Holding Tight to Permanent: Day 3

Permission Granted


Today's Text: Hosea 2:14-23, 2 Corinthians 1:19-22

Text: Hosea 2:14-23, 2 Corinthians 1:19-22

I’ve been a believer in Jesus since I was five years old.

We were standing toward the front of our United Methodist chapel, singing from a hymnbook in the pews, my mom and my brother and me. I don’t remember what preceded the moment, but I remember feeling sure that Jesus was real. And I remember feeling sure that I wanted to serve Him. So I closed my eyes and held out my hands, palms up, like I was holding a serving tray. It was exhilarating.

This was my version of Moses’ “Here I am” (Exod. 3:4). This was childlike faith in its uncomplicated beauty.

As I grew, my faith grew too. We attended church regularly, and I was as involved as I could be. I went to Sunday school and Bible studies and summer youth trips. I read the Bible outside of church too. I began to journal my prayers. But even as I became more sure of who God was, I became less sure of who I was in relation to Him. The little girl who stood unabashedly before God, eager hands ready to serve, became a teenager who hid like Mother Eve beneath fig leaves of shame.

It was no longer Moses’ “Here I am” that I echoed in my heart. It was also his disbelief: “Who am I that I should go?” Or, as was more accurate to my line of thinking at the time: who am I that I am worth loving?

The fullness of the gospel had saved me, but I only seemed to remember half of it.

I knew I needed to be forgiven, but I couldn’t believe I was.

I knew God’s love was deep, but I thought my sin was deeper.

I knew Christ accepted me, but I didn’t imagine He’d accepted all of me.

I was a work in process, and I assumed the work was mine to complete. I was a well-intentioned mess, and I thought the mess was mine to clean up.

But guess what? That wasn’t Truth. God never said I have to clean myself up before I come to Him, to get it right before I trust in Him. He never said I could not or would not be a work in process. Search for these commands in the Bible, and you will come up short.

In fact, God says the opposite.

The Bible is full of in-process people, those whom Christ pursued and loved exactly as they were, well-intentioned messes like me. Like you. If we need permission to be in process, we can look to Scripture.

I am the woman at the well, taken aback that this man would dare to be seen with me.
I am Zaccheus, standing at a distance and hoping to catch a glimpse of the Messiah.
I am Peter, promising I would never deny Him and then turning around to do exactly that.
I am Peter, weeping when I meet Jesus’ eyes and realize that I have failed and failed big, again.
I am Martha, running around trying to guarantee my worth and everyone else’s happiness.
I am Mary, collapsing at His feet because I am so desperate for His presence.
I am the adulterous woman, standing guilty for all the world to see.
I am the bleeding woman, utterly incapable of healing what ails me.
I am a mess, in process, just like all of them. Looking through its pages, I see pieces of me all through God’s Book.

In God’s Word I’m reminded that I don’t secure my standing before Him by any guarantees I make, or even those I manage to keep. I am secure because He holds me in the safety of His covenant, the same covenant He has kept for generations past and will keep for generations to come.

The above is an excerpt from Chapter 3 of the book She Reads Truth: Holding Tight to Permanent in a World That’s Passing Away, written by Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams. Find She Reads Truth, the book, on Amazon or anywhere books are sold. SRT-Book16-instagram3s

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  • Lydia Harrison

    Yup. SO much of myself in this.

  • Vanessa Lucius

    This was so encouraging–both for me and others in my life. It gave me permission to see us all as works in progress, worthy of love, who God has not abandoned.

  • Naomii Gonzalez

    this was my favorite day so far!!

  • Stefanie .

    The Lord spoke very sweetly to me through this as I didn’t recognize the unworthy feeling I let be a wedge in my relationship with Him. What a promise— a beautiful, Forever covenant that only gets better with each passing moment.

  • Lilyann Meerkerk

    I needed this today as I struggle with whether God really loves me and looking for love in guys instead of my heavenly husband. Thank you God for accepting me as I work through life’s troubles and walk slowly and haltingly towards you.

  • Britney Cannon

    Yes! I often forget that God loves and embraces the mess I am and I am so thankful that he does!

  • Lexi Laymon

    Spoke all the way to the heart

  • Jessica Taylor

    Beautiful. Really helped me!

  • Jamie Franck

    Brought me to tears

  • Sheila Busch

    I am loved because I am. Just me, with messes and pain and poor decisions. All I have to do is reach my hands out to Christ and He will reach back with all the love and support I need, beyond my even knowing. In my mess, God is there, loving me.

  • Erika Earls

    I love this❤️

  • Linette Walton

    I love that isn’t about how I can fix myself but rather about being vulnerable enough to allow God to come close to fix the mess within me

  • wow I absolutely loved that devotion!!

  • ❤️

  • Y.E.S.

  • Stephanie Garcia

    God gives us permission to be a work-in-progress— there’s no pressure to be “perfect” because in his eyes, we already are. A great reminder that everyone in the Bible is a mess and we can be too.

  • Natalia Mendez

    LOVE ♥️

  • Kamillia Kelley

    I definitely need to remember this. Nothing I do will ever be enough. What I do is NOT what makes me saved and accepted. He is the reason I am saved, accepted, and protected!

  • Such a great message

  • Tiffani Dumpert

    I think it’s kinda perfect that this read fell on this first day of the new year. What a beautiful reminder that each of us are loved and accepted right where we are, beautiful messes He deems worthy through Christ to fulfill His Kingdom’s purpose. Thank you, Jesus!!

  • Thanks. Just what I needed at this time. Tend to let God down a lot but need this reminder that He picks me up, He dusts me off, He strengthens me and puts me back on firm ground. Praise Him forever!

  • I wonder if I am worthy of love almost on daily basis. I am not familiar with the Bible and it’s stories but reading of the works in process/progress opens my eyes to a whole other side of truth and faith. To know that I am not perfect nor will I ever be but still worthy of love for being me in him is so intense and exciting to look forward to coming closer as close as I can to god

  • Monique VillegasLary

    This read was much needed ! I love it !! ♥️

  • Ka'imilani

    I lost a dear friend yesterday night to suicide and it broke my heart. I’m only in high school and today at school it was very heavy. It was as if we were all trying to carry the weight that only God can hold. People blaming one another and rumors spreading from ear to ear. I didn’t know where to turn so I decided to read this…. Thank you so much, I’ve cried so much today, but this made me cry tears of joy… God is my truth & light in the midst of this dark world.

