Advent 2016: Christ Was Born For This: Day 5

Christ the Perfect Prophet


Today's Text: Matthew 5:17, Luke 4:16-22, John 1:1-14, John 8:28

Text: Matthew 5:17, Luke 4:16-22, John 1:1-14, John 8:28

Christ was the perfect Prophet. He was both the messenger and the message—the Word made flesh. The message He proclaimed was not about a future redemption, but one that He himself would accomplish.

You’ve heard of Good King Wenceslaus, but did you know he had an evil twin brother named Boleslaus?

Born as twin princes to a royal Czech father and a tribal Slav mother, Wenceslaus and Boleslaus were the heirs to the throne in Bohemia. Boleslaus was raised at court by his pagan parents, but Wenceslaus was raised in the country by his Christian grandmother, Ludmila.

Wenceslaus was a good king because he not only proclaimed the gospel, but attentively lived and ruled by it.

When Wenceslaus inherited the throne, he established scriptural standards of justice and mercy throughout the kingdom. And the kingdom prospered under the young king’s generous rule. He applied the truths of the gospel to the practical aspects of both the governing and treatment of his fellow man. Renowned for his kindness to the poor, Wenceslaus was loved and celebrated by his people.

Meanwhile, his brother, who history unfortunately remembers as “Boleslaus the Cruel,” was filled with jealousy. Boleslaus waited for a cold morning and ambushed Wenceslaus, assassinating him and living up to his name. After his assassination, Wenceslaus was celebrated as a martyr.

The moral of this story is not “live like Good King Wenceslaus.” Even the king himself would agree. As with the story of any good king, the lesson is to live like Christ. It was Wenceslaus’s love for Christ that translated into benevolence toward his people. He looked to Christ’s perfect example, and brought the goodness of the gospel to Bohemia.

Christ is also our perfect example—and not just our example, but our Savior.

Christ is the perfect prophet. He is both the message and the messenger. He is the Word made flesh. Think back on the offices of a prophet we’ve studied so far this week, and look how Christ performs all of these roles with His very person:

He is the perfect Prophet because He proclaims what is to come, and the future He proclaims is Christ glorified (Luke 4). Christ is the perfect Prophet because He both proclaims our freedom and accomplishes it. He is more than just another prophet; He is the Prophet who accomplishes His own mission of salvation.

He is the perfect Prophet because He calls for repentance and offers us forgiveness (Matthew 4:17). He is the embodiment of both justice and mercy.

He is the perfect Prophet because He declares God’s living Word. He is at the same time the prophet and the message. He is the living Word (John 1:1-14).

While Christ is Himself the perfect Prophet, He also fulfills and reinforces the Old Testament prophets. Their words still matter, and they matter because of Christ (Matthew 5:17). This is God’s love for us: that while we were in darkness, He showed His love by bringing light and being the light.

Christ is both prophet and prophecy. He is both the messenger and the message. Thanks be to God!


  • Matthew 11:28 come to me and I’ll give you rest. This time of year I feel overwhelmed and burdened with all that life is throwing at me, I’ve never learned how to really lean into God and give him all my burdens. My prayer is that I would let God lead my life and not try and control it.

  • This is so beautiful! HALLEJUAH, What a Savior! Thank you Jesus, for loving me and saving me!

  • Diane Smith

    I am reminded by John 8:28 that His light shines brighter and we see and know HIM better when we exhalt HIM is praise and worship.

  • Eva Deniz

    Good read!

  • How blessed are we! So grateful to have HOPE.

  • Gabrielle

    “He is the perfect prophet because He calls for repentance and offers us forgiveness. He is the embodiment of both justice and mercy.” Thank you God for your full truth, for the whole Gospel. That because of your great love You are not only just but also merciful.

  • Corinne

    Lord fill me up. Help me understand and reach out to you. That you may be my perfect example !

  • Krystal

    Love the history! He showed his ❤️ By bringing light & being the light…may we go throughout our lives bringing his light to those around us!

  • Love the history lesson! One of my favorite songs has become Downhere’s rendition of Good King Wenceslaus.

