Announcing: Lent 2017


Hello, friends! It’s a dreary, rainy morning here in Tennessee, where the traffic commute is a little slower, the office chatter is a little quieter, and the coffee machine is working overtime. We have some amazing Lent news to share with you (!!!), but first, a little context…

Following the Church calendar is a priority for us at She Reads Truth, with Advent and Lent anchoring the rhythms of our editorial schedule. Reading God’s Word together—and remembering that for centuries the Church has done the same—helps our heart keep time with the gospel, kinda like those raindrops steadily falling outside our window. We look forward to Lent with expectant hearts, desiring that we as individuals and a community will come to know Jesus more because of it.

The season of Lent is a call to repentance, and God’s call to repentance is a call to life and restoration. That’s why this year for Lent, we’ve chosen to read through the Book of Isaiah together. The vision of Isaiah is epic. It opens with an invitation for all heaven and earth to listen (Isaiah 1:20), and proceeds to call for the restoration of God’s people on a massive scale. The scope of this book covers over sixty years of prophecy, spans the reign of three kings, and foretells the coming Messiah.

Isaiah’s tremendous vision still holds the truth of the gospel for us today. We can trace how God’s prophecies about the coming Messiah are fulfilled in Christ, and we need the prophet’s call to repentance just as dearly as God’s people did in 700 BC.

“You Are Mine: A Study of Isaiah,” a 7-week Lent reading plan, begins February 27 and runs through Easter Sunday.

Of course, there’s a gorgeous study book to go alongside the online reading plan, and we’ve partnered with some amazing women in our community to create a resource that we pray enhances your time in God’s Word. (And not just yours—the whole family’s! Keep reading!)

This study book includes all of the features you have come to know and love from She Reads Truth, plus some you don’t know you love yet! Featuring seven beautifully photographed recipes by Against All Grain‘s Danielle Walker and gorgeous paintings by artist Emily Jeffords, this book aims to give the inherently beautiful gospel the aesthetic beauty it deserves.






Also! We’re more than thrilled to announce the launch of our second Kids Read Truth resource—Kids Matching Cards: Isaiah’s Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus. Have fun learning how Isaiah shared God’s plan hundreds of years before it happened! With colorful illustrations and multiple ways to play, this 32-card set is appropriate for kids of all ages, and we pray it sparks meaningful, gospel-centered conversation.


Preorders for Lent 2017 She Reads Truth study books, He Reads Truth legacy books, and Kids Read Truth matching cards are now open. All Lent orders will begin shipping February 13.

And, if you love a good deal like we do, consider bundling our family of Lent resources and saving. We offer a family bundle, as well as an option for single moms and dads—y’all matter so much to us! Thank you for reading Truth with your kids!

ALSO SUPER IMPORTANT: Now thru 1/20, enjoy free domestic shipping on all Lent orders. Find yours at




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  • Anne Hughes

    My friend Annie has been sending me the lent devotionals and I’m so blessed! So, now I’m signed up to receive them myself. <3 I'm a pretty critical reader and have to say, you've got my attention so bless you for helping me seek the Lord daily. Love and cyberhugs, annee

  • The book is lovely and I’m blessed to have it. Wondering if you have any additional questions to challenge us and help with group discussions. Thank you~

  • I just got all my books, we ordered the family bundle. I can’t wait!!! So excited

  • will the recipes be in the paid plan on the app?

  • Grateful for this study! My husband and I are doing this together with the books and I wondered if there were any additional resources to help the conversation or guide your study?

  • JennLynnCan

    Dear SRT,
    I was wondering what time of day each reading is released for the Lent study. I live in Singapore and am reading through the app because I didn’t think the book would arrive in time. I’m just wondering how to schedule my reading time.


  • Linda Dix

    Just curious – I bought the Lent study book and I have had the app for a long time. Why does the app want me to pay you an additional $2.99 to access the Lent study online?

    • Stormye Puffer

      Hi Linda!

      Great question! You are absolutely welcome to continue reading the plans for free via email or on the web site. The app is quite costly to update and maintain, so while most all of the features are free (including some reading plans – yay!), there will be a small fee for the current community reading plans. In other words, the fee is not for the content itself but for the convenience of reading it within the feature-rich app — and it’s completely optional! Whichever method you choose, we hope you’ll continue reading along!

  • So looking forward to Thursday! ✝️

  • Mantombi

    Yeay, so excited and looking forward to lent study. Thank you Shereadstruthand. I appreciate this app a lot, It has changed my life in so many ways. ❤

  • Will this study be available in the app?? Looking forward to it!

  • Hey! My bible study would love to go through this together. Is there going to be any group style questions available?? If not, can there be?? :)

    • Avari

      Your website has to be the elicrtonec Swiss army knife for this topic.

  • Darla Vanderford

    I received the family bundle and we are so excited to start our very first Bible study together as a family. Mom and Dad have started separate ones in the past, but we never thought to study the same thing and together! The Women’s book is absolutely beautiful! The kids cards are great. The Men’s book is just as it needs to be for my guy- straight and to the point. And the added art and recipes in the women’s book are so nice! I think I have the same bowls shown in the oatmeal recipe :). Can you point me to any additional resources for teaching preschoolers Isaiah? I’ll search around. Love you ladies so much. I have struggled to consistently read the Word my entire (adult) life. Your ministry and, especially the app, has changed my life and helped me come to love my time with the Lord. Thank you so much! I am so glad the women in my church community group shared this wonderful resource.

