Making Room: A Study of Biblical Hospitality: Day 3

Making Room for the Poor


Today's Text: Deuteronomy 15:11, Proverbs 22:9, 1 Samuel 2:7-8, 1 Timothy 6:17-19, James 2:1-13, 1 John 3:17-20

Text: Deuteronomy 15:11, Proverbs 22:9, 1 Samuel 2:7-8, 1 Timothy 6:17-19, James 2:1-13, 1 John 3:17-20

We dragged a queen-sized mattress from the guest room, which could only mean one thing: showtime. Growing up, my brother and I crafted our best gymnastics routines under the forest green glow of our bonus room. Standing in line, we’d take turns tumbling and toppling to the latest Backstreet Boys hits, the mattress catching our falls. We would practice for hours, gaining confidence with our bounding and landing. Then we’d make a phone call to the neighbor kids, inviting them to our pre-dinnertime performance.

I should be the first to tell you that the show was never great. These were not Olympic backflips and handsprings; we were somersault-and-YMCA kind of kids. We’d run and flip and run and flip until the audience got bored and decided to show us they could actually do better. They could do headstands. The thing is, I’ve never been able to do a headstand. My legs are too long and my patience too thin. “Just try it!” the neighborhood kids would say. “You can do it!” they insisted.

When it comes to most things in life—and when we’re talking about how to serve those who are poor—Jesus asks us to do the same: Take the world’s promises and turn them upside down. That’s how you’ll see My promises.

In Scripture, we look upside down to see right-side up. Let’s attempt a headstand together:

“The Lord brings poverty and gives wealth;
He humbles and He exalts.
He raises the poor from the dust
and lifts the needy from the garbage pile.
He seats them with noblemen
and gives them a throne of honor.”
- 1 Samuel 2:7-8

Maybe it’s the blood rushing to my head, but I’m seeing in a fresh light all the ways the Lord cares for the poor. He lifts them “from the dust” and “garbage pile.” He gives them “a throne of honor” with the noblemen. Do you see what I’m seeing? Not once do these verses mention money. True wealth has nothing to do with our bank accounts; it has to do with the riches of the Kingdom that are ours in Christ.

Does God use money to help the poor get on their feet or provide them a warm meal? Yes. Should we serve the poor among us by meeting their physical needs? Absolutely! Scripture tells us this is a nonnegotiable (1 John 3:17). The gospel calls for us to make room for the poor in our budgets and in our homes, and to welcome them into the family of God, just as God welcomes us.

Regardless of our material wealth or lack, we are all spiritually bankrupt without the lavish love and grace of God given to us in Jesus.

When we think loving the poor is too complicated—if we get bogged down in the logistics, wondering who and how and what when it comes to our time and resources—we can go to God’s Word for a reminder on how to see things gospel-side up. In his first letter to Timothy, Paul writes:

“Instruct them to do what is good, to be rich in good works, to be generous, willing to share, storing up for themselves a good reserve for the age to come, so that they may take hold of life that is real.”
- 1 Timothy 6:18-19

Generosity is more than a kind gesture; it is a lifeline that keeps us tethered to what is real, to what is eternal. When we joyfully give our resources to those in need, it reminds us that everything we have was itself a gift from the God who lifts us from our desperate need by His grace. May we be generous with our time, our homes, our money, as an outpouring of the room that has already been made for us in Christ. Amen.


  • Katelyn Olivier

    Lord, help me to be generous in all areas of my life. Give me a clean heart before you, one that is full of gratitude and generosity rather than greed. Thank you for all you have blessed my family with. A roof over our heads, a working vehicle, food on the table, jobs, a big family, and education. Make room in my heart for the poor and needy around me. Not only those people who are poor concerning money but also those who are poor in other ways.

  • Isabel Walker

    In 1 Sam 2:7, what does it mean when it says, ‘The Lord brings poverty’? Why would he do that?

    • Teri Bedenbaugh

      Sometimes He does it to get your attention. Our hearts are idol factories, he brings us low so that we have to depend on him and not our bank accounts ❤️

      • Sarah Peterson

        To humble us, and to lift others. It gives us an opportunity to help the poor and in doing so, it really does humble us and lift them, bringing glory to God.

