1 & 2 Samuel: Day 11

David and Goliath


Today's Text: 1 Samuel 17:1-58, Ephesians 6:12, Hebrews 2:14-18

Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 17:1-58, Ephesians 6:12, Hebrews 2:14-18

We recently celebrated our 5th birthday here at She Reads Truth, and I’ve been feeling nostalgic about the early days. Thinking back over the years, I can remember a lot of mistakes I’ve made, not to mention the mistakes I made today. Seriously, I don’t seem to be able to make it though one day without putting my foot in my mouth just a little bit.

But I have learned so much, and there is one simple thing for which I am most grateful: I have learned about the Bible. The more I read, the more I’m able to make connections and see the echoes of one passage in another. More than the research and the commentaries, the focused act of reading my Bible has given me confident hope for the future.

I have learned that my own resolutions to achieve and do better will absolutely come to nothing. I know that all good things come by the power of God’s grace, not the resolve of my earnest soul. I’ve learned that fear and worry serve no purpose in God’s economy. And another great perk of knowing your Bible is knowing what God has promised.

This is exactly where David was when he heard that Goliath the Philistine was threatening the troops of Israel. He was just totally outraged that no one had taken up the challenge because he knew that God had already promised to preserve and protect Israel. Not only that, but God had already delivered the giants into Israel’s hands before: when Abraham conquered Chedorlaomer (Genesis 14), and when Israel entered the land of promise (Numbers 13:17-33).

David knew God’s covenant promises to Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob. He’d heard the stories of God’s amazing protection over Noah and his family. And he’d read the heroic tales of Joshua’s obedience to God. He knew, most of all, that God is faithful, and that He cannot be mocked (Galatians 6:7).

David knew his Bible. He knew God’s promises. So when he was confronted with a threatening Philistine giant, he said, “ Today, the LORD will hand you over to me” (1 Samuel 17:46). Those sound like brave words if you don’t know the end of the story. But the pattern of redemption is always the same: the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain… but the Lord is enthroned in heaven (Psalm 2). The Bible tells us we will always have troubles, but Jesus is the hero and He always slays the dragon in the end.

Know His Word. Know who God is. Remember the history of His providence. Lay hold of His unfailing promises. David wasn’t doing anything new, but he was a man who knew his Bible.

I don’t know that I’m ready to face any giants, but knowing God’s Word and His promises were exactly the foundation for David’s confidence before Goliath. It wasn’t his sling and stones, or his history of bear-fighting. It was simply God’s Word.


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  • Diane Gelok

    “The nations rage, and the peoples plot in vain…but the LORD is enthroned in Heaven.” I definitely needed to be reminded of this truth tonight. As our nation seems to spin out of control in both the political and moral arena, I am becoming increasingly disappointed and frustrated by the human condition and America’s depravity. What a good reminder that “there is nothing new under the sun,” and God is in control no matter what is happening in my small corner of the world in this brief moment in history. I’m checking in humbled & encouraged today.

  • Reading about David and Goliath makes me think about what armors I carry as my defender instead of God. The worlds way of winning is not always Gods way, the weight on David’s back of the heavy armour made him feel less capable not more. Sometimes when we use our own devices as our tool for victory we are only left seeing those devices fail us. The Lord gave David the tools in his belt, the lord prepared David. I pray Lord I would trust you and your word more. Help me to lay down my man made armour and run to the shelter of the most high.


  • Yes. THE essential… Abide in Him. Why do I wander!? Thank you, Father for your faithfulness. My weakness is so great, yet your mercies are new every single morning. You are beyond compare… Great is your faithfulness. Thank you, Father.

  • I needed this today(and every day). I suffer from anxiety, and at times the issues that cause my anxiety seem so big but my God is bigger. When life gets tough we need to go deeper in His word and remember His promises.

    • Mandy Henry

      Praying for your anxiety Susan. Max Lucado had a new book I plan to read about anxiety…… blessings as you walk through that.

  • Glad that the Lord layer the message on my heart. Is it not amazing that a familiar passage can reveal something new just when you, or someone else needs it! Praise Him!

