Songs for the Road: The Psalms of Ascent: Day 16

The Quiet Confidence of Faith


Today's Text: Psalm 131:1-3

Scripture Reading: Psalm 131

The Christian life is a climb—a journey of constant growth, sacrifice, and trusting God for what we cannot see. As Eugene Peterson said, we are pilgrims, but we are also disciples—always moving and always learning. The Psalms of Ascent (Psalms 120-134) were sung by worshipers as they made the journey up to Jerusalem for the annual feasts. In this 3-week reading plan, we are digging into these traveling songs with the help of short summary essays and thoughtful, reflective questions for each psalm. Take your pack on your shoulder and walk with us as we pursue God together.


Psalm 131 (CSB)
A song of ascents. Of David.

1 LORD, my heart is not proud;
my eyes are not haughty.
I do not get involved with things
too great or too wondrous for me.
2 Instead, I have calmed and quieted my soul
like a weaned child with its mother;
my soul is like a weaned child.

3 Israel, put your hope in the LORD,
both now and forever.


A Song About the Gift of Limits
The pilgrim-disciple acknowledges that while she is a person with limits, she also has a place among God’s people.

We do not have to justify our worth or earn our place before God. When we grasp this, we begin to trust that growing comfortable with our sense of place is part of God’s good gift to us. This frees us to not only be at peace with our limitations, but to actually extol their virtues.

1.In your experience, what does the world say must be true about you for you to have worth?

2. Why do you think God gives us limits? What are some of yours?

3. What are some of the values of having limitations? How do your limits help you?


  • 1. You must be independent and rely on men and be closed off with people

    2. So we know our place and can be hummed and god can use our weaknesses

    My nvld

    God can use it for them and to humming us

  • In so many ways I need to remember to calm and quiet my soul. It’s very easy for me to become so involved in my work life that it becomes my entire life. I need to quiet my soul and remember my purpose!

  • I have been struggling literally today, even minutes before I read this with my place, my worth in my professional life. I feel like everyone around knows more than I do and even though I enjoy a title, I feel so very inadequate and fish for ideas on how to grow, how to expand, how to whatever….but all that seems to do is leave me wild eyed with options and paralyzed with fear to try to take any of them. I have pursed this career with a masters and have earned a professional development oppt’y for the summer, but I still feel condemned as inadequate. I long for freedom in my place, freedom in my limits and freedom from the world’s answer to worth.

    • Juanita

      Praying God’s all-sufficient grace for you Dana. Keep your eyes on Him and not yourself. He has called you. Positioned you. And will qualify and equip you. Rest in His love by feasting on His Word.

    • Heather Kulaga

      It’s been my experience that the best leaders are often those who have the advantage of not knowing everything their job requires. Just take that one thing in front of you that you need to do (or that you think to do) and do that one thing. Really lean on God to direct your steps. Don’t worry about doing everything, all of those things that you CAN do in this job will come in time. If you can, meet regularly with your boss, list the things that you are currently doing, and then say something like, “I really want to grow into this job, and I want to do more every day, but I also want to be sure that the things I’m accomplishing are done well before I add the next thing. Can you give me an idea of one more thing I can add to what I do?” (Or maybe “What do you see as the next priority here that I need to tackle?” If you have no direct boss, have that conversation with yourself, prayerfully. I think it’s okay to feel inadequate, as long as you understand that you’re not the one that has to be adequate — God is completely qualified in every way, and you are His child. This job may feel too big for you, but it is not too big for God. Write down what you accomplished yesterday even if it’s only one thing, and prayerfully add one more for today.

    • Jennifer Green

      Me, too. Exactly all of this.

  • This morning, I came across Charles Spurgeon’s sermon on psalm 130-131. He introduces the topic of a weaned child with this quote:
    “Weaning was one of the first real troubles that we met with after we came into this world and it was, at the time, a very terrible one to our little hearts. We got over it somehow or other. We do not remember, now, what a trial it was to us, but we may take it as a type of all troubles, for if we have faith in Him, who was our God from our mother’s breasts, as we got over the weaning and do not even remember it, so we shall get over all the troubles that are to come, and shall scarcely remember them for the joy that will follow” (
    I was struck by the developmental perspective of humans, and how a process all babies experience is used by the psalmist to create a picture of the hope we have in Christ through faith. God uses our trials, even the ones we will eventually forget, to imprint His joy and hope into our lives!

