Romans: Day 19

From Groans to Glory


Today's Text: Romans 8:18-25, Isaiah 65:17, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, Revelation 21:1-6

Scripture Reading: Romans 8:18-25, Isaiah 65:17, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, Revelation 21:1-6

It begins as far back as we can remember. Right before we run off to school, we smear on our mama’s lip gloss and clamp down as many hair clips as our endless bangs will allow. We hope for another attempt to fit in with the others, to measure up, to belong.

Growing up, I often found myself hanging in the balance between enjoying the moment and anticipating the next one. As a young child, my hopes centered around a 25-cent soft serve ice cream cone after church on Sunday nights. My hopes matured as I did—working to make the swim team, racing to the finish line at a track meet, striving to win an award. I hoped for slumber party invitations, a certain new sweater for Christmas and, of course, beating my brother at checkers.

Those early years of putting my best foot forward, I hoped the appearance of having it all together would win me friends. But years down the line, the stakes of life loomed larger, and deep heartache entered in—nevermind the lip gloss or hair clips.

In truly tragic moments, our hope is put to the test. And if it’s misplaced, it will be found wanting.

The hope we read about in Romans offers us a greater understanding of the hope God offers. It takes us from tangible evidence we can see, and pushes us deeper into a faith that asks for what we cannot see. In fact, all of creation is wired for this. If something breaks, we are hardwired to figure out a solution. Most problems can’t be solved in a day, so we work and test and try until we receive the desired outcome. But there will always be a hope offered by God that requires all of Him, and no amount of our working and testing will bring it to pass. This is the hope of Christ, our Rescuer and Redeemer.

Because of Christ, we are free to hope in even the most difficult or uncertain circumstances. In the first chapter of his epistle, James tells us to “consider it a great joy” whenever we face trials because the testing of our faith produces spiritual endurance (vv. 2-3). Trials are accompanied by hope. Hope is a gift. Hope is critical, and the gospel gives it to us in unending supply.

Now in this hope we were saved, but hope that is seen is not hope, because who hopes for what he sees? Now if we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with patience (Romans 8:24-25).

Any suffering we endure here and now is incomparable to God’s coming glory (Romans 8:18). The measure of trials we have endured directly relates to the measure of hope we offer the world. This is the beautiful gift of hope.

One day our groans will give way to glory. While we wait, we place our hope in Jesus.

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. Death will be no more; grief, crying, and pain will be no more, because the previous things have passed away (Revelation 21:4).


  • Rose Braga

    I haven’t read the bible for my self in almost two months. Jesus is my hope, a hope with evidence. I need to keep reading, loving and learning!

  • I need this. I was behind on my reading and last night I was sexually assaulted at work by another employee. I felt violated and like there was nothing I could do. I pushed the guy away and put as much distance between us as he walked off like nothing happened. Then two minutes later my wonderful amazing God fearing fiancé came around the corner. He immediately comforted me and told me to report it. Which I did. After work I went to my parents climbed into my mothers arms and just cried. Today I showered and tried to find normal again. But reading this today just reminded me of the love of God and how we have our hope in Him, and our sorrows and everything life throws at us we can leave with Him. That he can restore joy because He is our joy. So thank you Jesus for being my joy and my hope.

    • Lindsay

      I realize this is 3 months later in replying, but I’m so sorry you had to go through that at work. Thankful for God’s comforting Word.

  • Even though my hope is real!!

  • Thanks for these words- they fit my week. ..’pushes us deeper into a faith we cannot see’- faith is truly the simplest , yet hardest of things to grow into in this life.

  • Needed this this morning, so cool how even when we forget or get too busy to read, when we do turn back to God he always has something planned for us that’ll help us

  • Tatiana Phillips


  • Romans 5:1-5 is the whole reason I am doing this study because I so desperately need hope right now, and that passage brings me hope that my suffering won’t be without gain. I had a miscarriage in March and still have many bad days of heartache. Every day I feel like Romans just speaks to me, and this passage is such a great reminder of the hope that is to come. Don’t lose heart, don’t lose hope, keep the faith!

    • C Gunckel

      Amy, I am so sorry! Praying for you…..