  • Brooklynn

    Sometimes I question am I good enough, am I smart enough, just loads of questions you are asking yourself. Then that’s when like you have to remember who you are in Christ and your walk with him as a follower of him.

  • Ashley Naomi

    My biggest struggle is to remember that I am worth it to God. I’ve grown up in faith, but broken families and painful relationships have torn down my faith in who God made me to be. I’m praying to follow His path and walk with Him once again.

  • Oh how wonderful our Savior is! To be known inside and out by a man who will never let you down and is always rooting for you. To have a protector that has the perfect plan for you if only we can trust and hold tight… oh the peace that comes when you have faith in his perfection rather then striving for our own. That is what it means to be set free and know the peace that passes all understanding, this is the place I️ long to exists in.

  • Jodee Bucur

    Like others I am saving this to read again during hard times. I’m newish to studying the Bible. My faith is there deep hidden I can feel it. But the fact that I dont have to be perfect just wow opened my eyes. I had the thought in my mind that it was best to have my act together before attempting God. Like getting fit and healthy before starting a gym membership. So dumb I know!!! ☺️ but it’s not true at all. That’s why we are here all searching for our own truths. Thank you.

  • “I am secure because He holds me in the safety of His covenant…” yes!

  • I love this. It brought me so much peace and comfort being reminded of the truth❤️

  • I saw myself in so much of this devotional, and see a part of me in every person named from the Bible. I can be a well intentioned mess, because it is in my weakness that His strength is made perfect ❤️

  • My husband and I don’t have children & siblings are far away. I realized today that if we died together in our home, it would be a while before anyone noticed.

    Having bipolar II, i realized lately, is very much like Groundhog Day. I keep facing the same tasks & cant seem to move forward. I plan to spend time with Jesus & meditate on the Word, but something distracts & I wake the next day wondering what happened to yesterday.

    I do identify with Peter & Martha & the others mentioned here. I have been through a lot in my life, but feeling like an island is the hardest of all.

    • Hope McGlothlin

      So sorry you’re feeling isolated, Mary. Praying for you and sending love your way. ❤️

  • This devotional really hit home for me. Love this and saving it to read every time I need it as a reminder I’m not alone and am a well intentioned mess in process

  • I have felt this way so many times! Just as you said though, I have seen myself in people through out the Bible. I’m a work in progress and that is perfectly ok. ….actually even better that is how I’m suppose to be because it’s through work in progress that His glory can shine.

  • This. We are all the same going through life. That devotional part really got me. We are the people in the Bible. No matter what we do or what we feel God is not going to turn His back on us no matter how much we feel we don’t deserve His love.

  • So it’s okay to have doubts? A lot of times I don’t my own salvation because I’m too tired to go to church because of work or even give time to my community because I’m always working. A lot of times I feel like I’m not being a real Christian and being loving enough to others.

    • Marcie

      Savannah, by chance have you read the next devotion in this group called “oxygen?” Embrace God’s perfect love for you in the gospel- it’s not about what we we do- how active we are at church or how much we love others- but what Jesus has done FOR us!! Rest in that today :)

      • Savannah

        I have read it and it was an amazing read. I think I’m just saddened that I can’t be super active in church but I also feel like the success I have at work is due to Jesus. And I give thanks for that. I just also wish that I had a church family supporting me.

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  • I am new to this app…guided by none other than my beautiful, inside and out, daughter-in-law!! I started with this particular lesson because I loved the preface! Everyday, but especially today, it has hit home!! I can not thank you enough…that is definitely my biggest struggle, to already be right before coming to him…that is also definitely my “I am” list as well…feeling so blessed to have found this app & these lessons!! And so thankful for the light God has placed in my life by the name of Laura!!! She is really the best daughter I didn’t birth, that a mother could have!!

  • Thank God!!

  • Amen!

  • This very passage is such a reassuring statement. This is the very struggle I battle. I find myself more often then not asking or questioning, how am I worthy of Gods forgiveness!?, I have failed to keep my word time and time again. I relate to peter so much! But the wonderful thing about God is that his word is still current! We have to remember that God died for us because he knew that we would and will continue to fail but through him we are saved. We are worthy! Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice!

  • Wonderful insight!

  • Serenity Or Naussica

    This is very powerful!

  • Lenah Marin

    I am so thankful for this. It’s so much what I needed.

  • Cillavalerie

    So glad for this study!

  • Amanda’s words hit me this morning. There are insecurities of who we are in Christ… which prohibits us from understanding and feeling what he has done for us and the freedom He has given. We need to remember that we are already who Christ wants us to be – He made us! We need to start to listen to the little proddings of the Holy Spirit and act!

  • I’ve really been struggling with new sin or struggles piping into my life right as I think I’ve figured it out. It’s humbling and peaceful to realize that’s it’s normal and okay to be “in process” God is good.

  • I have been a Christian my whole life but have been scared of God for the past several years. I read about how his promises are true and He is good but I have been through some things in the past few years that have proven that life can still feel unbearable. Why do these messages of his love not encourage me or lift my spirits? I live in anxiety.

    • Jo

      Jenna, my heart goes out to you. None of His promises say that this life is easy, but He did promise to be with us, to hold our hand. He is for us not against us. I speak God’s grace over you and His peace that goes beyond what you expect. Let’s keep reading His words. He is real. He is good and has good, good plans for you. When all else crumbles down, keep holding onto Him. These words are not platitudes, but truths that I know from dark days myself when all I had was the Lord. I am getting back to spending more time with Him because I know I need Him. Bless you.

