Advent 2016: Christ Was Born For This: Day 11

A Priest Intercedes for His People


Today's Text: Exodus 30:1-10, Leviticus 6:1-7, Hebrews 5:1-4, Hebrews 9:12

Text: Exodus 30:1-10, Leviticus 6:1-7, Hebrews 5:1-4, Hebrews 9:12

Priests made intercession for the sins of the people. The Old Testament priests brought the sin offerings of Israel into the presence of God and asked the Lord to receive the offerings and forgive the people. Priests were mediators, set apart for the bloody, solemn work of interceding through prayer and sacrifice. Their role existed because the people were never without guilt.

My father and I didn’t see eye to eye about my post-college plans. I had gone to a respectable school, earned a pair of respectable degrees, and taken out my respectable share of student loans. The job was done, and it was time for the real work to begin. So, I did what any newly qualified college graduate does: I accepted an unpaid internship that had nothing to do with my degrees.

Dad wasn’t mad at me, necessarily. But he certainly wasn’t happy.

At the time I was driving a light green Mazda 626, nicknamed “the Beast” for the frequency with which it required costly repairs. The bank loan for “my” used car was in my name and my dad’s, and I was responsible for the monthly payment: $296, if I remember correctly. The unpaid internship offered a monthly stipend that was roughly $100 more than that amount.

Each month, I sent the lion’s share of my paycheck to my hometown bank with a slip from that car payment book. And each month, I stretched the remaining dollars to pay for meals, clothes, gas, and an occasional coffee. This was my modus operandi for several months, until Christmas of that same year. In the Christmas of 2001, in the house where I grew up, my dad handed me a small, wrapped box. Inside was the Beast’s payment book, its pages stamped “paid.”

My dad had paid in full the debt I couldn’t.

The priests of the Old Testament had the somber and bloody task of making payments on the sin-debt of God’s people, offering regular sacrifices on their behalf. The Messiah—the One the prophets foretold—had not yet come, and the sins of the people had to be atoned for as prescribed by God’s law. God is always and completely holy, so the priests stayed busy, interceding with prayers and sacrifices for the sin-plagued hearts of God’s people.

It is believed there was no chair in the temple because the priest’s work was never done. “The altar is especially holy to the Lord” (Exodus 30:10). When could a priest possibly rest?

Old Testament priests were constantly making payments on a debt they could never eliminate. Only Jesus could mark it paid in full. But Jesus hadn’t come yet; only the promise of Jesus had come.

When my dad paid off my car loan, it wasn’t just freedom from debt that I celebrated. It was my father’s love—his approval. In this one act, he had demonstrated that he accepted me right where I was, no strings attached. It was a true gift of love, given but not earned.

My dad was a good man, but he is not my savior. The priests of the Old Testament were called by God to intercede for the people, but they were not messiahs. Hebrews 5 says of the priest, “He is able to deal gently with those who are ignorant and are going astray, since he is also subject to weakness. Because of this, he must make a sin offering for himself as well as for the people” (vv. 2-3).

Only Jesus could give what the souls of the people—and yes, the priests—really needed. Only Christ could provide the ultimate sacrifice that would pay all our debts and theirs, “once for all” (Hebrews 9:12). Only Christ could offer complete love and unmerited favor to sinners the likes of us.

Thanks be to God, the true Priest was coming.


  • Lauren, I know you posted this last year, but I wanted to let you know you are not alone! My husband is a Christian, but has very little desire to go to church. I pray for his desire to know Christ more and have a heart after God constantly. I hope and pray that both our husbands grow into the spiritual leaders of our families!

  • Dear Lauren, I want to encourage you to find a church where you will be fed and find fellowship. You can’t change your husband, he needs to want Jesus as much as you. You need the fellowship of Godly friends and to get grounded in a church home. I’m speaking from experience, my husband could never find a church he liked. We’ve been in every church in our town. Finally I had to make a choice to find a church home where I could find friends and fellowship. Get involved in bible study. He still doesn’t go to church. I’m not responsible for him, he needs to take that step. I’ve been involved in this church for about 10 yrs now. Hope this helps you!