    • Liz DiPretoreCraft

      Because he LOVES us!
      He knows what our thoughts and actions will be in response to situations. I was out of work, going to be homeless in 10 days and completely broke!!
      I was new to an area, married with a daughter at home, and had a great job. In a 2 weeks, I had to kick my husband out for being abusive (but gave him all our money and my 401k – I had s good job), lost my job, then I got a call that my daughter and I had 10 days to get out of where we were living). It was one of my darkest days, but changed my life! I had NO other choice but to trust God! I accepted my situation, but within 30 min of acceptance, I spoke to a friend who had a house they were trying to sell. We could rent it for $100 a month til I got a job…was working again in a few weeks!

  • Erica Johnson

    I really needed this as a reminder. So thankful that god is still knocking on the doors of my heart. So thankful for growth.

  • Thank you, Lord, for reminding me and showing me in your Word what generosity is all about. Please keep my eyes and heart open to everyone, each need — looking forward.

  • Thank you. God is so good.

  • Daryl King

    This was such a good reminder for me.
    About two years ago, I left a job I was so unhappy in, right before my wedding. After returning from our honeymoon, I was on the hunt for a job… nothing happen. Almost two years later, I am still unemployed, cleaning houses for friends and family, trying to start a crafting business and sharing a weight loss program.
    I have just turned 31, I don’t have kids, so being without a “real job”, really gets to me emotionally and spiritually. I feel worthless, not needed.

    This devotional is really reminding me of how to give and make room without needy to worth so much about where your own worth comes from.

    • She Reads Truth

      Thank you so much for sharing Daryl. We’re praying for encouragement and peace for you during this time. We’re so grateful that you’re here! -Margot, The SRT Team

    • Olivia Meersman

      Daryl! It was so encouraging to read this. Know you’re not alone. I’m in a similar place, unemployed from a move some months ago and without kids… it’s been really tough on my self worth. Even friends and family have been hard to navigate in feeling like I’m doing nothing. But the truth is, God has blessed us with gaps in our time right now to bless and most people in our worlds can’t say that because time is what no one has to give. Praying we can both give selflessly of that precious resource and praying that He guides you to what He has for you soon!

  • ❤️

  • Our Earthly world places such an emphasize on the monetary value behind everything to the point that I immediately thought of money when wealth was referenced. The break down of wealth being the eternal riches that are waiting for us makes me want to share my Earthly wealth with those around me. The Lord giving to me is what should inspire me to give to others.

  • Jonna Rachele

    I am so thankful for this devotional! It’s such a joy in my morning.

  • Haley Wise

    One of the things that stuck with me when I began going to church regularly again last year was this: It’s not my money, it’s His! He just let me have it momentarily to pass on to someone that needs it!

  • Janna Seal

    God has taken my selfish heart that only understood neediness and created in me a heart that loves generosity and giving. He flipped me on my head :) He healed my fears and demonstrated over and over that it is by His hand that I am fed and all my needs are met and that He longs to meet the needs of others through the generosity that He extends through me. This is Kingdom living.

  • Allison Gaspar

    Such a good reminder. Thank you!

  • Great scriptures to a high calling in God.

  • Hi Claire, I could not agree with you more about the current state of affairs in our country. I pray for God’s protection and a renewed vision of “love thy neighbor”. I pray that our leades for wisdom and guidance

    • Marsha

      Oops, my post got sent too soon. Anyway I pray for God to provide our leaders wisdom, guidance, and compassion when it comes to loving the poor both here and abroad. God is in control, that brings me comfort.

  • Claire Brummund

    I am struck by how clearly the scripture speaks of caring for the poor and opening our hands to the needy in our land (Deuteronomy 15:11). This reminds me of the current state of xenophobia in our country. It saddens me to think of the ways we do not collectively welcome and care for the poor and needy in our land. How can we have more compassion collectively as the body of Christ for those whose lives have been targeted and need a sense of safety and security as much as they need food, water, and shelter?

  • Kristin

    This devotional really spoke to me. My husband and I feel God has laid adoption on our hearts(we have 3 toddlers of our own), but logistically and financially it seems impossible. All the paperwork involved, finances and time commitments seem too much. But I was reminded that people are the most important thing, helping the poor and needy; welcoming them into your home whether you feel ready or not or have all the money or not. That is what Gods word says. Thank you SRT!

