Making Room: A Study of Biblical Hospitality: Day 8

Making Room for Widows and Orphans


Today's Text: Isaiah 1:17, Psalm 68:4-6, John 14:15-18, 1 Timothy 5:3-16, James 1:27

Text: Isaiah 1:17, Psalm 68:4-6, John 14:15-18, 1 Timothy 5:3-16, James 1:27

The first day I met Gus, he screamed at me. I had lived a quiet life up until that point, and I had never heard screaming like this before. I myself have screamed at swim meets, at being tickled, while riding on roller coasters—but never like this.

Gus’s screams terrified me. His eyes were far away and unreasoning. It was like all the unknown in him rushed out of his mouth and straight at me. I wanted to run away from him and back to my quiet life.

But I couldn’t run because Gus was going to be my son, and the paperwork was already at the Embassy in Ethiopia. What was I going to do, chicken out because he’s loud?

If we were together and you cared to hear, I would tell you about our adoption of two baby boys from Africa, and how they scared the curse words out of me. (They still scare the horse apples out of me sometimes.) And I would tell you that God has been so gracious and redemptive in our lives. But that’s a long story. So let’s just talk about loving people we are afraid to love, people who maybe scare us because they come from such a different place.

It scares me to love people who are unlike me, but it turns out, gospel love isn’t about me anyway. It is about Jesus and how He loves.

Hospitality is uncomfortable. There are people who make me want to run. I think, to a certain degree, we all like a quiet, settled life. I mean, it’s easier to remain comfy and contented with the people we’re used to than to engage with those we don’t know anything about. It can feel awkward, even risky, reaching out to those who are different, whose lives seem so dissimilar to our own.

This is the heart of hospitality: finding people on the margins and bringing them in. Remember in Psalm 68, David praises the Lord because He “sets the solitary in families” (v. 6). This extends well beyond adoption or caring for widows. God has given us so many ways to reach out to the solitary, those who’ve been deserted.

The first step to hospitality is obedience: bring people in. This obedience helps us form soup kitchens, deliver casseroles, care for widows and orphans, and invite people into our homes. But this is only the first step. Because once we have invited people in, we are called to love them as Christ has loved us.

In the Book of Zephaniah we see this exquisite mystery:

“He will take great delight in you;
in his love he will no longer rebuke you,
 but will rejoice over you with singing.”
- Zephaniah 3:17

Our heavenly Father rejoices over us with singing! We are called to imitate Christ, so we can’t just stop at going through the motions and serving folks soup once a year, or whenever it feels convenient. We are called to rejoice over others with singing; to love them.

Making this jump on our own is impossible. The only way to change our hearts is to submit them to Christ. Pray with me today that God would teach us hospitality toward widows and orphans and all those on the margins—and not only hospitality, but love.


  • Sarah Quail

    This is so powerful. My mother is 60, and while not widowed, is going through a traumatic divorce from my father. I’ve struggled so greatly to support her but God’s word today has made it clear what I need to do.

  • Calvary greetings Sir /Ma. What do i need to start this ministry ….hospitality, widows and orphanage. I’m strongly believe that this is where God are calling me to and have been praying that God should help me to establish it .

    • Lynn

      Pray and practice serving in your local community. Till the door opens to your calling.

  • This is challenging. I love helping people but when it comes to my own widowed Gran I really struggle. I leave feeling depressed. Like nothing I do helps and avoid visiting at all costs.

  • So needed this message and reminder today. It is not enough to just smile or say a polite hello. We have to work to find love and make others feel welcome. So much easier said than done but definitely working on it.

  • Kensley Goodman

    My husband and I have been struggling to have a child of our own, I have always thought in the back of my mind that I could adopt and love a child as my own. It hasn’t been made clear to me through Jesus if the adoption road is the path we are on. I am asking for prayers for my husband and I that we may have clarity to where the Lord is leading us.

    • She Reads Truth

      Kensley, absolutely praying for you and your husband in this. Asking that the Lord would make this clear to you and soften your heart towards adoption, if that is where He is leading you. Thank you for letting us know how to pray for you.

