Holding Tight to Permanent: Day 1

She Is Me


Today's Text: 1 Corinthians 13

Text: 1 Corinthians 13

She is me.
She is you.
She wants faith, hope, and love.
She wants help and healing.
She wants to hear and be heard, to see and be seen.
She wants things set right.

She wants to know what is true—not partly true, or sometimes true, or almost true. She wants to see Truth itself, face to face.

But here, now, these things are all cloudy. Hope is tinged with hurt. Faith is shaded by doubt. Lesser, broken things masquerade as love.

Real love is the God who became flesh—a living, feeling human being. He is God with us, rescuing the dying, calling the sinners, and embracing those who are wasting away. Real hope is the God who came to set things right. He came to set the cloudy mirror aside for good so we can see Him, face to face. Real Truth is the Word that created the world, the truth that never ceases to be true. Counterfeits no longer interest her; she is looking for the realest thing. This is why she reads.

She reads Truth to find Jesus.

And He is there, on every page, greater than her triumphs and shame, vaster than her needs and her pain. Those are real, to be certain. But they are the partial, the passing away. Jesus—and Jesus alone—is the Perfect, the Permanent.

The Truth does not magically erase her suffering or cure her disappointment. It does not negate her struggle or invalidate her sorrow. It does something even better—it leads her into relationship with the One who made her and makes her new, the One who is greater than all of these. The Truth brings her face to face with the God who has never stopped loving His children, who has never failed to do what He says He will do. The Truth is love in black and white—a love that does not change, even when her Bible is closed.

One day the cloudy mirror will be gone. One day face-to-face is the only way she will see.

Until then, she reads Truth—not just for answers or equations, help or how-tos. She reads Truth to find the perfect and permanent One. She reads Truth because she needs Jesus.

The above is an excerpt from the introduction of the book She Reads Truth: Holding Tight to Permanent in a World That’s Passing Away, written by Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams. Find She Reads Truth, the book, on Amazon or anywhere books are sold.


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  • Dlhokazi Nhaúle

    amazing ❤️

  • Bridgette Reddington

    Have been finding it hard to love someone in my life that hurt me, even though I know I should forgive and love. What a beautiful passage and reminder that God Loves is through our faults and wants us to love others more than anything else❤️

  • Catharine SandersDanks

    I love this

  • Gabi Smith

    Love makes everyone feel whole! Love is pure and love is great! But the center of our love is Jesus which he is the reason we love!

  • Terry Larson

    Oh my gosh! I needed this. It was like it was speaking right to me.

  • Tess Rhue

    …even when my bible is closed. Even when I fall short… I’m unconditionally loved by the greatest man of my life!

  • Sarah Bounds

    Love always wins

  • Dak Wilster

    I can check off all my Christian boxes, but if I don’t have Love, it’s all a waste of time.

  • Jess Buchberger

    How powerful to remember even though our sorrows are real, they are passing. They are not the final word. Gives such great perspective on God’s greatness and permanence! He outlasts your circumstances.

  • Lexi Brackens

    It’s like this was meant for me today!

  • Renee and Tikolo

    She reads truth cause she needs Jesus

  • Robin Melton

    We are to love everyone. No matter what they’ve said or done. No matter who they are.

  • Ashton Estep

    Really what I needed today!

  • Gaby Burdell

    Oh my! How wonderful this is! The Real Truth!

  • Valerie Rivera

    Beautiful – just beautifully said!!! I believe in the Truth and read the Truth because it is the reason that I exist and have the life I have. Amazing what Scripture can do when you read it out loud!!!

  • Beth Muhs

    Truth always wins out. God is truth in times of trouble and doubt. He is REAL and He knows our hearts. To see Him face to face…I can only imagine.

  • Delaney Crane


  • Melissa Otwell


  • Amber Clark

    Amazing how God always knows just what we need to hear at just the right time. This passage has shown up twice today for me. I’m here God! I’m paying attention.

  • Austyn Skierka

    I’m only just starting this plan, but I absolutely love Day 1, it’s beautiful and it speaks to me on a very personal level

  • Maria Skinner

    I love how Day 1 talks about how The Truth does not make our sorrows magically disappear or negate our struggles- so important to understand that knowing The Truth will help us to get through difficult times, not make them go away when we want them to. Something I forget often but am encouraged reading this!

  • Paris Evans

    I wonder if i was led to begin this plan today. In a state of confusion but this has helped.

  • Britney Cannon

    Often, I forget that we truly do not know what love is until we have Jesus because He Is Love. This passage helped me to remember that although we may not see Him face to face yet, he has given us His Word to give us His Hope, His Love, and His Trust!

  • Laís Gomes Coelho Da Silva

    She reads truth to find Jesus, and to fall in love for Him even more.

  • Christina Cannon

    I always love this passage because so often I get caught up in love I forget what it means to really love. First we need Jesus. And right now our access is through his truth the Bible. So thankful for his truth!

  • Landrey Fulmer

    I think, so often as single women OR married women, goodness gracious as HUMANS we need love. We thrive off of the feeling of being wanted and taken care of and are consistently in search of someone who embodies those characteristics. And so often when we read this passage we are thinking of how we ought to love. And the type of love we should expect… but we forget that THAT LOVE IS GOD.
    I looooove “truth is love in black and white”. The Bible is this really massive love letter to us all. And this is showing us God’s never ending love.. it continues when we get off our our knees.. when we put down our hands… when we close the Bible… IT NEVER STOPS.

    More than that.. it doesn’t deem anything we go through as unworthy. It doesn’t call us crazy for our emotions and our flesh.. it simply pushes us toward Jesus. How stinking cool is that? That God says “yeah. I get your heartache. I get your sorrow. I GET your pain. I’m with you. Press into me. Let Me transform that. Let Me show you My truth.”
    Jesus LOVED Barabbas… and that’s US. Fully consumed in this world in this flesh in this TEMPORARY FLEETING time. And He (IN PERFECT LOVE) sent His SON to atone for our sins. If this passage is telling you anything about the man you are searching for or the love you strive to put out into the world… we are searching for God’s love. And that’s so messy right now. On earth that’s so hard to comprehend. That mirror is blurry. BUT CAN YOU IMAGINE WHEN WE ARE FACE TO FACE!?
    Man, could I sound more pumped about how cool God’s Love is??

  • GirlBoss TumBlr


  • Jessica Coronado

    Much needed

  • Shauna Kay

    Great scripture, especially for Type A personalities like myself. I often find that I fear not having control when I don’t spend as much time in the Word. “She is Me” married well with the reading. Very grateful for encouraging women ❤️

  • Sheila Busch

    What a beautiful way to put into words the search I feel. Looking for the perfect, forever love. The love that forgives, holds, comforts. It’s here, in the Word, in Jesus.

  • Recha Reid

    This hits my heart is such a special way. We are reading Truth to find. Not to find a placeholder, but something, no, someone permanent.

  • Sara Giffin

    This reminds me of 1 John 4:18 “there is no fear in love for perfect love casts out fear…” because the lack of love IS fear. We fear what we can’t control, but when he hold tight to God’s love and deepening our relationship with him, our fear is replaced with love and our faith is made stronger.

  • Janelle Malueg

    we only get the partial view, BUT when we are face to face with God in the future we will understand fully

  • Linette Walton

    She reads Truth because she needs Jesus – what a beautiful statement realizing that God gave us His Word because He knew without it we would not survive

  • So refreshing to hear this passage not in the context of a wedding ceremony. I just lost someone dear to me and hearing this gives me the charge to love. It’s amazing how God directs us to things when we need it the most.

  • Melissa Pigg

    I really appreciated how she pointed out that reading truth isn’t going to erase disappointment or suffering, but will lead you into a closer relationship with Jesus. It’s super important to remember that as much as we attend church and read our bibles and do everything “right”, the only thing that can really heal us is Jesus. ❤️

  • Samantha Archer

    Life changing scripture. Loved every word of it and it really moved the way I think and do things. All things should be done in Love

  • Summer Reed


  • Katlyn Meiners

  • Beranda Bryant

    Love it! We don’t need to read for how-tos! When we read to earnestly seek Jesus, The Truth, the how-tos and answers to everything are made clear!

  • katie mark

    so good !

  • Janna Becker

    Great reminder to focus on Jesus, rather than the how-tos that I often see in any portion of Scripture. I want to be that woman. One who disciplines herself to actually read in the first place, and then who also finds Jesus in the Word.

  • Heather Smith


  • Kari Doyle

    This is so fantastic. I needed to read something like this. I need Jesus and He is there, no matter where I am.

  • Sadie Fox

    1Cor 13 has become one of my favorite chapters in the whole Bible. It does away with all of these clouds we’re surrounded by every day and gives us a beautiful and simple promise of simplicity and and warmth and love with God! It instills in me (and others!) a pure hope and peace that the permanent remains and all of this will pass away. What peace!!

  • Alexis DeLaPeña

    I loved this. I really needed this. Thank you.

  • Payton Cope

    He is there. Even when we don’t feel Him, don’t see Him, even when we are ignoring Him. Thank you Jesus for being a solid rock on which we can stand, always.

  • Taylor Shutt

    This one really hit me in the heart today. So thankful!

  • This is what I need to hear today!

  • Becca Wilson

    This is the exact thing I needed to hear today. I think God had a reason to bring me hear today. I’m going through so many changes right now, and it’s encouraging to know that God will always stay the same, even when everything else is changing. ❤️

  • Madeline Odom

    This is definitely a word from the Lord.

  • Hanna Fritz

    This is so powerful and exactly what I needed to hear today. The excerpt from the book had me in tears because 2017 was an extremely difficult year for me. There was many struggles and a lot of pain. I’m still recovering from it, although this year I am reaching out to God to help me. I know I need Him and I’m putting my pride aside to ask for His strength and guidance during this new year.

  • Angel Cbow

    When I first started this series I was not able to open this first devotional and now at the end of the week I understand why. I realize that I have been looking for love and was searching in all the wrong places, in every place I could other than the one place I knew true love lies. My walk with this new relationship opens my eyes to his hand and I am grateful.

  • Emmie Glancy

    love it!

  • Kristen Bonner

    This is my first plan from She Reads Truth and I am so encouraged!!! I couldn’t think of a better way to bring in the year

  • Gillian Brinson


  • Marcy Hanson

    Just what I needed this morning!

  • Ashley Marie

    thank you

  • Madison Chrissley

    This is an answer to my prayers. What an encouraging word

  • Lauren Calhoun

    I can’t remember the exact moment when I first read this passage in the Bible but I do remember feeling like I finally found the place in the Bible that spoke directly to my heart. Each time I read these verses I am greeted with a tinge of nostalgia and a sense renewal. What a great way to start the new year!

  • Suzanne Wiley

    I am moved! Encouraged! Desperate for TRUTH in every moment. “A love that does not change even when her bible is closed.” Change me Lord. Be my truth.

  • Rachel Hollenbeck

    I love the words: “She reads Truth to find Jesus. And He is there, on every page, greater than her triumphs and shame, vaster than her needs and her pain.” I’ve been struggling with the need to be perfect and wrestling with what grace means practically. And here is my answer. Read Truth to find Jesus—greater than my triumphs and shame.

    And the words: “Until then, she reads Truth—not just for answers or equations, help or how-tos. … She reads Truth because she needs Jesus.” What a relief to remember that I need Him. I’m not the answer. My work, my desires, my effort is not my hope—He is!

  • Maggie Biggs

    “And he is there, on every page, greater than her triumphs and shame, vaster than her needs and her pain. Those are real, to be certain. But they are the partial, the passing away. Jesus—and Jesus alone—is the perfect, the Permanent.” What sweet words of encouragement. As we go through our lives we are faced with insufferable pain, sometimes with no end in sight. But how great is it that Jesus understands this pain and guides us through it with the Truth written for us. Through these hardships we face, God is leading us into a deeper relationship with him who will make us new and clean. Excellent and encouraging read, looking forward to the coming days for this sweet devotion.

  • Love this study already. Great read on the first day of the new year.

  • Shelley Watts

    I read Truth to find Jesus too. Thank you for your helpful words. ❤️

  • Claire Byrd

    Looking towards the new year with hope and a desire to more closely be held to Truth!

  • Bethany Loewen

    “The Truth is love in black and white – a love that does not change, even when her Bible is closed” – this is my first time doing a devotional reading in much too long, reading this reminds me that God’s love for me has not faltered even through my love for Him has.

  • Sabrina Chol

    I Love How Deep This Is Thank You God For Helping Me Find This App.

  • God loves and cherishes his children !!

  • Kamillia Kelley

    So excited to be doing this devotional. It’s my first devotional ever. I have thought many things were love that were not, that many things were permanent that were not. Learning more about our Savior makes me so excited!

  • yes I love the truth, I felt and realized this partial left behind me yesterday. here I read these words. wow god is amazing, I love him so much! god is so good always :)

  • I just got the app, this is my first plan, and I love it! Really excited to keep using the app!

  • I really love what I just read. I have known about She Reads Truth for a long time and have actually been back and forth at keeping the app and using it. But I want to do better about it, so the app is here to stay! Excited for things to come!!

  • I love this app too. It makes getting into the Word a lot easier wi h having a plan and having a study always with me.

  • Hi Kathleen, me too. I was looking for something to fill the gap to advent and this was perfect. Perfect and permanent love in Christ is a great focal point.

  • Kathleen Raygoza

    I wanted to read something that would bring me right up to advent. What a great devotion to remind me that even in this world of tarnished hope, I can hope in Someone more Permanent and Perfect! The holidays away from broken family can be sad, but Christ always lifts me up.

  • JBoeck0414

    I just downloaded this app. And am so very glad that I did. I literally asked God how can I incorporate Him into my daily life, and here I am.

  • This poem/ devotion hit me very hard. We will find our truth in Christ. I often struggle in this world of lies and deceit, looking for clarity and guidance from humans. Instead I can find my truth and happiness in the Lord and His True Word.

  • Brooklynn

    God is the only one who shows what real love is, He is the perfect picture of true love and that’s why we can trust him and read real truth and trust in every circumstance because he is the only thing to heaven.

  • Sarah Bauman

    4 Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, 5 does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, 6 does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; 7 bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

    I really needed this right now! Such an encouragement!

  • Heather Cheryl Perez

    How encouraging! And true! And wisdom! :) amen!

  • Amanda Lulay

    The more we know the Truth, the easier it does become to see when something is counterfeit. Great devotional!

  • the part that stood out to me is that God’s love continues ‘even when her Bible is closed’ so often I equate God’s love and blessing with my own performance….but I’m learning that sacred and spiritual are not just words to describe spiritual things, but all of life. God is with me even when my Bible is closed and I’m not focused on pursuing Him in that moment. His love goes on and on.

  • This devotional is so beautiful! I brought so much into perspective about my life and my purpose.

  • Taylor Abraham

    “A love that does not change – even when her Bible is closed.” This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. An understanding and a reminder that I don’t always have to be reading the Word or talking about it to be loved by God. Rather, have the desire and the mindset to grow closer to Him each and every day.

  • Amen!!! ❤❤❤

  • This devotional brought so much piece to me. For months I have struggled with not feeling loved by my friends and family and wanting a relationship so desperately. But what I really needed was to find that love in God. And He’s made me see that now, in a time when I so desperately need to see it. He made me see real love.

    • Payton Cope

      I am with you Brooke. God has all of the love that we could ever need.

  • This devotional brought me to tears, i’ve struggled with feeling like pieces of my story are redeemable and wanted by others. and reading out loud this devotional and reading that Jesus loves me and doesn’t belittle my story or suffering but helps me understand, was such an encouragement

  • Stefanie wilkin

    I hate when it’s cold outside and I step out from the warm car and my glasses fog up. I can’t see for a few moments or maybe even a minute. That’s like the Lord with us…. sometimes we expect certain things to go a certain way. We feel all warm and fuzzy and then for a moment things get foggy. That moment is when God takes the time to make us wait. It may be for a moment but his ways could take longer. Remember the Lord always does things in his time. Even when we want to hurry up and get back in the car so we can see again.

  • I am struggling with believing in God’s love for me. I have been suffering for so long it doesn’t seem like it will ever end. Trying to focus on something better lying in the future.

    • Sam

      Hi Samantha! My name is Samantha too! Funny that you say something I relate to 100%, well, used to. Something I learned a while back is i couldn’t believe or accept it on my own. All that pain and built up walls was keeping me from the one whose love was more than I can understand… so much I was even afraid of it… something GOOD and PERFECT after all the bad. God had to change my heart, not me. I’m just an imperfect person, and an imperfect person trying to fix an imperfect heart isn’t the best way to go. Phillipians 3 is a great chapter you should check out and compare to your comment!! In that verse, the “prize” is Christ. John 16:33 is a great verse, God declares this world ain’t easy. But Jesus overcame the grave and took on your sin so you don’t gotta do this all on your own beautiful!! Where I am at now is i am still imperfect, still going through trials, but I am more joyful than ever because I do my best to remember God and his perfect love for me. Hope this was encouraging. :)

      • Sam

        “Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”
        ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭3:12-14‬ ‭NIV‬‬
        You should definetely read all of chapter 3!