  • Something I noted for the first time, and this is one of my favorite passages, especially when I am feeling overly burdened; David left the sheep with a keeper while he fought the giant. Is that not what we are to some degree? Are we not the keepers of His sheep while He fights are battles? As Christian women, mothers, sisters, daughters, we should be covering those we love and treasure with prayer while the Lord fights the battles. In my kitchen window is a small wooden cross and five stones. I named them, Faith, family, friends, future and forever. All of them are important to me, but I remind myself, David only needed one. Faith. One small stone took down a large giant. And faith can take down our giants as well. Let the battle belong to God. Blessings to all!

    • Sarah

      Anita, thank you for that. I’ve been feeling an incredible burden and I don’t know how to throw it off, despite my faith. But I really needed a reminder to stop fighting, and let the Lord fight these battles. We are not the heroes of the story and it’s okay not to be the fighter. We can’t do anything at all in our own strength.

  • For me, 1 Samuel is a book about the heart. What are the intentions of your heart? David did not enter this battle to glorify himself. Not even a little bit. He did it for the glory of God. He did not boast in his own strength. He did not tell the giant about the lions and bears. He told the Giant about his God. He made clear he was not using his strength, but the strength of the Lord. His heart was pure and God was with him. My prayer is that God helps us surrender so that we may have a pure heart like David’s.

  • I’m catching up on readings today, and as I read this chapter, and all of your responses, I kept coming back to one conclusion: we all face different battles, but should all have the same battle plan – God’s Word. I’m reminded today that His Word is so much more than just a book. It is full of truth and grace and redemption. It is our greatest defense against the enemy and the battles we face in this world. Grateful. Thankful. Looking at my own ‘battles’ through a new lens now.

  • Battles we all face today vary in content; yet we all should love each other despite a “ranking” scale of the sin. Reading through the SRT community for this day. I want those who are in despair, feeling doubts, whom are sick, whom are trying to conceive; to ultimately find peace in our good Lord. He shall provide.

    For me to overcome the darkest aspect of me growing up and overcoming my past.. I guess I shall speak to strangers or sisters of SRT in fear of condemnation or negative responses (if any at all). Growing up I suffered from child abuse (physical and mental) thus leading to my father kicking me out of the house halfway through my senior year of high school. I have not been back ever since (8.5yrs) and my relationship with my parents are slim to none (despite me visiting my 55yr old mother who is intermittently confused after tripping and falling backwards and striking head of cabinet; thus her placement in nursing home for remainder of her life). During the most vulnerable time of my life, age 18-23 my dark years; when I desired someone to love me or to look at me as if I was their daughter or even that they cared for me. Growing up I was grounded for receiving Christ as my personal Savior and I held onto hope that God would pull me through all the abuse; I had attempted suicide twice which ultimately scared me because I didn’t want God to be mad at me but I couldn’t handle the hits anymore and being told I was a mistake. Fast forward to those dark years, I went from boyfriend to boyfriend; trying to ultimately find someone who loved me or give me attention to feel important. I had variety of closeness levels to God; close to far. The darkest was premarital sex (especially one month after being so excited of being Baptized and wanting to restart my life and get closer to the Lord then returning from church camp back into the negative atmosphere of everyday life) and thus leading to a positive pregnancy test; my boyfriend didn’t want it and called me a Bible thumper for always praying and trying to talk about God (relationship had spun into similar to my dad speaking to me)..ultimately I took high dose Vitamin C and I got my period and relationship ended as I was left in a storm outside. Fast forward 4 months, same situation and utter disbelief of myself, pure disappointment of myself.. a new boyfriend who claimed was a Christian and had two children, I thought he would be different and care about me.. one night he flipped out and his eyes went all black and he pulled a knife on me and himself (his kids were at their mothers), I called 911 and he was placed in a psych facility for 3 days.. on the day he got out he had begged me to give him a chance and that he would change and desire a closer relationship with God; premarital sex and positive pregnancy test and I aborted for many reasons: not entirely clear of ‘clean bill of health’ from Cardiologist, relationship was not healthy, not ready to be a mother, not in a situation where I would have been proud of being a mother due to not married. At the clinic, there was no heartbeat prior to procedure. I walked out feeling as if I was a dark cloud.. ended the relationship a couple months afterwards. Altogether thinking and blaming myself for being useless because my parents told me so. I then started to turn my life around and get closer to God and was ultimately blessed with a man who understood me and helped me to not view myself as a burden or worthless. I’ve been overcoming my battle. I rededicated my life to the Lord this summer to rid the guilt of my past especially because I can’t get rebaptized. I’m not proud of my past and wish I would have saved myself for marriage.