  • Stephanie

    Lauren, I prayed for you and your husband this morning. I know, at least in small part, that desire for your husband to be the spiritual leader of your household. I have been praying the same thing the past couple of years. While I haven’t seen that prayer fully answered yet, I have seen improvements and praise the Lord for that. I pray that you will also see a transformation as the Lord lights a unquenchable fire in your husband. Personally, I would encourage you to find a church on your own if he is unwilling. I know it’s hard. But that fellowship and communal worship will do so much for you that you can’t on your own. Lauren I pray that God would send a divine appointment to you this week. To bring you courage and comfort, wisdom and direction. I pray that you would be blessed by His presence and that you may worship freely as you lay your burdens down at His feet. Love you sister.

  • Lauren F

    Ladies, I ask for prayer. My husband and I moved a year ago from a great city and church community. Now we haven’t found a church (haven’t tried very hard) and my husband has no desire to go to church. It is so painful to be a praying wife when you desire more worship and closeness with his people. I pray for the desire of his heart and that one day he will be the spiritual leader of our household. I pray that I too can recognize the Lord in our daily lives more and be an example even when it’s hard.

    • DANIKA

      I’m praying for you! I can relate in some ways. Keep praying and trusting God no matter what the circumstances are. Do what you can to grow and build YOUR own faith. Your walk and faith in Jesus will be a light and example to him. The Lord will work on him.

  • I’ve been reading my devotionals from here for a while now and it always just brightens my day when I see my fellows sisters, who I don’t even know, help and pray for each other. thank you for demonstrating Christ’s love for the church and being an inspiration to me.

  • We can’t imagine how blessed we are to live after Christ’s work of redemption, the Holy Spirit’s coming, the compilation of the entire Bible, all the knowledge and freedom. This is what we know and are used to. Our daily lives are richer in a way we don’t realize.

  • I wanted to thank you for this message and your story about your father paying his debt and the collection of bible versus today. I was raised from a child as a Christian and I am today with many times of weakness and doubt and periods in my life full of sin. I thank you as this is the first time I have sat on this message of love and forgiveness and it has settled into my bones. Thank you.

    • Mandy

      I was also raised up in a Christian family. This caused me to take many things for granted and not see the true value of what Jesus did. It wasn’t until this year that I’ve started dig deeper into my faith to understand just how great our God is and what being a Christian actually means. I will pray for your walk in Christ as I continue on with mine. Best blessings!

  • Natalia R

    Please, pray for me. For the last two months I’ve been so disconnected. Every day I come here read my devotionals and I feel nothing. Every day I read how beautifully the word is working in your lives and I’m here wanting to feel the same way. This has never happened to me before. Why I feel so unplugged? We recently left our church, not because we wanted to, but because we really need a new place we can call home. We are not leaving God, we just need a change of environment. My husband is not a believer, everyone depends on me and the steps I take regarding our faith. I’m the pilar of my kids and my whole family. They look up to me and here I’m falling apart. I do t have anyone to go to and speak about how I’m feeling. Many times I tried to built friendships at church without any success and in moments like this I wish I had a friend I can go to. So for that reason I’m here, asks all of you strangers but yet sisters in God to pray for me, I need to keep I together for my kids and my family. I just want to go into a room and cried out loud and just sit there for hours with the Lord and just let him come to me and hold me tight, but I don’t want my kids to worry about me and need to be strong for them.

    • Natalia R

      I apologize for all the typos

      • Jami

        Praying for you today! I pray that you would experience God’s peace and a sweet reminder of His presence in your life today. I pray for the endurance you need to press on through difficult seasons.

    • Abby MacDougall

      Natalia, I am praying for you, sister. I was just in a similar dry season and wondering why I felt so distant. But take heart! God isn’t an emotion (if He was, He wouldn’t be God), but His Spirit does “help us in our weakness” and intercedes for us (Romans 8). Continue in the faith, as you trust the Father to provide. Praying for strength as you lead and encourage your kids and family in faith as well. Thank you for sharing your heart!

