Joshua: Day 1

Joshua Succeeds Moses


Today's Text: Joshua 1:1-18, Deuteronomy 31:1-6, Psalm 1:1-3

Text: Joshua 1:1-18, Deuteronomy 31:1-6, Psalm 1:1-3

Like any reasonable person, I put no stock in fortune cookies. Still, I usually crack one open once I’m overfull from a generous plate of sesame chicken and rice. Despite my satisfied appetite, I nibble on a bite of the sweet shell while reading the words printed on the tiny slip of paper inside.

I’m not sure why I have trouble resisting that treat at the bottom of my takeout bag. Maybe it’s my love of sugar, but I think it’s something more. In a world that seems to grow more uncertain by the day, we want a sure thing. We want to know what’s coming, what’s not, what’s next. We know a fortune cookie isn’t going to change our circumstances, but it’s fun to pretend, just for a moment, that it might.

When the book of Joshua opens, the Israelites have come to the end of one long, unpredictable journey. Unpredictable as far as the humans involved are concerned, that is. The Lord—God Almighty, the Holy One—has been with His people each step of the way. He has never left them, never forsaken them, never taken back His covenant even when they gave Him a million sinful reasons to do so. And here, as Israel stands on the edge of the last leg of their journey to the Promised Land, He promises that His faithfulness will continue.

Listen to these phrases of certainty offered by both God and His newly appointed servant, Joshua, over the span of just 18 verses (emphasis mine):

I am giving [this land to the Israelites]” (v. 2).
I have given you [every place your foot touches]” (v. 3).
“Your territory will be [where I’ve appointed it]” (v. 4).
I will be with you” (v. 5).
I will not leave you or forsake you” (v. 5).
You will distribute the land I swore to their fathers” (v. 6).
You will have success” [as you heed all of My instruction] (v. 7).
You will prosper and succeed” [when you observe My Word] (v. 8).
God is with you wherever you go” (v. 9).
You will be crossing the Jordan” (v. 11).
God is giving” [this land to you] (v. 11).
God will give you rest” (v. 13).
God will give you this land” (v. 13).

As profoundly complex as the situation seemed, it was also profoundly simple: God was keeping His promise, just like He always had and just like He always will.

Israel got the message, and they responded in kind:

Everything you have commanded us we will do, and everywhere you send us we will go. We will obey you, just as we obeyed Moses in everything” (v. 16-17, emphasis mine).

If you’ve read ahead, you know how this story ends. The God of Israel was completely faithful to His people. They did cross the Jordan, and they did take possession of the land He’d promised their ancestor Abraham 450 years earlier. You may also know that Israel did not hold to the “everything” and “everywhere” they’d promised. Yes, they followed Joshua. They heeded his instructions to prepare, to remember, to go (v. 11-13), but their faithfulness was only partial. Like a sieve, obedience slipped through the holes in their good intentions.

Their faith was not perfect, but God’s Word and faithfulness did not falter.

This Bible we open together today makes some bold promises. These are not fortune-cookie promises to be read one moment and tossed into the takeout bag the next. These are holy promises. These are true promises (Psalm 19:7).

When we believe on Jesus Christ, we will be saved (Romans 10:9).
Through the gift of His Holy Spirit, Christ will never leave us (Matthew 28:20).
By His death and resurrection, Jesus has taken on our sin and granted us His righteousness (2 Corinthians 5:21).

When God says “I will” and “I have,” He will and He has.

Praise the Lord, His faithfulness fills in the cracks of our obedience! Praise the Lord, we can walk with courage and confidence into the certainty of a tomorrow where God will never leave us or forsake us. Praise the Lord that as co-heirs with Christ (Romans 8:17), every foot forward is another step on the journey of coming home to a place we’ve never been.


  • Sharon Oommen

    Joshua was seen in the eyes of God even before Moses was chosen to lead the Israelites out of the wilderness but it was all in Joshua’s hands to obey Moses and to show his faithfulness to Moses and God. When he trusted and kept his faith strong even as the assistant of Moses. God saw and said to Moses how he will not go past the Jordan River but God will use Joshua to lead his people past the Jordan River to the Promised Land.

    It is amazing to see that use an individual so much when his/her Obedience, trust & faith to on God and nothing else.

    The Success of Joshua and the Israelites relied heavily on the obedience God asked them to keep which was give to Moses during the time he spend in the wilderness. God also reminded Joshua to keep these commandments and to look over them every day and night.

    God wants us to be successful in everything we do but that is only possible when we are careful to obey whatever he may ask of us.

    Joshua knew that the Israelites failed to obey moses numerous times but Joshua’s faith and confidence was on God Only!