    • She Reads Truth

      Kristin, such a sweet reminder this morning. Thanks for sharing, friend! Grateful for you.

      – Stormye

    • Jo

      Kristin, if He has laid adoption on your hearts, He will make it clear when it’s time to move forward and He will provide for every penny and paperwork obstacle. His grace is sufficient and He will part the Red Sea of paperwork and provide all the funding. The Lord clearly told us to adopt a little boy from China and we couldn’t imagine how we’d ever pay for it (because we did not have the $!) or be able to complete all the paperwork (because we are not paperwork people)! He just said, Trust Me.” So we stepped out of the boat in faith, took His hand, and He provided for every penny and every need one step at a time. It was the most amazing faith journey we’ve ever been on and it grew the faith of our 4 bio kids as well. He is faithful and will give you more than you could ask or imagine as you say, “yes” to His calling on your life to adopt!

  • Kensley Goodman

    Until I just recently started diving in deeper to God’s Word, I had no idea what a call to action God has given us to help the poor and needy. I myself also struggle with debt and being spread too financially thin sometimes, but I have found even when I think I don’t have enough God always shows me he will make up the difference when I am obedient to him. I know God says to give anonymously and do not boast but I wanted to share what I have been doing. Every paycheck I take and additional $20 out in cash. I pray over the bill and ask God to lead me to where it should go and He shows me. I know this is only a monetary example of giving but it is something easy that most anyone can do.

    • She Reads Truth

      Kensley, what a beautiful way to steward your finances for the glory of the Lord. Thank you for sharing! Grateful for you.

      – Stormye

    • LYNN

      Kensley I have been directed to do the same thing. What a blessing to give to others in a time of need. Recently I bought gas vouchers and gave them to some young families that were in need. God is good and wise to direct us in giving.

  • Kate French

    How beautiful! Thank you for the reminder that riches are not money, but rather relationships. I went to Uganda for a missions trip and I was so struck by the power of God’s riches. These children had no money or physical possessions but they had Jesus, and Jesus abundantly. They were so rich and joyous! Why? Because Jesus had made them whole and given Himself to them, which is the greatest treasure of all.
    On another note, my husband and I, at times, struggle with being monetarily generous. I’ve learned three things:
    1. Make it a priority to be debt free. I know it’s hard but pray through it.
    2. Tithe ten percent on every bit of increase, or at least as much as you can. God really does bless you when you put Him first and acknowledge Him as your provider.
    3. When I invite people over for dinner for a big get-together, I generally don’t put a limit on how many people can come. I just make what I have, and if it seems like I’ve made too little to feed everyone, I ask God to multiply the “fish and loaves,” so to speak. This reckless reliance on Him after I’ve done all I can is thrilling. And guess what? There has ALWAYS been enough. God is good, so good.
    All my love, sisters :-)

  • Christine

    Any suggestions on how to help others?

  • kaileigh

    I am someone who is feeling spiritually dry about this particular subject. Because I always want to focus so hard on what their deepest need is and help it to the core, but if I do not feel I have the means to do that then I ignore my neighbor that is clearly in need. But even God takes care of my superficial needs when the person in front of me pays for my Starbucks. Coffee is (arguably) not my deepest need, but God cares and provided. Financially I am not super obedient to Him and in debt. I know I need to get that right to be more open to serving my neighbor, whatever there superficial or deep needs may be. Is my focus right?

    • HeatherMarie

      Hi Kaileigh, I was thinking about my debt as I was reading the study today too. It made me uncomfortable and I tried to block it out, but God wasn’t going to be ignored. Then I saw your post and realized that was why!
      God brought to my mind that instead of trying to figure out how to pay off debt and give at the same time, I should just be open to his leading. He reminded me that helping your neighbour can be small things, like offering food, clothes or money to the homeless. Offering a bible to someone who needs hope. Giving doesn’t have to be monetary, giving of your time and seeing how you can touch others for God would probably help to ease the drought you feel. I’ll be praying for you (and me!) to be open to the Spirit’s leading on this.