      • Natalia R

        Abby, thank you for reminding me of Romans 8, there many verses in that chapter I love. Thank you for your prayers and kind words xo

    • Taylor

      I hate to break it to you, Natalia but you are not the one holding your family together. And you never have had to. This is a moment in time where you can say, Lord take it all. Take my husband, my family, my home. They are YOURS, not mine.” He’s got them and loves them more than you do. Now go. Go and cry and write and praise and be withGod. Not just do the behaviors of reading your devotional a bit really tune your heart in to what God is speaking to you. He loves you and He is with you.

      • Natalia R

        Taylor, you are right. It is hard for me bit think the other way around. I think that’s one of the reason I’m also in this situation. Placing in me responsibilities that are not mine and don’t belong to me. Thank you for your words xo

        • Libby

          Natalia, I have been in your exact situation for 10 years now. I felt (and still do) the same loneliness and carried the same weight of needing to keep it together for my family. I worried that my children would grow up confused and that they would walk away from the Lord too. Realizing that 1) my husband’s and 2) my children’s salvation, is not mine to carry, was a huge turning point for me and such freedom! They are in Gods hands and my part is to cling to Him and to remind myself of what I know of Him, because those dark, worrisome thoughts and feelings of loneliness and disconnectedness came often (and still try to rear their ugly heads). Surround yourself with the Lord and people who love Him and who will encourage you. Immerse yourself in Him with what you read and listen to. Remember who your enemy is – it’s not your husband! Remember that GOD IS NEAR the broken-hearted. I am praying for you, Natalia. Joy is always worth fighting for.

      • Karyn M

        You hit the nail on the head, Taylor. We try and try and God is waiting for us to lay out burdens in His very capable hands! Praying for you, Natalia!

    • Shelby

      Definitely praying for you and your family

    • Barbara

      Prayers that you find a church family that is right for your needs. My best friends in life are women I met 30 years ago when our children were in church activities together. My husband and I visited several congregations with our small children before we found the one that felt like our home. You will find the place where you are supposed to serve. Blessings to you for your commitment to your family.

      • Natalia R

        Thank you Barbara. I pray to God everyday to lead me to right place. Thank you for your prayers and sharing your story xo

    • Michelle

      Praying for you Natalia! I grew up in a home where my dad was not walking with the Lord and my mom was. God was faithful and good to her and by his grace my siblings and I all are walking with Him. He is so good! Silent hard seasons come in our walk with Him but He does not change! Remind yourself of these truths over and over!! They are true no matter how you feel! You will be able to look. Ack and see His faithfulness!!!

      • Natalia R

        Thank you for sharing about your family. Both my parents and step-parents are Christian . The only one in both side of my family who’s not is him. I want my kids to walk with the lord and love him the same way I do. Thank you for your words and prayers Michelle xo

      • Libby

        Michelle, it is very encouraging to hear that you grew up in the same kind of household that my kids have, and that you and your siblings are all serving the Lord! My kids are young adults, 18 and 21. My daughter loves the Lord. My son is not walking with the Lord. God is not going to let Him walk away so easily! My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will not let Him forget and that His kindness will lead my son back to Him.

    • Emily

      Natalia, you want to model for your kids and husband that YOU depend on God’s faithfulness, goodness, and love…which in turn will show them they too don’t need to rely on you for strength, or faithfulness, or love (because man, no matter what at some points you’ll let them down) for they need Christ themselves! That yearning you described to go be alone and cry and sit with God IS the Holy Spirit tugging on your heart telling you that you NEED the communion with Your Heavenly Father! how beautiful of a gift the Holy Spirit is! it yearns for the nourishment of The Word (Jesus – John 1) and God knows our thoughts, He knows our circumstances and He CARES so much!! He wants to walk with you through this. The beginning of that starts when you give it ALL to Him. Be open and honest with Him always, ask for those friends to pop up and be there in person if it’s meant to happen, He made us for the desire of community for a reason, sometimes though in seasons of dryness like this, maybe it’s Him letting you experience Psalm 63, thus pointing you more to how He is the only one you need and should desire above all else. Living a life with Him as your main focus (Matthew 6:33) is the best kind of living to model to your children (proverbs) praying for you sister. Keep seeking Him first, before anything or anyone else.

      • Natalia R

        Emily, Thank you for your beautiful words, for reminding me to seek him first above all things kneowing that he is taking care of the rest. Xo

      • Libby

        Very well said, Emily!