  • Allie Moore

    Yesterday, I watched a testimony. For the sake of this post, I will say that his name was John, because I don’t remember his name. Being a new believer, the Lord began speaking to him clearly and instructing John to do things. He’d quickly and willingly obey. The Lord asked John to go on a week long fast, to get to know Him and spend lots of time with Him. So John did just that; turned his cell off, cut off all communications with the world, even work. The fifth day came and in the mail John received a check for something he’d sold to a business for work. The Lord told John to set it aside until after the fast, but John wanted to deposit it now, so that when the 7th day of the fast was up, the money would be successfully transferred. And so, he did. Walking into the bank, John did what he would usually do every time he went to the bank, which was eat a sucker. As soon as he put it in his mouth, he felt his joy that came from the Lord subside and he felt as though the Spirit of the Lord came out of his body. That simple act of disobedience led to a doorway for the enemy to creep in. He started to doubt God and was angry at God for a lot of things.
    The Lord used that testimony to lead me into what He would show me in the first chapter of Joshua.
    Joshua 1:6-9 New King James Version (NKJV)

    6 Be strong and of good courage, for to this people you shall divide as an inheritance the land which I swore to their fathers to give them. 7 Only be strong and very courageous, that you may observe to do according to all the law which Moses My servant commanded you; do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may prosper wherever you go. 8 This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. 9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

    I didn’t make it through the whole chapter, before I kept being forced to ask the question of “what does it mean to be strong and courageous?” In this passage, it’s been mentioned a few times, even throughout the Bible it’s mentioned to be strong in courageous way more than once.

    I found a cross referenced passage that led to a multitude of light bulbs to flash inside my brain.

    Deuteronomy 6:29-33

    29 Oh, that they had such a heart in them that they would fear Me and always keep all My commandments, that it might be well with them and with their children forever! 30 Go and say to them, “Return to your tents.” 31 But as for you, stand here by Me, and I will speak to you all the commandments, the statutes, and the judgments which you shall teach them, that they may observe them in the land which I am giving them to possess.’

    32 “Therefore you shall be careful to do as the Lord your God has commanded you; you shall not turn aside to the right hand or to the left. 33 You shall walk in all the ways which the Lordyour God has commanded you, that you may live and that it may be well with you, and thatyou may prolong your days in the land which you shall possess.

    In order to be strong and courageous, we must fully rely and trust in the Lord. If we didn’t trust Him, why would we ever have cause to be strong and courageous? Furthermore, how would we know our future unless we trusted in the Lord to reveal it to us?

    God told Moses and Joshua to following His commandments and statues, more than that, He repeated it numerous times! And it dawned on me: this is the straight and narrow Jesus was talking about!

    Matthew 7:13-14 13 “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14 Because[a] narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

    When we are obeying all that the Lord asks of us, we stay on the narrow path that leads to life. But when we allow ourselves to look to the left or the right, it enables us to fall off the path.

    In my mind, I think of a sidewalk. As a child we are taught to use them, so that we are out of harms way of traffic. One step off the sidewalk and we could be hit by a car.

    In the same way, any distraction that we choose to follow, can lead to our joy being stolen and our faith in our Lord be faltered. That’s what Satan wants. We can’t let him steal our joy that can ONLY COME FROM JESUS!

    You think about it… once that distraction comes, your armor falls and you’re basically naked without any means of protection from the wiles of the devil.

    It’s so much easy said than done, but trusting in the Lord is the way to life.

    God commissioned Joshua to lead Israel over the Jordan to claim the land promised to them, even though there would be many obstacles, that’s why He kept repeating to BE COURAGEOUS AND BE STRONG! Trusting and having faith in Jesus means to press forward even though you know there will be danger. God knows where we are headed. He knows every way around the danger and also knows the way through the danger if necessary. He wants to refine us through these dangers. Be strong and courageous today.

    • She Reads Truth

      Thanks so much for sharing this Allie! We’re so grateful that you’re a part of our community! -Margot, The SRT Team

  • Emily Hunt

    During a huge transition in my life, leaving my home town, moving across seas, job searching, etc this is exactly what I needed to read exactly when I need to read it. Great reminder to trust Gods plans and promises for us.

  • Sara Pickup

    After reading this preview, I wanted to share something, so I prayed to see what it was. It’s this: God is faithful, even though the brokenness.

    • Savedbygrace

      Thank you so much for praying and doing what God impressed upon your heart. My nephew died a few weeks ago and it has been very hard for our family. We know he is with God praising the Lord he loved with all his heart but we miss him hear. I don’t usually click on the comments but today I did and my heart was blessed and encouraged by your comment. I will share it with my sister who is mourning the death of her only son. Thank you my sister for sharing.

  • I am currently in complete transition again. A lot of uncertainty walking forward. Last night I cried out in tears for there to be a closer walk with the Father this year, and started my morning today with scriptures and felt Him tugging my heart to read this. I know there is a lot of uncertainty as I continue walking forward now, but I know that He is going to be with me wherever I am.

  • This spoke to me in the times that I have been having lately. Under financial distress and nearing the 6 month mark of job hunting but I need to trust in God’s will and believe that he has a plan for me.

  • Lindsey

    I have been having a very tough week. I applied to get into nursing school and met every requirement, but did not get in. I was waitlisted and it is still a possibility, but I am and have been struggling to find joy all week. My entire being and passion was/is to get started completely in the nursing field to do His work, and I was devastated to find out that I was being told to wait. Reading and being reminded of this today was so sweet and powerful to remember to have courage and be strong. I know God has plans for me and my future, but sometimes it doesn’t feel good to see it not going my own way. I love that God places these studies in my life at the right moment.

