Romans: Day 22

The Believer’s Triumph


Today's Text: Romans 8:26-39, Psalm 44:17-22, Philippians 1:6, 2 Thessalonians 2:14

Scripture Reading: Romans 8:26-39, Psalm 44:17-22, Philippians 1:6, 2 Thessalonians 2:14

I hope your summer fun list includes a trip to an amusement park or two. Nothing gets the blood pumping quite like circling a track at 100 miles per hour while simultaneously crying, laughing, and screaming. That’s good stuff.

But before you fill the water bottles and load the kids into the minivan for a day of sweltering, screaming fun, I need to let you in on a secret your brain already knows.

It starts with a feeling sociologists call “museum feet.” It’s a phenomenon our brains experience when we’re in a big space like an amusement park or a museum. It’s a general sense of being lost or exhausted that comes from hanging out in such a large space.

“Museum feet” could give park-goers a bad experience, causing them to leave the park and not return. But architects have learned that if they include a large visual landmark, we’re less likely to become overwhelmed. They’re looking out for us, and their bottom line, by ensuring we’re willing to stay on the grounds long enough to fork over the cash for overpriced lemonade and nachos.

Think about it: Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World. Spaceship Earth at Epcot Center. The 150-foot “Big Wheel” Ferris wheel at Six Flags. Each offers their own brand of fun, sure, but they also give a reference point to come back to, something to focus on when we feel overwhelmed, overtired, or just over it.

Paul never made it to Disney World, but he must’ve known a thing or two about feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or disoriented. Here, in Romans chapter 8, he shoots up a flare of truth for the believer to come back to every time we feel the same.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28).

If this is one of those feel-good verses that’s become so familiar you’re tempted to race past it—STOP. This is the mother lode, friends! If God can use all things for our good and His glory, nothing can knock us off kilter. He makes us sure-footed. It’s the kind of steady posture that caused Paul to restate the truth of Romans 8:28 for the church in Philippi.

I am sure of this, that he who started a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus (Philippians 1:6).

Paul is describing the process of redemption—that supernatural metamorphosis whereby God makes all things new. Paul was so anchored in the gospel that no wind could capsize him. That’s not new news, but this may be: the steadiness of Paul is possible for us too.

God’s promise in Romans 8:28 means He’s already at work, reshaping everything for our good. Tribulation, persecution, famine—God can redeem all of these and more (v.35). Nothing can stop the redemption process (vv.38-39). Not death, not life, not angels or rulers. Not this moment or all the tomorrows to come. Nothing can stop God from working all things for good—not even you.

Life is big. It’s easy to feel lost or overwhelmed or like we want off the ride, but God’s truth anchors us against museum feet. The story of redemption gives us a point to come back to when we feel alone or afraid. The next time you feel overwhelmed, overtired, or just plain over it, look up. The same cross that steadied Paul in the face of unthinkable trials will steady you.


Erin Davis is an author, blogger, and speaker who loves to see women of all ages run to the deep well of God’s Word. When she’s not writing, you can find Erin chasing chickens and children on her small farm in the Midwest.

  • Many times, I have the opportunity to encourage others (opportunities that bring me joy), but I have to work hard at encouraging myself….. Today’s scripture reminds me that even *I* am included in Holy Spirit’s intercedeing…. That God is working the plan He has, for *ME*! Thank You God for loving me first <3 :)

  • “Nothing can stop God from working all things for good—not even you.” WOW. I definitely needed to hear that. I love knowing God is working all things for good according to His will, and I often envision Him knocking down the enemy befote he even has a chance to work evil against me. BUT I sin, and then I worry and stress that I have messed up and failed to fulfill Gods good will anf purpose. Its reassuring to be reminded that not even I can mess up God’s good will for me!

  • I agree Pam. Just knowing the Holy Spirit intercedes for us in our weakness is so comforting.

  • I needed this truth today. I love God’s perfect timing. The Spirit helps me when I’m weak AND intercedes for me….I mean, come on, FOR ME. Wow! Thank You Holy Spirit for working all things out even when I can’t see it. Thank you for access to Your heart and mind….too amazing for words!

