Romans: Day 1

Set Apart for the Gospel


Today's Text: Romans 1:1-17, 2 Samuel 7:12-16, 2 Corinthians 5:17

Scripture Reading: Romans 1:1-17, 2 Samuel 7:12-16, 2 Corinthians 5:17

If you could have access to only one book for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Judging from their devoted habits and bold commentary, it seems a great many theological giants in Church history would have made Romans their go-to text for a lifetime. Early church father John Chrysostom had the book read aloud to him once a week. Poet and preacher Samuel Taylor Coleridge called it “the profoundest piece of writing in existence.” The famous sixteenth-century Bible translator William Tyndale wrote of Romans, “It is the principal and most excellent part of the New Testament… No man can read it too oft.” Martin Luther, St. Augustine, and John Wesley all came to assured faith through the impact of Romans.

What is it about this book that has captivated the attention of believers across the ages? What makes Romans so unique?

All Scripture is God-breathed and equally valuable—God’s special revelation given to us that we might know Him. But Romans is distinct in that it provides the most comprehensive expression of the gospel found in the Bible. This book reaches back deep into the Old Testament to walk us through the origin and problem of sin, the reality of guilt, and the impossibility of saving ourselves. And it presents, systematically yet succinctly, the ultimate rescue we’re given in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In short, Romans contains the essential gospel.

From the opening statements of his letter, Paul makes clear his purpose for writing: to present and promote the gospel of Jesus Christ. He introduces himself as Christ’s servant, “set apart for the gospel of God” (Romans 1:1). He addresses the letter to “all who are in Rome, loved by God,” expressing his commitment to telling them “the good news about [God’s] Son” (vv.7-9). And he conveys how desperately he has desired to visit the city personally: “I am eager to preach the gospel to you also who are in Rome” (v.15).

Paul then turns from his brief introduction to make a stunningly clear pronouncement on where he stands when it comes to the message of Christ:

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, first to the Jew, and also to the Greek.
- Romans 1:16

Paul was confident in his calling to preach the gospel because he was certain of the saving power of his God. I am a servant of Christ… I am an apostle… I am set apart for the gospel… I am eager to preach the good news… I am not ashamed.

It is with this unshakeable confidence that Paul, the self-proclaimed “worst of sinners” (1 Timothy 1:15), wrote to the believers at Rome—to explain to Jewish and Gentile converts alike what it means to believe in and be redeemed by Jesus Christ. For this is no metaphorical salvation; it is the real-life rescue of broken and complicated people by the all-powerful hand of a merciful God.

Lean in close as Paul presents his longest letter in Scripture, a sermon on what it means to be a Christ follower in this life. Listen as he tells of God’s holiness, justice, and compassion. Read this book as though it is telling a single story—the story of how God rescues us through the sacrifice of Christ.


  • Janet Sowell

    I was given this book a year ago and didn’t know what to do with it. Dummy me, look at the instructions. I haven’t done a Bible Study in too many years and am anxious to get started on this. I may be too late to participate completely but will profit from it I am sure

  • kaylyn richardson

    So excited to start this new study!

  • Rebecca Dalleywater

    Romans 8 is what was read and explained to me and caused me to make the choice to become a Christian 12 years ago. I am so excited to start this and feel as though I need it very much! I’ve been on and off with my bible reading for a while!

  • Ema Sticea

    I’d like to start this study. Anyone here who already read it and can give me a feedback? Was this efficient? Helpful? Motivational?

  • Emily Drew

    I love the message behind Roman’s, and I’m excited to read it through all the way!

  • Lily Stadtmiller

    I’ve been trying to read Romans for quite a while, but it’s been difficult to take apart! Super excited for this app

  • lauren payne

    this is my first SRT devotional. I’m so excited to dive into Romans!

  • Mary Garner

    Starting Romans today. I like the idea that it is the most complete statement of the Gospel.

  • Corri Wiles

    I’m so glad I found this. I’ve been wanting to read the book of Romans.

  • Aubrey Marshall

    Just finished day 1. I am so filled with joy to learn more about Paul and the book of Romans.

  • Aubrey Marshall

    So excited to dive into this study.

  • Erica Reddish

    I have found myself at a spot in my walk where my bible study and prayer was pretty much nonexistent. I am looking forward to this study in Romans to remind me of my amazing salvation and the love for lost souls who need to hear the gospel.

  • Laura Kilen

    I am a teacher too! I’m excited to dive into Romans during these summer months.

  • Laura Kilen

    Grace, today is my first day!

  • I have read Romans once before, but I haven’t done this study. I am very eager to start doing it! Is anyone else starting?

    • Kelly R

      Just starting today. I look forward to a new study on Romans to remind me of our God’s beautiful grace and love for us!

  • Anyone else starting with me on this study? :-)

  • Beth Hinson

    How profound are the simple words of “I am not ashamed?” So simple, so beautiful, so hard in an Earthly world-but so pure in the eyes of our Father. Romans is about have an earthquake on my soul, I just feel it!

  • Kristin Anderson

    Romans is my favorite book of the Bible and I’m excited to see what God reveals to me while studying this book at the age of 26.
    I am a High School Math teacher and I want to live in such a way that I glorify Him with EVERYTHING that I do!

  • I am new to Christian living and here to stay. God reached into my life and saved me after 40years of living in the dark. I selected the study of Romans because “nothing can seperate me from Gods love”. Some days I wake up and that’s in the forefront of my thoughts. I am so thirsty to learn and like Paul, dedicate my life to Gods purpose.

    • Cassie Johnson

      That’s amazing Amber! I just started this study today and am excited to see other women dive deep into God’s truth and be transformed by His grace. I’m praying with you!

  • Denasha Jimmerson

    Excited to read this plan.

  • Adriene Gilbreath

    I am starting this in conjunction with doing the Kids Read Truth study with my six year old daughter as she starts her summer vacation from school today. I am excited to see both of us grow together!

  • Kay Green

    So excited to start this study after finishing BSF’s Romans tonight.

  • Kasey Summers

    Yes and Amen ❤️❤️

  • Jill Sweet

    I love SRT and the fact that my husband and I can study the same scripture together. We are in our 10th month on the mission field and it has been an adjustment for us. We left secular corporate jobs where we barely saw each other to spending 24/7 together. This is our second study together. I am looking forward to seeing how God stretches and teaches me through Romans.

    • She Reads Truth

      We’re so grateful that you’re both a part of our community and we’ll be praying for you! -Margot, The SRT Team

  • Lauren Pessing

    “…He was certain in the saving power of God…” Love the reminder of where our confidence comes from! Looking forward to more of this study!

  • Jenna Muirhead

    I am feeling exceptionally lost in my faith. Some choices in the last couple years personally and with my husband have brought me into a distant place far from my God that I have known and love. The other day I had gone to church and as I watched the worship team singing I realized what I was missing. Joy, I have been missing peace and joy in my life. This is not where I want to be and the only one capable of getting me out of this whole is Jesus. My husband and I need some serious prayer to save our marriage from the choices we’ve made. At this point it is kind of one sided but I believe my God is bigger and can handle anything. So please as I try to get back on the path to my joy, pray for me, my husband, our marriage, and our children. HIS love is extravagant even when I don’t feel like I am worthy.

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Jenna, thanks for sharing this. We’re praying for you and your family during this time. We’re grateful that you’re a part of our community! -Margot, The SRT Team

    • Laney

      Dear Lord,
      Please heal Jenna’s marriage. You know the hurt, you know the conflict. Please Lord reconcile this marriage with your unending grace. Where there’s hurt, heal. Where there’s shame, forgive. Where there’s uncertainty, fulfill. You will do immeasurably more than we can hope or imagine. I pray that Jenna would be encouraged in knowing she is a beloved child of Christ!

    • Sarah Schumacher

      Praying for you and your family Jenna! I don’t know if you know the song Miracles by Jesus Culture, but that’s what came to mind when I started to pray. He’s the God of miracles. Stay close to Him, and He will work all things together for good (Romans 8:28).

  • Christina Guerra

    I also pray that I can read this devotional everyday and truly make time for God essential…I want to need God as bad as I NEED TO BREATHE!

    • She Reads Truth

      We’re praying for you Christina! We’re so grateful that you’re a part of our community. -Margot, The SRT Team

  • Brittany Wyatt

    Paul confidence in God is so inspiring! We should all be defenders of the word like Paul!

  • Brittany Wyatt

    This is my first devotional on this app! I’m so excited to continue reading, Romans is my favorite book!

  • Rose Braga

    I honestly am praying that I can make it through the 42 studies without taking a break. I find it hard to be in the word EVERY day, and need to be encouraged strongly to keep going! God is always good xx

    • Juliana Martinez

      I am right here with you! I hope your third day is going well… I just finished my first. We can get through it… and we will grow from it. :)

  • Kailtin Masaoglia

    Iam going through probably the hardest time of my life. And it’s nice to remember- even though it’s SO hard when we are broken and completely empty God IS preparing us. To use us and fill us. IF WE ALLOW HIM. If we are willing to give the hard gross shame fills places of our heart to him. He will use us and shape us. It’s not a maybe or an if. It’s he is redeeming us. Thank you Jesus for Paul in all his faults “worst sinner” thank there is hope for me through Jesus. Only through Jesus. If anything can do it HE can. Not me in my strength but him in his strength that over came the World.

  • Mellisa Bryan

    So excited! I’m doing Romans in Bible Study Fellowship. I look forward to going into this from a different angle, to see what God has in store for me

  • Jamie Goodwin

    This is my first She Reads Truth devotional and I’m looking forward to diving in deeper and getting more of Paul’s perspective regarding the Early church.

  • Emily Waldon

    So grateful for a fresh look at Romans!

  • Emlyn Arden

    Paul shares his testimony about the redemption of himself through Christ. It’s so powerful & so relatable to us all!

  • I am so thrilled to start this. God gives you what you need, when you need it.

  • Kristen Rodgers

    This is so good, but is it possible to get this commentary off the app? Right now, I’m always only able to see the scripture, not the commentary, under Romans on the app.

  • Karla Rossi-Gonzalez

    I love the fact that Paul tells us he is NOT ashamed of the Gospel. He confidence encourages me.Paul knows that we will need to fell that confidence when we share the gospel with those who will ridicule us.
    Therefore “we live by faith,” v. 17

  • Started this study today. I have the book and purchased the online study too in hopes it might give me some more insight as I read. I am new to studying the Bible and I find it confusing and difficult to understand the context at times so I hope this study will help! I am going to be meeting with a new friend to discuss it once every few weeks or so. I pray that God will reveal himself to me through the book of Romans. I had fallen away from God and stopped believing. He has called me back to him and I am here ready and excited to get to know him and develop a relationship with him.

    • Whitney

      It’s so great to read your comment (first one I’m seeing as I start this study) especially when you say “He has called me back to him.” God is good! Enjoy His word!

    • Deborah Cousler

      Carrie I am in the same position as you! I am renewing my relationship with God and he brought me to Romans which has proven to be a great read. I will pray for you in your journey and so happy to hear you are back :)

    • Caroline G

      Praying for all of you, ladies!! Whitney is right— God is so so good!

  • Haley Van Ness

    i can’t wait to dive deeper into romans!

  • Kim Hawkins

    Started this study on 10/28/17. Anticipating the Lord to move mightily.

