Hosea: Day 4

Waiting for Restoration


Today's Text: Hosea 3:1-5, Romans 5:6-8, Exodus 20:1-3

Text: Hosea 3:1-5, Romans 5:6-8, Exodus 20:1-3

It started the way these things always do. I ate a cookie and wanted another one.

But here’s the catch: Although it tasted like gooey, chocolatey goodness, it was technically considered a protein bar, something you’d proudly toss in your workout bag. But delicious and permissible? These things do not just happen. I felt like I’d unlocked THE secret to eternal snacking bliss.

Gomer’s story starts the same way. She was hungry for love, and she had it in her husband, Hosea. But she wanted more. Her desire was delicious and permissible—until it wasn’t. And Hosea was left with something far from what he’d hoped for, not unlike the cardboard box that had arrived at my door a few weeks later.

That box was unexpectedly heavy, underscoring the compromises I’d made on flavor and price in exchange for a pantry filled with a lifetime supply of healthy “cookies.” As I opened the box, red and green labels signaled that my online order of “seasonal” and “limited edition” delights actually meant Christmas (it was May) and crusty (with mold, you guys). So here I am, stuck with a pantry full of rotten, non-returnable snacks. Incidentally, can I interest anyone in a “Snickerdoodle”?

Although I’m unsure about their stance on snickerdoodles, we know the Israelites loved raisin cakes. They piled them high and gorged themselves full in observance of the law and idol-worship. We see an illustration of their rebellion through Gomer; their pursuits of dried fruits and her chase after pitted romance would not lead to the one True Vine.

As a result, Hosea and Gomer’s marriage exited the honeymoon phase quickly—but they aren’t the only ones. Before we point fingers or assign blame, we ought to remember this truth: God is in a terrible marriage, too—with us—one He should have divorced from long ago.

He loved us first.
We loved sin more.

He made us without shame.
We dirtied the white dress.

He gave us a covenant.
We didn’t show up to the altar.

You cannot know how many healthy cookie bars are stuffed in each of my kitchen cabinets, a daily reminder of my unexpected, unwanted purchase. I can’t help but wonder: Was Hosea filled with the same regret? Is God?

Hosea is fully aware of Gomer’s adultery, yet God tells him to pursue her still.

“Go again; show love to a woman who is loved by another man and is an adulteress, just as the Lord loves the Israelites though they turn to other gods and love raisin cakes” (Hosea 3:1).

Hosea doesn’t have enough money to buy her back, so he pays for her with 15 shekels and 5 bushels—the price of a slave (Exodus 21:32).

God is all-knowing of our unfaithfulness, yet He pursues us still. He gives everything He has to buy us back, paying for us with His Son and a cross—the price for the ungodly (Romans 5:6).

We are His runaway brides, but He will not divorce us. May we return to Him with awe. Amen.

“Then God spoke all these words: I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the place of slavery. Do not have other gods besides Me.”
- Exodus 20:1-3



  • Rebecca Ayers

    “He loved us first. We loved sin more.” Lord, please help me to seek you more than sin today and everyday! My love for Him is overflowing but it doesn’t always show in my actions. But I’m so glad I have a Savior who forgives without fail and loves me just the same!

  • Marushca Van Noordwyk

    Love today’s reading. God continually forgives us and loves us, who are we to not do the same to others. ❤️
    God’s love for us is truly amazing!!!

  • Elizabeth Garner

    God I don’t know how you do it, continue to love despite us turning away to chase after other things. Your love is higher than the heavens and more than I can fathom, please help me love those you have placed in my life that are hard to love. Give me the courage to love again and forgive offenses, give me a tender spirit of compassion and obedience. Amen

  • Jeanette Wikle

    Wow. Can I just say wow? What an amazing reminder that despite my brokenness, God still loves me. What a tough but important way to look at it.

  • Becky Collette

    This study is giving me hope that God loves me despite all I’ve done against him and against my husband. I’m Gomer who has hurt her husband over and over by a lack of commitment…adultery is the most damaging thing to a relationship and I’ve woken up to my sin and to the way God sees it and sees me with a sadness for the damage I’ve done to myself and my family, but with great compassion and with hope that I would finally put my hope in Him and nothing else, for all else disappoints and will not satisfy. My marriage is lost but I cling to the hope of God renewing me in his time. I turned to him and he removed my fears and gave me peace.

  • Mariane DosSantos


  • Sara Scott

    This was so needed. Today is Thanksgiving and to be honest, I have a hard time being “thankful” for a husband that had an affair for over a year. We are just 4 years into this marriage. I stayed because I know God wanted me to. Reading this shows me my own sin/faults/failures and that God still chooses to love me and gift me with immeasurable grace, mercy and kindness. Not anger, obligation, or duty. So, I need to extend the same to my husband. So grateful for our King and His never ending love toward us His people❤️

    • Mandy Peterson

      Praying for you, your husband, & your marriage. God sees & He knows what you’re going through & I’m sure you will be rewarded for it. Not many could endure what you have endured.