    • Ree

      Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

    • Rachel

      Wow! I’m really grateful you shared that excerpt. It’s so meaningful for the way we look at our current (and ultimately passing) troubles.

  • Allison Joy

    The first part of 2 and 3 go together in my eyes. God gives us limitations because they do have value. They help us see that we can’t do it on our own, and I think they can also help us see where we are NOT limited and find joy in that. I have some physical limitations. I am 4’10” in a world that was not made for people under 5 feet tall! (Uh… top shelf of the grocery store? Forget about it! Ha!) I also had physical delays as a child. I was in both Special Education for my physical limitations, but also in gifted education. It was an interesting combination, even as a kid.

    One of my favorite verses (and yet, somehow, one I tend to forget about unless it is specifically brought to mind) is 2 Corinthians 12:9. “But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” Every summer at my church, we do a community children’s musical, with 40+ kids involved, and I’m one of the assistant directors (that title really gives me more credit than is due.) This year, the theme of the musical is all about Bible memorization, and this is one of the verses in it. I can’t wait for 40 kids to hide this verse in their heart, along with 18 other verses/passages, plus others we might add in on our own. Should be a fun summer!

    • She Reads Truth

      Thank you for sharing this, Allison Joy! What a sweet reminder to us all that we should boast in our weaknesses because of the power of Christ. Grateful for you – I always enjoy when you share!

      – Stormye

  • I already shared an article earlier, but later on I was digging deeper into the topic of limitations as it relates to today’s Psalm and I found a podcast of a sermon that fits right in! After I listened to it, I knew without a doubt that God intended this word for me today. It was so timely and so, so good. Exactly what I needed today. God is so amazing. I highly recommend listening to it you have a few extra minutes!

    • Kristi

      It would also be helpful for those who commented earlier saying they were not sure how the questions relate to today’s Scripture reading. :) I was kind of unsure about that too but now I definitely see the connection.

    • BarbaraH

      Thank you for this, Kristi. I found this sermon SO helpful!

    • Miranda

      THANK YOU for sharing!!! The Lord used this sermon to bless me in so many ways!

  • I am discovering boundaries bring freedom and peace!

  • Susanna

    We are to be independent, not to depend on anyone but ourself. I want to depend on God and let him walk with me through my day. I’m a gardener and i tend to try to pull big clumps of grass by yanking. Then my shoulders hurt but if i use a shovel it comes right out. I need help, Gods help!

  • I am 27 weeks pregnant and often find myself wishing I could do more (even something as simple as run around outside playing with my toddler), but the very real physical limitations I have right now force me to take breaks, to slow down, and to focus on relying on God’s strength rather than my own. I believe this time has been a very tangible reminder to try not to do everything on my own, but to trust in Him and depend on Him in ways I tend to forget when I’m more fully capable. And with this new perspective and mindset, I can better appreciate the physical limitations He has given me :) I pray that I will take this lesson to heart, and remember it even after this baby is born and I no longer have the same limitations.

  • I remember when I first started my business, I had very strict budget limitations. It forced me to get really creative and my business flourished! Did it look like vogue magazine? No. But people loved and appreciated it for what it was and sales were great. Then the money started pouring in and I removed all those budgetary limitations. Do you know what happened next? Destruction. I threw money at problems instead of really thinking about them. I got a fancy new website and invested in so much marketing that never paid out. I lost so much money. I had my best months with my budgetary limitations. So much so, I put them back in place this year.

    I personally work best with limits. With limits, I get creative and discover dormant talents I never knew I had. To be honest, I only want God to be limitless. Because God has the wisdom and the foresight and the pure love that limitlessness requires. Limitlessness can be a really destructive force. I’d rather God handle that fire. It’s too hot for me.

    Limits also help us practice humility and trust. They help deepen our relationship with God.

    I do believe I’m limitless through God. He is my filter. I can trust that when he hands me the torch, he has prepared it in a way so that I won’t get burned.

    • She Reads Truth

      What a great connection, Lana! Thank you for sharing this! Blessed by your wisdom today.

      – Stormye

    • Tamara

      Right on point!

    • Andrea

      I love your insight & even very practical testimony. Thanks for sharing

    • Allie Besing

      I love this, Lana! Limits can seem like weaknesses, but in reality they propel us to trust God deeper and to rely more o Him.