      • Sam

        ““I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.””
        ‭‭John‬ ‭16:33‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • Amberly Herbst

      I understand those thoughts. Make your life about His Kingdom come. Not yours. It is hard but think of God lovingly looking down pleased with His daughter and not finger pointing.

    • Meredith

      Samantha I struggle with believing too. I know God loves me, I’ve seen it in action. I’ve felt it and yet I easily and often lose focus. I start to focus on the every day or even the storms of this life but remember, we are here temporarily. Why not adjust your focus to the permanent? It’s ok if you have to readjust your focus often, you’re in great company. Just remember not to give up on seeking to put your eyes on the prize like Sam said.

  • I have to say I love this❤️. I’m excited to read these passages and every morning. I completely connect with it,it humbles me,and I feel grateful. It’s beautiful.God bless you all!❤️❤️❤️

  • A friend of mine (who always writes such wonderful and challenging posts from his current home in Uganda) wrote this today, and I thought I would share it here:

    “There are some mornings that only appear after the fog, there are some songs that only come through suffering, there are some tears which only fall from laughing, there are some questions only understood through surrender, there are some miracles which only appear inside the fire. The older I get, I’m learning to be more malleable than cynical of these reminders. I’m learning that it’s more than just seeing everything through God, but also seeing God in everything. There is a love that is more powerful than the sun and there is a hope that is nearer than the night. Even if darkness and suffering covers us till morning comes, we are all moving closer to a dawn that’s already come”

  • i am struggling to know if i really do know how to love. what does it feel like or look like to know for sure. I am doing as the bible says to love.

    • Megan

      One of my favorite exercises to do is put my name in place of the word love in the passage in 1 Corinthians. “Megan is patient; Megan is kind” etc. and it’s a good way for me to clearly see where I am lacking or struggling- and the areas that I’m doing really well.

      We will never be perfect, and we will never be able to love in the capacity that God loves – but he has given us all of the tools to do our best. If you’re struggling with ability to love, allow God to move your heart. Ask him to expand your territory (prayer of jabez) and reveal new passion in you to love others where they are. Only you are you- God has given you unique and individual abilities and opportunities to love the people who surround you. If you ask him for more love, he will never turn you away ❤

  • Adeline Ferreira

    Sometimes I think we all forget how great God’s Love is for us. He gave us so much and yet we forget daily what he’s done for us. We forget his love that lavishes over us and renews us daily. We NEED the Truth in our lives daily but so many times we think we aren’t good enough. My friends, believe you are good enough because even in the days that we mess up God is still a God of love and his Truth says that he loves you no matter what and you need that Truth in your life. I encourage you with this; remember God’s great love because though we may not deserve it, He gives it freely daily.

  • “Hope is tinged with hurt and faith is shaded by doubt.” But how AWESOME to know that God GIVES hope and God IS faithful! So that our hope in Him can’t be laced with hurt and our faith in Him is never doubted!!!

  • “But they are partial and passing away. Jesus —and Jesus alone —is the Perfect, the Permanent.” I need to remember his is the ONLY perfect and PERMANENT of this world.

  • The truth doesn’t erase the suffering but leads us to the Father! Amen. I am here at this place. It feels sad but hopeful. God has lead me here and He has my attention! I am ready.

  • This is so beautiful and so true for me.

  • the truth that never ceases to be true….
    I love this!!
    No matter what circumstance, no matter the past, no matter the who, why, when, where….

  • I feel like I see through that cloudy mirror when I’m doubting. But we are not meant to see clearly on Earth. It will be revealed in good time.

  • She Is Me was a description of who I want to be in Christ. Thank you so much for sharing that. I will refer to it often as a reminder.

  • This put so much peace in my heart

    • E. Denise.

      Amen, Ruth. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. It spoke to me on so many levels.

  • So that She will be face to face. What an extraordinary love God have that He became Flesh, so that I can seek and Find him and build a relationship with Him. He loved me so much that He took my sin as far as the east is from the west. Jesus surrendered all for love. I need to everyday surrender all to Him and trust that His plans for my day hour by hour, minute by minute and second by second is the best for me.

    I really love 1 Corinthians 13:12, it reminds me that soon we will stand face to face and see His love for us fully and completely.

    • diane

      it is so hard to imagine….GOD GOD became a man….to be with us! I need to remember that…

  • God loves me.
    “He never fails to do what he says He’ll do”
    Sometimes we try to think God said He’ll do this.. or tht..
    Yet this just reminded me.. who am I to say what God will and will not do for me?
    I pray tht Jesus will create in me a ❤️ tht truly loves.
    Because when I truly love Jesus.. I won’t have to question everything He does for me.

  • 4 Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant
    I should do: love is patient. Not a flat piece of paper, but rather like making a paper origami crane. Love is 3- dimensional. Love is alive as the breeze moves a hanging origami bird on a string-the Holy Spirit breaths on me, moving me. In practing patience (hope and waiting for prayers to answered), I need to also practice being kind to myself I find. How do I become more pliable in the Masters hands when I want to run away, circumvent, find easy or ignor “patience” in love? Holy Spirit I need Your fresh breath of air blowing on me, helping me, reminding me: patience and kindness.

  • ❤️

  • Meg DeJarnett

    I need to read this 20 more times and let it truly sink in. As a wife, a mother, a entrepreneur, a minister I feel overwhelmed by the ever moving pieces I stubble to stay afloat with. But he is permanent.

  • The words… He is there, on every page… brings such comfort to me today. Makes me want to come back to his book even more.

  • h.m.everett

    I have had periods of time where my relationship with God was a partnership like spouses. In between those periods we have become like acquaintances visiting with each other on Sundays at church and even that is inconsistent. I have let society and the things of this world create time to take away from the opportunity to build that relationship with God. I have been let down by others and I have let it consume my feelings, thoughts, actions and relationships of those around me instead of rejoicing in the vast permanent love that God through Jesus shares and wants with me. I must adore my relationship with Christ as I do with my husband.

  • good mini sermon

  • Kaylenn Hunt

    Being a teenager really sucks, and I get sucked into the typically teenage ways. I don’t like it, but I do it anyways. I’ve recently come to see what I’ve become and I’d like to get back to where I’m supposed to be: close with the Lord.

    • Taylor

      Don’t be hard on yourself about having human struggles. Jesus loves you always! No matter what you do. You’re trying your best and He see’s that and knows that. He knows who you are in your heart!!!!! Go about your day and be blessed ❤️

  • This is beautiful. Really spoke to my heart tonight. Laying in bed, trying to sleep but my mind is too busy filled with stressful thoughts that really don’t matter. Opened up the app to find something of comfort and stumbled upon this somehow. God is good and my heart and mind feel at rest. ❤️

  • Breanna Dizon

    Love this so much. I feel so encouraged by this

  • Determined to connect with my Heavenly Father more and more. Thank you for this!

  • Sarah Hader

    Man, this is a breath of fresh air. I’ve been listening to Jordan Peterson (clinical psychologist and professor at the university of Toronto) a lot lately. He’s a brilliant man with lots of insight, but he seems to shy a bit from the love aspect of Scripture. Not that he isn’t obviously compassionate – but that he seems to think that truth and love are separate ideals and that you have to pick one to hold the highest. So he chooses truth.

    But I think truth and love are equally important and that they go together. You don’t have to forsake one for the other. To speak truth in kindness is the most loving thing you can do.

  • This passage is such an amazing description of our Father…He IS love! And he isn’t irritable and He doesn’t keep a record of wrongs. Glory.

  • Courtney Alldridge

    I am in awe. Coming to the well and to Jesus every morning gives & breathes life into my heart & soul. I am in awe because the Jesus I get to know more and more everyday lives in me & as a result of that I get to live with Him, in Love, Faith & Hope.

  • Kimberly Hicks

    I am so glad the father is merciful:)

  • just started today, and am looking for some clarification on a particular verse. 1 Corinthians 13:12 says “for now we see a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known” What are some of your interpretations in this verse?

    • Stephanie

      We can’t know everything in full, our human minds are finite and cannot comprehend the infinite mind and ways of God. When we are reunited with him someday, we will finally be able to fully understand and know God. We will see him clearly as he already clearly sees us.

    • Sarah

      One idea I have is that coming to know God more deeply and being in relationship with Him reveals His truth for our lives. Like right now I’ve been struggling with lies, that I tell myself and the world tells me. And when I believe those lies, it’s like I’m looking into a dim mirror. My reflection is not clear because what I believe at those moments is not of God and is false. But as I seek God’s truth, I am able to see more clearly the way God sees me. And these lies all separate me from God. But as I seek Him I am brought closer to Him/face to face as I come to know Him more fully. That is kind of what I got from it. Hope this helps! : )

  • I love this so so much

  • I really love this.

  • I’ve had this app on my phone for about three weeks now. Never opened it until this morning. And It amazes me that God leads me to what I need to hear from him every time. As I know I’m about to go through a big change in life this devotional was God talking to me saying I’m going to be ok and that no matter what He is always there. Is crazy freaky how someone we can’t even hug is always hugging and loving us. Thank you Jesus.

    • Natalie

      Hey. I’m going through a bunch of change too. I’ll be praying that God holds you during this time of change for you and that he protects you too. Trust and worship Him in song and He will help you get through this change and find peace and comfortability. Amen. ♥️♥️♥️

      • Jenna

        I’m also going through a lot of life changes right now. Funny because I have had this app on here for weeks as well and today was lead to it… and lead right to this devotional. God is good❤️

  • I am living in sin. I had my first handsome boy who is now one out of wedlock. I moved to another state hours away from my family to live with my boyfriend… in sin. Ever since I moved, I’ve been unhappy. I want to believe I’m happy… but I can’t. Depression started to kick in, I started to drink & smoke to find a way out of this heavy unhappiness. Every time I spoke to my mother or sisters I just got even more depressed. I want nothing more but for God to bring me out of this depression and show me how to love. I need peace and I pray for it everyday. I feel like I can’t have what I am praying for because I am living in sin. How do I just up and leave someone that we share a child with and go back home?? I feel so trapped. I just pray God hears my silent tears and answers my prayers.

    • EB Davis

      I’m praying for guidance and peace for you this morning, Najè. Cling to Jesus, ask for direction, and He will lead you out of sin. You are a mother now, it is your responsibility to lead your child in truth. Seek out help from believers around you. You can’t do this alone. Sending love and prayers.

  • It is crazy that we can’t even fathom God’s perfect love. My hearts desire is just to love people the way Jesus loves us. To forgive and love people. There are no strings attached to His love. He willing gave His life knowing that not everyone would accept Him. What an amazing love. My prayer is that He would teach us how to love. I don’t want to be a clanging symbol in His ears.

  • how old is ed sheeran

    you can say that alternative medicine is cheaper too and usually comes from natural sources.


  • I’ve just been on social media wayy too much lately looking at people and things from the past getting riled, irritated, angry, and anxious. God has safely and miraculously brought me and my two kids away from all of that yet I sat here for a few weeks looking at people I was once friends with questioning their Christian authenticity and getting irritated at their posts. So I logged off everything and am going to try this social media cleanse for as long as I can to get back to focusing on the one thing that truly matters: Jesus. I have gotten so concerned with looking at these people online that I have lost my way a little bit, I need redirection, I need forgiveness, healing, some real peace of mind, and the strength to push through.

  • It is a real comfort to know that there are other women here in this hard hard world, seeking after God and after truth. I want to love him with everything I have so badly, but life can get so hard and distracting! Praying for all of you ladies here today, that God will meet us right where each are at!

  • Five months ago, my son came into the world. he is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to my husband and me. We feel so blessed and fortunate everyday.
    I should be happier, though. Over the past few months, I have been dealing with crippling post-partum anxiety. I love my son so much, it hurts. I am constantly afraid of losing him l, or losing my husband, to the point that we am not able to enjoy our life and our blessing. I feel like, my life is better right now than it ever has been, and I feel like it’s too good to be true, and something is going to break my joy.
    I am looking for a therapist, but I know, ultimately, I need Jesus. I need to trust Jesus. I just feel like, life is so fragile, and I have no control, and I worry about my baby so much. I am trying to hold tight, but I feel my fingers slipping.

    • F

      Trust Him and hold onto hope. Speak the words of the psalmist, “Why am I so sad? Why am I so troubled? I will put my hope in God, and once again I will praise him, my saviour and my God. Here in exile my heart is breaking, and so I turn my thoughts to him. He has sent waves of sorrow over my soul; chaos roars at me like a flood, like waterfalls thundering down to the Jordan from Mount Hermon and Mount Mizar.

      May the LORD show his constant love during the day, so that I may have a song at night, a prayer to the God of my life.”
      ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭42:5-8‬ ‭GNB‬‬
      This is not the end of your story. Seek help from a Christian counselor and the best counselor our Father in Heaven.

    • Sarah Curry

      EB Davis — Oh girl. I went through the exact same thing when we had our little boy 11 months ago. I’ve never had anything very bad happen to me, and somehow I got it in my head that God was going to take my baby to teach me some lesson. I was praying one night, trying to find my way through the thoughts in my head, when I heard Him say, clear as a bell, “You really think that much of yourself that I’d take MY child to teach you a lesson?” I needed that reality check!
      I believe He is GOOD, and He isn’t surprised by our unbelief or our anxiety, whether hormonal or just is succumbing to the stress of life. The truth is there are no guarantees of our loved ones’ health or safety, and it just hits home so hard when you become a mother! I’m still, months later, learning to meet Him each day with my anxiety, and ask for peace and faith. And the awesome thing is that He isn’t offended by me needing to ask to believe that He’s good. I try to remind myself that the way I feel about my child is a sliver of the way He feels about me, and although He may use some hard product of living on earth to reveal his glory and grow my faith, He will never hurt me. Anyways, I know how you feel! Hold on to Him with both hands, don’t try to white-knuckle your way through the anxiety alone! Also, don’t be afraid to tell others! I really believe the devil likes to keep us isolated in those thoughts. I felt so much better once I’d told my husband and friends how dark my thoughts had gotten. I hope we serve as a little bit of that safe place for you! Praying for you this morning!

      • Laura L.

        Sarah, thanks for writing this. I’m not a mom, but I feel this way about my husband sometimes. I feel like he just loves so freely and selflessly and I love him SO much… and for those reasons I fear God might take him away from me, to teach me a lesson. I’ve heard stories of spouses passing away and we’ve only been married for a year. Your comment really helps me with this mental (and spiritual) battle I’m talking about.

    • Keri

      I struggled with this same thing after I became a mother. For 6 years I gradually become more and more fearful of losing them or dying and leaving them. I spent so much time in prayer begging God for peace! Psalm 3:3 is now my life verse! “You O Lord, are a shield around me. My glory and the lifter of my head.” Praying that you will feel God’s presence in your life like a shield surrounding you, your husband, and your child. I tried everything to cope with my fears, including refusing to do anything I viewed remotely dangerous. The ONLY thing that truly gave me peace was surrendering completely to Christ.

  • I just lost my dad to cancer and I am truly finding Gods path for me in my life

  • I recently (about a year ago) stopped trusting God. I still considered myself a Christian but I was far from living the life of one. I had an affair and I knew better. I KNEW BETTER but I did it anyway. That’s how the enemy works. Convincing and deceiving you of lies. I was having a lot of marital issues, regrets, and doubts about what my life had come to. Once all my issues came to the surface crazy enough I found a sense of relief. Even though I hurt my husband and betrayed others in my life, I found my way back to the TRUTH! I knew the only thing I had left to try was give my life back to God. Truly looking for the answers to my life in the word. Not my friends, not my family members. God, his scripture, through prayer. I finally realized that God allowed me to experience the things I went through for his purpose. I’m still not perfect but I know where my truth lies. My marriage has a foundation that has become much more God founded we are still growing together in faith and in TRUTH instead of apart and in sin. This app has changed my life and I hope it continues to change others as well.

    • Fritha

      I too Brandy went through the same as you and out of that perfect love and Truth our marriage was renewed. Right now we are going through another hardship in our marriage, my husband was unfaithful. But I can truthfully say that Gods love has enveloped us and is teaching us to breathe and be love again for one another as he is for us. I cannot believe that in such tribulations we are able to find peace and love instead of hate and anger.
      I love reading everyone’s comments and knowing we all hurt but can know that perfect love that heals all.

  • In a world full of hate and disappointment, we find God, open and willing to hear our hearts cry. Thank you for Your Truth

  • Amen, indeed!

  • Just very recently, after many years of walking with and serving God, things have made me question not his love for me but my love for him-my daughter wrote a blog post about this app so I loaded it and started this plan today, only to be reminded of and return to my first love. While i definitely wanted forgiveness for sin at conversion, what I’ve always longed for was Truth. I know Truth. I love Truth. And I’m reminded that love of Truth is to love Jesus, and I do.