  • I bought this study a few days ago but am not able to get it to download. Any suggestions?

    • Faith Hickenbotham

      I purchased mine yesterday and it wouldn’t pop up for me at first. What I had to do was go into Settings, scroll to the bottom, and hit the Restore In-App Purchases. Hope this works for you as well!

  • dais.ytough

    Such a good way to end the night; with my heart full and my life blessed ❤️ Praise God!

  • Rochelle Holman

    Starting this study today on my own. I have been a Christian for many years and have studied parts of Romans but never cover to cover. Looking forward to taking my time to grasp more about who God is, what He has done for us, and how I will be changed by it. Thank you!

  • Kaysey Jackson

    This is my first bible study as an adult. I found out about this through The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast and am excited for this study and many more! Thank you!

  • Excited!

  • Downloaded this about a week ago but I’m just starting the study today. I pray for a Grace to be committed and consistent. Looking forward to a transformative time in the Word

  • Sandy Boyd

    Just started the Romans study today. Looking forward to being washed by the Word. I hope to be as committed as Paul and confident that God is at work rescuing my unsaved loved ones.

  • Kelly Huenefeld

    We started this study today. Already looked up Lingua Franca and Pentecost. Day one is 2 Samuel 7 12-16 and Cor. 5:17, Reading Romans will be a good study for us.

  • I’m starting this study on Monday with another friend. Looks great! Romans is one of my favourite books. Thankful for this resource!

  • Glad to be starting this study. I’ve been meaning to since I heard about it, but I kept finding a reason to delay and thought I needed a room with live people with whom to do a study. I thought I missed the community aspect but mostly I miss the rhythm of Bible study. After having to leave a group study where I didn’t feel welcome, I’m finally picking up this study — and was thrilled to find the comment section!

  • Erika K

    Roman’s has always been a favorite book of mine as it has been for many others. My confirmation verse was chosen from this book for this reason. I’m excited to learn more about it.

  • mickinzi

    this gets me excited because i have to do a lesson/sermon on Romans 5. pumped to learn more in the study.

  • Margaret

    I’m excited for this study.

  • Larissa

    This has to be my favorite book of the bible. I am really excited to start this study.

  • Mol Goodman

    I’m so excited to start this study as I move to Rome in 2 weeks to serve as a non-denominational missionary & photographer with the Catholic Church. Love reading where God has been in this city and it’s church history and how He is using Paul’s words now even in my small life. Wow.

  • This is such an inspirational book, that gives me hope. Loving this study.

  • ShariLeigh

    I’m excited to begin this new way of studying Romans! I am always amazed with what God did with Paul. What he came from and then what he became! Wow!!

  • aefornshell331

    I read this passage and think of Paul’s zeal to share the gospel. I can’t remember the last time I shared the gospel with someone. Lord, lead me to those who need your gospel. Help me listen to the Spirit and obey the small voice to share the gospel!

  • Heather Schwartz

    I have been struggling lately as I feel like my prayers go unanswered so often. I try to focus on all the wonderful things God bestows on us- the Grace that abounds. But at night my mind goes back to the disappointment.

    • Georgia

      Hi Heather! God is always listening and he always answers your prayers! It may not be how you want them to be answered and when you want them to be answered but he knows you better that you know yourself! He answers your prayers how and when you need it, not always how you want it! Hope this helped!! So just hang in there!

      • Angie Bakos

        Hello Heather, I would like to add to Georgia’s great response that during times when we feel like God is not answering we must remember who God is. He is loving, merciful, patient, gentle, strong, and just, to name a few. He will never leave you or forsake you. He is ALWAYS working what will bring glory to Himself, and the greatest good for you. He’s asking you to trust Him.

  • AnnMarie Davis-Romo

    Paul was there to present the Gospel and Word

  • AnnMarie Davis-Romo

    Tell who Paul is.and what he is.

  • Kimberly

    This is my first study also with She Reads Truth I’m excited to read through Romans it has been awhile.

  • Abby Jorden

    This is my first study to do with She Reads Truth, and I’m so excited to begin!
    I’ve definitely gone through a spiritual dry spell, and I’m excited to dig deeper into the Word

    • tfair

      I totally relate to your comment. First study with SRT and definitely been in a dry spell. I hope you have the perseverance to dig and a newfound love for the Word and the Author Himself!

    • Ashley Williams

      I have been in a bit of a rut too, but praying through this bible study it will renew my relationship with the Lord.

  • Robin Edmonds

    Kelli, your words brought chills to me because of your struggle and your pain in the loss of your mother. Losing one’s mother is one of the hardest things to experience in life. I lost my mother years ago, but I know she’s in heaven and the knowledge that I will be with her again one day is so comforting! Please know that you’re not flying solo! You never have been! Even when your mother was here with you, Jesus was there right beside you both! He’s there now and He led you to this study! Dig deep, open your heart and let Him comfort you and bring you wholeness. In the mighty and loving name of Jesus I pray, Amen!

  • Starting Romans today… my mom passed away 3 months ago and I’m struggling with the loss. I am wondering if the salvation and “rescue” that Amanda writes about is for more than eternity because I desperately want Jesus to “rescue” me from feeling broken and overwhelmingly sad. The circumstances of my mom’s passing are very complicated and painful. She passed away from complications of cancer. I know she is with Jesus and I’m so grateful for that, but some days, I feel like I’m hanging on to hope with my fingertips. My mom was the one I leaned on most and she showed me how to lean on Jesus but now I’m learning to fly solo and it’s scary to leave the “nest” without her. I’m hoping that since Romans is the essential Gospel that I will find my life line in the pages of Scripture. And, I’ll do my best not to be a “downer” in the group when I share. Praying for all of you who are participating.

    • Stephanie

      Praying for you as well, Kelli! Know that you are never truly flying solo, your lifeline IS the word of God!

      • Kelli

        Thank you Stephanie for your prayers and encouragement. I am grateful for your reply and to travel along through Romans with you.

    • Lacey Small

      Kelli, my heart goes out to you for what you are going through. Praying for strength for you to overcome the grief. I lost my dad unexpectedly years ago and I know how long and dark the tunnel of grief can feel, but pressing into God will lift you out of it day by day.

  • Starting now!!! Romans 12 has always been my favorite chapter of the Bible. I’m excited to explore the book as a whole for the next couple of weeks!

    • Heather

      Romans 12 is my favorite bible passage as well! I’m very excited to start this passage as it has been awhile since I’ve dug deep!

  • LaDonna

    I started today reading my first She Reads Truth study. I’m not new to Bible study. I love how the Holy Spirit leads my study time and not an author. Loving this!!!

  • Ceceilia

    I’m starting this today. I’ve had it sitting for a while but today is THE DAY! I’m excited to start digging in deeper theologically in order to more efficiently share the gospel. It’s rooted deep in my soul.

  • Veronica Chavarria

    I am starting my study of Romans today. I am new to studying the Bible. I am so grateful for all I have learned already. I am not ashamed to share the gospel with others.

  • 1st time using she reads truth and I love it!!!

  • I am just joining today. Romans is by far my favorite book.

    • Robin

      Back in 2001 I found Jesus Christ as my savior but was very timid with the sharing of the gospel as I have grown I find myself much more bold in telling those who need to hear. It’s not that I am ashamed it’s that I I feel I may not express what I need to say appropriately. But I have learned you don’t need to make a speech or debate but just the little things we say and do daily can tell others about our LORD

  • 2nd time studying the Book of Romans this summer. My Spirit is telling me to go visit Rome. Wouldn’t it be great to do a group tour of Rome? I was thinking about this during my 1st study. Never really shared it with anyone until I came across this group. I think it would be Awesome.

  • Christine

    Starting this study today, so looking forward to digging in with you all!

    • Christine

      As i finish, i am reminded how desperate I am for the power of the Spirit in me; that my calling is to live by faith, each day, completely dependant on Him who has chosen to save me. How grateful I am for a God who will never remove His love from me; but instead, choses to empower me to live by the Spirit and share the gospel with my very life. Praise Him from whom ALL blessings flow!

    • Chris Ann

      I started today, too! Glad to have someone else whose journey is starting a little later than the rest!

  • Anna Marie Yoder

    Hello Ladies, I am very excited to start this study on Romans. I look forward to reading your comments and also adding my heart. I am so thankful for all of your open hearts.

  • I am a broken daughter but I cannot wait to dive into Romans to become fully unashamed in the gospel. Thankful for a community of Christ followers all around the world!

  • Brittany Williams

    The simple God. So pure and so powerful! ❤️

    Began this plan today and what a great introduction to Romans! I am so excited to gain so much more knowledge and understanding about the gospel so that I can be more effective in sharing the gospel. I am full tonight. Full of joy and excitement! Can’t wait to see what God has in store for us all through this study!

  • Angela Cisneros

  • I’m new to this study, and I’m very excited to begin this journey.

  • I have just begun Romans today. I thank God that He has called me as I am x

  • Courtney Q. Dowell

    I’m thankful SRT/HRT is so accessible to women and men all over the world. About to start Romans. Love from the Philippines!

  • Rachael Browning

    excited start this study and then to dive into it at BSF in the fall

  • Andrea W. Moore

    Romans has always been my favorite- looking forward to gleaning new wisdom and encouragement from this study!

  • I have been so horrible in reading daily and I can feel it spiritually… it’s like I’m drained. I am ecstatic to start again in Romans. It’s just what I need.

  • Bridget

    I am thrilled to start this study – with the hectic times summer pairs with, I can count on the scripture to remain the same and give encouragement. May we all encourage one another in our faith!

  • A Gauthier

    I’m a little late starting this reading plan but I’m excited to dive in. I’ve been struggling with wanting to do things on my time knowing that God’s timing is best. I’m thankful that I am included in God’s salvation plan.

  • Romans 1:12- mutually encouraged by each other’s faith. This is definitely a byproduct of telling our stories.
    Romans 1:13-
    We plan to do something but God knows the best timing and He may delay the commencement of our plans.
    Romans 1:16-
    It is God’s power that saves us. God’s people (Jews) were chosen to be the vessel by which salvation would come through His son Jesus. But God planned from the beginning (see Hosea 2:23) that Gentiles would be included in God’s salvation plan and he planned that the Apostle Paul would be the one to bring Christ to them. So thankful that I’m included!

  • Wish the Scripture was free in this app. I could really benefit from the full study.

  • Brittany Bauhs

    I’m excited to spend time getting to know the Bible better and dive deeper – I just returned from Rome, so this study seemed appropriate!

  • Yessenia

    So excited to read Romans!

  • For some reason and I have only just realized this… the enemy has kept me believing the lie that Romans is too hard and that I shouldn’t bother reading it! How ridiculous! So looking forward to diving and discovering the treasure awaiting in Romans! Thanks for doing this book SRT.

  • Heather Rosalie

    I am so excited to do this study! I actually have felt called to study Romans this summer and have started on my own already, but I am very excited to add this study in.

  • Mary Ashleigh

    This is my first SRT study & day 1 of Romans for me. I’ve always loved Romans, but I can already tell this study will give me a new appreciation for this book.

  • Chelsea J


  • Leigh Adkins

    I have always had trouble grasping the concept of grace. I work and work to make GOD like me but I can’t fathom Grace. So I hope this study will bring me closer to GOD

    • Laci

      I deal with the same thing! You should read “The Discipline of Grace” by Jerry Bridges. It’s super dense, but has an incredible impact!