  • I so needed to hear this today…thank you for sharing Erin. As work becomes more demanding and home and family as well, I am thankful for a God that has it all under control when I don’t…

  • I needed to read this in the worst way today. Having marital troubles and a baby on the way I feel very overwhelmed and confused. I keep asking myself how this can be Gods plan for me. Sitting in my car on my lunch break I decided to open my app and read a bit rather then wait until tonight, reading this chapter of Romans right now is exactly what I needed. It was the Lords reminder to me that im not alone in what im going through and his plan is bigger

    • Natasha

      God is so much bigger and more powerful than any marital fight or this game we experience raising children. You may not see it for years to come, if ever, but God is using you to bring him glory where you are right now. In your work place, your circle of friends and your growing family. It can be so hard to see how when in it, but spend time looking back at all the things God has already done! He loves you and wants to work in and through you.

  • Lindsey Bush

    As a Disney fan, I loved this devotion today! So true that we must look to the cross and keep it in the center of our lives so that we know which steps will take us in the right direction.

  • Lauren Williams

    This is so cool! So I have never heard of museum feet but it makes sense! And is probably why my husband hates large crowded events! For any SRT ladies that have been to Des Moines Iowa I thought of space shot (I think that’s the name.. tall ride) that is the center of adventure land! When I was younger I could always look up and find my bearings because of that tall ride! Thankful that we can look to the heavens for our Father’s protection!

    • Kelsi Messer

      Lauren! Fellow DSM girl here! I thought of the Tornado?!

      Also looking to connect with SRT girls in Des Moines for an in person study. I would love to connect! My Instagram is @youngwholeessential if you see this and want to connect too!

  • Lanita Barger

    I know I am several days late on writing and reading the days of Romans but I wanted to share.
    Wednesday I was reading this particular devotion. That morning it really stuck with me for some reason. I read it several times. Especially the first few verses about the Spirit praying for us when we don’t know what to pray. Then that God works all things for good for those who love Him, and He that began a good work would complete it….a little over an hour later as I am heading to work my youngest son calls me screaming. Something was wrong with my 16 year old son, all I could understand over the phone was he wasn’t responding to him. Thank God my daughter (18) had not left for her job yet.
    My 16 yr old had a seizure, never had one before. On the way speeding back home I was unable to get my mind and words straight to even pray. I was just saying Jesus be with him, help him. Later that afternoon on the way home from the hospital the verses from the devotion came rushing back to me. God is so good and faithful and was right there with all of us! Thank you all!

  • PronetoWander

    I always think anything with a Disney reference must be for me

  • “He’s already at work, reshaping everything for our good.” When I read this sentence, I felt physical relief. I audibly sighed. What an awesome promise we are given, that all things will work together for good for Christ’s followers. That which seems miserable, unfair, or unchangeable now can be mended by God as long as we keep faith in him and look to him for comfort.

  • I’m a little stuck in something….if God has already planned out our life and knows what is going to happen, does this mean that when we pray for something then no matter what what He has already planned IS going to happen and He cannot change it up? I read a comment that someone said bad things like miscarriages, infertility, etc are not from God, but from Satan. Could this be? I’ve always thought things like that are part of His plan and there’s a bigger purpose behind it. Could Satan get in the way of God’s plan and cause things like this and God not stop him?

    • lea ann

      yes God already has His plans laid out, but He wants us to pray to involve ourselves in His process. lest we think it all happened by chance. and Satan has no power that God did not allow him.

    • Paula

      God has lovingly created us with free will. Free will agents are at work all around us working for good and for evil. The enemy and his henchmen want to destroy us. You are struggling with what Greg Boyd calls the “blueprint” view of life. You might want to check out his book, Is God to Blame. I believe God is in control of the ‘ship’ and will bring it safe into harbor when His plan is completed. However, there are lots of free will agents making choices that have ripple effects. The drunk driver who chose to get behind the wheel and kills a precious family member … disease that is the result of a fallen and cursed world takes the life of a longed for child … Hitler ‘ plan to torture and exterminate an entire race of people. God is not the author of evil.

