John: Day 22

Jesus the Conqueror


Today's Text: John 16:1-33, Isaiah 32:14-18, Romans 8:12-17

Text: John 16:1-33, Isaiah 32:14-18, Romans 8:12-17

Most mornings, I go to a local coffee shop in East Nashville where I order my two-dollar coffee, sit in a corner, and try to bang out a few words on my machine. They know my name here. They welcome me in the door, ask how my writing is going, and never give me the slant-eye when my coffee goes cold, while I continue to suck electricity from their walls and Wi-Fi out of their air. Here, it’s easy to pretend that life is all lattes and progress.

But the reality is, everyone around me is experiencing their own pain. The girl who stops by my table just had a miscarriage. The grey-haired man eating his oatmeal while reading the paper just lost his wife last year. The exhausted, lonely mother at the register keeps trying to order her coffee, but stops to run out the door after her two-year-old escape artist. The newspaper sitting next to me screams its headlines of tragedy: War Rages On! Politicians Still Lie! Poverty Eats Away at the Hungry!

We’re all acquainted with our own brand of heartache. It’s enough to bring you to the same conclusion as Solomon in Ecclesiastes: “I observed everything going on under the sun, and really, it is all meaningless—like chasing the wind” (Ecclesiastes 1:14).

This view of suffering is the fare the world offers up to us for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The world tells us that if we’re hurting, it’s up to us to change our circumstances so we won’t hurt anymore. We’re to follow our heart, chase our dreams, and forsake everything—even our responsibilities, family, and God— in order to secure our own happiness in the world. But in the midst of all that noise, Jesus provides a much different view of suffering.

With some of His last words to His disciples, Jesus predicted that trouble was coming. He said they would be kicked out of the temple—losing the social center of their lives (Luke 21:5-6). They would be ostracized, killed, and separated from one another. But most importantly, He told them to expect these things, to not be surprised when they happened. Grief would be a part of their experience here on earth, just as it’s a part of ours.

But Jesus doesn’t leave us in our sorrow. He promises to turn our grief into joy (John 16:20). He tells us we’re to have courage because He’s already conquered the evil in this world (John 16:33)—and, in fact, He’s making us a new one (Isaiah 65:17).

The world tells us to break free from grief because our time here is limited. Jesus invites us to welcome our grief as the precursor to eternity. In that way, our pain is not a state of being that needs to be avoided; it is an access point to the throne of God.


Claire Gibson is a freelance writer and editor whose work has been featured both locally and nationally in publications including The Washington Post, and Entrepreneur Magazine. An Army kid who grew up at West Point, New York, Claire is currently growing roots in Nashville, Tennessee. She loves her husband, Patrick, and their dog, Winnie.

  • Danya Ho

    We’re all acquainted with our own brand of heartache. It’s enough to bring you to the same conclusion as Solomon in Ecclesiastes: “I observed everything going on under the sun, and really, it is all meaningless—like chasing the wind” (Ecclesiastes 1:14)

  • Michelle Critcher

    I needed this. “Jesus invites us to welcome our grief as a precursor to eternity”

  • Kandace

    Yayyy Nashville! Love this read.

  • Charissa

    It struck me when Jesus said “It is good for you that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Counselor will not come to you; but if I go I will send Him to you” (v. 7). Jesus left that relationship with his disciples to lead them even closer to the Father, through the Holy Spirit.

  • “…our pain is not a state of being that needs to be avoided; it is an access point to the throne of God.” I love this perspective!! This gives our suffering here on earth such new meaning. Without suffering, we might feel as if we don’t need Father. We could just go happily through our days, depending on ourselves, our circumstances and the people around us to give us peace. But, when we have suffering, we are reminded that we can’t do it on our own. We need the one who can see the whole picture to carry us through. Thank You, Father, that You love us enough to allow suffering as a means to keep us close to You.

  • Heather Fringer

    “I assure you. You will weep and wail, but the world will rejoice. You will become sorrowful, but your sorrow will turn to joy.” This scripture is so true. It feels like no matter what, the world just wants to beat you down to the point that you cry and then they laugh at you not caring about anything. But the day will come when Jesus will come down from the Heavens and beautiful sounds will be heard, angels singing, trumpets playing and we will not be the ones crying anymore! Our sorrow will finally be turned to joy and the rest of the world’s joy, to sorrow when they learn that it’s too late. I await that day.