    • Christine

      Continue to have faith in God, Lindsey. You will be rewarded! I can feel that He has a better plan than you ever hoped for.
      I also had a tough time towards the end of the year because I missed out on passing my registration as a pharmacist by pure bad luck while I saw all my friends, who had a different, much easier exam, easily get along with their lives. However, in hindsight, it was all worth it, as long as I followed and continue to walk the path that God has set forth for me.
      Tomorrow, with a really nervous heart, I start my first official day as a pharmacist, no longer a student or an intern. I’m actually scared and Joshua 1:9 has been something I’ve been holding onto these past months (thank you, staff of She Reads Truth! Such timeliness). And, I just wanted to say that I admire your passion for nursing and you will get there. Do not worry. God’s working on it.

    • Rachel

      Thanks for sharing your struggles but wow really cool to see the sweetness of your faithfulness. You know God will hold his end and even though he is not giving you what you want he will continue to give you what you need. They were stuck in the desert for a while before they got there. I have been “stuck” before too but man is the end result rewarding! Just keep pushing for your dream and don’t give up!!

  • Wow! This plan is just what I needed for today!!!

  • My darling & me are about to drive the width of Australia with our 8 children and a caravan to join a church community He has lead us to for a time of refreshing & training. What can I say but praise God & thank you sisters for this plan. Thank you, thank you. Love Catarina

  • Chrystal

    Just started this study today. I decided on Joshua a few days ago and then saw SRT had one. This will be my first SRT study. Looking forward to it. I realize not many will be following along as this is an older study but I wanted to say hello :)

    • Gwen Johnson

      I just started a study in Joshua and it’s wonderful to see the hand of God in the lives of the Israelites.

  • Danielle Underwood

    Wow. This is amazing.

  • Do we ha e to pay for each plan or day?

  • Brilliant!

  • Jeanette

    Just found this an I’m glad I did. Looking forward to the rest.

  • Marissa Marion

    God doesn’t it his faith in us we put our faith in him. He knows when we will mess up and is ready to put his new plan to action when we do. There is no messing up, it’s all for his glory. We must try our best to show we love God, but no matter what, God will never fail us and always love us

    • Bobbette Ellis/Martin

      God is our refuge and strength a very present help in the time of trouble. Let us keep holding on to Jesus’d unchanging GRACE. HE LOVES US. Be bless today.

  • Their faith was not perfect, but God’s Word and faithfulness did not falter.

  • A little late to this study, joining in on day one today! I love that even though we fail, God never will. Even though I don’t keep all my promises, God keeps every single one of His. He is truly, truly faithful!

    • Marissa Marion

      I’m a day behind you! Better late than never. Let us not be discouraged we are reading this at the right time. Gods time!

    • She Reads Truth

      So glad you’re joining us, Reeve!


  • As I do not reside in the US, I usually get my study book late and I do not want to start the current study without the book, so I end up joining in this study late. So today I am finally starting on Day 1 and you know what? Reading the Truth with SRT is like coming home for me. The past two weeks have been rather haywire, with my focus all over the place, driven by circumstances. To be able to finally settle down to read about God’s faithfulness in the book of Joshua is finally rest to my soul.

  • Jordan Lawson

    I totally needed this today! As my family goes through tough times & trials, I am barely keeping my head above water. God knows what will happen tomorrow & I am choosing to be courageous & trusting that with Him by my side I can make it through. ❤️

  • That’s amazing how you had god right there with you The Whole time

  • “Be strong and courageous” hit me deeper than it’s ever done before. I got into my first accident today, and totaled my car in the process. God knew how scared I was, but I had his name constantly on my lips and in my mind. I am so thankful to Him for keeping me safe, and I will praise his name for being so merciful and good to me. I am strong and courageous, through Him who gives me strength and courage. There’s nothing I need to fear if I hold tightly to Jesus…because I know that he’s holding me tightly back. And it’s such a relief. Praise be to God almighty, amen.

    • Megan Bormacoff

      Thank you for sharing! What a scary experience that God’s word was able to bring you through. “I will go before you” he was there with you not only keeping you safe but comforting you with His word. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jennifer Shepler

    I love this despite I fail him so much and he still loves and cares for me! I have a sick uncle with lung cancer my dads oldest sisters husband and my dads middle sister with pancreatic cancer and moved from Arizona to Plano tx to live 15 minutes from me to live either her daughter in law and her son. And how god is gonna use me to take care of her and help around the house I feel this time I won’t fail the duty he wants me to fulfill

  • Chastity

    I love how this highlights Gods perfection and faithfulness in spite of our imperfection. Often times we are well-intentioned and still fall short. But GOD!— He remains faithful!

  • I have made so many promises and had so many good intentions that I have failed to follow through on, but His promises are true and He always follows through. Like the sun never failing to rise, I can depend on Him to be with me even when I fail. My hope and trust and faith is in God alone. In these days leading up to the US presidential election, so many people are putting their faith in one candidate or another. But my mind is at peace, because I already know that humans will fail us, but God is in control.

    • AJ

      I feel the same way. I fail Him so many times and He still loves me. I’m in awe of my Saviour!

  • So perfectly timed!