    • Kristi Kavicky

      Oh Shelby! You have the befinning of a story written all about God winning your heart. I’m so sorry for all the trials that have been set in your life. But, I hope, as you read your Bible daily, that you grow with hope. Do you see how God has continued to call you home to Him? I hear it in your story. He loves you!! He loves you like no human is capable of. I would love to send you a copy of Jesus Calling. It’s another short devotional that speaks so much hope into my daily life. If this is something you’d like, email me at [email protected]

    • Trisha C

      Shelby, thank you so much for sharing your story. What Kristi said is so true. God loves you desperately and sings over you. His grace covers the past and He bore our shame on the cross. Praying that this truth encourages and blesses you today.

    • Teresa H

      Oh Shelby… You are so brave to share all you have been through with us. I am so so sorry that you have had to take so much abuse in your life. Your God has seen it all. When you ask Him to forgive you…your sins are at the bottom of the ocean floor. You are forgiven! I’m a lousy one to speak about letting the guilt go as I struggle daily with walking in the freedom that Jesus has forgiven my sins. But sweetie…oh the pain and struggle you have been through your whole life. You are a beautiful daughter of the Most High and He loves you!! He knows your suffering. He forgives your sin. He is calling you to Himself. He wants a relationship with you, His precious daughter. I WILL be praying for you Shelby..daily. YOUR name is on my white board and I will be praying to our God for you…because You my dear are worth so much more than you know..than this life has dealt you. I am So so happy that you have found a good man to treasure you. I hope you will read Jesus Calling everyday. I have heard from so many…how this little book I gave them, has helped them through the day, the week…the rough season they are going through. Ultimately, remember…Jesus loves you and He meets you right where you are. To love you, to help you, to carry you through when you need to be carried. Bless you my sweet sister. If you need someone to listen..my email is [email protected]. I hope you feel a burden was lifted from you after sharing your story with us. Please continue to study His word and to seek His face. Praying for you sweetheart!

    • Cari

      Oh my dear dear girl. I’m so glad you have this safe place to lay out your story and receive love and encouragement from this community. My earnest prayer for you is that God puts good people in your life who will reflect the love he has for you into your heart and soul. Walk with your head high, your story isn’t finished, you are a beautiful ‘work in progress’ God Bless xxx

      • Shelby

        Cari, I am too because I was iffy on if I wanted to put it out there. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!

  • Day 12, where are you? Here it is on He Reads Truth http://hereadstruth.com/2017/08/11/david-and-saul/

  • I’m struggling at the moment of being on my own and desiring to be a Christian wife and mother. This is my battle. I’m so done with it. Endless prayers that are not answered. I’m becoming an age where children might not be possible anymore biologically. And this is something I never expected to happen. Wondering why God seeks to keep me on my own when it’s so not my desires. I feel like an anonymity (this word has just come to me writing this) in Christian life, where do I fit in and how do I do this.

    • Erica

      I recently read the book “Not Yet Married-Finding Joy in Singleness and Dating” by Marshall Segal, I highly recommend it. It biblically speaks directly to what you are facing and has given me a new perspective.

    • Nancy Grant

      Praying for you, and trusting that God will show you the answers to your questions in His word, in His love for you, and in His faithfulness to you.

    • Kristen Clegs

      I’m 29 and single, and often find myself wrestling with the Lord over the same issue: why do I have a good and noble desire, but no prospect of it ever being fulfilled? The Lord had impressed on me the concept of sacrifice. A sacrifice is NOT giving up something we don’t want, something that’s easy to do without anyway. A sacrifice is a good, noble, pure offering of something we treasure. It’s laying your precious desire on the altar of your love, and saying, “Father, take this. I love You enough to give this up and go about My Father’s business in other ways. Be the everlasting arms that hold me close, be the lover that knows me intimately, be everything that I need. I trust that the destiny You have outlined for me is better than my own self-focused, short-sighted plans. Because, no matter what, You are good. To me.”