  • Leigh Adkins


  • Brooke K.

    I am new to this website and I love it!! We were told about it in ministry classes and it is such a good way to learn more about romans and grow in the gospel. My favorite verse is romans 1:16

  • Fabiola

    I’ve had this app on my iPad for a while now but I hadn’t opened it until today and I’m so glad I did. Romans is one of my favorite books! Day 1 for me. God is good!

  • Emily Smith

    Romans is such a wonderful book and it really gives you a good look at the gospel, so I’m so excited for this devo! One of my favorite verses was Romans 1:12 “that is, that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine.” I find this so true that we are encouraged by faith but I’m also encouraged by the faith of my friends around me!

  • Jackie Wilmore

    This is my first day here and I’m so excited about this study. I’ve taken the course 2 times during Sunday school and then I took a study of Paul’s epistles at the College of Biblical Studies. I’m so happy to be studying now on my own and taking my personal notes. I’m so excited and glad God lead me here.

  • Christine

    So looking forward to this study. I’ve been in romans for a few months now. God every time I read it something new pops out. I love the word for that very reason. The word is alive!

  • Julia Smiley

    I’m new to this, I started this today and I am so excited to get closer to Christ.

  • Danya Ho

    I am a servant of Christ… I am an apostle… I am set apart for the gospel… I am eager to preach the good news… I am not ashamed.

  • Deanna Burns

    I am late starting this but very excited to study the writings of Paul and the book of Romans…it is one I have wanted to study for years!

  • Laura Humphreys

    I can already tell I am going to love this study!! Can’t wait to really dive in to this book.

  • I am so excited to be here. I just purchased my She Reads Truth bible and it cannot be more beautiful. This passage really spoke to me to remind me that I will never be enough but by grace I am saved. I need that assurance in this world we live in.

    • She Reads Truth

      We are so glad you are here and loving your bible, Lauren! So grateful to have you in the SRT community.

      – Stormye

  • Serena Blair

    @molli moser. The study questions happen once a week in the Romans book. You journal for the week, personally. The questions are meant for reflection and discussion.

  • molli moser

    Are there study questions that go along with the daily scripture reading?

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Molli! Great question. The questions are for each week and are a feature of our study books. We are so glad to have you reading along with us!

      – Stormye

  • Alysha Taylor

    Just started this on my own and i LOVE how scripture centered these devotions are. I would love to have a highlight feature though. Sometimes I don’t have a note, I would just like to high light something.

  • Steph J

    I am so excited to begin this study. I just finished a study on the OT a month ago and it was phenomenal! I have always felt it to be so dry and boring, but when you see how everything in the OT points to Christ, it makes it all so fresh and so very meaningful. I love Paul’s writings because he does that a lot. Goes back to the OT and makes it relevant for everyone. He helps us to see the beauty in God’s word. I think another reason I love Paul’s writings so much is he’s direct. He has this attitude of “Hey, here’s the Truth. If you have trusted in Christ you ought to be living life fully and unashamedly in it. Stop wasting time bickering and preach Christ!”

    It’s very refreshing and I can’t wait to dive more deeply into it.

  • Just starting this study with my church LifeGroup. Looking forward and the study book is beautiful!

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, Anita! We are so glad to have you studying with us!

      – Stormye

  • If only this was cheaper…

    • Janel A

      You can read along online for free and have much the same content.

  • I am excited to get into this study

  • SunflowerChild

    I’m new to the app; I was referred to the app by a friend who is helping me with staying connected to God and studying the word so that I can apply what’s in the readings to my life. I’ve struggled with anxiety and stress a lot lately and would like to rid that from my life! With that being said, I’m really excited and looking forward to new beginnings and proclaiming my faith to God! :)

    • shaye

      Go you! this app is a great place to start! praying that God would take away all stress and anxiety ❤️

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, SunflowerChild! We are so glad to have you reading God’s Word with us!

      – Stormye

  • Would love a podcast of the daily study being read…. yes, I know we have become a lazy generation but it would be (for me at least) something nice to listen to on the way to work to start my day and turn my focus on the eternal (and not the drivers that cant drive)… just a thought

    • Trisha C

      I love this idea! It would be nice for moms of toddlers and infants too.. :) Some days I just don’t have that much time to just sit and read. Love SRT studies and so grateful for all the work you all do!!!

    • She Reads Truth

      Thank you for the feedback, Abdi! We will definitely consider this idea!

      – Stormye

  • So excited to be refreshed with my fellow believers! Romans is such a great book!

  • Christine

    I’m a bit behind in my study group but I’m sure I’ll dive in fast and want to hang onto every word.

  • Starting today with the kiddos!

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, Alysa! Glad to have you reading with us!

      – Stormye

  • Starting again and playing catch up. Wish I had known sooner of the kids book. Need to order it and do it with my little one.

  • My wife and daughter are in the comments below…excited to study Romans together as a family!

  • Starting Romans today with my lovely Mom!! Not only a great way to start of the day, but also a way to learn about the gospel :)

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, Kya! So glad to have you and your mom studying with us!

      – Stormye

  • Brooke Guikema

    Starting romans today as a family. So excited to do this together!

  • Book arrived and App downloaded. Ready to walk with Paul!

  • Dionna T

    I am just joining, I just got my book and I’m so excited to be doing this study! I’m looking forward to growing into a deeper relationship with the Lord.

  • Heather Mae

    Wow so excited to be doing this study! My mentor just got me the book and we are planning on doing some of it together it’s just amazing how sitting down and really reading can help you understand so much!

  • Ginger Rockey-Johnson

    I am just joining as well. While I don’t have the book, I am hopeful that I can follow along without it.

  • Andrea B

    Just joining…should have my book late next week. Happy to be joining after a season of struggling in my relationship with the Lord! A friend referred me and is doing it with me as well!

  • Ceceilia

    I’ve decided to join in even if it’s a bit late. I just need a refresher. We serve our local church and sometimes we forget to breathe in the reason why we do what we do!

    • Ebb

      I’m totally starting late as well for similar reasons. I was leading a small group and forgot to tend to myself. Better late than never.

      • Cheri

        Yes late here too! Excited to get into romans!

      • She Reads Truth

        Welcome, Ebb! We’re glad to have you reading with us – no matter when you start!

        – Stormye

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, Ceceilia! So glad to have you with us – no matter when you join!

      – Stormye

  • Getting a late start but I am doing this study with my 15yo and my 6yo. She has the kids book and it’s just too cute! I love Romans! This is my first study with She Reads Truth. I have been a servant of Christ since I was 18. Lately I have found myself falling away. I’m not plugged into church anymore and so it’s very difficult to stay close to God without that. I have just recently started struggling with anxiety and panic attacks and I have chronic pain due to a spinal surgery that didn’t work so getting out is difficult. I miss having that close knit church family but since we moved we haven’t been able to make connections. So I am looking forward to taking the first steps in getting back on track with my daily time with God. :)

    • Jody Heavenrich Hensley

      Holly, me too, on the late start and the struggle to stay connected to God, lately. I will pray that this study (which seems like it is going to rock, like all the other SRT studies) brings us both closer to the Father that loves and never leaves us. Also, praying for healing for you and for your children.

  • Linda McCluskey

    Sin is not just the things we do, but also the things we don’t do. I love this thought. I pray for forgiveness and repent of the things I shouldn’t do, but I rarely consider the things I should do, but fail to do.

    • Carol Ham

      Love this-thank you for saying this so clearly. May we listen to the promptings of the Spirit of God and walk in full obedience-because of the abundance of love that Christ poured out on/for us!

  • I’m new to the app and working to become more disciplined and engaged in my faith. Looking forward to this study!!

  • Thrilled to have found this group. I am excited for the reading and “discussion.” God Bless!

    • She Reads Truth

      We’re glad to have you here with us, Tina! So glad you stopped by today!

      – Stormye

  • This is my first SRT study! I attend BSF during the school year and we will be studying Romans with that starting in September. Our leader suggested the best way to prepare for Romans was by reading it through during the summer! I am excited to do that in preparation for further study in the fall!

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, Holly! We are so glad to have you studying with us!

      – Stormye

  • Megan Montgomery

    I will be honest… reading the scripture the first time I was a little confused as to what was going on with the setting and what the message was really trying to convey, but after reading the devotional I made the connection! I went back and reread the scripture again and it was like reading it with a brand new pair of eyes! I completely got Paul and his urgency to preach to the people of Rome about Gods saving grace! I am excited to read through Romans with you lovely ladies!! ❤️

  • Kasey Summers

    So pumped to go through romans!!!!

  • Jessica H

    It’s first to the Jews because they are Gods chosen people from Abraham … and most Jew don’t believe in Jesus the way Gentiles do. Our home church adopts that same mindset and ministers to the Jewish community the first Friday of every month. The Jews were the ones calling for Paul’s head and Jesus crucifixion later. They were “law” abiding people and didn’t like that Jesus called him self the Son of God.

  • Stephanie

    In desperate need to be mutuality encouraged by His community of faith.

    • She Reads Truth

      You’ve come to the right place, friend! So grateful to have you reading with us.

      – Stormye

  • Starting today!
    “that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.” (v12)

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, Ana! So glad to have you reading with us!

      – Stormye

  • So I got a little hung up on the phrase “first to the Jew, and also to the Greek.” It seemed like Paul was stating there was some priority of Jews over Gentiles, but at the same time, he said “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for salvation to EVERYONE who believes.” I found this article really helpful in digging through this, but if anyone else has any comments, I would love to hear them.

    • Ana

      Thanks for the link!

      • Melissa

        Thanks for sharing. I’ve always wondered that too and Piper’s explanation is so helpful. I especially appreciate the part where he talks about how “to the Jew first” was offensive to the Greeks and “and also to the Greek” was offensive to the Jews. We all have status as co-heirs with Christ and this is a good reminder that despite our differences, we are also united in the gospel.

  • Started today. Sharing with my daughter. Excited❤️

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, Lupe! So glad to have you reading with us!

      – Stormye

  • Marypat

    This early morning, I am beginning this study of Romans with you, “Shes”.❤️ full of anticipation!

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, Marypat! So glad to have you reading with us!

      – Stormye

  • Just started this study. Looking good!

    • April

      I started today too :) I’ve wanted to study Romans for a long time, so I’m excited.

  • Julie Widman

    I’ve been draw to Romans more than usual this past month, so nice to begin this devotional on it. Much better than browsing FB while I nurse :)

  • Tricia C

    I’m a couple of days behind but will catch up. So excited to read this!

  • I purchased the book & just wondering if there is a way to receive these through emails? It would be a great reminder to open the book daily. Thanks!

  • This is my first study. Are there questions to ponder or just the scripture and devotional?

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Kylie! Thanks for joining us! Glad to have you reading along. The questions are a feature of the study books and can be found there. Online, you’ll find the daily Scripture reading and the devotional for the day. I hope this helps!

      – Stormye

      • Valerie

        There are no questions in the book. Is this something that was taken out? There were questions for study and pondering in the Psalms study.

        • Lee

          The questions are at the end of each week.

        • She Reads Truth

          Hi Valerie! The questions for Romans are at the end of each week instead of each day. I hope this helps! Glad to have you reading with us.

          – Stormye

      • Kylie

        Is the study book something additional that I need to purchase?