    • Lisa

      Rest assured it’s all in Gods plan.. Satan will never be anywhere near powerful enough to stop God. Evil trembles at his name

  • God never fails to amaze me with his timing. As I face a difficult situation, this was a “right on time” message.

    • Debra

      Yes! Praying for you and whatever circumstances you face. The anchor holds, my friend!

  • I needed to hear this today. Today is my one year anniversary of marriage to my amazing godly husband. I felt myself getting robbed of joy when I realized none of my girlfriends wished me a happy anniversary. Then I started thinking and realized I have been reaching out to these “friends” over the past year with no form of communication back. I felt so alone, confused, and frustrated at these women I thought cared deeply about me as I did for them. I’m thankful that the Lord is keeping me centered and as hard as this pruning process is, I’m trusting He will bring ladies to walk alongside me.

    • Bella

      Well, I don’t know you but happy anniversary! It’s such a blessing to have a godly husband.

      Praying God will provide you with some friends to encourage you in life and faith.

    • Emily B.

      I’ve had a somewhat similar situation happen in some of my friendships since getting married (almost a year, too!) and switching churches. Keep up the good attitude, and don’t isolate yourself. God will bring you who you need. Happy anniversary!

    • Michelle

      HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Your trust will not be in vain Lynn; God will provide.

    • Deb

      I know that feeling well. It’s not pleasant but maybe God is separating you from friendships that don’t fulfill your spiritual needs? That seems to be what happened for me. I still haven’t really found the “replacement friends” I’m looking for, but it’s taught me to depend on Christ for a lot of needs I was depending on friends for in the past. Making me stronger in faith and ready when I do find some faithful friends!

  • This has been my favorite day so far. Thank you for this site. Much love and blessings to all!

  • This, today, just wow! Gives so much meaning to a big picture God who rules in the affairs of men.

  • I’ve never commented before, but I always love reading the insights, prayers, and fellowship of this community. Today I comment because I’m broken-hearted for my mom and my family. She has been recently diagnosed with cancer, but we do not know the specifics yet. She is going today for a procedure that will hopefully shed light on the type and stage she is in. Please pray for courage, endurance, trust, and hope for us. I’m married and in my 30s, and yet cannot imaging going through life without my momma!

    • Sarah

      Praying for you, your mom, and your entire family!

    • Sherri

      Sissy, praying for you & your mom. God is a healer.
      “I will take away sickness from among you.”-Exodus 23:25

    • Emmy

      Praying for you and your momma!

    • Becky

      Big sisterly she bear hugs to you Sissy and your Mom and all your fam! I am sitting her gushing out a prayer for y’all! I remember when my mom and then sister were given that scary news….I am also adding a prayer for JOY! Overflowing especially thru tears and heartache, ferocious faith, the kind that stands on a Bible and shouts-to the wind or just in the soul, I TRUST YOU Jesus! poppa G-D because YOU said so! And kindness, for yourselves and others, who may not know what to say but say thoughtless stuff…oh, and I NEED to testify. He, our Redeemer, doesn’t waste pain. He redeems it as perfectly and completely as He redeems sin. Forever Love princess warrior!

  • I think that while many things in our lives don’t come from God, He’s not surprised by them either. He knows the story of our lives before it ever plays out.(Ps 139) So take heart my sisters who are fearful, anxious, numb and tired – God knows your heart, He hears your cries, He has a plan for you, is fighting for you and holds your hand. You may not feel victorious but you are through Jesus.

    Lord, be with the women in this community today. Delight with those who rejoice and bring strength and comfort to those in uncertainty. That we would all surrender everything to You. That we would empty ourselves to make more room for You in our hearts. Thank you for this ministry and bless the people who serve you here. Continue Your work in us, we pray in Jesus name – Amen.

  • Thank you Lord! Thank you that you work all things for my good! Thank you that you will complete a good word in mean. Thank you that absolutely nothing, nothing can separate me from your love!