      – Stormye

    • Kathy

      Dear Kensley
      Thirty-eight years ago we adopted Sarah, she was 9 mo old and in foster care. God made room in our hearts for her. What I’ve learned is that God has ways of making families….birth and adoption. I was so desperate to be a Mom, I claimed promises from His word (like Psa 113:9) and submitted my heart, soul, body and mind to allow Him to do as He pleased. Sarah’s story of coming into our family brings glory to God each time we tell it, even now, all these years later. Sarah IS OUR DAUGHTER, adoption is God’s idea and yes He makes room in hearts for this to happen. Praying today for the Lord to show you next steps to becoming parents! Love and Hugs, Kathy

  • Wow. My husband approached me last week about the idea of being foster parents. I laughed. I gave the million (pretty valid) excuses why it was impossible. We both work, we have 2 kids of our own with places to go all the time, my lack of patience, my house is small and ALWAYS a disaster…. the list goes on. This morning my best friend (who fosters) was telling me that my excuses were just that. Excuses. She told me that we were called to love. I told her I didn’t think I had it in me and someone else more qualified could do a better job.
    Then I read this. With tears in my eyes. If not me, who? Maybe someone needs the little I can offer. This is a big decision I know. I’m not ready yet. But I never am. I never comment on these boards. I read and I pray for yall. But I keep to myself. Today I know I need prayer. I need to know where God needs me. And my excuses to move aside.
    Thank you so much.

    • Macie

      That’s so beautiful! God bless you on the journey!

    • Kelley

      Oh Sarah, I totally hear your heart and am in the same boat~ praying for you sister!!

    • Christine

      Sister this is the place all great things begin. In humble prayer, thought and soul searching. I am excited for you. And from a lady who just added one to her brood, somehow you find time, and room for baby amongst the mess!

    • Michele

      I am praying for you,Sarah. God bless you as you make this decision.

    • Holly

      As a foster parent myself, I know there’s never a “good time” to be a foster parent. It’s a 24-7 job that can be so tiring! So, so, so tiring! The rewards are immeasurable! I get to parent these wonderful little ones whose birth family is unable to care for. It’s such a joy!

      • Katie

        Thank you all for posting your thoughts about becoming a foster parent. I am praying for you all!

    • Jodi

      Reading your excuses…it sounds like the most wonderful place for a child without a family or a home. The busy chaos of a “normal” day, the siblings and parents on a quiet day at home doing nothing much but keeping busy, just spending time together. Don’t sell yourself short, it sounds like the perfect family atmosphere to add a little uncharted adventure to!

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  • Jefferey Townes

    I am incessantly thought about this, thanks for posting.TubeSync

  • Becky63

    We were orphans. God brought us in.

  • I am no scholar, but isn’t the verse in Zephaniah 3:17 referring back to vs 16, In that day it shall be said to Jerusalem…? Is the church ever referred to as Jerusalem? Sorry, I’m not trying to nitpick or anything, I just want to understand. Thank you.

    • Yetunde Odutolu

      Please correct me if I’m wrong but I think “Jerusalem” refers to us his children. The old testaments sets the scene for how Israel broke down essentially into suffer the parts because of disobedience.

      The over riding theme is our rebellion from God and how each ruler disobeyed God before the new testament when Christ came to redeem us finally. Zephaniah 3:1 starts off talking about Jerusalem been a city of oppressors and all the curses in it because she does not obey God.

      Then from 9 onwards talks about restoration and redemption. So I understood verse 17 as despite our disobedience and differences. God rejoices over us still as we should to people who are different to us.

      That is my take on it, wonder what other people think

  • Sarah Trammell

    God’s perfect timing placed this devotional on today of all days

  • Andrea Cantu

    Love it!!

  • This April, April 12th will be 9 years since my daddy went home to his Creator God and was completely healed! I miss him SO much! My mom has always said he was 1 in a million. And so true! No man will ever be able to fit into my daddy’s shoes! With that said I am so grateful for ALL those who since then have taken care and looked after my mom. She’s blessed to have her church family who is always looking after her. AND as her daughter I’m so glad God gave her to me. Don’t know what I would do without her.

