Announcing Advent 2016: Christ Was Born For This


(Hey there – this is a very happy post about the new SRT Advent study + book, but DO NOT MISS the really big news announcement at the bottom of the post. We think you’ll be pretty pumped.)

We’re only beginning to believe that maybe fall won’t forget us this year in Tennessee, but at #SRThq, we’ve been too busy listening to Bing Crosby and lighting Woodland Spruce candles to notice. Christmas is coming!

As we’ve prayed and prepared for Advent in the summer heat, it’s become clear that God isn’t standing on the other side of the holiday season waiting for our Christmas cheer and bolder faith. No, God is near, and Christ was born for this. 

On this warm September day, it is our joy to introduce you to the 2016 She Reads Truth Advent study:

“Christ Was Born For This”

Beginning Sunday, 11/27, we’ll spend the Advent season exploring the Old Testament roles of prophet, priest and king, and the ways in which Christ came to perfectly fill each of them, as well as a week in Luke’s beloved narrative of Christ’s birth.

Of course, this online study will be accompanied by our very favorite book of the year! We’ve filled this book with all of our Christmas favorites (yes, that’s gold foil on the cover and spine!), and we really think you’re going to love it. Inside each Christ Was Born For This Advent book, you’ll find all of the study book features you love, plus extra cheer, including five recipes, five hymns, four bonus gift tags, and a fun holiday activity!

And, in order to make room at the table for more Shes Reading Truth, we’ve reduced this year’s study book price by 20% from last year!

Now thru 10/2, get a set of 3 sheets of special edition She Reads Truth wrapping paper FREE when you preorder the 2016 Advent book (no limits—that’s one set of three for each book!). Books are now available for preorder at Preorders will begin shipping November 10. (Please remember, these rich and festive resources are not required to join us online or in the app!)

Want to take a peek?






SRT Advent 2016

And now as promised…


This year, we’re bringing Christmas joy to kids from 1 to 92 with the release of our first ever Kids Read Truth product:

Kids Read Truth | Advent Table Cards

Spark thought and conversation each day of the Advent season with inviting illustrations, engaging questions, and selections from the same daily readings as Mom and Dad!


Created with so much love from the SRT team, these Kids Read Truth Advent Cards will be a blessing to your family for years to come! Designed to engage kids of all ages, each card offers 1 key verse from the SRT/HRT daily reading, plus questions for three different age groups:

  • For ages 2-5: a one-word answer
  • For ages 5-11: a one-sentence answer
  • For ages 12 and up: a discussion question to spark thoughtful conversation

Need some help with the answers? Suggested responses are printed on the answer cards.

Kids Read Truth Advent Cards
This set of 29 sturdy, satin-finished cards was specifically created to complement the “Advent: Christ Was Born for This” She Reads Truth & He Reads Truth reading plan, but they can easily be used apart from the grownup plans, and for many Christmases to come.

(You guys, we really love these. We’ve tested them with our kids and we cannot wait for the conversations they’ll spark for you with yours!)

Oh, also – there will be a He Reads Truth Advent book available as well! And if you know you’ll want to bundle for your family, we’ve made that super easy, and given a pretty great discount ($8 off for the She+He bundle and $20 off for the Family Bundle)!

THAT is all the big news we can handle for one day. Even though there are still leaves on the trees, begin to mark your calendars, prepare your hearts, and consider preordering Advent resources for your family so that when the time comes, you will be ready to celebrate Jesus, our perfect Prophet, Priest, and King.

Christ was born for this, friends.

Grace and peace,

The SRT Team


  • The accident of finding this post has breithgned my day

  • Is the book just the print version of what is posted online? Is there an online component that goes with the book and helps facilitate discussion? I think I’m missing something. I have the book (& it is beautiful) but I’m hoping to find some questions and background, something to help me dig deeper.

  • Pfrom A-Land

    I want to start tomorrow as well, but I cannot seem to find the place to download the plan on my app or receive daily email for the Advent 2016. Help needed please. Thanks

  • I wish you had cheaper shipping to UK… I want to buy every one of your books but can’t justify the cost…. Any hope of you shipping over here for less??!