    • Ashlee

      One of the most difficult things for me (and I believe women in general) is to function well in knowledge and not just in the feeling. My emotions tend to dictate my world. I know that the Lord is Good. I know that His plans for me include His Best. But so often I don’t feel that. What I’ve learned is that my feelings cannot control my actions or words and I have to keep them from controlling my thoughts. It’s why reading God’s words and praying to Him and looking for His blessings in my life (even when it feels and seems unbearable) is the right thing to do. Because eventually His promises will replace my thoughts. And His promises are truth. And He is Right. And I know I will be blessed if I do these things. He even says “happy are you” if you do them. I could use that happiness myself. Praying for you, Jenna.

  • Ruth Chalk

    What releaf and release reading that devotion. It lifted a burden from me. Thank you Jesus.

  • Mary-Ruby

    This really spoke to my heart. It shows you. I matter what you do, say or act God is always there and he died for us. So when we repent that wrong thing said is forgiven and forgotten by him.
    Whenever I think about this I want to scream I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU JESUS

  • Simona Pitu

    This devotion literally took the words out of my mouth! So powerful and true. To know that someone else is going through the same exact situations as I am going through makes me feel like I am not alone!

  • This read today was hands down God speaking straight to my heart… since I had my third child I have been. total type a perfectionist in my home and everything I do… most would at what’s wrong with That, but it leaves me feeling over worked, tired and empty inside because so much of my hard work Nd time spent goes into making worldly things perfect, when in the end none of it matters in God’s eyes. I will make a promise to make a day of rest during the week to just let me list go and to just focus on my Kids, husband and most importantly Jesus. what an awesome message today. Thank you Jesus.

    • Chelsea

      ” so much of my hard work Nd time spent goes into making worldly things perfect” -those words really stuck out to me. We can’t take anything with us out of this world and into His Kingdom. Eternity must be the focus. Perfect reminder, Kaleigh!

  • Holly Knight

    I’m at the point in my life, who am I? I’ve been Christian for my entire life, but have recently stepped back from it. I thought god couldn’t cure my depression or anxiety…so I stopped pursuing God. I’ve sinned so much in the last couple yrs…but I think I’m incapable of forgiveness. I wish I could push forward…but it’s so so hard knowing what God probably thinks of me. I’m so ashamed of what I’ve done.

    • Meg

      I was in the same place as you. Fighting depression and constantly sinning. It’s hard to come out of the place that you’re in. Especially when you’re thinking that God can’t forgive you. But get out of that mindset. Know that God wants you back. He wants to be close to you again and He loves you NO MATTER WHAT you have done or said. I will be praying for you to come out of the place you are in and realize just how much He loves you.

  • Chandria Burton

    This is my favorite devotion so far! God says come as you are. He throws your sins into the sea of forgetfulness and we have to remember that. I love it.

  • What a great reminder! I am not supposed to “fix myself” before coming to him throne. He takes me as I am and his grace moves to heal the brokenness in me once there. Thank you Lord for loving us so!

  • Alena Goodrich

    This helps refresh my soul and heart to know he loves all of me even the bad and he is will to heal me

  • When I first downloaded this app, I began with the Proverbs plan. I enjoyed it and I learned a lot. However, this plan has completely changed my life and I am only on day three. I cannot wait to purchase this book and learn even more about our amazing God.

  • Jordan and Julie, I’m very sorry to hear of your losses. It seems many are going through the struggles that I, too, am going through. I miscarried on March 29th. It would have been my 3rd child, which makes me feel guilty for even being upset. Many people around me haven’t even birthed one child, let alone 2, before experiencing this pain. There have been so many emotions with it. I pray for healed hearts for all those mommas who don’t get to hold their babies.❤️

  • To Julie and Jordon, so very sorry for your losses. It is so very difficult and overwhelming. Hope the Lord provides that perfect peace that only He can. ❤️❤️

  • God want us to be Happy and Holy….calling us to Grow everyday

  • This has definitely hit home with me, right down to being the little girl who accepted Jesus at a very young age and then got messy in her teenage years. Lost my way and I am always trying to do it all on my own. It’s always good to be reminded that I don’t have to do anything alone and that God loves me no matter….that he is the Truth always.

  • I have never felt worthy and still do not. I have turned my back on Christ to follow other religions too many times. But I’m returning to Him now, seeking forgiveness and asking for help. I am a mess with the best of intentions…

    • Proud Christian Girl

      It’s good you’re returning to God.

    • Holly J

      And he will welcome you with open, loving arms sister. He will never turn you away if you seek him x

  • I suffered a miscarriage two weeks ago and since then I have been experiencing feelings of self doubt and failure. Though I know in my heart that losing my baby had nothing to do with me, Satan likes to creep in and whisper lies to me. This really spoke to me this morning. I know that nothing I do or didn’t do can earn me love and acceptance from our God. Thank you for this reminder as I head back into church this morning for the first time since our loss.

    • She Reads Truth

      Praying for you, Jordan. Asking the Lord to heal and bring peace in this devastating time. So, so grateful for you.

      – Stormye

    • Julie

      I am so sorry for your loss! I had a miscarriage five days ago. I feel abandoned after losing the baby we so desperately wanted and waited for for over ten years. I agree with you that this study is a good reminder of God’s truth even though I can’t yet imagine what healing looks like. Maybe we could say a prayer for each other. God bless.

    • Rei

      Praying for you Jordan! I have miscarried and know exactly what you are going through! Put on the armor and hid scripture in your heart as you fight the battle of satans arrows.

  • I have felt this connection and disconnect so many times in my life. I long for it now.

  • Wow. This really spoke to me today. I am constantly feeling like I am measuring up short. That who am I to receive this kind of amazing grace and unconditional love. I struggle with disappointing Him. It was great to be reminded that we are all in-process people.

  • I prefer it be Him all up in my mess rather than anyone else poking around in it.

  • Savedbygrace

    Fighting that feeling today. This devotion was a word fitly spoken to me.

  • Love this

  • A mess. That is what I feel daily. I can never measure up on my own. Jesus help me receive your grace each day.

  • The idea that I’m “messed up” has been heavy on my heart and mind the past few months–needless to say, this devotional was precisely what I needed. Will definitely be coming back to this time and time again!

  • Jennifer P

    Wow! I need this every single morning to start my day! Thank you!

  • This was exactly what I needed to read this morning.