  • AT Peace

    I pray this morning for all of the young women of SRT who are returning to college campuses soon. That is a major battlefield. You all make me so happy that you are studying God’s word and are in this community of faith. May God protect you and guide you this coming year. Remember that He has already won the battle. We are praying for you.

  • Karen From Virginia

    I needed this story. To recall my faithful strong God. It’s been a rough week of grieving and physical pain.

  • Wow….”It wasn’t his sling and stones, or his history of bear-fighting. It was simply God’s Word.” Sometimes I fall into this trap of believing God has so fully prepared me for something that I don’t need to ask Him for faith or guidance anymore. While David was confident, he was most confident in God’s promises. This reading today helped remind me that God should be given all the praise. Thank you!!

  • Cecilia

    Gosh, I read this story again and again & it’s so rich in takeaways to apply to our lives. Just to name a few…..Being responsible with the tasks you are given (before David leaves he takes care of his duties) *we must ensure we leave our duties to trustworthy and capable people* , being confident in your faith and God’s word no matter what others around you think/say (David can’t even identify w their unfaithfulness) *we need to be reminding ourselves of God’s blessings in our lives to keep our faith strong in the presence of evil*.

    Just before he is about to take this giant on, David gets opinions from others – he has to shake off insults *We have to expect and ignore the attempts of others to tear us down * (his bro’s comments, etc), he has to turn down doing it someone else’s way (the ill fitting armour) *God gave is skills to do it our way. Our current place is practicing grounds for tasks God wants us to do, seek wisdom but trust your skills*
    And one I am currently working on is declarations. Look at how David declares victory *before* the fight!?! How many of us practice declaring victory over areas in our life before God brings us through them? I am taking David’s exact words and apply them to my battles. I am so excited to do it! God, so thankful for the richness of your WORD and how it teaches us to live the lives you want for us. Love you SRT fam!

    • Sheryn

      Cecilia, this is SO GREAT and SO TRUE! I love the way you broke everything apart and found all the hidden gems in this story. Thank you for helping to remind me too…I need to declare victory over all areas of my life…even the areas that aren’t so great….yet!!

  • I remember those early days too… I remember them well… I have grown muchly through those ‘mistakes’ and have loved and continue to with a thankful heart to cherish my mornings with you..my SRT family…

    Just remembering recently having the small group round to ponder psalm 121 after reading the SRT Devo that morning.. I especially was struck by the line… ‘Where does my help come from…’
    So I posed the question to the group.. and asked what that line meant to them? One member talked about her prayer of a few weeks not being answered and that she wasn’t sure God would respond to her prayers..
    I felt this urge to remind her that in the ten years plus that I have known her, when had God let her down..from the time she needed money for another car…to the time she couldn’t pay her rent…or perhaps even holiday funds.. or a ticket to that conference she wanted to go to…the list went on..God had been faithful constantly in her life.. I had been a witness on numerous occasions… as she has praised and glorified Him who has seen her through yet again…
    We do need reminding of our true and faithful God.. His promises to provide, protect, be with us, are as true as the sky is blue, and as sure as a heart beat..He will never fail us, though sometimes we forget, though sometimes we trust in ourselves, it is God’s grace and help that gets us through… always..
    Living on the promises of God my God, who is faithful, steadfast and sure… for always never faltering…
    Thank you Lord God thank you…
    Sending hugs all round.. xx

  • For the battle is the Lord’s! Holding onto HIS word. I’ve got to do this moment by moment right now. Thankful that there is hope.

  • Sarah D.

    Also, any prayers appreciated, my ear infection is still giving me pain and my eye has been a little swollen for a day now…not sure if it is an allergic reaction to a medicine. Please pray that Jesus will heal me quickly so that I can get back into my regular routine, and that I stay healthy as I go into my first year of college in a couple weeks. Thank you all! <3

  • Sarah D.

    Louie Giglio recently wrote a book about this (called Goliath Must Fall). Listening to one of his sermons, he pointed out that we are not David in the story of David and Goliath. Jesus is David. He has already slain our giants. Louie Giglio pointed out though, that even though our giants are dead, they are still deadly. Fears, doubts, temptations, anxiety. Many things still come back and haunt us. But what we need to remember is that the giants are dead and victory has already been achieved through Christ. Lord please help me remember.

