Making Room: A Study of Biblical Hospitality: Day 1

Making Room for Others


Today's Text: Acts 15:6-21, Romans 12:3-8, Galatians 3:27-29

Text: Acts 15:6-21, Romans 12:3-8, Galatians 3:27-29

One evening last fall I was invited to a friend’s house to pray. The agenda was simple enough: eat snacks and mingle, settle in to spend time alone in prayer, then encourage each other.

I’m not always comfortable with group events, and nine times out of ten I’ll choose being home and quiet over a social gathering, especially on a weeknight. But this time I went. Mostly compelled by an opportunity to catch up with some friends and the possibility of a slice of cheesecake, I reassured myself that the tender-heart time wouldn’t last too long.

Several months later I cannot recall how the food tasted, or what shoes I wore, or how awkward I felt. But I clearly remember how the Lord used that gathering to soften my heart in a very specific way. That night, in the quiet of the solo prayer time, the Holy Spirit impressed upon my heart just two words: make room.

In the days that followed, I considered the different ways I could make room: in my heart, on my calendar, in my home. I thought about who I could make room for: the new women moving to our burgeoning city, the people I know who need more than they have to offer, and the guy who definitely eased his way in front of me in line at the concession stand last weekend. But even before any of that, I can make room for my Lord, who promises me His presence whether I take time to be present with Him or not (John 14:16-17).

As I penciled down a list, I realized all the ways people had already made room for me:

Here is my time—it’s yours now.
Here is this meal—I want you to be nourished.
Here is my forgiveness—I know what a gift is to be forgiven.
Here is this space to sit—I’d rather you have rest than me.
Here I am entering into your sorrow—I was comfortable, but you need comfort more than me.

Even more extravagantly than the hospitality offered to me by others is that offered by the Father Himself:

I was an orphan—He called me His daughter (John 1:12).
I was a foreigner—He made me a citizen (Ephesians 2:19).
My sin made me unclean like a leper—He did not cast me out (Ephesians 2:13).

Hospitality, I am learning, is often untidy and almost always inconvenient. But making room is not about my own comfort. It’s about taking something I presume is mine, and offering it to someone else.

Jesus made room for everyone, for all types of people—neighbors, the poor, His betrayers, strangers, children, and so many more. It was a mark of His ministry: giving Himself and offering Himself to others and to the Father. Jesus made room because His is a gospel for all people. The Apostle Paul writes, “For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ like a garment. There is no Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:27-28). In the gospel, there is no “other”—there is only “us.”

By His grace, God makes us living testimonies of Christ’s life by this Truth: “we love because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19). In being inconvenienced and uncomfortable and messy, we find a nearness with God—because Jesus was these things and more on our behalf. We are learning to make room for others because while we were still sinners, room was made for us.

Thanks be to God. SRT-John-instagram1s


  • Natalie Collins

    Making room makes me so uncomfortable. I realize though that when we’re uncomfortable that’s when we grow. This is definitely not gonna change overnight but I want to get better at making an effort to be open to helping others.

  • Carly Green

    I have been feeling God speak to me about hospitality for months. In the podcasts I listen to, the books I read, etc, it is everywhere I turn. I am in a season of being in the trenches of motherhood with young children. I often wonder how I can serve others in this season. This is what God has been speaking to me is the way, hospitality.

  • lauren moorhead

    This is definitely something I have really been struggling with. I just haven’t really been wanting to deal with a lot of things in life and pushing them aside. Not really caring about anything. I really feel as if God was calling me to read this, to make room for Him, and other aspects in my life.

  • Ashley Skalsky

    I think God drew me to this plan for many reasons. I’m currently pursuing a degree in hospitality management, so I feel like this is really applicable to my career. However, I also feel like he’s calling me to open up my heart to the people surrounding me in my personal life. I’m a member of the leadership team for the college ministry at my church, and I know there’s people who attend who could use a friend. I’m praying that through this study I will find the courage to pursue intentional relationships with the people in our ministry and around campus.

  • Blythe Hunt

    I just finished a wonderful book on gospel hospitality, and the author describes regular gathers of 25–40 people at her home. It sounds beautiful, but I thought, I would never go to her gatherings; I’m too shy! The idea of making room helps me to wonder about my resources and gifting and personality: how can I use those things to be hospitable—to make room—for women like me who would also withdraw from big, loud gatherings?

  • Sarah Peterson

    Yes, so much more than letting people into you home. Time, energy, love and care. Giving in a different type of way. ♥️

  • Mandy Smith

    I’m so socially awkward that I’ve cheated myself out of some really cool gatherings where I could meet with and love on others.

  • Elizabeth Pearce

    Man… this. I think the hardest thing for me is overcoming my fear of opening up my life and how uncomfortable and uncertain it feels, but I sense the Lord in this and it leaves me with hope that God could do something amazing through it if I step out in faith despite my fear ❤️

  • Melissa Van Dine

    I think when I hear “hospitality” I think of letting people into my home. After reading this I realize it means allowing people to have my time, comfort, and presence. Hospitality is more about my heart rather than my physical home.

  • Sophia Moropoulos

    My pastors heavily emphasized the need for hospitality in their leadership selection and training. I didn’t realize the depth at which it reflected one’s walk with God and how it daily challenges and softens us.

  • Molly Cross

    I have such a hard time opening myself to others. I understand that Jesus did it for everyone, and I pray to focus on this and letting God change my heart and view. I have been yearning to be a go with the flow type of person and open my home to mentor and love on anyone and everyone, but maybe it is about the inconvenience and the messy and untidy moments to see where our heart truly is. I pray that I stay encouraged and that we all be encouraged to open our hearts and homes and hands to those in need.

  • Kerry Buchanan

    This is encouraging to read. That Jesus made room for everyone. And that’s it not always confident or tidy. I needed to read that as not having a tidy home to my standards is one main reason I don’t open my home more.

  • Sumire Arai

    When I am child, I saw I baptized in my dream, And I find now.
    There is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus
    I feel comfort this sentence.

  • We are building a new home, and due to some unfortunate architectural things… it ended up much bigger than we planned! My husband and I have said that since God blessed us with more, we should be a blessing to others.
    We already have a university student residing with us, and my son’s young friend who spends nearly every weekend (and holiday, and even vacations) at our home while her mother works. I love the IDEA of hospitality, of sharing our home and our space…but the reality is not so great. In my head, I want to open our new home to neighbors and family, but I often feel annoyed or inconvenienced already with the people we host already; will I realistically be a gracious host, or a bitter one?

  • Angel NicoleLogan

    I started this started to prepare my heart for a bible study in my home this summer and I’ve already been encouraged by these sweet truths!

  • Peony Noirr

    I am eager to learn and heal and forgive through this study. It’s so easy to push people who have hurt you away but with this study I am already learning through Christ how I need to bring those people closer to me.

  • Kayla Maroosis

    Day 1 and I am already so encouraged. Just the reminders that we are a body and God has given us all different gifts to use for His glory. It is teaching me things I already knew but just didn’t think about that much I guess. It is a comforting thought to know God has gifted me specifically different gifts than other members of the body of Christ and to not strive or be envious of someone else’s gifts. Those were given to them and mine to me for a specific purpose to fulfill God’s plan not for my own gain or self pleasure. I need to remember it’s not about me…it’s about the people of God! It’s a good thing that God is always there loving me and moving me forward even when I am not following His plan but my own, that I might think is His plan, but know deep down I’m doing it to get the glory or pat on the back. God is good and I’m so very thankful for His Grace in my life.

  • Vicki Abstance

    Father, God please open my eyes and my heart to others’ needs, hurts, comfort, encouragement… May I not reckon discomfort or my petty neediness but “count it all gain” to step forward with you as I really “see” those around me.

  • Hannah Davis

    “Hospitality, I am learning, is often untidy and almost always inconvenient.” My type A self hates this sentence, but my soul loves it and longs for this. Lord, give me opportunities to make my schedule messy and make room for one of your children.

    • Becca Christensen

      I’m so glad your comment was the first one I saw. Because I’m SUPER type A myself. Glad I’m not the only one who has to work at this. ;)

  • Rebecca Jackson

    I love how encouraging this is! However, what if you do make room for others and they either a) take advantage of you and/or b) reject you all together. How would you deal with that?

    I recently took in my best friends friend and we were all roommates. Well, after a while the friend of my friend became ungrateful, complaining, and always blaming things on me to put a wedge between my best friend and I. It caused a lot of fights between my bestie and I and now we made the decision to ask the other friend to find a new place to live when the lease is up. Now the third party is posting very untrue and hurtful things about me on Facebook. It has gotten a little stressful and crazy. I have tried so hard to continue to love this person through it all but I’ve hit a breaking point. Any advice would be awesome!!

    • Cathy Tubby

      I am sorry to hear of your discouraging situation. I think the fact that you are receiving some flack shows that you are on the right track! The right thing is generally not easy to do and when we try to do the right thing obstacles pop up along the way. It must be to help us learn to trust and grow. Also, I think we have to give credit to those we love, that most times when someone is spreading lies, those who love us eventually see through it. The truth always comes out and you want to be on the right side of it. I hope this advice, encourages you. Maybe “stick with it” isn’t quite what you want to hear, but pray daily for strength and I bet it will show up!
      Psalm 71

    • Jessica Barone

      I know you hear this a lot, pray on it. Maybe write down your worries and ask God to guide you. I find if I write down the things that are heavy on my heart it God always finds a way to lift my spirit. I will keep you in my prayers :)

  • Claudia Santos

    So encouraging!

  • Olivia Meersman

    So encouraging to read and see you fighting the good fight of faith in fostering! Praying He continues to encourage you in all the ways your heart needs to be all that little boy needs, thankful for your family and the fact you’re willing to be a safe place for those who need it!

  • Olivia Meersman

    Been really, really struggling with this idea since moving closer to family. In theory, my heart is so for hospitality and community but in real life it’s so much messier and as straight forward as I was hoping. My husband and I are both introverts and often use that as an excuse to not attend or invite in. Praying that God would use this study to drastically alter our hearts and help me open my life to others willingly!

  • Billi McNairSumrall

    Always been a struggle for me to open my life up to others. Being from “The Hospitality State” it’s supposed to be a natural thing for me to do, right? My Mississippi sister’s are such naturals at hosting and greeting others, inviting people in – not only into their homes but into their lives. I’m praying my way through this study. Hoping God gives me the peace and DESIRE to open up.

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Billi, thanks for sharing and we’re praying for you as you read through this study to have the desire to open up to others. We’re so grateful that you’re here! -Margot, The SRT Team

  • I am also an introvert which makes it hard to think you should be hospitable. This was a good devotional and challenging to me to do what I can to be hospitable. Also a good reminder from Romans of how the body needs to function together with the difference members or parts.