  • Melody Suarez

    I found myself last night, while on the hospitality team at church inadvertently running away from people I thought made me feel uncomfortable. It’s so easy to try and live a settled and easy life when you don’t love like Jesus loves. Sometimes my attitudes and actions are so opposite of what the gospel preaches. My prayer would be that I stop running away and I strive to love more like Jesus even with the the people that make me feel awkward and uncomfortable.

    • Leslie

      Hang in there. Just the fact that you see this in yourself is a big step! Trust the Lord to continue to ease the way. The more you take baby steps, the easier it will get and you won’t feel as awkward. But, loving is hard so I’d say it never truly gets easy. If it were, I don’t think there’d be so many commands to do it.

  • Diane Huntsman

    It’s. challenging to read scripture that reveals my lack.. I’ve been hurt, as have been each of us and I’ve allowed that hurt to keep people at a very safe distance.. busy myself just enough that I can say I just don’t have time to invest in people I don’t know.. but today I see I’m not just merely invited to reach out to those in need, I’m commanded to.. living life imitating Jesus isn’t a suggestion for the proclaiming follower of Christ, it’s a requirement.. to do what He did, to love like He loved, to invest like He invested, to sacrifice how He sacrificed.. I often live life like being like Jesus is optional.. truly living out Christianity is living like Jesus lived.. that’s all kinds of heaviness and scary too, but with His call is His empowering.. its not a matter of if I can live in His steps it’s a matter of if I want to.. am I willing to.. will I make the time and the sacrifice to invest in His people..

  • In James 1:6 the scripture calls us not to be double minded. When I ask for big things, I tend to be confident in God but some times the timing weighs me down and I have a couple hours of a freak out moment. Then I return to falling and believing. Is this being double minded? If we work to steady our belief is that just as good as being confident in God?Also, in James, 1:12 it says that if we endure trails we will be given the “crown of life.” what is the crown of life? Thank you for your clarification.

    • Kimone

      I believe being double minded has to do with asking while in doubt. Somewhere in that same Scripture it tells us that if we doubt we will not receive. Another Scripture says, ask, believing and you will receive.

      The crown of life is the end of our salvation, having endured to the end we will be given ultimate eternal life. Now we are experiencing in part but on that fateful day, when we hear well done, that’s it. The crown of life – eternal life. Not sure if the crown will be literal. Hope that helps. Blessings.

      • Beth

        Only we will not be given eternal life. The Bible says we already have eternal life if He is our Savior. It is not future tense for His children, it present tense. My soul is already living eternal life, because eternal death is without Him in hell. My destiny is already the eternal life. Read 1 John 5:12-13; John 3:36; John 6:47.
        The Bible mentions four different crowns. These are rewards for His children for different reasons for serving Him here on earth. Crown of life James 1:12; crown of righteousness 2 Tim. 4:8; crown of glory 1 Peter 5:1-4; and crown of joy 1 Thes. 2:19-20 and Phil. 4:1. The Bible does not specify if they are literal crowns or not.

  • Katalina

    This touches home because my grandmother was widowed at 33 with 6 kids and heavily pregnant. Her story is absolutely inspiring and amazing. One day I’ll write her story because it’s a story needing to be told. My mom was only 4 when my grandfather died. But instead of my grandmother going into despair and sorrow, she picked herself up and said I have to keep going for my kids. Her entire life was trusting in God. He became that spouse she so desperately needed and wanted. She had it rough for years after my grandfather died, but now, you will not believe how much of a princess life she lives. God has truly blessed her, and comforted her, and protected her. He has kept His promise. And she just lives to glorify Him. She is utterly in love with Him and has lived her life revolving around Him. Her story is truly amazing and It’s one that can bring so much hope and lessons. Hopefully you’ll read it one day <3

    • Kira

      I feel like you are describing my life. Widowed with 5 kids last year, I decided to do like your grandmother. God has become so much more real to me, and He is my strength and joy. Doesn’t mean life is easy by any stretch of the imagination, but He is faithful and continues to blow me away with His provision.

      • Katalina

        You are truly an inspiration Kira, never forget that and I assure you, God will never abandon you so long as you trust in Him always.

      • Colleen

        Beautiful, Kira!! Praying for you!!

    • J

      What an encouragement her story is. Thank you for sharing it with us, Katalina!