  • Letitia Ifunanya

    I was intrigued by vs 8 when it says “‘meditate IN it day and night”. I have a desire to mediate not just ON the word daily but mediate IN in day and night. Amen. Bless you all!

  • Carrie Rogers

    Thank you for such a truth filled message! I am encouraged to go out and stand on the promises of our good God.❤️

  • Encouraged by this as I sometimes feel overwhelmed with fear when I look at life. I’m just trying to remain faithful to what I’ve been given today, remembering he is always faithful to me.

  • Krista Vickers

    He is so faithful even when I’m not.

  • Charmaine McBride

    I love that//’God’s faithfulness fills in the cracks of our obedience’ – even when we fall so short, our weak attempts to be faithful to Him, He accepts our sincere attempts. He does the perfecting!

  • Joshua is right on time for me. I appreciate the consistent unwavering truth I find here. Thank you.

  • Chelsea Nienhuis

    Be strong and courageous!!

  • Lei Sioco

    Thankful for our God is faithful and everloving! A promise keeper!

  • This will shine because I hid it under a bushel

  • It is encouraging to be reminded of the fact that God is faithful to bring to fulfillment what he has promise his children.

  • Such a good reminder. How often are we tired, weary and just want to give up? Being strong and courageous isn’t just a physical thing, we must be strong in mind and courageous in spirit. God gives us what we need to enable us to be strong and courageous. I love that! Such good truth!

  • I know I am late, anyway, I just realized how easy it is for me to concentrate on being strong and courageous. You know, make up my mind and read inspiring quotes and stories and be focused and such. But that is wrong – the point was neither Joshua nor me, it is God – He is strong and steadfast and over everything,bigger than any giant we might face. That is what I should concentrate on, not myself (even if my intentions are good)

  • April L.

    Did anyone notice the number of times it said, “Be strong and courageous?” I did, 4 times! I’ve read through the book of Joshua before, somehow I missed how many times. Ladies, we must be strong and courageous telling our story, our testimony, and in our journey. Be blessed today.

  • Kristi Ann

    Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joshua, Joseph are our Great-Great more ect… Grandfather’s!!

    ( Joshua 22:5 KJV ) “But take Diligent Heed to do the Commandment and the Law, which Moses the Servant of the LORD charged you, to Love the LORD your GOD, and to walk in all His ways, and to Keep His Commandments, and to Cleave unto Him, and to Serve Him with all your Heart and with all your Soul.”!!

    May Our True GOD the FATHER who art in Heaven Above Bless All my Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus ( Yeshua ) and Your Families and Friends!!

    I Love You All Everyone Through Jesus ( Yeshua ) Christ as HE LOVED Everyone FIRST!!

    Love Always and Shalom ( Peace ) Everyone, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

  • God’s promises and truths are the best. I love the quote “their faith was not perfect, but God’s faithfulness did not falter.” so often i find myself if my mistakes, though forgiven, are hindering me from the blessings God had planned for me. i am reminded that no matter my faults and my mistakes, “His faithfulness fills the cracks of our obedience” and that is SO EXCITING!! thank you LORD! Your will and Your plan is not contingent on my behavior or my choices. AMEN.

  • Even when I’m faltering, afraid, confused with little faith, I will remain steadfast in the assurance that God’s word is faithful.

  • Please pray for me. I am 59 and wonder what does God have for me now? I want to be used by God and for God, but I do not know what this looks like . Sometimes, I feel as if I have nothing to offer .

    • Jessica

      You were made for a purpose. Even though the specific purpose may not be evident right now, know that that fact in itself means you DO have something to offer. I’m praying for you.

    • cuppaandachat

      Oh Deborah! one thing i can say, is that your time of fruitfulness is most certainly not over! i long for women like you in my life! At 36 i’ve experienced some things, and have matured a bit, but oh to have the experience of a women who can speak of God’s faithfulness from the experiences and maturity of 59! (most of my interaction is encouraging women in their 20s). My mom is 59 and she has taught me that we are always older to some other sister who we can love and encourage with the gospel and God’s word and likewise, we should be looking for other sisters do the same for us. I have tried many times to find that older sister since moving across the world from my mom, but have not found anyone willing to step into life with me on this sister level. Whatever God has for you on a life level, i just want to encourage you on a smaller level, to tell of His faithfulness, His grace, His unstoppable mercy, His perfect wisdom to a younger sister who is struggling to remember – it helps you remember too- and if nothing else seems to turn out the way you hoped, she will be ever grateful you were the hands and feet and shoulder she’d been praying for, as together you look to Jesus!

  • I love your analogy of fortune cookie promises and the promises God makes us in the Bible. We forget that God is not only a promise maker but a promise keeper and that we don’t have to hope His word comes true because it is the truth.

  • I was struck by the last line in this teaching, “every foot forward is another step on a journey of coming home to a place we’ve never been” I long for that glorious day. I saw myself as one of the Isrealites, just as hopeful, just as rebellious & prone to fall. Yet my God will never forsake me, He is faithful & will bring me to the promised land. I need to be strong & corageous , trusting in My God!