      • kaileigh

        Thank you, this was so so encouraging!!

      • Cheri

        Hi Kaileigh & HeatherMarie! Thank you both for your posts! I really needed this today. We are also in the place of wanting to be out of debt so we can be better at serving our neighbor, and I know in my heart God has a place for both, if we will just follow His leading. It was so encouraging to know there are others out there in the same place. I will pray for us all as we strive to be in His will in getting out of debt and serving our neighbors!!!

  • Farah,
    My prayers are going for you. Blessings to you as you continue to grow in your faith. I stumbled onto She ReadsTruth online a few months ago and started my very first online Bible Study with the Advent 2016 study. I continue to keep up daily with these Bible Studies– I also love that I can go back do bible studies that I missed out on– I complete them as I can- Right now I am doing study on the Beautitudes.– Perhaps you would find some of them helpful also. Have a great weekend from a fellow believer in Florida -USA
    e Beatitudes

    go back and do other themes that I missed out on. I am completing t

    he study on the Beautitudes now- a fellow believer in Florida USA

    em as I can– right now I am doing the study on The Beatitudes

  • Hallo everyone, I am a girl from Belgium and this is only my second study, but I am really enjoying it! I started this to keep my faith strong. Because sometimes I have a lot of difficulties to feel God or to imagine that Jezus is walking beside me. So, to say it with the words of today’s study, sometimes, I feel spiritualy bankrupt and out of joy. None of my friends believe, so that makes it even harder. Therefor I am really gratefull for these studies, they are a strong motivation, just like the wonderful comments!

    • Ally

      Farah, I am proud of you for seeking a Christ community when you couldn’t find it physically around you. This is so admirable. So grateful you are apart! Love you so much sister, from Tennessee!!

    • April M.

      HI Farah! I am a missionary living in Czech Republic and there are very few believers here also. Know that even though you may feel alone, you are not alone! The Lord is always with you and you have a family of believers all over the world that love you.

    • Lexi

      Welcome Farah!! So so happy you’re here, and that God led you here. I will be praying for you!

    • Kelsey O.

      Hi Farah… praying for you tonight sweet friend. I wish we could meet and chat over coffee about this wonderful study and how Christ is working in your life. I’m sure you are a light to your friends and family. May they feel His love, compassion & generosity through you.

    • Donna

      I am praying for you Farah! I am praying that God will continue to show you that He is your strong tower and that He will also bring up a believing friend close to you. That you may help to strengthen each other and be a light to those around you for Him! Thank you for so boldly stepping out and sharing! much love and prayers! ~Donna

    • Amy

      Prayed for you Farah! I know what it feels like not having friends who are believers. It takes a lot of God given courage to keep strong in your faith. Keep praying and indulge yourself in Scripture. Love you!

  • Heather Fringer

    Amen! I really enjoyed this days readings

  • Heather

    This is one of the hardest parts of making room for others for me to wrap my head around. I have a serious illness and loads of medical expenses. My hours just got cut in half at work and I was barely making ends meet from being out sick when admitted at the hospital a few times. It’s really really hard for me to think about giving what I don’t think I could possibly have enough of…When I cannot pay my own electricity and rent and health insurance…how do I make room for people who are in even more desperate situations that I am?

    • Samantha Cordialini

      Hi Heather! One thing that sticks out to me from these scriptures is that it’s not all about giving from our wallets (though that is often what we always think of). God calls us to be generous in our time and with our homes, too. While you may not be able to give money at this time, maybe make room in your day to pray for those who are less fortunate and struggling; for those who are struggling or “poor” in their spiritual walk. Make room to welcome them, to talk with them, to be there with them. Sometimes those moments are rich in themselves. Blessings to you, sister!

      • Heather

        Thank you! This really helps. I don’t always think of it as giving money…but sometimes time is money, or having someone over is money, does that make sense? But I love how you talked about people who are poor in their spirit or in their faith. That is not something I ever thought of.