  • I just read through the comments and what strikes me is the difference of circumstances people are in: profound happiness, grave worries, joyful anticipation, inmeasurably deep sadness, thankfulness, grief, relief…
    Isn’t this just living proof dat indeed nothing can separate us from his love?

    Recently, as I spoke to a friend about the worries in her life, I considered how we sometimes wonder why God “does things to us?” Why does he give us things to carry such as miscarriages, stillbirths, loss of loved ones be it to death or through broken relationships? And sometimes we answer that everything happens for a reason. While in fact I don’t believe God does them to us. The devil does! And what this passage shows us is that these things are not to separate us from God. It does not come from God. Those are the powers of the dark. Yet they cannot take away God’s love.

    What that love exactly looks like, I find hard to grasp. Let’s continue to show one another how he does, though, by sharing our testimonies under all circumstances. Those that come from the Light and those that are engineered in dark places.

    • "Other" Karen

      I agree that it is an often misused verse that we think will provide comfort, but definitely not something to be said to someone in their grief! I do believe God can use the sin and evil of the world and redeem it for our good.

  • I need to anchor myself in this specific truth way more. Thank you God for giving us Your word as a point of focus in a crazy wild ride of a world!

  • As we walk this long (2.5 years) road of secondary infertility and multiple miscarriages my heart so needed this reminder today. It is indeed true that this verse always reorients me. When I feel dizzy from all the “noise” that threatens to distract me from His truth, He is faithful to wrap me in His loving arms and remind me of the bigger picture.

  • Do you ever get those moments where you feel like falling to your knees and cry because God is so good and answered your prayers through something you read? That while you’re on your knees, you just want to thank Him for proving, yet again, that He is in control? And not only that, but then you kinda want to run outside and tell the world what He has done? Yeah, today is one of those days. For all those who prayed for my situation at work, God has responded and this reading/devotional today was confirmation that He listens. All things work together for good, my sisters. I can’t even begin to express what I feel right now having read today’s word. All I can say is that I’m a spoiled daughter of the King and He always listens and He will always respond. Amen!❤️

    • Michelle

      Rejoicing with you sister!! I love those days.

    • Emmy

      So SO happy for you! God is good! And thank you for sharing your positive news! This is an amazing community of complete strangers, yet wonderful sisters in Christ ❤

  • Stephanie Harris

    Oh, how I needed this verse this morning, your post,
    “Nothing can stop the redemption process, not DEATH, not life, not angels or rulers…..”
    I’m sitting here on our annual summer camping trip with my family and friends. Except the winds of sorrow on my campsite feel like they could blow me away. Capsize my heart in the sea of grief I’m swimming in. My 18 year old son died by Suicide on April 17th of this year. Depression and anxiety the robbers that stole his life.
    Nothing is normal… nothing fun anymore… I survive on the outside for our living children. Doing our best to provide something that seems normal. Inside it’s Christ that keeps me going…
    in the literal wind of my morning sorrow seeps in. I sit here trying to root myself in something to focus on to make this day good for my family.
    Your post today a reminder of the Cross, the whole reason for all I have. Now anchored in that reminder … we will camp away, play and work toward our new normal. I will be like Paul, no wind will capsize me.. ..I can give thanks for all I have.

    • Mamajonk

      Stephanie, praying you and your family tangibly feel the love of our Jesus. My heart hurts for you, this is a hard road to have to journey on. Praying you continue to trust in His promises.

    • Jami

      My heart breaks for you, Stephanie. I’m praying that you will continue to feel this deep anchor in Christ and the joy in life from that…in time. Do not feel guilty to grieve, though, and talk to someone about your feelings. Blessings to you, sister.

    • Nancy Tuggle

      Praying for you & your family Stephanie.

    • Susan

      Stephanie, I am so very sorry. Depression and anxiety are brutal illnesses. Praying for peace and comfort and an outpouring of God’s love on you and your family today. Hugs from your sister in Illinois.

