships. It sounds like at least it’s not just your fault nor your responsibility. However your attempt at making the most of it in this broken situation, seems valuable. Yes, you have the duty to do whatever you can to be on good terms, but no, you cannot fix things that are broken. Wishing you all the courage and guidance!

    • Rosemary

      Dear Shelby,

      I do not believe that our Lord expects us to put ourselves in an abusive ( emotionally, physically, or verbally) situation time and time again. If we had a friend that treated us in such a manner, we would’t be friends with them anymore. We would never subject our children to such treatment. Praying for them is most certainly an option and one I would encourage. I hope you are seeking counseling. I am praying for you!

    • Sarah Spegal

      Hi Friend. In what was an unhealthy relationship with an immediate family member, I constantly felt guilty for ‘not forgiving them’ because I didn’t feel safe around them (I even felt angry and bitter at times!). God reminded me that there is a difference between forgiveness and trust. Forgiveness says ‘I will not hold this against you,’ and God asks us to take that step for those who have hurt us. But trust is different. Trust takes time. Trust is built. Trust says, ‘I will not let you hold my heart until I know you can be trusted.’ And God does not ask us to trust untrustworthy people. God does not ask us to put ourselves in abusive situations. To the contrary, he asks us to guard our hearts (Proverbs). I trust his Spirit will lead you through the murky waters of this journey with your family. I’m praying for peace and life for you!

  • Lindsay

    You are right in that even reading the entire passage today – a few parts/memories of my sin stung. However, I’m looking forward to asking God to forgive, restore and help me make Godly choices and decisions in areas of sin that are uncovered.

  • churchmouse

    SRT, I appreciate that you have us begin this study by reading through Matthew 5-7 in one sitting. It’s good to get an overview and then to break it down. How often I need reminded to do just that : look at the overview and then focus laser-like on the message underneath. Relationships are tricky to get right – and I’m so grateful Jesus addresses how to do them His way. Looking forward to turning the pages of Scripture with you all.

  • Kaleigh Scheideman

    I’m excited to be starting this study! My husband is doing it too along with the HRT study and I’m praying for what God is going to show us as individuals as well as within our marriage. This is my first official study with SRT and I love the community that comes along with it!

  • Heather Durow

    I am excited to be doing this study! I am newly re-saved and baptized and an attending church for the first time. I’m looking forward to using this study to dig deeper into Christ, obtain a better understanding of his works, and grow closer to Him! Thank you for this community ❤

  • Yesenia

    Hello I’m Yesenia! I am excited to start this Bible study with this wonderful community that the Lord lead me too! This is my first study with SRT, and I already am so in love with it! I have been so busy with finishing school and work and family that I feel like I have lost my relationship with Him. Understanding and studying scripture for me brings me closer to Him! And not doing it alone and doing this with other sisters from around the world is beautiful!

  • Thank you for opportunity with this bible study. I have done many bible studies , however this is the first online – for a God given reason – my daughter is also doing it ! Praying for quiet God centering time in each day.

  • Debbie L

    Thank you, Amanda for today’s study! I am also excited to partake of the meat and fruit this study will provide!

  • Debbie L

    Diane, your comments are my story, as well, except my unreconciled relationship is with my sister, who is also a believer. I, too, grieve, but don’t know what else to do except pray – for a softening in her heart to forgive, and that no root of bitterness be established in either of our hearts. Yes, “our battles are not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of darkness.. may we fight against our true enemy…” the one who seeks to destroy. In Your Mighty Name, Jesus, we pray, Amen.

  • I am so excited for this study :).
    I found today’s readings really challenging and a bit ‘owchy’ in places but also full of hope. So good to remember that however rubbish we are Jesus is always good, always reliable, always faithful and always the way. So good to be doing this study alongside others ☺️

  • Cheryl Lason

    “The true measure of a person is not just her action, but her heart. Authentic spirituality is reflected not by how loudly we worship in public, but how earnestly we worship in private.” This is so true! This is my goal as I continue in Bible reading , study and teaching. I am excited to follow along with this study. Thank you.