  • So perfectly said and just what my soul needed to hear

  • Absolutely loved this. So so true, I can triste to this 100%. I am currently going through the process of understanding that I am in process. God gives us the strength, wisdom, and guidance!

  • wow…so relatable and so true! what a beautiful way to speak this truth! xo

  • Rebecca

    Something that always seems to come to mind is that my brokenness and shortcomings serve to glorify God even more. As broken as I am, He still loves and chooses me. Amazing things can still be done, despite my flaws, because God is so GREAT!

  • I loved the perspective of relating to the people in the Bible. Sometimes we get so down on the people in the Bible for choices they made but we are all those people or characteristics at some point. The focus wasn’t on them though, it was on God and how He acted towards them or who He was to them. We are covered by Christ when we become Christians and while we still have faults, the more we keep our gaze on Christ, the more we’re able to cast off those insecurities. But boy is that harder to do than say!

  • Rebecca Bush

    Wow. Why don’t we believe we are forgiven? Or why do I let my own insecurities prevent me from doing amazing things for Christ and his church? I’ve often thought I can’t teach until I know more… Or I can’t mentor, I’m nothing special… Or any number of excuses because I feel inadequate. Being saved ensures our adequacy. The Bible says so. And if God promised it, it’s True.

  • mallory

    i love this

  • Ashley Gomez

    Wow! I really needed this. Beautiful!

  • Gabarama

    Resonates so deeply

  • So good

  • Digging Deeper

    I felt this could be my testimony also.

  • As I am in the wilderness, he calls me his people. All these ties to bible stories that are so familiar are heart opening as we see how messy we can truly approach his throne. I am yet again humbled by the amazing grace and love that is Jesus.

  • I am the bleeding woman, utterly incapable of healing what ails me. Wow. I have never seen the connection between salvation and these people looking for physical healing before. We are utterly incapable of healing what ails us, and that is the purpose of grace and our need for God’s salvation. We absolutely cannot do it ourselves no matter what. Wow.

    • Hannah

      I was blown away with the same thought. Hosea and the prostitute are such a beautiful example of how Christ loves us even when we are completely broken.

  • Jesus, you are worth everything. Nothing and no one compares to you. Grant me grace to walk in love and truth. Let me always live in simple pursuit of you, Lord!

  • Sheridan

    For so many years and for far too long I’ve had these exact thoughtsame. “I need to clean myself up before coming to Him” or “I need to ‘get right’ in certain areas of my life before I can seek Him.” It’s such a wonderful feeling knowing that’s not even close to true and I need that daily reminder over and over again. It’s okay to be a process.

  • I needed to hear that God loves me no matter what, sometimes I feel like I don’t even know who I am, I feel like I can’t love myself, divorced in 2009 at age 29, still single till now, been through many relationships that didn’t work out, partying so hard that I’d wake up so disgusted, I’d tell myself never again and at the slightest instance, it’s back to square one. I just want things to be different, I want to be a great mom to my 12year old son, it is good to know God loves me, it is still hard to believe he loves all of me. God help me to accept all this truth and May it change me, my life for the better. Amen.

    • Lisa

      Ebehi I commend you for your willingness to believe the Truth and act on it! I also struggle with making the same mistakes, over and over again, and I get so frustrated with myself. God does love you, and me, and he’s working in us right now, and freeing us from guilt and shame. I will pray for you and your son today!

  • Elizabeth

    The past year has been a tough year for me and I am finally coming back to my Savior. I kept lying to myself telling myself I was fine, but I knew I was not. I know I cannot go through this life on my own, I need to walk hand in hand with the Lord. It is hard to believe that the God we serve is so gracious. I loved this message and am so thankful we serve such a loving God.

  • Paige Petron

    I feel like I was a slave to my childhood. I grew up with a worldly identity (even when I later became saved I had to break away from it and it took many years later to stop) and my identity then that I took up was peacekeeper and assistant. Growing up in 3-4 houses, I learned to survive and I took care of my dad and I was my mom’s best friend, my aunt pretended to be my mother even though her love for me was not the same as her love for her children…(she probably hurt me the most growing up because of the segregation between me and her children and wasn’t always that nice). My uncle asked for advice and everyone ignored the truth of what I was going though and they all thought I could handle it but I couldn’t. I have lived a hard life in many ways. My parents split up when I was 3 and my grandma died right before I turned 4 and I grew up depressed and not liking that God made me. I knew of God when I was young butwasn’t saved till 2 years after starting to go to church in 5th grade. I didn’t like being alive and I never tried killing myself but I prayed that God would take me to heaven when I was 5-7 years of age. Life got barely easier but it also got a lot harder. After I was saved and baptized, I wasn’t really encouraged but discouraged and no one really showed me what living out faith looked like or going through the Bible with me. I slowly grew and looking back I see that God was trying to prepare me for my husband who’s 13 years older and he was trying to break the worldly identity that I took. My depression caused me to get really behind in school because I couldn’t learn very well and after being saved I could finally learn which was a miracle for how far behind I was and how I caught up with my grade. It’s crazy and I still struggle to remember a lot of things. That back and forth feeling that was mentioned is what I struggled with for years. Truth be told, I think God relived me a 2nd time by having me and my husband get married after I got out of high school. His timing is perfect and if I went to college or stayed close with my family, I would probably still be living miserably. My husband is saved and has not just seen the damage but he stayed with me and married me, his love is the 2nd most genuine (God the Father &God the Son being 1st) I have ever received. He has encouraged me more than anyone has ever done and from the moment 2weeks before we started dating till engagement, I knew that we were made for one another by the signs of the # 13 that kept showing. I saw that # for 2weeks before dating and finding out that there’s 13 years between us and also 13 days between our birthdays. Also chose February 13th as the day we’d get married last year. Praise God for his faithfulness and praise him for he is perfect and his plan is perfect. This really hit my heart today and I’m so thankful for finding this app for women’s bible study. My past is the past and I haven’t even shared everything that I went through in this long message. I hope many of you will pray for me to lean on Jesus for strength and guidance. That I will be able to work more as the “hands and feet” for the purpose that God has planned for my life. That I let go of more and more control to him. That my young marriage will also be strengthened as we move forward as one.