  • Victoria Rae

    How do I download the plan in the app? I want to start tomorrow!!!

  • I have chosen not to buy the kids advent cards because of the lack of diversity in the pictures shown. I’ve read your response to other comments on the issue, but am hoping you hear from your audience and include greater diversity in the future years. I would love to add these to our advent traditions.

    • Amanda Highley

      It saddens me that the skin color of the illustrations is a barrier to participating in a devotional that will beautifully and truthfully present the gospel and promote the true meaning of Christmas. Yes, all skin colors are beautiful. But just because a book does not represent them all does not mean that the writers and artists do not respect diversity. The same can be said for a book that only contains children of Hispanic heritage or Asian heritage. That wouldn’t mean that it only finds those races/heritages important, just that those happen to be the ones they chose to use in the illustrations. Presenting the meaning of Christmas to children with a book centered on the truth of the gospel, I think, is more important than the illustrations. It would be wonderful to have multiple races represented, but just because it doesn’t should not be a barrier to the gospel.

      • Berta

        Excellent response, Amanda… Thank you for the great to which you compile your studies and resources.

      • Hannah

        Amanda, I understand your concern. I just received these cards in the mail. The response from the SRT team was accurate. The pics on the cards are mostly of objects. There is one card that has a family and they have brown colored skin. I don’t think you would be disappointed if you ordered these cards.

      • Kaylee

        At last! Someone who unasnstdrde! Thanks for posting!

    • Lorin

      Fidnnig this post. It’s just a big piece of luck for me.

  • Is the Advent bundle for she/he completely sold out? :(

  • It looks like I was a day too late in ordering! Is there any chance you’ll get more of the Legacy Book in? I’d love to purchase either the He+She or family bundle, but I see both are out of stock due to no more He Reads Truth books. Thanks!

  • Hello! I was wondering the same thing about the shipment date for the Advent books. I ordered 6 on October 28th, and I have not received any shipment confirmation yet. Hope to receive them in time. Thank you!

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi friend! We started shipping on November 10 and have been sending out packages every day since, so yours should be on the way! Feel free to email [email protected] for an update on your tracking information!


  • Hello, I ordered the advent cards for my kids a few weeks ago and still haven’t received them….. When are you shipping them? Thanks!

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Jami, We started shipping on November 10 and have been sending out packages every day since, so yours should be on the way! Feel free to email [email protected] for an update on your tracking information!


  • Hi SRT! When do the Advent books ship? I ordered mine on the 3rd and have not received shipping confirmation yet. Thanks!

  • Great questions about diversity on the cards. I am wondering the same thing? It’s important to me that our children understand the many beautiful shades and differences among all people and we only bring images into the home that reflect that. Thanks in advance and what a blessed idea.

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Tyson! Great question. This is absolutely important to us too! While skin color does not make a large appearance on the cards, we were very purposeful in our art direction to be sure to include a variety of ethnicities when given the opportunity. Thanks for asking!

      Grace and Peace,

  • Martha Barnett

    Hi. It all looks great and I am interested. My question is the exact one from Grace, below- Is it all white? I attend an all black church and two of my grandchildren are mixed race. I filter everything for kids through this perspective.

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Martha! Thanks for asking! While skin color does not make a large appearance on the cards, we were very purposeful in our art direction to be sure to include a variety of ethnicities when given the opportunity. Grateful your grandchildren will be reading Truth with us!


  • This looks lovely, can’t wait to join the study. :)

    Question… I’m curious if on the Kids Cards, are the illustrations only of white children? It’s such a great idea, but I personally feel that children’s Bibles/study tools are already way too “white-washed,” and I’m really hoping to find some with greater diversity.

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Grace! This is something close to our hearts, too, and we’re so glad you brought it up. While skin color does not make a large appearance on the cards, we were very purposeful in our art direction to be sure to include a variety of ethnicities when given the opportunity. Thanks for asking!

      Grace and Peace,

  • I would love to purchase a book of one of these studies, but I live overseas. Will you ever offer them as digital downloads?