    • Leesha

      I was gonna bring this up too!! He came to my church and shared about the book. Such a good sermon. Haven’t read the book yet though.

    • Karen From Virginia

      What a great perspective. It gives me peace that it’s been taken care of. Living it out is my job.

  • Thank you for this devotion today! I work in a Pregnancy resource center– our world is fighting a battle as great as any battle ever know to man– abortion!! But God WILL prevail!!

  • Cecelia Enns Schulz

    In the book I was reading back in June, the author was talking about faith over feeling. Something I know God is trying to get through my thick skull. But I have the quote written and hilighted in my journal “who we ARE must always take precedence over what we DO or FEEL. The army saw Goliath in relation to themselves and trembled; David saw Goliath in relation to God and triumphed.” I want to be the one who sees from my position seated WITH God in heavenly places. With that perspective, I can see the giants, know that they are real but also know that my God is able. He is faithful and he knows the plans he has for me.

  • Sabrina Klomp

    This is such a good word! It’s not some magic formula or self resolve. It’s Christ and the Word alone!

  • “Then he took his staff in his hand.” I once heard a pastor speak on the significance of the staff. He showed us one he had brought back from Israel. It was sturdy and had marks on it. When a shepherd was given a staff it was made to last a lifetime. The shepherd would place a mark on the staff when something significant happened in his life. Each mark was a reminder of what God have done for him. David went into battle with his staff in hand. He went into battle with confidence holding on to the reminders of all God had delivered him from. I pray I face my giants with faith instead of fear and hold tight to the reminders of His faithfulness.

  • Aimeejoy

    Have you ever had someone question your competence? David did. His own brother, in verse 28 attempts to skew david’s view of himself. First, Eliab questions David’s motives for coming. Then David’s competence at the job of a shepherd. Then, Eliab begins to shame david, saying he is conceited. When our character is put into question like David’s was, it is easy to feel helpless at the defense, accept defeat, and return to what we know. David could have done this. He could have accepted the shame and been manipulated into thinking that his motives were not pure. However, instead we see David confident in his ability and character because God has shaped his ability and character. David sees God’s faithfulness and trusts the goodness God has cultivated inside of him. Because he refuses to live in shame, David is empowered to fulfill his calling. He listen’s to God’s nudging and stays true to his Identity. Even when Saul attempts to put the Identity of a soldier upon David by giving him soldier’s armor, David recognizes that the identity of a soldier does not fit with who God has shaped him to be. Let us, too be empowered to remain faithful to the identity God gives each one of us, because God has proven himself to be trustworthy. And the identity God gives will hold firm against the giants in our lives.

    • Kelly

      “When our character is put into question like David’s was, it is easy to feel helpless at the defense, accept defeat, and return to what we know” Such a great way to phrase that!

  • Ashley BB

    Overwhelmed at reading about all of the “giants” we face in our lives. Some I am familiar with (post partum anxiety), and others I am not.

    But about it all, we serve a mighty and able, willing and compassionate God. Praying for the SRT community this morning the our mighty Jesus overwhelms what overwhelms us.

    Rest in His promises, in His peace and comfort, but take joy in lifting your slingshots and going into battle for the battle has already been won.

    • CJ

      Praying for you Ashley – I suffered PPD/PPA as well. The verse I kept focusing on (as it hung up in my sons bedroom) was, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose”. While I was in the midst of suffering I didnt understand why it was happening. Fast-forward 8 months later and I was able to reach out to a friend who was silently suffering. Praise God! And I’m able to openly share and minister to others (it affects WAY more women than you think!) A total blessing. I hope it is a blessing for you – maybe a future ministry opportunity! <3

    • Kristen


  • Caroline

    The giant of infertility has been standing in front of me for 5+ years and God’s word is what has gotten me through!


  • David remembered God’s words when no one else seemed to remember. Such a powerfully rebuking example. Thank you!

  • I read the devotions and studies here … but rarely do I post… but today I come asking for prayer, my daughter, Katey has just been given a giant to face, she was diagnosed with stage 3 uterine cancer… if you will please lift her up to God that His strength will become evident in this battle, that others see the Mighty hand of God in this… David battle Goliath, and God worked it out, and I am claiming victory in this battle through God’s strength… thanks….