    • Stephanie

      Thank you for your insight and encouragement, Lana. I love that you can look back and count something that must have been hard a blessing and a point of growth. God is so amazing that way … Realizing our limits helps us to recognize God’s power and abilities to work in and through us. I am so thankful for his desire to turn my weakness into something amazing to bring himself glory, and that he allows us to be apart of it.

    • Susan

      Perfect words.

  • Keri McCue

    My pastor just spoke about this and how today’s culture has this hate for limitations and “rules”. But, in God’s design, our limitations allow us to be free and safe and flourish. I think that when we learn to treasure this, we find true joy in living a life free in Christ. It’s the best!!

  • I love this topic because over the years I’ve started to see limitations as a beautiful and gracious gift. I remember someone asking once, why doesn’t God just show us all of our sins at once? And my response was, “Thank goodness He doesn’t!!” He is so gracious and gentle in our limitations, bringing things before us in His perfect timing and showing us that we were never meant to live this life on our own. Every human experiences the limitations of being human – being tired, not knowing what the future holds, not being able to be a perfect mom or friend or wife. But what I really can’t imagine is going through life with all of those limitations and without our limitless God. When I don’t know where my life is going, He does. When I’m not sure how to love my family, His Spirit guides me. When I’m stressed and tired, He brings me rest. I’m thankful I have limitations because I don’t want to have to do it all on my own!

    • She Reads Truth

      Thank you for sharing this, CC! Grateful for you.

      – Stormye

  • Thanks ladies for all the thoughts and discussion on this topic. Still don’t really like the questions but I see how some of you are looking at them and that makes sense. :))

  • Diane Huntsman

    True humility.. knowing my frailty and limitations and accepting them as the gifts that they are to only recognize that He will meet me and grant me what o need to be who I’m called to be.. my humility is the shift from me to Him.. it’s not thinking more of myself or less of myself it’s just not being preoccupied with self at all, it’s being ever so mindful of Him. Oh Jesus that You would enable a true humility to birth in me.

  • Caroline

    Love love love! I just quit my corporate job after 11 years and gave up a good position and good salary to pursue ministry (and take a step of faith for BABIES) and it’s amazing how many different reactions I have gotten. I am so thankful my worth and identity is in him, not in where I work or don’t work

  • Katalina

    My limitations don’t compare to God’s control and power. I may be limited by human standards but that makes me all the more perfectly imperfect. It challenges me to confide and believe in God’s plan for my life. Those restrictions ground me, keeping me humbled and remembering who I am and what I stand for. It reminds me of who I place my faith in. God’s control and power is limitless and we can triumph whatever may come our way because He will always interfere. Limitations should be embraced and challenged, not feared or be viewed as discouraging.

  • This psalm seems to say to me that the struggle was worth it; that he had experienced ‘a proud heart and haughty eyes and did get involved with things too great or wondrous’ but, came to the conclusion the time spent after the Lord rather than after the world was when the psalmist experienced ‘a calm and quieted spirit'; It was when he ‘did not get involved with things’ outside God’s will for him that he experienced the best God had for him.

    How often, as an introvert, I’ve put myself out there to join the crowd because I wanted to be in with the popular, and experienced such a torrent of frustration, sadness, self-worth challenges when I am confronted with cliques, or fakeness, or blatant rudeness as if I was imposing on their presence, only, finally, to realize ‘joining the crowd’ isn’t the best for me. I have since accepted my ‘limitations’ and followed after God’s prompting to ‘join the crowd’ that He’d like me to boldly tackle. One of those bold moves was leading a bible study for military wives. Because I was recently retired military, had been deployed myself with a spouse and kids at home, and the wife of an active duty military spouse, my unique experiences far outweighed my limitations and God was able to use me.

  • Rachel mabry

    When I reach my limits, He steps in. That’s all I need to know.

  • I came across this article called “Limitations: Our Gift from God” and wanted to share:

    It really helped me to reflect on questions 2 and 3. Here is an except:
    “Created in the image of God, we learn from our limits that God is God and we are not. We serve a God who has no limitations (Psalm 121:4). When we need sleep because of another restless night, he does not. When we’re exhausted after a long day with busy toddlers, he keeps working on our behalf. When we face another day hugging the toilet as chemotherapy runs its course, he is never weary or defeated. When we despair over our inability to move without artificial help, he is our rock and our sustainer.”

    • Keri McCue

      Thanks for sharing this article! So good!! :)

    • Emily B.

      That excerpt really helps me understand those questions, too. Thank you for sharing!