    • EB Davis

      Prayed for you this morning, MaryAnne. I know how it feels to question your love for God. Hold tight to the only permanence we have.

  • It’s so crazy that some day we will know God to the extent that he knows us now. Wow! I am so excited to know him so fully!!

  • katie mei


  • katie mei

    so thankful for a never changing, always loving, permanent perect God!!!

  • Jesus is the Perfect, the Permanent. Thank You, Jesus for perfectly and unchangingly living me. For being a certainty when life feels so uncertain.

  • Thank you Lord for your love. You are the one constNt in our life. Faithful always.

  • The only real truth, that you can stand by 100%, is the Word of God. God and His love is something we can always depend on. He is always there for us, all we have to do is have a little faith that He will come through for us every time we are feeling down, of having a bad day.

  • What a beautiful reminder of how Truth never changes and just is, no matter how my foggy life is at the moment. I’m ready for a new part of my life, one where I clearly see how permanent Truth, faith, hope and Love can be.

  • Tiffany Klassen

    I am brand new to this app and was calling out to God for his presence. I stumbled on this and I must say: I feel he has begun to answer me. The truth isn’t out there in the world, it’s in here. In the Word.

  • This devotion reminds me of my granny. I have always strived to be like her because it doesn’t matter what anyone does wrong, she always loved them for who they are. She’s such a blessing to my life and can’t wait to see her again❤️

  • It’s such a great reminder that God is the perfect everything. Sometimes the day to day clouds my mind and I forget even in my suffering he is there right beside me.

  • Musicmama928

    This is perfect! Women struggle with this all the time. So thankful for Jesus who shows us truth and true love.

  • Thank you Lord for reminding me that we know in part, and one day we will know fully as we have been fully known. Thank you for reminding me that love never ends and endures forever. With my mom recently passing away, this is a great reminder of how loved I am by Him. He is always there guiding us!

  • Truth well spoken!!That magic fix is Jesus only Jesus!!

  • “The Truth does not magically erase her suffering or cure her disappointment. It does not negate her struggle or invalidate her sorrow. It does something even better—it leads her into relationship with the One who made her and makes her new, the One who is greater than all of these. The Truth brings her face to face with the God who has never stopped loving His children, who has never failed to do what He says He will do. The Truth is love in black and white—a love that does not change, even when her Bible is closed. ” this spoke to me…even tho I’m late to start reading this plan! so often I feel Iook for that magic fix…Lord…bring me closer to you!

  • My pastor used this passage and I just love it. It’s so powerful and amazing how much love truly means to our Lord!

  • What greater friendship could you ask for. Even when we walk away from God he never turns his back on us. He stays a permanent fixture, a light in our life’s waiting for us to turn around and take one step. We take one step towards our God and he comes running.

  • It’s crazy to me how many times I’ve read this or heard it, but never really comprehended its meaning. On the surface, I think I love, but do I? “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.” On a daily basis I could break all these signs of love. We are all imperfect, fallen human beings so sin is inevitable, but it doesn’t make it okay. I pray for a conscious mind and a pure heart and a strong faith to lead me through the day.

  • I am Danielle and I just started this myself and maby can get little guidance please

  • Britt Nicole

    Hi guys! I am 37 and have two kids. I have just started this. It has been a wonderful journey to read the truth. I want to start praying for y’all. Could y’all please tell me how I can pray for you.
    Go listen to my music! Britt Nicole! Love y’all! ❤️

    • Alaina Basinger

      Hey Britt. I just started this app today. And this study! I’m a momma of two, also! I just don’t know where god wants me. I’ve gone to so many different churches looking to just feel god, feel loved, and feel like I’m suppose to be there. I have been in this unsure chapter of life just trying to figure out what I believe where I need to go, and where my family needs to be. My husband doesn’t go to church with me. So the load to raise my children in the right place is on me. I’ve been praying for two years for god to just show me, or speak to me. And I am just as unsure now as I was then. I feel so distant from god. And I’m tired of trying! I just want to feel loved and not confused, to know that he is with me and hearing me.

      • Heidi Kiser

        Lord, I’m praying for you to help Alaina. Help her to find rest in you. Help her to train her children to become followers of you. Help her find Godly friends. Help her husband to follow the path of you. Help him to understand your word. God I’m also praying for Alaina’s two children. I pray you will help here to love them unconditionally.
        I will keep praying for you Alaina.

    • Hannah Norvell

      I just started this study as well! I heard about it from some friends I met this summer on a mission trip. I just got back home this week from the trip so pray that I would be able transition well and find more opportunities to do ministry at home!

  • Love is everything. It’s actions last far more than empty (albeit well intended) words. Ummm pondering how I show that love unconditional, unmovable – permanent!

  • Such a good reminder love has no grey area. Godly relationships are pure , wholesome and are found only in the heart of Jesus . Anything outside of Him Is merely temptations

  • This gave me the support I needed to remember that the people in my life who have hurt me are just as hurt and broken as I am. None of us are perfect, but we have a perfect God who loves us with all he has. It may take time to get into the practice but in the unsteady times of the world I know I can look to God as my constant comfort.

  • I’m on a missions trip with ALOT of people and this was exactly what I needed! Praise God for putting this in my path!
    Love is above all! It is kind and patient even when I am not and others are not..!
    Just the reminder and awakening I needed to fight my jet lagged and sinful body ❤️❤️❤️

  • Courtney Prysock

    it was a good

  • Lucy Manley

    As a young girl doubtful of my future relationships, education, and career. I couldn’t have needed this more. His love is permanently enough.

  • This devotional remind me of how we are all in need of steady trust, unswerving hope, and extravagant, genuine love in God and others – and how Jesus is the truest source of all three! Such a blessed assurance.

  • That is a tricky thing to remind oneself of everyday- that what we are going through is not permanent. I wonder how this would look if we truly knew that God was eternal throughout our day. That seems so foreign that I don’t even know what that looks like! Wow!

  • Truthfully I have been the one with my bible closed and face turned away for the last 2 months. I didn’t stop loving God but it was almost as if I didn’t want to feel or hear anything more until I could untangle what was in front of me. I have been escaping and numbing life by hiding in fantasy.
    Thank you Papa for reminding me your love doesn’t leave me even when I am turned away for the moment.

    • Ruth Chalk

      Hi Leah. praying that you will take His hand and ask Him to walk with you through your situation so that one day it is far behind and not still infront blocking you joy and growth.

  • KhadishaLee

    Love this

  • I am in pain. I absolutely adore the fact that instead of receiving a placebo for my pain the scriptures offer me an eternal relationship with God. I feel so blessed right now.

  • Such a amazing feeling to know, that no matter how many times we get let down in this world… he will remain constant in his love for us.

  • Holly Knight

    this is exactly what I needed today!

  • Simona Pitu

    The simplicity of this devotional is so powerful and fills my heart. The power of love is indescribable and I used to think I didn’t deserve God’s love. I became lost for such a long time and love was the core of my distance. I believed I didn’t deserve to be loved. This devotion is making me fall in love with God all over again.

  • Abby Frederick

    My heart feels full as I learn and then relearn that God continually pursues me. How blessed we are to have such an indescribably gracious God ♥️

    • Abigail Jolly

      It is so comforting to realize that God made us perfect and never stops running after us. We are so blessed. ❤️

  • today has been a day of hurt. this study has shattered me to the core!! God i need you now more than ever…

  • Leah Martin

    Such a good reminder to know who we are living for and the love given to us everyday even through the struggles and hurt❤️ he’s here and living and defeated death for us

  • “Truth is love in black and white—a love that does not change, even when her Bible is closed.” Reminded me how god gave each one of us Christ followers a chance to impact the world and walk around with a heart full of god just flowing out with our words and actions.

  • I sit here tears welling up in my eyes and my heart fighting to let them glide down my cheeks.

    Trying to figure out the words to say that can describe how I feel and I have silence. Emptiness.
    As I typed emptiness I realized that is exactly what it feels like to be me right now. Empty, void of love, joy, happiness.
    There’s a hole that used to be filled with God but as life continued to throw shit at me that spot became empty. Now, my eyes spend more time fighting back tears than my mouth smiles.

  • Alena Goodrich

    This gives me peace and hope and it makes me love Jesus even more . More than I think I could ever love

  • Samantha Hearn

    I’ve always taken the verse “faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love” at face value. While reading this passage today, it occurred to me that the whole rest of the chapter is talking about love remaining while other virtues cease at the end of this life. So it’s likely the ending verse means that faith, hope, and love are great gifts, but that when our Savior is with us, fully revealed, faith and hope will cease to be, the hoped-for achieved, the object of faith seen and experienced. until today, I never realized that faith and hope will truly end, and love will endure throughout eternity. how cool. thanks, context!!

    • Mona

      Such an amazing insight! Thanks for sharing.

    • Jocelyn

      I kept wondering why love was the greatest…. I kept thinking “wouldn’t He want faith to be the greatest?” But thy makes so much sense. When we are face-to-face at the gates of heaven, if we didn’t have love, we won’t have anything to show for. Very cool insight.

  • Today’s reading was a beautiful reminder to me about a couple important things that I often forget in my daily life. First, how love is the application of my faith, and that to do so is to be more like Jesus. So I cannot (and should not) just stop at faith, I must love others as well so they can see Jesus through me, and so I can strive to become more like Him.
    Second, I was reminded how often I am confused about why things in my life are going the way they are, and begin to doubt God and His faithfulness. So often I forget that I can only see “in part”, and that I follow a God who knows exactly what He is doing, even if I don’t. An excellent reminder to trust in His plan for my life, even if I don’t get it sometimes. Thank you, SheReadsTruth!

  • Beautiful ❤️

  • Praise the Lord for all of you ladies- i truly see how God’s word is alive and active and piercing each one of your hearts. It is so beautiful the love God has for us its everlasting and not based on us but based on Him. I am praying for those of you are hurting, we are in this struggle together sisters! Let keep pressing because one day we will see love face to face ❤️

  • Christin Jarrard

    Loved it so much. it was truly inspiring as always! Thank you Lord and -Amen!

  • Just what I needed today.

  • Tiffani Wenger

    This was so good to have today!

  • Stephanie Ashley

    “The Truth does not magically erase her suffering or cure her disappointment. It does not negate her struggle or invalidate her sorrow. It does something even better—it leads her into relationship with the One who made her and makes her new, the One who is greater than all of these. The Truth brings her face to face with the God who has never stopped loving His children, who has never failed to do what He says He will do. The Truth is love in black and white—a love that does not change, even when her Bible is closed.”

    This was so important for me to read because often times when I begin to pray I expect God to work on my time and heal me immediately and make me perfect and without pain. So when I pray for some time and realize that my problems are still here I tend to doubt God and stop believing in the process. But the word above says that God will give us something better than our suffering, disappointment, sorrow and struggle. And so it make me realize that the Christian walk is not about not struggling or not suffering or not experiencing sorrow and disappointment. It’s about accepting that Christ’s love for us is greater and bigger than all these things. And so if we just accept His love it remodels our outlook on what we go through. All of those feelings pass away but the one thing that remains constant is His love for us. That’s what will make struggling, suffering, disappointment, and sorrow bearable.
    Thank you SheReadsTruth.

  • The truth that is still truth even when my Bible is closed ❤

  • I needed this today!!!!! Thank you God.

  • Lauren Cvechko

    Praise him

  • “greater than her triumphs and shame, vaster than her needs and her pain”

    God is greater and is ALWAYS there! Wow what an awesome God we have. No matter what we have done or will do God is greater than all of it. Never doubt him!

  • I feel like this was really something I needed. Thank you She Reads Truth!!

  • Breanna Hansen

    “The Truth does not magically erase her suffering or cure her disappointment. It does not negate her struggle or invalidate her sorrow. It does something even better—it leads her into relationship with the One who made her and makes her new, the One who is greater than all of these. ”
    I love this because I feel like a lot of the times as christians we are made to feel like we need to have it all together or there’s this image that we need to uphold and if we feel like we’re falling apart then our relationship with God isn’t strong enough. This is such a good reminder that God is ok with us being in that place and his word is not meant to condemn us for feeling like that. We are loved right where we are and he will walk us out of that chaos and hurt hand in hand

  • Megan Schenkel

    Those verses of love are definitely some of my favorite verses in the bible. And as I go day to day I try to be more and more like love. because without love, I am nothing. Loved this reminder today:)

  • “Until then, she reads Truth—not just for answers or equations, help or how-tos. She reads Truth to find the perfect and permanent One. She reads Truth because she needs Jesus.” It’s a good word. I need Him desperately.

  • Ashley Burke

    This is such a beautiful devotional piece! I love the distinction between personal truth (the partly true or the truth that passes away) and the absolute truth we find in God and His Word–it feels very relevant and it’s so hard to remember sometimes!

  • This hit me so hard! I was reading and got to the She reads truth to find Jesus and every word hit me, the joy I felt and the love was just jumping off the page and into my heart, I just couldn’t stop smiling and feeling the power of Gods love in my heart. I pray that reading my comment will give encouragement to you all that God loves and the “love chapter” isn’t just for us to know how to love but how He loves us

  • Alexandra

    I’ve been trying to find a way to become closer with God and to really learn His word and although I just downloaded this app I think it will be so helpful! I am so excited to explore the love the Lord offers and to finally take that next step in my spiritual journey

  • I feel such pain in this world, but will try to remember that God is love and should keep our love flame going, not lose hope.

  • madison mcdaniel

    i really want to grow in my faith and my relationship with the Lord, but I don’t know where to start but i’m hoping this is it. I picked a 7 day devotional bc i think it will be better for me to gradually grow in my devotionals!! has anyone done this before or does anyone have any tips or advice?

    • Vera

      One step at a time Madison. I chose the 7 day too.
      Today was amazing. A great reminder of what love is and what it is not. The one I read. Keep pressing on.
      Jesus is worth it and so are you.

  • Best Bible app ever.

  • Thank you the reminder of the reason why we need and should read the Bible to know and understand God’s truth. I’ll admit I’ve been struggling a lot lately with rekindling my desire to pursue his Word daily. But, as it simply states we rad truth because we need Jesus.

  • Kayla Smith

    I think the best part about this is that God covers our shame and sorrow . Also that in God we have faith hope and love , love being the most important. If we do things out of spite we will not get anywhere but doing things out of love can take us beyond what we have here.

  • Rhodora Aquino

    Love this.

  • With Father’s day approaching, I remember that I don’t have one because he decided to skip out on me. I thought after 23 years that I wouldn’t even notice or let it have an effect on me but here I am. But God is so good He allowed me to read this and remind me thay He’s never stopped loving me. There is no greater love than the one He can provide, has provided, and will continue to provide!

  • Kaleigh Cloud

    I needed this. Lately every day I haven’t felt like my joyful self. I’m a morning person I long for the mornings, but lately I haven’t been. I’ve just been wanting to sleep. I’ve been clouded by my worries. I know he is walking with me through the struggles I’m going through.

  • I’m learning to see that there is no greater love than this. I’m married and it hasn’t been the easiest. I depended on the love my husband could give, all love falls short once in awhile, it just doesn’t feel like it’s enough especially when I need love the most. But I know God is right there, and He’s ready to love on us. He never stops… His love doesn’t make sense. Reading this was definitely needed at the moment for my marriage.

    I feel like sometimes my husband and I depend on our own love, but we can’t depend on one another’s love because it falls short to REAL LOVE. His love.


  • This made my night and i have just downloaded this app, i was on the path to seeking jesus and i fell off that track but reading this passage made me realise how much ive missed out and in need of him because without him i am nothing! God is good all time amen to this xx

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, Mel! So glad to have you reading with us.

      – Stormye

  • Oneida Martinez

    Purely, amazing❤️

  • Just what I needed to hear!

  • As I woke up with anxiety this morning, I read this passage and now feel encouraged, energized, and more at peace. God is true love and he fills all holes within our hearts. So thankful for this passage!

  • Everything I needed to be reminded of this morning thank you. Lord help me to remember though I have pain it is only temporary and it will mold me into the woman you planned for me to be.

  • I was lost. I have Jesus but i went off his path. I loved this. It made me see that Jesus is going to be there for me no matter what i go through. He may sometimes be the only shoulder i have to cry on but that’s going to be enough because Jesus’ shoulder is going to be the only shoulder i need. My dad left us. I have a hole in my heart from where you left. Jesus i need you to fill that hole, make me good inside again, pure. Oh how i love you, and how you love me.

  • I love the piece about His love for us even when the Bible is closed- that’s so powerful and I needed that right now. Even in my messy apathetic depression He still loves me, even when I can’t seem to open His word daily. Thank you sweet and all knowing Father.