  • I just wanted to say that in the past I have always enjoyed reading the comment section because some of you wonderful ladies add such amazing insight to the studies. But I think in the future, I’m going to just stick with the scripture and the devotional, because it’s seems that there are constant comments now about the way people view politics and “what’s going on in our country right now…” I could scroll through Facebook or turn to the National news if I wanted to hear people’s opinions on current issues. I turn to my Bible study to hear the Word of the Lord, not someone’s disillusionment with our government. I’m not one to bury my head in the sand. I actually keep up on the current events in in the world via talk radio and conservative news outlets. That being said it IS every American’s First Amendment right to voice our opinions and I would never want to take that away from any of us, but I just believe there is a time and a place for these discussions. I have voiced my conservative opinion in response to someone else’s opinions a few times, but it seems only liberal opinions are welcome on this forum.

    • Sarah

      I didn’t see any political comments on this thread. I’m loving this study on loving our neighbors. Biblically, you and I are neighbors, and I’m sorry you were hurt or offended by someone’s post on this chat board!! We are One in Christ and part of the same body. We can lean different ways politically and still love Jesus and eachother!! Love to you and prayers for reconciliation and peace!

    • Lynn

      Naomi! Keep going! Do not in the name of Jesus let other comments discourage you! Yes, I see as well people write “this speaks so much in the way our time is today” or ” in light of how our government is”. I do see it but that is what is in their heart. I would like it to be neutral as well But…..Do not let the devil take away your breakthrough to get closer to God!! I read where Paul says he “presses thru” “strains thru” look up in the dictionary of the words. It is neat to see the real meaning. Phil 3:13 and Phil 1:14. We will always have people in our lives that say things we don’t agree with. Just look ahead to Jesus!! You can do it! ❤️

      • Lynn

        Oh and look up the meaning of strive in the dictionary. It is amazing to see the complete meanings of these words! Strive, strain, and press!

    • Lexi

      I happen to agree, and after reading the first day of this study, I almost decided to not read anymore of it altogether. Everything is inundated with politics right now, and SRT is a safe place for me… I felt like that was being torn out from under me that first day. But I feel like the Lord urged me to keep on reading…that I would miss out on good truths if I gave up. ❤

  • I really enjoyed this reading today! This is something that is huge in my heart. I also looked into Dt 15:7-11, James 2:15-17 and Eze 33:31! I love how these scriptures say to DO, not just listen and speak! I always heard in songs growing up and sermons that love is an ACTION word!! Dear Lord Jesus, make me a doer!! James 1:22-25

  • Caroline

    Yes yes yes. True abundance is only found in Christ, nothing or no one else can fulfill that desire.

  • Rebekah DeLibro

    Loved this and all the verses but the 1 Timothy 17-19 speaks volumes to me. It’s easy to get sucked into the allure what you think “things” can give you. But it always leaves you searching for more. Wealth is uncertain but hope in God is forever. The Lord has blessed our family greatly and for this I am so very thankful. I want to do much more to honor the Lord in this area. I watched a documentary on the war in Moshul and it stirs my heart to pray for a way that I can help these people. They have no life right now living in these conditions. They are denied basic things. I don’t know how to solve their problems but I’m going to pray and ask someone who does. “Take hold of life that is truly life” Everyone needs to feel this.

    • Rose

      Check out the company called Preemptive Love Coalition!
      They get monetary donations to those aching parts of the world right now.

  • Sabrina Klomp

    I love this message and study in light of what is happening in America right now. What a timely blessing to learn about how God makes room and serves others.

    • Brynne Jensen

      Hi Sabrina, I have been thinking the same thing – how timely all of this in in light of the issues our nation has in front of us. I have been struggling on where I stand but these passages remind me that I need God to show and guide me, not politicians! I pray God guide our leaders and the best decisions for all be made based on His ultimate wisdom. :) Have a wonderful day!

  • Keri McCue

    I love today’s passages!! My husband and I are on a long journey to being debt free. One of the biggest reasons we are so excited to be debt free is so that we can give freely! We want to be able to bless others and give when God places it on our hearts. I was unemployed a few years ago and so many loved ones stepped in to help. I would love to be able to “pay it forward” and help take care of others who are struggling!!

    • Libby

      Keri, we are on that same journey and sticking religiously to Dave Ramsey. I pray you guys meet your goals. Best of luck to you! We did it for the very same reason!

  • Teri Lynne Underwood

    “Generosity is more than a kind gesture; it is a lifeline that keeps us tethered to what is real, to what is eternal.”

