Advent 2016: Christ Was Born For This: Day 7

Grace Day


Today's Text: Luke 4:18-19

Take this day as an opportunity to catch up on your reading, pray, and rest in the presence of the Lord.

The Spirit of the Lord is on Me,
because He has anointed Me

to preach good news to the poor.
He has sent Me
to proclaim freedom to the captives
and recovery of sight to the blind,
to set free the oppressed,
to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.
-Luke 4:18-19 SRT-Advent16-Instagram7s

  • He has anointed me. I do not strive on my own. There is power in His Word. Because I am anointed, I should be (but am I?) fearless. The poor in spirit awaits my preaching. I only have to open my mouth and share His words. Because I am anointed, the path has been laid out. I have to walk …

  • I could use the power of prayer tonight. I feel as if I’m in a pit of despair and sadness. I can’t seem to shake the sadness as I think about some things I thought the Lord was showing me might have a different outcome than I expected. I sit and wonder what my future could hold. I have feelings of doubt and that my future will be bleak. I really wish I could shake these feelings because they are robbing me of feeling the true joys of Christmas and being a light for Jesus.

    • steph

      Praying for you Taylor. below are some references that are filled with hope, realizing that the struggle is real, but totally and completely worth it, not in vain, and meaningful. You are covered by the redeeming blood of Jesus and a daughter of the King. As a daughter of the King you are loved and worthy of God’s love that he has lavished upon you, making you an heiress and also a daughter. The future for you is filled with God’s glory and Him being glorified through your life. Love and prayers to you today. Romans 8:18-31, Deuteronomy 31:6, Isaiah 41:10 , Psalm 39:7, Romans 15:13.

  • Thank you both for your posts. I do feel the same this morning and struggle with getting up and doing the day again just to continue making mistakes. I needed this reminder that Gods grace is not given because we deserve it. Otherwise it would not be grace. His mercies are new every morning. Great is Your faithfulness.

  • This morning I woke up feeling like a failure-just many aspects in my life where I saw my shortcomings. But God is faithful and reminded me of His mercies this morning. Reflecting on these stunning words from Luke 4, I am once again reminded that there is no one like our beautiful Saviour Jesus. No one who has walked this earth has been so full of compassion shown in His ministry to the poor and oppressed and most stunningly in His saving work on the cross. And Colossians 2:13 tell us we have been made ALIVE, together with Christ, and ALL of our sins have been forgiven: our debt payed for. Lord help me, by Your Spirit, to stand and walk in grace today. The King of love my Shepherd is.

    • Cheri

      I have been struggling with this a lot lately… waking up feeling like a failure… before the day even gets to start. And it takes a horrible toll on the whole day. And I’ve been asking myself why… why do I let defeat get to me before I’m even out of bed?!?! Just this last week I decided to make a point to start my day with joy… not because my circumstances have necessarily called for joy but because God has called us to joy. This verse is a call to joy… we have been made free!! And your post was exactly what I needed this morning to bring this verse to life! Thank you for sharing your heart!

      • Naomi

        So true, thank you for the reminder to start the day with joy. Because of Jesus we have reason each morning to rejoice. In this new week I also want to choose joy each morning whatever my feelings or circumstance.

      • Lauren F

        Yes! So glad to read this. Choosing joy brings us closer to him and this is such a good reminder!

  • Krystal

    He has anointed me! He choose us! My prayer for today is Lord help me to choose you over and over again.

  • What a beautiful promise! I love this verse, it so takes the meaning of Christmas that much deeper. It reminds me of that line from Oh Holy Night, “Chains shall he break, for the slave is our brother, and in his name all oppression shall cease.” Chills. So good.

  • Jill Judd Kornegay

    I sat down, feeling behind, to find Grace Day. Just what I needed. #GiveGrace

  • This is such an empowering verse. I love how it speaks to Jesus and his role as Savior, but also to our life mission as Christians. God is always waiting to use an individual person to carry out his plans on earth! I’m gonna start declaring that 2017 is the Year of the Lord.

  • Kelly Wilson

    Grace Day, an opportunity to reflect. Thanks! It was needed!

  • Diane Turner

    I love that there is a catch up Day called Grace!

  • Elizabeth L.

    Leaving in an hour to go the funeral of a young mother and friend who passed away suddenly this week. Life is but a vapor. His words bring peace and a message of hope.