  • I am so excited to start this study with you all. This passage is so important to me, as Jesus shows us how to live a life of authentic faith and I feel so refreshed every time I read it. This comes at a perfect time in my life and spiritual journey so I thank God I have found this group to share with!

  • I am still amazed and so overcome with joy that Jesus died for us on the cross. It has taken me a long time to come to this point in my life where I lay down all my hurts, disappointments and sins and ask God to come into my life and be the leader I so desperately need. I have done such a terrible job thus far but I know that he will make my way straight and forgive me of all my past transgressions. Thank you Jesus for everything you have done and will do for me, for the world!

  • Kathy Christian Kennedy (k2)

    There are no words

  • “Your life is now hidden in mine.” What a divinely inspired sentence. One that I desperately needed to hear. Allowing myself to be fully absorbed by Jesus. Praying for the easy release of resistance. Thank you, Amanda.

    • Kendra

      Me too! I forget He sees me washed whiter than snow as He looks at us through the lens of Jesus.

  • songbird

    City on the hill – very difficult task I have to say. Recently I’ve been thinking of ways in which to do so more actively. I hope and pray that I can do my part in this over the weeks, months and years to come.

  • Erica Joy

    I am so excited to study the sermon on the mount more in depth. I have been struggling with anxiety after a miscarriage and hear Good saying trust me through your anxiety. I will take care of you. please pray I can continue to trust him through my anxiety. I want to seek him, I need Jesus!

    • Cheryl

      I am sorry to hear of your loss, trusting that the Lord will be your comfort and peace. He is there when we seek Him. I will pray for you today.

  • I am so excited about this study!! It’s crazy to think that our God came to earth to fulfill the law which makes us righteous because we could not do it on our own. Praise Jesus! ❤️

  • I’ve been so excited to start this study! Reading today reminded me how there are so many nuggets in this one passage. It is so full and I’m excited to unpack it all over the next few weeks!

    Something I’ve noticed and was even taught with this passage is how Jesus raised the standard. When he breaks down different laws, he follows up with how even without the act we can commit the sin in our heart (i.e: (paraphrase) the law says a man commits adultery by sleeping with another woman, but Jesus says even if he looks at her in a lustful way he’s done it) This has shown me how much our heart—our intentions, motives, thoughts is important. How we are positioned internally. It’s a challenge for sure and it’s amazingly encouraging to know that because of Jesus we can do and be how He created us to be.

  • Emily Wilhelm

    “For he causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.” Matthew 5:45 For a long time I was searching for the answer to a common question: Why do bad things happen to good people? We know our Lord would not wish such pain and suffering among us; struggles are just a fact of life. Bad things happen, but the reality is, bad things happen to ALL people, not just the good. When I heard those words from a minister at my church, I felt peace. Reading this verse reopened that peace for me. Everyone has their share of good and bad, we just tend to focus on the bad. My prayer for all you ladies is for peace that surpasses all understanding and that you will no longer dwell in the good or bad that surrounds someone else’s life, but bask in what fulfills your own.

  • Diane Huntsman

    There’s so much on forgiving your enemy.. Leaving your gift at the altar going to reconcile with your brother..ugh.. it hits hard and deeply painful as I’ve tried to reconcile.. I’ve asked for forgiveness.. I’ve followed the rules according to scripture on relationship blunders.. but there is a family in whom I am related to by marriage that has refused my request for forgiveness.. the hardest part is the pettiness of the offense laid against me.. they are professing believers but they just do not care to reconcile.. so I come to these passages and do not find my answer.. only that I attempted reconciliation several times, but it’s never been rectified.. my brother in law said this to me after I groveled at his feet asking forgiveness..”you’ve caused so much destruction.. I mean there’s forgiveness, but.. the distance, the way it is now, it’s better this way.” Oh.. ok.. but I don’t even know what I did.. no one has ever sat me down to read me my faults and failures.. I mean I know the petty grievance that started the whole mess, but I have no clue on all the destructiveness he spoke of.. so I mourn.. I grieve a death to relationships that should be reconciled.. and I read passages like this one in Matthew and feel so torn up inside.. so saddened by the adversary’s win on this unfortunate falling out..
    writing this out is helpful.. its just therapeutic to recall my attempts to follow Jesus’ commands.. I’m not a victim, that’s not my point in all this.. we fail one another all the time..our pride, our neglect to see our own short comings and sin causes death in relationships.. but the important part is making sure we do our part to be obedient to Jesus.. He sees our attempts and He takes notice.. we can’t make people forgive us.. but we can pray as I have been the last several years that God births forgiveness in hearts that just don’t want to forgive.. today I’m praying for all of you as I pray for me to keep loving our enemies and to keep believing Jesus for the miracle of reconciliation. Jesus do a deep in the hearts of people we’ve hurt and offended.. keep our hearts soft towards You always and keep bitterness from taking root in us as we wait for the great and miraculous day of reconciliation.. our battles are not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of darkness.. may we fight against our true enemy.. in the life giving and heart transforming name of Jesus I pray.. amen