  • Abigail Miles

    Being in college, making room is so difficult sometimes. I have really strived for the house I live in to be a place of warmth, love, and having an open door policy to anyone who needs it. But it can get exhausting. However messages like these are such a fulfilling thing for me.

  • Stephanie Perryman

    I have struggled a lot with the idea of hospitality because my home is small and old and I’m not a great housekeeper or decorator and most people I know have much nicer homes. Lately I have been hosting my small group in my home and it has forced me to see that it doesn’t really matter what it looks like. No one has turned their nose up at me. The fellowship we have had through this has been amazing and it has made me realize I can go beyond this and open my home more often.

  • Nikki McDaniel

    With purchasing a new home lately I have realized that we were wanting a house for the wrong reasons it was supposed to be for making room for those who need to experience peace, Gods love and a place of worship. Now closing on a home I see think of all the way God will be shown in our home and not just how great it will look to others

  • Morgan Chambers

    A few months ago I began working at a facility that works with young women who are victims of human sex trafficking and along this journey I knew that I would need to be able to open my heart and make room for these 20+ girls that now have became such a huge part of my life. I don’t know what drew me to this today, but I believe God has a way of answering all of the doubts you have, one of mine being is what I am doing enough? It’s not always easy, honestly everyday is a challenge to come in with an open heart and make room in my life but I feel this will challenge me and help me to be vulnerable and put others before myself no matter how challenging or inconvenient that is.

  • Brooke Goshorn

    I think that the statement about how hospitality and making room in your heart for others is almost always inconvenient. I often hear people give excuses to put their needs before others by saying, “ it’s not the right time to help”. When people go out of their way to help me, it’s such a good feeling. Helping others not only feels great, but has a great result in others!

  • More than a year ago, I was lonely and I prayed that God would surround me with people that loved him and loved me. God did exactly that and now I’m living with a community of people that honors one another. It took sometime to get used to but I can’t tell you how many times people have made room for me out of the kindness of their hearts. I want to do exactly that for others.

  • Mia Jackson

    My sister in law has recently moved in to our family home and things are difficult. I️ am praying that this study helps me to make room for her out of love and compassion.

  • Ellie Ward

    God has given both my husband and I a desire to create space and give space, both in our hearts, home and lives. This devotion will help give us a grid for just that. As an introvert this will surely give me room to explore! Funny how God works!

  • Erin HartKern

    As a total introvert, I think this study is going to challenge me to open not only my home, but my private and quiet moments, my alone time, my craved stillness in order to make more room. Nervous to begin, honestly. But need to start. ❤️

  • Rebekah Speirs

    I feel like the image of “making room” could change a lot for me. Excited for this journey, and interested to see where God takes me. Praying for all you Ladies xxxx

  • Chrissy Shelton

    When I told a friend of mine that I was reading a study on bible hospitality she asked what I was learning. I was 3 days into the study and couldn’t come up with anything! I felt convicted and honestly a little embarrassed. Clearly I wasn’t making room for the Lord, I was “going through the motions” instead of listening to learn. I went back to day one today and reread with my heart open to receive His wisdom. I’m so thankful Jesus has grace for me. I am encouraged to extend His hospitality throughout my day, but first I need to make room for Him.

  • Avalon Budhoo

    I love how she writes that hospitality is almost always inconvenient. Most of the time I think of hospitality of just having people over at your house and making sure that they are comfortable (given that I’ve had enough time to plan everything and make sure i have just the right amount of hot tea and blankets) i rarely think of forgiveness as well as some of the other things she had mentioned as hospitality. I’m grateful for this plan because i know it’s going to change my way of thinking a lot!

  • JJ Buchanan

    I think the part that hit me the most was that making room isn’t about being comfortable – it’s about offering to someone else regardless. As the Lord loves me and makes time and effort for me, that is how I want to share his love. I am to give based on what I have. Maybe it’s my time, my ear to listen, a hand in moving something or even something simple like a smile. Making room can be so simple, yet I neglect to make room for the Lord.

  • This is so beautiful. So often, I’ve heard people praised for their amazing gift of hospitality when actually they are gifted at housekeeping, cooking beautiful meals, and tying the most perfect bow on the most thoughtful gift. This is so encouraging to me and helps me to see that actually God has given me the gift of hospitality and that it is something that can be cultivated and developed. I’m praying that God continues to work in me to help me make more room in my heart and in my life for the people I encounter.

    • Kalley Dietz

      I love the way this is broken down and the truth it has behind hospitality. I feel a lot of times we go threw the motions and forget that hospitality isn’t just a Sunday morning volunteer position but that God call us to show our hospitality numerous times a day.

    • Linda K

      Good point!

  • Michelle Dyck

    This really hit hard this morning…I have been given so much, yet I am so often selfish with my time and resources. I am not quick to “make room” for others. Jesus, show me how I can make room for others!

    • Mar miller

      I totally understand where Michelle is speaking from; and at times I have justified my busy-ness and too much alone time.
      This series speaks to my heart, I’m not going to just reflect on it, I’m going to take action this Christmas season, and reach out to my new next door neighbors to start with! Thank you

  • Leah McGinnis

    “In the gospel there is no ‘other’, there is only ‘us’.” Oh, my heart could soar. So so thankful for the beauty of the gospel.

  • make room! that is my revelation on tonight. my prayer: who can I make room for in this season?

  • JANE Farrer

    What a fabulous article! I am so sorry I do not know who the author is, but I am very, very grateful for this Biblical insight! Very encouraging! Blessings! p.s Just stumbled over this by accident!

  • I am a home body and don’t just love hosting dinners and gatherings in my home. I think because I’m fearful of awkwardness and afraid people will be board. But these reasons are not an excuse to not love on those around me. I don’t want to be just a taker. I want to be someone who gives from my heart. Lord please give me confidence to speak love into others hearts and to open my home to do so!!

  • I have to remind myself to feast at His table, so I can have enough to fill those seated at my table. Whether my kids, my husband, or the homeless kids walking in, or the lonely neighbor stopping by, or the striving saleman entering.

  • It’s always so sweet to remember and reflect on how others have been hospitable to us so that we can be refreshed and filled to be hospitable to more.

  • Natalie Hiser

    Oh my! What an amazing devotional. Often times I find myself so consumed with my own world I don’t acknowledge the hurting lives around me and how I should be hospitable to those.

  • Ashley Upchurch

    This is so good. Such perfect timing in my life, God really stepped in tonight and showed Himself again. I have been struggling with letting others in and not being lazy, and making time for friends and others around me. It’s uncomfortable sometimes yes, to do things we don’t want to do. This was just what I needed to hear. Can’t wait to keep going tomorrow!

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  • Lizett Garcia

    “Hospitality, I am learning, is often untidy and almost always inconvenient.” I like that line because it’s true. I’ve always thought that the “formal” way of being hospitable was having everything ready, clean, right amount for everybody… but, it’s so much more and far beyond that. Hospitality, Christian Hospitality, can be lived out every single day. I can let my time be “interrupted” by others, share a meal, stand and let another take my seat, and yes just like the writer said leave my comfort to enter with another into their sorrow and we can all do this because He first did it for us. Beautiful writing. Thank you.

  • I’ve really been struggling with my career lately many downs instead of ups at work has had me questioning my entire education and getting my RN license…The verse in Romans 12 really hit home with me like I was being selfish by thinking this gift I have is no longer useful..I still potentially see a career shift maybe in a different area but I know this isn’t something for me to take for granted and I shouldn’t hold on to such a precious gift when God gave me this gift to share with others..and I also know despite my best efforts I haven’t always taken time to be present with my Lord and Savior even though he has already promised us his presence…Lord, I pray as I go today whether as a day of rest or later getting called into work that I wouldn’t hold this gift selfishly to myself but that I would embrace it and use it as a way to bless others. Thank you so much for your ever present presence and I pray that I would be more mindful of taking time out for these little moments of quiet with you. Thank you Jesus. In your precious Holy name I pray, Amen.

    • Lizett Garcia

      I’m an RN as well. Because of the long, tiring hours (and documentation!!!) it can feel like a burden in a way. I pray that you do see it as a blessing and practice your hospitality while you are serving your patients. You can pray to our Lord for guidance to maybe do a switch like you said in the area that you are in. But, I believe that you are in such an awesome career to really be the hands and feet of Jesus.

      • Sami Kaloger

        I just received my RN lisence this June and started my first job in July. I’m been feeling discouraged by the lack of time I get to spend with my patients. This definitely encouraged me as well. Praying for you both as you use your love of Christ to serve your patients.

    • Kate

      Thank you for sharing this! I am a clinical social worker and similar to you have also been struggling with more downs than ups in my career in mental health. I am in the middle of a shift to a different area of social work and am struggling with anxiety about many things related to that. I am struggling to trust God because I don’t know exactly what is next and that is hard for me. Nursing and social work are similar in that it can be rewarding it also physically and emotionally exhausting. May the Lord bless you and equip you in this next phase of your life.

  • I feel I have been really selfish lately and have not been making room for anyone!! I felt this pull tonight to get out a devotional. God was calling me to get into his word. This is the devotional God led me to. He knows that I need to make room for him in my life. I was really good at making time for God and then summer happened and I lost my way. I want so bad to have that feeling I had when I daily spend time in Gods word. I am going to make time for God, Family, and working out. I need to take better care of myself spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Lord I pray for your constant nudging to continue to live for you.

    • Danielle

      You took the very words out of my mouth! This summer I’ve swung out of balance in my time with God. What a meaningful devotional to be a part of! Especially in this season.

  • Emily Rose Eaton

    we are given the perfect example of Christ and hospitality. that’s all we need! if the act is small or huge. making room is personal :) it’s not asked of us to make it known from the roof tops. Christ made room because of His love for us. I would love to learn how to make room for God’s children; my brothers and sisters, the homeless, politicians, etc. if that be small or huge, I WANT to be more like Christ!!

  • I think my biggest struggle is making room for God. I usually have a weekly Bible study and church, but I need to make room in my day to day life. Sometimes I really rock at it and then other times “life happens.” Another thing that I loved and I’ve been getting better at, is opening my home even when it’s a mess. I have two young children, so it’s not easy keeping it presentable. I’m always worried people will come over and think I’m dirty or lazy even though I know that I’m CONSTANTLY cleaning every spare moment. So when she said hospitality is often untidy and inconvenient, it really spoke to me. I’ve been letting people in my home when it’s messy, but most of them never notice or if they do they say their home is just the same, unless they have a cleaning crew lol

    • Amanda

      I totally know what you mean about the constant mess I have 4 small children the oldest 9 and the youngest 4. It doesn’t matter what I do I can’t keep up with them and still be present in their lives. I had to make a choice them or the house. My children won;). Don’t care what other people think anyway, God’s opinion is the only one that matters. Keep letting people in clean or messy. You Rock Girl

  • Madeline Drescher

    I had started this study almost a year ago and never finished it. I know find myself wondering why I don’t have many close friends and I have come to realize I am rather selfish. Selfish with my time, my possessions, my thoughts. It saddens me deeply. I want to change and I know that God will help transform my heart.I am determined to finish this study and start making room in my life for God and others.