  • Keri McCue

    “The world tells us to break free from grief because our time here is limited. Jesus invites us to welcome our grief as the precursor to eternity.” – This is so true! And I think that’s why in heartache we can feel true peace. Not because we don’t care about what’s happening or because it doesn’t bother us but rather because we know the Father is in control. We know true Joy even in the midst of sadness! I love that!!

  • Mel Proctor

    That last two paragraphs is good and I’m going to ponder it the rest of the day. Our pain can bring us to the throne of God…indeed it does just that. Thanks for sharing these thoughts and reflections.

  • Yes that last paragraph is powerful. I will be examining how our pain. Rings us to the throne. How does this look as I wake up and feel pain. I go to Christ and ask for his throne to rain? I think so. I like it!

    • Kari

      Thank you for this Kelly! I was so confused what they meant by our pain is the access point to God. I really wanted to get it though. I was reading through the comments and only getting more confused. Your simple, one sentence, comment brought an entirely new meaning to this and to my life! I will be thinking about it often. I’m sure you had no idea when you were typing that as to what meaning it would bring to someone’s life. Thank you! And thank you SRT for this amazing devotional today!

  • Wow! What a powerful truth! I am no longer a slave to fear but I am a child of God. Suffering may last all night but His joy comes in the morning! I love the last paragraph, “The world tells us to break free from grief because our time here is limited. Jesus invites us to welcome our grief as the precursor to eternity. In that way, our pain is not a state of being that needs to be avoided; it is an access point to the throne of God.” As I have been going through a season of grief, I praise the Lord that as painful as it is, it has brought me closer to my Savior and made me long for Him like no other.

  • Hi Ladies, usually I read the comments before I write mine. Perhaps it’s out of insecurity in making sure I get the reading “right” ha ha – how wrong is that! Tonight I read the chapter in John and read the Claire’s observation…and wow it’s mind blowing that Jesus was going through what He did and was able to speak to his disciples from the heart… Can you just IMAGINE how those disciples felt when Jesus returned! We are so fortunate to have His word to live by…and we struggle with trust! The disciples watched the whole thing unfold! Praise Jesus! Amen!

  • Danielle Frakes

    I think we are suppose to endure and listen to Jesus. We have to hear what he has to say in order to ensure. If we go our own way and just fix the problem it won’t work. We have to listen to Jesus

  • Diane Huntsman

    33 I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”
    Those last 5 words, game changer for all who belong to Jesus..

  • Diane Huntsman

    33 I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”
    The last five words remind us of who it is we cling to.. Jesus has overcome the world. Game changer for each of us who belong to Him.

  • learning to float

    on holiday today with my friend who lost her dad a two years ago and has bottled up her grief…trying to work out what I can learn from this to help her …

    • Angela

      Praying that you lean on the Holy Spirit to guide you as you comfort your friend. May you say words of comfort and Truth that may even surprise yourself.

  • Well, isn’t this writing on point right now??? Exactly what I needed to hear and meditate on this morning. Jesus did tell us these things and what to expect and not to be surprised about them…it’s going to happen! But we can take heart in knowing these things because that keeps us on track to God…glory be to His name! Thank you, Jesus, for doing what no human could ever be trusted to do; CONQUER THIS WORLD. Amen!

  • Katalina

    I had lived 6 years in constant sorrow with no hope of seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. God knew it was something I needed to go through… even though I know He was sharing my suffering because I allowed myself to remain in that constant state. It could’ve been handled differently had I had the relationship I have with Him now. But the best part of the story is that God, Himself, turned my deepest sorrows into a joy I live today that I could never trade for anything else. I learned that life is not perfect and just because you have God in your life, it doesn’t mean we’d be living like we would in Heaven… but that even in the midst of this imperfect world and our imperfect life, He always turns a state of sorrow or grief into a gift of joy and peace. We just have to be the ones willing to receive it. If He overcame the world and is constantly with us, what do we have to fear?

    • Christine Marie

      We have no reason to fear Katalina! Thank you for your words :)

    • Kate

      This reminds me of a favorite quote “I would rather walk through my worst day with Jesus by my side, than my best day without him”. Thank you for sharing today! Praying for you.