    • Nicole

      Your situation seems very difficult and I’m sure you feel very alone at times but remember- you are never alone! Like you said, as part of the body, we all share your burdens. But most importantly, God SEES you (the great El Roi) and the worries you have and Jesus is always near. He is right beside you, ready to share the yoke of your burden and make your heart light. Will be praying for you sister.

    • Erin

      You are enough, just as you are. Just as God has created you to be. Even though it may feel like things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place. You are so loved, and so brave. I pray for peace for you friend. That you may know it and feel it and live it.

    • Connie LO

      Natalia, that is a beautiful name! It seems to me that God knows you are ready to learn to trust Him by faith and by choosing to believe in His love despite the lack of feeling or emotion of ‘dryness’. This is a time to speak His Word from the scriptures into your MIND and to say in your heart, ” (I choose )to let the peace which passes all understanding KEEP my heart and my mind through Christ Jesus”. (Philippian’s 4:7 ) He wants us to be free from anxiety even about our feelings! Even if you must recall His words every minute at times! I experienced much freedom once I realized it was ‘okay’ to have dry times, even long ones! He purchased our freedom with His suffering on the cross. Oh, sister! It is a fact!

    • Hillary B

      Praying for you today, and your family. That the Lord will bring into your life a special friend who can help to grow your faith and listen when you need someone. That your husband would come to know the Lord, and be inspired by your example and come to lead the family and lift that burden from you. Nothing is impossible for God, He can do so much more than we are able to comprehend! It is ok to feel nothing; many of us have periods in our journey where this happens… I have many times before. What a comfort to know that He is ALWAYS there loving us, whether we feel Him or not. I find that dry spells eventually lead us to thirst for Him even more. Remember that He loved you first, He is always pursuing you and can lift all of your burdens when you give them to Him… you do not have to live this life in your own strength! We will continue to be praying for you!

    • Sarah C

      Natalia, I am not a mother and therefore can’t fully understand the weight on your shoulders. I do, however, know what it’s like to hunger for the Lord with all your being…even as it seems impossible to feel anything. Connection to Him, peace, or (somedays, I imagine) anything at all. I went through such a period not too long ago and am still finding my way out of the thicket–it was one of the most trying times of my life, and I am deeply sorry that you find yourself in a similar state. I’ll tell you what I wish someone had told me, and hope that it’s helpful…

      You may not feel connected to the Lord, but you are. You may not feel protected or watched over or kept, but you are. You may not feel what you wish to feel for a while yet, but that does not change the truth of who God is, or who He has made you in light of Christ. Press on, dear sister, and know that you are not alone. These dark days may stretch out, but know that there is light at the end. Take heart, and find comfort in the story and message of Advent…but above all, know that you are not alone. The Lord is with you, and so are people who see you, understand where you are, and will lift you up–I’m one such person. I’ve included my email in the comment (I think…technology isn’t my forte), and am always willing to lend an ear. May grace and peace be with you this holiday season!

    • Meg

      If I’ve learned nothing else in my lifetime, it’s to have faith in God’s perfect timing. I can empathize with feeling disconnected. Today I picked up my Bible and was determined to get some reading done. I’ve been trying to pick up my Bible every single day of this Advent devotional. And every single day, I wasn’t feeling it. Don’t be afraid to ditch the devotional! Sometimes when I’m not connecting with the daily lesson, I take that as a cue to dig in deeper and let God lead me to a different passage. And sometimes I have to remind myself that opening my Bible is act of worship- and worship is not about me! Worship is about giving glory to God for His goodness and His grace and His mercy. When I think about it in that way, giving God the praise that He deserves, I’m able to connect better with Him and His word. Today, I was at a loss and so frustrated by that feeling of disconnect. I just started thanking God in my car. For His provision, for His never-ending, all encompassing love. Sometimes, I think taking that first step towards Him when I feel nothing, that opens the door for God to move in my heart. I’ve never experienced God leaving me empty when I ask Him to fill me up. And I’m praying that He fills you right up as well, sister.