    • Michele

      The prayers of many are circling around her. All you need to do is test and watch the Lord battle

    • Nath

      As the Lord brings her to mind, I will keep her and you( I’m a mom to 3 grown girls, and their battles weight heavy in my motherly heart) in prayer.

    • Connie

      Praying now.

    • Sydney

      Praying for healing and the comfort/strength only God can bring!! May God will be done and Glory brought to him through this trial.

    • She Reads Truth

      Tina, thank you so much for being willing to share with the She Reads Truth community. Please know the SRT team will be praying for strength and hope for Katey, and that God’s name will be glorified. Thinking of you as your family walks through this difficult time. – Abby from the SRT team

    • ~ B ~

      Tina, I will be lifting your daughter Katey up in prayer as the days pass. Prayerful that she find great strength in this season and that though her knees may quake, that she has undeniable peace. Prayerful that God guides her physicians and that her season glorify Him in a way that brings others to their knees. Prayerful for healing, that the cancer which ravages her body cease to grow and instead miraculously diminish. The Lord hurts for your Katey’s pain, prayerful that she feel Him comforting her and that she know He won’t leave her to walk this out alone. Prayerful over your heart, as well.

  • God is with us, God with us, his presence, his peace, his security. No guarantees for outward life to go the way we might like it-but that we would like to serve, live by complete faith, trust, hope, walking not by sight, not by flesh, but by his spirit. In this world we will have trouble, but He has overcome the world. Be the antithesis of this world, fight the unseen forces with the power God has put inside you, the enemy has no power against love, be love, be service. Seek his kingdom and his righteousness, and find blessed peace in the midst of the struggle of this world. Let Jesus be your example. Greater things than this will you do, I go, so you may be filled, filled with his Spirit. Filled with all the ability to be love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Our Goliath is our flesh, kill it and live by the Spirit, find the truth of Jesus’ promises, not what your flesh wants.

  • Thank you for these words.

  • Rachel Wells

    Providence is defined as the protective care of God as a spiritual power. I have always known God blessed me with physical, mental, emotional powers but none of these can produce a life worth living. They all fall short even if they’ve allowed for a good career, healthy kids, healthy self, financial comfortable and “wise” decisions. They fall short because without faith and spiritual power, without Providence all of this can be stripped away by the enemy and it can make us feel defeated. However, God’s protective care and the spiritual power or provides to ua can never be taken away, no matter our life’s circumstances now, yesterday, or tomorrow.

  • “For the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give you into our hand.”47 I am not a “name it and claim it” kind of person, but this is a great reminder that whatever battle we are facing, it belongs to the Lord. Slander- bring it before the Lord. Marriage, kids, husband, family members- bring them to the Lord. For those brave here, warring in prayer for a loved one who is in the throes of addiction- do not stop! God has spared their life and he has a purpose for them! I would ask for prayers for my sister Mary, for her to return to the Lord. She is due to become a mother in October, and is on something to help her not overdose.

    David is about to have a short time of prosperity, and then a long (20-30 years) time of life on the run. I think he grows his roots deep during this very long time of adversity. He was obviously very zealous for the Lord before he had fame and success. But once he has to flee for his life, he has to learn dependency.

    • RondaGale

      Prayers lifted for your sister and her baby and you. God bless.

    • Janet

      I needed to hear this today.

    • Kristen

      Please pray for my Muslim neighbor that is a drug addict, so he can be saved for eternity and get free on this life. Thanks

      • She Reads Truth

        Thank you for sharing, Kristen! This is Abby from the SRT team. Just wanted to let you know we’ve passed this prayer request along to the SRT team, and we’ll definitely be praying for your neighbor. What a wonderful opportunity we have to lift others up in prayer in the midst of their struggles.

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Abby! My name is also Abby, and I’m from the SRT team. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the community. You are so right! God has a purpose and a plan even in the most difficult battles that we face. The SRT team will definitely be remembering and lifting up your sister Mary in prayer during this time. – Abby

  • Wow!! I just started a new course on Biblical Theology- finding common threads, types and shadows all throughout scripture. Like Rebecca said, there are so many things in this beloved familiar passage. Have you ever read it thinking of David like a type of Jesus and Goliath like a type of Satan? The parallels are astounding!! JESUS WINS!!!