    • Ashley

      I listened to it. Pretty good. But I love their “Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella. “

  • “Christ is the perfect prophet because he both proclaims our freedom and accomplishes it.” To know this, and be reminded that Christ is indeed our all in all is so powerful and where true freedom lies. It’s easy to get so discouraged by not living up to the “higher” calling we as Christ followers have been commissioned to, but HE makes us worthy and for that I’m so grateful. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jesus, you are truly the Prince of Peace as my heart floods with your peace, reading these words of scripture and encouragement.

  • Kasey Summers

    ” He both proclaims our freedom and accomplishes it. He is more than just another prophet; He is the Prophet who accomplishes His own mission of salvation.” Love this!!

  • Luke 4 is my favorite favorite verse. What would it look like if we as Christians lived out these words about the poor, imprisioned, oppressed, and blind?

  • jkersten

    This is such a great reminder. So often, we sort of demean the Old Testament, or think if it as lesser-than. Nope! Jesus is fulfilling it!

  • Just imagine what could possibly be going through the minds of those in the synagogue as Jesus read scripture actually pertaining to him. I just is amazing to me. The shock and wonder they must have all be experiencing.

  • Ellie Shepherd

    “Their eyes were fastened on him..”

    I imagine a circular room with Jesus at the middle. I imagine light coming in through a window shining on him as he’s reading the scroll. Their eyes fastened on him – makes me think of watching a tv show that is so enthralling that you can’t take your eyes off of it. I imagine they’re longing for more when he finished as they sat in surprise and shock when he rolled up the scroll. Can you imagine?!?!

    Great devotion.

  • It’s so amazing to imagine that happening. I usually get frustrated when I think about the people missing it. They waited so long and He was finally there but honestly I probably would have been in shock!

  • Was anyone else FLOORED by the Luke 4 scripture, imagining Jesus reading to the people the prophesy of Isaiah that was Written. About. Him. ?! Like, “Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.” Microphone drop.

  • Jennifer

    Oh the grace! Amazing doesn’t even cover it!

  • Over at IF:Equip we’ve been digging into church history. A few weeks ago we studied Arius and his teaching that Christ is subordinate to God and that he is a created being. They asked us to think about why it’s important that Jesus is fully God, equal with the Father.

    THIS! This word for us today is why it’s important that Jesus is fully God. If he were not than he wouldn’t be our perfect prophet, both the message and the messenger or Emmanuel-God with us.

  • Falecia

    Hello She Reads Truth Bible Study Women,
    Can I say that I am thoroughly enjoying this Advent Study! What an appropriate title for today’s Reading “Christ the Perfect Prophet.” I dug deeper in today’s Study and found several scriptures that prophesied the coming Messiah that God would raise up and the fulfillment of the prophesy with New Testament scriptures. Soaking in the word of God is so comforting. One scripture led to another and then another. So here are more:

    Scriptures about Jesus being born
    Deuteronomy 18:15-18 The Lord will raise up unto the a Prophet….
    Jeremiah 23:5-6 Behold the days saith the Lord, that I will raise up unto David a righteous branch.
    John 1:36 John the Baptist said, Behold the Lamb of God.
    John 1:41 we have found the Messias…
    John 1:45 We have found him…
    John 1:46 Jesus says for had he he believed Moses he would have believed me…..
    John 6:14 that Prophet….
    Acts 3:22-23 A Prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you….
    Acts 7:37
    Glory to God in the highest

  • I think what struck me with my thoughts today is how sometimes when we try to live like Jesus and tell people about the Gospel, we find ourselves distancing ourselves from the very people we intend to serve and minister to. If we truly want to live like Jesus, we will humble ourselves and “dwell among” them. Let us listen to people. Talk with them. Build relationships. Then more people will come to know Him for who He really is.

  • Jess Gardiner

    Christ the messenger and the message!. May I add also that He is the One who promises and IS our blessed future. Praise be to God!