  • This is certainly a psalm for the “information age.” I can know intricate details about any and every corner of the world and read for hours about nearly any topic or skill, typically for free. I have found that unless I come back to this place of humility and submission to the Lord regularly, all of this “freedom” can be paralyzing. What should I focus on today? Teaching my children mandarin, or getting GMOs out of their diet? Are they playing in the dirt too much or not enough? Should I learn a trade and start a business from home? Remove toxins from our environment? Read up on world politics? Bake cookies for neighbors? Should they be gluten free?

    I listened to a radio show a while back about why we should feel hopeful about the upcoming technologies, particularly artificial intelligence. It pointed out that with industrial revolution, we overcame the limitation of our muscles, now in the technological revolution, we will overcome the limitations of our minds. Yes, but how will we overcome the limitations of our morality? Regardless of what brave new tools and toys allow me to know and do, I am still a creature, without the physical or moral capacity to handle infinite data. No wonder we are all anxious.

    • Terry Anderson

      Carrie, this is so true!!

    • CS

      Ha, the first part made me chuckle while nodding in agreement while the latter part had me nodding with a soul that aches for a hurting world.

    • Cassidy

      Carrie, I loved your phrase “the limitations of our morality.” I completely agree! Well said.

    • Hannah

      You are so right!

    • CJ

      From one carrie to another – this is great! I can totally related to “what should i focus on today?” – theres too much. Which is why i decided to unplug – no social media, no news, nada. Its freeing and wonderful.

    • Nads

      Wow! VERY eloquently put.

    • valerie

      well said carrie!
      your first paragraph made me laugh and after the second i wanted to cry – because it is so true.
      we do not have the “physical or moral capability to handle infinite data” and anxiety is rampant – especially amongst teenagers. i have 2 of them at the moment and the struggle is real!

    • Michele

      This really helped, thanks!

    • dana

      Yes, yes. No wonder we are all anxious. :(

  • I’m having a difficult time with the questions today. I don’t feel limited. I may feel there are things I can’t grasp in my life, like places I want to be etccc or things I want to accomplish. But I feel like those limits are ones I set. With God all things are possible when He is leading and guiding. I guess I don’t ever think of God putting limits on me. Maybe I am misunderstanding the questions but I don’t feel He limits me. He protects me but He doesn’t limit me. Does that make sense. I’m sorry but the questions today just didn’t make sense to me.

    • Diane S

      I also had a hard time with these questions and how they connect to these verses. While it is true that we are limited by our human/sin nature, God offers us victory over sin nature through Christ. As you stated, with God all things are possible. We rely on Him and not ourselves for daily victory and peace. I’m not sure that that is a limitation.

    • Meredith

      I would encourage you to read some commentaries on this Psalm as I think it will put the questions in a better perspective of when David wrote it and his waiting to become King. It was God’s timing – he was an unlikely King. He was humble and patient as he waited on the Lord for His timing.

    • Deb Thompson

      Gina, I understand what you are saying. I believe that with God all things are possible, but He also created us differently. I will never be able to swim as fast as Michael Phelps or ski as fast as Lindsay Vonn or play golf like Dustin Johnson. Even with hard work and determination I won’t. Of course a miraculous event could take place, but the Psalmist isn’t speaking in the miraculous. Think about the spiritual gifts that the Spirit has given us in the New Testament. Also the description of us as the body- the hands and feet. We are all made uniquely different, we are all made to be able to do certain things better than others, because they also do other things better than we do. It allows us to work as a community, it helps us to see our need of others and our need of Him. My gift is not evangelism, it is teaching. Yes I can evangelize, but not to the extent that my husband is gifted. However, once he has brought someone to church or to our house a few times I am the better teacher of our faith, (don’t read more knowledgeable or wiser) just better at teaching. Together we are able to do more than only one of us ever could. We are limited, we are not God. However, there is incredible BEAUTY IN OUR LIMITS. It pushes us to community, it brings out our God-given spiritual gifts and it helps us to see how He works in those around us. I hope this helps a little to understand the questions today.