    All the stuff and the resources and the tangible things we could gather and collect and even hoard, it is all passing away. It won’t last. But the people around us, the opportunities to inpnvest, encourage, walk beside, cry with, laugh with — this is the real measure of life, this is what will last forever.

    Lord, help me remember You are the God of abundance. When I start to get a scarcity view, adjust my sights to You and the vastness of Your provision. You have given me all I have, in this world and for eternity, so let me be faithful to use it all for Your glory. Amen.

    • Elizabeth Bricknell

      Beautiful prayer! I wrote it in my journal as a reminder that God operates out of abundance and will always provide MORE than enough for me, and that I can give generously because of that.

  • Thank you, SRT, for another day in God’s truth! I pray we will all face each day with an outlook that is expectant and hopeful, excited, looking around for opportunities and listening to your leading to show love to our neighbor! Amen!!

  • For over 10 years my husband and I have been in a ministry position in which we raise support and are funded by ministry partners. We have six children. Over the years, God has provided for us in such gracious, patient, unexpected, lavish ways. He has shown us that we would have made really good Israelites…watching Him miraculously provide, and then panicking three days later when we couldn’t see how we were going to pay the electric bill. Yet, our God is so upside-down from us; His timing and His ways are beyond what we can see. Through God’s undeserved generosity to us, we are learning to live open-handedly rather than fearfully. When we have trusted Him enough to give sacrificially (out of what we couldn’t see), He has always multiplied as only He can. What a gracious Father.

    • Elizabeth Bricknell

      I love this! I, too, am in ministry and have seen God provide in such perfect, timely ways, surprising us with His goodness and gifts. It inspires me to dream big because God knows my heart’s desires and isn’t limited by my finances.

  • Making room for the poor is something that is on my heart almost daily. I work in downtown Houston, and there are many homeless people I pass on the way to work each day. I’ve been working here for a year and a half now, and I still haven’t been able to decide how God wants me to approach these people. I feel as though I can’t give money to all of them, and when I first moved here I tried, and felt taken advantage of at times. I feel overwhelmed by the poverty here. Being a small girl, I often don’t feel safe approaching them alone to offer a kind word or smile. I go through all of these things in my mind and at the end feel like I’m making excuses, but I still don’t have an answer. Praying that God will show me how to be Christlike to these brothers and sisters of mine.

    • Jessica

      Sarah, I know exactly what you mean when you say you feel overwhelmed by the poverty in your city. I live near Seattle, and the homeless population here is growing so large, it’s affecting the daily functioning of the city (tent cities that spill out onto the streets, and even the freeway, as they pop up overnight). We have a really wonderful, proactive organization called the Union Gospel Mission that are reaching out to the homeless people in our city- I wonder if there is a similar organization in Houston that you could get involved with. I think prudence and wisdom would say that if you really desire to get involved, but to do it safely (almost like training wheels on a bike), it would be good to get involved with an already established ministry, rather than attempting it on your own. Once you get more knowledgeable about all facets of this issue, I’m sure God’s direction will start to become more obvious. Hope this is helpful.

    • Angela

      I worked in downtown Houston for several years. Although I hate to admit this, I never had an incredibly soft heart for the homeless people I would see each day. But that changed in an instant as I was driving home one day. There was one particular man who stood at the same intersection every day. I happened to glance over at him one day and our eyes met. It was just a few seconds before the light turned green, but that simple connection grabbed my heart and really convicted me. I started giving him food and praying Psalm 91 over him every time I got caught by “his” red light. It wasn’t some big outreach that helped a lot of people, but it was my way of stepping out in obedience to something that God placed on my heart. Praying that you lean on Him to guide you to whatever way He is calling you to respond.

  • My NIV version of 1 Timothy 6:18-19 says … “command them to be generous and willing to share. In this way … they may TAKE HOLD OF LIFE THAT IS TRULY LIFE.

    Life that is truly life. I LOVE that phrase. I’m so easily duped into thinking that life is a trip to Europe, or a new car or cool clothes. I’m duped into thinking life’s is what you can post on instagram. The Bible tells me life is seeing and experiencing the joy of giving.