  • I am thankful to have stumbled upon this plan this morning. I have been distant from God since October last year when my mom passed away. She was my best friend; like God packaged everything I needed in this world and made it in human form – my mommy. So when she passed, I lost it. My faith, hope, energy, determination, even my service to God went down the drain. Slowly but surely, I am becoming this angry, vile person. I have been fighting with my fiancé and taking out all my anger on him. But this morning… I read truth! I connected with my savior in a way that I haven’t felt in months! God, you see my heart and my hurt, pls do what only You can do. Amen!

  • Thankful for God that is faithful when I am unfaithful, he is steadfast and true when I am unstable. He is permanent even when my faith is not. He has kissed my wounds tenderly and embraced me even when I have pushed Him away. Our God is so good!

  • Likoji Mihova

    Oh my heart… I’ve been distant from God the past few months. On purpose – I’ve been angry at Him. There is a man I’m in love with who exactly fits everything I’ve prayed for for so long – except he is unsaved. I wondered why God would do that to me – allow me to get to the brink of letting go of Him and embracing man instead. But last night I crawled back to God and this morning I read this and my heart is changing. I see that God is all I want, all i need, and I’m leaning to “no good thing will He withhold from me”. And I’m beginning to pray for His will for this man and me. Whatever God wants. And I pray for his salvation so that he can experience this saving Love and Grace.

    • Shelyce

      So thankful to God that you are willing to walk back into His embrace. It’s a beautiful sharing and such truth about this world. How many girls have actually walked out of God’s love in order to embrace human love instead? And how many, is willing to return like you? God bless :)

    • She Reads Truth

      Thank you for sharing this, Likoji. Praying for you in this time of frustration and confusion and asking the Lord to bring clarity and peace and to save!

      – Stormye

    • I am right here with you, Likoji. I’ve never been more confused and unsure. I pray for my eyes to be reopened to God’s presence and truth.

  • I am in the middle of a divorce…my husband cheated and has a baby on the way….my 3 kids and I were shocked and hurt…these scriptures and devotionals are just what I need right now…..thank God he showed me this.

    • She Reads Truth

      Oh, Laurin. I am so sorry to hear this and praying for you and your three little ones. Asking the Lord to bring comfort in this time of devastation and hurt. So, so grateful for you, friend.

      – Stormye

    • Likoji Mihova

      I’m praying for you and your children to be overcome with God’s love. May He comfort your hurting hearts and begin to mend them. I have a similar experience – when I was 20 I found out that I had a 20 year old half sister that I never knew. It was painful and confusing. I felt like I was dying. But God… oh He worked in my family. Forgiveness burst through inexplicably and it saved me from going to dark places. Lean on Jesus and draw your children to Jesus too. Praying for you ❤️

  • So thankful that God’s love is unconditional. Reading verses 1-3 in this chapter made me really stop and think about how I go through my day to day life without acting in love. I’m thankful for the example Christ set in how to love others well and how seeking Him allows us to learn more of what real love looks like.

  • As someone with bipolar disorder as well as a history of trauma, I need permanent and true. Lately my faith is all over the place, and I’m just seeking stability alongside faith. I know this is a short journey, but hopefully it will have some impact. Anyway these are just my thought responses.

  • Hallelujah Praise God, what a wonderful message. ❤️

  • I just want to thank God in advance for loving me unconditionally and keeping my heart hidden. I feel like I’m lost in so many ways, and often look for validation from my boyfriend to make things better. But I know only God can make me whole again, only he can truly direct my path, know and see my heart.

    I ask you all to lift me up as I begin to revive my relationship with my first love Jesus Christ. ❤️

    • She Reads Truth

      Praying for you, Asya! Asking the Lord to draw you near and bring you the validation your heart is so longing for. Grateful for you.

      – Stormye

  • Please pray for me as I struggle through relationship problems with my significant other & Also the struggle in my relationship with God. Pray for me to love & understand.

  • Thank you, Ella David! A call for Christian unity around Jesus, whom we seek. Let’s be a church of love.

  • ella David

    this really shows how we can come closer to God as a christian community and I know we can make a difference in the world if we all join hands and make space for those who want to join us

  • This app has been helping me thru a severe anxiety disorder. One where I don’t know what is real anymore. The kind where I feel like everybody hates me because I hear conversations and actually live them. I can’t keep a loving relationship because I feel I bother everybody. Although I’m now aware, it’s still a struggle to keep smiling. I know it’s not real but it’s hard to convince myself of that because it all seems as real as a person standing right in front of me… Lord please help me… I’m terrified of who I am

    • She Reads Truth

      Praying for you in this, Shannon. Asking the Lord to bring you peace and belonging with those you are closest to. Grateful for you.

      – Stormye

  • cher carroll

    wow i really needed this today

  • Alice Rachael Subba

    I am grateful for this app. ❤❤❤

  • New to the SRT community – and I chose to start with this bible plan. Already my heart is awakened to what Jesus wants to say to me through it! I can’t wait to dive into more! Thanks SRT girls x

    • She Reads Truth

      Welcome, Yolanda! So glad to have you reading God’s Word with us!

      – Stormye

  • Nina Lynn

    Today was my first devotional. I chose this one series because everything in my life seems temporary and I felt drawn to it. Day one hit me like a brick wall, in a good way. I’ve been out of the word for quite some time but I have become so lost, and it’s in the word where I find myself again. This is the beginning of a long journey for me, this first devotional has already made me feel like I’m moving in the right direction. All love- Nina.

  • Joann Hernandez

    the truth doesn’t erase her suffering or disappointment..it leads her into relationship with the one who made her…. that right there hit home for me big time…my biggest deceptions drew me closer and closer to God…even when giving up, shutting myself down and staying in my own little world dwelling on my pain seemed like what I wanted to do… I did everything I could to keep pushing forward. . the more I hurt, the more involved I wanted to become in the church to focus on what was important and live outside of myself. never knew I had that kind of strength in me but I know God had his hand over me because I stayed faithful. Thanks for such inspiring words.. I already love this app and just got it.

  • Faith BaZemore

    This was so awesome ! There is so many apps , but there are only a few that are life changing so I’m very grateful for this ! ❤️

  • Heather McGinnis

    She reads truth to find Jesus ❤️

  • I needed to read this today. ❤️

  • wow, I am so encouraged reading these posts, about losing people close to you, and other struggle you women are going through. thank you for sharing your testimonies, and boldly proclaiming words of truth to the rest of us. you are loved! thank you ever so much!

  • I lost my Daddy. Almost 5 months ago, and while at the time I was in shock but could feel God’s Presence. Now I am struggling. It is hard to find Him, to feel His Presence like it did and life without my earthly father has set in real and hard. I am feel myself pushing people away. Not loving God or others like I want to or should. All I can see is my reality right now. I know this sounds so faithless. I have faith. I know God is real and true and I know He loves me. I am just overwhelmed, distracted and like my anchor had been pulled up and I a drifting in a storm. But I will not give up. I will keep searching for His Peace, Presence, and JOY. Because Hope lives on and LOVE remains!!!

    • She Reads Truth

      Praying for you in this, Amy! Asking the Lord to be more present than ever in your life. Thankful for you!

      – Stormye

    • Sharon

      I cannot fully relate but I know what it feels like to not feel a fatherly presence in your life. As good moments pass so will bad! You’d rather deal with an insane but short period of pain than the bad. While I was floating around I leaned on fatherly figures in my life to hold myself accountable for my actions to. Gravitate towards people who can relate and slowly push you thru this stormy period dear. Let yourself take baby steps thru the pain. Lean on someone often, it will help!

    • Claire

      Praying for you, Amy!

    • Megan Frick

      I lost my father when I was 9. I’m now 18, but just over a year ago; I lost my grandfather who had been more of a father figure than my dad had ever been. It was my senior year of high school during my spring break, and I decided that I was done. I refused to go back to school. I came down with the flu, and I honestly just wanted to die. That wasn’t God’s plan for me though. Now, a year later, though it was arguably the hardest year of my life, I’m finding peace. I’m in college at a university and have a 4.0 GPA. God has blessed me so much during this time because I decided to trust His plan and listen to His promises. I still my grandpa, I still cry, but I have peace. The way I dealt with loss was starting a blog. I find joy in helping others, and I have had countless people tell me that I post things that they needed to hear at the moment in time. I’m so sorry about your father, and I can’t specifically know what you’re going through, but know that God loves you so much. He is your Heavenly Father who will never let you down and never die. Hold on, and keep fighting. You’re stronger than you know, and it’s time like this that reveal our true strengths.

      • She Reads Truth

        Sweet Megan, thank you for sharing this. So encouraged by your testimony this morning.

        – Stormye

  • Alanna Phillips

    I’ve been a reluctant Christian. I’ve accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, but I haven’t done much to contribute to the relationship. For so long I viewed his Truth as a cure- to heal me of all the bad things I’ve done to people and have been done to me. But God doesn’t work that way and I have been persistent on trying to enter into a relationship with him. What I am struggling with most is community- I don’t know how to get involved in church or find small group- I feel the enemy just tells I’m not good enough and that no one would want to be my friend anyway. I am desperately trying to flee from sin and lean solely on God, but I’m so scared of falling into the enemy’s traps. I’m hoping this devotional will strengthen my relationship with our father and will help me see my value and worth through his eyes and not mine.

    • She Reads Truth

      Praying for you in this, Alanna. Asking the Lord to place people in your life to help direct you to a church and small group. So grateful that you are in this community.

      – Stormye

  • He is there, perfectly there , clinging me carrying me to exactly what I need. He heals the broken in me. He is in my head my heart keeping me close though, I struggle He loves me through and doesn’t let go. He saves me every moment, every day. Love you Jesus Father, God. I pray to love like you.

  • Recently realized I can’t fix things in my life, such as relationships. I need to be looking to God, the perfect and permanent one. I read this chapter days ago to see what is love? Needing this in my relationships. And today to read it, really solidified how by loving others the way God loved us, I can serve him through that. That I need him continually. Can’t do it on my own❤️

    • Jess Davis

      I love this! I have a power complex I believe haha… I love fixing things that are broken. I want to fix everyone who needs help, but some people just don’t want it, and that breaks my heart. Lately I’ve been praying that God will help me realize He is the only one who can heal us. he is the Great Healer and can lift our burdens off of our shoulders. Nothing in this life is ever stable and for a control freak like me, that’s terrifying. We just need to give it up to Him and He will provide. He always has, and He always will.

  • Candace Derossett

    Any advice on how to find my way back to finding love for myself through God? I seem to be way too caught up in putting others before myself to the point where I have lost sight of my own self worth. Don’t get me wrong, I love being here for anyone and helping out in any way but lately ive been putting all others needs in front of mine and most times abandoning mine

  • The need for permanence and stability can only be found in Christ. This truth was the truth I needed to have reiterated to me. Praising the Lord for His constant presence, even when the Bible is closed ❤

  • This devotional spoke my truth. Thank you.

  • I needed to be reminded of these verses: 4 Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant 5 or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; 6 it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. 7 Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
    Thank you Lord for providing this to me on my first day opening this app.
    I am a new wife and I’m loving every minute. However, I find myself snapping at little things that later I realize are so not important and my husband could have gone all day without seeing me frustrated over something small. I was reminded that love is patient and kind and arrogant or rude. Isn’t that the truth. I definitely don’t want to go down the road of how my parents were years ago. They way they would talk to each other was ungodly at times and I don’t want that vicious cycle to continue in our marriage. My husband and I are on a journey of putting God first and we have already seen blessings but it is so hard sometimes in this evil world.

  • Sometimes I get wrapped up in loving and helping everyone then battle with myself on helping and being used and putting myself last. Sometimes I get caught up in what’s right and what’s not.

    • Kristi Green

      Kim I can relate, sometimes our love for others over shadows our love for ourselves. I’m still trying to learn it is ok to say no. It doesn’t mean we don’t love. It means we love ourselves enough to know we need to set boundaries on what people should expect from us.

  • Anika Vines-Ogle

    The excerpt put the love of God into perspective. We must live as God has loved us. In all of our brokenness, he comes to comfort us.

  • Michelle Ikejiani

    This really helps me understand how to get close to God.

  • Emily Gregory

    This was very helpful I think this plan is really going to help me get close to god

  • EmAdair

    This. I needed this reminder. Sometimes I get so bogged down in my daily grind that by the time I make it to my devotional I just look for answers. The real result of being present in Gods word is knowing him more. I needed to know Him more. Feel closer to Him today.

  • Anna Smith

    Wow, I cannot believe how the Lord provides. Reading this passage, I mean, it’s just what I needed to hear. I’ve been on a journey for the past few months, making my way back to Jesus and His Word, and reading the Bible had been so hard. I think having this devotion is really going to help.

  • Rosalie

    “The Truth does not magically erase her suffering or cure her disappointment. It does not negate her struggle or invalidate her sorrow. It does something even better—it leads her into relationship with the One who made her and makes her new, the One who is greater than all of these. The Truth brings her face to face with the God who has never stopped loving His children, who has never failed to do what He says He will do. The Truth is love in black and white—a love that does not change, even when her Bible is closed.”

    words I needed to read tonight. thank you, Amanda.

  • For those of you who are struggling, I’ll be praying for you. I know it’s hard sometimes to pray or pick up your Bible or even go to church. For me, when I was coming back to Christ, I listened to K-Love and Christian songs on YouTube. I would sing along and it helped me when I was having a bad day or moment. It became habitual and then I grew closer to God the more I shut the world out. I’m not saying seclude yourself, but watch out for worldly pleasures. Also, for those of you who can’t make it to church, haven’t found one, or simply can’t find it in you to leave the house, go online to church of the highlands and they have online sermons archived. They’re a non denominational church. I’m blessed enough to live in close proximity to on of their campuses and pastor Chris is amazing! I love y’all, and I will be praying!

  • I hope this is the finally the Truth I’ve been searching for. I’ve been begging God to heal my heart in every way I can think of, to the point of changing my church. After losing both of my parents, I have never felt so alone, broken, overwhelmed and far from God. I know He is my help, my Healer and my Comforter, but it feels like the harder I try to reach for Him the further away He is from me. I need to figure out how to get His words to work in my soul. I’m so thankful my cousin told me about She Reads Truth.

    • Hailey

      Terri, the enemy wants you as far from God as possible and he will do anything he can to do just that. I’m sorry to hear about your parents, but I’m hard times we are to trust Him. Pray and ask God to open your heart and soul to the word and to help you understand. He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds. He loves you, and while it may not always be easy, it is worth it.

    • Deborah Burdzy

      Terri, I’m praying for you right now. He’s at work to get His words to work in your soul. He is a tender-hearted God who sees you, hears you and loves you. I know you already know this…but I’m reminding you — because I know I need that reminding more times than I can count too. Bless you.

    • Andrea

      Although I cannot say I completely understand because I am not you and I do not know everything that you are feeling, I can definitely say that our hearts have felt similar situations and hurts. It does hurt. It does suck. It does feel distant. But…I promise, no wait, God promises He will never leave you. Expect Him. Invite Him..He loves you.

    • Hailey

      I love you, my friend!! I am praying that The Lord takes away your hurting heart and fills it up with all His love!! Cling to Him and He will see you through!

    • Lindsey

      Terri, praying for you. I have lost both of my parents and all of my grandparents. Just this year it was my dad, I had a miscarriage, and my best friends son passed away after just 2 Brave weeks here on earth. It hurts and feels lonely…. I get it. Sometimes he feels far away– but he isn’t. It’s our emotions that sometimes allows him to feel far away. Soak yourself in the truth…. worship music is my go to. We are all ever ment to be here for always- and even though it hurts we have to keep pouring truth into our hearts. Do something to help your parents legacy live on. Acts of kindness with a tag on it to tell their story and honor them by loving others. You can do this!

      • She Reads Truth

        Lindsey, thank you for sharing this and for your encouragement. So grateful for you.

        – Stormye

  • With a truly joyful heart full of love and eager to serve He who has blessed us with His Grace either by sending His grace through blessings in our lives, or He sends trials and tribulations to test and strengthen our character. We should thank Him with the deepest love and sincerity for good and bad times. All things work out for God’s greater good.

  • If we love God then we love all of his creations and I am one of his creations. This reminder to have faith in his love gives me strength and confidence to love myself. For he will love me just as I am and will be.

  • It has been way too long since I had touched a Bible or thought about Jesus in my everyday life. I’m starting this devotional to fix that cloudy mirror and see myself as a practicing Christian again. That excerpt felt like the perfect reading to start that journey. Thank you!

    • Holly

      Good luck in your journey! This is my second devotional set this month, and I love having it on my phone and access to scripture and commentary daily! May God bless you in this season Jordan!

    • Hailey

      You could try listening to K-Love, or Christian songs on the internet. I know that really helps me when I can’t make it to my Bible and the enemy is pulling me down.