        • Ashley W

          Yes. It is online through the app for $2.99 or in the store there is a hard copy that will ship to you

          • Kylie

            Ok! I bought the plan for $2.99, but I don’t see questions. I am confused. Lol

          • Kylie

            Ok! I found it. The app doesn’t have questions but there is a Romans book for purchase with questions. Got it!

        • She Reads Truth

          Hi Kylie! The Study Book is filled with great resources, but not necessary for you to read with us. Everything is available on our website or the app. So glad to have you studying with us!

          – Stormye

  • This wonderful study is a blessing to me! I am encouraged by Paul, his devotion to his calling, his love for Jesus Christ and for all those he longingly seeks to share the gospel with. As a believer in Jesus Christ, I am called to share the gospel with eagerness and longing as Paul did, so that we all may be encouraged by one another’s faith. Paul states he is not ashamed of the gospel. His love for others to know the power of God and the salvation of Jesus Christ is so strong, so powerful that it propels him to speak the truth! What a beautiful message for such a time as this!

  • Courtney

    So excited to start this study through the book of Romans; it’s a household effort.

  • Becky W

    Have loved SRT posts on Instagram for a while now — the artwork! So beautiful!!! And now, starting on my first study with this group. I just started today & right away needed to look up the definition of apostle (v1). My Bible dictionary said “someone sent to represent another;in the New Testament, someone who had seen Jesus & been commissioned by him to teach others about him.” I don’t think that Paul ever met Jesus, as he had his dramatic conversion after Jesus’ death, resurrection, & conversion) — right? So, how interesting that Paul is SO eager to represent Jesus and feels the same call as an apostle! What passion!

    • Megan

      Becky, I agree! I love the dedication of Paul to the gospel, although he wasn’t one of the original apostles who walked with Jesus. I also think it’s interesting to think about the difference between the words “apostle” and “disciple.” I used to think they were the same, but as I’ve studied more, it’s clear that a disciple is a follower of Christ (all of us, for example!), and an apostle is somebody who was called of God to represent Jesus Christ and given authority lead his church here on earth.

    • Lizzieb85

      Paul DID meet Jesus, on the road to Damascus. Yes, Jesus had already died & been risen from the dead & gone to His Father’s side in heaven, but He did reveal Himself to Paul. In Acts 9 it doesn’t say Paul physically saw Jesus, but Jesus spoke directly to him. I consider that a direct commission from Jesus.

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, friend! We are so grateful for your insights today and to have you studying with us!

      – Stormye

  • Michelle

    I just joined! Accompanying my niece in this wonderful opportunity to learn.

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome to SRT, Michelle! So glad to have you reading with us!

      – Stormye

  • Elizabeth Moersch

    My faith is strengthened with each word Paul writes! While Paul’s faith is deep and his purpose/calling to spread the saving grace of the gospel of Jesus is clearly understood, we also see how he longs to have fellowship with those he writes to; not only to encourage them, but, also to be encouraged! We are a “body” of believers and are made to be together to encourage one another in a faith. I love this because it is such a beautiful exchange of love. Love for our God and love for each other (His family)! Sweet

  • One thing I took away from this is that God can pour confidence into us if we’re willing to receive it. Paul could have chosen to be lazy or insecure, but he wasn’t because he chose to find his value and purpose in God’s plans for his life. That choice is what allowed him to receive courage and confidence from God to accomplish what he was meant to do.

  • As followers of Christ, we are all set apart NOT set aside. I am in AWE of Paul’s unshakable confidence as a servant of Christ.

    • Alyssa Santos

      I love the way you put that: set apart, not set aside. Paul does make it clear that all followers of Christ are called by Jesus Christ, considered saints! And our new identity and purpose found in the gospel makes it possible for us to mutually encourage and strengthen one another’s faith. There is no hierarchy. There is no lesser Christian or more important one. If one’s identity is founded in the gospel, we are valuable to the mission of the gospel.

  • Stephanie

    It is so fulfilling to have been following along with the Bible in a Year plan because you can see how Paul reaches back into the Old Testament scripture through, “HEY! I just read this a week or so ago!” I love that the whole Bible points to Jesus Christ. Paul’s thorough knowledge of the Scriptures appeals to how I like to draw connections between things, too.

  • Leigh Ann Mayfield

    I love that Paul referenced God 23 times in 17 verses through proper nouns that named Him and pronouns. I chose to highlight them all in my study book in purple! I was also deeply moved by his clear call and commitment to the Lord and his brothers and sisters in Christ! The clarity of the Gospel shines as Paul’s issues his clarion statement in verses 16-17. How precious are his concerns for those in Rome…I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you… I constantly mention you…I want to see you, so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to strengthen you…I often planned to come to you…I am eager to preach the gospel to you also who are in Rome…Oh Lord, me too! I want my concern for my brothers and sisters throughout the world and for pre-believers to grow. Help me thank You and constantly mention to You those who are suffering and being persecuted for their faith…O Lord, our fellow believers in Egypt. O Lord, our fellow believers in North Korea. These come to mind in prayer right now. Please strengthen them to hold on to their faith in You as an anchor for their souls when entire countries try to force them to renounce Christ. Help them remember Paul writing…For I am not ashamed of the Gospel…may Your power and presence, Your grace and mercy be with them.

  • Charise

    QUESTION: Verse 15 mentions that Paul was ‘EAGER’ to preach to those in Rome… why was Paul so eager to preach & how can we become eager to preach His word?

    • Sara

      My barest opinion is that the eagerness stemmed from Paul’s confident faith and the urgent message of the gospel. Yes it’s two thousand years strong, but it’s an urgent one for those who don’t believe and for those giving it. It’s the stirring and moving of our hearts to share His word in truth and grace, knowing how close to a deadened life we all are when we don’t know His truth.

      • Charise

        So true Sara… and I think the more we know of God’s Word, Truth & Love, we are all the more compelled to share it!

    • Cindy

      Love? The truest of loves being the rescue of doomed lives?

      • Charise

        That is a great answer Cindy! The Word says that LOVE covers a multitude of sins, so that we are able to love and preach HIS Gospel to ALL, not seeing faults or sins

    • Amy

      I think Paul’s eagerness to preach, in general, stems from the zeal with which God created him. Paul pursued all of his causes with unstoppable zeal and eagerness, whether it was his persecution of Christians before his conversion, or his sharing the gospel after. I notice he was particularly eager to come to Rome — he mentions it a couple times in the book — and I’ve been wondering why. But at the end of Romans, he greets many friends and brothers there — maybe he was eager to be among friends? To be encouraged, and to encourage them. He’s close to the end of his journey when writing this, and knows he’s walking into trouble in Jerusalem. It’s impossible to know just what he was thinking, but I guess I think all those things play into his eagerness to reach the church at Rome at this time.

      • Charise

        Thank you Amy!!! I did not even know all of this, but definitely makes a lot of sense!

    • Mmartinez

      I believe eagerness in our part is our relationship with Christ. That by being filled and Christ like through that personal relationship we become eager like Christ to preach the word, and share Christ with others

      • Charise

        Amen Mmartinez!!! I pray that my relationship continue to grow more and more so that I may become more and more eager to preach His Word!

  • Amanda B

    As a new follower of Christ I am eager to dive into Romans and learning the depths of this book. I’ve read Romans in the Bible but with this study I am excited to dissect the book itself. I like how this reading states to read Romans as a single story oh how God rescues us through the sacrifice of Christ.

    • Charise

      Amen! I pray that you grow & learn more and more of God’s Word! Blessings

  • Jennifer B.

    This is my first SRT Study and I am looking forward to reading through Romans. 1st time studying Romans in depth. I have learned so much just by reading the first 17 verses in depth. The verse that stood out the most to me today was v12 in that Paul wanted to visit the Roman churches not just to minister to them but so they BOTH could be encouraged in each other by each others faith. I know I loose that sometimes trying to go it alone in study and know that I gain so much more when I am with others in God’s Word. So looking forward to read what others are gaining from this Romans SRT Study.

    • Charise

      Amen! This is one of the verses that also stood out to me. I think we all lose it sometimes, but we can see through God’s word that we are here to encourage each other & help each other grow

    • Traci

      Hi Jennifer! I saw that you haven’t had the opportunity to study Romans before and that you feel you study best in community – I want to encourage you to search for a Bible Study Fellowship class you could attend in your area! BSF is a worldwide organization that provides structured weekly in-person Bible study meetings for women. Their studies run from September through May each year and are organized around a certain topic or book- the upcoming study this year will be on Romans! You can check it out by going to their website and clicking Our classes–> Find a class. Hope it is an encouragement to you!

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, Jennifer! We are so glad to have you reading Romans with us this summer!

      – Stormye

  • One of the parts that stuck out for me in today’s reading reminded me of something Jesus said in Matthew. Its when Jesus comes to a crowd and scripture describes what he’s doing. He teaches. He proclaims the gospel. He heals the sick. It says he has compassion for the crowd. But what he commands of his disciples is to first pray because the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. Jesus wanted them to pray for the laborers first so that the work could be done for the Kingdom, to reap the harvest. In today’s reading, Paul is acting this out. He tells them how he’s praying without ceasing so he can come impart some spiritual gift to them. Then a few verses later he talks about going to them to reap the harvest. I was excited when the Spirit showed me this connection. If the whole Bible points to Jesus, I want to see those connections.

  • Chrissy B

    How does 2 Samuel 7:12-17 tie in with the other scriptures?

    • Tessa

      Hey Chrissy! I thought this passage tied really well into the first paragraph of Romans 1, where Paul talks about Jesus fulfilling Old Testament prophecy. This passage from 2 Samuel is prophesying that exact thing! That a true redeemer and perfect King would come from the line of David to establish an eternal Kingdom!

  • I love the Gospel. I love Romans. I want to do better at “not being ashamed ” and keeping my love for the Gospel in a safe place in this world of tolerance.
    Looking forward to the opportunity to grow.

  • Paolly P.

    Hello everybody, I am very excited to be starting this reading plan with you all. I am new to the site and it’s going to be also my first ever study of the Bible. I’m looking forward to absorb as much as I can about this book wich I have never read as a whole, only fragments. I pray for this book to be of edification for my life, and yours also.

    God Bless this community!

  • Mikayla

    “For this is no metaphorical salvation; it is the real-life rescue of broken and complicated people by the all-powerful hand of a merciful God.”

    Wow. Profound. My family just went through an extremely difficult loss with my youngest sibling and I’ve bee wrestling with God quite a lot lately. I was hesitant to commit to a full summer study as a college student working two summer jobs, but I definitely think that I am really going to learn so much from these next forty-some days.

  • Reagan Claire

    Today is my first day doing a bible study. I just got confirmed and I’m ready to take my faith into my own hands! I’m taking my first steps here, I’m super excited and have been waiting for this to start! I hope everyone finds Gods love while we read through this together and I pray we all have a wonderful time learning and supporting one another.

    • Abigail

      Welcome!! This is my first bible study in this type of format and I hope it’s an engaging and helpful way for you to grow in your faith :)

      • She Reads Truth

        Welcome, Abigail! Grateful that you are in this community!

        – Stormye

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, Reagan! So glad to have you studying God’s Word with us!

      – Stormye

  • It’s my first SRT! Looking forward to the study :)

    • Emily B.

