The Beatitudes: Day 12

On Earth As It Is In Heaven


Today's Text: Matthew 5:13-16, Colossians 4:5-6, Isaiah 42:5-9

Text: Matthew 5:13-16, Colossians 4:5-6, Isaiah 42:5-9

You know that scene in It’s a Wonderful Life where George and Mary help the Martini family move into their new home? They load up the Martini children (and goat) into their car and drive them to Bailey Park, entourage-style, a truck piled high with the family’s belongings following behind them. As the townspeople gather triumphantly on the stoop of the Martinis’ new home, Mary offers this housewarming blessing:

“Bread, that this house may never know hunger. Salt, that life may always have flavor.” Then George jumps in and takes over because he just can’t help himself: “And wine, that joy and prosperity may reign forever!”

I’ve always loved that scene. It’s so hopeful, so filled with joy and promise. We want to believe that George and Mary’s best wishes can bestow true blessing on the young family, but we know the turmoil that lies ahead for the small, fictional town. Like the folks of Bedford Falls would discover, we know best wishes don’t bring life. Only God can do that.

That’s what we find when we read the Beatitudes: blessings only God can give, promises only Jesus can make. These aren’t just promises for our future—though they are certainly that. They are promises for our right-now life. They are promises of God’s kingdom come here on earth as it is in heaven.

This is the gospel. Sinners—ordinary, imperfect people like you and me—are ushered into the kingdom of God by none other than God’s own Son. Jesus came to this pain-ridden planet and lived the holy, sinless life we couldn’t, then paid the debt of our sin in full on the cross. Three days after it was finished, He walked out of the grave, and He sits at the right hand of His Father even now. And there, now, He claims as His own—holy and blameless children of the Father—we who accept the absurd gift of His grace.

We are heirs with Christ to God’s kingdom. We belong there. It is our home.

We mourn the pain and death and injustice of our right-now world, but we rejoice in the One who will dry every tear (Revelation 21:4). We are poor in spirit, in possessions, in esteem, yet we are filled up by the One who created all things and holds all things together (Colossians 1:16-17). We hunger for a holiness that we can’t reach here, while we give thanks to the One who clothes us in His righteousness (Romans 5:17). We ache for mercy and peace in a warring world, and we worship the One who is setting everything right (Revelation 21:5).

We are children of the Kingdom—not just when we leave this world, but right here in it.

The gospel of Jesus is not a secret to be kept. It is the conspicuous, live-changing reality for every single person who calls Christ their Lord. It is the very definition of good news! How can we help but overflow with gratitude and love for the God who has rescued us from despair and secured our hope?

Our God has made us a beacon of hope to the world, “a covenant for the people and a light to the nations, in order to open blind eyes, to bring out prisoners from the dungeon, and those sitting in darkness from the prison house” (Isaiah 42:6-7). We are light bearers, sight givers, and freedom bringers—this is our reality in Christ.

Friends, we have so much more to offer the world than our best wishes. We know the Maker of love, the Giver of life. When others look at us, may they see Him. Amen.


  • Basically, we have work to do. We live in grace; may our lives show it.

  • Susan Sowards

    Thank you!

  • This study has given me so much peace inside and out. Thank you guys for all that you do with your incredible business!

    • She Reads Truth

      Stacey, we’re grateful for you! Thank you for being the Word of God with us each day!

      – Stormye

  • Angela H


  • I have loved this study!! Looking forward now to Advent!! Thank you so much for what you do & share with all of us!

  • Jody Heavenrich

    Great study SRT!!!! On so many days, I thought that you were writing straight from my heart. Great community of believers, sisters & brothers in Christ. Excited for Advent!!

  • Susan Dexter

    Thank you for this study. Love taking a look at the world from the bottom looking up. Brings everything into perspective. I am very excited to begin the Advent study.

  • How can we get copies of old SRT studies? Like “open your bible”??

  • Thank you, SRT ladies. This has been a great study. I will continue to marvel at “the absurd gift of His grace.” ❤️ Looking so forward to Advent!

  • I love being able to tie a song to a lesson, that keeps it with me all day/week!

    Kari Jobe-We Are, is meant for this!
    Every secret, every shame
    Every fear, every pain
    Live inside the dark
    But that’s who we are
    We are children of the day.

    So wake up sleeper
    Lift your head
    We were meant for more than this
    Fight the shadows, conquer death
    Make the most of time we have left.

    We are the light of the world
    We are the city on the hill
    We are the light of the world
    We gotta, we gotta
    We gotta let the light shine.

    Let the light shine
    Let the light shine.

    We are called to spread the news
    Tell the world the simple truth
    Jesus came to save
    There’s freedom in his name
    So let it all breakthrough.

    We are the light, we are the light
    We are the light
    To let your light shine brighter.

    We are the light, we are the light
    We are the light, Jesus.

    Thank you so much for this study! This last entry has really brought everything together for me. This world is downtrodden and full of sin, but we do not lose hope! Spread the Light of Christ, live in the Kingdom now and forever!

    • Sarah

      Thank you for sharing the lyrics to this song. So beautiful and such a great way to sum up this study!

  • Amen! This is my second SRT study. The first was the “open your bible” study, which we did in a women’s Sunday school class. I’m loving this! These studies are increasing my desire for God’s Word, giving me some great and necessary Christ-focused spiritual “meat”, helping me be more consistent with journaling etc. etc. Thank you!

  • SRT not SRF! Oops!

  • Salt is the enhancer to the real meat or food to be enjoyed. That first taste, salted just right will bring the person coming back, wanting more. Lord give me the wisdom and confidence to help others taste and try Your godliness. Thank you SRF for this study. A perfect entry into the Christmas season.

  • Amen and thank you for this very good study.

  • Carrie Rogers

    Lord, help me be a light bearer, sight giver and a freedom bringer. ❤️

  • AMEN!!

  • churchmouse

    I feel let down on the day after Thanksgiving. My tummy is full and I’ve had my full of relatives. The cooking and the conversations are over. Now it’s all about… Shopping?? Really? After a day devoted to thanking God for all His blessings, now I’m to focus on gift lists and good deals? I. Don’t. Think. So. Thank you, Amanda for turning me right side up in this upside down world by pointing me to the Cross. Thank you for reminding me of my “reality in Christ” – that above and beyond anything else, my focus is for me to be a “light bearer, a sight giver and a fredom bringer.” Rather than shopping to get, I will go out to give. Because what I have, others need. Jesus. The Cross. Hope.

  • Leah❤️

    6 Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.
    -I need to work on this

    • Kaylin

      I loved this verse as a reminder that I must be gracious in my salt-seasoned conversation. I am so thankful for the amazing example that Jesus Christ was for this!

  • Thank you my friend in Christ <3 I don't not wish you best wishes, I pray you may receive God s biggest present to this world… HOPE. for every day.

    May we walk this earth while His Kingdom is already here. In our hearts. And in deed.

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