  • Rather late with this,but prayers please for my four year old grandson in hospital following an acute asthma attack on the early hours of the morning,now on nebulisers and oxygen,

  • Caroline

    It’s so important to recognize and deal with our grief rather than pretending it doesn’t exist. It’s also important that we surround ourselves with people who encourage us to do so and support us as we process.

  • Jesus has been turning more than just grief to joy lately.. he’s also been working on anxiety and a whole bunch of other feelings. I’m so thankful that he never leaves us in the low– he has been using it lately to put a fire in me to want to reach that high of being with god! I’ve been trying to find some easy ways to seek Christ in the everyday to calm down my anxious, perfectionist heart. The struggle is so real! Does anyone else here have problems with allowing themselves to slow down to really feel that sorrow?

    I’ve been trying to really dig into that lately, and I’m learning just how hard it is to accept grace in an anxious heart. Here’s a link to some everyday musings and attempts to grow closer to Christ, and farther from perfectionism and human control. I always hesitate on sharing these for fear it will be misunderstood that I am trying to show off, I really want to find other women who also are on the search for simple grace in this performance and productivity obsessed world. It’s so hard to do by myself! I so love this community on here, praises to God for hearing the cry for fellowship and truth!

    • C Gunckel

      Olivia, the world says we are weak and we should just get over it and get on with life. Loneliness and anxiety stem from more than the death of a loved one, although that one certainly creates a sadness that is overwhelming, but divorce, loss of a job, loss of your dreams can certainly create those feelings as well. For me, it all comes together as fear. Each day as I accept the circumstances of that day, God gives me the grace to walk through each day and the Hope of a new day coming when there will be no more fear or anxiety, but peace, and joy and His presence for eternity.

    • Katalina

      That was one of my favorite things to learn; that God never leaves us even at our lowest! You just gotta keep pushing through and the more you spend time with Him, that peace and calm you’ve been longing for will start to take effect :)

  • Cynthia

    Occasionally weep deeply for the life you wish you’d had. Then, dry your tears and be grateful for the life you do have. John Piper

  • God seems to know exactly what I need each day in my devotionals. Just this morning I prayed for him to wrap me a protective light today to ease my mind and put my suffering to rest. Even if just for today. As I read the devotional this morning and I read about suffering being our access point to the throne I couldn’t get it out of my head how true this was. My suffering has brought me closer to God in the last few weeks than I’ve ever been. I have a hunger for his word and everything Christ like I’ve never experienced. I’m slowly realizing that I’m going through this hardship because he wanted me back with him. I had lost my way once again in this life and although I’m struggling and hurting he is here, he is my comforter, and my strength. And to think…all this suffering is giving me access to the throne because through it I am developing my loving relationship with God. Doesn’t make the suffering easier but it does make it seem worthwhile! Praying for all of you ladies today that whatever struggles or burdens you may be carrying that comfort and peace is brought to you and your minds. Have a blessed day.

    • Diane

      Amen, Alicia! Such wisdom you have shared. I have loved these early morning gleanings this winter. The words of God and these sisters have strengthend me so i am not afraid while the storm rages around me. My anchor of hope is holding me steady. The Father does speak plainly and in truth. Sometimes the truth is very hard to digest, accept. But when the wrongs are shown to you, knowing full well they are revealed by the HOLY Spirit,there must be justice.
      This is what I am standing on today, truth will always win. God is holding me steady.

    • Katalina

      I love this <3 we all have our stories but God knows how He works. Sometimes our hard and difficult times need to happen and need to be prominent moments in our life because it's God's way of saying "Hear Me, Trust in Me, I'm here and I have not abandoned You. I never will."

  • I can’t help but wonder, reading about these last few days of Jesus on earth, just how absolutely devastated his disciples must have been. They kept on asking questions, begging to understand where he was going and why. And sometimes asking when he would return. They’d walked with him, lived with him and followed him and now they had to give him up. It must have been absolutely heartbreaking to have to let him go like this. Still he tries to comfort them with the truth and they, like us, probably just didn’t get it at first.

