James: Day 6

Grace Day


Today's Text: Jeremiah 31:13

Take this day as an opportunity to catch up on your reading, pray, and rest in the presence of the Lord.

I will turn their mourning into joy,
give them consolation,
and bring happiness out of grief.
- Jeremiah 31:13


  • God’s amazing gifts of gladness, comfort and joy!

  • Felicity Rose

    Comforting and valuable.

  • Jer. 31:13 is so comforting to me

  • Morgan Hoy

    Rest is so valuable and so difficult at times to actually get. Praying for everyone to find rest today.

  • Marina Lacanilao

    praying for all of you strong women today, i pray that God will bring peace into all of your lives, continue to find your strength in Him, even when things seem to be falling apart.

  • I recently found out I won’t be doing childcare for our neighbor and it was bumming me out and making me wonder about my financial being. Since I’m a SAHM I don’t have an income apart from my husband’s but he works so much I like to help out with the little things if I can. Over the past few days I’ve been staying His word, praising and doing my best to not get sour. And today I checked my email and a mom from my daughters baseball asked if I did daycare! She had no idea that I’ve been doing daycare before so it was an ‘Awe’ moment for me and I teared up instantly reading it. God has always provided for me. Maybe this is a better fit for me? I’m just thankful!

  • This is a truth I’d love to see come to life. Grief is turning into almost two years, & I can’t even imagine an end to it. I enjoy this truth, but it still is a struggle to hold onto it.

    • Rachel

      Praying that God will comfort you and He gives you peace.

      • Aimee

        I pray you will find comfort and solace in this time. He is faithful and hears us! We are so blessed that we have God in our lives for the grieving periods in our life. Think about if you didn’t have Him? I feel sorry for those who don’t!

    • Brette Bigelow

      Sending prayers to you that God will give you peace and comfort in this time of despair.

  • churchmouse

    My little Friday bible study just finished Jeremiah and we’re heading in to Lamentations. The setting of the book is the brutal overthrow of Jerusalem by the Babylonians and the deportation of the Jews. Dark, dark days for God’s chosen people. Worst of all – they deserved the punishment. They had forsaken Him and worshiped false idols. He warned them over and over. Yet they persisted in their sin. Lamentations is their primal cry over the destruction and their fate. Oh how they needed the catharsis of tears! Do we not sometimes, too, just need to let loose all of our emotion to God? Don’t we sometimes, too, need to quit hiding behind “I’m fine” and honestly release our fear and frustrations about God to God? I have. You too? We all have plenty to weep over but let us not stop there. Let us remember God is a promise keeping God who loves us. He does not desire for us to stay in sorrow too long. Our hope is alive and is in Him. He longs for us to remember His faithfulness. Though deported to an enemy land, God promised a remnant would return and Jerusalem would be rebuilt. They would prosper in their land again. Not because they deserved it but because He promised and He keeps His Word. Yes! A book titled Lamentations has hope! Dear sisters, if we need to weep, let us weep. If we need to wail, let us wail. But let us do so while looking up to Him who sees and knows and loves. He ever waits, for His good reason, to bring us back in to His joy. He has spoken. He will do it. Rest in that.

    • Mari

      That’s one of the reasons I love to run alone (preferably mornings) so I can weep and wail (not too loud) buts it’s when I’m able to be alone with God. There are certain parts of my run that are beautiful with God’s creation and I stop and look UP! And then I remember Psalms 30:5, “weeping comes by night but joy comes in the morning”. I’m waiting for that morning .

  • I couldn’t get up this morning. The goal was to go running early this morning but I really needed sleep! Then I get up and read this: “I will turn their mourning into joy”. God is so good to give me just what I needed to hear today. Our family has and is walking through the valley. My heart aches . Yet reading the comments here I pray for all you ladies having hard times and walking through those valleys too. I pray that the Lord my comfort all of you.

  • Maggie Jean Wince

    Two weeks ago my 15 year old cousin succumbed to all the darkness in his heart and committed suicide. He had a horrible upbringing filled with all the neglect anyone could possibly imagine but my amazing parents took him in for the past year and loved on him as much as they could. He rejected and didn’t know how to handle normalcy and one week ago we buried him.
    God knows how heavy my heart is right now but he will console and bring my happiness out of grief. God is good, and I know that at the end there is joy and God gives peace.

    • Tochi Heredia

      Wow, Maggie Jean. I’m so, so sorry for your loss.
      But I’m in awe at your faith and our secure hope in God. May this great sorrow-turned-joy be a powerful testimony to those around you.
      Praying for your family this morning.

    • Emily B.

      I echo what Tochi said about your faith being a testimony during this extremely difficult time. The strength it takes for you to proclaim that God is still good is inspiring. I’m so sorry for your and your family’s loss, and I pray you all can continue to walk to faith during the sadness.

    • Maggie, I’m so so sorry. Unfortunately, I have been in your position. About 4 years ago, my 15 year old cousin also committed suicide. The grief is unlike any other type of grief, I think, because there are so many questions and so much confusion. As I was trying to process, I turned to John 11 where Lazarus has just died, a dear friend to Jesus. And then I saw those two simple, yet incredibly powerful words: Jesus wept. And it’s not just that Jesus was capable of crying, it’s the fact that He knew that Lazarus would be raised from the dead, yet He still entered into their pain, still felt the incredible loss of this friend. And in the same way, I felt the Lord entering into my pain with me, even though He knows the ultimate outcome and His ultimate plan. He is right there beside of you in this grief and pain and even all of the questions.

    • She Reads Truth

      Oh, sweet friend. What a devastating loss to endure. I am so, so sorry. Please know we are praying for you and asking the Lord to bring you close in this time. So grateful for you.

      – Stormye

  • Rebekah DeLibro

    I am praying for rest for a friend of mine who’s little girl is going through a major bout of depression and anxiety right now. This child is only 10 and my heart breaks that she is feeling such sadness and pain at this young age. Dear Jesus, I ask that you have mercy on this child and extinguish the lies she is believing and cover her with your love and truth. Be with my friend, her husband, and older child as they go through this. Help them seek your truths and love above all else. Help me as her friend to have the right words and actions. Give them all rest, your grace and your peace dear Father. In your precious name amen.

  • Donna Raley

    Rest is one thing our society takes for granted. If God took a day of rest, why shouldn’t we? I have to do laundry, I have those errands to run, I have to study my Sunday School lesson, and the list goes on. Sometimes we are so involved with activities we forget to do that little four letter word…REST.

  • Debbie Gartland

    We should never underestimate the power of rest. Thank you Lord

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