    • Danika

      Praying for you. Sometimes God feels silent. Sometimes He is but His word is truth and He cannot lie. Stay in Faith….” Cast your burden on the Lord [release it] and He will sustain and uphold you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken (slip, fall, fail).”
      PSALM 55:22 AMP

  • As a new college graduate and owner of a new Mazda that I’m trying to pay off with earnest, this hit home hard! Christ is so good!

  • I struggle with my earthly father, which sometimes makes it difficult for me to be comforted by God as Father. But the vision I had when I read this story brought tears to my eyes. “Paid in full”. God is the most perfect father, and when my earthly father falls short, I will remember this image of the box and the sign and remember that my Heavenly Father receives me completely and just where I am.

  • Kasey Summers

    “When my dad paid off my car loan, it wasn’t just freedom from debt that I celebrated. It was my father’s love—his approval. In this one act, he had demonstrated that he accepted me right where I was, no strings attached. It was a true gift of love, given but not earned.” God’s love for us is the same!!! Not just joy that our debt is paid, but that we have our Father’s approval and love!! <3 <3

  • We need to keep in mind that even our Pastors, Priests, etc are not perfect. They struggled too. We are all imperfect humans waiting for our Saviors return.

  • Ellie Shepherd

    Paid in FULL.

  • I love the story about your dad paying your debt! That was a beautiful way to explain this.

  • Charise

    All I can do is say thank you with tears in my eyes <3

  • “He can deal gently with the ignorant and wayward since he himself is beset with weaknesses. ” ❤️️

  • Michelle

    Hi ladies! I’m loving spending Advent with all of you and so appreciate the SRT team’s hard work with this study. Does any one have any advice or resources on how to share the meaning/purpose of Advent and Jesus’ message to someone who is not a Christian? My boyfriend and I were talking about my advent study last night and he did not know what advent was even though he went to church a few times growing up. Thanks!! Praying for you all today <3

  • I love how God reiterates certain themes in my life. This is from my journal over the weekend:

    “Jesus didn’t merely walk up to the counter with an unlimited heavenly bank account and pay the the bill for the debt of my sin. He surrendered everything – including His very life – to pay what was due and set me free! I owe nothing. How can I not be forever grateful?”

    • Ashley

      Isn’t it amazing how He does that! You read or write something and few days later you stumble upon a scripture dealing with the same thing. He’s sending you confirmation for something sister. Be blessed ❤️

    • Colleen

      Love it!!

  • The true weight of what he so freely did for us hits me so heavy today. We often chase things in this life we will never attain but by Gods grace he chases us -I am humbled by his love

    • Akua

      Your words just hit me. I’m always chasing, chasing the perfect decorating/design tips for my home, the best workout and meal plans, the best way to study so I can make rank(I’m active duty navy) chasing the best way to relax so I can read my devotional, chasing a mood a feeling man I’m always chasing. All the while in my pursuits I’m asking The Lord for rest. That is something I’m also chasing. I’m chasing how to be better rested in his word and presence. I’m want to be done chasing. Today I chose rest. Thank you Catina for your overwhelming words which laid so heavily on my tender heart. Merry Christmas

  • Alecia Huval

    Sitting here reading all the comments on this devotional. Knowing how each of us are in pain in a different way. So desperately in need of the Lord. Taking comfort that we are not alone and we are meant for something greater. Jesus paid our debt – He was born for this.

  • Diane Huntsman

    Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe, sin had left a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow..
    oh praise the One who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead…

  • Elisabeth

    Stacy I will keep your mother and family in my prayers. Last year at this time we were in this very same situation. My Mom has had surgery and finished chemo and we are blessed to still have her here with us. She was recently given the all clear on cancer and although she still has some issues due to the many years of smoking … we are blessed. Truly I know that prayers were a big part of our days during the dark and unknown days and became a source of strength and light.

  • The most humbling part of Christ’s intercession for us is knowing it’s NOT about what we do, but all about what He did for us.

  • Wow. I love this. “It is believed there was no chair in the temple because the priest’s work was never done.” That’s incredible. Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father now – He is on His throne, on the mercy seat…the work IS FINISHED. He did it. We don’t have to make that monthly payment, or daily payment. Our hands need not be soiled with our own blood – Christ’s blood covers all.