    • Candy

      Please write that story! We all need to hear it!

    • Jess

      That’s a story I want to read!

    • Tina

      Me too. I love to hear or read the stories of how God is ever present, faithful, provider, friend and all He is and ßtill have love overflowing for us…
      Blessings and love to both your Grandma, katalina, and Kira…God continue to bless you, I pray..xx

  • I was widowed last April, and I have 5 children under 12. The amount of people that have stepped up and taken care of us this past year has been incredible. God has proven himself faithful over and over and over. The hardest part though, has been allowing others to care for us. I have always been a “do it myself” person, and for me to accept that I can no longer do everything on my own has been hard. I have no issues making room for others in my life. I love to give and to share with others, but to accept it? That’s a whole other story. God has been working in my heart, and has been changing it to see what a blessing it is for others to help me. I suppose my input for this whole study is that, yes, we need to make room for others, but we also need to let others make room for us, no matter how hard it may be for us to accept.

    • Merritt

      Beautiful and true words! My father passed away almost 3 years ago, and while my brother and I are both in our 20s, it was still incredibly difficult for our family to lose my dad so early. My mom is one of the most giving and loving people in the world, but hates to impose on people. It has been a beautiful journey to see her (and me!) to allow others to help and care for her, seeing that help from others isn’t an imposition. I know that this process isn’t easy, and that she misses my dad and the way he effortlessly cared for her every day, but I know that she has felt the love of our friends and family constantly. Praying for you Kira! You have a wonderful story and it is truly inspiring to hear your view.

    • Kendra

      Thank you for sharing, Kira. I see myself in your comment about letting people help you. I’m so sorry for your loss but am happy to hear about all who have stepped into full the gap!

    • Tina

      Kira, I am so very sorry for your loss…I want to hug you all. I want to get in my car and come to you, and be helpful…is it possible, are you in England. ?
      Thankful that you have some good people around who are blessing you and I love especially that you get that you bless them by allowing them to extend their arms of love to and for you…
      Will be lifting you up in prayer dear sister, for yourself and the little people to know Gods amazing love and grace around you in this very sad season…
      Sending hugs and love wrapped in hope and the peace of God that only He can give…xxx

      • Kira

        Thank you Tina. I’m in Canada. So often I wish it was easier to physically meet our Sisters from SRT.

  • Danielle Frakes

    I have a hard time letting people in who are not like me. I like to work easily with people and not to be challenged. Life is easier that way. I don’t have anxiety or stress with it. Life just goes more smoothly. When I have to be challenged by god, life is always more rocky and harder to enjoy.

  • Tina Stephens

    My husband and I have taken in 4 older children from the streets of Phoenix over the last 10 years. Our journey has been so much more difficult than I could have ever imagined and almost tore my marriage apart. The grace and power of God has gotten us through and I see growth in my life that I could not imagine having come to any other way. God’s steadfast love is so much more powerful than mine-and I’m learning and growing about what real love is.

  • Caroline

    I love that God is a father to the fatherless. And you are so right, loving others and creating an environment to host the presence of Jesus isn’t comfortable! But it’s worth it!

  • Keri McCue

    “It scares me to love people who are unlike me, but it turns out, gospel love isn’t about me anyway. It is about Jesus and how He loves.” So, so, so true! And something I am continuously working on! It’s not easy to step out of our comfort zones, especially if it means loving people who we are immediately comfortable with. But this is the call of the Gospel isn’t it? So we must!

  • This is good for me today. I am the volunteer coordinator for a day camp for foster kids that we put on quarterly throughout the year. I know I am called to do it but I can sometimes get focused on the stress and the details that need to get done instead of the reason we do these camps which is to show these kids Jesus’ love. Our next camp is this Saturday, so what a great reminder to take the focus off me and to put the focus on loving the kids as Christ loves me. To serve fully with love and trust Jesus with the results.

  • Penny G.