    • Rachel

      Amy, I’m so sorry for your heartache and the unimaginable loss that comes with miscarriage. I had one this past December with my first child, so I know your pain and am lifting you up in prayer. The biggest encouragement is this hope we have in Jesus, it’s what helped me to face each new day when I felt like I couldn’t get out of bed. I pray that He continues to fill you with this hope and His spirit brings you close to Him through this suffering. “He is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18 He is making something beautiful out of this and will use it for good . And you are not alone! Not in the slightest! Continue to hope in Him and trust Him!

    • Jennifer

      Amy, God is close to you now. Relax into that. I have been through 8 miscarriages, but I do not dare say I know how you feel. I feel that I will meet my children in the hereafter and my living son will be welcomed home some day by his siblings. I pray for peace for you and comfort.

  • So thankful for this word. I’m going through a really difficult season in my marriage and struggling to hope for things that I can’t yet see, both in our lives and in eternity. These scriptures give me something to hold onto every day.

    • Evie

      Sorry to hear of your challenges Laura, I will pray for you today, hope to hear back to see your ‘hope’ turned into reality. For He makes ALL things new!

  • Here is Revelation 21 set to music — turn it up and enjoy! We are so blessed to have this worship band at our church.

  • Romans 8:25 is one of my favorite passages. There is no reason to hope in what we already have. But hoping in the unseen? We eagerly wait for it with patience!

  • Carleejanae

    Hope! I have bee aching for hope in this current season of my life. From graduating, to accepting a job at the university i poured so much into for four years and now want to get away, to overcoming anxiety, God still manages to point me right to certain scripture when I need it. This current season is uncomfortable, but I truly believe that we must learn to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. This current battle in my mind seems to be ongoing. At first I was not understanding what I was reading. After reading all of you guys thoughtful comments it has helped bring clarity to this roadbloack I’ve been in. I pray that God molds my heart to lead me in the direction that’s needed. I pray I can be reminded as I move forward of this hope. Wow! God is good.

  • Once again in the pit of despair as I have battled depression all of my adult life. I am groaning for the new, desiring to remember no more this life. BUT GOD reminds me that I am not alone! He comforts me with Hope and reminds me of His love for even me. I am hanging on with both hands…

  • This always reminds me of that bible verse that was read in church when a friend of mine committed suicide at a far too young age. This was pretty much the only comfort we had.

  • I love the scripture verse: Romans 12:12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer! This brings me hope every day and reminds me to be patient and persistent in prayer for we know what is next!!! Super excited about heaven! Won’t that be awesome??

  • Love that Jeniamarie. Counterfeit hope is really no hope at all. We cannot overcome evil with just a “love conquers all” attitude. It’s the unconditional love that strikes at the very core of evil–love your enemies do good to those who hate you. When we can love like that, then that is the true hope we exhibit. Jesus brings hope that this life is not and never will satisfy but we look to the new heaven and new earth

  • “The measure of trials we have endured directly relates to the measure of hope we offer the world.” That’s why it is important for us to share our stories with each other. We can share hope that way. Hope and help for the journey. Often, I don’t risk sharing my “story” because I don’t see it as resolved or I see it as an ongoing unglamorous struggle. But, through Christ, I have and am enduring and perhaps someone with similar struggles will find inspiration and hope in what I share. I am thankful for all of the sharing from you SRT sisters!

    • Fiona

      I never thought it that way Bridget, our testimonies and stories being shared are a way of sharing the hope. Thanks for that thought.

  • JeniaMarie

    I live in a city that has been surrounded by tragedy in the last year. In the last month or so people have celebrated the lives of the Pulse victims whose lives were ended in the senseless act of violence. My heart aches for the loss. But my heart aches even more for the people who live with the false sense of hope that seems to be going around in the city. Yes love conquers hate. But the hope the world offers is not accompanied by the truth of the gospel so it’s a counterfeit hope. It makes you feel good in the moment but when the next tragedy happens- and I’m sure we’ll see more- where will that hope be? As believers it is our responsibility to share the hope of Christ. This living hope is what the world needs. The hope of Christ will quench our thirst and give us something to live for long after we experience loss in this world. We read truth. Let us go out and give the truth by the love of our Savior Jesus.

    • Tochi Heredia

      Wow, JeniaMarie, such faith-filled insight. I’ll be thinking about these truths today.
      I specially loved the concept of counterfeit hope. How easy is to fall under the world’s message of “love is love” and “love conquers hate” and all that colorful, happy ideals. But it leads only to death.
      Thank you so much for sharing this! Praying for your city today.

