Joshua: Day 10

The Land East and West of the Jordan


Today's Text: Joshua 12:1-24, Deuteronomy 29:7-8, Nehemiah 9:22, Psalm 136:16-21

Text: Joshua 12:1-24, Deuteronomy 29:7-8, Nehemiah 9:22, Psalm 136:16-21

I’m not sure what prompted the woman in seat 4B to share such intimate details of her life. Her husband, a pastor, had been kidnapped and killed just eighteen months earlier. Dabbing her eyes with a tissue, she quietly described to me the sorrow her family had endured.

My mind struggled to comprehend her pain. Honestly, I wanted to race back to the airplane lavatory and bolt the door against the suffering that was so palpable in the seat next to mine. Instead, I managed to get this sentence past the lump in my throat:

“Are God’s promises true?”

This was a woman who knew Christ and yet had truly suffered. I wanted to know—I needed to know—if God even climbed into valleys as dark and deep as this to keep His promises to His people. The woman’s response?

“Every single one of them.”

This sweet stranger had come face to face with darkness and found that Jesus truly is the Light of the World (John 8:12).

She had walked through the Valley of the Shadow of Death and discovered Jesus is the resurrection and the life (Psalm 23:4; John 11:25).

She had buried her treasure but found that the treasure of God’s presence had remained (Matthew 13:44).

God’s faithfulness in her life helped me remember His faithfulness in my own. When circumstances cause my anxious heart to question if God’s promises are really true, I need look no further than my own life to remind myself of His faithfulness.

This is what we find God’s people doing in Joshua 12. They had seen the walls of Jericho come a-tumbling down (Joshua 6), then watched as the Lord stopped the sun in its track for an entire day and rained hailstones down on their enemies (Joshua 10). God had kept His promises to defeat Israel’s enemies and clear the path for them to enter into the promised land. But there were still many battles left to fight, “still very large areas of land to be taken over” (Joshua 13:1).

I so often see myself in the stories of God’s people as they wandered. Like me, they were a wimpy-hearted bunch, prone to discouragement, defeat, and despair. Despite God’s unbroken track record, their confidence was easily shaken.

So here, in Joshua 12, we find a roll call of the kept promises of God: a list of the kings God’s people had conquered, the lands they’d captured. Each one is proof of God’s love and provision:

The king of Jericho, one.
The king of Ai, one.
The king of Jerusalem, one.
The king of Hebron, one…

For 31 kings, the list goes on. Over and over, God came through. There’s not a single example of Him dropping the ball. It was God’s track record, not their own, that emboldened God’s people to keep fighting, to keep walking toward the land they’d been promised.

It’s hard for fickle folks like us to fully grasp, but God is the promise keeper. Failing to come through is not in His nature. His faithfulness gives us the courage to keep moving forward, pressing on toward the prize (Philippians 3:13-14). And as we march toward the promised land, we can rest assured that He will keep His promises still.

Every. Single. One.


Erin Davis is an author, blogger, and speaker who loves to see women of all ages run to the deep well of God’s Word. When she’s not writing, you can find Erin chasing chickens and children on her small farm in the Midwest.

  • As Charlie Sheen says, this article is “WI!GINNN”

  • I am so filled with awe and appreciation every time I read God’s word. I know that this was not directed just at me but it was so needed right now. I have been anxious and praying, and it is so nice to be reminded that God is the ultimate scorekeeper/promise keeper. Thank you to all who put this devotional together for us.

  • Carolina

    He is powerful and mighty! 31 powerful, famous, and furious kings go gathered together against the Israelites. My reaction will be “It is over”; “run for your life and hide”. Nevertheless, as Joshua sought the counsel of the Lord, God was able to share his strategy and led him to victory. Why do I get confused and overwhelmed by the power of a challenge, why do i hide from the uncertain things going on in my life? Trust in the Lord oh my soul and do not lean in your on understanding. Seek God and wait on His instructions to defeat the giants you have in front of you. He did destroy some of them, he will continue to do so… because his love is eternal and his faithfulness for ever…

  • Adrienne

    Once again, I am amazed by God’s brilliance, Reading His word is allowing me to love Him in new ways…

  • Kasey Summers

    His love is eternal!!! Yes it is!!! Thankful that God remains faithful despite our unfaithfulness to Him. Thankful our salvation is dependent on Jesus track record and not ours. “It was God’s track record, not their own, that emboldened God’s people to keep fighting, to keep walking toward the land they’d been promised.”

  • It is like He always has to remind me not to be discouraged and unfaithful. And this was today’s reminder. He always comes through even though we are so undeserving and He always finds his sheep who have wandered off and reigns them back to safety beside Him and I am so thankful for it.

  • Hi Sisters,
    I wanted to update you since I last asked for prayer. My husband and I have been praying for rest and we have seen the tiniest glimpses of peace that lasted maybe hours. But still with a very heavy tired heart. Last night my husband and I both were anxious and overwhelmed. He’s losing much sleep and his job is taking a toll on him with demanding hours. And my suffering seems to be still ever present. We are still believing still praying and preserving. We are waiting for the light in the darkness.