    This devotional was written just for me I think. I have such a hard time loving others. My husband and I adopted our boys from Russia and our youngest screamed all the time. All. The. Time. It was incredibly difficult to love our uprooted boys in the beginning….but God. He in His great mercy knitted our family together and continues to do so. I am very much the type that loves quiet and order and I’m not really interested in meeting new people. I don’t like being uncomfortable. This study has really stretched me. I know God has been working on my heart for a while now but it’s all coming to a head I think. I’ve been called to love others, unconditionally and to meet their needs. This life was not meant to be convenient and comfortable. Lord forgive me and help me by the power of your Holy Spirit to love others the way you love me.

  • Good morning. I have been silently “partnering” with you all for a few years and today is my first day to find the courage to comment. My husband and I do not have children. 2 weeks ago, we made the decision to step into my niece Morgan’s journey. Morgan is my younger sister’s 17.5 yr. daughter. Life has been full of hurt, pain, trauma and now we hope to provide love, stability and unconditional love. We believe HOPE changes what’s possible. Through Obedience, knowing we are helpless without God’s love, bringing us to empty ourselves so He can fill us up, love through us, we are hopeful for Morgan to begin to feel safe, loved and not abandoned.
    Heb. 13:5-6 “For God has said, “I will never fail you. I will never abandon you. So we can say with confidence, “The Lord is my Helper, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?”
    Ps. 68:6 God settles those who have been deserted in their own homes;11
    he frees prisoners and grants them prosperity.12
    But sinful rebels live in the desert.13
    I Timothy 5:8…But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

    • Hilary

      Bless you, Becky, for stepping out in faith to be Jesus to Morgan right now.

    • Claire

      YES. Praise God. I am so thrilled for you and the journey you are about to embark upon. I read these verses today… and the first thing I wrote down was “Practice your religion on your own family FIRST.” — you are doing that. It is inspiring and difficult and foolish and beautiful. The road you’re walking may cause you pain, but it is worth more than pain. Suffer on, dear sister.

      • Melissa Wall

        Thank you for stepping out to share your story! It’s inspiring!!! And I echo Hilary and Claire! May you be given strength courage patience and hope just when you need them!

    • Candy

      Welcome Becky! We’re here for you! In Christ’s love you can do anything!

  • Sarah D.

    I hope I can love people with Christ’s love for the rest of my life. in whatever I do! So recently have been facing the question of what college to go to…visited a college Saturday and visiting another one today, (and we’ll see how I feel after seeing it) but I think God is telling me to go to Liberty University. I just have this feeling that that is the right place for me. I know that not everyone will be Christian’s there and there will be people who don’t actually have a Christmas in their hearts. There will be struggles and challenges, it won’t be easy. I don’t know what I what to do, I’ve been thinking of being a vet/marine biologist, but also I love music and it would be cool to be a Christian artist…sounds crazy and is definitely in a different field. I guess I just have to have faith and trust in God. Just have to keep trusting and walking with Him. excited for what lies ahead! Any prayers appreciated! :) love u guys

    • Sarah D.

      Haha funny typo–don’t actually have Christ** in their hearts!! Haha

      • Holly A.

        Wow! Good morning Sarah!! So I don’t usually traverse down into the comments because I’m on the run in the morning, trying to get everything done before I head out of my dorm. But I’m so glad I did today, because I’m sitting at my desk in my dorm, at Liberty University. I am a Junior here, an American Sign Language Interpreting major, and Liberty has seriously changed my life, challenged my faith, and changed my perspective in so many things. I’ve never felt more at home then when I’ve been on campus here with a blessed friend group God has surrounded me with, and I’m totally bragging on my school but it is pretty awesome. There’s pros and cons to every school, but Liberty will definitely always have a special place in my heart. I mentioned I’m an ASLI major, but I have met several people who want to be veterinarians, and my boyfriend as well as many friends are in our music program here at Liberty. I want you to pray about this decision as you go forth, and know that myself and other members on here are praying for you. God will lead you to the right university and major, and no matter where you go, I pray that he radically changes your life and makes you so much stronger in your faith. Keep trusting and walking with him, and don’t let that excitement diminish! I’m praying for you girl :)

        • Sarah D.