    • hear_me_roar

      Wow, that’s an amazing insight!!

    • cj8of8

      Yes. . Seated on the right. .. With Power and Might! Praise God! He not only called the Shepherds with Angels, He created a super star to bring in the nation’s and all that to “come and see”! All praise and honor to Jesus or new born King seated on the right side of Power, Glory and Might on the Mercy Seat!

  • My husband is Messianic so we celebrate Jewish holidays also. That also means that we talk about the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made and the debt he paid. We know our Messiah has already come to earth once and now we await his second coming. My 8 year old daughter knows and will tell us that part of the Good News is that we don’t have to sacrifice animals anymore for our sins. I love it when she says it because it is such a good reminder to me.

  • prayers lifted Sarah and Stacey

  • Can someone tell me if there are reflection questions related to each days reading somewhere? I am over from If and thought I read that there were daily ones somewhere but cannot seem to locate them? Thanks! And I really am enjoying studying and preparing hearts together with you all!!

    • Laura

      Robin, I thought there would be questions too but I haven’t seen any on this app yet so I just assume we type in whatever was most meaningful to us from that day’s devotional.

    • Amen

      There are not always reflection questions openly asked.
      Maybe this will help. Ask God to join you every day before you begin reading.

      1) Conside the topic or titled subject for the day, then take a moment to ask God to help you focus on that topic. Ask yourself what you know about it, or what you think about it.

      2) Continue by reading the scriptures for “today’s text.” Ask yourself what verses or phrases stood out and why. Was it something you didn’t know before? Something you now think of in a different light? Something that did or didn’t make sense? How does “today’s text” enhanced your understanding of today’s topic? What is God teaching you in the moment?

      3) Now read SRT’s response. How does it add to what you have read in the scriptures, and heard from the thoughts in your heart?

      4) For the community bonus, read what others have shared in the comments, and if you feel called to do so, reply to SRT’s response and/or SRT’s reader’s responses.

      Wrap it up by thanking God for providing you with time to do any or all all the above.

      • Amen

        Consider this too while doing the community bonus: sometimes it is good to go back a day or two to read additional comments left since you last visited.

  • Lindsay Sterchi

    I love how everything about the Old Testament laws and systems of atonement point forward to Jesus, how they are incomplete and Jesus was the perfect fulfillment of them. It shows the intentionality and good plans of God for us. Nothing about it was random, but meant to prepare his people for the true and perfect priest of Jesus.

  • So thankful the true priest did come! Blessings to all of you today, my sisters in Christ!

  • Sarah D.

    Thankful for a God who takes on my debt in full! Also, if you all could please pray for me, I’m auditioning today for our Disney cabaret night in chorus at my high school. Just for peace that I would have fun, not be too nervous, and not be intimidated. I’m doing the song How Far I’ll Go from the new movie Moana (which you guys should definitely see, it’s so good!). Thank you all.

    • Nancy Grant

      Praying for you—that the peace of Jesus enfold you and His joy flood you so you overflow with Him. You are so very loved.

    • Sherri

      Sarah D, praying for your audition, that all goes well & you have a blast! If nerves creep up on you, take a deep breath & call on the Name of Jesus, He’ll give you peace which surpasses all understanding.

    • Heather (MNmomma)

      Prayerful over you this morning!

    • Kellie

      Prayers, Sarah!!

    • Robin W.

      I pray that you would stand confidently on stage today, knowing that you are a princess to the most high King! Be strong and courageous, sweet Sarah. All the best. ❤️

    • Skigranny1

      In prayer with you all as well. To be blessed and enjoy.

      • Sarah D.

        Thank you all!!! I finished it now…messed up a little so kinda upset about that, but I know nothing will ever be perfect!! Gotta remind myself that….

  • churchmouse

    Perhaps, Amanda, you occasionally took that stamped payment book out and looked at it again, marveling at your father’s generosity and love. Perhaps you looked at it again and again because you could hardly believe it. Yet, there was the proof, the stamp of “paid in full.” That is how I feel whenever I read the Bible. I marvel at my Father’s generosity and love. I open it again and again because I need that reminder that my sin – debt is paid in full. I stand in awe. I kneel in gratitude.