    • Mackennamoriah

      Read your message & my heart breaks for the pain in your past. Will pray for complete healing and Gods hand in your marriage. Continue to seek him in all things and he will make your paths straight!

      • Paige Petron

        Thank you Mackennamoriah. I struggled a lot and I saw where God was in it all. The prayers are most definitely appreciated. Prayer is powerful, so thank you. I don’t ever want to vaulter like I have in the past or fall into the same mistakes. God bless you!

  • This message spoke to me the more and more I read.. I think there are many times throughout the day that I question whether God could forgive me or still love me the same. Even though I’m not the same person as I was a year ago, my sin still lingers and it’s hard to move forward when I feel constantly reminded of who I once was. This message gave me hope and assurance and that is exactly what I needed.

  • Sarah Schumacher

    A message I know I should read repeatedly. Why any of us continue to run from the greatest love ever bestowed on us, I’ll never understand. I don’t deserve it but I need it.

  • Brittany

    I’m very thankful that God is right here for us no matter what. I’m thankful that he still loves us no matter what we have done. His love does run deeper than our sins. He can simply wipe them away and say I still love you. His love is unconditional and I can never wrap my eyes around it all because his love is greater than my mind could even see. Greater than what we think. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.. The one and only. Perfect.

  • This was right on time. I’m so happy that God loves me and holds me close to Him even in my mess.

  • I have no doubt I will be coming back to this reflection again and again. What a wonderful reminder that He loves us right where we are. That is very much a comfort for this very flawed woman. Thank you!

  • Chaunrose

    ALL the promises of God find their YES in Him! Glory to God. I’m so quick to forget what He says about Himself, His heart towards us, and His good promises. Thank you God!

  • Morgan Denham

    What a relief that fixing us isn’t up to us! Thank you for this post. Much needed for this constantly failing girl this morning!

  • Thank you so much for this!

  • First, this post is amazing. Thank you SO much for writing and sharing it.

    Second, how do you create the hyperlink to show a little preview instead of take you to a website? Is it your specific website that allows you to? I can’t get my WordPress blog to do this and I was kind of hoping I could. It’d help me save space.

  • Jodie Sabins

    This lesson really spoke to me. I struggle with feeling like I constantly fail and don’t deserve forgiveness. I am all of those people mentioned in the lesson. Thank you for this devotion.

  • Mary Alice

    I love this. You put into words things that I’m feeling, but lack the proper vocabulary. Thank you. I became a Christian as a child, but God has been teaching me about His grace for the past 14 years. I’m not finished. He’s still working. I’m just thankful.

  • This was good food for my soul!

  • Olivia Weeks

    We must rely on God for our salvation. It’s not about how we “feel”. So glad that he used this to speak to me today.

  • So very thankful to read that I am not alone in this struggle! His Word is true and it shows me the flaw in my thinking, my striving, my perfectionism. Thank you all for your insight!

  • Cindy Sutton

    I am what it says I am

  • Natalie

    This was so needed for me today, on a day where I feel that I cannot possibly overcome the sins of my past He has provided a reminder that it is okay to be growing and to be imperfect.

  • Gosh the devotional was so inspirational Nd moving , they are fab

  • Murphey Hatcher

    I love hearing the stories

  • “Looking through its pages, I see pieces of me all through God’s book”

  • Jillian

    This is without a doubt exactly what I needed to hear today! My story is nearly a mirror of what was written here. In church my whole life, once on fire, but now trying to earn God’s love. But, I have been saved by Grace, not works!

  • I am secure because He holds me in the safety of His covenant, the same covenant He has kept for generations past and will keep for generations to come….Amen and bless you for this

  • You did it again SRT. This was something I really needed to read this morning. Amanda, your story is also my story, but shame is also a big part of my narrative and something that is a daily battle for me. I really am a hot mess, much the like the examples given here, individuals in scripture who were loved and redeemed by Jesus. Today’s reading is another powerful reminder of how I need to keep looking to God’s word and cling to the covenant He has made with me. Thank you so much for this powerful reminder that we are all work in progress and that inspire of my hot mess self, God love for me is so fierce and so tender.

  • This could be my story too. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t love and believe in Jesus but I also felt very corporately loved back and not liked very well as a fallible individual. It took me a long time to uncover the stories and verses that told me who I really am, not just the sanitized ones I was taught about people against whom I could never seem to measure up. People don’t understand why my tears flow copiously when I worship, but it’s the deep gratitude and love that a perfect Savior sings over imperfect me whose righteousness (in any way) only comes from Him.

  • Sandy W.

    I am a mess, but I am His mess!

  • Victoria

    I loved this and it was much needed today. I am every single example that she gave- and feel especially similar to Martha. Thank you for this♡

  • I am Martha. I spend so much of my time running around trying to please all those around me, making sure I am appreciated, making sure I am valued, instead of realizing my value in my Father in heaven, instead of seeking time in His presence.
    What a powerful reminder for me.

    • Hannah

      I resonate with this so much. Just this past weekend I was running around, trying to “do” in order to get people to appreciate and love me. When it didn’t happen, I got frustrated and upset. All the while, my worth and happiness can never be found in others as they are constantly changing beings. Oh that I might find my worth in him.

  • Chelsea Zerwekh

    So powerful. I wrote out all those “I am..” statements in the front of my bible <3 Thanks for the reminder.

  • What an amazing reminder. God accepts me here and now, he accepts and forgive my failures. I don’t have to be in a certain spot in order to fully follow him, he accepts me while I’m in process. I love this

  • Thank you for this.

  • Jenna Stephan

    A couple of years ago I knew that I was an in progress person, I was trying to get a hold of God and what He wanted for me and be more intimate with Him. Now I feel like I’ve made progress in these areas.
    However, I am still in progress, just a different stage in the progress. There is no shame in being in progress.

  • Jenna Stephan

    Hosea 2:14-15. This scriptural reference in this reference was so real and spoke to me straight like my future husband would, it awoke my eyes to see that He really does love me more than any man could. I am so in love with that and thankful for that.

  • Jenna Stephan

    “I was a work in process, and I assumed the work was mine to complete”
    Me right now. I was plagued with confusion, stagnancy, and needed refreshing. He brought that and hope, ten fold of what I needed because I let His truth be spoken over my life.