    • Leah S

      It’s funny you should say that..I was noticing today the emphasis on David caring for the sheep..and that made me think of Christ as the true shepherd. Fascinating!!

      • Carie

        Yes!!! Hadn’t noticed before how Goliaths armor was described like scales (dragon…Satan!) and he is taken down by a head wound (Jesus will crush Satans head!) And with with Goliaths own weapon (his sword). Jesus conquers Satans greatest weapon, death, with his own death!! MIND.BLOWN.

  • Karen S

    So good! The scripture, Rebecca’s words and all of your early morning comments give me strength to face this day and remember that fear does not come from my God but from the enemy.

  • I sit here in the dark this morning, the sound of our ticking clock in my ear and the song of Cardinal to my back in accompaniment by a lone Dove. The rest of the house is sleeping, only the echo of my daughter’s fan in the room above and by that I am very alone in these wee hours, yet sitting here, reading God’s word I am reminded that I am very much not alone, not ever. Sleep is evasive these days and so I rise knowing that the only true way to combat lack of sleep or the anxieties that preclude it is prayer, conversation with my Father. The enemy would have me frustrated from exhaustion, fearing over our future and the things we hold as concerns right now, but I know, as David knew, the promises of God. I know that His desires are bold, that His victories are bolder and that there is nothing the enemy places in our lives that can’t be reached by God, no dark corner hidden. David’s stones were just stones, no different than those we find in our own streams these days but propelled by his faith in God, they were a force to be reckoned with … without God they were just stones. Just as that sweet Cardinal I hear out front seems no match for a Hawk encroaching its nest, it won’t back down from saving it. I’ve seen many a Hawk run amuck by a smaller foe. The anxieties of this life have nothing on us because we’ve God with us … no matter how small, how failing, how limited we feel the very breath of God will propel us beyond our position just as He did David’s stones. He won’t leave us to fight our own battles, in fact, He’s already won, we are assured of that. This stuff, all of it, it’s just circumstance, it’s temporal, it’s got nothing on our Victor.

    • Kelly R Smith

      So beautifully said, B! Building a foundation of God’s promises through the diligent study of his Word gives us confidence when the world around us shakes.

      • ~ B ~

        Kelly, I hope all is well with your beautiful family and your wonderful heart. Much love to you friend!

    • churchmouse

      Amen, friend. Amen. The enemy is all bluster-he’s got nothing.

    • Susan

      Yes, and yes again! God is the Victor!

      • ~ B ~

        So thankful for a God that has gone before and already won the battle. We just need to walk it out knowing that!

    • Hilary

      Amen, thank uou for sharing. And thank God, has had already won all of our battles. We can like IN victory not for it!

    • Janet

      Beautifully written. I too have been suffering from severe anxiety lately. I was reminded this morning that God is a living God and active in battle. There is no dark corner even in the midst of depression and anxiety. Thanks for sharing

      • ~ B ~

        No dark corner! NOTHING that He can’t reach. Janet, I will be prayerful over your heart. I truly hope that any anxieties you suffer are relinquished entirely! God has already vanquished it all! :)

  • Ephesians 6: 10-11 “Finally, be strengthened by the Lord and by his vast strength. Put on the full armor of God so that you can stand against the schemes of the devil.”
    What battles have I lost because I forget the Lord has equipped us to stand firm against the schemes of Satan? What battles have I lost because I forgot that our God is the victor? That he has already won the battle and all we need to do is put our trust in Him and He goes before us into victory.

    May I be quick to stand before my Goliath and ask David’s question in verse 26b, “just who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?”

    • Susan

      Thank you for your question, “What battles have I lost…”? Brought tears to my eyes, as I have been losing the same battle for decades now as I have been fighting the wrong culprit and flinging my earthly arrows at flesh and blood. In the heat of the battle, it is tempting to lose sight of the real enemy and just lash out at who stand before us, but no battle will ever be won that way. The full armor of God is key!

    • Emily B.

      I love those questions. They’re definitely ones to ponder when it feels like I’m fighting a losing battle. Thank you!