    • Veronica

      Praying for you to have peace and comfort in our Savior. I am so sorry.

    • Lana

      Hi Stephanie – I don’t really have the words, but I just want to tell you that I love you and I’m praying for you and your family.

    • Praying for you Stephanie. I have also lost a close family member to suicide, yet can’t imagine the incredible loss of losing a child. There is no other pain like it. I will be praying for you and for the rest of your family

    • songbird

      This is one of the saddest things I have read. I just don’t think one can imagine how inmeasurably painful it is. Thank you for reminding us of your stronghold. Prayers go out to you and your family.

    • Martha

      ❤️ praying for you and your family

    • Heather (MNmomma)

      praying for you and your family Stephanie….

    • Emily B.

      Prayers for you and your family. I hope you can tangibly feel God’s presence as you figure out your new normal.

    • Bridget

      I am so very sorry, Stephanie. There is nothing like the pain we feel as mommas when our children are hurting. One of my children has struggles like those your son had, so I can relate to your pain. I am standing with you in spirit. xo

    • Amanda Richards

      Stephanie, I’m so sorry for your loss! My heart breaks for you. You are in my prayers as you navigate the new normal and look to Christ for strength. Thank you for sharing your heart ❤️

  • Carrie Rogers

    Oh, how I have felt unsteady lately. Thank you Lord, for this encouraging Word!

  • Nadine Hall

    This devotional really spoke to my heart today. I’m a Youth Pastor’s wife, it’s VBS week, I’m 32 weeks pregnant with my third and experiencing abdominal pain from what I can only presume are pulled muscles, the baby’s room still needs completing, we’re low on funds, we’re praying and asking God to open doors closer to family. I have been feeling so overwhelmed and I can tend to get those “museum feet” that just wants to sit and hide from all the responsibilities and stress, when I just need to look up and remind myself of God’s love, God’s goodness, and his sufficiency to meet our every need. He’s a good God and full of unending love who indeed does help us in our weaknesses. Amen.

    • Pam

      Jesus is holding you Nadine while you lay this prayer down at his feet. So many of your sisters in Christ are standing with you in strong encouraging prayers. The Lord will answer your prayers with all that you need to HIS glory. Please rest and take care of yourself. My mother helped me learn to say no when I had 2 difficulty pregnancies. Your church will respect you and you will be a mentor to other mothers.

    • Kylee

      Nadine I’m praying for you!! All of those things sound so overwhelming! When I am feeling overwhelmed I love to remember that OUR GOD overwhelms the thing that overwhelms me in that moment – He is all encompassing! May you feel peace today from heaven as God is working behind the scenes for your good. Sending you MN love and prayers.

  • Two major surgeries in my family this morning. Please pray for God’s healing, peace, and comfort. Thank you.

    • churchmouse

      Praying for good results from both surgeries. And for peace of mind for all affected.

    • ize

      praying for you and your family Lynda. God is with you and with them every step of the surgery. Hold on to him!

  • This spoke right to my heart and mind this morning. Currently, my family and I are walking through some doors that God clearly has been opening for us. Our lives are becoming “bigger” so to speak…and a little scarier and more disorienting at times, too. But God continues to show himself faithful, including using this devotional and his word to calm my heart once again and direct my focus back to him. Thank you, Erin!

  • Christina

    Echoing the sentiments of the ladies below, I also feel that this devotional is speaking directly to me. My husband and I have been praying for months for him to get a new job since he received new responsibilities in his current one that puts him in direct and frequent contact with very dangerous and bad people who would not bat an eyelash at killing. He has turned to drinking as a way of dealing with his anxiety. We’ve not seen any progress as of yet (two weeks ago he was declined for an opportunity that we believed was from God) and it has become so VERY exhausting. On my way to work this morning I spent the entire commute just telling the Lord how tired I am and how defeated I feel and that I needed a word from him. Thank you Erin.

    Could you please pray for us? Could you please pray for God to protect my husband while he is still at his current job and for God to provide him with a safer position? Could you please pray for me to hold onto the Lord as I face the storm that I’m in? Thank you.