  • Rachel Lindsay

    This blessed my heart today.

  • Jessica

    What a beautiful reminder!

  • Thank you for this reminder to seek Him in His Word and continue to the build that relationship with Him. I feel like I am Lazarus and need my faith reawakened and breathed life into. I’ve been a Christian a long time like the writer and as she pointed out, it’s easy to know the Gospel but only half of it. My prayer is that my relationship with God would find new life in Him and be invigorating as I grow in my walk with Him.

  • Kasey Summers

    So good. Thank you for this reminder!

  • This is so completely me. For years I’ve worked so hard to find confidence in myself and failed miserably. Really, I needed to work hard to find confidence in GOD instead. I pray that He helps me continue to focus on finding Him first!

  • Great examples! Even little steps can lead us in the right direction if we remain faithful!

  • Jess Gardiner

    Each day I feel so much pressure to be so many things: good, loving, self-controller, successful, cheerful… it feels too much and I’m not enough. But Jesus draws alongside me and whispers, “Be mine.” This is all He asks of me today! Help me cease from striving and be simply and gladly yours today!

  • Andrea O

    This was exactly what I needed after an eventful morning at work with she said you said. That it is okay to be a work in progress but that most importantly I am his. And his taking care of me.
    Please pray for me today, that peace will surround me, that new doors would open, and that Alabama would come home to us.

  • Christine Marie

    Such a great reminder that who we are is Whose we are, and nothing can change that!

  • This was perfect to read today. To be reminded that I am a work in progress. And that’s okay. Even expected.

    I attended my uncle’s funeral yesterday, and he had an exemplary testimony that pointed back to Jesus in every facet of his life. I want to be like this. I want my life to reflect Jesus. I feel like I’m so far from this right now. I don’t read the bible every day. I don’t pray every day. I’m not investing my time in getting to know my Lord.

    But I want that to change. I want to want to know Jesus. I want to be excited about getting to meet him face to face, not just afraid of hell. I know that he is real and true and loves me, but I have such a hard time believing that he could love ME. I feel so undeserving…And I know I am. But he has chosen to love me anyway.

    I pray that I can be open to Him, to what he has for me in this coming year. I want this to be a turning point. The year where I truly understand what it means for my Lord Jesus to be the center of my life, and not just another task on my list of things to do that didn’t get checked off. I want to fall in love with Him.

    • Candy

      Rachel- I too will pray for you. That you will come to know Him as your best friend and know that He loves you NOW just as you are! Jesus please keep Rachel open to see you daily in her life and to know that as she seeks you she will also be a beacon of light to shine your life and love on others. Amen

    • Morgan

      I feel the exact same way Rachel! My phrase to remember for the coming year is “falling in love with Jesus.” I am so undeserving, discontent and sinful, but Jesus CHOSE to love me. Isn’t that just wonderful!? I want to truly love God, not just submit to him to steer clear of hell. I am so thankful that he saved me so I have this priceless opportunity. You do too! We need to take advantage of it, the most wonderful, powerful and loving being EVER wants desperately to KNOW you! It’s so hard to wrap my head around. I will be praying for you, and your walk with Jesus, and that you will be intentional and really yearn to spend time with God. That is my prayer for you and myself this year. :)

      • Savannah

        I love that! “Falling in love with Jesus” is now my focus for the year! Thank you Morgan!!

    • Naomi LaBoo

      I truly understand how you feel!

    • Naomi LaBoo

      This was spot on with me! I can’t tell you how many times I have felt that I was a failure, and allowed how I felt keep me away from God! It’s amazing how Satan will deceive us into thinking we must be perfect before we can give our lives to him! Love this devotion for the day!

    • DYB

      Amen me too!!

    • Rachel

      Thank you all, ladies. I’m so looking forward to committing to truly being a part of this community as it points me in to relationship with Jesus. What a blessing it is to seek Him together. :)

    • Christine Marie

      Rachel this is also my heart cry. Let’s take those steps to pursue God and He will help us!

  • Loretta Vejar

    Beautifully written as I realize how true this is of me too.

  • Alisha Talbot

    This is something I have been struggling with so much lately. Thank you, I really needed to hear this!

  • Heavy sigh….. I read the list and realize I am all of those and more…. but because He is , i am redeemed.

  • Love this!❤There’s a great worship song called Yes and Amen by Housefires.

  • Caroline

    Amen! Love love love this ” I am secure because He holds me in the safety of His covenant, the same covenant He has kept for generations past and will keep for generations to come.” <— YES and Amen!


  • On this topic, the song “Live Like You’re Loved” blessed me today. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_r47Xhkf20

    • Elizabeth

      Thank you so much for sharing that song! I had never heard it before, but it touched me in the perfect way this morning. “Live like you’re loved. Walk like you’re free. Stand like you know who He made you to he. His love has made you more than enough!” I’m praying we all live in His love today because that is always enough.

  • So grateful for this! I may be a broken mess, but in God I am found, I am loved. I only wish I knew this when I was younger, to believe like I believe now. But I have faith that I’m never too late to start now, to cultivate childlike innocence and to keep my eye on Jesus. Thank you SRT and all the sisters on this site, for inspiring and encouraging!

  • Melissa

    I really needed this today. God bless you.

  • Jessica

    I was that young child who fell so deeply in love with Christ. Growing up, I have lost parts of me – this being one of them. Now in my mid-20’s I’m realizing that not only have I negated the importance of the strength and love my God has given me, I have also lost some feeling of self worth. I will admit to not believing I can be forgiven – because who would ever want to do that? Well, now I know. I can feel it again. Jesus Christ has never left me even when I tried to push Him aside. Thank you for reminding me that nobody is perfect – I AM a work in progress, but the work is what we leave at the foot of the cross. I pray that we all may continue to trust in the Lord with full hearts.

  • Wow. That is totally me. I have been feeling like such a failure because of past choices and present as a christian. I strive for perfection but never able to attain it. Why does God say,”Be ye holy for I am holy,” if it seems impossible? When does the healing come? When does the pain end? Life is hard and the trials are intense but God gives grace every day. Thanks for the encouragement!!