    • Christine

      Diane, It hurts to long for forgiveness that is not forthcoming. I pray that you will receive it some day soon and your relationships will be restored. Even if that does not happen, I think about how God can redeem any difficult situation, and good can come of the most painful experiences. I imagine that you are probably more generous in extending grace to others because you truly understand what forgiveness might mean to the offender. What a gift. God bless you.

      • Diane Huntsman

        Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my heart.. I am so touched and so grateful.. wish I could hug ya! Xo

    • Jill

      I’m so sorry about the pain you are feeling. If you have asked for forgiveness, you have done your part. It’s in their ball court. They get to choose to do the right or wrong thing. Our scripture today talks about the eye and it makes me think of our perspectives. If our eye/ perspectives are not covered in his miraculous light, we are not going to have perspectives or eye sight that align with his word. This could be true of the people you seek forgiveness from. You have cried out to God for reconciliation and you’ve humbled yourself to these people. God will defend you in His perfect timing. I know it is so hard to wait. They might never forgive, but God has already forgiven you for this situation. It’s no longer. Trust Him and cling to His word. Shame is not of God. Praying. -Jill

      • Diane Huntsman

        Thank you so very much for taking the time to respond.. blessed my heart real good! Love what you had to say! Blessings friend xo

    • Lana

      Sending you a big hug, Diane. I can relate. Surrender it to Jesus and let your light shine. Sometimes God hardens hearts for a reason. Try not to judge them or yourself in this period. Just trust God is doing something truly miraculous that will make all of it worth it. Know that! And I pray you’ll even be fortunate enough to see the great miracle when it does happen! But you never know. It might be a generational miracle and your attempts at reconciliation could be part of a much larger and greater story than we can even imagine! Keeping you in my heart and prayers. Big hug!

      • Jill


      • Diane Huntsman

        Such powerful truths spoken! Thank you for responding!!! Your hug is received! Blessings to you! I’ll remember this great advice! Xo

    • Debbie L

      “no one has ever sat me down to read me my faults and failures.. I mean I know the petty grievance that started the whole mess, but I have no clue on all the destructiveness he spoke of.. so I mourn.. I grieve a death to relationships that should be reconciled..” Diane, your comments are my story, as well, except my unreconciled relationship is with my sister, who is also a believer. I, too, grieve, but don’t know what else to do except pray – for a softening in her heart to forgive, and that no root of bitterness be established in either of our hearts. Yes, “our battles are not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of darkness.. may we fight against our true enemy…” the one who seeks to destroy. In Your Mighty Name, Jesus, we pray, Amen.