      Glad you’re here! :)

    • Reagan Claire

      Same. I’m happy to be able to do it with such great people to guide and support me! :)

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, Andie! So glad to have you reading with us!

      – Stormye

  • Lindsay

    The James study came at the perfect time, during a very difficult season of my life, and was a source of peace and comfort for me. I am so looking forward to building on that by studying Romans with this amazing community this summer.

  • Danielle Hofer

    My family is going through a huge transition. Life as we know it is completely different and we are searching for a new normal and have yet to know what is ahead. My husband is following along on the He, my kids are doing the KRT, and I’m doing SRT. We are at least trying to stay grounded together in the same Word. So for me, today, my bottom line after reading is: Romans–Renewal–New has come!

    • BethinKodiak

      I’m praying for you in this transition, whatever it is. So glad you are doing this together with your husband and children.

    • Charise

      Thank you so much for sharing Danielle, I pray that this renewal process may be a blessing for you, your family & others around you! Blessings!

  • Hi everyone, my name is Cristi…..I’m new to the SRT community and am about to start Romans, my very first in depth bible study. Just wanted to reach out and let you all know that you have a newbie following along!

  • I’ve been so looking forward to this study … my friend Diane and I will be reading and sharing our thoughts across the miles. Touching base with all of you will be a special time to see what everyone is thinking about and wondering on … learning and interpreting. The community of Christians that Paul was nurturing and ‘growing’ were like patches of growing seeds … in my mind, I wonder what strength of faith and perseverance Paul must have had to travel from one place to another around the mediterranean world tending these new churches and helping to clarify and spread the Word. What an amazing and wonderful adventure … and we get to read and ponder the message he delivered. It will be a good summer … I’m ready to follow his thread through Romans.

    • She Reads Truth

      How exciting to be reading God’s Word together even while far apart. So grateful for you, Susan!

      – Stormye

  • Destiny

    “The greatest enemy to human souls is the self-righteous spirit which makes men look to themselves for salvation.” -Spurgeon
    This struck me today. How often have I looked within myself and praised myself for good things I have done or abstained from? This chapter is wrecking me because it’s reminding me of the POWER of the gospel. Cannot boast about it in and of myself. All HIM! Excited to see how we all will grow :)

  • Lauren Fryer

    Something I took away from this reading today was how Paul “often planned” to come to Rome but was “prevented”. I find it calming that even an apostle like Paul didn’t know God’s perfect plan or timing. BUT he also allowed God to decide when his trip should be made. He may not have known when he could actually make his missionary journey to Rome, but he obediently awaited for God’s perfect calling.

    • Liz!

      Love this take away. This struck me today too. Thanks for sharing!

    • Mikayla

      Thank you for sharing this! I’m often in need of a reminder that even those we often place on a pedestal in the Christmas faith struggled with understanding God’s timing.

    • Charise

      Amen! Amen! Amen! Psalms 46:10 Be Still.

  • Ginger Parks

    Here are some things I pulled from today’s reading:
    (Romans 1:1-17) Paul is the Author of Romans, which we believe to be written roughly 20-30 years after Christ was crucified (57 A.D.)God is the Father of Jesus. Jesus is not only the Son of God but a descendant of King David. Jesus’ resurrection is what gives us certainty of the Deity…it is what sets Jesus apart. Paul is addressing the “house churches” of Rome. Word of their faith had spread to Paul and He wanted to get to them to not only encourage but to be encouraged.
    In 2 Samuel 7:12-16
    We are being taught that the Messiah will come from the Jewish People and that God is the Father of Jesus, the Messiah. God makes His promise to the Jews.

  • Holly A

    Summer is always an interesting time as I work at a summer camp. Summer brings moving four hours away to live with people I’ve never met for a common cause of bringing the gospel to children. Summer brings a church where I feel like I’m actually learning more about my Lord and deepening my relationship with him in a way I don’t get at home. Summer brings refreshed moments where I’m able to mark out an hour to spend with the Lord regardless of how exhausted I am from cooking all day. Summer brings about a LOT of spiritual growth typically, sometimes taking the form of hard questions and uncomfortable realizations. I’m excited though that we started the summer with James, and now Romans. I was also really happy to see the ending verse in today’s reading was a reference to Habakkuk, which is what the church I go to here is studying for the summer. Here’s to a six weeks of furthered growth, learning, and humbling ourselves before the Lord, no matter how hard it may be.

    • Liz E.

      Camp ministry is so powerful! Praying that the Lord shows up in some incredible ways and that you have a lot of fun connecting with the campers!

  • Candice Stevens

    Excited for this study! And my SRT bible is supposed to ship tomorrow! :)

  • Happy birthday to me!! Starting a study on my favorite book!! Looking forward to spending summer with y’all!!

    • Reagan Claire

      Happy Birthday! I’m glad we get to share this wonderful day reading Gods word. Have a wonderful day God bless you!

    • She Reads Truth

      Happy birthday, friend!

      – Stormye

  • I am so happy to be a part of this group. I need this fellowship so badly. Looking forward to deepening my faith and being in this group. Thank you

  • Lisa Segroves

    I heard about this study on Annie Downs “That Sounds Fun Podcast” with Amanda, Raechel and Russ … hearing everyone speak about the cultural aspects of Rome during Paul’s time, and how letters were sent from Paul to the believers brought tears to my eyes and I just knew I was supposed to do this study! So excited to be home from work so I can get started … I even splurged and bought the study book! Can’t wait for it to arrive!

  • Wildflower

    Im both excited and nervous to go through this study. Having depression and anxiety, there are times when it’s really hard to read the Bible because my mind can take certain verses and condemn me with them and make me feel panicked and sick to my stomach. I haven’t been having quiet time with the lord and I know that only contributes to the negative feelings. I hope to be lifted up in this study and to feel renewed instead of condemned and sick.

    • Elizabeth

      I can relate to your nervousness. Try to stay focused on what you know is true and if your brain starts playing tricks on you remember that it’s ok to take a break. I think your a Romans experience is going to be refreshing.

    • Nora Gomez

      Praying for God to reveal to you the lies the enemy wants you to believe.

    • Liz

      I can totally relate to what you shared here- I have had the same experience with reading the Bible. I actually pulled away from my faith as a result. It’s only recently that I have been trying to reconnect in a healthy way.

      • Wildflower

        I pulled away too. I did a lot of researching and there’s a lot of others who actually deal with it too believe it or not… scrupulosity OCD can do that to you as well. I’m right there with ya ❤️

        • Liz

          I had not heard of scrupulosity OCD before but i just briefly looked it up- I can relate to the black or white thinking, intolerance of uncertainty, and emotional reasoning that psych central lists… my struggle with my faith interestingly enough began when I started experiencing anxiety attacks and I finally began seeing a counselor about my faith crisis and anxiety last year. I began to feel like my faith was the problem because I was always feeling so much condemnation and like a failure all the time. It seemed like an impossible standard to live up to. I too have come across a lot of similar stories in my research-most stories I have read though entail the person embracing a different spiritual path or leaving their faith all together.

          • Wildflower

            I can promise you’re not alone. And I don’t necessarily think embracing a different spiritual belief or leaving the faith is the right choice. I think it’s letting the anxiety win! I don’t really like to put myself out there like this but your story is really close to Home to me, so if you would ever like to talk more about this feel free to email me at [email protected]. Sending good thoughts friend!!

    • Jenna

      I usually don’t post but I saw yours and felt I needed to respond! I’ve been comforted by these biblical truths myself during times of depression and anxiety. If you google ‘God’s voice vs satan’s voice’ an image with these words will appear. Try to memorize what qualities belong to God and which do NOT! When you feel condemned, refocus your thoughts, heart and eyes to your Savior. Satan’s voice “obsesses, worries, condemns (!!!), discourages, confuses, pushes, frightens, rushes” while Our Abba Father’s voice “calms, comfort, convicts, encourages, enlightens, leads, reassures, stills”. Those are quite different! Seek Him, learn what Jesus taught so that you’ll learn what the Father’s heart truly looks like. He is faithful to respond to our seeking Him – He will never fail you! Remember that even the devil can (incorrectly) quote scripture (see the temptation of Jesus in the desert) – be discerning in what you read and whose teachings you follow. Condemnation is NOT from God, conviction is. Praying for you now. Keep asking for more discernment, more understanding and more knowledge and He will provide!!

      • Lindsay

        Wow did I need to hear all of this! Thank you so much ladies. It’s so easy to pull away from everyone, including God, when we experience these feelings but I keep thinking back to Romans 1:11-12. Even Paul needed mutual encouragement.

      • Wildflower

        I had to screenshot this, thank you so freaking much. I’m glad you chose to reply this time because you have no idea how much that strengthened me. ❤️

      • Emily B.

        So good, Jenna! Thanks for reaching out to all of us, not just Wildflower. :)

    • acmc

      I tend to find Philippians 4:8 extremely helpful when anxiety or fear start to take root. I use it as a check list for my thoughts and see if they are True (in general and in light if the Gospel) or something my worldly heart is building up. I have felt and seen many changes through the years, and just from this one verse.
      I pray that you will find true joy and comfort in the truth of the Gospel in how it’s presented in Romans (it’s pretty blunt and to the point).
      Peace to you sister!

    • She Reads Truth

      Praying for you as you read through this study! The Lord bring joy through His Word and I am asking Him to do that for you!

      – Stormye

  • Danielle Nelson

    I am so excited to jump in this summer too this awsome study.

  • Kathryn

    I am so excited to jump into the SRT community with my first study. I love verses 16 and 17… “The righteous will live by faith”.

  • Jen Bellah

    Excited to dive into my first SRT book! I’ve read the emails for over a year, but truly looking forward to the deeper study.

  • My prayer for all of us is that we have the confidence that Paul did! Being “confident in his calling to preach the gospel because he was certain of the saving power of God.”

    Father increase my confidence in you and your plan and will!

  • This is my first SRT study. Just signed up for ongoing subscription. Eager to learn. Love the book!

  • rebecca7395

    Perhaps this is a strange takeaway from this reading today. But what stood out to me most was vs. 9 & 10 : “God is my witness…that I constantly mention you, always asking in my prayers that if it is somehow in God’s will, I may now at last succeed in coming to you.” It’s so easy to see Paul as a true Super Christian, with direct access to God and His power. Yet in these verses, we see that Paul is just like us, praying repeatedly about specific things, never knowing if God would answer. How comforting this is to me!

    • Tracy

      Rebecca, those verses struck me as well. We are in the beginning stages of planning a return trip to Haiti. There are a couple of young boys there that my family has been supporting and praying for…I am overcome with anticipation, looking forward to the opportunity to see them again and to further build our relationship with them. Praying that if we are gifted time together again that God will use us to continue discipling the boys that we dearly love!

  • Camilla E

    First chapter of Romans and Pentecost at the same time – nice

  • Hello! first SRT study. Have always believed, but passively. After my Dad died, my Mom sent me a new Bible. I started going to Bible study and learning. I’m struggling with being retired, and unsure of my life’ s purpose now.

    • Kristen

      I pray that God will reveal His purpose for your life now! Please remember that He knows the plans He has for you! God said that when we seek Him with all of our hearts we will find Him. May we all feel His love, presence, joy, and peace this summer.

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, JD! So glad to have you reading with us!