    • Heather (MNmomma)


    • Katie

      I love this analogy, churchmouse. How great the Father’s love for us, that he left us not only with a tangible reminder of his goodness, but also with the Holy Spirit in our midst to constantly guide us back to him. (Sidenote: I am a silent lover of pretty much all things you post here, so thank you for your wisdom and your devotion to our Lord and committment to our community here at SRT.)

      • Gloria

        How Great ISthe Love the Father has LAVISHED on us…that we should be called the children of God! And that is what we are…1John 3:1-3. Amazing Love

    • Amen

      Love this perspective! Thank you for sharing.

    • Naomi

      “Paid in full!” I love it!!

  • Seeking prayers today, sisters. My mom is getting back pathology reports on what we know to be cancer, but are not sure to what extent is has taken on her body. She is not doing well… feeling very sick and weak on a regular basis. We are afraid. So very afraid. Thank you for your prayers over my family.

    • churchmouse

      Praying for your mom and your family. Praying you feel Him holding you.

    • April Heather

      Sending you & your family many prayers

    • Sue D.

      Am praying right now.

    • anne jones

      Stacey praying for your family and your mother. Praying for strength, peace, and God’s courage. Know that he is with you and we are too.

    • Sherri

      Stacey, praying for your mom & your family. God is a healer.

    • HoustonKandice

      I’ve walked this road before Stacey. Praying that God lights every step for you and your mom.

    • Taylor

      Praying for you. My aunt was just diagnosed with brain cancer, but we are seeing many signs of God’s work. Read Psalm 91 over your mom. Deuteronomy 31:6 for you and your family. In Jesus name, be healed! <3

    • Heather (MNmomma)

      lifting you all up in prayer this morning

    • Kellie

      Prayers, Stacey.

    • Robin W.

      Standing with you and all the others in prayer.

    • Brenda

      Praying for you and your family.

    • candacejo

      Praying for perfect peace for you, your mother and your entire family today. This song has been strength to our family and hope it is for yours.

    • Chevaleresse

      Praying, my dear, beloved Sister. May God’s Peace and Blessings be upon you and your family. Rest in His promise and His love

    • Skigranny1

      Praying with all sisters today for peace, comfort and healing. He is sufficient. This song about peace is very good. He can sustain through all things. Hang on to Him and His promise to never leave us or forsake us.

    • Hannah

      He is our Jehovah Rapha. Praying with you Stacey.

    • Kendra

      Praying, Stacey, for peace that passes understanding.

    • Candy

      Praying for you and your Mom Stacey. May God give you a peace in knowing that you are not alone-He is with you both as you go through this. May you see Him in all you do today.

  • Alexis Maycock

    Thank you Jesus for our eternal redemption. Thank you for your unconditional love toward us. Thank you that you have given us free will to choose you. Such a comfort to know that you intercede on our behalf!

  • I’m so thankful that our savior has come and paid our debt in full. And yet every single day I still struggle with really getting that to CLICK. I still constantly find myself feeling like I need to do more to earn God’s acceptance and being fearful of whether or not every little thing is a sin. I pray that the concept of grace can really resonate with me as I continue my walk with the Lord.

    • Caitlin McVey

      Oh sister. Beautiful, broken, brutally honest in a beautiful way. You are not alone. You voice my struggle, John Bunyan’s struggle, William Cowper’s struggle, Francis Schaeffer’s struggle, Martin Luther’s struggle. “It is finished.” You are already loved, already accepted, already treasured, *already perfect in Christ*. It can take so long, so gut-wrenchingly, utterly long to click. I know. I’ve wrestled over this and other things with the Lord for five and a half years now. Even now, in a blessed reprieve of assurance, I don’t know if I will fall into doubt and rebellion again (though, come to think of it, I doubt and rebel maybe every day). But I am loved. I am holy. I am granted “every spiritual blessing” and “grace upon grace”….IN CHRIST. Wrestle, dear friend. Wrestle before God,wrestle with God, as Jacob did. You are not alone. So many saints, myself included, wrestle with you.