  • Hannah Rose

    Looking forward to learning and growing in the area of hospitality. It is something I enjoy doing, but rarely can find the time for. Hoping this study will help me slow down, and ‘make room’.

  • Leslie Elms

    Can’t wait to go deeper into this! I struggle with being an introvert. With that comes social insecurity. I’m praying this study will pull me out, into God’s plan for my life, into the area of hospitality!

  • Jasmine Hill

    I am so excited to have a new perspective on hospitality. I’ve been wrestling with how to grow in this area and I’m hopeful that this study will enlighten me in ways I haven’t thought about before!

  • Narcisa

    This is a truth I am learning as I walk into this new season of life. In the midst of my pain and brokenness I choose to serve others.

  • Betsy Edwards

    I had no idea I struggled with this until recently. I always liked the fellowship I had with people when we (initiated by my husband) invited people over but I always dread the “entertaining” and the cleaning before and after hosting. I am realizing that serving others requires that I give a little extra of myself and get out of my comfort zone every now and then and seeing it be so good for the people I host will make it more and more enjoyable for me and it won’t seem like an “inconvenience”. This study is also helping me see that hospitality isn’t just in hosting a gathering. It’s about making room and time for others in my life… another thing I didn’t realize I was struggling with until recently!

  • Good word. It’s too easy to get settled into a “me” life while not even thinking that that’s what I’m doing. Good reminder to always be on the lookout for the good and blessings we can give to others who need it far more than myself.

  • Elizabeth

    My husband and I are currently fostering children and I often use that as a reason to say no to other people/requests; “we have a house full already, we can’t host”, “we are sacrificing this or that for these kids so I can’t give my time to you today”, etc etc. this reminded me there is always more I can do, more I can give, and more reason to say yes instead of excuses.

  • I love this already. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of our lives that we forget there are people around us who need us. Thanks for the reminder to pause and invite others in!

  • Thank you for showing me a different way to think about hospitality. I always thought of it as just inviting people into your home, but you helped me see that it is more than that–it is making room for people in your life and offering yourself to them in some way as you are led.

    • She Reads Truth

      Karen, so glad to hear that the Lord revealed this to you through His Word! So grateful to have you in this community – thanks for sharing!

      – Stormye

  • Amber Clark

    When people have helped with picking up and dropping off Hope.
    When someone puts their phone away while they are with me.
    When Annette has been patient with me as I have grown spiritually and has answered my questions.
    My husband is patient with me and helps me around the house and with kids.
    My mom travels in and out of town to see us.
    My mentee is committed to spend time with me for her growth.
    My pastoral leadership plans conferences and trainings with childcare so that my family can grow.

  • Helaine

    It is easy to be hospitable to those we like. But Christ made room for everyone. Even allowed his betrayer in for 3 years! Am I willing to make room in my heart, attitude for those who have wronged me, maybe even should know better but are (______)(fill in the blank.) Christ forgave my sin. How much more should I forgive others??

    • Jessie Weeks

      Thank you for this reminder. My brother in law is getting out of jail in 2 weeks and I have been dreading it as he has wronged me in many ways. I have been gently reminded that God loved and welcomed me in despite me turning my back and rejecting him. I should do the same for Ryan.

  • A lot of times we don’t even realize all the opportunities we have to practice this. We think of ourselves instead of taking that little step and helping others, even if it is a simple act.

  • Marsha Jones

    The Romans 12 passage reminds me that each of us acts as a part of Christ’s body and we all have unique gifts and abilities which are different yet serve the whole body. What happens if I do not do my part? What if I’m trying to do someone else’s part instead of using my own gifts and fulfilling my part of the whole body? Praying that I serve God above and beyond my part of the whole and praying I see how mine and the other parts accomplish God’s work by functioning in sync.

  • Christiana

    Thank you for this amazing word

  • Heather Cheryl Perez

    Such a good read! I saw this and as a person who loves to invite people over, go out with others, extreme extrovert. But was I challenged. I have been stretched with different life circumstances to meet people and shed grace on them like in extreme circumstances but like inviting people with you who have hurt you. I love that. Cause it is a challenge to us all, usually if someone is in the wrong or we feel a certain way we avoid them or cut them out of our lives. I think boundaries are definitely needed in some circumstances, for health. Neighbors in these times are great too because with technology, etc., sometimes I think we forget about our neighbors. May God use this study to widen our perspectives and be lights in our towns, city, and to be better at being hospitable to others and going beyond! God bless! Looking forward to day 2 tomorrow :)

  • Stephanie Wilson

    Amen! Praise be to God that he “made room” for me when I was still a sinner. Loved day 1 of this series. Can’t wait to see what else is in store. This first day has already softened my heart towards others. Thank you!

  • While browsing thru what new plans to buy I came across this one. It caught my attention because I am in the hospitality industry and lately I’ve been debating of back to college and getting my masters in Hospitality. I feel like God is answering my prayers by providing me with clarity thru these scriptures. Ideally I would love to get my masters in Hospitality to be able to teach at a University and possibly offer seminars to different companies on what truly Hospitality means. I’ve dealt with a lot of companies that do not know how to really welcome others and attend to their needs. That is what God does for us each and every day, then why is it so hard for us to open our hearts and doors to others?

  • Wow I loved that, truly praying I may act more this way but that it is drawn out of Christ. The minute I try to live this way, but I’m looking to draw from my flesh, I will be tired and then be operating out of self. It’s only when I pray to Christ to help and be my source, that living like this is attainable.

  • I totally relate on not wanting to go out and socialize. This is a reminder to do so whether I think I’m going to feel awkward or not! Jesus always has a purpose for the way things play out.

  • Yes! Love this…we all know it, but knowing and putting it into action are two totally different things. Thank you for inspiring me today!

  • Kathryn

    Seeing this really helps put my thoughts in perspective. I tend to get a “big head” or think that I have given enough for the day- but oh how I needed the reminder that God has and always give more. Also I love the portion that it will not be convenient to show hospitality. It can be a good marker for me to know to follow after those moments.

  • Jessica

    When I read the part saying hospitality is “about taking something I presume is mine, and offering it to someone else.” That spoke to me, because this whole plan is about truly being selfless, doing something that will not benefit you!!

  • Chris Taylor

    This is beautiful! I love all the scripture references!!

  • Wow. This really spoke to me. Thank you! <3

  • Coleen McLaughlin-Moore

    While I love a party…making room means so much more. My heart has been guarded for so many years and careful of who I “make room” for in my life. I never thought of myself as a “mean girl” but if I am thinking of people who bother me as “others” it is being a “mean girl”. I felt my heart melt when I read the Galatians quote. If I think of others as us… the world becomes my family and I need to treat them to my best hospitality and open my heart to share. Day 1 and my mind has exploded with transformation. Thank you.

  • Theresa Schrock

    This really ministered to me because when our plane was debarking people sitting behind us pushed through to exit without considering the fact that it was our turn to exit. I was offended and had to take my negative emotion to the Lord and He guided me to this devotion. Making room for others and considering others before self was a mark of Jesus’s ministry. Jesus made room for me while I was still sinning. If I would have made room for them in my heart offense would not have been able to enter into my heart. FATHER, I thank you for guiding me to love like you love and for teaching me to be hospitiable to all people… even strangers on the plane. Thank you for forgiving me of my offenses and I pray my heart will be tender and sensitive to others! I ask this in Jesus Name. Amen

  • Chelsie

    My husband has such a servants heart. He is constantly going out if his way to help others and sometimes I can feel myself getting frustrated by it. I just wish that I could have that same love and “gift” to give to others. Today I pray that God opens my heart and my mind to make room for others. I pray that I serve others before myself in all acts of life.

    • Gretchen

      I was blessed by your comment. I LOVE helping people and inviting people but my husband is a very private man. I often find myself praying that his heart would look more like your husbands. You convicted me today. Any personality/character can be frustrating. My prayer should be that my husband look more like Christ tomorrow than he did today and leave points of sanctification to Him who knows better. Thank you Chelsie!

  • Christie Petersen

    The book Jesus Style has been my choice of Study for a few weeks now. I can it see it so much more clearly when I read posts like these. It’s His style to be thinking of others, having a servant heart, Growing in the gift of His Grace. Thank you

  • Lately I have been feeling conviction of not making room for others. The past three or four times that I have been around fellow Christians, the topic has been community and being neighborly. At first I thought it was a coincidence until I started this study this morning. Hospitality is NOT always convenient but remember Jesus didn’t die on the cross out of convenience, He did it out of love for us.

  • Jennifer Welch

    this is so good. thank you

  • This morning, before reading this, I was praying that God would give me wisdom and help me to be a meek and peaceful woman, while still holding on to bitterness towards a sister in Christ. “Making room” means forgiveness (because I have been forgiven!), so I can minister without holding back.

  • I like this perspective on “making room”. It is not necessarily always the physical making room, but can also represent making room in the heart. I love this concept.

  • Alexandria

    Choosing to make room is easily the most inconvenient thing, yet the most rewarding and glorifying to God!

  • “Make room”….What a powerful pair of words to receive and an even greater calling. Where in my life can I make room, when I tend to think of myself as already over extended? I think making room means rearranging, accommodating what’s most important by eliminating what’s not. I needed this. Lord, in our busy lives, would you show us how we can make room for the things and the people that you see, that matter most to Your heart? Show us all how to make room!

  • Courtney

    Feeling the conviction! Hospitality is an inconvenience, but it is kingdom building!

  • This is a powerful message for the times we are living in- no “other”, only “us”

  • For so long my job was the priority. By making God the priority again I see how it enriches my life and my family. Although I host others less, I feel like I am experiencing God’s hospitality.

  • Mary McGinnis

    I am benefiting from others making room for me. I have been so blessed! I went back to school to become an elementary teacher. In Secembwr, I left my job so that I can student teach. Dear friends welcomed me into their home. My church is supporting me in so many ways.

  • Lauren Eddie

    It is easy for me to make room for my family and close friends, especially as an extrovert I love hosting. The part that stood out to me was the part about how hospitality is often inconvenient. Dying on the cross was more than inconvenient… I could use a little more inconvenience in my life in order to serve others well.

  • Well, this one spoke right to me. I’m so frustrated with a daughter who moved back home 2 years ago and is still here that my attitude has gotten quite terse, to say the least. Now I realize I need to settle down and make room, in several ways, in this situation as well as in several others.

  • I’ve never been comfortable with “hosting.” Seeing others do it SO much better than I. Thanks for the insights and helping me to see this as a way of sharing God’s love. No more comparing! I’ll share with others just because He’s given SO much to me!