  • Last night my son and I sat at our table playing with clay. We lifted it out of its casing and it was undefined lump of nothing. We split it up and began to play with it. We didn’t have plans and just intended to play awhile before bath time. I grabbed my portion and rolled it between my palm and the table to smooth it out and roll it into a ball, then began to pinch and pull the parts I’d manufactured an idea for. Over the course of our conversation, he’d created multiple figures and creatures and I was still working out my one. I began to notice the clay taking shape into something on its own and followed the direction. I pushed it, pressed it, scraped it, cut it, flattened portions, pinched areas, and poked holes. Once completed I had a panda bear, albeit imperfect, but a panda none the less. If that clay had the ability to feel, I imagine it would have endured pain and likely would have wanted to ball up and roll away but through the work, it now sits, prized by my son in it’s completeness. My point is that Isaiah 64:8 reminds us who the potter is and who is the clay. We can have confidence that with each blow to our life, it is merely the Maker’s fingers plying and pulling us into shape. That over the course of our months, years and decades here God is so kind to not leave us in our lumpy state. He loves us enough to grab us from the discard pile and slowly, lovingly, gently mold us into shape, to form us into a vessel fit for Heaven. When we endure, when we suffer, if we can close our eyes, open our hands and say, “Thank you, Lord, for your work on me, in me and over me. I look forward to see it finished” instead of screaming our way through our pain, pouting ourselves into being heard, and hardening ourselves to the point of no longer being pliable. We can acknowledge our pain, we should … we should weep for it, but we need to let it soften us, so that our Lord can use it. So that it won’t be in vain but instead it’ll become a beautiful adornment on His perfect design for lives.

    Love to you wonderful women this morning. I hope this day finds you well and knowing how loved you truly are! ~ Betsy

    • Sheridan

      Thank you for this. This is exactly what I needed to be reminded of this morning! Bless you!

    • candacejo

      God is so kind to not leave us in our lumpy state….I love that and love Jesus for not leaving me as I am but continuing to mold me and make me into what He truly desires me to be. Thank you for your words today. ♥

    • Carly

      Thank you B! I find myself in a season of putting on a tough face. Needed your reminder: I have permission to feel the pain, weep for it, and ultimately hope for it too! God will conquer because He already has. And best of all, He loves us!

    • Tochi Heredia

      Such a wonderful illustration. Thanks for sharing it, Betsy!

    • Katalina

      Thank you Betsy!

    • Christine Marie

      What beautiful imagery Betsy. Thank you for your words this morning :)

    • Kendra


    • learning to float

      this so encourages me about the dark seasons of my life. thank you

    • Sarah_Joy

      Motherhood seems to be an intense time of molding. I often struggle against it feeling like I’m lumpier than when I began. Thank you for reminding me that the Potter sees how I will be and loves me in the process too.

  • This is such a timely word for me! Before I began reading, some unpleasant memories came to mind. I keep wishing,regretting and imagining doing things differently. All with a longing to have avoided the pain completely. Dreaming of the “way back machine” to transport me seconds before the trouble began. In this fantasy I do the opposite and all the tears and heartache are neatly swept away. But today’s message brings me back to reality. All the pain was an access point to the throne of grace. An invitation to bittersweet communion with my Father. When I look back I am reminded how I clung desperately to Him for comfort. My relationship with Him would not be what it is right now if I hadn’t been so needy. In this life I will cause trouble! Praise His holy name He has overcome all that too!

    • candacejo

      Beautiful! We could not be overcomers without troubles to overcome! ♥

    • Christine Marie

      I believe He wants us to be needy for Him…in our neediness we find that He is our source of comfort, joy, satisfaction, our everything.

  • I really needed to read this. My mom passed away two weeks ago tomorrow and Im just having a hard time grieving. How i long to hold my mom one last time. Never in a million years did i think i would give birth to my sweet baby girl and then two months later lose my mom, my best friend. How i long to ask her questions on how to raise my little one, how to shepherd the sheep God has placed in my life, how to love my husband unconditionally. And although i know she has been reunited with her first and true love, how i long for her to be here with me.

    • Emily

      Mandy, praying for you this morning and in the days and weeks ahead as you grieve the loss of your Mom. So very, very sorry!

    • Laresa

      Praying for you!