  • Alex Wibberley

    I think I literally had an ah-ha moment when I read this. I have been praying for the Lord to change my husbands heart and fix my broken marriage, and when I read that God is also in a terrible marriage, I just cried. I’ve never thought about it like that, but it’s so true! He knows exactly how I feel and I am not alone ❤️

  • Evroeyne would benefit from reading this post

  • I struggle with guilt when I read this. Like I keep screwing up and screwing up.. my mom used to tell me that God is a Just God and eventually He has to remove Himself if we keep making the same mistakes and not repenting. I’ve always had that in my head. Wondering if this screwup will be the time He stops. This shows that’s not true, I think. I hope.

    • Tyra

      Ally – I don’t know much, but I know this; Romans 8:1 says there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. I pray that you would choose to walk in the freedom Christ died to give you. God has set before us all, life and death, but we have to choose – choose life!

    • Ashley

      Ally, I don’t know if you’ll see this but I want you to know that you are FIERCELY loved by the creator of the universe, who died so that you could know TRUE freedom from sin. God is just and one day we will be held accountable for our sins here on earth BUT the beautiful thing is he will NOT turn his back on you. He will keep chasing you and pursuing you even when you pursue earthly pleasures instead of Him. He loves you and wants you to return to Him. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you and speak freedom over yourself. When Christ died on the cross, he took away your sins right then and there. You are free and a child of God. Believe that. <3

  • Murphey Hatcher

    I’m loving this. He is jealous for us. And God’s jealousy can become wrath. But first He is actively pursuing us with His love and mercy.
    Man oh man.

  • It’s such a blessing to be part of the shereadstruth.I’m learning through Hosea to obey and trust God in the midst of heart pain, emotional pain, & empty promises.

  • Even when we make so many mistakes and mess up so many times, it is crazy to think that God still pursues us. Just kind of shows me how lucky I am to have a God like that

  • A note about the price Hosea paid–the price commonly paid for a slave was 30 pieces of silver. The fact that Hosea only paid 15 along with some animal food is indicative of the depths to which Gomer had sunk.

    • Nat

      To me this shows he can’t afford to pay so he has to pay in food as he has not the money. It shows it was a great cost for him, it was a sacrificial purchase that cost him more than he could afford but he had to pay it for her. Just like God had to pay is son, a sacrificial price. I see it more of the length Hosea and God went to redeem their brides

  • Rom. 5:6 “Christ died for the ungodly”
    gods love for his own is unwavering because it is not based on how loveable we are, but,on the constancy of his character; gods supreme act of love came when we were at our most undesirable (matt. 5:46)

  • Cecilia Espinosa

    This is a prayer I have for all who have yet to find Jesus and accept Him into their hearts. That we may obey our calling as the ones God has chosen and saved in order to reach all who have yet to be saved. That all His children may return to Him and prepare for the wedding day.

  • This was so good! He pursues us even when we have been unfaithful to him.

  • Esther Rogers

    “From the belly of the deepest love,
    The hills trembling throats sing hallelujah
    Like the flowers on a dogwood tree
    blush with blame you took for me
    Oh how you wish to be with me
    Oh how you wish to be with me

    I tried to get to you
    But you came to me instead
    with the dawn the grave is gone
    oh how you wish to be with me”
    -Tow’rs, Belly of the deepest love

  • Rebecca Caputo

    Thank you for drawing such a clear, strong, undeniable parallel. I needed to see my relationship with God this way. So grateful and undeserving of His steadfast love!

  • Sabreena

    I just found out that my dad is in prison again, for 8 years this time. I could really use prayers and some advice on what to do — should I contact him and show him that he is still loved and cared about, by showing him God’s mercy, or should I just pray even harder for him? I feel like God wants me to contact him, but many of my mentors that I trust have told me that I shouldn’t; that it isn’t my job or responsibility to contact him. Aren’t we called to love and forgive though? I would appreciate prayers for protection and for God to show him He is there.

    • Ashley

      Praying for you. My husband and I are struggling with a similar decision regarding a loved one in prison. Do you show grace and love even though we know we are probably being manipulated? What would Jesus do? Is what we ask…. And we don’t know yet, but I always lean towards love with boundaries.

      • Esther Rogers

        Me as well. This love one went to prison this year. This person betrayed me and I don’t know what to do. This person hasn’t said sorry. I feel if I show mercy and forgiven this person, the rest of the family might think me naive and I think one person might feel like I’m taking sides. I understand how you feel Sabreena.

        • Cathy

          “Be still…” Psalm 46:10 Talk to God whose Son obeyed him fully all the way to the cross—shamed with taunts and lies about his actions…he could have shown them his power and vindicated himself. He, of course didn’t! And why? He loved his Father more.