    • Kara

      I’m so sorry y’all are going through such a hard time. Praying for you today!!

      • Gema Muniz

        Hi Armanda,
        I dont really know what is the current situation you’re in, but I just want to encourage you to stay in constant prayer and to ask for the peace that only God can provide. Really just spend time with God and listen to him. Im currently in a job that has demanding hours and it was starting to take a toll in my marriage and in my time with my son. Through prayer God gave me the strenght to speak to my boss and we were able to agree on a schedule that works better for me. Sister dont be discouraged, know that God meets us in the storm and guides us through it. Many times we just have to let go of our fears and just walk in faith. Praying for you and your family. God bless.

  • Esther Rogers

    “It’s hard for fickle folks like us to fully grasp, but God is the promise keeper. Failing to come through is not in His nature” Thank you Lord, I can trust you. Come on emotions, get on board.

  • Rochelle

    needed to read this today. He is so good. His love for us is…immeasurable. He always comes through.

  • I love this! is a great reminder of no matter how big our problem seems to be to us in God’s hands it becomes a small problem. No problem that we are facing is bigger than our God! Amen!

    • Christina

      Thank you for this! I’ve been somewhat worried about a relationship in my life and I need to keep this in mind.

  • Melissa Wall

    As I care for those in deep valleys.. I’m so thankful for this reminder!! “Failing to come through is not God’s nature!” Love that promise!

  • Keri McCue

    Isn’t it funny how we so easily forget God’s faithfulness? We so often need to be reminded that He HAS come through and He will continue to win. I look back and wonder sometimes how and why I can even question Him! I love that we not only have our lives as testimony but others close to us and the scripture as well!

  • Beautiful encouragement, Erin. Thank you for helping me see God’s enduring faithfulness and His love. He never fails.

  • He is the promise keeper. Again and Again and Again. He has been faithful time and time again in my life and I know that even when those ugly dark deep valleys come (because they have before and they will again) He will climb down there with me and lead me out. He keeps his promises.

  • Diane Huntsman

    And as we march toward the promised land, we can rest assured that He will keep His promises still.

    Every. Single. One.

  • Carrie Rogers

    I am encouraged to keep moving forward! Thank you!

  • Blessed be the name of the Lord! <3

  • Mary Joe

    This is a faithful saying:
    For if we died with Him, we shall also live with Him.
    If we endure, we shall also reign with Him.
    If we deny Him, He also will deny us.
    If we remain faithless, He remains faithful; for He cannot deny Himself

    2 Timothy 2:11-13

  • I am so grateful for his faithfulness! His promises are true!!

  • churchmouse

    At one time or another we all face the question Erin posed: “Are God’s promises real?” When life is dark, His Word still shines bright. It is the lifeline for hope. Years back, my life was dark. I was on a holy hunt to see His hand still in my life. One day I grabbed a post it note and wrote down the one blessing I could see. And the next day I wrote again. The darkness persisted but the small stack of post it notes became evidence that God was still there. The stack mounted. The dark days were numerous. But there was not one day that I did not write down a blessing. That mound of little yellow squares were my 31 kings: the evidence of God’s presence and moving on my behalf. He did not fail me. Not. One. Day. The darkness lifted. His Word still shines bright. And lest I forget, I have post it notes as proof.

    • candacejo

      Beautiful story! He outshines the darkness! ♥

    • Jennifer

      I love this!

    • Cristy Newlin

      Love this – a kind of memorial to God’s faithfulness.

    • Robin W.

      Thanks for this, churchmouse. The past few weeks I’ve been very down and I’ve been having a hard time seeing the blessings. Your words are a kind reminder to seek and trust.

      • Irina

        Robin, your encouraging words in comments to others show how kind and sensitive is your heart. You show so much empathy and love to people at the same time when you’ve been down. I want that you know we love you and cherish your presence among us and wish that our God have mercy on you and your beloved once. May our God wash away every tear from your face and continue to bless your heart until you feel blessed and safe in his arms. Love you

    • Pam

      Such a great idea! I went through a really hard time this year and I grabbed a post it note and wrote “I trust you” on it. When I would start to panic or fall apart, I would actually put my hand on that note and trust Him. He was always there and He brought me through that time in victory.

    • TinaW

      Beautiful… thank God for His faithfulness, and unbroken promises…

    • Rhonda

      Beautiful…a memorial of His Promises kept. Also, what a wonderful idea to remember especially when going through a dark time.

    • Rhonda

      This reminds me of the 12 stones taken from the Jordan River to serve as a memorial so His promises wouldn’t be forgotten.

    • Esther R

      What a practical great idea. I tried to do that once as a new year resolution. Well you know what happens with thoses. Maybe I’ll try again with the post it notes on my bedside table. That way I can write one down before bed.

    • Naomi

      I love that!

    • Tina

      What a gem you are churchmouse! Not always easy to God in a dark place, but one small post it note at a time…I love it…..
      Praying God’s light continue to shine through you dearest…xxxx

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