    • Sarah

      I’m always easily tricked into believing these lies as well. There have been several times I have deleted social media to prevent myself from playing the comparison game and thinking I am missing out on “life”. And while I don’t like to keep social media deleted because it is how I keep up with long distance friends and family, I do have to keep myself in check. True life comes from God and doing His will.

    • Denise

      I’m so with you on that one. Life is NOT a trip to Europe, a bigger car, or nicer counters for the kitchen. My spirit is only really calm and well when I have given of myself for God’s purpose, no matter how small it may appear at the time. There really is an immeasurable joy in giving. Hugs to you xo

  • This one really hits home for me. Because my husband and I have so much student loan debt, it’s so hard to NOT put my hope in being debt free. While that is certainly a worthy goal, it doesn’t mean that I can’t be generous with what God has provided at this time in my life.

    • Kim

      We’re in the same boat, Rachel. But God has given to us so generously. Literally everything we have is from Him, because we can’t afford it. Sometimes when He prompts me to give it’s hard, but He will keep giving and I have to remember that.

  • candacejo

    This passage and all of the comments remind me of the video I have seen on social media lately, maybe some of you have, of the woman in her car that just left the grocery store. She sees a man with a backpack sitting outside the store as she goes in and immediately feels prompted by the Lord to get him bananas. Just bananas. She’s like, “okay, I can do that, Lord, but he needs some protein too, let me get him some chicken, some fried chicken from the deli.” But the Lord says, “no, just get bananas.”

    She argues all the way through the store and even goes to pick up the chicken anyway but feels the Holy Spirit nudging so strongly to put it down, so she does and walks out with bananas and I think she did pick him up some gum or water or something at checkout. She is standing outside the store giving him the bananas when another lady walks up and says, “Well, we had the same thought, I have brought you some chicken!”

    Say what?! That video gets me every time. Her emotional response to the prompting of our God, His gentle nudging and His reminder to listen to His voice and follow His leading…

    We can’t always see what else He is doing, we are just to do our part. We can’t save the world, we can’t feed the nations all alone but He will lead us to one or two or maybe more that have a need and He will give us the resources to fill that need. ♥

    • Deb

      We need only to listen and obey, in order to do that ,we need to be in the word, as it is air to the Holy Spirit. Amen

    • She Reads Truth

      LOVE this picture, Candacejo! Thanks for sharing, friend.


  • Katalina

    Money means nothing. A person can have all the money in the world yet still be miserable. I’ve grown to learn money comes and goes and I have nothing to worry about because God is my provider. Many times, I’ve seen videos and with my own eyes how homeless people and poor people are so much more humble than anyone else. They teach me what it is to love and be humble. I want to be able to bless them in any way I can because they deserve it

  • God has shown me this kind of generosity through friends that have taken me in and allowed me to live in their home free of charge. They gave me my own room and they cook my dinner every night and never ask me for a penny of payment. They care about me and love on me and make me feel as if I am their family. I have been so truly blessed by this and cannot imagine the hardship I would be in right now had it not been for their kindness and generosity. Thank you God for showing me what it feels like first hand to be kind and generous to the poor. I will soon be back on my feet and able to live on my own again because of the blessing of generosity from others. I pray all the time for God to show me the need of others and to give me the opportunity to pour out love on them the way it has been poured out on me. My God is so Amazing!!

    • candacejo

      Lord, rain down blessings on these wonderful people who have so blessed Elaine! May you be on your feet soon. ♥

  • Pam Seipp

    The selection of scripture today was very valuable for me at this time in my life. Having read them many times before, reading them as a collection offers me great encouragement. All day I will be singing the very old Diana Ross song: Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand…make this s better place, if you can!

  • Cecilia

    Thank you for continuing to create Bible study and Devotions for us ! It’s so hard to be motivated to open the Word on my own because I don’t feel like I know where to start. But I love coming to She Reads Truth and reading the Word and hearing the application of it. It begins my day in the right way. Thank you for your diligence and for sharing what you’ve learned with all of us. May Gods continued blessings be yours. <3

  • Sarah_Joy

    As I think about making room for the poor, I think of my mom. Several years ago she took a trip to Haiti and was deeply impacted. Then as she saw her empty nest years approaching she began a journey toward opening a thrift store with a few people. The verse “sell all you have and give to the poor” became the guiding force. The store donates its profits to mission organizations in several countries. They also donate what they cannot sell, so clothes and shoes that otherwise may end up in the landfill go overseas.