      • aprilinsydney

        Debbie, I am in the same boat. My sister (also a believer) refuses to have anything to do with me, returns my letters unopened, openly bad mouths me to other family members (none of what she says is actually true). In all this, she won’t even tell me what terrible things I am supposed to have done to her, she just lashes out and blames me. After the deaths of my brother, mother & father, she is all that remains of my nuclear family, which makes the situation even more tragic. Grief is a horrendous process, even more so when the person you are grieving is still alive!
        And yet, I realise that I feel bitterness toward her because of how she is treating me, and I am convicted. I do not want that to take root in me. My hope is that one day, we will be reconciled. I want to be open, ready and free of bitterness for when that day comes.
        I will keep you and Diane in my prayers. Happy to be walking through this study with you ladies xx

        • Diane Huntsman

          Oh my goodness.. such pain!! I am so sorry for all of your losses!!! Ugh! Sooo incredibly hard!!! I am praying with and for you today!! Ladies let’s believe a great day of reconciling is in our futures! He is able to fix and heal wounded hearts.. oh the pain of it all!! Jesus meet us in our utter despair and bring healing to all those broken relationships!! Please heal the deep oozing wounds that keep us alienated from one another.. we invite You to do what only You can do.. heal a bitter, angry, resentful and blaming heart. In Jesus name amen!

      • Diane Huntsman

        I am so sorry you relate to my story.. the pain is accrue I know! And your own sister! I am
        Soooo sorry.. but as you stated we pray.. because it’s a heart problem and we can’t fix hearts only God can do that.. praying for us both today and praying for the hearts of those we’ve so deeply offended.. hugs friend! xo

  • I felt a calling to this study. I pray for all who participate that our hearts, ears, and minds will be open to Jesus’ message in our lives today. May we all build a stronger foundation through the next 28 days. May we each welcome His truth about where our lives are headed and the path He leads us as believers. May we hear, may we respond and may we practice what we hear. Thankful to be taking this journey with all of you sisters in Christ.

  • Brandy C

    Could not wait for this day to start! This is one of my favorite passages of scriptures. Thank you, already Day 1 is a reminder of Gods grace and fulfillment of the law. ❤️

  • It’s okay to remember and reflect on the past of what God has saved us from- remembering that He has forgiven us and given us new life. It is not okay to stay living in regret and sorrow. Jesus gave us new life and grace in order to move forward and grow. He wants us to live a grace-filled life – moving forward in love and being gracious to others just as He is so gracious to us.

    I’m excited and a little apprehensive for this series. There are beautiful, core teachings from Christ’s lips that I know will challenge me, prune me, and hopefully draw me closer to Him.

  • Tochi Heredia

    A couple of weeks ago, I had to sit in front of a person that judged me without really knowing me, calling me a faker of my faith, recalling all my past mistakes and failures. Maybe they had good intentions, but their rebuke lacked love and mercy and grace.

    I’ve had that over my head ever since. It was exactly what I had been telling myself, and to hear it from someone else was devastating. I just had this crushing feeling that I was never gonna be enough, that I was gonna sin my way out of heaven.
    These last few days though, have been so raw and full of shame that the only thing that has me standing are my God’s promises. Like King David, I keep asking Him to “Do not banish me from Your presence or take Your Holy Spirit from me. Restore the joy of Your salvation to me, and give me a willing spirit.” (Psalm 51:11-12)

    I’m so prone to believe the lies told by the devil, other people and myself. I’m so prone let my pride dictate my feelings and actions. But the power of what I just read left me in tears and on my knees. I’m asking, searching, knocking… And I know my prayers will be answered, I know He hears my cry, I know He’s the only rock.
    Thank you Father!!!! Thank you for lowering yourself to meet me where I am.

    (And sorry for the long comment, sisters. I appreciate your prayers).

    • Sarah

      There is grace and freedom in Christ. As Christians we should not oppress one another with past failures. I’m sorry that happened to you. Prayers that as you seek God, you will feel His grace and call to new growth.

  • Kristen

    “Rather than dwelling in condemnation or striving in vain for our own righteousness, a proper view of God’s law directs our gaze to Jesus”—I know this is what I’m needing: redirection, a fixed gaze on Jesus instead of my own efforts (and failures). I think I need to continue to learn that “the law” is different from Truth. The law brings condemnation… the truth sets us free!

  • Please, Lord forgive my sins, keep my heart pure in following you, and continue to strengthen my faith every day. Give me the courage and right words to share your love with others, and let my children grow in faith, praising and worshiping you all of their days. Amen.