    • Laurie

      Carrie, I had to ask a friend of 25 yrs to find another place to live if she was not go to treatment (for her alcoholism), on Saturday. What’s amazing is that when I let God talk through me the words flowed with love and appreciation for our friendship. And then her choice was hers alone. God set that limitation for me because left to my own brilliant processes it would have likely been different. Not just that with God all things are possible; if I get out of the way, with God all things are beautiful and calm and joyful. I was shocked it wasn’t hard. And I have no resentment that she left. She has a God, & it’s not me, so he has her and doesn’t need my help. That’s my limitation: feed my sheep, Jesus said. He didn’t say to hurt myself in the process, just to feed them. ;)

      • CJ

        “if I get out of the way, with God all things are beautiful and calm and joyful. . . . She has a God, & it’s not me, so he has her and doesn’t need my help.” So SO SO good! thanks for sharing. :) <3

      • Lana

        Thank you for this!

    • Allie Smith

      It’s also helpful to think of emotional and physical limitations. Like…we NEED sleep. We need food. We need all of these things just to survive. Yet God does not. He is not limited by time—he is awake and watching and protecting and orchestrating while we in our human limitations need to sleep. We have the limitation of physical weakness; we can get diseases, debilitating pain, or depression that can put limits on our lives and teach us dependence. We also have emotional limitations; when burdens get too heavy, it is impossible to slap a smile on and keep going as if nothing has happened or continue caring for everyone as if out “emotional tank” is full. But God has none of those limits. He has infinite love. He can be near to and serving and interceding for multiple people at once. He doesn’t need breaks for food or sleep. He is unlimited. That makes his willingness to take on all of our limits and weaknesses in the person of Christ even more amazing. Jesus was tired. He was hungry. He had to get away from others when struck with grief. He took on limits. And Hebrews 4:15-16 is a beautiful promise as a result: “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

    • Erin

      With God all things are possible, but I thought of the limits in the simplest way possible. Do you get tired? Hungry? Irritable when you’re hungry? All of these things allow us to see that we need rest and that we aren’t gods ourselves. True rest comes only from God.

      • Rosemary

        I feel like the Lord has given us limits (rules, so to speak) and all for our own welfare. Whether or not I chose to agree to those limitation is of my own volition and may be the beginning of my own downfall. He tells us to put no other gods before Him. Yet, when I do my life becomes unbalanced and not as fruitful as it could be.

  • JeniaMarie

    I read this verse and I think of My four month old son. Each time I hold him in my arms he doesn’t have a care in the world. He could have been screaming his lungs out moments before but as soon as I pick him up he begins to quiet his soul. He learning that there is safety in my arms. He learning that in my arms he can be fed. In my arms he is comforted. In my arms he is taken care of. He doesn’t concern himself with anything else because he’s in his mother’s arms and he knows that whatever needs he might have I’ll take care of them and whatever comes at him it will have to go through me to get to him.

    God I pray for this kind of trust in you as you carry us in your arms. I pray that we could learn to rest in your arms and not squirm about trying to take care of everything. Help us in our weakness. Help us come to this places of assurance in you.

    • Angela

      Amen! Beautiful thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

    • Diane S

      Beautiful analogy, JeniaMarie. Thank you for sharing.

    • Alex P.

      This encouraged my soul this morning. Needed that image. Constantly am squirming, but in His arms we are fully taken care of. There is nothing He lacks, nothing He isn’t capable of doing. And this girl is totally LEARNING, this soul is quieting, to allow His arms to cover.

  • Choices. They can (and do) overwhelm. We have endless opportunities set before us in today’s world. It’s sometimes very hard to know which way God would have us turn. Many MANY times He has directed my path with limitations… financial, physical, emotional… It’s one way He holds my impulsiveness in check and directs my path. He is trustworthy. He is faithful.

  • JoyLeanne

    Yes, yes, yes. Oh how I love this Psalm and this reminder. I enjoy social media, but I get so weary of me exhorted to “hustle and make him the happen”, “she knew she could, so she did”, “hustle and coffee”. Oh how weary it makes me and how short I fall every time I try. How wonderful to be reminded that I was created with limits and those are something to praise God for and draw glory to Him. There is so much peach and grace in this Psalm.

  • Christina

    Limits are a source of humility, a reminder that I am not in control, that I need the Spirit and His strength to make it through what I’m called to. When I ignore the limits the Lord has placed on me (I’m not a leader; I’m somewhat introverted; I struggle mentally and spiritually when I am too busy for too long a time), I am telling Him that He did not make me well. That I know better than He how I should be gifted, how I should lead my life. And of course, that isn’t true. Limitations draw me closer to my Creator, and He gets the glory when things are accomplished through me that I know full well are not accomplished out of my strengths. When I first read this passage in the ESV, I thought the song writer sounded somewhat depressed (“my heart is not lifted up”). Often times, when I face limits, I become depressed, but in me, that’s most often just another manifestation of a lack of humility. “Why am I not ___ or ___? What is wrong with me?” The blessing of limitations is the reliance upon God to accomplish through me. Pride, even in the form of my own personal depression, has no place in my life. I need to hear this daily.