  • Lesandra

    I am struck by how the Israelites were so forthcoming in their response and taking up of the instructions given to them…”everything you have commanded us we will do..” It makes me question my conviction to obeying God’s word when He speaks to me or instructs me on a certain path. My response is never an immediate”I will,” its usually a battle with me trying to find excuses or delay or even turning the other way altogether. Thank You Lord for this reminder that my response should be an emphatic Yes because You would never take me down a path that will not yield fruit

  • Annabell

    This doesn’t really have anything to do with this bible study topic… i just really need some prayer for those close to me. Someone who is like a mom to me, has a sick parents who are constantly in the hospital. She is strong for me, and everyone else who needs her. But I know she needs someone to be strong for her. She and her parents just need lots of prayer please. Prayers for healing, courage, peace, and strength. Im so grateful for her because she helped me really know Jesus, not just check him off of my homework list. So please please pray. Also i have a friend who had a death in their family yesterday, and shes just so sad and broken and she needs peace and love so please pray for her as well. I hope someone reads this and can join me in praying for healing for these people.
    Thank you.

  • I’ve been struggling with anxiety these last few weeks, nearly teethering on depression. I can’t even pinpoint the trigger – it just seems like everything is overwhelming and out of control. My church ladies – bless their hearts – have been trying to help me find the source of the anxiety, but I just feel interrogated and judged. And so, today’s reading hit a nerve:
    “Be strong and courageous” Can I really, Lord?
    “Do not be frightened” Even when there are so many uncertainties?
    “Do not be dismayed” Even when I’ve tried and failed to overcome?
    “For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go” Ok Lord, I guess I just have to trust, and remind myself of Your faithfulness, Your promises, Your steadfastness.

    • Mrs Knight

      I am sorry that you are struggling. The desire for control can become an idol- only the Father is sovereign and in control. We are all grasping at straws when we try to operate in life with a mindset of having everything neat and tidy and under our control. It’s an illusion! Let go of that wicked desire to subjugate all of these various areas of your life to your will and seek the Fathers face and His will. Rest in the fact that our chaos IS under His control and that there IS purpose to pain and joy and everything under the sun. God bless you.

      • 4♡given

        Mrs. Knight… beautiful council! Thank you.

      • Genesis M

        Good insight, I never saw my anxiety a fear of losing control, but it makes so much sense. I make control an idol and when I can’t control what is happening I get so anxious and angry. Something I need to let go and ask God to help me with.

        Thank you(:

      • Michele

        Thank you, Mrs Knight. God-sent words indeed.

  • It’s really encouraging to be reminded that we are all searching for answers that only He knows. Sometimes I feel like I don’t know where to go or what to do next, but knowing that, regardless, His plan will be glorified because of His promises to us makes me feel better!

  • Shelby McKelvey

    Excited to explore Joshua with you ladies! I’m new to SRT and reading through your comments was so refreshing to see and hear what God has done and is continuing to do in your lives.

    For me, Day 1 was impactful because I announced last week that I’m leaving my wonderful job of about 4 years and moving on to the next chapter. My fear of leaving my comfort zone where I’m at has been a consistent point of discussion with my husband and friends but I’ve been forgetting the most important thing – God is three steps ahead of me and will be right there with me as I start my new job! He already has a plan for me and there’s no room for worldly fear. How comforting that is! :)

  • The part of this reading that stuck out to me the most was “Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you.” (Deuteronomy 31:6). There is so much about this world and our lives that is uncertain and unknown, but we venture through it with the God of the universe walking right beside us, guiding us to exactly the place we need to be!

  • In a world that seems to grow more uncertain by the day, we want a sure thing. When God says “I will” or “I have” He will and He has.
    “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage, do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you where you go.” – Joshua 1:9
    What an amazing feeling it is tonight to know that God is gonna do what He says He’s gonna do; and that He is by your side throughout the entire way.

  • Haley McCaslin

    Being in college, your whole world is filled with uncertainty and worries about what tomorrow may hold. When will I graduate? What career path will I take? Where will I move after graduation? Will I ever find a husband? I used to put so much pressure on living out this timeline and trying to know exactly what was coming next. Reading this passage today reminds me it’s okay to loosen the grip on the timeline. It’s okay to just trust God to lead me through every twist and turn of life and life will always be unpredictable. When I take his hand in faith, I am saying yes to a long, unpredictable journey, but I am also saying yes to the promises of the Lord. With so many questions and confusion about tomorrow’s journey, God’s promises and devotion remain constant.

    “Your love never fails it never gives up it never runs out on me,
    And on and on and on and on it goes
    For It overwhelms and satisfies my soul
    And I never ever have to be afraid
    One thing remains”

    • Kathleen Talley

      I completely understand where you’re coming from! I’m struggling with those same issues in graduate school. I’ve been wracking my brain and making myself sick over something that happened in the past that doesn’t matter anymore, and worrying about things in the future that I shouldn’t be worrying about. Reading this today reminded me that I need to let go and trust God and His plan. Whenever I read something like this, I feel calmer and more confident in the future.

    • Emlen

      I am in the same situation! A senior in college and I’m constantly bombarded with questions of what I’ll do after graduation and I have no idea. But I do know that God knows and has such an amazing timeline already orchestrated. He doesn’t need my help! Praying for you.

    • Liz E.

      Keep this faith and in a few years you will look back in amazement at what God had in store!! He is for you!