    • ~ B ~

      Oh, Mandy, I am so sorry. The loss is beyond words and I know the pain in it. It brings me to tears as it reminds me that even 6 years later this month, I minute by minute miss my own Mom. I will be prayerful over you. Praying that you feel the love and peace of God in this process and that you are wrapped so securely in fond memories that you feel your Mom’s presence boldly around you. That in the moments you need her, words and memories are brought to your heart and mind that are a healing balm to your hurting heart. Love to you in this season, Mandy.

    • Heather Dehaan

      Thinking and praying for you Mandy as you grieve your mom. I lost my mom on Christmas day and the waves crash over me, and dark thoughts eek in at times. I’m now more than ever focusing on starting my day with my heavenly father and practicing self care in tiny ways through the day. These things are harder with little ones. Also surrounding myself with support, and I encourage you to reach out for support, a local greif group maybe? Your mental health is paramount post pardum…may God bless you.

      • candacejo

        Praying for you this morning too, Heather. May our wonderful Father wrap you in His arms and fill your heart and mind with sweet memories of comfort. ♥

    • Tania

      Mandy, I’m so sorry for you not having your mom with you anymore. That is so hard, I know, I had my first child almost exactly a year after my mom died. I wanted her so much. My husband’s mom was also passed away and I had no one… My husband is wonderful but he had a job to go to and I was there with the baby not knowing anything! That year before and the next couple were the hardest of my life, for many reasons but what I can tell you is, God got us through it, He provided, He gave us strength, He gave us peace, He blessed our marriage… So many times in the middle of the night I’d get up, open my Bible in desperation and there would be a Psalm written just for me, God Himself comforting and reassuring me. He is with you. You’ll always miss your mom, but it will get better, I promise, and you have a beautiful little distraction in your arms. Love you, sister.

    • candacejo

      Praying the Lord will surround you with His perfect peace today, Mandy. The Word is such a great comfort in times of heartache. Grab a Psalm and insert your name knowing every word written is for you even today. ♥

    • rebecca7395

      Mandy, I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my mom, too, in July. Just 6 days after my birthday and 2 weeks after my son was born. The pain and grief can be overwhelming, but God is good. I can’t begin to fathom why He allowed it, but I hold fast to the truths that He loves me and He understands my heartache. May the Lord be with you in a special, clear way.

    • cj8of8

      Mandy my heart aches for your loss. I pray for Christ’s peace to blanket you and your family. He’s got you. . And He knows every thought and fear. . Lean in and trust Him with it. Daily His grace will be there.. reach for it, that rope tied to the Anchor, seated on the mercy seat that never fails. .. know He loves you so much.

    • Kendra

      Praying, Mandy. ❤️

  • Requesting prayer today for selfish reasons… Really struggling with seeing God’s promises held true in my life. I’ve been in a long season of suffering that doesn’t seem to ever end. I am pretty sure has either forgotten me or given up on me completely. I believe He is real, but it seems that he is living and blessing all His children… Except me. Just really wrestling with my faith. Please pray.

    • Kelsie

      Tracy, I pray that instead of blaming God for your suffering you find peace in Him. I’m sorry for the pain you are currently feeling, I can’t imagine what you are going through. I will continue to pray for you through this time of struggle.

    • Elaine

      Parlaying for you Tracy. I was reading Jeremiah 12 yesterday where he asked God this question about why all the ones who are evil around him that seemed to be blessed but he who loved Him so was suffering so much. I found God’s answer to Jeremiah comforting. For it seems like I too have been suffering for a long time now and have been wondering when my blessing would come. He helped me to understand that my blessing is in the suffering. That because of what I have been through I am prepared for the bigger fight to come. God prepares us through our suffering. He uses us to help others like us in the family of God and also those He puts in our path that we can help come into the family. He is building character in us and a stronger trust in Him. Our hope is in the blood of Jesus and His helper that He left with us when He went to the Father. Our future is in eternity where there is no more suffering!Stay strong in Him dear sister! He will never leave you or forsake you.

      • Katie

        I have a lot of suffering in my life as well, it is unbearable at times, and I have been right where you are. I am so sorry that you are feeling that way. It’s excruciating, isn’t it? I will be praying for His peace to encompass you and that He will provide the help you need. Don’t give up hope, as tempting as it is, the dark isn’t dark to Him and He is patiently, not angrily, walking beside you through it all. I wish we could explain Gods viewpoint on suffering entirely, but we can’t. You aren’t forgotten and He will never leave you. My counselor reminds me often that the only place to look is up, otherwise, it is so easy to get bogged down. Praying for relief for you, this side of Heaven.