  • Jennifer Wood

    God has been so gracious to send us words of life through the prophets, but how much more wonderful and benevolent do we find Him as He puts on human flesh and becomes the Prophet who is the Exact Imprint of God Himself! And His glorious light shines so brightly in this dark and wicked world! I am thankful that Christmas comes in the winter, when that imagery of darkness being lit up with His radiance becomes even more vivid!

  • Lauren Brooks

    I am just being BLOWN AWAY through this study as I read about the intentionality of our God…. How the prophets were a part of His grand plan all along!! And I’m marveling at the patience and perfection in His timing in the whole process. I’m sure God mourned alongside so many of his people as they sinned and so desperately needed a savior. I’m sure he wanted to send Jesus right then, but in his all-knowingness he waited for the stage to be perfectly set for Jesus to put on flesh and be both that message and messenger. Every. single. detail. orchestrated along the way! This is some good stuff for my spirit this morning!!!

  • How wonderful it is that Jesus is the PERFECT prophet /and/ message. He fulfilled every foreshadowing of His Story until He said, “It is finished” (John 19:30). His salvation doesn’t need any help from our good works. It’s not like IKEA furniture. It comes not ready to assemble but ready to be /lived in/.

  • Larissa

    I can imagine the passage in Luke perfectly. Jesus walks into the synagogue and begins reading the script from Isaiah. People are probably staring at him wondering what he’s up to. Then after he reads it he says it’s been fulfilled! Wow! I can’t even imagine being in the synagogue with him while this happened! Those people were probably shocked, in disbelief and full of joy!

    • PronetoWander

      I feel like I’d be likely to be the ones asking ‘is this not Joseph’s son?’ I think it would be so hard to see someone you know and believe they were God. I wonder if I would have believed.

      • Madeline

        It’s so good you are asking yourself that. I think it’s good to question our faith and seek God, even when we doubt.

      • Abigail

        I’ve often wondered there same about myself, especially when it comes to the Pharisees. Imagine being a spiritual leader, devoting your life to what you believe is good and true and right, and then completely missing God when He’s standing right before your eyes. It’s very humbling–and honestly, frightening–to think about.

      • Robin W.

        I’m with you! I believe. Forgive me for my unbelief.

  • Alle McCloskey

    I don’t often think of Jesus in terms of being a prophet. But these past few days have opened my eyes to His amazing role as the “perfect prophet” — He is both message and messenger!

  • Caroline

    This title will struck me. There are so many prophets, but what a beautiful post to remind us always to line up what we hear to what the perfect prophet already said!

  • Danielle

    Wonderful devotion today! So thankful He knows me!

  • So so good!

  • Cynthia

    What a Savior! He is the Messenger and the Message!
    Christmas is TRUE! Please read Hidden Christmas by Timothy Keller. This little book is a perfect companion to this Advent series! Thank you SRT for reminding us of the gift God gave us so long ago, His Word wrapped in flesh to come live among us! Waiting, watching and ready to see Christ’s second Advent! Enjoy the season with expectant hearts ready to receive God’s perfect gift!

    • Hannah

      I have the book and I’m going to start reading it after finals! I’m glad you like it with this study, because it makes me even more excited to read it!

  • Christ is truly all we need!

  • Robin Dequaine

    I so enjoyed today’s reading and things to contemplate. I have been prayerfully waiting on the Lord to fan the flame of passion in me, which has been dull longer than I want to admit. I am blessed by God in that I can confidently say my prayer is being answered. Thank you Ladies for being part of that!

    • Robin W.

      “From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another.” ~ John 1:16

      God is good! Thank you, Jesus for blessing Robin and fanning the flame of passion within her. We ask for continued blessing as she walks confidently in you. -Amen.

  • Sarah_Joy

    My heart is so full. When I felt deep in despair last night, Jesus met me. These verses were salve on my healing heart. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has NOT overcome it.” No darkness wins against the Light of the world. His light breaks through every lie, every misconception, every thought of self-hatred, every bit of pride. Jesus triumphs against sin and death. Hallelujah!