          Oh my gosh Holly that’s crazy!!! Haha thank you for commenting and for your prayers!! Honestly, I’ve been saying since the beginning of my senior year that it’s crazy that I’m already a senior and looking at colleges!! I’m excited though. Visited JMU and UVA, which are both beautiful! Still praying about Liberty though, but I think that’s where God wants me to go. I think my parents and I are going to try visiting again soon! :)

      • Christine Marie

        Have you looked into Hope College in Holland, MI at all? I went there (may be slightly biased) and loved it. It’s a small private Christian liberal arts college. Regardless God will guide you in this journey or choosing a college and a career! What are you talents? That may help you! Praying for you!

    • Candy

      Praying for you Sarah! How exciting to have so many options in your young life. I’m so glad that you are journeying with Jesus by your side. Hang on tight!-life is incredible, hard at times but with Jesus totally worth it!! God bless you always in your journey!

    • Heather

      I’m in Lynchburg. I’d love to talk to you. You can test me if you’d like! 434-509-9019

  • Married later in life and after several years of marriage, my husband and I felt called to foster. We took in 2 teenage boys about a week after our license was approved.

    I could tell you horror stories about the broken system that is charged with carrying for these children. I could tell you how my worst fears became reality. All of that fades in light of what God has done in all of our lives through this journey.

    But God!

    He has proved to be faithful. He has blessed us is so many ways. He has deepened our marriage and taught me so much about His unconditional love. He has taken me places I never wanted to go and walked with me every step of the way.

    One brother was removed from our home after a year. We still communicate and serve as an adviser for him.

    We adopted our son about a year ago. This past summer he joined the family of God!

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

    • Allie Smith

      Thank you for sharing your story! My husband and I would like to do foster care and eventually adopt…I’ve wanted to adopt a child ever since I was a little girl reading about Amy Carmichael in India…but I’m also afraid. I struggle with seasonal depression and I’m in a season that makes taking care of regular day-to-day activities difficult, so I can’t imagine taking care of a child too. And what if they have emotional and physical disabilities? Your story is an encouragement.

      • Anna

        Allie, I’d like to encourage you as well – I am a mother of two toddlers and suffer from SAD and have depressive tendencies throughout the year as well. It is TOUGH! Some days, I need time out, time in bed, time by myself. But my husband is there to step in and take over on those really bad days. In some ways, the children help. They make me get out of the house whether I want to or not. They say something so funny, I can’t not laugh. In some ways, they don’t help. They make life more stressful, more chaotic and more demanding.

      • Laurie

        Allie- I know God uses me when I am least able.

  • “Because once we have invited people in, we are called to love them as Christ has loved us.”

    Oof, it never feels good when you are confronted with your own selfishness.
    I am fatherless, my mum and I were (sometimes still are) marginalized, but God took us in and gave us a home (our local church).
    But I must confess that I am a selfish hypocrite. I have become used to the comforts and the quietness and I don’t want to leave my cocoon and it makes me anxious to reach out to those who are so different from me. I feel safe here.
    But we’re called to follow Jesus’s example, and he never stayed in his comfort zone. He’d get tired, or hungry or maybe just wanted to be alone for a little while, but that never stopped him to see other people’s needs and to get his hands dirty and love them steadfastly.

    Father, help us to be more like Jesus.

  • Hello ladies! This is an unrelated post. I really need your prayers today! It’s the first day of class for the school I work for. I’m teaching 6 classes today and I have a terrible sore throat/cold. Pray my voice will last and the kids behave.

  • Churchmouse

    You can have two parents and yet be an orphan. You can be married and yet be a widow. You can appear to have it all together and yet be living on the margins. I have met all three. The orphan, the widow, and the marginalized. They did not always look as I thought they would. Discovery came through conversation, simply listening to their story and entering in. And in the entering in, the Lord brought them in. Is this not how we grow the family of God? Lord, may I take the time today to move beyond “hello” to really listening and entering in to the story of the one You place in my path. You are already there. Amen.

    • Kristine L

      “You can have two parents and yet be an orphan. You can be married and yet be a widow. You can appear to have it all together and yet be living on the margins.” Thank you for this new perspective, Churchmouse. May I see through His eyes.

    • Lana

      PREACH, Churchmouse. Meditating and praying on your thoughtful words this morning.

    • Bridget

      So true, Churchmouse!