  • Brittany F Peterson

    I would love to follow along in the Lent Isaiah study! Will the readings be available online? For free? ;)

  • Can we do the study with just the daily readings? Will they come by email?

  • Sara Chambers

    So excited for March 1 to arrive so I can start the beautiful You Are Mine study! Praise God for the amazing gift of His Son!

  • The book looks beautiful! The only thing that’s a bit funny is putting recipes/dessert pictures in a study guide during a season of fasting? I saw that lemon bar pic on the website, lol ;)

  • Oh my gosh I’m so excited you’re doing a lent plan, I came here looking for one and am so glad I found it! I love this time of year to be intentional and mediate in a deeper way. Can’t wait to start!

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Omg I just got this app and I just wanna say that it’s amazing!!!!! There is so much on here to help me get deeper into the Word!

  • Lisa Netzly

    Wow, I just read through this new upcoming Lent Study; I am just amazed at how the She Reads Truth Team really does such an amazing job! So thankful for this community of believers that encourage us to stay in God’s word! Praise Jesus! I also love the how you show extra love to the single mamas & dads out there! Lord give them your strength & joy.

  • I have ordered the Lent study book – so excited and cannot wait to join you all from Australia- hoping the international shipping gets it to me to start with you, will follow along with the app anyway. I am unsure how I stumbled across you on instagram, I wanted to reconnect with the Lord, and he led me to the path that you were all walking. Thank you SRT team and blessings for what you do.

  • What is the cost of this study if you just do it through the app?

  • Yay! Isaiah is one of my favorites and I can’t wait for the study! Just ordered my book :)

  • The book of Isaiah has been on my heart and mind for the past month or so, so much so that I started reading it on January 1st! It’s beautiful the way God communicates with us… all things keep pointing to the book of Isaiah and the hope found in its pages, for me! Thank you in advance for leading us in deeper study of this book.

  • My daughter ordered the John bible study book and it was so damaged from water that it’s completely distorted. I don’t think we’ll order again. She told them and nothing came of it. Better mailing packaging may have helped.

  • Dr. Suzanne Marshall

    I had a bad experience ordering the Advent books. The order did not give me an confirmation of any kind so I ordered again and ended up with double what I wanted. In addition the books were VERY disappointing. Definitely not worth the $25 price tag. Unfortunately I had ordered them twice for my women so now I have a $1000 credit which I don’t know what to do with. I’d like to look at the Lent book to make sure it’s not terrible like the Advent one. Could I preview a smaple?

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Suzanne,
      We’re sad to hear you were disappointed! While the study books are completely optional, you’re welcome to join us for the online content for free at We’ll be posting inside peeks of the Lent book on social media as well as the full shop listing at Email us at [email protected] if there’s anything else we can help with!


  • Jody Heavenrich

    Beyond excited for the study of Isaiah with this community. The study book looks gorgeous and exactly what can be expected from SRT.

  • Will you be restocking any of the classic studies? Thank you!

  • Question: i’m guessing that i already will be receiving these books, since I’m on auto subscription, but if i just want to add the children’s cards, do i put in a separate order?

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Joy,
      Yes! That’s correct. So glad you’ll be joining us!


  • I’m on auto ship. Is this included or do I need to order it separately? Thanks!

  • Thank you so much for all that y’all do for the kingdom. I started my first study (the book of Esther) a week ago and my life has changed tremendously. My friend and I (she’s doing the study about Moses) were contemplating which study plan to do next and when we found out that Isaiah was the next book, we were elated! I can’t wait to dive into Isaiah – it’s one of my most favorite books in the bible.
    Again, thank you so much for pouring your hearts and lives into these studies. Each book, so beautifully crafted, is anointed and I truly believe written with the spirit of God at the helm.

    Love from Hawaii,

  • THANK YOU for including items for kids! Matching cards that help them learn the Word of God while having fun?! Things like this mean so much to moms like me, who are married to a husband who does not believe. Anything I can do to help my kids learn about the Lord, since I bear this responsibility without the help of their dad. Keep up all that you are doing! <3

    • She Reads Truth

      So grateful for you, Bee! Praying these cards create a sweet truth-reading time for you and your family.


    • Rachel Smart-Gargasz

      Dear Heavenly Father … We pray together for this father and husband! May the wonder of YOU stir and excite these children to share Your message of love and redemption with their father! Lord bless this family and this father. Help him to have eyes that see and ears that hear the GOOD NEWS! AMEN AMEN AMEN ~~~~ I have been where you are as a wife and mom and I am pleased to say God heard my cries and answered my prayers! My husband is now a man of God! God not only answered my prayer but far EXCEEDED it and sent my husband on a mission trip two summers ago to preach to the children of Brazil. I promise HE hears your prayers! GOD IS GOOD!

  • So impressed Danielle’s recipes will be part of this!!

    • She Reads Truth

      We’re so excited and can’t wait for you to try them!


  • Adrienne

    I have already place an order !! The art on this SRT is absolutely gorgeous…

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