  • Gabriella Hoffman

    I am so excited to be on this faith journey discovering a deeper meaning for the Sermon on the Mount! I have already found several connections to my daily life in the first verses. Thank you SRT!

  • I’m praying for my sweet cousin and me as we begin this devotion. I pray we open our hearts and ears to what our Father says to us. I pray we have a soul on fire and spread it on to others. I pray we feel loved while we are broken. And lastly, I pray the same for this entire SRT community. Thankful to have you guys!

  • Katalina

    He has given us a second chance at life. That’s why itms so important to guard our hearts because not only is it the first causality against earthly temptations (anger, resentment, bitterness,) but it’s the one God seeks out the most. He wants our hearts to be pure and weedless. What possible blessing can come to a heart thats rotting with evil emotions. Letting Christ take control of letting all that go is our second chance at a peaceful life. One where we can withstand anything that comes our ways. Sisters, being a Christian, living out the Christian life is not easy. But the reward, the life-altering changes that come with accepting Christ and following His path is beyond any kind of word description. He is my remedy and He is my second chance ❤️

  • The Sermon on the Mount is my favorite passage in Scripture. It has taught me and continues to teach me so much about what Gods will is for my life. Every time I read it, I feel refreshed and renewed, every single time.

  • Excited for this study as well..a change of seasons here in Vermont, and this study is like a change of life..progressing forward to the only thing that matters. Jesus.

    • Jennifer

      completely agree! the change of season always reminds me of the constant love of God all year long. like you said moving towards a life with Jesus at the centre is the most important

  • I am so excited for this study! I have gotten lost and my light no longer is shining like a city on the hill. I pray to be open to the truths Jesus shares in this Sermon on the Mount. The challenges they bring to my current state of being. God always knows what I need to bring me back to Him. Thank you SRT

    • SuzD

      You spoke the words I have in my heart right now. May we find our way to shine again.

    • Tochi Heredia

      Yes yes yes! I’m right there with you, sister. Thank you for sharing ❤

    • CC

      I’m also right there with you in that prayer

    • Eims

      Praying with you on this one ❤

  • SRT—the book is beautiful! I do many of the studies without the books but there are some that I like to have the ability to underline passages, connect my thoughts, journal, etc and I highly suspected this would be one. The book is perfect. I’m excited to see what God will reveal to me during this study.

    • Glenice

      I felt the same way about the book. As a Designer, I can also appreciate the effort that went in to the images, colors, and layout. I am looking forward to finding more of Jesus through this study.

  • Karen From Virginia

    I am excited about the study. I have read the Sermon on the Mount countless times. I love the word of God. Because today reading it all together, I realize yes again I need a Savior. Especially when I read chapter 5,I clearly see how I fall short. But in chapter 6, I begin to see how my loving Savior cares for me. He tells me not to worry, to trust him and to put my focus on the kingdom of God. In the uncertainty of life and even watching Irma to see she is a hurricane that hit us, I need to hear that I am cared for. It’s helpful to be overwhelmed that I can’t do it on my own, but also to be told to put the kingdom of God first and to trust him. I can rest in the Lord. I can rest in his work for his righteousness and also for the future I cannot control. The Scriptures comfort me, challenging me and give me a hunger to want more of Jesus. I’m excited for what the study holds.

  • Thank you SRT for this study, so many things I need to address in my life and so many questions I have about how life works are right here in this passage of scripture. Back to school for the kids tomorrow and back to all the school gate politics and (I’m ashamed to say it!) comparing myself to the other Mums. I have recognised over the summer while reading in Samuel that I need to step away from a worldly perspective and see with Jesus view. I am so thankful for this study series to help me see again through the lens of Jesus words to us how we should ‘be’ in him.

    • SB

      Clare! Yes! I’m right there with you. I needed to be reminded of this. My little one starts school for the first time and I’ve been full of anxiety and sadness and worried about others when I just need to stop and concentrate on God and what He has in store for me and my little one!

  • Sarah K

    Excited to start this today with the book too! I need to be challenged to live more intentionally as a citizen of God’s kingdom here on earth; bring it on!

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