    • Skigranny1

      Praying for all those affected……that the Lord would bring peace and hope to those who know Him and the knowledge of the truth and a relationship to those who don’t. A death in the family was life changing for me and brought me into relationship with Christ. Praying for you today also.

    • Grace

      Thoughts and prayers <3

    • Kelly Wilson

      Thoughts and prayers Elizabeth

  • This is a great reminder of what we have been commissioned to do. Thank you Jesus for your sweet spirit that is within me and for how it equips me for this day.

  • Jesus has sent ME, and every other individual, to help those who are in need. Not politicians, not governments. ME. I love that.

  • Daniella Moore

    Thank you for bringing this verse on this day! I am about to take the LSAT with the desire to go to Law School. Regardless of the outcome, I pray that his Spirit will be upon me and that his plan will ultimately prevail. God bless :)

  • Amazing reminder of our mission as Christ followers. Jesus wants to heal the blind and free those who are oppressed. So many are oppressed around us by poverty, discrimination, and other evils. Jesus wants us to care deeply about what he cares for, but I get so busy with my own troubles, I often forget the mission to which he has called us. How can he use me to bring his word to set the captives free? And I’m also thinking about the things that hold me captive. Jesus has broken the chains! But am I still holding on to my “captors”? So much to think about this morning.

    • Brandi

      Jesus has broken the chains! But am I still holding on to my “captors”? Good stuff. ❤️

    • Cali

      Thank you Jen for sharing. I needed the reminder that Jesus has broken my chains and that I am free! I’ve been struggling with anxiety and this brings me hope. ❤️

      • Jen

        Cali, I’ve also struggled with anxiety. I find myself having to remind myself daily that God is in control. Prayers for you in your journey!

  • Sara B. Stacy

    I was looking at these verses, and the context in which they were spoken by Christ. He is back home in Nazareth, where He grew up, there in the temple where I’m sure He went with his earthly father. He’s reciting words from Isaiah that they would have studied over the years, words that are intention to speak to that people at that time. Words of hope when they didn’t have much hope.

    I think about my own journey back home often around this time of yer, as it conjures up memories of years past and how some of those leave me a little hurt and sad. Then I see Christ’s words of hope, mercy, love waiting to set all that free. His coming and His sacrifice cancel out the debt I owed and set me free (just as the year of Jubilee did for Israel’s physical debts). What a beautifully radiant reminder that hope can be found in the broken, the sin-laden and the despairing. Hope is in Him, His words, His coming.

  • churchmouse

    Yes I love these “Grace days.” At this busy time of the year, I need this permission to just Slow . Down. Reading over the week’s Scriptures and devotions settles my spirit once again and also aids in preparation for Sunday worship. I so need this.

  • What beautiful scripture to read before participating in the St. Jude 10k. Counting my blessings and praying for the children and families of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. God is good!

    • CGilmore

      Thank you for supporting St. Jude’s! I am a childhood survivor of cancer and the research from there had a direct impact in helping me live. God give you strength and let his Spirit flow through you to do His will!

  • Christina

    Good morning! I always appreciate these grace days after a busy week! I have one question. Would you consider the titles of this week’s devotions the main points of them? That sounds like such a silly question, but I’m wanting to put all the nuggets from the week together without going through every day’s devotion, trying to remember the main ideas I took from each day. Simply reading the titles helps a lot, but I was wondering if anyone had a specific take away from a particular day that seemed to sum up that day to you? I know it may be difficult to get many answers on a Saturday, but I thought I’d put it out there in case. Blessings to all!

    • Sue D.

      Christina I started taking notes each day and found the highlighted points of each day to be the main points for me.

    • Ronda

      I am making notes both in a journal and in My Notes section here on SRT. It’s whatever I find that speaks to my heart that day. Sometimes it the scripture itself, something said in the blog and often it’s from the comments of others like today … “Jesus has broken the chains! But am I still holding on to my “captors?”.
      When sharing with others about SRT I tell how much I glean from reading the comments as well as the study. I love SRT!
      I have a question for SRT. … is there a way to use highlighter in the daily reading so when reviewing, one can see those nuggets that stood out on that specific day ? TY

    • Emily

      I find the italicized introduction above each day’s devotion helpful in remembering what that day’s lesson was about. I just went back and read the few that spoke to me this week to write into my prayer for this week. Hope this helps.

  • It was lovely to discover that this is a grace day. I am about to begin a busy day helping a family member, but I am starting it with a sense of the Lord’s mercy!

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