      – Stormye

  • I would love Romans to become my favorite book. I sure know a lot of memorized scripture from there. But there are many hard to understand spots that keep me at arms length. So I really plan to attack it hard during this study!!

    • Tracy

      Our church has been doing an ongoing study of Romans periodically over the past couple of years. I have fallen in love with it and am excited to venture into Romans again with this group. Praying that you will fully embrace the gift of this book with complete understanding!

  • I love this intro to the study. I’m excited for this reading plan!

  • Renae Joyce

    So excited to begin this journey! I know Christ will be glorified!

  • By far my favourite book, I’m so excited for this study!

  • Hello! Is this the devotion?

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi friend! Yes, this is the devotion for today’s Scripture reading. Thanks for stopping by!

      – Stormye

      • Amy

        Is this a reading plan only or are their questions to answer with it? Just want to make sure I’m not missing anything!

        • Debbie Ruvolo

          Amy, I have been thinking the same thing. I have been accustomed to answering questions afterwards.

  • I am beyond excited to start this journey through Romans with this community.

  • So excited to start this study of Romans today! What a great encouragement to be surrounded by other women who are also seeking and determined to be women in the Word! So good! Yes God!

  • I love this introduction to Romans. Romans is my favorite book of the Bible because of the message of God’s love and His plans for us, and the assurance that we are saved by Christ’s sacrifice and our faith and not our works. Sometimes it can be so easy in this world to believe that we are not good enough for salvation due to our sinful nature but this book reassures me that I am saved because of what He did for us.

    It also reassures me as I begin this Bible study with a group of friends. So often I am embarrassed to speak up in small group Bible studies but the words of Paul about being “mutually encouraged by each other’s faith” (Message version) and about not being ashamed of the gospel encourage me to speak up in this Bible study and share my thoughts so that I may also gain from the others.

  • Diane Arend

    Like Anne N. I too was hoping for some insights before BSF begins. I think I will find more than insights but some truths I have forgotten and grace that has been applied to me that I forget to apply to other. May this be life changing study and not just knowledge gained

  • Heather L

    Starting this today with my friend (she is nannying my kids this summer) and also with my kids (two girls, 11 and 9). Between the two of us, we are going to spend some time each day working through this ourselves and with my kids, she will help them on the days I work, and of course I will be with them on the days I don’t work. Looking forward to doing this!!

  • Excited for this!

  • Anne Nelson

    This is my first SRT study – hoping to dive in and explore this theologically dense book before BSF begins its Romans study this fall.

  • Loving this study already. I felt such anticipation of digging into Romans. Today I have been convicted of being ashamed of the gospel by my words and (lack of) deeds. I also had a deep sense that I need to return to a trust in the simple gospel. God is at work. Blessings to all of you/us as we search the Scriptures to see our God.

  • Rebecca A.

    I am so excited to start this journey. I have been wanting a SRT study on Romans for a while!

  • First time using SRT and it is brilliant, helps me stay focused and get so much out of Gods word❤️

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, Kate! So glad to have you reading with us!

      – Stormye

  • Rachael

    So excited for my first SRT study! After reading through today’s posts I am thankful to be joining such beautiful hearts in the Word!

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, Rachael! So excited to have you in this SRT community and in God’s Word with us each day!

      – Stormye

  • Krystal

    Looking forward to this study. Not only will I be doing it with a group of women from church, but also with my daughters!

  • This is my first SRT Bible study. I love the workbook and am looking forward to being a part of this group!

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, Tanya! So glad to have you reading with us!

      – Stormye

  • This is the first study I am doing with my SRT Bible! I have missed the last couple because of life stuff, but Romans seemed like a perfect place to renew my commitment to daily study. With the anger and negativity in the world around me, I am finding it hard every day. Hopefully this study will help me find a place to be grounded.

    • Krystal

      I am right there with you! Starting fresh in my SRT bible and first in a while because of life!

  • Pam Seipp

    Sincerely, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel!” I am elated to start the Romans study today. Returning yesterday from a Christian woman’s retreat, I took two new SRT Bibles to give away. Each day we had drawings for prizes, and the new Bibles were a blessing. And, of course doing this gave me the opportunity to share the SRT site and mission. Praising God, and Thanking the SRT team.

  • Lauren Williams

    Love everything about this!! Starting today just feeling very grateful to be living in America and free from dangers that plague so many other countries. I’m excited to learn about Paul’s journey in Rome! P.s. I would love to visit Rome! Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could have a Rome mission trip with SRT ladies (just day-dreaming over here in Omaha, Nebraska)

  • So excited to begin the study of Romans! And so loved James! As a teacher, the summer studies really get me excited as I can spend much more time in reflection as well.

  • Romans is where I first fell in love with the gospel. I am so excited to start this journey through Romans with SRT!

  • Kendall

    So excited to jump back into SRT, and with such a phenomenal book! I’ve missed a couple studies due to finals and my new job, but I am committed to making time for God every day. I have also begun a new relationship with a guy who grew up in a Christian family but fell away after certain things didn’t make sense. It is currently long-distance, but he goes to the same college as me. We Skype almost every night, and recently we have been able to get into theological debates. He is very open-minded to Christianity, so pray that I would be able to show him God’s love and validity. Thanks, sisters!

    • Lauren Williams

      Praying for his transformation into a Christian! I also have been praying for over 5 years for my husband to know Christ. It is a work in progress by a beautiful creator and I hope one day that we share the same faith as husband and wife

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome back, friend! So glad to have you reading with us!

      – Stormye

  • I read that there is a children’s companion study. How neat! Can anyone tell me where to find it?

  • Janis Nelson

    Yes, This book especially the first seven chapters brought me to my knees! People are sinners!

  • Tami Eilts

    This is my first study with SRT. Verse 9 today from chapter 1 really made me think and raised a question. Do we mention God in our daily conversations ? And how has God blessed us? It’s hard sometimes when being around non believers to be bold and share my faith . Paul is really making me think. I need to be grateful for my blessings also and let God know that I am when I pray.

    • BennyB

      It is difficult indeed sometimes. We also need to remember that Paul is writing to the believers in Rome. However, that phrase…UNASHAMED of the gospel…full of meaning and the boldness I want!

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome to SRT, Tami! Grateful for your insight today and glad to have you reading along with us!

      – Stormye

    • Leigh Ann Mayfield

      Tami, it was so great sitting with you last night at the Saddleback Women’s Gathering and sharing what we were getting from our readings in Romans! Wow!!!!

  • Joy2116

    I’m so excited to be a part of this study with all of you!! Yay!! Thanks for sharing all your thoughts, such an encouragement!!

  • This is my first SRT study. WAHM with a baby and 2 year old. I’m really looking forward to delving into scripture with everyone! Today the repetition of the word faith stuck out to me – and the description of the Gospel as “obedience in faith” – can’t wait to learn more.

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, Hope! We are so glad to have you reading God’s Word with us!

      – Stormye

  • Hello! I’m joining in on the Romans study. I have done studies in the past and am looking forward to once again reading consistently. I would like to ask for prayers as I try to regain my focus in life. I have felt like I’ve been in a fog for many months. Thanks ladies.

    • She Reads Truth

      We are so glad to have you studying with us, C.S.! Praying for you today.

      – Stormye

  • I have been looking forward to the study on Romans, but after today’s reading, a deep excitement stirred in me!
    I pray the Lord will touch many hearts through this study.

  • Kristina N

    I’ve never posted on here before, but joining in this study on the recommendation of a friend and am excited to see what God will do. Since the birth of my son it’s been a challenge to read the word consistently but I want to try to get back into the habit. I really need reminders of God’s love for me and for the world! God’s timing is perfect and I’m excited to hear from him in the weeks to come.

  • Alessandra Hurt

    Soooo excited to start this study today! I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks!

    Today’s reading was a great reminder to not be ashamed of my faith! Happy reading sisters.

  • This was sooo good today!! I love how bold Paul is and how he firmly knows his identity in Christ! 2 Corinthians 5:17 was really just a big hug after all those words about faith and reminding us about God love. Happy Monday Sisters!

  • I was struck this morning by the the idea that the faith of believers in Rome was being reported in ALL the world. No Twitter, no Facebook – and yet the significance of their belief was worth being told. Am I walking in faith that is worth being reported in all the world, or am I fabricating an image that I think is worth reporting (in all our technological ease) for the glorification of self?

    Whoa. Already being refined by this study. Thanks, SRT, for walking us into the essentials together.

    P.S. The book is BEAUTIFUL. I want to frame every page.

  • Today’s reading brought up many things for me like digging in and finding out what apostleship really is. It also made me think of how people describe me when they talk about faith am I a good example of leading people to Jesus ? I know o am not always . When it comes to Jesus it shows me how much he loves to give to us and because of that we should not fear or be ashamed of our faith a d discussing it . It also made me think of how I am getting encouragement outside of church activities and I seeking those things am I remembering to do true study on my own

  • Just in the first verses of Romans, there is such a powerful message and theme of not being ashamed of the Gospel and trusting in God’s power for salvation for everyone! That’s my prayer for all of us as we go through Romans, that we would see more and more the power of our God and His salvation for us and that we would have opportunities to unashamedly tell others about it!

  • I am so so excited for this study! Romans has been my favorite book of the Bible for years, but for some reason I’ve never done an actual study on it! It’s also creating an awesome opportunity for me to invite the high school girls from my youth group (my husband and I are youth pastors) to participate with me. Pray for us as this is our first time going through a study together, and for many of them it’s their first time committing to reading Scripture.

    • She Reads Truth

      What a beautiful ministry opportunity open to you, Han! So excited for you to lead these precious young ladies!

      – Stormye

  • Love this study and reading what’s on everyone else’s hearts! I know for me as a college student, Romans includes some challenging passages that a lot of my friends have used before to argue that the gospel doesn’t make sense or isn’t good. I’m excited to read through it with other believers and take the “essential gospel” as it is by faith and the Word!

    • Kim

      Hi Allie! Just want to say I think it’s awesome you are dedicated to reading the Word and I pray that you are enjoying college but never ever stop praying and reading your Bible. I wish I had been like that in school. Persevere so you can finish the race set before you and finish it well. :)

  • Tochi Heredia

    This past weekend, during Bible study, a friend said that he could measure the state of his spiritual health by his ability to share the gospel. If he isn’t​ spreading the message of Christ, he can tell that he’s being terribly self-righteous and thinking too highly of himself.
    Hearing that challenged me to not only focus on my own Bible reading and meditation for my spiritual growth, but also see the importance of sharing the life-giving news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people around me as an essential part of my own spiritual health.
    Sometimes it’s difficult and anxiety-inducing to leave the comfort zone, but it’s so, so rewarding. To be encouraged by other people’s faith, and vice-versa, is a beautiful Gospel-produced thing.

    I’m looking forward to dive into this amazing book for 42 days and emerging transformed after the journey :)

  • Carol Richardson

    Thank you SRT for this beautiful study guide and commentary following the day’s scripture reading.

  • mamachak01

    looking forward to getting into this wonderful book! My Bible Study Fellowship group will be studying Romans in September, I am excited to familiarize myself with this letter!

    • Emily

      Hi there..I am a BSF attender too. I thought this study would be a great way to preview Romans and stat “in the Word” this Summer. It’s nice to see another BSF person here too.

  • I am so incredibly excited for this study! I am reading through the New Testament and conveniently I just finished Acts last week and now I get to dig into Romans with all of you!