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi friend! We unfortunately don’t have digital downloads, but all of the content will be here on the website and app, so we hope you’ll join us!


  • Kristi Ann

    Amen-Amein!! Jesus ( Yeshua ) Christ is LORD / KING / MESSIAH / SAVIOUR and He Love us All Everyone Forevermore!!

  • Adriann Griffith

    I feel like I’ve just unwrapped a gift! Specially can’t wait to get KRT for my grandkids…

  • Jennifer

    Love the Kids advent cards! Great idea and I think I’ll be ordering them for my great nephews! Maybe next year you can put together a couples read truth together. A great way for spiritual connectedness as a couple goes into the new year.

  • Elizabeth

    Oh my gosh. I love you l love you l LOVE YOU!!!! I’ve been hoping and waiting for KRT!!!! Soooo excited for my family!!!! Thank you!!!!

  • I am thinking of ordering this as a Christmas gift. Will it be really strange since it will be late for Advent by the time the gift reaches the recipient?

  • I love the kids version. Always looking for good, fun resources to teach truth to my kids. Thank you.

    • Laurie

      Since it goes day by day, my guess would be that another book would be a better Christmas present, unless you gave it as an early gift.

  • Will the kids questions be online too or are they only available for purchase? Love the idea of the children and I all doing the same study. And I always seem to get to advent and realize I should have planned ahead. This study is just what I need!

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Bev—they are only available in cards this time, but we’re grateful for your suggestion!


  • Jennifer Williams

    Does the wrapping sheets come with auto ship?

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Jennifer! Not this time, but we’re aiming to fill all of our auto-shipments with as much joy as we can!


  • Just ordered the family bundle. Does the family bundle come with the pre-order gift wrapping paper? Thanks!

  • Lynn Siewert

    I look forward to preparing my heart throughout Advent with this beautiful study every year! Love all the extras, especially the cards for kiddos! Well done! Can’t wait!

  • Samantha Nelson

    Will you be releasing any more of the full set at the discount? Looks like it’s already sold out.

  • I was just thinking earlier today about how neat it would be if you had a kids read truth or teens read truth. And now I see this announcement! It is difficult to find a good study for kids that is IN the word. There are many one verse devotionals, but both my children (9 & 12) would really enjoy something that goes a bit deeper without being overwhelming. Love these Advent cards and hope to see more like this in the future!!

    • Ann

      I would love a teen one for my girls! Even a teens read truth app since teens are using their iPhones 24/7! I agree it’s hard finding stuff for kids or teens.

  • Lenore Diviney

    Is it possible to hope there will be a discount for the advent book plus children’s cards? My husband recently confessed that he no longer believes in God so the family bundle is not an option. I know there are many women in this same position so I take heart. I homeschool our three kids and these would be so special for the advent month to keep their hearts pointed towards God and to see that mommy carries on in her faith and we all love each other despite differences.

  • Kimber-Leigh

    Curious-if we have a subscription does it automatically include the advent book or do we need to preorder it also? Thanks!

  • I am tremendously excited about this Advent book and the children’s cards! I would LOVE to see y’all do something for kids on a regular basis. I teach children’s church and think it would be a fun tool to use! Also, please, please tell me there will be a card set for Advent, as I fully intend to use those as Christmas cards!

    • Raechel Myers

      That’s such a sweet idea, Meggie! Yes, there will be a card set :) Lots more Advent goodies to come closer to time!

  • churchmouse

    WOW!! Every. Time. You outdo yourselves!! And we all are the recipients of your commitment to excellence, creativity and TRUTH! Thank you from the bottom of my very blessed heart!!!

  • Caroline North

    Love this. Really wish I had the money for it this year.

  • Do all the goodies come with auto-ship too?

    • Aimee

      I was wondering the same thing or if we needed to order the family cards.

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi friends! Great question. When you get your Advent shipment, you’ll actually be receiving 2 books at once this time—YAY! So while we can’t always guarantee the preorder incentives, we always make sure you get the best deal and joy is delivered to your mailbox with each shipment. We love our auto-shippers!

  • So exciting!! Will the Advent 2016 be included in the monthly subscription? Thanks!

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