    • churchmouse

      Yes. I will pray and indeed lifted you both in prayer this morning. Trusting and praising Him for the answer that is sure to come.

    • Janice

      Remember when Jonah ran from God and straight into the “storm”? To save the men on the ship, Jonah was thrown overboard, straight into the “storm” where God was, ready to show Jonah just how He could use the “storm” to speak to Jonah. Then there was the “storm” the disciples were in while Jesus “slept” through the “storm”. Jesus did not just remove the “storm”, He calmed the storm while teaching/preparing them for the times ahead. My husband and I faced “storms” that were very hard but instead of removing the “storm” God taught us so much by going through the storm. No, we could not see the “good” at the time, but as we look back, it is the “storm” that made us who we are today. My husband is now the spiritual leader in our home. Are things always great now? No, far from it but we know the strength supplier now more intimately. I am praying for you and your husband. Praying not for the “storms” to go away but that both of you will seek out the one who can calm the “storm” when the time is right, who can and will walk with you through the “storm”and for you both to come through on the other side of the “storm” more intimate with the Father. I am praying that your husband will turn from the bottle and turn to the lifegiver! That He will place a godly man in his path that will encourage and lift him up through this journey. Praying that God will open doors and that your husband is ready to see those doors with new eyes. Don’t give up! Stay close to the Father! Pray for your husband to find his strenght in the Master of the storms wind and waves. Praise the Father in whom all blessings flow. Pray, knowing that He hears and will answer. Pray, believing in Him, having faith and hope for tomorrow.

      • MG

        Janice, finding myself in different yet similar circumstances as a setback in life seems to have my husband running from God instead of to Him. Philippians 1:6 is such a special promise. It’s also comforting to know that God will use this to grow us and that the process of redemption and sanctification never stops- even though it may appear to. Praying for your family.

    • CJ

      Praying for you sister. Hugs from Michigan. <3

  • This devotion is an answered prayer. Last night I was praying to God about how tired and overwhelmed I’ve been feeling lately. I was at a loss for words at one point during prayer. I’m so thankful for the promises in His word. I need this truth as an anchor. I have hard days and moments, but this does not stop the redemption process. He continues to work good through my messes. Lord, help us to be sure and secure in Your word, and not our feelings.

    • Erin Davis

      I love this prayer, Angela and add my wholehearted, Amen! Feelings aren’t facts, but the Word of God is sure footing. Right?

  • churchmouse

    The Spirit helps us in our weakness.
    He intercedes for us with unspoken groanings. He intercedes for us saints according to the will of God. All things (go ahead, name your thing) work together for the good of those who love God (that’s us!) , who are called according to His purpose. God calls, justifies and glorifies. All so that we can be conformed to the image of His Son. Oh sisters, this is good stuff! And on top of all that, He who started the good work in you, He Himself will carry it on to completion. That’s putting a spring in my step this morning! I’m looking less at my ‘thing.’ I’m singing the praises of my God who makes me more than a conqueror! Today will be a very good day.

  • Christina

    Good, good stuff this morning! We don’t always know how to pray, but the Spirit does. We don’t always even know our own deceitful hearts, but the Spirit does, and He prays the depth of our need when even we can’t. And the “all things” God graciously gives us are not necessarily what our human hearts ask for, but what He gives us is the ultimate presence of Himself. We may not see “all things” this side of heaven, but we can trust Him. No matter the circumstances of this day, we can look up!

    • eandksmom2

      Thank you so much for your comment, “He prays the depth of our need when even we can’t.” I wrote that in my Bible. There are so many times, especially recently, that I go to pray and words won’t even come. It is such a comfort to know that when I can only cry out, the Holy Spirit will take it from there. He goes before the throne on my behalf even when I don’t have the words, especially when I don’t have the words.

    • Emily B.

      I like what you said about the Spirit knowing our deceitful hearts when we don’t. That’s something I need to remember in those moments when I’m content to just skate by and assure myself that I’m doing fine on my own. Thank you for that!