    • Hillary

      I couldn’t agree more! I have all ready graduated but deal with these fears and questions constantly. This reading is just what I needed to hear.

    • Daneissa

      As an upperclassmen on my campus I completely feel the heat of those pressures. Thank you so much, Haley I couldn’t have summarized my thoughts better!

  • Joshua 1:9 is what I have my kids recite everyday in the car on our way to their school. Its kind of humorous now that I think of it because its more for my peace than theirs. Being a working mom, I worry…ALOT! This verse kind of puts me at ease when I leave them at school while I head over to work with an hour long commute. My kids have taught me more about putting it all in God’s hands than anyone else. They tell me “mom, I know Jesus is with me wherever I go,” and that eases my heart and allows me to continue working without worrying so much. This study couldn’t have come at a better time :)

    • Melissa

      Kids are just amazing in how they help remind us of who God is and His faithfulness! I am so with you on the working mom bit and how much I love my littles and my job and want the best for my kiddos… and then I remember who God is especially by their little voices and words. Thank you for this beautiful reminder!

  • I’m so glad to be in the book of Joshua– needing strength and courage and TRUTH to do the next thing towards stopping abuse against me in my marriage of 24.5 years. I’m praying about legal steps.

    • Mel

      Ms. Tamara,

      I am praying that the Lord guides you through this storm in your life. God bless and know that he is always with you.

    • Mrs Knight

      Maam involve your church leadership of you have not already your husband needs brothers to speak the gospel into his life it’s the only thing that can change him. Make sure you are safe! Do not be a punching bag… God bless you and keep you.

  • This was perfect! I have really been struggling with doubt. I’ve wandered from God and now I’m at a place filled with anxiety and uncertainty. This reminded me that even when I’m doubting, God is still there! He is carrying me….I just have to come back to Him with my whole heart. I pray that He will fill me heart with the unwavering knowledge that He is there and will not forsake me!

    • Denise

      Whenever you are living apart from God anxiety and uncertainty and fear will rule your life. It stinks. Been there, done that. Many times over. Sometimes I think I must be like the Israelites – a stubborn and stiff-necked person. As you have stated-God is there ! He is pursuing you to return to Him ! He is protecting you and loving you in spite of yourself. He did/does the same for me in spite of myself. He protected me when I put myself in very dangerous situations and held me in His righteous right hand waiting, and waiting, for me to rid myself of myself and let Him take me and my pitiful self / life and restored me with lovingkindness and forgiveness for all the sins I commited/past-present-future. He loves YOU and is pursuing you to return to Him. Heed His call and He will take your anxiety and uncertainty and bear it for you until you come to the point when you can rest in His love and let Him be in control. Let Go and Let God !

  • “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous, do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9
    One of my favorite verses and such a huge encouragement for a day like today. Thank You, Lord for Your steadfast love and faithfulness. ❤️

  • Crystal VanTassel-Lopez

    Loved seeing you guys in Dallas this weekend! Excited for this new study. I pray I do not find busy distractions that pull me away.

  • I am so excited to join in this study with you each day. The only thing that no one can take away is my label: Child of God. I am so thankful He is the faithful one!!

  • You know those moments where God clearly places people and things in front of you to send you a message? There seems to be a current theme in everything I come across yesterday. In church yesterday, the message was on Joshua 1 and being strong & courageous. Today’s SRT is on the same passage. I just read a book (that fell into my lap practically) about going after your dreams without fear. I have no clue what God is brewing for me lately, but apparently it’s going to take courage and it’s going to be good. I just pray for very clear promptings about what steps I need to take to be faithful to him!

    • Becky K.

      God is so faithful! It is funny how his persistence with us never changes, yet, when we turn and run to him we are surprised He’s there!

  • Keri McCue

    I have to remind myself quite frequently, sometimes daily, that He IS faithful. I don’t have to doubt Him. Even when I don’t understand and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, He is still sovereign. I love this gentle reminder in Joshua!!!

  • Veronica

    Wow, day one and Joshua is already amazing me! His faithfulness is beyond my understanding- as humans we give people chances and when they break them, we part ways… but GOD has stuck with humanity since BEFORE Moses, and never tires of giving us chances. “His faithfulness fills in the cracks of our obedience.” I try, but i often fail. And here he is, thousands of years before I exist, making promises that hold true TODAY and displaying his unconditional love.

    When reading Joshua & Deuteronomy, it stuck out to me how he promises to both move before them and also stay by their side. This is so hard for me to wrap my head around! How can he go before me (Deut.31:3) and stay by my side (Deut.31:6)? Perks of an Omni-present, all knowing and forever faithful God, I guess. I don’t understand the logistics of his ways (or why he does what he does) but I am grateful he takes the time and continues the faithfulness to both prepare the way and stay by my side.

    • Victoria

      It’s awesome, isn’t it? It reminds me of “Angel Armies.”
      “I know Who goes before me. I know Who stands behind. The God of Angel Armies is always by my side.” I am so thankful that I can trust Jesus. He is truthful and faithful.