    • Sarah

      Good for you, Debbie! May the Lord bless you as you find opportunities to host “Debbie-style”! Isn’t it great we have a simple call to love and not to perfection!!

  • I’m having trouble commenting on things, I post a comment then I go back a few minutes later and it’s not shown. Can anybody tell me what I’m not doing right or if I have the settings wrong? I love this community and want to be able to participate!

    • Susan

      Looks like you might have figured it out Kim. I see this comment by you.❤️

      • Kim

        Thank you! Such a relief, I went in and added an email to see if that would work and I guess it did!

  • I had goosebumps reading this entire thing. When we moved into this house we prayed for it to be an open home to people. But lately I have been so caught up in my missions, which seem so important at the time, that i have slacked at opening my home to people who need company, a break from their kids/routine and to just be there for them! Praying that i will seek time to “make room”. Thank you for taking the time to write these wonderful posts.

  • Jessie Higdon

    Such a great read. Especially with the world and how it is now, so quick to judge. Definitely reminded me to soften my heart.

  • Mary Beth

    This was a great reminder during such a busy season for a college student. Make room for God and he will make it beyond worth your while. Thank you!

  • Really enjoyed this read. It’s so important to keep making more room. It’s only through doing so that we can find out what life is really about

  • Ariam Ghilay

    I love God so much! I read the Bible everyday! Maybe sometime I forget to do it but I pray always! But maybe 1 day I forget to pray but I do pray! I am really trying to get better and pray,eat my breakfast,and go the way that God wants me to! If you don’t know what I mean by eat my breakfast that means read the Bible but it’s like my breakfast for me so I call it that and I have a teacher and he told me to call it by eat my breakfast and I love calling it that cause the word of life is my breakfast! The food that we eat is a breakfast but that is a second breakfast the word of life is my first breakfast!

  • Ariam Ghilay

    Yeah Children read it to

  • Ariam Ghilay

    Do adults only read this bible or also children do

  • Hannah Onley

    Recently I have had a hard time making room for God daily. I speak to Him and pray everyday, but I haven’t been digging into his word and expectantly listening for what he has for me. I’m rushing for no reason, in everything because it’s what ‘everyone does’. I say I live for the Kingdom with a Kingdom mindset but how quick I am to slip into busy habits that’s distract me from spending time with the One who is holding it all together. Wow, revelation tonight. Thank you for this.

  • Keri McCue

    I love the idea of making room. I tend to go about my day without even think of how I can bless others or be there for the people around me. My word for this year is “Pause” and this idea of making room goes perfectly with that!!

  • Heather Fringer

    I loved today’s reading. I am the kind of person that always keeps to herself and sits off to the side in groups. I am working really hard on devoting my life to Jesus and reading daily and keeping up with this! But something that bothers me is that I never hear God talk back to me. I do not know what it is in life that He wants me to do and that bothers me to no end. Some people make it seem like they have everyday conversations with Jesus over a cup of tea, and here I am still waiting to hear Him for the first time. Maybe somewhere along this study with She Reads Truth I will find some ways to help me with this fear of not being able to hear God like others and another fear of speaking of God around my family. My husband and I currently live with my family to try and get bills paid off, they believe that God exists but only attends church Christmas Eve service. They think that because they believe, that makes everything okay but they are not living the way that they need to. Please pray that I can somehow show them the way to live (although I fear it is too late) without them getting offended. Thank you for all of your help! <3

    • Drloveyoursmile

      It’s never to late. Once you accept Christ in all aspects of your life and lean on him fearlessly you will hear him clearly. He is always talking to you, guiding you. Fear not. Even though you think he isn’t there, he is always there. Do not allow others to place you in a box, once they begin to see your light shining through they will too begin to hear him clearly. Sit peacefully with your heart wide open–you will hear him. Praying for you. I know you will find peace.

    • Christina

      I will pray for you, Heather! One thing I am trying to re-learn (because I quenched the Spirit’s work in my heart for so many years) is to respond to the gentle nudgings I sense in my heart that may not be in character for me or that may not make sense. Like the feeling that I should strike up a conversation with a cranky looking person at the grocery store (say what?!!? is what I’m usually thinking), or that I should purchase an extra kid’s meal at the restaurant when I’m only with my kids, or that I know what would benefit my friend in her time of need, so I’m going to provide it, even if she doesn’t realize it would be beneficial or really even think she needs it (i.e., a meal, a card, etc.). I believe the Lord will speak to us in the smallest of ways, and when we begin to respond to those ways in obedience, trusting Him, I believe He will begin showing up in even greater ways to guide us. Sometimes He won’t speak loudly, because He wants us to trust Him. But doing what we “know” is a great start! I’m speaking as much to myself here as to you. I needed this reminder today, too!

    • Alicia Mack

      Good afternoon Heather,
      I used to have that feeling that God didn’t hear me as well. I say to you, view your walk with God as a baby trying to understand her Father. He may be speaking in ways you may not understand yet. Pray for clarity and the wisdom to know that it is God that is moving within your heart. Some times God answers right away and other times things play out for confirmation. The Trinity will guide you through your everyday. I spend more time with the Holy Spirit during the day, than God speaking directly to me. The way I see it; God is our Heavenly Father (Alpha & Omega Omnipotent and He wants what’s best for us), Jesus is our older brother (he showed us how to pray to our Father, live, and how to love and respect others) and the Holy Spirit is our God Mother (She’s always there to help guide us through our everyday). Once again, pray for clarity and the wisdom and courage to follow His advice/command. I hope this helped. Remember, no one is perfect. We’re all trying to figure it out. Be an example in your family; continue to pray for them and watch God MOVE! ;-)

    • Samantha Cordialini

      I am right there with you, sister. I struggle with hearing God’s voice and feeling his presence. I desperately want to and often compare those moments that others have with Him to my own and get discouraged. Is the way I hear/see/feel Him supposed to be like the ways they do? If I don’t, am I broken, unworthy or not close to my Lord? It’s hard. But friend, I’m praying for us both in that our hearts and eyes and ears will be opened and willing. That we will press into those quiet moments just a little longer and act on the tugs we feel in our heart. He is near!

    • Stephanie La Torre

      Hi Heather! With the increase of books like “Jesus Calling” it is easy to think that if you don’t have a “daily conversation” with God, you are missing something (a daily PHYSICAL conversation where you literally hear Jesus’s voice). The truth is, God DOES speak to us – through His word, thru prayer, thru his creation, thru other believers, thru music, etc.

      However God chooses to reveal Himself or “speak” to us today, remember one truth. He will never contradict His Word, and the message He gives will always bring glory to God. The Bible warns about adding anything to the already written, God-breathed Word of God, or accepting any other messenger who claims to be superior to Jesus.

      As to finding God’s will, I encourage you to listen to a message from John MacArthur of Grace to You. You can find the website at The message is called “Taking the Mystery Out of Knowing God’s Will”.

      We know God’s will is that we are saved, spirit-filled/controlled with/by the Holy Spirit which comes upon us at the time of conversion, our sanctification (being separated from sin), to be submissive to the Lord, to your spouse, to those over you in the church, to those who rule over you such as the government, and to one another), that we suffer and endure for what is right as Christ suffered, and be thankful.

      Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” That doesn’t mean he’ll fulfill yours, it means he’ll plant his. You delight in the Lord, saved, spirit-filled, submissive, all of those things. You delight in the Lord and he will plant his desires in your heart.

      Psalm 37:5 “Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in him and he’ll do it.” He’ll actually fulfill his will if you just delight in him and commit to him.

      Sorry this is long, but I hope it helps!

  • Number one show hospitality to Jesus first❤. Spending time with him.
    When it comes to others; Sometimes I’m a Martha. Getting things ready for others. But I need to be more Mary; just sit at his feet. Or when showing hospitality, just loving on family/friends. I love this study.

  • Praise God for His matchless grace in drawing me to Himself and to have the privilege of helping others come to the saving knowledge of our wonderful Savior.
    Thank you for this gentle reminder to “make room” for others so that together we experience God in our lives.

  • Stephanie

    So timely both in current events and in my own life. I gave up my past weekend to have family stay in my small apartment and while it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing, it was the right thing to do. I know they appreciated it and God refreshed me after the exhausting time with them. Need to be doing more of this.

  • MSVCP140

    :-) OK !

  • And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate, who will never leave you.”
    ‭‭John‬ ‭14:16‬ ‭NLT‬‬
    Thank you father that when I believed in you and gave you my heart that you gave me you. And even though often I leave you, You never leave me. I know that in order to make it through the day, and to be able to be there for others that I must make room to be with You and so often it’s so easy to get up and go because there’s so much to do. Thank you Lord for the gentle reminder of a phone ringing and realizing that I haven’t taken time to be energized and strengthened in you so that I may be hospitable, helpful, or a blessing to the person on the other end.

  • I am new here – how timely this reading is…I’ve been struggling this week with feelings exhaustion and anxiety – being overwhelmed at the thought of “making room” for taking in a family member (and struggling with how guilty I feel as well at those feelings, because I love this person – ) it’s just, like always, timing, lifestyles, schedules, room, other family members – I feel petty now and this reading has made helped me tremendously. Thank you.

  • His word is always so wonderfully appropriate. I’ve been crying every day thinking about people who have endured so much pain and fear, who are trying to reconnect with their loved ones, about social injustice, about, well…God knows. He understands.
    To read this scripture this morning makes me feel as though my feelings on the current state of our nation’s hospitality are justified. I want to help, shelter, welcome, feed, comfort, share, accept, teach, to live by example as he did for me.

  • Oh “comfort”, you are a robber of God’s grace to others.

  • For we are one with Christ. That’s something we could all remember as we meet new people. For God loves us all

  • This is coming at the perfect time. I am an artist and work on the theme of home. What is home? As space makers and tidy uppers, mess makers and movers we must create and curate spaces that welcome. I am currently setting up my bedroom to welcome my new roommate friday. To make room for her. To make our room comfortable and a place of rest. There’s also the need in our hearts to make room for rest, others and of course our Lord

  • Pam Seipp

    Praying for all; yet in this first day I believe we are all hearing from God! May we all be blessed with a clear focus and sound learning.

  • Maria Baer

    I have seen some of the comments about our current situation and welcoming those needs us, to ensure that our hospitality has no borders. And I pray that this same motivation and hospitality is granted to those who need us right in our front yard– the homeless, the mentally ill, the neighbors grieving. But we also have a responsibility to help them too… even more so.

    • Kathleen

      So very, very true, Maria. Wonderful insight.

    • Naomi

      Yes Maria, there is such a great need right here within our own borders. You certainly don’t have to go far to find someone that you can extend kindness to.