        • Katie

          Another thing, it isn’t selfish. Wrestle! He won’t leave you and growth happens in those storms. I think it is a sign of strength. That’s proof of the Holy Spirit in your life, that you are even wrestling. Keep persevering. You are loved!

    • Hilary

      Praying for you now, Tracy! He will never leave you or forsake you!

    • Missy

      Tracy, I’m so sorry you’re hurting. One thing I know… God’s love FOR YOU is fierce! And you are not forgotten or given up on!!
      Praying for you….

    • Alisha

      Praying for you Tracy!

    • candacejo

      Praying for you today, Tracy. God IS an ever-present help in times of trouble and despair, even when we think we are all alone. There is much to be learned in suffering but the hard part is we don’t always see what God is doing until after-the-fact. But we CAN trust Him that He knows what is best and He sees down the road! Remember that outside turmoil can never take away the peace of God! Maybe this post will encourage you that He is always present in your storm and He can use that situation in the future for you to encourage someone else.

  • When you learn about Jesus dying on the cross when you are younger, you know that Jesus died for your sins so that you don’t have too. I have never taken notice as to what that really means. When Jesus died, the Holy Spirit entered into our hearts. We can now live because He dwells among us. How beautiful a sacrifice he made. We can face our grief and suffering because the Holy Spirit is in us to bring us a peace that will be fully known when we enter heaven.

    • CM

      This has really hit home with me this past week as well! Especially John 14:26-27 if you read them in reverse. He came for so much more than just our sins, but also to give us peace which comes through the Holy Spirit. It literally smacked me upside the head, why am I asking for peace when I have the Holy Spirit within me?

  • Love these passages and devotional. They go well with a quote I read just this morning :
    The only person who dares wake up a king at 3:00 AM for a glass of water is a child. We have that kind of access.
    –Timothy Keller

  • churchmouse

    How timely is your devotion, Claire. I have been reading about the language of lament in the Scriptures and how we believers seem to have forgotten the theology of suffering. We do all we can possibly do to mask or eradicate our pain. You remind us, Claire, to press in to our pain and press in to Jesus. I have spent countless hours trying to analyze my suffering and attempted countless ways to just get beyond it. When I have yielded to lament, the heartfelt cry of “I just don’t understand this but I trust in You, Jesus!” then the dark cloud begins to shift and the sun begins to peek through. It is still oh so hard but I am confident He hears, He knows, He cares and He will walk me through the valley.

    • Cat

      Amen. I also found that when I embraced my pain and suffering and surrendered to Christ all of my unknowns right where I was rather than putting myself on pause until whatever was next or clinging to what was behind me, He gave me strength and life and grace right where I am. He restores our soul and walks with us through the valley!

  • Sarah_Joy

    I have struggled with these questions as well as I consider our brothers and sisters around the world who deal with suffering in ways I cannot imagine. God provides for them as well in the midst of their heartache and troubles. He meets them and encourages them. And I am amazed when I hear that far more often than I, they say that every suffering is worth the cost to follow Jesus. What a witness to us in our comfort! How convicting to think that I would ever complain about my life when many live with real danger around every corner. Saying a prayer this morning for God’s people in Iraq and Syria.

  • Christina

    “The world tells us to break free from grief because our time here is limited. Jesus invites us to welcome our grief as the precursor to eternity. In that way, our pain is not a state of being that needs to be avoided; it is an access point to the throne of God.” So, so good! Thank you for this countercultural answer to the question I even sometimes find myself asking, “Why do you continue pursuing this seemingly unfulfilling path, when you could have so much more on this other one?”

  • Cecilia

    I love how Claire puts it ‘as our access point to the throne’. This absolutely helps me in my suffering right now. I know He is teaching me, He is faithful to me & I know He loves me. It still hurts but it is if this world. Thank you God for giving us our Helper, our comforter; let me be more focused & have courage to follow your promptings today.

    • Victoria A

      EXACTLY my thoughts! I love that line as well! I really needed this post today.

    • She Reads Truth

      Yes! So thankful, Cecilia. Thanks for stopping by today!


  • Thanks for this, Claire!

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