    Thank your parents SRT for going through this book! I think it is so relevant to our culture today. As followers of Christ we need to be able to stand up and talk and share of the redeeming love and grace found only throughout Christ and Romans is our map for that!


  • Katie Visaggio

    Romans is hands down my favorite book of the Bible. I am so excited to dig in!

  • I love the history of Saul to Paul and all that it encompasses. So needless to say I am VERY excited about this study. Any time someone says ” You don’t know my sin” and refer to Paul and how he became God’s biggest cheerleader! Thank you for this!!

  • JeniaMarie

    I love that even Paul put all the pressure on the word of God and not himself. A lot of times we think WE have to be the ones that save people and that get them to know God. But I’m encouraged in the fact that my prayers for the lost are being heard by God and He will do the work. I only need not be ashamed of him and be willing to be be used by him to speak the truth in love. I’m believing God for the lost while I read this study. I’m specifically praying for lost people I know that God would use me to preach the gospel to them. I want to see people come to know him!

  • I’m reading the text from 2 Samuel. Does anyone have insight on 2 Samuel 7:15? “But my faithful love will never leave him as it did when I removed it from Saul, whom I removed from before you.” Particularly the idea of God removing his love (mercy) from someone — makes me stop and contemplate this.

    • Jenni

      In I Samuel 16, the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul. Because of Saul’s rebellion, the Spirit departed. When Samuel found Jesse and his sons… the Spirit of the Lord came MIGHTILY upon David from that day forward (I Samuel 16:13). This supernatural shift from Saul to David was a sign from God. Saul spent many years living his flesh, rather than the spirit. Romans 8:8 says Those who are in the flesh cannot please God.
      I hope this gives you some thoughts and may the Holy Spirit nurture your heart.

    • Brandy

      According to my study bible it says “God promised David His mercy. This term is a rich word, encompassing all that would come to David’s line because belonged to God. On the other hand, the Lord had took such love from Saul because of his misguided heart.”

    • Alexis

      I think God removed his mercy and love from Saul because Saul continually chose to disobey God. David disobeyed God as well, but each time his heart was repentant and Saul was not. He tended to make excuses or blame other for his actions.
      God loves us, but can not honor or bless us in our disobedience.
      Hope this helps!

  • Lily, your transparency really touched me, and I am so glad you’re doing this study of Romans. This is my first SRT study, and I am truly excited and blessed to have this opportunity. Your post sounds like you feel somewhat alone in your belief. I can only tell you what has helped build my confidence, and that was finding a community of believers. First, find a solid, Bible-based church to attend and find ways to get involved so you will meet other Christians. I speak from experience — just sitting in the service on Sunday mornings is not enough. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you. Gaining confidence is definitely a life-long process. And who knows? Some of your non-Christian friends are probably seeking something more, just like you were. You have my prayers.

  • my favourite book in the bible. cant wait to get into it again!

  • Kenesha

    So excited to dive into the book of Romans this summer! While reading the texts, what stood out to me the most was in the first verse of Romans, Paul did not identify himself according to his previous identity as a persecutor of Christians. He identifies himself by his NEW identity in Christ – a servant of Christ, CALLED to be an apostle, SEPARATED to the gospel of God. Powerful. It complements 2 Cor. 5:17 so well. He knows the power of the gospel and is not ashamed of it. I soooo needed this this morning as I’ve been struggling with the concept of God’s grace and being redeemed because of issues in my past. But what a joy it is to know that in Christ I have received grace and the Word is a constant reminder and comfort to my heart.

  • churchmouse

    If we are not careful and discerning, we can think that being a Christ follower primarily entails adhering to a lot of rules and regulations. Do I drink? Do I dance? Do I wear this or that? Do I sing hymns? Do I worship in this building? Do I stand? Do I kneel? Do I lift my hands? Am I in a small group? Do I pray enough? Do I read my Bible enough? Do I serve enough?Do I give enough? Do I win enough to Christ? Do I? Do I? Do I? From the mundane issues to the more complex, there are a lot of “Christian” voices out there. Praise God to get back to the basics here in Romans! Praise God to get back to the “essential gospel.” So looking forward to silencing all other voices but His, spoken through Paul. So looking forward to shoring up the firm foundation. Let me only have ears for His voice. Teach me Lord. Your servant is listening.

    • Karen

      I really appreciate what you are saying here. The “do I?”, “do I?” This is often my downfall. But as you say-let’s silence these crippling voices to listen intently to God alone with the courage to be humbly obedient.

    • Alexis

      I struggle with the “Do I’s? too. I am coming along side you guys, taking in the grace of God, and will ask God to silent any voice that is not His.

    • She Reads Truth

      This was so good, Churchmouse! Thank you so much for sharing. May we not be limited by our questions and stand firm on the foundation of Christ!

      – Stormye

    • SuzD


    • Charise


    • Christine


  • Carla Natalia

    Happy to start this bible study and create community in the next couple of months. Happy Monday!

  • Julia Pilson

    Romans contains the doctrinal foundations of the Christian faith

  • Melonie

    After studying scripture, I try to see what needs to change in my own life for transformation and turn that into a prayer. After today’s lesson my prayer in a nutshell is to be confident in my identity in Him, encourage other believers and share the gospel unashamedly. The last part is the one I struggle with the most. Excited to study this beautiful letter with all of you.

    • Emily B.

      That’s the part I struggle with the most, too, and I have a similar prayer. Thanks for sharing yours with us!

  • Brennan

    Can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to speak to all of our hearts through this bible study!

  • I am so excited to dig deep into Gods word. To grow more intimate with Jesus! Also to unite with other believers. Lets get started.

  • Brit Ashley


  • Else convicted by this passage today because sometimes I am ashamed of the gospel, and “downplay” or hide the fact that I’m a Christian in certain situations. I’m embarrassed to admit this. Does else feel this way? Most of my friends are not Christians, I live in a big city I was not raised in a Christian environment. Up until several years ago, I was basically an atheist and privately looked down on people of faith as being less intelligent or delusional. So I know that there are people who will judge me for believing in Jesus now, and around certain people or sometimes in dating situations, I feel like I have to be “in the closet” as a Christian so people don’t make assumptions. I hide my Bible when I have people over. It’s terrible and I’m working on it. Hoping this study of Romans will help. Please tell me I’m not the only one?

    • Nicole

      You aren’t alone Lily! I was a self proclaimed atheist after my father’s passing in 2008 and returned to faith a little over a month ago. We are so blessed to have been saved by our Lord and to have a generous and kind God. I’m reminded of some of the messages in 1 Corinthians 14, about teaching others about Christ as well as praying privately. It’s hard to open up to others when they’ve known you as a non believer, you feel so judged! But remember that He loves you and is so proud of you, more than we could ever comprehend. I’m praying for you, Lily, and everyone else who feels the way that we do. I am with you. I opened up to a friend over the weekend about my faith and was met with love and acceptance–it is so freeing and so nice to be able to have that blessing. Baby steps, one day we’ll both be openly talking about Christ our saviour with all who will listen.

      • She Reads Truth

        This was such beautiful encouragement, Nicole. So grateful for you and your kind, loving words this morning.

        – Stormye

      • Lily

        Thank you so much Nicole. I like thinking in terms of “baby steps”. You will be in my prayers as well <3

    • Stephanie

      Oh my goodness, you are not the only one. I WAS raised in a Christian home & struggled for years with being ashamed of being a Christian. I backslid over & over & did horrible things. When I was living for the Lord, however, I was still not wanting certain people to know it, for fear of being judged, or looked down upon. It’s only been in the last year that I have allowed God to work in my life in that way. Please don’t feel guilty. It is a growing process & God knows your heart & that you desire to be bold in your faith. Talk to Him about it. He will help you! He loves you so much & wants you to be a mighty woman of God!!

    • Beth

      I feel the same way. I have a hard time knowing where to draw the line. In the office where I work, most “hot button” issues such as religion, politics, etc. are not discussed so as not to offend anyone. I think I hide behind this excuse of not wanting to offend anyone. I know there have been times where I could have shared my faith in a non-offensive way, but I didn’t. This really encourages me not to be ashamed, and to use the opportunities that I have.

    • Kellye

      Hi Lily and Nicole, I live in the South, the Bible belt, as it is called, so I don’t have a clue how I would live as a Christian where it isn’t the norm. I will pray for both of you to have such a transformed life that your friends will want to know the Gospel. But I’m writing to say this, you have given me hope and encouragement! My daughter has left the Lord and while she has not claimed to be atheist she does say that she is agnostic. I pray daily that she will return to the truth of Jesus. Both of your testimonies of coming to the Lord from an atheist world view are comforting to this mama’s broken heart! Thank you for sharing.

      • She Reads Truth

        Praying for your sweet daughter, Kellye! Thank you for sharing and encouraging today.

        – Stormye

      • Wildflower

        My sister is in the same boat. Sending prayers ❤️

      • SuzD

        Kellye, my daughter says she is an atheist and believes only in science and this breaks my heart because I was away from the Lord during her childhood although my Mom gave her a Christian background. I pray every day that there will be a crack in her heart where God’s light can come in. I pray for your daughter as well.

        • Kellye

          Thank you! I have added you and your daughter to my prayer list as well!

    • Brandi

      Lily, thank you for being so honest. I think many of us could share times when we “downplay” who we are in Christ. Thank goodness it doesn’t change the fact that we are His! And I’m so thankful that He is faithful even when or especially when I am not. Praying for you and all of us – that we will be bold. I’m praying we will be so in love with Christ that we would want to shout it out, we would want everyone to know! That we will be so filled with love for Him that we can’t keep it from overflowing into the lives around us.

    • Emeline

      I think this is somethings so many of us struggle with, no matter where we are at in our faith journey, Lily. Your challenge is something I can relate to, and after just finishing the James study with SRT it reminds me of the passages on judgement; James 2:1-13. “Do not judge, so that you won’t be judged. For you will be judged by the same standard with which you judge others, and you will be measured by the same measure you use.” Matthew 7:1-2. We can’t judge ourselves too harshly anymore than we can judge others. Saying a prayer for you girl

    • She Reads Truth

      Praying for you in this, Lily. Asking the Lord to give you confidence and boldness in His Word and in your identity as His precious daughter. So grateful for you and that you shared!

      – Stormye

      • Lily

        Thank you all so much for your comments and prayers. It was really nice to check SRT this morning and see that other women are struggling with this as well. Appreciate the advice to find more Christian friends as well, which is something I’m working on doing within my church. Have a wonderful day ladies!!!

    • Lauren Williams

      Praying for you Lily! What a beautiful name you have also :) I re-wrote the phrase “unshakeable confidence in the Gospel” in my romans study book. I think this phrase is so powerful because our faith should be unshakeable but it is hard when we live in a politically correct world! And our faith should be confident but it is hard when we are persecuted by those we love. Stay strong girl! You are a powerful woman of faith and place that bible out in the open as a symbol of your faith! Easier said than done but I hope this study gives you that new confidence!

    • songbird

      Totally!! I’d say I’m happy to see I’m not the only one but really this is a sad fact of us/our cultures. With certain friends it’s actually easy to picture what I’d say with regards to certain topics about my relationship with God. Some friends can be somewhat hostile, but there are plenty who wouldn’t mind at all, who might find it interesting, inspiring whatsoever and yet when I talk to them it’s like I even forget mentioning it.
      I have just been talking and praying about it over the past few days and therefore it strikes me how so many women struggle with this.