  • Haley Hawkins

    In a time where it seems as if our government, our country, our world wants to shut people out and draw divisive lines, it’s so incredible that we can stand in direct opposition to that and say welcome. We say “Shalom (peace)” and welcome in all. I think this study is so perfectly timed to show us that love has no borders and doors if we love the way Jesus first loved us. I love the part that reminds us that we are living testimonies and we are called to testify to the love that came to us and continues with us every day.

  • Becky May

    I’ve had an emotional rollercoaster of a chaotic stressball of a day. It’s just been tangled cat yarn 24/7 lately, and reading this, and reading God’s beautiful Holy Word and just relying completely on Him has moved me and changed me in so many ways, if this sentence makes any sense at all. The only thing I know though, it’s God’s hand in my life and, man, it’s a big one, and I wouldn’t change a single thing He’s doing. Praise His Great Name!

  • Rebecca Welch

    I read this today after having a not so good evening where I was wanted to not make room for others. It is amazing how God works and placed this on my heart to show me that all are loved and welcome into His kingdom and our hearts- amen!

  • Making room is not something that comes naturally to me. I very much find myself an introvert, and would much rather spend time by myself or with only a few, close friends.

    This year, I’m learning, first and foremost, to make room for Jesus. I’m still figuring out what that looks like on a daily basis.

    But, I also want to make room for those around me. To think of others first, instead of waiting for them to do something that I can respond to.

    I pray that God will open my heart with this study, that I may grow closer to Him through making room for Him and others every day.

    • Leah

      Beautifully said. I can relate to how you are figuring out what making room looks like every day. I am also an introvert.

  • Leah Albright

    New to this app, and this is my first study. So timely… been convicted lately of staying in my comfort zone. Making room for others like Jesus did is really what hospitality is about :)

  • Courtney

    I’m excited to start this study as I feel it is coming at a perfect time with not only current world events, but also as I prepare to take on a leadership position with a nonprofit in my community, and establish my family in a new neighborhood. The opportunity to make room for others is great, and I pray Jesus will guide me and give me the strength to welcome others, to be compassionate and forgiving, and to be a blessing to everyone I meet.

  • Where has this app been all my life? I’ve been feeling led in this direction for quite some time – to welcome others but to also make room for my mom to move in with us. How timely. Thank you SRT.

  • Sheryl Richardson

    This reading today made me realize that I had to make room for GOD. I had forgotten that. He made room for me by making me his daughter. He give me this gift freely and he didn’t force this gift on me. Because of His unmerited favor I can have all the blessing due a seed of Abraham. In him giving this favor all he ask I’d for room in your heart and life.

  • God has been speaking to me about making room for quite some time now… To first make more room for Him in my life, a commitment I made last year which has truly transformed my heart. Now I feel His urging to make room for others. I have had so many thoughts pop into my mind on how to do this. I work full-time as a teacher and have even considered taking a year off next year, because I don’t know how I’m going to fit in all these things that I feel God may be calling me to. I love my job, but with all that is required of teachers these days, I have a hard time striking a balance. Please pray for discernment and wisdom for me as I continue to seek God’s will in this.

    • Beth

      Kristi, summertime is a great time to do some full time serving. But just being a witness in unique ways to your students, so that they see you are a different teacher that cares for them personally. There are so many creative ways to reach out to your students and show them God’s love through “making room” for them. Praying as God leads you.

    • Mandi

      I am a full-time teacher, as well. While I absolutely love my first graders and believe it is what God created me to do, I completely agree with you. There is so much required of us these days, and I think that I fall guilty far too often of choosing my job over time with God. It’s definitely a battle that I continue to fight as I realize that I cannot truly make room in my heart for my kids and co-workers until I have consistently made room for my Father. I will be praying for you to find your balance!

    • Sarah_Joy

      Your position as a teacher is so vital and so strategic. I know from friends in the schools what a challenge it is, but remember that some of your students and coworkers may never experience the love of Jesus without your presence in their lives. You make room when you care about the people around you in a counter cultural way. Give God your days! You have an incredible mission field around you.

  • I think when you look back on this part of your life, you will see that he has and you are actually already given a full plate . And meeting all those needs is in alignment with serving, encouragement and mercy to name a few. I pray that you will find rest and a fresh view of what others see in what your doing.

  • I know that a lot of people may feel differently about this (and that’s okay, good healthy discussion is what makes community great!) but this scripture seems to come at such a perfect time considering recent events. Social media these days is flooded with talk of the immigration issue, and I’ve been seeing a lot of posts deeply lacking in compassion which breaks my heart. To me, this is not at all a political issue based on whether you are a Republican or Democrat. This is about “making room” for those who are less fortunate than ourselves, which the Bible repeatedly tells us to do. It is not enough to say you sympathize with those people but then want to keep them locked out in the cold. We are told repeatedly not to live based on fear (and fear has often been a huge stumbling block for me, so this is not meant in an accusatory way at all). God’s perfect love casts out fear! Let’s set an example at showing God’s perfect love to the world.

    Matthew 25:42-43: For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.

    ^^Let’s take Jesus’s warning about this seriously!

    • Lindsay Pitts

      Girl, yes!! Exactly!!

    • Yetunde Odutolu

      I was thinking how timely this teaching is! The Acts reading reminds us we are all the same in Christ (Jews or Gentiles). Praying for hearts to be softened that we can make room for one another

    • Alanna Davis`

      I was thinking along this line as well. How we are called to be open, to care for all of God’s creation, for all of His children, no matter their race or beliefs. All of the readings speak towards inclusion – for the new Christians, it was inclusion of Gentile Christians and what the Church would look like; in Romans, Paul discusses how we are all one body even though we have different talents and gifts to give; in Galatians, he addresses inclusion outright! God is not exclusionary!

    • Courtney

      Yes! You spoke what’s been on my heart. My brain and my heart has been hurting over all that is going on. This study has come at a perfect time. A time for REAL talk about what Jesus asks of us — which is to make room for others even, and maybe especially, if it makes us uncomfortable (not unsafe). ❤️

    • Danica

      Yes!! So timely!!

    • Kristin

      Amen. So well said.

    • Rosemary

      I feel the same. Thank you. ❤

    • Joanna


  • As I was pondering this today I thought about how my parents (my father being a pastor of a small church) were extremely hospitable. We were poor, but my parents took in people that needed a place to stay, including whole families at times. Once a young women, who was unmarried and pregnant needed a place to stay, so once again my parents opened their home. I was only about 8 years old when my parents left us kids with her for a few hours . She had asked me to clean the kitchen and I didn’t move to do it as fast as she wanted so she beat me with a wire hanger. My point is that while as Christians, we are to be hospitable, but also WISE. I have offered homeless men a meal that I’ve picked up through a drive through, but is it wise to pick him up and take him home with me to feed him? So while all these comments eluding to opening our borders as a country sound good and noble, using them in that way is actually taking them out of context. I still wholeheartedly believe in being hospitable. Anyone that knows me knows my home is a place where you will be fed and made to feel so comfortably at home. But I also have a duty to keep my precious children safe. That being said, our leaders in this country have a duty to protect our citizens first and foremost. Don’t apply scripture that is intended for believers, to leaders of countries and states.

    • Lynn

      Very wise. I am pondering the question “how can we make room for people who are different from us?” My daughter and I were driving home last night and it was snowing. There was a homeless man and we put our window down and she gave money to him. We were trying to merge into the interstate. He took the money and asked for a ride. I said no I am sorry we can not do that. He continued to ask three more times. I said no I’m sorry. I was trying to put the window up after I asked each time but he was very close. Finally he said fine okay and got back. He seemed irritated. It breaks my heart, but even tho my daughter is older I will not put us in danger as well. We have money to help and he was by restaurants and there is a shelter in town as well. I was speaking with my daughter today about how you help people, but “think sensibly” as well. Maybe for me making room for someone is helping someone who is younger or older than me. Being kind, encouraging them, helping to run errands and listening. Glad I read your comment because it reminded me we can help others different than us but also can use caution!

      • Tess

        Lynn, I feel you here and have come across this and similar dilemmas many times while riding around with my daughter. While it’s right to listen to our conscience and not ignore their needs, I can’t imagine that God would want us to put ourselves in very obvious danger, either. I hope you don’t feel guilty, as many people probably passed by without even thinking of what you could do for him. Thank you for your comment today…I’m glad I’m not the only one who agonizes over this.

  • This is my first SRT study, and I find it so reassuring and timely to read scripture that reinforces my convictions that all of the hate and fear that is happening is not what Jesus has shown us, and not what scripture supports.

  • Jess Gardiner

    For others who struggle with hospitality and are instantly struggling with all the things you need to *do* or change in this area, can I just encourage you to put making room for Christ FIRST. As we draw near to His heart and learn from Him, He gives that transforming power to change. I can testify to this miracle in so many areas of my life including deep unforgiveness and anxiety! There was nothing I could do to change. But He has worked slow change in me, as I’ve staid committed to His Word and sought Him in my weakness. He makes room for us, but even better, when we’re so full of ‘stuff’, He clears out the junk that we might be able to make room for Him and others. So thankful for this devotion!

  • This was also timely for me, I just spoke with someone yesterday at church at possibly opening my home for a study group. This is so out of my character because I am an introvert at heart even though I have been stepping out of my comfort zone lately and serving at church. Thanks for sharing and encouraging me more to connect with others.

  • Jody Heavenrich

    This past January 1 instead of making resolutions I was inspired by Kara from Wellness Witness to ask God for my assignment for the year. I clearly heard ‘Love your enemies’. I have decided that an enemy is anyone/anything that takes me away from being the person that He has created me to be. It is a struggle to do this, slipping back to old ways when the girl at the office who is not kind and freely remarks about you, so then you say to your friend co-worker negative things about the girl behind her back…this study is reminding me of His assignment for me this year. Love your enemies, make room for them, pray for them (that was a tough one on that worksheet). Show them the grace that you are asking/expecting to be shown to you by Him.

  • Just wanted to say that I love the worksheet in the study guide this time around…really helping me to dig a little bit deeper.

    • Heather Fringer

      Colleen, me as well! I am a hands on person so I love being able to do things like that! The entire last study in January, I highlighted what stood out to me in the book, copied that into a notebook and am going to highlight that in my bible. I am very visual and need to do more than just read in able to understand it better :)

  • This study is so timely, as my husband and I have recently agreed to open our home and hearts to lead a study group. I have hesitated so many times to open my home to those outside of my closest friends and family. Our house is small and normally cluttered. We recently moved our daughter back home for a season, so it’s especially cluttered right now. There are unfinished home improvement projects, and some days it looks way more lived in than anyone could imagine, but I want to open our doors to others. I want to welcome people into my home and life the way Jesus did. I don’t want the worry of what others will think to keep the doors closed anymore!! So, here we are taking this leap of faith… and along comes this study at just the right moment. Thank you for these words today…. “In being inconvenienced and uncomfortable and messy, we find a nearness with God—because Jesus was these things and more on our behalf. We are learning to make room for others because while we were still sinners, room was made for us.” They were exactly what I needed!!