    • Rachel

      It can be frustrating to work so hard to be working and yet stumble again, and I too am often in that place. Things like this study remind us that there can be comfort in failing as well. If we were able to attain perfection, we would not need to rely on God. But we are imperfect and we do need Him. There is something beautiful about our reliance on Him in our brokenness. Through Him we get a little closer and a little better at it as time goes by. And if we take a couple steps back, he’s still right there with us ready to help as always. Praying for you sister!

  • Sophia Alalibo

    This is a beautiful revelation. God bless you. Thank you for letting me know God hasn’t given up on me. I’m maybe a work in progress but I’m His workpiece.

  • Braden Prather

    What a beautiful reminder. While reading this it reminded me of the song Overwhelmed.

    “I know the power of Your Cross
    Forgiven and free forever You’ll be my God
    And all that You’ve done is so overwhelming

    I delight myself in You
    In the Glory of Your Presence
    I’m overwhelmed, I’m overwhelmed by You
    And God I run into Your arms
    Unashamed because of mercy
    I’m overwhelmed, I’m overwhelmed by You

    You are Beautiful, You are Beautiful
    Oh God, there is no one more Beautiful
    You are Beautiful, God you are the most Beautiful”

  • What a relief that it’s not by my strength that I get to heaven and into God’s presence, but that Jesus makes up for my weakness. I am accepted only because He said “She’s with Me.” And praise God for that because I am far, far, from enough. I pray that I will stop striving for ‘perfection’, in whatever form that seems to currently take for me, and realize the only thing I need to be striving for is Jesus. I know will never find true fulfillment without Him, but how easy it is for me to get separated from that knowledge and wander astray.

    • Cindy

      Wow, Sarah…. Your words both hit me hard and opened my eyes to wonder… I was at a party another lifetime ago, feeling very out of place, until the guy that I was with said “she’s with me”. That gave me station and place, and I was ok. How sD and amazing and now praiseworthy that I never thought of Jueus as being that person, that King, that loved if my soul, that gives me place! How wondrous His name, and our mind ogling His love for me. Thank you for your words thAt brought me to a new place this morning….

      • Rachel

        This analogy really got to me. How comforting and incredible to have God in all his authority say “she’s with me” and instantly have a place!

    • Kendra


    • cj8of8

      wow. “She’s with me”.. wholly filling that insecurity of never good enough. Thanks for your words today sister. Jesus.. Thank you. Your Yes is truth and balm to the past. Your grace is sufficient and all we ever need.

    • DYB

      Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this insight ❤

  • After the night I had this was the blessing I needed to remind myself of

  • Terri K

    This was such a great reminder. I have sought perfection before returning to the church but the Spirit reminding that perfection is a false hope. It is not attainable for someone born into like myself. I have to remember Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for me so that I may come to Him and the Heavenly Father.

  • Julia Harris

    I really need this reminder. Thank you!

  • Tochi Heredia

    This instantly made me think how I always need to label myself. I needed to be the best student, the obedient child favoured by adults, always had to have the answer for everything, and the list goes on.
    But getting people’s approval never filled the void in my heart. In my seeking, I got rejection time and time again and I always seemed to fall short.

    How incredibly awesome it is that we can come to Him just like we are: no masks, no theatricality, without the facade of cool and ordinary human being.
    We can come to Him heartbroken, confused, doubtful, hurt, humble. And what a joy that He doesn’t see us under the light of our achievements, but through the blood of Jesus Christ!

  • This is exactly the reminder I needed. Yesterday I was telling a couple friends that I felt confused and was just having a rough day. I pointed it to knowing i needed to find my joy in God alone but struggling to do that… The reminder that i’ll never fully reach perfection in Christ here on earth is so sweet… Only until I am with him in eternity will the work be finished. Thanks be to God! Praying for you sisters today.

  • Dawn Hall Curtis

    Thank you for this Amanda. So timely.

  • What a relief that we don’t have to be perfect to approach the Lord! And that He accepts us even as we fail along the way to serving Him. I am so thankful that He loves me, progress and all… even when my process gets messy. I made a royal mess of it when I was young! And now as I am older and “wiser” I make messes still. He is always there to patiently clean me up and make me right again. How I look forward to that day when we are made new and His creation is fully restored!

    • She Reads Truth

      Such a sweet relief, Sarah. Grateful for your reminders today!


  • Skigranny1

    Today’s writing is so me. I didn’t understand exactly who Christ is, how much He loves me and how He is always there for me until I was 50! And at 50 I had the exact same innocence and excitement that you had at 5. I was always in church as a child but had he rug pulled out from under me in my early 20’s. God is so amazing and He never gives up on us. He is so patient. And yet here I am; just like those in the bible that you shared above. Praise Him that His mercies are new each day. I am a work in progress and love that He always gives us “aha” moments. So grateful for His word that is a constant reminder of how He cares for us, helps us stay on track and reminds us that we are not alone in this walk. I am grateful for those in the bible who were not perfect – showing that there is hope for us as well. And am grateful that the battle belongs to the Lord. Have a blessed day!

  • churchmouse

    The bar always moved too high. It was set in childhood, to be the good girl so as to get the good grades to get the good job to get the good guy who had to have the good job to get the good house in the good neighborhood to have the good kids with the good grades… And of course to have good friends and volunteer for good causes and go to a good church and do good works there – all the while, always looking good. Say the right words. Do the right thing. Whatever that was as defined by whoever at the time. Just when I thought I’d reached the bar, it moved out of reach again. All that striving was exhausting and unsatisfying. Then I ran into Jesus! He held my hand and took me to His cross. He looked me in the eyes and softly yet firmly said “it is finished!” The chains fell off. The bar broke in two. I took His hand and I’ve never let go since. Please, if this is your story, there is freedom at the foot of the Cross. And unbelievable joy. Go there today. Watch the bar fall.

    • Jan Brown

      Thanks for your post; it’s exactly what I needed this morning.