  • Ri Justine

    Things are cloudy. So true for me right now. I am attending pre-confession classes at my church and I’m not sure if I can do my profession of faith this summer. I don’t even know what I believe. I needed this today. God is always here even when our bibles are closed.

  • “Things are cloudy” – this couldn’t be more spot on for me right now. My feelings towards the church, my country and the leaders leading, the unrest and anxiety that puts my mind in a dense fog…. it feels like my hope is way off in the distance and I don’t even remember what it’s like to have it close anymore.
    I am going to make myself take the time to invest in my spirit and the healing my heart needs desperately.
    ({Thankful for you SRT.})

  • Lucy Dansoh

    For the past year and a half I have felt so lonely and forgotten. I feel as those my life has no purpose and I am un an untethered ballon in a storm. I have been living away from my family because of work, but living at home is also very hard. I am not sure what I should do with myself. I don’t feel like I belong anywhere.

    • She Reads Truth

      Lucy, praying for you, friend. Asking the Lord to reveal purpose and identity through His Word and to bring people into your life to take away the loneliness. So grateful for you.

      – Stormye

  • I am currently struggling with my faith because I can’t see the whole truth. This devotional reassured me by saying that one day we will see the truth, or “the cloudy mirror will be gone”.

    • Jacqueline

      Yes Amen !! May God bless you today and always , I found myself in the same situation and I find it amazing how God always puts Scriptures in your way to help you understand what may be going in your life .

  • I’ve had a lot of turmoil in my life lately and for a while. I’ve tried to fill it with unhealthy things that are ruining my marriage. I don’t know where to go from here. Reading this helps.

    • She Reads Truth

      Megan, praying for you right now. Asking the Lord to heal what needs healing and to speak to you through His Word. Grateful for you, friend.

      – Stormye

  • Tiffany

    As I was reading this, I couldn’t help but think about what I turn to while I’m waiting….waiting on my daughter to get out of school, waiting at The Dr office, waiting at the Drive-Thru…I pull up FB/Snapchat/IG….all temporary!!! Why am I not investing my time in more permanent knowledge??? The ah-ha moment for me was the statement “seeing face to face.” I re-read it and re-read it… THIS….this is what I should be investing my time in!!!

    • She Reads Truth

      Amen, Tiffany! Thank you for sharing and encouraging!

      – Stormye

  • Rebecca

    “It does not insist on its own way…”
    Wow. This is something I struggle so much with. I fill my time and thoughts with anything to keep me busy, and I work to make everything “just so.” I need to be looking for Him in stillness and be willing to accept the quietness. I need to de-clutter my heart and mind and step away from all the noise.

  • Becca, I feel you. There is that deep yearning to know Jesus more and more that draws us into Him. It’s funny how over time, I find myself clouded by the temporary things in my day. That still quiet voice beckons me but the busyness of the day drowns out His voice. The days feel so long with priorities and duties but yet so short when the evening comes and day fades away. It’s in the brief, seldom quiet moments when I get to be drawn into His loving pull that I remember those deceptive “counterfeits” don’t matter. I’ve been reading The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp lately and it’s been reminding me of the simpler truths. I’m grasping for that moment when Christ’s way will finally all make sense and be truly lived through my heart and not just in my head. But really I don’t think it’s a mere moment; it’s probably more of a continual moment that requires constant unwavering revisiting. The world so wants to cloud our judgement and confuse His voice. That’s why accountability (especially nonjudgmental and grace-filled accountability) is so important, but yet at the same time the Deceiver tells us we shouldn’t be vulnerable to others. We get lost and thrown off by the world so easily when we turn our eyes away from His word and His way. Thank you for encouraging the ladies to be in the Word and share pieces of their journey alongside you. Hopefully we can gently remind each other to pause and remember who He is and who we are in Him.

    • Rebecca Bush

      Yes! The busyness fills my day and it’s my own fault! Trying to fill our precious time with important things, Godly things, needs to be more of a priority throughout my day. There are plenty of “time fillers” I go to all day long. (Facebook, email, Pinterest, etc) and they are counterfeit like you said. I want to be filled with a desire to read about and talk about and delight in all things eternal. I’m so glad I’ve got a ton of Christian ladies in my life who want the same things!! I’m going to try to be checking these comments more than other social media. It’ll help keep my mind focused and it’s a small goal I want to tackle.

      • Valerie

        Love the idea about checking the comments on the plans:devotions rather than looking at social media.

        It’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing and how I’m keeping up. Thanks for showing me where my focus needs to be.!

  • Rebecca Bush

    Such a great intro into daily bible reading! Loved today’s devotional. How many lesser things in my life are masquerading as love? What do I try to fill my God shaped hole with instead of His word?
    “The Truth doesn’t magically erase her suffering or cure her disappointment…or negate her struggle or invalidate her sorrow” I often read the Bible when I’m struggling or hurt. And those are times to turn to God for sure. But I want to build a desire in my heart that makes me yearn to read because it will “lead me into a relationship” with Christ. To help me daily understand that this life is temporary and He is permanent.
    Thanks to the author for starting off this week of study with inspiring words. His word is Truth. And I want to read it.

  • Leah Michelle Yoder

    I believe I need to be more aware of protecting my “perfect”, protecting my love. People will see this in you/me and will be dismayed, “why do you forgive?”, “How can you let that go?”, “why are you quiet?”. Even people you love will want to derail you, to join them in “misery speak”, “self-righteous condemnation of others”, they want you to be mad! And to fight! Misery loves company could have never been more true then it is today in this world. I need to remember to walk away from the gongs that sound that try to rally people together by virtue of disliking something or being offended together. A great reminder to me today, to not only be the light that shines in me but not to stand in the shade. And to remember to acknowledge the happiness his perfect love and peace brings me, and not to give it away.

  • I have been struggling with identifying the real me. The one that is connected to Him as it had been before. My brain is full and constantly working something out. The the noisy gong and clanging cymbal is alive in my daily life. How do I reconnect to Him? How do I know that Love?

    • Jennifer

      I struggle in this same area. When I feel God is far away, I reach for His word. It may take a few days of searching for Him, taking time out of my day to be quiet and spend with Him. He always shows up. You are searching, and His love will fill you. Praying for you in this moment ❤️

  • I do a lot of charity work and say I do it in love because God first loved me. so when I read the first part of the passage I think to myself “Yeah I’ve got love covered pretty well ” then I read what love truly is and I fall short daily. I say I love people but then I get irritable with them. or I envy them. or I boast in my love and “good deeds” but do I really truly love or am I doing it to mark a check for my good deed of the day? when I have a bad day am I patient and loving to those in need? this really made me think tonight and examine my motives and my love.

  • I’ve been waking up sad or distracted, clouded – preparing to go into the next thing. This is what my heart has been longing for – not the other stuff I’ve been turning to instead.

    Yes, Truth and knowing Him has been what I’ve been searching for.

  • Erica Peeps

    Thank you, this really touched my heart.

  • Michele

    What a fact, what a beautiful truth. God with us, God within us. God giving us hope. Jesus is such an amazing Light. Truth and grace, Holy and without blemish.

  • This was good, I don’t usually think to have disappointment be a chance to grow closer to Him. I will now think of it as an opportunity!

  • Leigh Kay

    just…thank you

  • Amelia Grubbs

    I find my self all the time looking for solutions to my hardships or a way out when I need to be looking for God and to strengthen our bond

  • Jessica

    This was powerful.

  • I am desperate for him! To love unconditional and to make Jesus permanent

  • Loved this. Thank you for the great reminder.

  • Every minute of every day I need Jesus! That is truth. Jesus is Truth! I am truly blessed.

  • Sarah Rabren

    LOVE THIS!!!

  • Seems like there is so much hate and offense in the world today. If only the church could grab hold of this and display this to the world in word and action. This gives me hope in a time where so many people seem to be coming at each other.
    I see so many in my personal community that speak words laced with venom and then with the same mouth try to speak life with Gods word. They all forget that their “holy” actions mean nothing without love.
    This also spoke to me and rekindled not only to seek Gods words for study but to seek Him. To seek who he is and to seek his face and heart. Not just to punch my ” Christian” time clock. God wants to fellowship with His children.

    • Heidi

      Amen. Let’s stop choosing sides and start loving with grace and truth.

  • Anna Smith

    Truth is love in black and white—a love that does not change, even when her Bible is closed.

  • Hannah Craven

    That was amazing!!!!!

  • God’s love for me definitely everlasting and perfect. It’s the love that called my soul worthy to be saved. But with the hardships that have been our church has been having with a unified young adult group, this reminded me that I’m called to attempt to replicate this great love and show it to others as well. Everyone who knows me has heard me say that I hold love the highest in my walk with God, but I don’t think I really knew what love meant. Everything about “-but do not have love” convicted me because I realized I could do good things without actually truly loving them. Doing something for a group of people that has some people that I love does not mean I am doing it because I have love all of them and it is wrong for me to think I am doing the right thing. Church is for the broken and more love should be given to those who actually need it more. As in if I live my friend, then I love them. What I should be doing then is love the person I do not love. The same way you would add more water to a empty cup verses over flowing one that is already filled. Over all it was just a really good reminder that I am loved and called to love. Thanks for this!

    • Stormye Puffer

      Lily – thank you for sharing such encouraging words! We’re so glad to have you in our community and to be in the Word of God with you!

      • Lily

        I realized late that I had so many typos but thank you for the welcome! It’s my first time doing something like this and it’s such a great community :)

  • “Until then, she reads Truth—not just for answers or equations, help or how-tos. She reads Truth to find the perfect and permanent One. She reads Truth because she needs Jesus.”

    I love this last line because for as long as I remember, I’ve always felt this way but I’ve never been able to find the words. The Bible is brimming with Truth. In it, there is so much to learn. There are countless lessons, eternal promises, boundless love, infallible grace and more. In its pages, I find perfect peace, given to me by the One who is permanent; never leaving my side.

    I don’t always feel close to Him but I always want to.

    In the worst of times, I wasn’t led to my Bible to find a solution to my problems, I was led to my Bible to find comfort in the only One who could give it to me.

    Like a close friend, I listen to them speak and I expose my innermost self to them, not because I need to be given direction, but because I want that relationship. I want to be in their presence. I want to know them and for them to know me. I want to learn everything I can about them for the pure reason that I love them.

    And the same goes for God, if not even more so. I may read the Bible for answers and equations, help and how-tos, but it’s much deeper than that. I read because I need Jesus.

    Thank you for the words, Amanda.

  • Beautiful….Real.

  • God never forsakes or leaves us . What a beautiful reminder

  • Biiaancaa.xo

    Really needed this ! Have been going through some hard times here and I’ve been neglecting my relationship with Jesus. So grateful for HIS unchanging love

  • This devotional today rocked my socks off. I’m so glad I kept looking at different study plans today because God led me to stumble on this one! Praise God! So thankful that He remains perfect and untouched by all the mess this life can bring. What a comfort!! Just like the deco said- that is why I read truth. To find and experience HIM!!

  • Elizabeth

    My relationship has been shaky for the past few months, this passage reminded me that I’m putting my faith, and most of happiness is something so temporal.. something that is here and gone tomorrow and most importantly something that will never truly give me the LOVE of Jesus Christ.

  • After reading this I really want to read the book

  • This is a great encouragement to me at the moment. My husband is struggling to see and feel God in his life at the moment and me being a new mum as well, have been finding it all a bit much to cope with. I’m tired of hearing the ‘God loves you and life should be a bed of roses’ because in all honesty, life can be really hard. But one thing remains… God has never changed and He is true to all his promises, including his steadfast love for us- even if we don’t feel like it!
    I’m reading to dig deeper, and pursue a real relationship with God. That’s my heart’s desire for me and all my family. I pray I would know God’s love in a closer way that is more tangible on a daily basis and that the love I show to others would demonstrate His love for them.
    I take a lot of comfort knowing that God’s perfect love casts out all fear. I pray we would all know that reality.

  • A'nesis

    I use this with couples counseling….I ask them what is love…then I give them this answer. Sobering…they can’t argue…

  • Rebeca Taveras

    My family and I are going through some hard times as my grandma became very ill this past week. To make things worse, the enemy began attacking from all different areas. But, we serve a God that is never failing and His love is everlasting. This reading was simply that: a confirmation and reminder that God is Lord, Savior, Redeemer, and Healer. He is love. He is truth.

  • Juary Estrada

    This message caught me off guard today! Lately i’ve been struggling with discipline and obedience i hated myself.. I wander away from the Truth yet He always finds me. He is truly there on every page, greater than her triumps and shame.. My heart was enlightened with this message. Thank you

  • Melteel

    My 17 year old daughter got this book yesterday and read this introduction to us.. so I downloaded the app and chose this devo today “randomly” . We are going through a difficult season and it’s such a comfort to cling to Jesus because He is truth..

  • Thank you for sharing what you’re all going through. It seriously helps me so much to know I’m not alone on this.
    I enjoyed reading this devotional today.
    I tend to have a hard time with change but holding unto THE TRUTH has freed me from depression and anxiety. It’s a long process but everything is possible with Him

  • wow! thank you for this!

  • Vanessa

    I’m finally grasping onto the concept of how profound Jesus love is despite our sin. Reading this truth gave me a lot of comfort.

  • Kaitilyn

    I really needed to hear this today. For the last couple years my relationship has taken a turn for the worst and I keep searching for that perfection in him. This made me see that I’m not going to get that. Yeah, I may get love from him, but the place I really need to be searching is in God alone.

  • Gloria Treece

    Nice one ❤️

  • Yes! I needed this. New to this app, but it is just what I was looking for. “Jesus is the Perfect, the Permanent” That is a beautiful way to describe our Savior. I admit that life experiences and disappointments have at times knocked me down. My faith has been shaken, but God has gently called me back home.

  • Raquelle


  • Amen. Jesus please show us your truth. Guide our steps in your direction

  • Ta Frese

    He loves us even when the perfect truth of his word is closed to our eyes.

  • Brooklin

    Knowing the truth doesn’t fix everything but leads us to direction… wow I needed that. Loved this

  • Jessica

    That was beautiful. Amen

  • It is amazing to realize God fully knows me.

  • This is so freeing. He is our permanent. Its easy to forget, and take for granted. Thank you so much for this reminder!

  • I’ve been trying and failing to find perfect love from my husband, and I get so upset when he doesn’t show me the same in return. This helped me realize I’ve been looking for perfect love from the wrong person. Only God can show perfect love

  • I found out yesterday that someone I really care about is moving for work for 10 months. We have been friends for over a year and we were on the verge of more. I was so upset about it, but then read through this today and it made me realized that when you truly love someone you can’t be self-seeking. Thank you lord for you word!

  • Rebekah Cross

    I really needed this. In a time of stress and uncertainty, God is there. He is the only thing that will ALWAYS be there. Cling to him.

  • Ariana Jade

    So so so good

  • Brittany McIlroy

    I have really needed this!!

  • Kylie Luna

    Unneeded this today I love this it always has something that helps me through my day

  • May God teach me to have Love,Faith and hope.

  • Evangeline Reid

    This was really important for me to read today. I have been going through a lot being a college student. I have felt depressed and sad more and more everyday but today reading this made me feel so much closer to God knowing he loves me

    • Abigail Harris

      I can completely agree with this. I am in college as well, and my plan for the future was just recently completely shattered. So I relate to you on a spiritual level right now

  • Whitney

    Ive been so apathetic lately. Not really hurting, not really angry or sad or happy or anything. Confused about life, not loving it or anything I can see in the future for me. Just blah. I’ve been seeking truth but really just clinging to what I know, not being enriched by it like I have been before. Thankful for this little bit tonight- needed it.

    • Jo

      I feel this^ it helps to see it written as apathy because I was having a hard time describing it to myself. I also have felt the pangs of depression alongside it, some days are tougher than others. Thank you for sharing your thoughts alongside this beautiful message!

  • benedicte

    Thank You very much for this app. It bring me closer to God

  • Kristie Q

    What I needed when I needed. At a low spot and looking to my Lord to scoop me up and carry me through.

  • I feel like lately I have been struggling with the concept of Truth. In this day and age, it seems hard to find. It’s good to be reminded to turn to the real Truth.

  • Victoria

    I have been going through a lot recently. I broke up with my ex a couple weeks ago. He was emotionally abusing me, when I broke up with him it was to the point I didn’t believe in myself. All I did was sit in the bathroom and cry and throw up. I had no motivation to do anything. I have never been so broken and empty before. My problem was I let someone else’s words take control over my life, instead of listening to Jesus. I made a mistake and our relationship wasn’t something that was revolved around Christ. An accident happened, and I’ve been worrying if I’m pregnant now. Life is literally just hitting me down. I don’t have any friends to talk to about this. The only thing I have is prayer. And I feel like even that I’ve lost because of sinning in my relationship. I’m so scared and don’t know what to do.

    • Jackie

      I don’t know you, what I want you to know that I’m praying for you. I can’t imagine what you are feeling right now, but the best that I can say is that you are in His plan. We don’t have the power to ruin the plans of Christ. He’s got you.