    • Elizabeth

      I agree! My husband and I are preparing our home to receive foster children soon, and what you said is so true for us! “There are unfinished home improvement projects, and some days it looks way more lived in than anyone could imagine, but I want to open our doors to others. I want to welcome people into my home and life the way Jesus did. I don’t want the worry of what others will think to keep the doors closed anymore!” Thanks for sharing!

  • I, too, thought the selected scriptures were speaking about hospitality primarily between believers, Churchmouse. I think it is important foe Christians to show love to each other and others who either do not know Christ or reject Him. However, it is important to discern that showing love/hospitality to un-believers does not mean accepting their “truth” as equal to our TRUTH. God created every person in His image, yet the body of Christ is the body of those who profess Christ. I realize I am stating the obvious. Wishing you all a blessed start of the week!

  • Christine

    I am stunned by God’s timing today. The refugee situation is so heavy on my heart. The nasty, divisive words flung around social media and on every news station are draining the life from me. I want to look away and I can’t. I feel so alienated from an American church that seems to support this fear of the “other”, while the “godless” take to the streets to spread the message that every Christian should be spreading. You are welcome here. You can not divide us based on “Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female”. I long for Christian community, but after leaving our church of many years I feel adrift. I have been laughed out of a church, had a speaking engagement canceled because of who I voted for, and just feel like the church is telling me “you’re too different”. It hurts my heart so deeply. I am so passionately in love with Jesus and so thankful for everything He has done in my life, but I have been made to feel un-christian or not Christian enough and it is exhausting. I don’t know how I ended up on this tangent here, but I am thankful for a place to share. I am thankful for this timely study. I can not expect others to make room for me if I am not willing to make room for them.

    • Lisa Meyer

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Christine. Perhoas the best thing we can do is to love God and love your neighbor as yourself as He commanded us, no matter what others are doing. He wants our obedience and by doing so we are an example to others. So hard, we can’t make people think differently but are often most influential by our actions. Keep fighting the good fight, sister!

    • Michelle B

      Man will always disappoint you. I am sorry for how you were treated. Be encouraged and keep your eyes on Jesus. He will never disappoint.

    • Holly

      Dear Christine,
      Thank you so much for your honest thoughts! Although I tried to resist it at first, the Holy Spirit brought to mind thoughts similar to yours while I was reading through today’s verses. I think that God is trying to tell me to make room for Him in my political thoughts and beliefs. I’m praying for you, sister, that God would reveal to you at least a glimpse of what marvelous thing He is planning to do with that hurt in your heart.

    • Maria

      Thanks for sharing Christine! You are not alone. I stand with you. You are a blessing. Here is what I’ve learned through this election season. Within the Christian community we all see darkness and light differently. What I may consider darkness, someone else may not. We each have a different perspective. Even though this should not be, it is. So here is what I’ve decided. I will share Christ and not how to vote or how I voted. Let’s share the Word of God and not which political party to support. It’s too divisive. Our Christian community has demonstrated horrible behavior towards each other and the unbeliever. How can we expect to reach others when they see us treat others with such a lack of compassion? Like you, I will make room for others. Grateful for this study.

    • Judy

      I hear you. I an struggling like you. Right now I am almost despising the evangelical church. Will not go back. I need this study!!

      • Lynne

        Judy, it breaks my heart to read your words. The Church is a place full of sinners saved by His grace that have come to worship the One True God! We all need this fellowship! If your church focuses on politics instead of The Gospel of Jesus Christ, then you should find another one! I am praying for His guidance and peace for you!

    • Lynne

      Christine, I’m sorry you had such a horrible experience with a church! A church is a body of Believers who have come to worship The One True God, not a political forum!!! Our pastor preaches The Gospel of Jesus Christ and doesn’t discuss politics. We pray for our leaders (whoever they are). We worship. Hopefully, you can find such a church. Don’t give up because we all need that fellowship! I’m praying for you.

  • Thanks, Raechel, for always letting the Spirit lead as you write out your thoughts and applications from the Scripture. I am always so blessed by it. As I was reading I was thinking of one group of people in particular: my family. I have friends, school and church that get the bigger chunk of my time and effort. I am convicted especially as my role of “big sister” that mostly demands me at times that are super spontaneous. The house work takes up my homework time and I always know that it means I’ll be doing work up until its time for bed. As I step back I am convicted that I have been leaving out time for the most important people in my life. I tend to schedule my time to the minute so I can have the most amount of time to get things done. But this way of scheduling leaves out many opportunities for hospitality and for the Lord to work in my life. Hospitality is messy and awkward and uncomfortable and sometimes I won’t get everything done but in the long run family and people are more important than schedules, and I think Christ shows us that. My role as “daughter” and “big sister” is an absolute blessing, and I am so thankful for the Lord to give me family that is interested in having my time. My life would really be different if that was not the case. I am challenged to now leave room in my schedule because my Savior sure left room for me in His.

  • Desiree Grosgebauer

    “In the Gospel, there is no ‘other,’-there is only’us.'” Could there have been a more perfect statement after this weekend’s happenings? So many people proclaiming to be Christ followers being obsessed with “us.” Praying that right prevails sooner than later.

  • Perfect. Thank you for always speaking to my heart.

  • Emily Rae

    Have never been so blessed from the first day of a study! The Lord has so opened my eyes already. Praying for an open heart- that the Lord will make room in my heart and life for Him and those in my life I have not let in. Lord give me Your grace!

  • Day one of my first SRT Study! I agree, ladies, very timely and much needed! Praying that God uses this study to show us all how we can make room…

  • citychickny2pa

    awesome thoughts! hospitality doesn’t always need to be formal/planned. it can be spontaneous and organic. I believe it is a heart issue…a mindset of serving those God puts n our path from our own family to coworkers to strangers on the street.
    being available is half the battle :). the other half is bright willing to take action on the prompts for the holy spirit!

  • Day one and wow! Gods timing blows me away. Love love love the worksheet to help me process and apply the scripture. Thank you! I’m super excited to to dig into this study and ready to surrender to Gods work. Christ has given us a mission. We each have unique spiritual gifts. May we all intentionally use those gifts as a vessel for His love and glory!

    • Hope

      Thank you for your words. Can you or another sister direct me to the worksheet please?

      • Maddie

        Hope did you read online or do you have the book? I might be wrong but I think the worksheet is only in the book..

  • This is the prayer that never fails: “Lord, make me a blessing today.” All we need to do after breathing it is to open our eyes & ears & respond. The needs are all around us…

  • Samantha Cordialini

    May we walk alongside those who we struggle with making room for. To make a conscious effort to not separate or push away what we’re not accustomed to. This is something I am going to have to repeat to myself over and over again as I often distance myself from what makes me uncomfortable, or something that is “new.” Lord, open my heart and home.

  • I find myself being like Rachel in the fact that nine times out of ten, I am going to chose the comfort of my home over a social gathering, too. It’s not that I don’t like people. Sometimes I often catch myself thinking how hard it is to be ‘on’ for others, but Rachel implies through her words that we aren’t called to be ‘on’ for others. We are called to be there for other’s as Jesus is there for us. It could be my emotions this morning are sporadic, or it could be simply more that the Holy Spirit is impressing upon my heart a similar feeling of “make room.” I caught myself not easily being able to read the following words: “Here I am entering into your sorrow—I was comfortable, but you need comfort more than me.” In my soul, I know that I have a servant’s heart like I know my own name. Yet, I am struck with an overwhelming fear that blinds and ties me to a spot in my mind. I, often times, still see myself as that little orphan girl, or the foreigner in a new land… and on my worst days a leper in the streets. These are the days that I seek my father first. The moments in which he provides an extravagant amount of comfort and love. So I caught myself this morning opening up this webpage, and reading the summary, and wondering what it might entail. Not expecting that I would be touched in such a way. Like similar women that have commented this morning, I too, have a small group this week. I have been struggling with an underlying insecurity in regards to my upcoming events & commitments. Yet for the first time this morning I have been filled with peace: “make room.”

  • Caroline

    I am so thankful that he made room at the table for everyone. What a beautiful reminder!

  • I felt like the author was speaking to me! I am an introvert that can be an extrovert if she has to. I have always just accepted that I don’t have the gift of hospitality. Now as I reflect, I see that statement is more of an excuse to not “make room” because to be honest it is exhausting sometimes. LORD, let me choose obedience over comfort! Let me lean into you for increasing my time, energy, ability and desire!

  • I’m amazed at the timing of this study. My husband and I preparing over the next 2 weeks to open our home to foster kids. This study is so welcome right now.

    • Veronica

      Praying for your family and the children that will pass through your doors! Foster care is difficult, but some of the most important work (in my opinion.) Praying for the glory of our Father and his extravagant love to be so evident through your family.

  • Anita marandi

    This really hit home. Thank you.

  • I am ever amazed and thankful of Gods timing. With what is happening with our country and refugees His timing is perfect. Never early. Never late. “We are learning to make room for others because while we were still sinners, room was made for us!” And “Jesus made room for everyone.” We live and love as Jesus does because we make room!

  • I’m struggling to be hospitable to my inlaws right now. I pray this study will change my heart ❤

  • Kayla Lewis

    This was super encouraging to me because I’ve been wrestling with having a good attitude while trying to be hospitable to people who come over my house because I don’t want to do the dishes or tidy up. But I have to remember even in the small things like these, I am able to glorify the Lord by making others feel welcome in my home – this is my ministry.

    • Heather Sheldon

      I love your honesty and I can relate…thankful He knows it, loves us, and redeems us.

  • Shannon Goforth

    This devotional was so good and could not have come at a more perfect time in my life! My husband and I recently took over a church in our small little town. We’ve been praying about starting a midweek service or possibly even a Bible study at our house on a weeknight. I looked at it as just another evening of ours taken up, but this devotional made me look at it from a whole new perspective. I also tend to be a rather quiet, shy person and the thought of having to lead a Bible study or host ladies at my house is quite scary. God has already spoken and comforted me so much on this matter. I’m so so excited about this new study!

  • Katalina

    I find it incredible how we’re studying about hospitality… my major in college is hospitality but it wasn’t the major I necessarily wanted to do. Now that we’re studying this, I feel strongly that God had me choose this major for some reason. I don’t know what yet but I know He’s going to use this study along with my major to teach me or use me in some way. Or maybe that me switching my major from what I wanted to Hospitality wasn’t a waste… and boy I need that reassurance. I’m all about helping those in need but I’m also human and struggle to ‘make room” for those who may have wronged me in some way or maybe don’t deserve it. But if Jesus did it for us, we need to be an example for others. No one likes to be singled out or feel ignored. I just pray that God helps me open my heart to all even if I’ve been hurt by them.