      Piper wrote something about how it’s good to come to the end of yourself, to know you have no good in you….to “start with despair of ever finding good in yourself.” To tell the Lord openly how your “own conscience condemns” you…”Save me. I trust you.”

      Oh how loved you are, my friend. how extravagantly, perfectly, loved. As many have told me…I can’t convince you of that. The Holy Spirit can, though. And He may not fix it all at once if you ask Him…but He is trustworthy, He is faithful, He is good. He is love. And “He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion” (Philippians 1). After all…Jesus is “the Author and Perfector of our faith” (Hebrews).

      Sorry to ramble. You don’t know me. And maybe I am doing this all wrong. (forgive me, if so).

      Also….I recommend the songs “The Silence of God” and “The Voice of Jesus” by Andrew Peterson…and “Abide” by Jenny and Tyler. Also, the book “Good News for Weary Women” by Elyse Fitzpatrick and “Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners” by John Bunyan.

      Rest. Abide. Read John 6 if you wish, Romans, and Zephaniah 3:17. Forgive the ramblings of a fellow Pilgrim who has lived in the Slough of Despond and the Doubting Castle for years of my life (which hasn’t been a long life yet, admittedly.)
      Praying for you right now.

      Much love,
      In Christ,

      • Dana

        Wow, Caitlin, I’m not sure how to convey how this touched me (though not for me) so I will just say “thank you”.

      • churchmouse

        Your words are a blessing to me today. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Like hearts. Like struggles. Like perseverance. Thank you

      • Sue D.

        Thank you Father for speaking through Caitlin to all of us. Amen

      • April Heather

        Dana and Caitlin-thank you for sharing such sincerity and generosity of spirit. The silent wonderings of my heart spoken by people I’ve never met. I needed to hear what you both have said today.

      • KrisR

        Caitlin your words were meant for me today as well. One currently wresting with God. God bless you.

      • Heather (MNmomma)

        thank you, thank you…….this spoke to me today <3

      • Katie

        Caitlin, you are a blessing to this community. Thank you for sharing your struggles and offering encouragement to all of us out there currently “wrestling.” THANK YOU, dear friend. Thank you.

      • Alyssa

        Caitlin, needed this today. Praying for you sisters and thankful for your guidance.

      • Chevaleresse

        Bless you both – thank you for touching my heart this morning

      • Cindy

        Thank you, Caitlin… Beautiful words. And may I add to the book list “Looking For Lovely” by Annie Downs. And Lexi, I stand where you are many days… I just have to stand on Gods unexpected, unexplainable, unmerited wondrous love for us.

      • hear_me_roar

        Caitlin I read your post out loud to myself this morning. I needed to speak that truth over myself, especially feeling more like a sinner than saint these days. Thank you for writing in boldness of truth.

      • Laura


      • Lexi

        Caitlin and everyone else who took the time to reply…. thank you so much is all I can say ❤️️❤️️❤️️

      • Cecilia

        Beautiful encouragement! Thank you

    • JennyBC

      Lovely words, Caitlyn. Lexi, keep on knocking at the door with this prayer for it to “stick”. God is so faithful. And tell the enemy you are on to him and his rotten scheme to get you to doubt. Our hearts are indeed prone to wander but He is always there to catch us when our eyes are on Him.

    • Lauren

      Lexi, I love your words of honesty! I also used to struggle with this. This helped me to get it to “click” as you said. Once you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and savior, the Holy Spirit is inside of you, not matter what! All of the sins that you ever commited or will ever commited were placed on him when he died on the cross. Because of our Jesus and the great exchange – The Lord now sees YOU as Jesus is, he sees you as his perfect daughter, sinless.

      Obviously we will always continue to sin in our flesh, and the Lord knows this, he knows we are human – but His Grace is so much bigger than any sin you could ever commit. There’s absolutely nothing more you can do, good or bad, that will change God’s mind about you, sister! You’re already His. I would highly recommend you check out the app ‘The Porch’, there are many messages surrounding this topic :)

      You’re Golden Lexi, I’ll be praying for you – may the Lord bless you richly <3

      • Lexi

        Thanks so much for your comforting words lauren :) ps I downloaded the porch app! I’m excited to check it out, thanks for the recommendation!

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