    • Jessica

      You will get through this. Please do not feel like you have lost prayer, God is always there to listen to you and comfort you. He holds you up in the palm of his hand, safe from all evil. You are in my prayers, everything will work out for you according to God’s plan. He has plans to help you, not harm you. Keep praying, reading your Bible and surround yourself with Godly people. ❤

    • tara

      Thank you for sharing this. You are brave and strong. Do not ever think you are too far from Jesus. He loves you fiercely. Even when. I am praying for you by name. If, by some chance, there is a little life, you do not have to be alone. Though it may feel that way at times. Draw on this community for help and support. Jesus will always see you through. ♡

    • Sheridan

      Even though I don’t know your particular circumstances, I can relate. I grew up in church but then I moved away to college and stopped going. Then I had a baby outside of wedlock. I felt so ashamed that instead of turning to the one who will NEVER turn His back on me, I ran. And I kept running farther away from Him bc of the guilt and shame that I felt. I thought “how can I pray for things to get better when I don’t deserve that” or “He can’t possibly love me after all that I’ve done.” I had these thoughts and ran for almost 9 years before I realized I should be running TO Him not away from Him. By His grace and mercy alone I am saved! He loves me no matter what I’ve done and that love is enough for me. I’m not saying my circumstances are all rainbows and unicorns but I have a son that is the greatest gift and I have a restored faith in my heavenly father and right now that’s enough for me. I’m still taking steps each day to restore my relationship with Christ, but I know this..He loves me no matter what. And He loves you the same way. So don’t give up. Don’t get down on yourself. Just turn to him and run, as fast and hard as you can. I will pray for you!

    • Rebecca

      First off, bravo for being brave enough to get yourself out of a toxic environment! That couldn’t have been easy BUT, you did it!! That alone should show you something about yourself- that you truly DO believe in yourself! Secondly, to the seemingly daunting and uncertain road that lies ahead- don’t give up on yourself. Take it one day at a time and continue to seek HIS direction in ALL things. He has never and will never leave you, forsake you, hurt or abandon you. You are NOT alone! He is a good, good Father who is EAGER to redeem ALL things that seem “lost” for those that love Him. I put lost in quotations because really nothing is lost in Him- it’s a matter of overcoming the lies that our mind tries to convince us of and shifting our perspective to THE truth. Seek Him and you will find it! Girl, be encouraged by those responding to you and do not let the enemy continue with his lies and deception any more! For where there is truth and light, darkness and lies CANNOT abide. Fill your mind, heart, eyes, and ears with HIS voice and the enemy has no choice but to flee. Keep going, don’t give up! It is worth the fight!! Your scars will tell of battles you have WON with and through Him and can bring others the same freedom IN Him!! Feel free to reach out to me if you want! You can find me on Instagram (iloveluca) or email me ([email protected]) But even if you don’t, just know I am interceding for you!!

    • Abby

      Victoria, I’ve been there. The same place you’re at.
      But know this Jesus is there too… run to him with everything that you are, he will meet you. He will hold you, and comfort you. And piece by piece he will restore what has been broke…and will make something beautiful!! Something better than you can even imagine right now.

      4 years ago when I was in your shoes…I came across the song “come away with me” by Jesus Culture.
      If you get the chance…listen to it.

  • Need my first love withHim back!

  • Christina Goodpaster

    I love this so much, I need Jesus in a real way. This was very encouraging and I’m glad I started reading She reads truth.

  • Faith Y

    This is an amazing reminder that we need love in our lives. I, too, sometimes try to hide behind things that I claim to be teue love, but in reality I am just masquerading and lying to myself. Thank you so much for sharing this , and even though sometimes I’m in a darker place, I know that my faith in God will stand.

  • Brittney

    This was exactly the devotion I needed today. It’s amazing how God works in so many mysterious ways. I’ve finally decided to give my battle over to God, and truly start loving as Christ did with me.

  • It’s nice to have acknowledgment of the fact that knowing Truth does not magically mean that life will be easy; to know that Truth goes beyond “happiness” “pleasure” and “circumstances” to dig deeper into the reality we identify with in Christ Jesus. Truth is beyond the failures we see around us, Truth is beyond the hurt we feel, Truth is beyond the “hopes of this world” – it is Truth, and it is ours in our Father who invites us, daily, into it.

  • see me please. I pray God impress on someone’s heart to pray for me, to show you what I’m facing and any prophetic word or something, anything for me. God you know, thank you Jesus.xx

  • Madeline

    God is love and those who abide in love abide in God and God in them.

    Substitute “love” in vs. 4-7 with “God”.

  • It’s simply beautiful

  • This is my first time on this app. I am a Christian and yet i feel so far away feom God. I do alot of things i know that are wrong, i hear Him all the time yet i turn my back against Him. I want to get to know You better Lord. Please give me the courage to…

    • Hadley

      I don’t know you but I know exactly what you’re going through. I mean like down the every word you have said. Praying for you.

      • Hannah Jane

        I am with both of you… we go through so many seasons as Christians… although we waver he doesn’t. Like it said “his love doesn’t change even when her bible is closed”. Just come to Jesus. ❤️

    • Brittney

      Oh, sister! How you are not alone. I too struggle with fully letting him take the reigns of my life. So often I think I can guide it better. As I pray for others to see Christ in me, I will also pray the same for you. Just sharing your own testimony is a huge step, and I am so proud of you.

  • YOU are so loved, and in a way that is incomprehensible and incomparable to anything we see displayed here on earth. and that in itself is an amazing and overwhelming truth that we are to share with others. love BIG, because that’s how Jesus loves you. joy is to be found in every circumstance, so find it!! ❤❤

  • katherine

    what an encouragement. He loved us first so that we can love and be loved. Perfect Love came down and loved the poor, the needy, the sick, the suffering, the unwanted, the outcasts, those hurting, etc… He loves because we are HIS… not because of anything we can do, but rather because he takes pride in being our king and father. sisters take heart. love one another. encourage one another. find joy in one another. Love because perfect love first loved us. and know when pain and suffering knocks on your door, you are not without hope.HE has not forgotten you, and he never will. His will for your lives is so perfect and incomparable to anything we could ever imagine… he loves so unconditionally that he will not not leave you. he will not forsake you. and he will never fail you. sisters we have worth in him and have the power to live in him. love each other and give yourself the freedom to experience love since HE HAS LOVED US IN THE ULTIMATE ACT OF LOVE.

  • Elizabeth

    Life has become so hectic that I found myself putting God in the background. I’ve been slacking and have lost my way and I’m eager to get it back. This devotional really spoke to me. It it so comforting to know that He is always there. The permanent. ❤️

  • Recently I’ve gone through something that, being I’m still figuring out how to not let emotions get the best of me, caused me to fall away slightly from my walk with God. I never took my eyes off the cross, but I kind of lost my hunger. Last nights church service, along with this devotional, has begun to reignite that fire in my heart for the Lord. God never forsakes us, sometimes we just forget to keep our faith set on Him. ♥️

  • I am distraught , downhearted and my faith is almost gone. It’s been six years of heartache, struggles and failures. I feel like Job I ha e lost almost everything I have worked hard for. My sister died , my home gone, my good job gone, my money gone. I am one step above homeless. Everything I own is either in pawn or storage. I finally have a job that doesn’t pay enough to pay anything. I am so far down that looking up is depressing. It seems like God doesn’t hear me. I pray, I talk to no avail. My prayers go unanswered. I didn’t do drugs or drink or anything. I am still trying to figure out how I got here. Trying not to give up. Hope this Devotional will help

    • Kate Rain

      “I painted the sky for you. I painted it as a reminder that My hand is at work, even in the storm. I painted it to show you I’m still present, still able, still available. Your mind was so consumed, heart so heavy, and you took your eyes off Me. I painted the sky for you, to wow you, and remind you that I’m up here, above everything you face down there. I oversee you, I don’t take My eyes off of you, I am with you. I painted the sky for you because I love you”
      Praying for you!

    • Axalia Chestnut

      God won’t take you through anything you are not strong enough to handle . You have to pray and ask him for guidance. His love will conquer all . Sit back pray and let God do the rest , as long as you are alive God is still carving the perfect yet very difficult path in your life . Everyone has their own form of obstacles that almost break them , you will bend so far that you might feel you are going to break but God won’t allow you to break . You have to have faith and let him take care of you . God bless you !

  • Rebecca

    Thank you Shelby. That’s a helpful thought to remember on those bad days!

  • Rebecca

    I’ve had chronic pain for about 15 years and it just continues to escalate. I pray for relief and ask why. I had been in Christian ministry with music but had to stop doing that when one surgery paralyzed my vocal cord and another paralyzed 2 fingers making it hard to play piano.
    The part of this devotional that really hit me is that now we see through a fog. We may not even be able to comprehend why right now!
    Sorry to be so long.

    • Shelby

      I’ve personally been having troubles with the ‘why’ part of everything and I read in Psalms about a week ago that he sees our flood, our tears and knows. He understands our pain, but will not take it back because it is for a bigger picture that we may not be able to see, that it’s for the greater good. And that we just have to trust Him, that He has our hand and will help us when we are down, and have love for us. I just saw your comment and it made me think of this story, I’m sorry for it being so terribly long.

  • I loved every single word. so much hope, so much love.. pain, although is there, is just the passing away. ❤

  • “The Truth is love in black and white — a love that does not change even when her Bible is closed.” Ladies! This is huge! I am notorious for skipping devotion time when life gets so busy and I just want to be with people 24/7. I majorly regret those times of missing moments with the Lord and constantly strive to be diligent in the Word even when life is not routine. But what a rad truth to know that God is always faithful, even when I’m unfaithful ❤

  • Sarah Hammer

    Praying for you Sky! Cling to those memories of when you felt close to God. You are loved!

  • Hey this is my first time on this app, and first plan I am reading. I have had so many things happen the last few months. I don’t know who I am anymore, and it’s hard for me to cope. I feel fare away from myself and God. I know my love is not what this bible verse says it should be. Please pray for me .

    • Laura

      Praying for you right now Sky!

    • Rebecca

      Sister Sky, the want of knowledge is the first step. God has not forgotten you. In fact, He is calling you near.

    • Mackennamoriah

      Will lift up prayers to the father on your behalf before I sleep tonight…he is closer than you know! We all fall short, don’t condemn yourself in any way beautiful sky. He has you in the palm of his hand:)

    • HeatherMarie

      The last few years have been very hard for me too, and there was a stretch of almost 3 years where I felt so far from God. I felt like I prayed and prayed but couldn’t break through and didn’t know where to go from there. Please know that God never changes, he is always the same. He is always right with you, know that in your heart whether it feels that way or not. I prayed Psalm 51 over and over, wrote it out and posted it everywhere. Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me. I will be praying for you.

  • Erin Morton

    It’s good to remember that Gods love is real and never changing especially when we feel let down by those around us. His Love is not something we can get from anyone else.

  • Sarah Haas

    I have been lost for a few years now, when I used to cling so tightly to my faith and my God. Now we are like distant friends who never talk. I hide my face from he who saves, yet I crave to be near again.

    • Madison

      I will pray for you. You are dearly loved

    • Andree

      Don’t forget the Lord. He is always with you and He will gladly take you back. He is waiting for you and He is glad that you want to draw near. Please don’t give up. He is our forever hope, a hope that doesn’t ever fail.
      Praying for you, Sarah! God bless you.

  • Samantha

    I have been having a hard time showing my faith lately. Things keep happening and I think how can he love me and do this to me. I know there is a reason and a purpose we are in the situations that we are in but I have been struggling to ask him for help. I need to give my life back to him and that needs to start today.

    • Kaitlyn Oboyle

      Stay strong! I’m sure whatever he is leading you through it’s for a purpose because god always has a plan. He is always there for you and you just have to keep reaching out to him.

  • I’m literally in tears right now because my husband just isn’t having the best of luck with jobs…. we have moved to Texas two years ago because of a family emergency on his side of the family. I have no friends here and I’ve been here two years. I’ve tried hard to be part of a local church and even be involved with his side of the family but nothing seems to connect. I’m not sure if it’s me making wrong choices , as to why I can’t seem to connect with anyone well enough. We just were married last year and it’s our first time living on our own and his job situation has failed again (reasons completely out of his control). I feel alone like we have no help and I’m afraid of being evicted , I’m afraid of not having enough money to move back to California with my side of the family where I feel I actually have help. Please if you are reading , pray for me. Pray for peace, pray for strength , and pray God provides a way , an answer to this all. Thank you.

    • Whitney

      Just prayed for you, sister. Peace and trust in the Lord and His timing and His ways. I cannot imagine where you’re at or how hard this must be, but I pray that the Lord gives you comfort in knowing that He will be your PEACE. He goes before. He makes a way for His children.

      • Kia

        Thank you Whitney! The past two days have been a bit better but I’m still pushing through. I have to take hold of my thoughts and focus on God being my peace . I’m not surrounded by Christian friends and I don’t have any at a distance either . I really believe they’re my main distraction and I know the devil is trying to use these things to draw me away from God. All encouragement and all prayers much appreciated! Thank you

    • Paige Petron

      It’s never easy going through the motions of trials. Job 5:17-19 “Behold, blessed is the one whom God reproves, so despise not the discipline of the Almighty. For he wounds but He binds up; he shatters but his hands heal. He will deliver you from 6 troubles, in 7, no evil shall touch you.” This verse is one I have had memorized and it’s not just encouraged me when looking back at my childhood (which my life was a struggle from the gecko) but it gave me peace for future trials I know will happen. I wasn’t saved till 7th grade and didn’t have anyone to really teach or show me what living in faith was so I struggled. I grew up depressed and was trying to survive while living in 3-4 households, which was way too much for any child. I really hope I have encouraged you. Also Philippians 4:7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. This is another verse that has helped me a lot too because I feel like my heart and mind are sometimes vulnerable…

      • Kia

        Those verses are great reminders! I tend to forget that only reading my Bible isn’t enough. That I need to activate my Faith by trusting him and by not looking at my circumstances. Being encouraged through this app is helping! I wish I could have these conversations in real life with people in my community , or in my church. Everyone and everything seems so distant

        • Paige Petron

          He’s always near you and sometimes it seems like nothing is working out but His plan and Sovereignty is great. The bumps in the road in life aren’t really easy but each hardship and calling from God, shapes us more. Hardships tend to be His way of getting our full attention. I’ll be praying that your family situation gets better and that you not just touch people, but make good relationships with others. Let His stead fast love and strong hand guide you both well through this hard time.

    • Madison

      Praying for you right now.

    • Michelle Johnson

      Kia…just prayed for you this morning…your young marriage, provision of a job for your husband as he provides for your family and for real community and relationships there in Texas. In His Grip…

      • Kia

        Thank you Michelle!!! I’m taking this as a blessing! My day has been eventful but I’m staying hopeful and getting on this app and reading God’s word and encouraging others and being encouraged as well by awesome people like you, is really helping!! Much appreciated

  • I remember the first time i read this chapter, i never understood why love is the greatest of all, love is more great than faith?? I could not get myself to understand, but i came to realise that love breeds the good, if you love your neighbour, friends, family & relatives as you love yourself then good will come your way! I have a testimony of my late boyfriend.. He was full of love! He loved his neighbours, friends & all people who surrounded him.. He passes and i saw the benefits of loving without envy, jelous & all the good qualities is. May our almighty Lord surely enlighten our hearts to love as pure as he loves us!

  • Annabell

    (feel free to comment prayer requests!!) i had a very terrible experience with something a long while ago and im having lots of trouble processing it still because it seems so surreal…. please pray i am given peace along with truth. I really do long for truth like it said, but its extremely hard and burdening when people remain hypocritical and judgmental. life is hard and Im trying to walk on water while keeping my eyes on Jesus but i need to breathe. thanks friends!!

    • klovelyy

      Will be praying for you Annabell. Sometimes things of the past try and find a way to come to the present and haunt us. All it is is the devil trying to make you feel like you’ll never escape it and that you’ll never be good enough for greater things, or that the last you’ve had is who you are. We have to remember that in Christ we are made new , the old has passed away. And we have to find joy in him. It’s never easy… I just posted a prayer request as well. Sometimes we need others to encourage us. And we have to trust that God will be there even when it feels like no one else is

  • For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears.

    Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

  • I thankyou for this beautifully put reminder of the truth, it’s so easy to get caught up in the disappointment of worldly things… I find myself falling time and time again. True love and guidance comes from the Lord, I’m so thankful to know this. I pray for more sisters and brothers to know the love of the Lord and praise him for all his glory!