    • songbird

      The thing is, I used to be quite open about this, but in my student years there were so many people who promptly started asking about sex before marriage. Like that is all that there is to be said about Christianity.
      I grew tired of it.
      And I have to say currently there are so many aspects of the worldwide Christian community that either I don’t really relate to or that I don’t know what my position is (certain ethical debates, but also dogmatic and theological debates) that I find it hard even to meet Christians whom I feel comfortable with talking about the Gospel.

    • Cindy

      Lily, I hope that you will find much encouragement from the ladies of SRT. Many of us have struggled with our identity in Christ..especially as young believers. Your comments brought to mind Peter. Although he walked with our Lord in his daily life, even he had a time when he was ashamed or afraid to be identified with Christ. As Christ was arrested and brought to trial, Peter denied knowing Him three separate times. However, this was not the end of Peter’s story. A few short chapters later (Acts 2), this same Peter, being filled with the Holy Spirit, boldly proclaimed Christ…even to those he earlier feared. My prayer for you is that the Holy Spirit will fill you with that same boldness and allow you to proclaim boldly and joyously the love of Christ!

    • Emily B.

      As you can see, you’re so not alone! I’ve been in your shoes before, and it’s a little scary how easy it can be to tuck away my faith or just not speak out when I should. There is grace for moments like that, and grace for us to turn from them and be obedient. I asked God to help me be bolder with my witness, and I pray He does the same for you!

    • Kim

      It took me a long time to realize I felt this way too. Thankfully God has delivered me from this. It took a drastic change in my life to do it but He refocused my priorities so that I could see what mattered and what was worthlessness. I could tell you a really long story but the end result is that God opened my eyes and just the fact that you shared this seems like He’s opened yours too. Now you can pray for help. One thing I would recommend is to pray for God to provide you with a support system. You need friends who are more mature in there walk than you. We all need this! Just like Paul wanting to go to Rome so he and his fellow believers could “mutually encourage” one another.

  • I’m excited to dive into this with all of you!

  • Nathalie Meade

    I love how I can do a bible study with women across the country! Thankful to dive into God’s great word and understand his unfailing love for us. Romans is an important book for me, but I have never came across such a wonderful study.

  • Rebecca

    Thank you to the SRT team for designing a kid’s companion book to this study. As my husband and I read out of our books this morning, my 8 year old daughter was able to participate as well. She wrote her scripture, completed her maze, and set about coloring and adding stickers to the animals. Then, the most amazing blessing occurred– she asked us to tell her what we were learning from our books. My husband and I were able to have a spirit-filled talk with her about Paul and God’s promises. Again, thank you!!!

    • Nicole

      This makes my heart so happy. May God bless your family!

    • She Reads Truth

      So sweet! Thank you for sharing, Rebecca! We love hearing about the sweet kiddos that are reading along in this study of Romans with us. Thanking the Lord for the sweet conversation you were able to have with your girl this morning!

      – Stormye

    • Katherine Rose

      Oh my goodness how adorable and amazing!!!!!!! you go girl. God bless your lil family.

  • I am so excited for this study! I am diving in with a heart ready to receive! I am desperate for Him in this season I am in!

  • Brit Ashley

    I am 26 a mother of two beautiful boys and just now discovering a intense love and obedience to Christ.
    Since I am still an infant in Christ, I am just now diving into my bible, with the intent to fully understand it and accept it as a living breathing word.
    If I could choose one book I would have to choose Matthew (for now!) this gospel is the first book of the Bible I chose to dive into and in this book I had my first experience and relaxation that Yes! This is in fact living text! It was the most amazing experience I have ever had, and one I can’t fully describe unless you to have also experienced it!
    I honestly cried and texted everyone who was close to me to tell them the good news, that I had just come to know!
    I am still learning, still understanding, and so excited to dive into Romans with all of you❤️

    • Emily B.

      That’s awesome! I’m excited for you to go through Romans, too. :)

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, Brit Ashley! So glad to have you reading with us!

      – Stormye

    • Natasha

      What an amazing gift to be able to share with your two boys, the gift of Jesus Christ. I’m just younger than you and have two children of my own… I encourage you to pray for them, with them, and talk to them about what you are learning about God, our Heavenly Father, and his Son. Even if they don’t fully understand they will hear your passion for our Lord and Saviour. I just finished reading the John SRT and would recommend it, too. :)

  • So excited to study Romans with you all! My pastor is doing a sermon series on Romans 8 and 12 this summer. I love it when multiple things line up and clearly point to what you should study. I also am excited to discuss this study with my husband because he is studying Romans as well.

  • Kristin

    Looking forward to this new journey with Paul. Eager to discover things I have not seen before and also find treasures that will enrich my life with Christ. Now I am praying that my study book arrives in the mail today!!

  • I am so excited to open my very first study book and jump in!!

  • Ready to jump in!

  • Bethanny Lauermann

    June 5th is finally here :-) My girls and I have been patiently waiting to start this study. So thankful for the gospel and the new creature Christ has made me.

  • Melissa

    I have wanted to deep dive into Romans for a while now. This is also my first time doing a SRT study as it first releases. I was so very emotional as I opened my study book this morning, which made me laugh…Only God can bring words on a page to life in such a way as to render people emotional and speechless. What a wonderful way to start the summer!! To God be the glory! Great things He is doing!!

    • Nicole

      I feel the same way Melissa! This is also my first time doing a SRT study as it first releases and I, too, was so emotional reading it. I am still an infant in Christ and SRT is so helpful. Feeling so blessed ❤️

  • Keri McCue

    Ephesians and Romans are my favorite books of the NT because they explain the Gospel and how we, as Christians, should live our lives. Stoked to study through this book together with you ladies :)

  • Mandalee

    looking forward to this summer of getting into Romans!! Praying the Holy Spirit will work in and thru me and draw me closer to the Lord.

  • Debbie Slaughter

    I appreciate the way Paul is so confident of his calling and what his role is in spreading the Gospel! He knows what he’s been set apart to do and his is intensely focused on doing it with everything that is within him. It’s a good lesson for every Christian, no matter the calling on your life.

    • Sonja Cox


    • Heidi

      Love that!

      One thing I am always so drawn to about Jesus is his unwavering commitment to his calling and purpose. He never allowed himself to be distracted. Paul reminds me of Jesus in that way. He knew who he was and where he was going and he just went and preached the Gospel. I am daily convicted of constant distraction and that I am, “far to easily amused.” Looking forward to soaking in and eating up Romans. My prayer is that by the end I will be reoriented back to the purpose of living the Gospel without shame. Loving this chance to sit at Paul’s feet and fall in love with the Gospel again!

  • Sonja Cox

    Thankful to study Romans with the SRT community this summer!!

  • Amen!

  • Caroline

    I love after that initial opening question I was thinking Romans! What a book that has helped me through the trials and I absolutely love the Passion translation. The words feel like they are on fire! Excited to study it together

  • SBAppleby

    So often my identity is wrapped up in worldly things. What do others think of me? How do I look? How am I doing at work? When really, the only thing that truly defines me, is that I am a servant of Jesus Christ. Through Christ, all that I am and all that I do is for sake of His name. (Rms 1:5). Thankful for that reminder today!

    • Emily B.

      I need that reminder, too. Thanks for sharing!

    • Kim

      Yes! I spent more time today meditating on how Paul opened the letter than on anything because of exactly what you’ve just said. Our identity is in Christ and everything we do and stand for is to be for the glory of God. Paul doesn’t start these letters with worldly self identifiers as we are accustomed to using to describe ourselves. Instead, he only identifies as being a servant of the Father, saved by the blood of the Son.

    • Christine


  • Sisters, my heart is breaking. My best friend’s 19-year-old son fell asleep while driving and died when the car hit a tree yesterday morning. Please pray for this family as they go through the nightmare of the coming days and weeks. They trust God and his plan — which will ultimately be their strength — but right now are walking around in a cloud of anguish and disbelief. Thank you…your prayers have such power.

    • Jennifer

      Dear sister, I am praying for this family. My heart is broken. My 19 year old just got her license 3 days ago, and this is so close to home…..I will be sending love and prayers to this dear family…

    • Wendi

      Oh Jamie, I am so sorry to hear that and the pain that all of you are going through, I will be praying.

    • Sonja Cox

      Praying for this family!! So heartbreaking!

    • Missy


      • wendy

        “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18 sending a huge embrace centered in His love for the whole family and the right words to say – for you as friends.

    • Lolo

      Praying with you now.

    • Pam

      Praying for them.

    • churchmouse

      Praying for them all and for you as you walk alongside them in their grief.

    • Keri

      Praying for your friend.

    • Mary Golden


    • Mari

      Praying right now

    • She Reads Truth

      This is such devastating news. Praying for your friend’s family, Jamie. Asking the Lord to comfort them and bring them in close through His Word in this time of loss and grief. So grateful to you for letting us know how to pray for them.

      – Stormye

    • Libby

      Praying for this family.

    • Rachael

      I will be keeping all of you in prayer — the family, his friends and all those whose life was touched by this young man. My son will be 19 next month and I can’t imagine what heartache they must feel. I will be praying for peace, guidance and forgiveness — that they do trust through it all even when it is hard to fathom the reason for such a loss. My heart breaks for all of you. Hugs and prayers….

    • Tina

      Praying Jamie, for this family, and this sad and tragic news…
      God be with you all.. x

    • Hannah

      Praying for this family and for the Holy Spirit to guide you in ministering to them in this dark season!

  • Destiny

    Being a believer for so long, I’ve learned in my own personal walk that it is so easy to forget the power and beauty of the gospel. I asked the Lord to allow me to read the book of romans with new and fresh eyes!

  • I love that you just had a study on James and now on Romans. They are my two favorite books in the Bible. Just as you said they succinctly explain the gospel and what it means to live a Christian life.

  • This book is near and dear to my heart. Years ago the Lord used this book to reach me. I was filled with the Holy Spirit and rescued from a life of abuse and drug use. So looking forward to delving into this yet again with a fresh perspective. Happy summer! Love Romans and SRT.

  • Courtney

    So excited to do this study with my family!!Please pray specifically that my oldest daughter will begin following Jesus as we study Romans.

  • Glad we’re up and running – looking forward to reading Romans again.

  • Kristina Middendorf

    I was so excited to get out of bed this morning and start this study! We will be starting Romans through BSF in the fall and I can’t wait to get a jump start this summer. Thank you to all of the ladies who contributed to bring Gods truths and promises to us!

  • So thankful for SRT and providing these amazing devotions. Looking forward to the next 40+ days with you all. My prayers are with those starting today as well. (This is my first time actually starting at the same time as he group!!) love and blessings

  • Vicki Sofianos

    Enjoyed the reading this am. I look forward to jumping into this letter.

  • Valerie

    I am so glad for this study. The Women’s Bible Study that I was attending at church has decided to take a break and I am craving good, Biblical study and a community of support. Thank you SRT for your ministry!

  • Looking forward to this study! Hope everyone has a wonderful week❤️

  • Eagerly anticipating working through this book! Thanks SRT.

  • This is the book that first made me realize the beauty of the Gospel, and the greatness of God. Reading it again is like coming home and once again falling into the arms of grace.❤️

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