    Watching her navigate how to do all of these things well has been inspiring. How do we give without creating dependency? How do we leave dignity in tact or give people back their dignity? And as her heart to release physical things for the benefit of others became her norm it spilled over to me and into my friends. Letting possessions go without anything in return has begun the process of loosening my grip on what doesn’t last.

  • Regardless of our material wealth or lack, we are all spiritually bankrupt without the lavish love and grace of God given to us in Jesus….

    Kaitlin, I could so hug you right now….I’ll send you a cyber one instead!

    Oh, my goodness these words sure hit me like a bolt of lightening…what truth this is that has so penetrated my whole being… it’s not what you have, ie money in the bank, a big house, the car, that determines whether you are able to be generous.., rather it is where you ‘bank’ , it is where your ‘treasures’are, it is about where your inheritance’ comes from…if Jesus is the answer to each prompt…being generous will come…afterall when we were in need, He gave ALL he had, He gave His life so we would never want, need or be alone.
    When we have known such love, such kindness, such can we, hand on heart not follow that lead.

    To be honest, I have for a long time believed what I have, was on loan, if you like…my children, my home, my life, the air I breathe…they were gifts for the here and now, my now, my present…while I live this life on earth…each day is a gift to share with others, each breathe a gift to sing Gods words over and with others, each heart beat, a gift.. to love others with…

    I know, generousity doesn’t always come easy, it may be challenging and hard…but with God, it becomes right, it becomes a blessing, not just for the recipient, but amazingly for the giver too…Amen…

    I love you guys! Praying God’s abundant Blessings over you…xxx

  • A few thoughts this morning…

    Today’s reading hits home hard. Like a kick to the stomach hard. First of all I hope all you ladies reading this who were there for me several months ago and walked that ugly road of uncertainty and anxiety when I didn’t know where my next meal would come from… You were Christ with skin on. You put love into action, and I hope blesses your socks off for that! I can’t say thank you enough.

    And while it was given so freely to me, why is it so hard to give so freely to others? God keeps bringing a man to mind over and over. He is an elderly man who stands on the corner of a Walmart and a busy street in my town every week, holding a sign. Immediately when I see him, my judgemental human side screams “why is he always here? Can’t he get disability or welfare? Is he only scamming us?” but why is it my place to judge and ask those questions? He keeps coming to mind for a reason. I’m praying hard for God to show me what he needs and what I am supposed to do with this…

    I am really loving this study it is hitting home.

    • Kelly R Smith

      Thank you for sharing!

    • Tina

      Tracy, thanking God for you, praying every Blessing for you…..

      My dear, blessings are only blessings if you share them… you don’t have much, its not always about what is in your pocket, that does not stop you giving this man the time of day…a smile, a word or two, a prayer.. not a judgement thought, would go a long way… I pray God reveals to you why this gentleman keeps coming to mind…
      But God….
      God bless you Tracy…

    • SuzD

      Blessings to you Tracy.

    • Anastasia

      I feel you on the generosity of others and also with how hard it is to be a blessing to others. I always have the desire to help others but always let the lack of funds and not being able to be generous the way I want to stop me.

      how did things turn out with the man in front of Walmart?

  • Lord, help me to hold on to what I have loosely. It’s not mine to begin with.

  • Churchmouse

    1 Timothy 6 is one of the most practical. It talks about those who are not rich (vs. 6,7,8): be content. It talks about those who want to get rich (vs. 9-11): avoid temptation and foolish desires. Pursue godliness more than riches. It talks about those who are rich (vs. 17-19): fix your hope on God, not the uncertainty of your possessions, and be generous. As Kaitlin so beautifully says, it’s not about the money. It’s about experiencing true life, “taking hold of that which is life indeed (vs.19b).”. And that, my friends, is Jesus. How we regard our resources is how we regard Jesus. May I stand on my head for Him today, generously and without reserve.

  • Tricia C


  • Amen! Thank you!!

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