Advent 2016: Christ Was Born For This: Day 21

Grace Day


Today's Text: Psalm 89:4

Take this day as an opportunity to catch up on your reading, pray, and rest in the presence of the Lord.

I will establish your offspring forever
and build up your throne for all generations.
–Psalm 89:4 SRT-Advent16-Instagram21s

  • For now and all of eternity! Awesomess! When he comes, we shall be like Him!

  • Amen need to for me and my family.

  • Tricia Cavanaugh

    Forever. Amen

  • Praise God for He is the covenant keeper always and forever! Amen!

  • Skigranny1

    Praying for all of you today. Praise God for His grace and mercy. Thankful that we need not worry. His plans are for our good and not harm. He sees the big picture.

  • ‘I will establish your offspring forever,
    and build your throne for all generations.’”

    I’m claiming this Word over my children and grandchildren and on down the line until JESUS comes. In their days may they always stand strong and courageous and be the Light of Jesus in their world.

  • Susan Dexter

    Grace day, thank you. Could use this today as we lost my mother-in-law on Thursday.

  • I could weep at the kindness of God. My son just found out he got a teaching position at a local high school. It is a wonderful staff and a wonderful place for a first time teacher. I learned that the position may only last the rest of this year and had a quick moment of panic for him. I am reminded today that he is walking with God and that God has him exactly where he wants and needs him to be. I need not worry.

    • Mercy Me

      Jenny, thank you for your words this morning. Feeling disappoint with the way I am being treated at work. Feel God lead me this morning to read your message. I need not worry.

  • churchmouse

    Only God can promise and deliver on “forever.”

    • Lana


    • Lana

      Last week, I broke up with the man I thought I was going to marry. I wish I had pretty phone lock screens for your words of wisdom, churchmouse. This was just what I needed to hear on this gloomy Saturday. I’m going to keep it close to my heart.

      • churchmouse

        Oh I’m so sorry Lana… But may I share that I too broke an engagement and three years ago our youngest daughter did the same. Absolutely heart wrenching. But God is faithful! Three years after my breakup I married my husband (38 years now and counting) and in August of 2017 our daughter is getting married. My husband and her fiance are both wonderful Godly men. Lessons were learned and convictions made stronger. God walked us through and joy returned. I pray the same for you, Lana. He is the Light and He never goes out. Never. Ever. Praying for you sweet sister.

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