  • I feel like today’s devotional speaks to me on so many levels! Most importantly the Refugees that are trying to come to America. I pray his will be done in all aspects.

    • Gabrielle

      Vanessa, I feel like this devotional was so perfect. I too was thinking about the Refugees, and also immigrants, as I read this. I believe the time is now for us as Christians to make room for others, the orphan, the foreigner. I got excited when I read your comment to see that someone else was thinking about the refugees also. I pray that God directs our steps in our to respond as followers of Jesus.

  • There are endless ways to be hospitable, but I believe God wants us to begin with opening our schedules and our hearts to His plans.

  • Wow… ever have one of those “okay God, I hear you” moments? I’ve been feeling the call to make space loud and clear lately, and this devotional just cemented every single thing I’ve been feeling on my heart lately. I’ve been hearing the call but have been too busy trying to make space with people and places to ACTUALLY take a breath and hear God’s will! Good grief. SO thankful for a community of women striving to hear God’s call and follow it! I already shared this blog post on here, but this is exactly what’s on my heart lately with making space. Thought I’d put it here again as it’s so weirdly on the nose with today’s topic. God does amazing things!

  • Excited that after nearly a year I’m finally doing a study in real time alongside all of you wonderful ladies! Looking forward to reading your comments in the coming days.

    • She Reads Truth

      Holly, so happy to see you here today! Grateful to study together.


  • Praying today that the focus will be taken off of me and placed on others.

  • The world has shown us how we are to entertain. The Word reveals how we as Christ followers are to show hospitality. The world will know we are Christians by our LOVE. Let us make room!

  • Wow! This is perfect timing! Grateful to study this alongside great women!

  • This study has come in such a timely manner for me personally. My husband and I have always participated in small groups within our church however over the past 4 to 6 months we’ve recently taken a break. After much prayer and discussion we have decided to start a new small group tonight in our home – and as much as I would not like to admit it, I have felt that it’s gonna be an additional burden of time “Lost” during the week. I Have only been able to see it as another weeknight with something else to do. “But making room is not about my own comfort. It’s about taking something I presume is mine, and offering it to someone else.” This statementhas change my view of the opportunity that I have to invest in other peoples lives – Some whom I know and some I do not. My husband and I have a great community of friends and sometimes feel ever whelmed by the time and effort it takes to invest in new relationships. As we are busy raising two boys, it can often be easy to assume the time is ours and to protect all of our time – and feel the right to do so. I sense of entitlement can be blinding to opportunities to serve and love others. I pray for a new hope and outlook on the small group that will enter my home tonight – that these relationships will allow us to grow in Christ and to align our hearts with Christ’s heart.

    • Kristin

      That’s awesome! Prayers to you and your husband, that you will be filled up at your small group meeting. And blessed by it.:)

  • Oh, how I needed this….Oh, how our country needs this message…..

  • In the gospel, there is no “other”—there is only “us.” #gamechanger

  • Wow. What perfect timing. I’ve had this app downloaded for months and this morning something(god obviously;) ) pushed me to sit down and make time and space for him. Hey girls hey!! What an awesome way to read the word in the morning, ladies you are all so inspirational and I look forward to reading along with you.

  • The readings today really spoke me. I’m part of a homeschool co op with a bunch of other families and a teaching need came up suddenly for tomorrow. I’m already teaching one class that morning so I was hesitant to throw my hat in for another. But then I read Romans 12:7 this morning. “If you are a teacher, teach well.” By the grace of God I am, and I will do it well tomorrow!

    • Hope

      In it with you and underlined the same part of the passage. Tomorrow is tomorrow. We will teach well, friend.

  • Ladies, we all are suffering. We all have ailments. I am asking a selfish thing of you this morning. Will you take time to “make room” and pray for a stranger? My sister is knocking on deaths door at the age of 23. I realize God might be calling her home to Him. I cannot stop this. However, I ask if you will pray for healing for her. Healing spiritually. Healing physically. Healing mentally. She is struggling in college (supposed to graduate this semester.) Because of her diagnosis she is truly unable to focus. She has a VERY overactive thyroid which has turned into an autoimmune disease. Her levels are so high they are immeasurable. Her body can stop at any moment. I pray for all women to get their thyroids checked before, during, after (pregnancy) and periodically throughout their lives. If you catch this early, you can help it. It’s almost like cancer in a way. There is no cure to an autoimmune disease. (There are diets and lifestyle changes to slow it down.) The body won’t stop attacking itself. More organs will be attacked. Slowly it will shut down. This is where my sister is at. Everyday is a blessing. If God is calling her home, I pray she finds Him before then. I pray she knows His true love and peace. Please if you have a moment pray for my sister, Bianca and all those suffering today. Thank you and many blessing to you and your family.

    • CM

      I always have time to pray, making plenty of room for you and your sister this morning.CH

    • Churchmouse

      Praying for your sister right now. For complete healing.

    • Lily

      I am so, so sorry Samone. Will be praying for you, Bianca and your family this morning.

    • Katie

      Praying for Bianca’s complete healing and God’s peace your family in this difficult time.

    • candacejo

      Stopped to pray for Bianca and you too. May the Lord Jesus draw her near! ♥

    • Teri Lynne Underwood

      Praying. For her and for you.

    • Pam

      Praying for her and for you and your family.

    • Tochi Heredia

      Samone, I’m praying for your sister this morning.
      I’ve had that exact same disease for several years now, but so far it’s been completely treatable and I have a normal life. So I know it is possible to be healed.
      I’m praying for wisdom for the doctors, so they can find a suitable treatment for her, and also for her body to be strong enough to heal. And may her eyes be opened to see that God is taking care of her!
      Lots of love for you too, sister!

    • Nads

      Praying for Bianca and for you. Praying that God will also send you someone who will be an excellent sounding board and comfort to you. God bless you.

    • wearenotpoets

      Praying! However, there are lots of things to put it back into remission. Please consider very strategic lifestyle changes such as the Autoimmune Protocol. Jesus has not only been healing my body, but He’s been using the food He put on this earth as well. I’m very passionate about seeing people learn the truth about these diseases and I believe I have my testimony for that reason. Sending hope and prayers!

      • Samone

        Thank you for praying. My sister has struggled for almost 10 years with an eating disorder as well. (slow healing there has been done over the last few years.) For her, changing her life would require great healing mentally and spiritually. Thank you so much for your advice. I myself follow the AIP. I am hoping by showing my healing, it will ignite a fire in her that she has control over this. Mental illness plus hormones being out of whack really require the strength only God can provide. Thank you!

    • Diane

      Praying for complete restoration of your sisters body,soul and mind,in the name of Jesus!

    • Lynne

      Samone, I can’t imagine how heavy your burden is for Bianca! I just prayed for her complete healing! Keep us posted.

    • Mamajonk

      Praying for healing, peace and comfort for your sister and your whole family.

    • Melissa

      Praying Samone. I cannot fathom what you are going through right now. I pray for healing and peace for both you and your sister as you are both suffering. May God hear our prayers and answer them in the ways that only He can. ((Hugs)) to you both.

    • Blessed


    • Michelle J

      Prayed this morning for Bianca and you!!

    • Sandy W.

      Samone, I will be praying for your sister Bianca. So sorry for what she is going through,but I do know we serve a miracle working God! Blessings to you sweet sister!

    • Maggie

      praying with you samone

    • Alexis

      I too have Thyroid disease and know the havoc it can create. I am praying for her complete healing and restoration of her body, mind and spirit.

    • Veronica

      Praying for your sister. With someone dear to me who also suffers from a auto-immune disease, I feel your heartache. Praying for healing, praying for Jesus to become known to her.

    • Cheri

      Praying for healing for your sister, Samone, and for God to be glorified!!

    • Kate

      Praying for your sister!

    • Maddie

      Praying for your sister today!! I’m praying for healing, for the Lords will, and for a peace for her and you from the Lord for today!! He can heal!! And he is powerful.

    • Naomi

      Samone, that is Hashimoto’s disease! My cousin has that and has totally stopped it in its tracks and turned it around with, first and foremost, a gluten free diet. If you would like any information I would be glad to help you in any way. Let me know and I would be glad to message you or whatever you are comfortable with. Also, more importantly, I will pray!!

  • Churchmouse

    It seems to me that the selected Scriptures reveal the need for hospitality to be expressed primarily from believer to believer, extending grace to one another. As Christians show love to one another, perhaps non-believers will be drawn to Christ. I certainly want to live out my faith to draw others to Him. Hospitality and making room also requires me to “think sensibly.”. I have made room in my life for those who did not have the best of intentions and more harm was done than good. I have taught my children to be wise in the company they keep, lest in their immaturity and naievity they make some wrong and long lasting choices. Wisdom and discernment is surely needed. I pray that for myself and my family as well as for the nations across our world.

    • Ann

      I am right there with you. My nature has always been to be open and full of hospitality especially for the needy. We have been foster parents and have also been mentors to many your couples and families. We have been personal friends and “caregivers” to immigrant families from China and Kenya that have different agendas. I have also been the victim of a “friend” that I was nurturing and praying for that was in my home daily and stayed in my home that betrayed me deeply and put my husband in a vulnerable situation. As a person who has always been so open and hospitable, I am really struggling with it now. I do pray for wisdom to know truth and wisdom to be open but also not to the point of harmful to my family. Still learning but wanting desperately not to shut people out.

    • Naomi

      Yes Churchmouse, you hit the nail on the head! I tend to be a very hospitable person because my parents were that way. But yes! We need to remember the context in which these scriptures are written.

      • Naomi

        As I was pondering this today I thought about how my parents (my father being a pastor of a small church) were extremely hospitable. We were poor, but my parents took in people that needed a place to stay, including whole families at times. Once a young women, who was unmarried and pregnant needed a place to stay, so once again my parents opened their home. I was only about 8 years old when my parents left us kids with her for a few hours . She had asked me to clean the kitchen and I didn’t move to do it as fast as she wanted so she beat me with a wire hanger. My point is that while as Christians, we are to be hospitable, but also WISE. I have offered homeless men a meal that I’ve picked up through a drive through, but is it wise to pick him up and take him home with me to feed him? So while all these comments eluding to opening our borders as a country sound good and noble, using them in that way is actually taking them out of context. I still wholeheartedly believe in being hospitable. Anyone that knows me knows my home is a place where you will be fed and made to feel so comfortably at home. But I also have a duty to keep my precious children safe. That being said, our leaders in this country have a duty to protect our citizens first and foremost. Don’t apply scripture that is intended for believers, to leaders of countries and states.

      • Chris


      • Judy


  • “…the people who need more than they had to offer…” Boom. I’m convicted. Honestly, I avoid those people. I want to be with those who fill me up rather than drain my tank. This morning, I’m awakened to the thought that I need more than I can offer… to the One whose tank is always full.