  • Hillary

    I have grown up in church and have heard these passages a bajillion times, but never realized until today that John 1:1 and John 1:14 held hands with each other like that. It goes from telling us that the Word was with God and was God, to telling us that the Word became a man and dwelt here on earth with us. The same Word that is God became a man and dwelt on earth. I knew Christ took the form of a man, but never realized how clearly this passage spells it out!

    • Meg

      I had the same realization today, Hilary! Loving this advent series! Greeting from Texas!

    • Hannah

      John 1 is a mind-blower, heart-comforter, and soul-investigator. Every time I read it something new sticks out to me, but what you said brought even more to light. Thanks!

    • Liz

      Ah same here girl! I love how you can grow up hearing the Lord’s words and throughout life He continues to teach us and reveal to us more and more. Such a testament to God’s word being ALIVE and working in us.

  • My 6-year-old son and I had a conversation yesterday about loving Jesus this season. We had to run errands and he observed the Santas everywere. He wanted to know why Santa is so celebrated if Christmas is about the coming of Christ. This kid keeps me on my toes, friends. I explained that we, humans hold on to things that make us happy and they idea of a jolly, old guy who gives, makes folks happy, that Jesus likely feels more distant and abstract and hard to hold onto in this world. He looked at me and said, “But Mom, God is so good and Jesus came to save us, I would want to hold on to that. I wouldn’t believe Santa was real if you told me, I *know* Jesus is the real thing.” My son has figured out something we often forget … man is fallible, Christ is not … His love is what we should be emmulating at Christmas; we give because we are thankful for the selfless, unbelievable gift given us, we celebrate because we know we ARE underserving, not because we deserve. In all our striving for the perfect tree, the perfect gift, the perfect decor, the perfect recipe, nothing will ever add up, in the end, we will always feel like something is missing until we truly remember that Jesus IS the real thing, He was the only perfection there will ever be. I am humbled every Christmas season because I know, in truth, that I would never have made a “good” list, no matter how hard I might have tried, but God looked at me, saw my name on the other side, ripped up the list and said, “You are mine and I love you. This gift, I give even for YOU.” I pray that I bring light to others this season and every day moving forward, that in my thanks for this unbelievable gift, I emmulate Christ.

    • Sarah_Joy

      Thanks. So good!

    • Robin W.


    • Hannah

      You have me tearing up over here (granted I’m pregnant lol) but still. So good and so true. Thanks for the reminder to talk to our kids about TRUTH as much as possible and to remember that this season is ONLY about Jesus.

    • TinaW

      This … yes from a child, I am so happy to hear a child gets it… of course not only yours, but each child that honestly sees the real meaning is enough for my heart to celebrate and not stress… Too much worldly, too much focus on the consumerism… please give your child a hug from me … I am happy today!

    • churchmouse

      Love your words this morning! Thank you for the challenge

    • Hannah

      You have me in greater awe of Christ and Christmas right here. I’m actually crying. Wow. Can I just say yes to this all? Thank you SO MUCH for the reminder.

    • Jess Gardiner

      I’m taking a screen shot of your comment dear B. It has spoken to me so profoundly

    • Andrea

      LOVE. beautifully expressed.

    • Elisa Bree

      This was written so well! Thank you for the encouragement to be a light for Christ. ✨

    • Lindsey

      Thank you so much for sharing! This is very encouraging to me as I strive to make Christmas about Jesus. We decided when our oldest daughter was very little that we would not do the whole Santa thing. Your son’s comments just confirmed why. :)

  • Anyone else get CHILLS when reading the passage in Luke? What a holy moment.

  • Lindsay Sterchi

    Today I find myself in awe of how the plan of God unfolded first through the prophets, then through the perfect Prophet of Jesus. God has given us everything we need in Jesus.

  • Cecilia

    Amen sisters!

  • It is easy for me to be discouraged because of the darkness in this world, but John 1:5 is so encouraging! ” The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” (NLT) May His light shine through us to the world around us!