  • Anna Reecey

    Praise Jesus for His Truth and that He is always there, our permanent Friend through every season of life! ;)

  • Esperanza

    Last night I almost committed suicide. I don’t say that to shock you, but to encourage those of you who may be able to relate. Because I learned that the enemy tries to tell me that if I turn to God for healing, my hurting isn’t valid. That if I don’t sit in the pain, it was never real. But that’s not truth. It’s a lie from the pit of hell spoken by a tiny, weak demon who is so afraid I’ll pray and God will banish him on the spot that he throws everything he has on me at once and tells me the lie that he is stronger than me, that I have fallen prey to that moment and that despair. Maybe you’ve been lied to too. But the truth is, we’re children of the Living King. A single one of our words overpowers demons because of who our Father is. Like Amanda writes, the Truth doesn’t invalidate our sorrow, but leads us into relationship with the One who made us and makes us new. He doesn’t set aside our hurts. He lifts them onto His shoulders.
    May the Lord constantly give me, and all of you, a deep hunger and thirst for truth, so that when trials come and lies come against us, we have a firm foundation in Him who gives us strength.

    • NIKA,CA

      Praying for you and in the name of JESUS, I declare that the devil has no place in your mind , thoughts or surroundings .I pray that you are healed and free from any attack of the enemy and You will have peace, and Joy in the name of Jesus!! AMEN.

      • Esperanza

        Thank you so much, my sister in Christ :) this week has been hard, but so blissfully free from the attacks that have been prevalent in the past. Thank you for your prayers!!

    • Kristi

      Dear Esperanza, I’m praying that our Father would renew your hope. I’m praying that he will fill your heart with the resurrection power of hope in faith and love. Thank you for being so vulnerable and open with us, and helping us to detect those same lies in our lives too. Peace to you, Sister.

      • Esperanza

        Thank you so much for your prayers, Kristi!! It’s always my hope that as we become like broken vases, the light within us might shine through the cracks all the more. I experienced a huge crack last week, but I truly hope to turn that into an opportunity to bless others. Thank you for the encouragement!

    • Sabina Etscheid

      Esperanza your story gives me such hope for those who are in pain and darkness. Thank you for sharing! xoxo

      • Esperanza

        Thank you so much, Sabina! I can say with solemn realization – and also great joy – that there is truly nowhere too dark or despairing for God to follow. No matter where you or anyone else may go, there is always hope!

    • Jasmine

      The same thing kept on holding onto me. All I had I put into these words “get out of my head, in the name of lord Jesus. He rules and you shall never win” and repeat every time you feel the enemy near

      • Hope

        dear my namesake! may the meaning of our names manifest in this world as a reminder of the breath of life that the King breathes unto us each day. say your name–it makes the devil shutter. have hope. live hopeful. and continue to speak hope. from your sister in Christ.

        • Esperanza

          May nothing ever separate us from the love of our God, Hope – for that is the only true source of who we are

      • Esperanza

        Thanks so so much for the advice, Jasmine! That sounds like exactly what I had to do to get free (I was blessed that even though I could not do that, someone very close to me found me and prayed for and with me). May God protect you and strengthen you every day!!

    • Sky

      You name means Hope. Thank you for sharing that with us, it helps me because I understand.

      • Esperanza

        I’m both overjoyed and dismayed that you understand, Sky. Thank you so much for relating with me – I feel so validated to know that other women who struggle with this are seeking God in community! But at the same time, I wish that no one had ever experienced what I know we’ve both felt. May God bless you and protect you, and may He give you His strength every day! <3

  • I love all of the comments and encouragement – so uplifting

  • Elizabeth

    this is beatiful

  • diianna harrold

    this was just amazing

  • It’s hard to admit but sometimes it takes a failure or disappointment to help turn our attention back to God & seek him more closely… praise God for those times! I’m thankful that He is there to loves me through it all! ❤️

  • God’s love is all we need and as a young girl this can be hard as we have a focus to guys to truly loving him will cause no pain and will not hurt❤️

  • God’s love is truthful. It doesn’t change for whatever you do. It is infinite and never goes away!

  • Victoria

    Gods love is enough! I pray God would work in my life and help me love like he loves. Amen!

  • Brittany

    I can’t thank God enough for loving me with more than everything through everything <3

  • Adrienne

    And now I’m crying. So thankful for unending love even when my Bible is closed.

  • this is beautiful!

  • Chattin Atchley

    I started a new college today and I was doing my devotion before I walked in and it may seem God is no where to be found, but the first person I walked up to asked if I wanted some free breakfast. Being a college student, of course I did. She was from a church focusing on bringing college students to Jesus. God’s already working here and making my path straight.

  • Gabarama

    What I always need is Jesus

  • And He is there, on every page, greater than her triumphs and shame, vaster than her needs and her pain. Those are real, to be certain. But they are the partial, the passing away. Jesus—and Jesus alone—is the Perfect, the Permanent.
    I really needed this today.

  • 4Mariah Johnson


  • Emma Rogers

    Love this, so inspiring and relatable to my situation! Very encouraging. I love the way this devotion talks about how the world doesn’t bring her down with its wicked ways. She rises up when she faces adversity and the darkness of the world. God is with her when the world is not and he will always be there even when she’s not with him. It’s a great example of Gods mercy and love. She will not be sorry for herself but use her situation to grow closer to God!

  • Heather

    “The Truth does not magically erase her suffering or cure her disappointment. It does not negate her struggle or invalidate her sorrow. It does something even better—it leads her into relationship with the One who made her and makes her new, the One who is greater than all of these. The Truth brings her face to face with the God who has never stopped loving His children, who has never failed to do what He says He will do. The Truth is love in black and white—a love that does not change, even when her Bible is closed.”

    SOOOOOO important!! ❤

  • Arianna ♡ Acevedo

    this is so beautiful yet so gentle and poise the words she uses is so descriptive and it truly opens up a new world. ♡♡♡ I love it already !

  • Victoria

    Our God is a constant .. His love is constant and everything He is never passes or changes. “Lesser broken things masquerade as love.” My heart strays towards those things but my spirit holds tight to the One who calls it by name!

  • Sometimes I blame God for my circumstances. I think, if Christianity is so great, then why am I a wad of painful emotions right now? I forget that the struggle will always exist on this earth. The love of God gives me hope. He doesn’t take away the struggle, but he does bear my burdens if I give them to him.

  • Bethany

    She reads Truth to find Jesus.

    And He is there, on every page, greater than her triumphs and shame, vaster than her needs and her pain. Those are real, to be certain. But they are the partial, the passing away. Jesus—and Jesus alone—is the Perfect, the Permanent.

    What a great reminder of God’s promises in his word. I know that my pain is passing, and God is greater. How easy it is to forget that.

  • Victoria

    “A love that does not change even when her Bible is closed.”

    A great reminder today.. I fail to read my bible EVERY day. This was a wake up call for me that His love for me never changes, and my love for Him never changes. He deserves my time EVERY day.

  • Brittany Joiner

    In every season he is still God and he will never leave us alone. Thankful for the inspirational truth.

  • Caroline

    After a nasty divorce and a couple of other mind blowing experiences in 2016 it gives me peace that he loves me. He loves me even though I am a mess. He loved me even though I make many mistakes. Praise God!

  • Lydia Hammond

    I’m just getting my life back to God, and these verses have always been favorites of mine. It was a true blessing for this to be my first devotional in a long time.

  • Brianne Larson

    As I lay here in the quiet part of my day, the very end, I am burdened. My burdens are heavy with the reality of Amanda Williams statements: “Hope is tinged with hurt. Faith is shaded by doubt. Lesser, broken things masquerade as love.” This is my world. I live a life filled with hurt, doubts, and masquerades. My soul longs for the truth to set this free. To set me free.

  • Mckinzy

    LOVE is the most beautiful gift we have been given and also one that can quickly just be left behind/forgotten….it’s so easy while in relationships to become resentful or frustrated with things …money, jobs….life in general?! Where has my acknowledgment of love for everything or even my fiancé gone? I know I love this wonderfully hilarious and loving man, and I’m a very happy person but, when was the last time I showed it. Definitely not with me acting resentful towards him or myself. Or getting frustrated with the smallest of things. This definitely made me rethink how I’ve been acting towards him and my day to day life. Taking a step back to really look in my “mirror” and pray…is the way I’m acting letting my love shine through?

    So excited to read the rest of these and makes me eager to see how this has an impact on my life.

  • The only thing I cling to in doubt and depression that feeds my soul.

  • Carina Davis

    He is truth. I can’t get enough.

  • Love it! Such an inspirational Truth!! It’s so refreshing to be told that no matter what changes God will always be there, steadfast and patient.

  • Truth is that Jesus died while we were still sinners so that we can rise above our circumstances and find victory in Christ. Truth is that we can come to Him anytime to find the hope, rest, and strength that we need. The Truth is that He is not unreachable. We don’t need to clean ourselves up to come to Him. We can come to Him as we are and rely on His strength to make us into who He desires us to be. The Truth of the gospel is that He loves us as we are, but He loves as so much that He doesn’t want us to stay as we are. When we come to Him for help, we are embracing our inadequacy and finding our deliverance in Him, and THAT is where victory comes. Because He is our deliverer. When it’s us and Him we are unstoppable.

  • Becky S

    Truth.. What caused the sinful woman to weep so many tears that she washed the feet of Jesus? Truth. She was enslaved to sin. She felt the weight of disgust for it yet the longing to hold on to it. Truth. It was overwhelming her to know acceptance in that place, the exact place where she was. The Truth that exposed her and set her free at the same time…. “Go in peace…”
    I want to read Truth- to know Him- to have this constant pursuit of what Truth offers. Please Jesus, don’t let me love my sins more that You. Please bring me daily to this place of Truth. Thank you, Jesus, that you are the purest love.

    • Bolu

      “The Truth that exposed her and set her free at the same time.” Wow! This was honestly so beautiful & much needed to hear in this moment. I thank God for leading here to this. Thank you so much for this. God bless you.

  • I keep coming back to this post…

  • Nari Kim

    I’m honestly reading this because I could not fall asleep. I realized a needed a platform that would allow me to process my identity as a woman and how much value that has. This whole passage is something we hear a lot, but at times forget. I’m motivated to read She Reads Truth. It fits my theme of wanting to have solidarity in the truth and No longer stumbling back and forth but being solid in truth. SOLIDARITY! is the theme for me this year.

  • Today was a rough day. I was so frustrated with my kids and then, sigh, this.

    Love is not irritable. I need to ask forgiveness for this today.

    The devotional was encouraging though – “The truth does not negate her struggle . . . It leads her into relationship with the one who made her. . . “

  • This was absolutely amazing.

  • I really connected with the “Until then she reads Truth, not just for answers to equations, but to be face-to-face”.

  • shelbyrae

    so often you hear this passage read at weddings but I think it has such a bigger meaning than what we give it credit for. my pastor at my church today said something that’s been ringing in my ears all day, God so often you hear this passage read at weddings but I think it has such a bigger meaning than what we give it credit for. my pastor at my church today said something that’s been ringing in my ears all day, God loves you where you are at but loves you even more that he doesn’t want you to stay there. God loves me right now in this time in my life where I feel ashamed, guilty, and unloved. he loves me still. I have been struggling with a sin and I haven’t shared that with anyone. I’ve been trying to get through this on my own but today I realized that I’m not alone, I have God and he has given me amazing people in my life who I can confide in, and despite my insecurities about myself and my sin, they will probably not care about my sin as much as they care about me and my God is the same way♡

    • Maura

      I was just thinking that many of us take for granted “love is patient, love is kind..” it is on the wall at my friend’s house and I must have passed it hundreds of times over the years. Recently I sat down and read the verse and fell in love with it. I strive to embody that.
      I am sure your sin is not as bad as you think, and those who love you will accept you no matter what. We work things up in our head to be way worse than they are.

  • Jasmine

    As a victim of sexual abuse I often still see the brokenness in my life, even after years of healing. I look for love in other things that don’t last. I pray I may have strength to overcome earthly desire and seek him not humanity. Often my past makes this hard! Please pray for me.

    • Jo

      Praying for you, Jasmine!

    • Blair Smith

      I too am a victim and feel the same way. But in the midst of it all I try to remember how much He loves me and wants nothing but the best for me. I try to let him be a light in my darkness. You should listen to the song Never See The End by Amanda Cook it makes me feel amazing when I’m down.

  • Cicidawn

    Truth is before our eyes. We just have to open the book to take a look and want it.

  • profound & timely

  • Cortney Carlow

    Holding fast to truth till we can see TRUTH!

  • Candace

    God is so good.

  • Hi, sisters! I’ve just started on my journey of reading the Bible and I find SRT to be such an invaluable resource. As a beginner, though, I also find reading the Bible a bit overwhelming. There’s so much meaning and goodness packed in here! how would you suggest I soak it all in and make it manifest in my life? any suggestions on how I can deepen my Bible study and gain the most from it?

    • Jen Thompson

      Hi Esha! I agree, the Bible can be a bit overwhelming. I’ve been reading the Bible since I was a kid and still have not read the entire thing or have nearly begun to understand it all. Try starting in the New Testament and reading about Jesus’ life on the earth. You’ll learn so much about Him. And then maybe going back to the Old Testament starting in Genesis after that. Take your time. It’s so easy to want to be eager and and want to read it all, but let it soak in. Follow some of the SRT studies as you read certain books of the Bible. There is also a chronological bible at Christian bookstores that has the Bible in chronological order…I haven’t picked one up yet but have been curious about it for bible study purposes! I pray that The Lord reveals himself to you as you study the Bible and that you have people around you to share in your journey with. Love to you!!

    • Emma

      Hi Esha! I agree, it can be hard to understand sometimes or it feels like you’re just scratching the surface. I agree with Jen: take your time! It might also be helpful to use a couple of different versions. I like to read ESV and then read the same passage in the Message, NLT, or the Amplified version in order to get a simpler paraphrase. I like to ask myself a few questions as I read: What is the author’s purpose in writing this? What is his point for the people he was writing this to? Can I find I key verse or two in the book that sums up the point? Then I like to memorize the verse. It helps to give you an idea of what each book is about. I also ask What is God’s point for me? What profit should I take away from this? Having a group to talk about these questions with helps in understanding, too.

  • The Truth gives her access to the one who loves her…who wants her to be free deliberate, intentional, strong…

  • I’m new to this plan set. My dear friend introduced me to it but already I feel a strength growing in my heart that was absent prior.

  • Kassidy

    This is a wonderful subject and something I needed to hear. It makes me see that I am loved by God more than anyone else ever could and that I need to love the people around as much as He loves me because nothing I do matters if I don’t do it with love. So please pray for me in this journey till we meet our Heavenly Father and I will pray for you. ❤️

  • One day we will ONLY see him face-to-face! Hallelujah! I want to know more about how and why to read my Bible – because I want to find the perfect, permanent one!!!

  • sisters I would love prayer for healing for my marriage. we are struggling to communicate and we are drifting apart. I love him with all my heart but something is different. I don’t know how to tell him how I feel. I want to honour him but find I’m always irritated by him and snapping.

    • Han

      Praying for the Holy Spirit to bring you and remind you of patience and love for him. God has the power to change our attitudes and our views of other people and things. Praying for your attitude toward your husband in the moment will be shifted and changed to reflect your love and God’s love. He is with you in this.

    • Candace

      Praying for you Louise!

    • Candace

      Remember that Jesus is not a God of confusion but a God of peace. Proverbs 3 says be not wise in your own eyes… in all your ways acknowledge him & he will direct your paths.

  • My boyfriend cheated on me last year and now we are trying to work things out. I’m putting all of my focus and effort into rebuilding our relationship and trusting him again, that I’ve lost sight of what is really important.
    “She wants to know what is true—not partly true, or sometimes true, or almost true. She wants to see Truth itself, face to face.”
    God’s love is TRUE and I need to focus on strengthening my relationship with him above all else.

    • Rhiannon

      The beautiful thing about focusing on our relationship with Jesus when we’ve been broken is knowing that He’s the only one who truly understands our brokenness. He loved us in our most heart broken state. His love supersedes all that hurt and pain. He longs to not just make us survivors, but to be more than conquerors. And it’s important to remember that we are His first choice! There’s nothing like feeling that you’re the only the only one in the room He sees. You are precious in His eyes and no one can snatch you from His hand. Praying for you today as you seek further intimacy with Jesus!

  • Friends of mine have become engaged and as they have, I’ve felt a rush and pressure, not on myself, but that I’ve put on my other half. Reading this today, I’ll try to hold onto the thought that His love is everlasting and love in all things lasts and overcomes all struggles. Love is what lasts, not events. And His love is strongest of all.

  • After having an immense amount of false love this past year, this was a beautiful reminder that no matter what, God loves me and His love is bigger than anything here on Earth. That is so incredibly comforting. What a lovely way to start this new year.

  • Such a moving passage and statement. God is Love. Perfect boundless love. I was moved to tears remembering how God has set me free and healed me and will continue to take care of me. I am starting a new job on Monday and I am praying that in this position I will be a leader for God. I will be one of the only females in a position of authority and there will be so much pressure. I know that God opened this door and I pray that He will sustain and grow me as a leader.