    • Kendra

      Love your words!

    • Allee

      Yes yes yes!

  • My son lost his best friend Friday night… Tragic. Devasting. We’re emerging from a silently numb weekend.

    So many things going on in so many surrounding this ONE special young man’s life and tragic death… He was one of those larger than life souls you are privileged to find in life maybe once… souls that cannot be discribed with words? Who love others with that same largeness?

    All these people affected… yet God sees to ME on such a personal level…

    And if He is THIS faithful to me, I can rest assured He has my son…

    Thank you, God.

    Ladies, today is 100% for ME… My Father is so faithful. I know He doesn’t play favorites amoung His kids, but He sure makes me feel as if He does.

    • Christina

      I am so sorry for your loss, Tammy! Praying for you and your son and for this young man’s family.

    • churchmouse

      Praying for you, your son and all the family and friends of this young man. How wonderful that he had such an impact in so few years. Praying God’s presence and comfort would be strongly felt in the days and months ahead. And strength for the immediate.

    • LivingJoyfully

      My heart aches for you, your son and the whole community that grieves. Whispering a prayer for you this morning.

    • Erin Davis


      I am grateful for God’s promise that He is near to you and your son as you grieve. He is faithful indeed.

    • Michelle Baier

      Sending prayers. May God wrap all of you in His loving embrace and fill you with comfort and strength.

  • “The steadiness of Paul is possible for us too.” Yes – so thankful for this sentence. Steadiness is what I need! Praying that I, too, would be anchored by the gospel that nothing can shake me. Thank you, Lord, for hearing and understanding our groans!

  • What beautiful timing for this message. In the darkest, most difficult, and challenging time of my life, I know God is working things for my good. Ladies, could I ask you to pray for me? That my daughter and I would be able to stay in our current location, while my marriage continues to be worked on. Prayers that we will not have to be uprooted, and that we can continue to have stability.
    You all so wonderfully have kept us and my marriage in your prayers and I’m here to say that the divorce has still not been granted, as I believe He is working His goodness in ways I cannot see. So incredibly grateful for this amazing community of women

    • Caitie

      Praying for you, your marriage, and your daughter!

    • churchmouse

      Privileged to pray for you and your daughter… And your husband. I admire your faithfulness in deciding to honor God and seek His will in this difficult situation. Surely you will be rewarded.

      • Irina

        God bless you, Emmy, in your decision to honor God and your husband. Praying for your family. Hold on.

    • Erin Davis


      Even when the very foundation of your life seems to shift, you can trust the sure footing found in God’s promises. All other ground is sinking sand. Trusting Him with you for miraculous reconciliation.

      Grace & Peace!

    • Michelle

      My prayers are with Emmy but don’t forget He works “ALL things for good”. He will see you through-no matter what!

    • Allee

      Praying for you, Emmy!

  • "Other" Karen

    So many good verses in today’s reading! I could read and re-read this portion of scripture daily. Romans 8:26-27 is one of my very favorites. I am comforted, amazed, thankful that my groans and cries are interpreted into a prayer by the Holy Spirit. In my darkest moments, when I don’t know how to pray, God still hears my prayers. Then, verse 28 follows, reassuring me that God is working behind the scenes for my benefit. Such comfort, even in dark times of my life!

  • Frannie in Richmond, Virginia

    So I’m reading this devotion while sitting in the hospital 3 days after giving birth to twin boys at 31 weeks. I’m attempting to pump for what feels like the hundredth time without any success. Both babies are in the NICU and doing well. They had to have feeding tubes put in yesterday, and the pain, lack of sleep, and just uncontrollable nature of the situation finally brought on all of the tears and helplessness I had been avoiding. So these words, at this exact moment, have had such an impact on me. I will carry them with me going into the hard days ahead.

    • "Other" Karen

      God’s timing is perfect, isn’t it?!? Prayers for you and your little babies!

    • Frannie! Keep trusting God! You do the best you can and God makes things happen. I’m glad to hear they are doing well! Prayers for you and your family!!