  • I got so excited when I saw that we would be studying Joshua, as this book and I are old friends. The Lord led me to read this book a few years back when I was having some serious issues with fear. One night, when I was struggling with my promises from God and the fear that came with it, I litterally woke up to the lord saying “Joshua!” It was around 1 am, but I opened my bible app and God led me to Joshua 1:9
    I longed to be courageous as the Lord was commanding of Joshua…and me, but I felt afraid. Fear was constantly whispering in my ear, my heart. The Lord had me look up the definition of courage: “a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear”.
    God told me that is it okay to be afraid when facing unknown or challenging situations. He pointed out to me that Joshua felt fear, was anxious and that is why he kept reminding him to be courageous. I would too, Joshua was filling some big shoes and was entering unknown territory. Despite this, he went for it anyway, and the Lord fulfilled all his promises.
    For my situation, the Lord promised me strength and protection of my heart if I did what He was asking of me and put my fears aside.
    It worked! There were times I was placed outside my comfort zone and doing some huge walks of faith without knowing the outcome. However every time I faced a situation I feared that the Lord asked me to walk into, there was success. Of course the enemy loves to push hard, but I got to where I ignored his voice and walked into situations the Lord led me to. It has been quite a ride and I am still on it, but it’s amazing to see how God took this fearing girl and turned her into someone who could stare fear in the face. God’s awesome :)

    • Christina D.

      Alexis was a beautiful example of living out this scripture. I have struggled with fear throughout my life and recently my toddler daughter has started to experience normal childhood fears. This is so difficult for me because I do not want her to be burdened by many of the fears I struggled throughout my life. Your comments have reminded me a lot about working through fear with the Lord and sticking to the scriptures for guidance not only when struggling with my own fears but also as a place to lead my daughter when she deals with her fears. Thank you!

  • It seems that God is always and I am sometimes. Even in my sometimes I long to be all the time and He knows that. I am thankful for His everlasting love and my longing to be his daughter whom he loves and shows me His FAITHFULNESS daily!

    • Krystle

      “It seems that God is always and I am sometimes.” I love this! It’s so true, but I thank God for His faithfulness!!

    • mixmemeg

      Love this. So thankful that His faithfulness does not depend on mine!

  • Obedience is quite often difficult. I’m so thankful that God encourages us to be strong and courageous. He understands that what we face is not always easy. We have to remember that He holds our future and that there is much joy in walking in the light even when we don’t understand His plans.

  • Praying for you!

  • I need to ask for your prayers this morning, ladies. Tomorrow I undergo a spinal fusion surgery in my neck. I’m anxious and worried, but God is so very good. I woke up this morning with the song “In the Eye of the Storm” in my head. Then today’s study. “We can walk with courage and confidence into the certainty of a TOMORROW where God will never leave us or forsake us.” God is so faithful. Would you pray for a successful surgery, precise hands for the surgeon, quick healing, and much peace and strength for my husband and three young kids as I recover? thank you!!

  • My take away from this is that the journey God’s people were about to embark on wasn’t going to be easy. Several times God told Joshua to ‘be strong and courageous’. That alone would have frightened me. If I had to be so strong and so courageous, what would I be about to face. But being able to look from the outside in and knowing how this would end, it’s a very comforting thought seeing that God was with them the whole way.

  • absolutely loved this reminder of Gid’s faithfulness even when we are not faithful. his word never changes. he always stays the same. needed this today. thank you!

  • Christine

    The call to follow the Lord’s instruction is what jumped out at me this morning. Not to deviate to the left or to the right in our own plans and ideas of the way things should be, but to follow the instruction made plain in His Word. He will be faithful to see us through as soon as our feet step onto HIS path. We don’t even need to walk it perfectly, becuase He knows we can’t. But we do need surrender our desire for our own path, our own shortcuts to the truth. We can’t get there own our own.

    • Lisa

      “We don’t even need to walk it perfectly, because He knows we can’t.” Yet He doesn’t give up on us; He’s with us always, guiding us back, forgiving us when we veer off. What an awesome God we serve. What a great thought to take with us today.

  • I really like that throughout Joshua 1, whenever God says, “Be strong and courageous,” He backs it up with one of His promises that never fails. When people tell me to be brave in this world, their reasoning is usually because whatever I’m afraid of has a bark worse than its bite. But with God, I can be brave because He stands true to His Word. While I fail Him countless times a day, He never does.

    • Renee

      Love your statement, “But with God, I can be brave because He stands true to His word”!!!

    • She Reads Truth

      Yes! I love this, Krista. Thanks for sharing today.


  • Thankful for this reminder to be strong and courageous, to not be dismayed, that the lord is with me wherever I go. My husband and I are in the process of trying to conceive our first child and just got another no for this month – feeling crushed by the pain of continuing to hope but thankful for the reminder that He goes with me through this journey.

    • Marianna

      Rachel, I know this season may be long and discouraging… but be courageous and have faith! God’s plan and the His beautiful child that is meant to be with you will be, in HIS time. We try to control everything to fit our life timeline… BUT GOD. I pray many blessings upon you and your husband… have faith sister!

    • DebbieinAZ

      Yes, I agree with Marianna. Hang in there, sweetie. God’s timing is perfect. He knows your desires and He cares. But, He also knows the bigger picture, and He has the perfect place, time and way in that picture to give you the desires of your heart. Praying for your strength, peace and endurance in the wait. Blessings to you today.