    • She Reads Truth

      Thank you for sharing this, Christina! Blessed by your wisdom and insight today.

      – Stormye

  • What a great reminder that God is always the one in control. It has always bothered me that I tend to be a “jack of all trades, master of none.” I’m decent at everything, but have never found something I really excel at. But lately, I thing God has been showing me that maybe having that balance of skills is a gift in itself. As a stay at home mom, I continue to pray that I will be content in this stage of life and appreciate the sweet babies the Lord has blessed me with, rather than worrying about my future career!

    • Carrie

      Oh Caitie, this is the story of my life, even before being a mum, but now so much more!

  • Tochi Heredia

    My heart IS proud.
    My​ eyes ARE haughty.
    I think too highly of myself and I, sadly, think I can do anything and everything.

    The irony is that I can’t do anything. There’s no point in setting off to accomplish something, being restless and anxious every day, because we will fail. We can’t amount to anything if we rely on our OWN strength, our OWN gifts, our OWN resolve.
    How different is the Kingdom of Heaven to everything we know down here on Earth. Here, we’re told to be overachievers, to fight for what we want and that if we work hard enough we can fulfill our desires.
    But God… He tells us to embrace our limitations, to let Him be our Father and rest in His arms, that the desires of our hearts are evil.
    Only in Him our weaknesses are strengths. Only His desires are perfect. Only He is holy.

    Praise be to God. May he strengthen us to be vulnerable.

  • Kristine L

    I was watching a Tinkerbell movie with my girls the other night. All the fairies have a different “talent” – working with animals, growing things, etc. And no one ever seems upset at her given talent or jealous of anyone else’s. There’s no “aw man, but I really wanted to be a water fairy!” In fact, in this particular movie, the talents accidentally got switched, to predictably disastrous results. It made me think… God’s limitations for us in some areas are coupled with talents in other areas… He is steering us down the path we are meant to be on with His subtle (and sometimes not so subtle!) “eh, not a good fit for you” or “that didn’t work, how about this”. I shouldn’t necessarily take “limitation ” to mean “lack of”.

    • Gloria

      Wow; very powerful! Thank you for sharing. In this world that is constantly demanding that we always strive for more, more, more, that we continue to strive for things that “are too high for us” (things that aren’t meant for us) it is good to be reminded that God has designed specific places for each of us according to a divine purpose more amazing than any other.

  • churchmouse

    Yes I sometimes let myself get involved in things “too great or too wondrous for me.” I let myself get in a tizzy about things I really will never understand. God works so often in mysterious ways, yet I find myself trying to figure it all out. I let frustration take over when I need to “calm and quiet my soul,” when I need to simply trust in Him. So today… I will be still and simply listen. And take a deep breath. He knows what He’s doing.

  • This psalm really speaks to me this morning. As a parent I put limits on my children out of love, for I know that children need and crave boundaries. They are happier and better behaved when they know the limitations. How much more does my heavenly Father love me?! He provides boundaries out of love, general rules to live by (10 commandments) and bodily limitations (physical, mental, etc) for my own good. My limitations help me lift my eyes, not in pride, but in dependence on my Lord. Thank you, Father! Forgive me when I resent limitations that you have provided for my own good!

    • Becky

      I was thinking the same! This morning, I suddenly can appreciate these limitations instead of resent them. Your illustration of parental limitations helped me.

    • Emily B.

      This is a great comparison! Thanks for sharing!

  • Gema Muniz

    The world focuses in self sufficiency, the world believes that if you put your mind to it and are disciplined enough you can achieve anything. Just like in the story of Babylon, God wants us to remember we need him in our lives and therefore gives us limitations. Without limitations we wouldn’t need a savior, we wouldn’t need our God. Without limitations we wouldn’t have room to allow God to show up and make miracles. Thank you God for your grace and limitations, that way I don’t have to worry about being perfect because with you I am more than enough. God through you I can conquer all things.

  • Thank you Lord for the limits you have set around me though in the past I have, I think, resented them, I now know all things come from you. I can be at peace & trust you more in them & grow. All things work together for good. I put my hand in yours now. Thank you Jesus

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