    • Lawfolk

      Great insight! I might have to quote some of the points you made. We need real hope that endures and the counterfeit hope that permeates the world after tragic occurrences just won’t suffice.

    • Emily B.

      I love what you shared. It makes me sad that the world seems to be content with a counterfeit hope, but they may not know any better. That’s where I and my fellow believers come in–we need to share the true Hope. Thank you for this encouragement!

    • Karen From Virginia

      Very true. Hope doesn’t disappoint when it is based on eternal truths. Sometimes God allows tragedy now so we see when our hope is sinking sand.

    • Cortsa

      Wise words. Thank you.

  • I love the Isaiah verse – we will be so captivated with God and His presence that we won’t even remember our former selves. Praise Jesus! So much goodness to be reminded of today. Thank you!!

  • Yes and amen… “But there will always be a hope offered by God that requires all of Him, and no amount of our working and testing will bring it to pass.”

    HE is faithful. “…To the thirsty I will give from the spring of the water of life without payment.”

    Because of Him, I can face tomorrow with a heart full of hope.

  • Amen. Hope is one of the greatest gifts we’ve been given and one of the greatest gifts that should be shared ❤️ Thank you, Lord.

  • It’s morning here on the Gulf Coast where I live. I woke up and eagerly checked the weather, hoping for good news. It has been raining A LOT for days because of a tropical storm (the creation is groaning). Just when you think it’s letting up, more torrential downpours. Oh, how I look forward to seeing that beautiful light called the sun!!
    It’s a perfect analogy for life. Just when you think the storms are letting up, more torrential downpours. Sometimes they last days/weeks and sometimes months/years.
    This thing I have learned, the sun WILL come out. I know this because I have lived it. I know this because I know God through His Son.
    Eagerly, I will await what I cannot see. In the meantime, I will put on my old shoes, open up my umbrella and I might evenly happily jump in a puddle or two, knowing that a day is coming where the Light of the Son will never end.

  • Christina

    “The measure of trials we have endured directly relates to the measure of hope we offer the world. This is the beautiful gift of hope.”

    I was just praying yesterday, talking to the Lord about how far too often I would be willing to forego the rewards of suffering for a smooth life. Sadly, this desire for comfort here affects my obedience in the smallest of things. I appreciate the conviction of the Spirit today, and pray that conviction relates to action against my worship of comfort in this earthly life. Have a fantastic day, ladies!

  • churchmouse

    “These words are faithful and true…” Can I hear an “Amen!” ? In this present age where fake news runs rampant, reality shows are not at all real, consequences are downplayed, and taking responsibility is no longer a virtue, these words point me to the Rock Who alone stands firm. What is faithful and true 100% (100%!) of the time? The Word of God. The. Word. of. God. Don’t waste your time looking anywhere else. In difficult times, in good times, at any time, we turn to the Bible and find truth and its twin sister, hope. We groan in this life – they are mere growing pains for the next. A new heaven and a new earth is coming. All will be made right. All will be made new. And it will be the realest of real. And it will be all good! Praising Him Who is faithful and true! Thank you, Lord!

  • Recently, a mama in my community lost her baby boy. A conversation of hope with the baby’s caregiver came up this week. God is desperately working in her as she was clinging for hope. Praise be to God that hope does not end. I’m hoping to share some of these beautifully written words with her today.

    • Celeste

      Also remember that the Soirit is our comforter. In Romans 8:28 we are told that the Spirit interprets the prays that we can not put into words that are the mosnings of our hearts. God gives strength !

    • Lana

      SRT’s Mourning and Dancing devotional helped me during heartbreak. Maybe it will help her too.

  • “The measure of trials we have endured directly relates to the measure of hope we offer the world.” I keep forgetting about this part while I’m in those trials. My endurance, my perseverance, my ‘count it all joys’, will translate into hope for the world. Yes!

  • Amanda @amanda-isms

    I could hear Ellie Hollcomb’s “We have this Hope” song throughout this…beautiful!

  • Karen From Virginia

    Happy Friday! Tears come as I read this beautiful hope. Troubles, stress, fears, failings have nothing on the hope of Heaven and eternity. I can trust. Eternity is what I live for and groan for. My joy is there and it helps me trust the Lord to bring me through to the time I see Jesus face to face. So happy.

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