  • Verse 13 in today’s passage from Joshua struck me particularly today. My last job ended in July, just as I discovered I’m pregnant. I’ve been applying to other jobs and nothing has come to fruition, which is ok because I’m having a rough pregnancy. As I’ve been chatting with my husband, he’s encouraged me to take time off until after the baby comes and to rest during this time. Not easy for a driven type-A overachiever! I’ve been praying through a couple of job possibilities and as I’m about to have a conversation about one today, verse 13 hit me. God has given me this time of rest. How can I use it best? Please pray for wisdom as I figure out what my next steps are career-wise and we prepare for our baby’s arrival in April.

    • Jess

      Congratulations Meg! Definitely praying for you in this season and in things to come!

    • Jen

      It can be so hard to rest! It is an oxymoron- it takes work to rest! This is such an important time for discernment. Blessings on your journey.

  • Laura Loewen

    Praise the Lord! His faithfulness fills in the cracks of our obedience!

    What a beautiful picture that I believe whole-heartedly. We mess up, fall, fail and come short, but God is ever-steady, sure and Holy.

  • I asked the Lord to help me not hold back; at the altar last night; in my witness, encouragement of others, giving … anything I often hesitate to do. I am reminded this morning to be strong and of good courage, and to remember how faithful God has been so far. Thank you Lord for this study, and for my new online sisters in Christ!

  • Trinity Bommarito

    This study of God’s promises comes at a time when I have felt so distant from Him because of my wandering and trying to do things on my own. Praying that I will learn to truly trust Jesus and follow Him, because doing things my own way–despite knowing that it would fail–is not working out.

  • Evangeline

    Great is His faithfulness. Help me Lord to find rest in You alone…seeking to be faithful to You today.

  • Mary Joe

    I love Deuteronomy 30:11-20 to supplement this reading also. “I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life that you and your descendants may live; that you may love The Lord your God, that you may obey His voice, and that you may cling to Him, for He is your life and the length of your days; and that you may dwell in the land which The Lord swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to give them.”

  • churchmouse

    It’s a blessing to open the Word and a new SRT study guide with all you wonderfully faithful Shes! (the guide even smells so good!) The selected Scriptures and Amanda’s devotion set the stage perfectly for the unfolding of the drama that is God’s continued faithfulness to Joshua, Israel and us. I’m impressed by Joshua 1:2 “Moses my servant is dead. Now you…” The past is the past. Things come to an end. Seasons change. People move. Loved ones die. What was once familiar and comfortable is gone. Yet God does not fold His arms and say, “well now what ever will I do? That’s over. Oh well .” No. He says “Now you…” There is more to be done, more to become. I am to prepare to cross over into the uncharted waters of my journey, confident that He knows the way, will see me through, will get me there. His faithfulness does not waver in my uncertainty. I am to be strong and courageous in Him and just get up and go.

  • It’s encouraging to remember that, even when our faith is not perfect and we fail to follow through on our good intentions, God is still with us and his faithfulness does not falter. Praying that we will keep our eyes on him and step out in strength and courage into all he is calling us to today.

    • Courtney K.

      This really spoke to me as well. I’ve been struggling with this as I entered a new season in my life, but thanks be to God that his power is made perfect in our weaknesses. I am so thankful that when my faith is imperfect, God is still 100% faithful.

  • Today is the day the ruling comes through in Northern Ireland about the Ashers bakery. I needed that reminder that regardless of the outcome, God is faithful. He may be gracious and merciful once again and grant that we may have freedom of speech, thought and religion a little while longer in the UK. Or he may give us over and give us what our nation thoroughly deserves in all its rebellion and turning away from him and the ruling will come in favour of the man who requested a cake with a “support get marriage” message. Either way, God is faithful. He has been from the beginning, and he won’t stop now. Praise be to our God.

    • Brianna

      Praying over this, Anna. No matter what the ruling is, we remember that Christ sits on the throne.

    • Renee

      Thanking God for his sovereignty!

    • Cristy

      Praying for the UK this morning…

    • churchmouse

      It so encourages me to read of Christians who are willing to stand firm in the face of such opposition. The Asher Bakery is being strong and courageous! Also, when I read of the opposition I am compelled to pray for those who are blind to the Truth. Prayers here in the USA for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Ireland today.

  • This Bible we open together today makes some bold promises. These are not fortune-cookie promises to be read one moment and tossed into the takeout bag the next. These are holy promises. These are true promises (Psalm 19:7)…
    This is a truth that I need to hold on to…that God’s promises are holy and the truest of truths…If/Where God has promised…He is faithful..without falter…

    Looking forward to growing in the truth with you dear Sisters..
    Happy Monday and every blessing being prayed for you…hugs..xx

  • Kellie G.

    Needed this reminder about God’s faithfulness. I’m encouraged that obedience to God’s ways is met with promises beyond our imagination. Thankful for our God of mercy and his unshakeable love. Praying for all the shes out there, that this will be a fruitful time for us to reflect on God’s faithfulness in our own pasts as we entrust our tomorrows to Him, confident that he always follows through.

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