  • Take your past triumphs into your current battles!!
    37 Then David said, “The Lord who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine.”

  • churchmouse

    Sometimes, like the Israelites, we forget who we are. We lose proper perspective. While most saw Goliath as a formidable opponent and trembled in their battle boots, David saw “this uncircumcised Philistine.” David was empowered by the truth He knew. In his loins was the visible reminder of Who was the strength of the Israelite nation. The living God had promised. Period. So what prevented the Israelites from boldly taking on this heathen? It is what most often makes us hesitate before our Goliaths – forgetfulness and fear. We forget what God has already done and fear that this enemy is just too big to conquer. We. Are. Wrong. Goliath came against David’s sling and stones with a sword, spear and a javelin. It surely appeared to be a lopsided battle. But David had the unseen Lord of Armies. The battle was not as it appeared. It wasn’t a fair fight. Not by a long shot. The battle was not between David and Goliath. The battle was the Lord’s. And He never loses. We would do well to replace our forgetfulness with remembering all that the Lord has done. And we would do well to replace fear with faith in His promises. My daughter suffers from post partum anxiety. Her eight week old daughter is ill with a cold and congestion that creates a horrible and frightening cough. No fever, thank God. But at her young age there is no safe medication. This will pass but the waiting is hard given the sound of difficult breathing. As my daughter rocked baby Jenna at 4am, she turned to her Bible and engaged the enemy in battle. Fear and worry are no match against the Word of God. It’s not a fair fight. Within a half hour, Jenna and her mama were sleeping. The Lord of Angel Armies, fresh from the battle, stood watch in victory formation. Who is your Goliath? Whose are you? Rest easy. This too shall pass. The Lord of Angel Armies is at war for you and He will win. End of story. Sleep.

    • ~ B ~

      So good, friend! Every word. So good! Prayerful that your daughter continues to find rest and peace and that sweet baby Jenna is healed swiftly.

    • Mari

      Church mouse, your words spoke directly to my heart and my mind. I need to put both at ease right now. I’m going to go back to reading it later as a reminder.

    • Lana


  • Rebecca, can I just say that SRT has also made make connections and see the echoes of one passage in another too! I never ever have really seen this in the Bible. I never really have read the Bible this in depth though. SRT has made me dive in and realize how important it is to read God’s actual word. Not just devotionals based on one verse or two from the Bible, but actual passages and chapters. You can feel a difference when you read like this. And SRT does it in a way that keeps your attention, gives these passages meaning, and makes me look forward to the next days chapter. Thank you so much for your unique, bible based devotionals. They’ve completely changed my mornings and overall life and Christian outlook!

    • Kristen

      It is so true! The more you study, the more connections are made in your other readings, studies, or preaching that is heard! I have been hit with this so much lately. God is amazing!

  • I love how you said fear and worry have no place in God’s economy. We have the Bible and the promises at hand. I’ve read and read them and yet my troubled heart clings to fear and worry so much easier than it should. His promises are what should sustain us through and through. I have found the most comfort in Psalm 139 where David is staying there is nowhere he can go where God is not. God knew each day and moment before we were a substance to be formed. I’ve repeated this to myself over the past months after losing our son and other heartbreak. How we don’t deserve this unfailing love. Rest easy sisters, knowing His promises are true.

    • Tina

      LC… extending my hand to you in love… for a sister whose heart is hurting through grief and pain…I am so so very sorry for your loss. Praying God’s peace and grace in this sad and broken time… that you may know His loving arms around you, and His faithful promises to be with you, as you go through this heart breaking time… He will never leave you, not forsake you…
      Hold fast to Him.
      Sending you LC love wrapped hugs filled with prayers… xxx

    • JessMC

      After the loss of our twin boys I kept Ephesians 3:17-19 close to my heart. LC, I pray that for you right now….I pray you know and experience the fathomless depths of our great Savior’s love in this very difficult season of grief. I’m so very sorry sweet sister.

    • churchmouse

      Praying for God’s love to wash over your broken heart, LC. I’m so sorry for your loss. Praying the chains of fear and worry will break as you lean in to Jesus.

    • Lana

      Praying for you and your family, LC. Sending you lots of love.

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