  • Shannon

    Good morning! Thank you to everyone who is vulnerable or has been vulnerable; I learn much from your experiences, heart, and wisdom. “Jesus brings the light and IS the light.” As we hang up our Christmas lights and pass lite up homes/trees, may we remember the source of the light that brings us joy. I love that we add extra lights into our homes and on our streets as a visual reminder of Christ’s hope that shines in the darkness. May we never forget that Advent is a season of waiting, like one waits to be married or have a baby. The waiting is different than waiting in a line at Six Flags or at Starbucks. The waiting is joyful, expectant, and hopeful. Christ is coming back! Let us not forget the Second Coming as we reflect upon the First! I am praying that as you hear “Come All Ye Faithful” during this season, you will visualize Christ’s Second Coming! What a joyous season after such a tough election season. My pastor said there is a difference between “Christian hope and American optimism.” Our hope is SECURE and final! Rest in that today.

    • Kellie

      Really appreciated your words today, Shannon! Thanks for sharing. They have blessed me!

    • Rebekah

      Very well said, Shannon!

    • candacejo

      “Let us not forget the Second Coming as we reflect upon the First!” Amen! God has always had a plan and it is mind-blowing to know that we are living in those last days that were foretold so long ago. Exciting to be a part of what God is going to do…use us, Lord, for Your glory!

    • Stephanie

      I love your comparison to waiting for a baby or for marriage. How much excitement there was during those times!! And yes! I want this season to embody that joy for Jesus in the same way. Thank you!

    • Sarah

      Love this!!!

    • Jess Gardiner

      Oh a thousand amens! I’m so looking forward to singing “O come all ye Faithful” looking forward to His second coming!!! Thank you for this beautiful reminder!

    • Alesha Gregg

      thank you so much Shannon. I love the examples and connections you made. my husband and I have a 13 month old and are trying to start traditions that focus on Christ Jesus, Advent, giving, and love vs Santa, decorating, and receiving gifts. I love your reminder of the lights being a visual reminder of Christ’s hope that shines in the darkness. Any other Biblical connections I can make with “characters” or events that take place during Advent around the world would be an answered prayer. ~Blessings and Hugs

  • churchmouse

    I appreciate people who keep their word. I appreciate those who say they will do something and then actually follow through. Unfortunately these people are more rare than not. Thank you, Rebecca, for reminding me of the One who always keeps His word because He is the Word. All of the selected Scriptures today make my heart soar. There is One to whom I can turn whose words are always true because He is Truth itself. In a world that tells us black and white is gray, there is One who never wavers, never equivocates. So grateful for Jesus today!

  • Kelly R Smith

    With the tendancy of people to proclaim one thing and then live something else, it is hard to wrap my mind around a man making the claims Jesus made and living up to every single one. His promises are so different from those shouted from the podiums at political rallies. People make promises so you will like them and accept them (and vote for them). Jesus only said what was necessary, nothing more. He promised us victory, but he also promised suffering. The things he said didn’t always go down easy, but it was/is all true. He fulfilled every word spoken about him and by him. So when he promises us eternity, we can be sure it is his to give.

  • Good morning ladies, I pray that the peace of Christ flows over all of us today, beyond our own understanding, so that we can live like Him today.

  • ‘..,not “live like Good King Wenceslaus.” Even the king himself would agree. As with the story of any good king, the lesson is to live like Christ.’ Not to earn our salvation but because of our salvation! It is all of his grace!

  • Adrienne

    “Christ is a Perfect Prophet that proclaims repentance and offers forgiveness” thank you Lord. Such an amazing act of love and generosity that you loving point out that which grieves you and then with compassion, forgive me and draw me close…

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    • Kaitlyn Agler

      I’m not sure how to add one, mine was already there because I have a WordPress account, I think!

    • Robin W.

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    • She Reads Truth

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  • Today I am deeply saddened by the realization that Jesus came into this world, made by Him, with people who were His own – and He was not recognized nor received. He is the Message that frees and heals us, and we fail to see that even when we look right at Him. I am humbled at how much He humbled Himself for us!
    It reminds me of a quote I came across on facebook: ‘Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness’. To me Jesus is the ultimate example of such courage. That is what makes me love Him and want to follow Him more every day!
    Great day to everyone from the Netherlands! ❤️

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