    • TinaW

      What a wonderful way to describe how I have felt, and I am sure many others… there is nothing we can do that will ever amount to what Jesus has done… It is finished, just call out to Jesus and follow Him… He is the way…. thanks for this reminder we can do nothing in comparison to what Jesus did for us…

    • AJ Thomas

      This is a beautifully said truth! Thank you

    • Tina

      Churchmouse…this is a bar raiser…thank you…

      Blessings dearest..xx

    • Leslie

      Amen! I have felt the same. Finally have felt freedom the last few years as I’ve trusted God’s word to show me who he is and who I am in him!

  • Love all the comments this morning. I think most women can relate to feeling like they don’t quite measure up. I love the book of Hosea, and I am so thankful that God knew what all my shortcomings would be before He ever chose to create me. It’s good to be reminded of that from time to time.

  • Rebecca

    I definitely needed to read this today! Thank you!

  • Just wow. This has hit home with me today.

  • This is totally me, right from the little girl who adored God SO completely… I wish I had a record of that time, of how purely I trusted Him and desired Him.

    Sadly, even then it was hard for me to understand what it means to “Fear God”. Some of that remains cloudy and painful for me surrounded by people who always needed / need to determine who’s fault lead to something and insist there is no grace as you clean up a mess you are too weak to on your own strength.

    God give me the strength to strive to be what He calls me to be, TRULY knowing He is the one who accomplishes it and He DOES give grace and it IS sufficient!

    (So blessed by SRT.)

  • Djavila H

    This was a great read for me this morning. As a perfectionist it’s a constant struggle to accept the mess I am and the messy world we live in. It’s even harder to really remember the truth that God loved me first- not because of anything I have done but because of who he is. He loved me first- mess and all.
    Thank God for his gracious and merciful love that he lavishes on us.

  • This is so me – a mess in process that feels like I have to have to get it all together myself. The New Year always fuels that in me, as I come up with a list of things I personally need to “fix” – love in Hosea how much it says “I will”, meaning God does all of these things!

  • Is the reading in 1 Corinthians or 2 Corinthians?

    • Becky

      I believe it’s a misprint and should be 2 Corinthians. Love v. 22…”He has identified us as His own by placing the Holy Spirit in our hearts as the first installment that guarantees everything He has promised us.” NLT

    • Amanda Williams

      2 Corinthians! It has been corrected. xo

  • Vulnerable me. So needed to hear this stop striving and believe and rest message straight to my heart from Jesus.

    • Jessie Ereddia

      Ceasing to strive is probably one of the biggest challenges I see women facing in my life. Including myself. Just recently I’ve started incorporating a sabbath into my week where I do no housework, no errands, and no burdensome work for a whole day. And even though I feel unproductive and am having to fight the temptation to pick up a sponge or run to the store, I’m finding that my soul feels so restored by the end of the day. I’m realizing that most things I put on my plate can be put off for one more day, if I’d only let myself. If you don’t already take a day to rest and put away your to do list, I want to encourage you to try it! There’s so much freedom to be found in the sabbath rest, and Lord knows we need that rest! To get our eyes off of ourselves and back on him.

  • Oh to be a child in innocence, of innocence, from innocence…

    It is so easy..when a child, to see things in goodness and truth, to believe in that childlike way, that A is A and B is B… our hearts so innocent, we trust as though the word harm or wrong were not in our vocabulary, that the world is ours for the taking, for the giving…that all around is true and truth..

    When does that change?

    Why does that change?

    The ‘permanent’ of our childhood, seems not to last, things change along the way, life changes, choices.., become that….you have to choose, to be or not to be, follow or be left behind. As we grow, we follow… what we see, what we hear, how we act, and sadly sometimes that becomes our identity…we become confused, a mess…no matter how straight we think we are there, is a crookedness about us…we are a mess…a concoction of.. lost-ness, failure, one trying so hard to be worthy, one in need of healing….

    BUT GOD…

    I wonder if this is why Jesus tells us to be like children in Matthew 18:3 ‘I assure you that unless you become like children you will never enter the Kingdom of heaven…’

    Easier said than done in many ways, on so many levels….

    BUT GOD….

    Amanda, thank you for these great words of Truth….In God’s Word I’m reminded that I don’t secure my standing before Him by any guarantees I make, or even those I manage to keep. I am secure because He holds me in the safety of His covenant, the same covenant He has kept for generations past and will keep for generations to come…

    This is the LORD’s declaration….

    Powerful words, powerful Truth….Amen.
    Holding on to the truth today that, no matter my mess, the LORD’s declaration, Promise, Covenant to me is that He sees me, He loves me… warts and all, He knows me, I am worthy, I am forgiven, accepted, chosen, freed…no longer a slave to my bad choices….

    That.. You are my people…
    And I gladly and joyfully say
    You are My God…. Amen

    I’ve said too much…oops sorry..
    Be Blessed..in all you do today, sisters…xxxxx

    • Sherri

      Good morning Tina, never too much, always insightful, your thought provoking comments encourage me. Thank you, have a wonderful, blessed day!☺️

    • Jenni

      Thank you Tina- this was amazing.

    • Ellen

      Your “oops sorry” made me laugh. Thank you so much for your words….they were not too much much, in fact they were just right.

    • Hilary

      Beautiful, Tina. I have a friend who has a simple tattoo that says “But God…”. I love those words as well. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Rachel

      Wow thank you for this! I am that person who constantly has changed happening in my life and feels like I’ve lost my identity and I don’t know who I am. With each new season I take on a new shell of who I think I am supposed to be. But God is what my identity is in. He says “she’s with me” and that’s all I need.

    • Cindybelle

    • Nicole

      love reading your posts! thank you for your insight :)

  • God is awesome. Today this has summed up how I have been feeling for so long and the list of ‘I am…’ is such a perfect summary of my life, what relief to know my failings are known to God and that He loves me still!! I feel like a burden has been lifted and I will return to that specific passage again and again. Thank you SRT once more for listening to God, faithfully following His calling and serving Him ❤️

  • Wendy23

    Too much like Martha, making myself too busy to sit at his feet send then too much like Peter thinking I’ve messed up AGAIN! Thank you for reminding me that He sees me through my Lord Jesus and loves me through Him. So thankful I’ve found this site.

  • So good! Thank you!!

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