    • Teri Lynne Underwood

      Such truth here. Thank you for the reminder to really SEE others.

  • I work in a soup kitchen… well, i work for a local church that opens its doors to the marginalized…. Some of my most blessed days have been in that kichen looking out at my brethren, watching them change, watching their guards come down, characters they came with change, Gods love in us can do that…I have seen it…

    I am remembering back to a time not so long ago, when one of our guests was oh so challenging… her first day at the Kings table, as it is called, was infuriating to say the least…she came in with all these demands, I want, I want, give me…. the attitude was you owe me, and big, clearly!
    This did not go down well with me, and soon I despised her, I couldn’t bear to hear her voice, to see her walk through the door , to the point of when it came to serving her I would actually ask my colleague to serve her….she had gotten under my skin that much!
    One morning in my time with the Lord, through something I read I felt convicted to the point of shame… that I should offer a hand to this young lady…that I should just be nice… I really couldn’t see how, but on the way to work I kept praying , Lord be my guide, my mouth piece, let all I do be of you… I saw her approach in the queue, I stayed…as she approached and we were face to face, i looked her in the eye and said ‘Good morning’ , she grunted back at me and took her meal. A few minutes later she was back, asking for more, because it was delicios and she would rather a second portion than pudding. The first time ever regular words had left this girl mouth, let alone respectfully! I told her, that wasn’t how it worked, but here, but tell noone…she thanked me and went off to sit down… what had happened there…

    God had happened…

    He had stepped into my stupid anger at this young lady, and had soften my heart …He had heard my heatfelt plea to love, or at least show love to this person, who had had some rubbish thrown at her from an early age…
    I met her coming out of the bathroom that afternoon, She called me by name and told me how much she had enjoyed the meal….’Thank you Tina’….. enough to floor you, right…

    But God….

    It became easier, to hear Caseys voice, to see her around, and to even chat to her… that would be enough to give you a picture of how, when God is present things, situations, anything can change…

    But God…

    He likes to bless beyond our imagination, beyond what we could ever dream… A few weeks after, my change of attitude towards Casey, as the doors were opened , I happened to be standing by the tea and coffee stand, she came running up to me, and as she got close she said….’There she is, my very best friend…’ and she hugged me! With tears, I absolutely hugged her back…

    I will never understand what happened to us both….. But God …. Right?

    When we face those fears of the unknown, with God as our guide I’m telling you wonderful things happen…. trust Him. I did… and gained a new friend!

    Every blessing this fine Monday morning dear hearts….xxxxxx

    • learning to float


    • Marianne

      Thx for sharing your beautiful and encouraging story! <3

    • Lindsey

      Thank you for sharing your story and the reminder to let go and let God!

    • Bethany

      Beautiful story! Thanks for sharing!

    • Susie

      Thank you Tina for having the courage to share so honestly. I was blessed by reading your story of how God transformed your heart. Keep on loving in Jesus name.

    • JennyBC

      I think you hit on the heart of the matter…we too are afraid or offended. It takes courage (from God) to step and serve those we don’t know and sometimes, it doesn’t start off well and we become offended. Only God can change our hearts. I’m thankful for your persistence in serving even when you didn’t see any resolution. Always…But God.

    • Missa

      Thank you for sharing, Tina! Such an encouraging way to start my day!

    • Michele

      <3 <3 <3

    • Lana

      Needed to read this, Tina! Thank you for sharing.

    • Gena

      I have a patient at my job that puts me in this same predicament. I pray each day I know I’ll be seeing her to just keep the irritation and resentment out of my voice. I don’t always do so well :( Your story reminds me I have to KEEP trying.

    • Kat

      Inspirational life moment! Thank you for sharing.

    • dinimae

      Thank you Tina for speaking to my heart this morning in addition to our reading God has sweetly convicted me in a loving way. It was much needed. I pray you have a lovely and blessed day.

    • Cynthia

      Tina,I love you from across the pond! You have touched my heart! Blessings to you!

    • Kendra

      This is awesome! And encouraging. And a reminder to get out of myself and let God do His work. Grateful for the ….But God!

    • Candy

      Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this Tina. It makes our lesson today come alive! God bless you this week!

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