    • I’m happy to hear the sweet babies are doing well. Prayers for them and for you!

    • Congratulations on your new blessings! The emotions are overwhelming, but I will be praying for you and your sweet babies!

    • Oh let the tears flow! God gives those emotions so feel free to express them. He sees and He cares. He knows and He’s at work. So happy your little blessings are doing well. Remember that our good Father chose you and you alone to be their momma – He knows what He’s doing and He equips those He calls. From His hands and heart, He delivered them to your hands and heart.

    • Glory to God that you & the babies are well! Let all those tears flow–He is turning tears of desperation into tears of joy I promise. I’ve been in your place (a *few* years ago) I felt like a failure– pain from an emergency C-section, as well as not getting more than an ounce of breast milk after a half hour of pumping. But you know what? They will thrive. Do your best & let God do the rest! My boys are 6’1″ tall and 200 pounds… very healthy & happily married men of God today! God equipped YOU to be their Mama~you got this! It IS uncontrollable–we aren’t meant to do life on our own. Rather, we need to depend on the Lord. His promises are true. He is always working things together for our good, b/c we are His children. Love your sweet boys & enjoy the double blessings….welcome to the special club;-)

    • Congratulations on your boys. Praying for you. Don’t stress yourself out mama. Formula is great too – fed babies are the best. <3

    • Congratulations on your twins, and thanks to God that you and they are all doing well! I’m so thankful that you found these words to store up in your heart, and I pray you can feel God’s presence as you go through the days ahead.

    • Praying for you, Frannie!

    • My prayers are with you and your sweet twins. Our Lord will be with you each day. Rest knowing this truth.

  • Erin! This devotional was so perfectly pieced together and clear!! Wow thank you so much. This is why I come to SRT! Everything MAKES SENSE!!

  • Karen From Virginia

    This is my favorite portion of Scripture. I read it over and over because as I grasp it, I rest in Gods trustworthiness and faithfulness. He is working even when I don’t see it or don’t like it. He always has a more wonderful purpose for us. And His love. For me I can get so caught up in my stuff and what I’ve done wrong or what I could have done differently. And I read this and reminded Jesus has a bigger picture and nothing, no one will keep me from His love. No regret, no action, no fear, no lie, no doubt, no pain, no weakness , no day will keep the Lord from lovingly pursuing me. And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

  • amen ! thank you Erin . this is exactly what I needed . I am getting married this morning… this message is profound as I’m feeling anxious and worried for what may come , and for what ? if the Lord Jesus Christ is for us . I will focus on Him today as we become one in the eyes of God . And I pray that God continues change . We are currently going through financial trouble still , after being engaged for two years .. we decided today is the day … All I ask are for prayers .

    • Holly

      Congratulations & prayers sent your way! Have a wonderful day & know that God is with you! Blessings for a beautiful day & an abundant life together!

    • Wildflower

      I’m getting married this Friday… it’s an exciting time! Praying for ya!!

    • Karen From Virginia

      The Lord is with you. Congratulations. He will go before you and is your rear guard.

    • Karen From Virginia

      This is my favorite portion of Scripture. I read it over and over because as I grasp it, I rest in Gods trustworthiness and faithfulness. He is working even when I don’t see it or don’t like it. He always has a more wonderful purpose for us. And His love. For me I can get so caught up in my stuff and what I’ve done wrong or what I could have done differently. And I read this and reminded Jesus has a bigger picture and nothing, no one will keep me from His love. No regret, no action, no fear, no lie, no doubt, no pain, no weakness , no day will keep the Lord from lovingly pursuing me. And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

    • Caitie

      Congratulations! Prayers to you and your new husband!

    • churchmouse

      This is the day.. The Lord has made! We will rejoice and be glad in it! A special special day for you – prayers said that it be a glorious day!

    • Erin Davis

      Congrats, Jodie!

    • Michelle Baier

      Hang in there! Gods got all of you! Sending prayers!!

    • Lana

      Congratulations, Jodie! Praying for you!

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