    • Ashley Motes

      The beautiful thing about your statement is that YOU could be the person to fill someone else’s tank.

    • Teri Lynne Underwood

      Yes, me too. Immediately several people came to mind … and that same awareness that I am called to make room because there is no shortage of space at the cross. I was met there with the same grace and love I can now extend to others — through Christ in me.

  • This is the first time I’ve begun reading a series WITH the SRT community (as opposed to reading other plans while one is going on). This series is incredibly timely, and I pray that we as sisters in Christ can encourage each other and handle gracefully any thing or person that discourages us from obeying God’s call to be hospitable to others.

    • Jessie

      I am absolutely blown away by the Lord’s timing with this study. He is good.

  • Mary Joseph

    Lord, may Your word bear fruit in this study as women of the word open their hearts to Your call to biblical hospitality. I pray for our responses to be obedience in the ways You are calling us each to respond to You.

  • Ashley Motes

    This study could not have at a more opportune time with what our country is going through at this very moment. Making room for others, literally and figuratively. My heart is broken over the amount of hate I have seen since yesterday towards people that are not like “us” (christians). I even heard one person say that our country being based upon God it’s wrong to let in other religions that are not God-fearing. What happened to “love your neighbor/enemy/one another”? What happened to letting the children come? Jesus loved us and let us in even though we are sinners. He loved us and if we are in Christ we are to do the same towards others, everyone, no one is excluded in that. Hospitality is indeed dirty and messy, but it’s oh so rewarding. My prayer is that we become a people that embraces the uncomfortable and get a little dirt on our hands for the sake of Jesus and his gospel.

    • Jet

      Amen I couldn’t agree more!

    • Michelle P.

      Amen! Timely study in this crazy world of turning people away. Hospitality is messy, but it is part of our calling.

    • Justine Fern

      Ashley! you’re so right! I even thought the same thing – what perfect timing – He is at work even in these times filled with hate. I’m praying that during this time where everyone seems penned against one another those in Christ would shine brighter, living embodiments of the Hope found in Him!

  • “In the gospel there is no “other”, there is only “us” ”

    W O W!!!!!!!! Amen Amen Amen.

  • Tricia C

    How timely is this devotion, in more ways than one. I agree that I need to make room also. Make room for others, but first for Jesus. He will then help me make room for others.
    Our country also needs this more than ever right now. My heart breaks whenever I think about it. Praying for America, and praying that I can be for others, as Jesus is for me.
    Blessings ladies.

  • Dori Linderman

    While I’m good at making room for others, I tend to crowd Jesus out. So with that said, I will gladly make room for him because like the last line said… He made room for me.

    • Katie

      Dori, I am right there with you! I am always making room for others and in the process I find myself saying, God I just don’t have time for you. I will be praying for us both as we learn to maybe set aside some time with others so we can focus on Him who gave us the gift of hospitality <3

  • Make room for hard relationships…..this is what the Lord has impressed upon my heart as I’ve reflected on this new year. We are all one in Christ! A very timely study for this season of my life. This morning I was reminded that He made room for me, a depraved sinful woman, and He is calling me to love those that are hard to love and serve those that are hard to serve.

  • Kelly R Smith

    The word “hospitality” conjures up visions of lovely tablescapes in glossy magazine spreads. I think of cleverly folded napkins, warm comfort food, and witty conversation. But hospitality is so much more. It is making space for others. “Hospitality, I am learning, is often untidy and almost always inconvenient.” My heart is pierced by this message, allowing some of me to leak out so I can make room for others. I look forward to entering into this welcoming space with you SRT sisters during this study!

  • Kristine L

    Very timely. I feel like in this country we keep trying to turn the “other” into our enemy. You don’t think like me, you didn’t vote like me, you don’t agree with me – you’re the enemy. But we need to make room (in our hearts, opinions, our conversations) for these people too. We are not each other’s enemies. We are one body. I’m going to try to make room to really listen to those who don’t think like me, to understand where they are coming from.

  • Laura Lee

    As I awoke this morning with so little space left for my frame on the mattress (could not budge that other knee in my back), I heard His whisper in my ear, “Make space for Me.” How I crowd Him out of my day! In Him alone will I look to make space in my prideful life for His ‘unlikelies’ and ‘unlovelies’ whom He holds dear and desires to show mercy and grace through me. So, help me, God!

    • Vanessa

      I hear you sister..sometimes when I wake up with a knee in the back or a smack of a hand from the little ones tossing and turning, I feel like God is saying this is your moment to get up and be with me while others are asleep. I needed to see the positive in every situation

  • Loved this! Such a timely message for the body of Christ. I love the image of hospitality as making room.

  • God has been working on my heart in this area recently, so perfect timing. It is my nature to prefer to be alone, to go out of my way to avoid people, to not make eye contact lest we have to have a conversation. I have felt God pushing me to look up. Those people I am avoiding are His people too. He called me to love them too. We weren’t meant to be an island. Unfortunately that’s what I have been for a long time. God open my heart to what you are trying to teach me.

  • Adrienne Tafilowski

    What a timely message. Making room for others. x

  • I think our country needs this message now more than ever. Loving other and showing those around us that God has made room for everyone is being forgotten in our society. No matter their situation or history or background, we need to make room for loving everyone.

    • Carol

      Amen! I pray that we can be examples of making room and accepting all people. Maybe through all our prayers and daily efforts of making room, we can help to influence others to abandon prejudice and fear of people who are different than ourselves and make room in our hearts and country for those in need of room.

    • Vanessa

      Yes!!! I thought it was just me that it was hitting home for? God has made room for all of us, we must learn to do the same

    • Lindsey

      That was my thinking, too! Very timely.

  • Elisabeth

    I love that the worksheets are back! It really helps me to reflect Scripture more deeply and to grow personally through studying it. Thank you, SRT-Team!

  • I would love to do more for others but these passages and commentary are hard to take in when you are in a stage of pregnancy, many young toddlers, caregiver to cancer-fighter, and accompanying a busy career-driven husband. I feel like I have nothing left to give! It gives me anxiety just thinking about helping another person – thinking of other opportunities to give of myself. Is this selfish? I know there are other mamas that have been here and can help me understand if this is appropriate or not. My prayer is that the Lord gives me opportunities where I am at in life and gives me the strength in that moment, but not that I am driven to look for new opportunities to serve. Would love your thoughts, ladies. God bless.

    • Joelle

      God bless you and peace be in your heart! You are already helping your husband and raising kids. When serving with love it s the best prayer you can give. Sometimes making room to others could be by smiling and being nice to a stranger, by helping an old lady in a supermarket. God sees your heart and knows how busy you are. So please don t think that your selfish, think of how loving you are. God bless you

    • Clare

      I could weep for you right now… You are already making room – for a new life! I have been through this not so long ago, and now slightly on the other side, I look back and see that God was offering me grace and mercy, but I just couldn’t accept it. I see that he is there, patient and loving not expecting more than we can give. For you, dear sister in Christ, know that our loving father leads gently those with young (Isaiah 40:11) he is never going to condemn you. My prayer for you today is that you can see his hand of mercy in your interactions and see where you are already making room, for Him, for others and within yourself xx

    • Sarah_Joy

      I echo the previous thoughts, young mama. You make room every day for your people. You keep serving your tribe. When those littles don’t require quite so much, God will offer you new opportunities. You’re doing great. No shame. Don’t read a call to something new. Hear: good job, daughter, you are making room caring for those in need (your children, your husband and someone with cancer), and I am pleased. Rest in Him. Matthew 11:28-30

    • Ellen

      When in the season of my life when I was chasing around 3 young children, my pastor reminded me that my children, my husband, they were my mission field at the time. So for now serve them in love. Let them see Christ in you. I agree that you can still offer smiles, a word of encouragement to others. As you enter other seasons of your life your mission field will change and with that you will be able to offer hospitality to others in new ways.

    • JoyLeanne

      I have been there almost exactly. Baby one the way, crazy toddler, husband working 12 hour days, and a mother in law who required a lot of care while she battled cancer.
      Dear Sister, let me echo others here and say that you ARE making room in so many ways. Every time you ignore your swollen ankles to care for that sick loved one you are making room. Every time you clear off the table to serve your husband a meal, you are making room. Every time you stop what you are doing and pick up a fussy toddler or answer a thousand questions and requests a day, you are making room.
      May I offer this to you as well. Something I wish some one had told me 7 years ago. Something God is teaching me now, once again in the trenches of a hard season. When we are honest and real about our life. When we share with others what we are walking through. When we ask for help and allow others to walk with us, we are making room as well. When we strive to up hold a standard of strength and “I’ve got this” we love little room for others to be weak and ask for help.
      Maybe God has brought you to this place of need so you can model humility and make room for others in your life to admit their own need.

    • K

      Everything these other women have said is all so true, but I couldn’t help but also think, let it remind you to accept hospitality from others in your life to help you through this season!

    • Maggie

      one of my fav mom verses came to mind…in Isaiah 40:11, I think. “He carries the lambs close to his heart and gently leads those that have young.” I love the word gently. Us mama’s are not gentle to ourselves. in the stage of life you are in, we need a gentle shepherd to lead us, to calm our babies. rest in him today. make room for his nurture of you and that will spill into all around you. my heart feels for you. this crazy season feels like forever but it will pass.

    • citychickny2pa

      I think there is a season for everything and at the moment you’re in the season of parenting :).
      hospitality is as much a heart issue as an action.
      it’s like the study said…showing hospitality towards strangers, even the not so pleasant ones :).
      it can be completely informal and organic like helping someone gets groceries into the car or giving someone a ride home from church!
      it’s easy to want to do good things/kind acts and equally easy to feel we are just too busy for formal offerings. maybe pray and ask Christ to put people in your path to show love, grace, etc. in your regular outings to say the library or post office?
      hang in there! you’re also showing g hospitality towards your kids :).

    • Heather

      Sometimes the giving of yourself to others…the others are your family. Make room for your children and husband. My children (I’m divorced) are the first recipients of my hospitality and then it will extend outwards from there. And making room is sometimes just a warm smile and a short hello to someone as you pass them by.

    • Michelle

      I know this is an old post but to me it sounds as if the Lord is already using you mightily where you are. Raising the next generation and instilling the Word of God in them alone is a wonderful way to serve the Lord as well as others. It sounds as tho you are serving in many areas…the ones the Lord has given to you for such a time as this. Don’t compare to the things other women are doing ..have peace serving the ones the Lord has placed in your life now..knowing you are accomplishing a great work even when at times it may not feel like it.

  • Amazing grace! I can see how one could write a beautiful song like this after reading this scripture! The Holy Spirit is really moving these past few days in me. Praising His holy name❤

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