    • Maura

      I’m praying for you Kate, it is hard to be a woman in the work force. You can do it! You are meant to be where you are at this moment.

  • I’ve read these verses so many times and never have they spoken to me as much as today. Jesus is Love!!

  • Nicole H

    This was absolutely beautiful. Just what I needed to start my week back at work for the New Year.

  • Holly Anne

    This is beautifully written. Thank you. Reminded me today of why, why I want the Truth, why I wrap myself around the one who loves me more than I can imagine.

  • Jazmyne Johnson

    I pray that we all may know Truth and Love as the One who truly loves us. May our broken hearts and letdowns be a motivating factor that leads us back to The Lord for healing. Amen ♡

  • I know now what I have to do to seek the truth. Turn to Jesus.

  • Rebecca Allen

    I love that we serve a Savior who is constant. The storms of life will come and go, we are promised that, but Jesus remains steadfast. When we focus our eyes on Him and remember his characteristics we can be filled with comfort. The Lord taught me last year something new about himself. He taught me how intimately involved in my pain he is. I lost my father suddenly and didn’t even get to say goodbye. Jesus revealed to me how much he is broken over death. That is was not part on His original design and it grieves Him. That is the God we serve one filled with perfect love that is intimately involved in our joys and our suffering. I will follow Him wherever He takes me through suffering and joy for I know He cares for me.

  • Caroline

    I pray for myself and others to help grow closer with God in the new year and this app will help me!

  • I just downloaded this app. I love it , as I read this . It reminded me of who I am and not to feel lonely . ❤️

  • I lay in bed feeling lonely even all while next to someone I say I love. Yet I feel so incomplete. So I turn to read this devotional in light of guidance. And it makes me realize I am not alone in looking for answers. I’m so imperfect and though I have so much nothing fills my heart because he and he alone is the one who can complete me. I ask that you pray for me. I want to strengthen my relationship with Christ more. And that is something that I hope I can work towards more this year.

    • Mandy Haffer

      Just said a prayer for you. That God would fill your heart and draw you near to Him. A couple things I’ve been learning recently that may encourage you are to stop trying harder and focus more on surrendering your desires and time and everything to Him. God has also been helping me take change a day, week, month, at a time rather than doing New Years resolutions. Rather than trying to just “do better” this year, ask God each day to draw you a little nearer to Him than the day before. Blessings…

  • Allyson

    Sisters, I’m asking for prayer if you read this. I’ve been struggling with a lot lately and could really use some extra prayer warriors lifting me up. Here’s to getting back on track with my daily devotions and for clinging to faith, hope, and love in this new year!

  • I haven’t been on this app for month. Something happened…and my heart was broken..I was looking through my apps and something called me to go here. To click this post. This is what I needed. Exactly what I needed. The verses and the devotional. Thank you. ❤

  • Isabella Grace

    This lesson caught me off guard a bit. I didn’t notice I hadn’t been in God’s word recently and failed in that area.
    My favorite phrase in the bible is
    “but God…”
    The reason I love this is the reminder it gives us. It reminds us that no matter how far we’ve wandered away from his loving arms … He. Loves. Us. Still.
    He will always be there waiting for me to be reconciled to him. That is a beautiful reminder of God’s love for us.

  • Andrea O

    I’ve made up my mind to get closer with Christ, and I’ve found this study app and it’s amazing! Is just what I need and I pray, I will get closer to Christ and I pray all who wants to get closer with Christ, will get closer to church and will enjoy joy and happiness , IJN. Amen.

  • Debbie Martin

    Oh how I needed this today. I’ve held onto hurts, expected others to love me in a way I haven’t even been able to love them! my prayer is God will help me love past the hurt…

  • Jordann

    Wow. I’m gonna do it. This showed me how badly I need to get right and stay motivated. Amen.

  • Dami Onyia

    I pray i keep up with reading His Word daily
    That’s my heart desire this year

  • Diarah Ivette

    Very eye opening

  • Olivia Weeks

    Praying that the Lord will use this study to help me grow closer to Him.

  • jessica

    I love this!

  • As I start the new year in committing to dive into the Bible once a day. As crazy as life will get I know I have something and someone to fall back on. I know he will be here for me.

  • leigha lanier

    This is so beautiful. One of my friends on facebook said that she wanted to read the Bible everyday as her new years resolution and it was the only resolution she has ever stuck to. My new years resolution was to spend time with the Lord everyday, whether it be reading the Bible, daily prayer, or writing a blog post. I’m so glad I downloaded this app because I feel like my relationship with the Lord will strengthen ❤ It’s not a new years resolution for me; it’s going to be a lifestyle change.

  • Catherine


  • Girl. I needed these reminders. Brought tears throughout the entire reading. I will be picking this book up today!

  • Very moving, it really resonated with where I am at the moment! She is me and his loves never fails! ❤️

  • Sherry Barrett

    Thank you : )

  • Kayla F.

    Thank you! This was so beautiful. Jesus’ love is never ending. We all need Him in our lives.

  • Arlyne VanHook

    Charity: To voluntarily give to those in need.
    In this scripture the word love is talking about how Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud…am so on…yes charity is an act of those things that Christ commands but it should not be replaced with the word Love in the scripture above. I think new translations are great but also dangerous and confusing to the readers.

  • Arlyne VanHook

    Not a fan of the word LOVE being replaced by charity. It seems to take the entire scripture out of context.

  • Read this right when I needed it most. Thank you! God is good!

  • I love this part of scripture….I am convicted regarding my own selfishness

  • Mitchell

    I am only a God fearing man but I accept all knowledge and reading. Phenomenal reading.

  • Beautiful

  • Adrienne Isenberg

    Great reading!!

  • Oréoluwa A

    Loved this!

  • Annie Keller

    And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us. (Romans 5:5) May all of us ladies always abide in His love and be filled with the Holy Spirit ❤️️

  • Debdeb5

    Much needed-thanks for the reminder to search for strength in Jesus alone:)

  • LOVED this

  • Keri McCue

    “One day the cloudy mirror will be gone. One day face-to-face is the only way she will see.” – I love this image! One day we will get to see Him face to face and what a wonderful day that will be!!


  • Beautiful reading❤️

  • What a comforting reminder when a situation warrants vindication. Vindication after reading this is only a partial thing. Amen.

  • “Real love is the God who became flesh”
    I am a college student trying to figure out what love is. Currently in an on and off relationship with a high school sweetheart. Too often I find myself searching for love in superficial things. Things that will never be able to fill the part of my heart that only God can. This was a beautiful reminder that my relationship with God is what is most important. I need to recognize and be gracious for the eternal love God has for us and the grand plan he has in store for us, and most of all take the time to build my relationship with Him by making it my number one priority.

    • Kristina

      Amen Mary!

    • Annie Keller

      “Real love is the God that became flesh,” and love never ends (1 Corinthians 13). My heart is so filled when I realize that if love never ends, and Jesus is love, I will never ever not be surrounded by love in the fullest form.

    • Bethany

      Amen Mary!

    • Shanika Hightower

      I needed to read this

  • Camryn Vincent


  • Tashona Johnson

    Sweet Jesus. He’s so Good! Thank you!

  • Kelly Rogers

    Wow! Yes!

  • Melissa Harvey

    Amen to this reading! Just another reminder for me of how good God’s love is. Also reminded me how I needed to love.

  • Tammy Stokes

    Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! My broken heart needed to read this today!!!

  • Love does not demand it’s own way. It is not irritable or touchy. It does not hold grudges and will hardly notice when others do it wrong..1 Corinth 13:5 (TLB) Love is not anything that I can give in my human form, love is only possible when I allow my heart to be saturated with the word of God – the truth – the permanent – the perfect – JESUS!! Love he is true love! I needed to be reminded of this today, love isn’t a feeling, it’s a person. It is God flowing through me! <3

  • I needed to be reminded what real love looks like.. feels like. What real love is. I have been going through a dark period in my life. Lots of loss. Lots of betrayal. It fills my spirit with HOPE to know that his love is never changing

  • I am my Father's daughter

    “Jesus- and Jesus alone- is the Perfect, the Permanent.”

  • “The truth is love in black and white- a love that does not change, even when her bible is closed.” Reading that felt like a big hug during this spiritual slump I’ve been in. I don’t make New Years resolutions necessarily but this year I want to focus on loving more. I’ve always thought I was a loving person but this past year and it’s trials has made me take a good look at my heart…I didn’t like what I saw. I want to love better.

  • Jenessa Garcia

    Amen! Love the Word

  • “Real love is the God who became flesh” I find that often I am distracted by the things of our world, frustrated by my own sinful nature, and discouraged as a result of the two. But truly I think the reminder I needed to hear was this bit of “God who became flesh” for me that showed a perspective and gave me hope right then and there. Realizing the pain, hurt, temptation, anger, and trail of the world isn’t a tiny fraction comparable to what Jesus suffered for us. Praise him though that through his suffering he gave us a way to relate. Knowing how thoroughly different our pain is from the pain he felt. I’m reminded to rejoice in that kind of real love. She is me. She is loved. Pray for me, that I can leave my own distractions behind, in 2016, & that 2017 will bring a new level of love to my eyes. That I would be reminded of his love and in turn share it!

  • Jesus; truth not only when it’s easy to believe, on the good days. But Jesus is truth every day all day.

  • Susan Mixon

    Truth is as near as the pages in my Bible. What a gift!

  • kaela johnson

    this is a great way for all of us to acknowledge that God loves us, no matter what.

  • Carrie Rogers

    Until then, she reads Truth—not just for answers or equations, help or how-tos. She reads Truth to find the perfect and permanent One. She reads Truth because she needs Jesus. Perfect description! I love Jesus!

  • Counterfeits no longer interest her, she is looking for the realest thing.

    • Michelle Wright

      That struck me to the core. I absolutely loved reading that.

  • natalie

    Perfect timing on what I needed to read today. Coming up on a the first year anniversary of my husband’s passing. Just been trying to walk through his 56 birthday and Christmas. A triple whammy so close together to navigate through. The truth in the words above are exactly what I yearn and long for, needed to read today. ” She reads truth because she needs Jesus. ” “She is me.” HE is here, HE has always been, HE will always be with Me.

  • 1 Corinthians 13 has given me a new goal for the new year. Of course I want more wisdom and I would love to speak with more eloquence and clarity. I would love to keep learning and growing, and giving generously of my resources. But now, now I want to be sure that all I do come from a place of the overabundance of the love – true love – of Christ in me.
    I want to understand deeper the unwavering and all-giving affection God has for me, so that I can love others from the same place… instead of being about getting love, I want my actions to be FROM love.
    Romans 8:38-39 tells us that nothing can separate us from Christ’s love. Nothing. Not even our own selves. I pray we all understand what His love means in a deeper way this year, so it overflows out of our lives in the most natural, hopeful and joyful way to the lives around us.

  • Exactly what I needed to read today and in this season of my life!

  • Kortina

    Yes. She is me, and I am her. Thank you reminding me why I must open my bible. It’s not for the answered prayers but for the Truth in the Perfect One.

  • Jennifer

    I have been struggling to totally commit myself to truly be who I know I can and need to be for my three boys. I want to be an example and show them how to have a relationship with God. Pray for me that I can be who I know I need to be!!

    • Katy

      Jennifer, I too have struggled with exactly this in the last year or so. The feelings of responsibility are overwhelming most of the time. I have really felt God say to me to just accept the FACT that He loves me even though I feel I ‘fail’ as a good example to my kids several times a day, there is nothing I can do to change that and I need to relax over it! I pray for wisdom to be the parent they need (not the one I think I should be) and sometimes that means making mistakes and showing them I need the Lord to help me be the person He needs me to be rather than the perfect person I struggle to be (and never can be!) I also pray for Godly wisdom for my kids and a spirit of discernment for them in this harsh world. But above all I pray that God will reveal Himself to them daily in ways they understand. He has also been showing me in recent weeks, and has again today, that I just need to love them-unconditionally-so simple a concept and yet without the Holy Spirit impossible to do. Relax, enjoy them, be real, lean on God all through the day, every Day and love them no matter what- that is the best example you can be for them. And now I need to pray, again, that the Lord helps me to listen to and take my own advice!

      • KKmomof2

        Wow! I feel like you are in my heart and mind! Everything you have written here is exactly how I feel at this moment in my life! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here for me to read and allowing this to remind me the real reason for my parenting is to love them, just love them, not to be perfect bc that I won’t be able to. And to allow them to see me lean on our one constant perfect One, our Heavenly Father, everyday. Thank you! You have a blessed day!

    • Connie LO

      I am praying for you to have the grace to choose to totally commit yourself. Ask that His perfect will be done in your life, no matter what the cost. I have prayed that prayer for years and He has always been trustworthy and faithful! His Spirit in you will bring to pass His will by His own strength and grace and power working in your heart and mind

  • sandelle

    I am grateful for the thoughtful minds and prayerful hearts that gave me life through this message…thank you :)

  • Abigail

    I’m so thankful that I have a source of permanent truth and the greatest source of love this world has ever known is so desperately in need for!!

  • It has been a struggle to totally commit myself to God, but now I’m all ready to dive in! Pray for me saints

    • Photokaren

      Praying for you Toni. May Jesus open your eyes to see Him more fully and deeply and may you know His love for you to be so rich and deep.

  • Lubyyxox


  • Lubyyxox

    Today is my first day right She Reads Truth and I am already very thankful I found this app and the encouraging and loving community it comes with!

  • This captures me so perfectly. I always thought that having these complicated, contradictory emotions and thoughts made me a weak, made me less. It made me feel like there were things I couldn’t figure out or understand and that kept me distant from God. I don’t want to be separate from him, distant or anything. I so desperately want to hear him and want to be close to him.

  • So refreshing to read the word of God in this way

  • “And He is there, on every page, greater than her triumphs and shame, vaster than her needs and her pain.” Loved this excerpt from the devotional, and I love that it rhymes too. So beautiful.

  • “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing.”
    As I read this part of the passage, I saw it differently that I ever have before.
    God is love.
    I often try to do things on my own, not asking the Lord to help me along. Most of the time I don’t even realize I have done it, but when I do that I am living for myself and my own worthless glory. When I am stuck in this trap, I am trying to serve the Lord without putting him in it. And this verse clearly states that without Love, I gain nothing!
    “Lord, teach me to lean on you in all things and to do nothing without you being the focus of all my thoughts! Thank you for your crazy amazing forgiveness!”

  • Andrea Leigh

    Empowering truth about His faithfulness. He’s so into us – it’s right there in the pages of His Word. Filled with gratitude for this beautiful reminder.

  • *relieving

  • I cried as I read this, so good and almost reliving in the midst of personal, painful circumstances. This is my first day on She Reads Truth, and I’m finding several devotionals and Scripture that hit home. Very grateful!

  • I love this. It feels like it was written just for me. I recently realized that I’ve been trying to fill a void that God should be filling, with guys. I want to meet the right one and together with him continue on our journey to the Lord but I keep filling my time with guys that I know are not what God wants for me. It’s hard to remember that God is the only truth that I need. I want to learn to cling to him daily and let Him guide my steps.

    • Kelsey

      Hi Kristy! I realized that a while ago too that was how I was trying to meet my needs! Through an awesome community and spending time with Jesus, God healed the broken parts of me that I was trying to fix and I was able to focus on Him and the call He had for me and my life! And because God is faithful, he brought an incredible man into my life and we just got married a few weeks ago! It was so worth the wait and doing the tough things on the front end! Our pastor always talks about becoming the right person instead of trying to find the right person! That helped me stay focused and not fall for every guy that crossed my path. My husband is such an incredible man and I’m so glad I let God go to those broken places! I’m praying for you! Jesus wants to be first and it’s so good when he’s first.

      • Kristy

        Hi Kelsey, thank you so much for the encouragement. Congrats by the way!! :) that is so exciting. And it’s helpful to hear that I am not the only one who has struggled with this. God is definitely worth seeking.

  • Wow. Just wow. So perfectly put, the cry of my heart.

  • It’s so easy to look unto other people when trying to fill that void of love that we need, i.e. a spouse. The only one we should be looking to to fill that void is Jesus, and by doing that, it opens us up to be able to love others like we should…and that is selflessly. Not thinking about what can we or should we get from this relationship, but more what can I give. I needed this reminder. Jesus is the love that I need.

  • I’m blessed and happy that God created the Bible for us. We need guidance. The world is noisy and loaded with gargantuan distractions. God is stillness, quietness, peacefulness, calmness,…

    Thank you God for a blessed and lovely day today. :-)

  • Michelle

    Lately I’ve been struggling with my faith, church & my life in general. I feel like I have no purpose and I don’t fit anywhere. There was a time when I was on fire for the Lord, now I feel empty & disconnected. Please pray for me as the new year approaches and I try to move forward again and find my passion again.