    • Phylicia

      Sabreena, Ashley, & Esther:
      I don’t know the right words to say or the perfect answer but I will say I have been on the enabling side of a close friend who was in prison. I believe there are boundaries between love and forgiveness and a “sweeping it under the rug” type of gesture. Delving love and forgiveness is not equal to saying “It’s Okay”. God pours out unconditional love and forgiveness to us but never tells us “It’s okay” what we’ve done, the sin we’ve committed. Praying for all three of you! I’m sure it is a really tough situation to be in!

      “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”
      1 Corinthians 13:7

      “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.”
      1 John 4:18

      “So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.”
      1 John 4:16

      “Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good. Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.”
      Romans 12:9-10

      “Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.”
      1 Peter 4:8

      “But when the goodness and loving kindness of God our Savior appeared, he saved us, not because of works done by us in righteousness, but according to his own mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit,”
      Titus 3:4-5

      “But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. To one who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also, and from one who takes away your cloak do not withhold your tunic either. Give to everyone who begs from you, and from one who takes away your goods do not demand them back. And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them. …”
      Luke 6:27-36

      “I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.’ Then the righteous will answer him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? And when did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?’ And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’”
      Matthew 25:36-40

      “it is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners”
      Mark 2:17

      • Sabreena

        Wow! You women are all incredible. Thank you so much for all of your encouraging comments. As of now, God has taken some of my burdens away and given me peace of mind. I think my answer is to wait and trust in Him. It is so wonderful to see this incredible community of women come together to support each other. Thank you all for your love and prayers!

  • Violetta R.

    Wow what an incredible, heart wrenching passage and such a good interpretation. I feel like it hit my current attitude right on! Thank you for allowing God to speak through these words. Recently people have commented on my knowledge and wisdom, but I am feeling so lost and distant from God. I look like I have all the answers (and sometimes I believe what others see) but in reality I am missing out on a deep relationship with God. This passage has called me to deep repentance and that I am very thankful for. I do not want to forget.

  • I used to think God just asked Hosea to marry a harlot as an object lesson and it was just a matter of formality and not a real relationship. That is all. This is the first time it occurs to me that God actually asked Hosea to “show love” to Gomer, despite who she is, “just as the Lord loves the Israelite”.

    • Natalie

      I used to think the same thing, Angela! I read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers a little while ago which is loosely based off the story of Hosea and Gomer + it helped me read the Bible story in a new light. I really recommend that novel! :)

      • Summer

        Those books are wonderful! The one about Bathsheba is my favorite. I have not read Redeeming Love. That may have to be my next book!

      • Angela

        Thanks for your recommendation! I will check out the book!

      • Sunnie Cotton

        Redeeming Love is the best book of all time!!!!!!

  • It’s truly mind blowing that the creator of the universe pursues and keeps us like this. No other love like that.
    Some dear friends of mine could use prayer. The father just found out he has lung cancer that has spread to his lymph nodes and it is progressing rapidly. There are no options for treatment or surgery available. Please pray for healing! Thank you.

  • Can you please pray for one of my close family members who has been struggling to find a secure job for the past 10 years? They are now having medical complications as well due to the fact that they have no health insurance. Please pray that they remain trusting in God and in prayer. Thank you.

    • Kylee

      Praying for them! That they would be guided to stability by our good & gracious God who sees all our needs and there is NOTHING too big for Him. And lifting YOU up today as the one praying for them, too!

  • “Before we point fingers or assign blame, we ought to remember this truth: God is in a terrible marriage, too—with us—one He should have divorced from long ago.”
    Ouch! This hits hard. It’s a strong reminder of how much grace God gives us every day. We are so blessed yet so undeserving. Thank you Father for your grace.
    FYI ladies, I got my test results back from my biopsy yesterday…no cancer in my lymph nodes! I have one more test on the 19th and then I am home free. Thank you God! And thank you ladies for praying :)

  • Did you see that forgiveness in the Lord’s words in Hosea 3:1 ?

    “Go again, love…even as…they turn to other gods….”

    Isn’t it amazing how He forgives us for our transgressions and loves us so unconditionally despite our faults?

    Shannon: indeed it is amazing how we can take something so simple and complicate it enough that we forget. We are blessed to be able to make things complicated, which can make us forget what matters most, and yet also blessed to remember to keep it simple: No other gods. It’s that easy.

    Prayers for all. For strength and courage. For continued participation, too.

    • She Reads Truth

      Yes yes yes! I’m so glad you highlighted that verse—it’s one I need to go back to again and again.


  • He didn’t have enough money to buy her back, so he bought her for the price of a slave. My Lord, that was deep. How many times do we ACT like slaves to sin while we are very CLEARLY free. Reminds me of Galatians 5:1 – stand FAST in the liberty with which Christ had made us free and be not entangled AGAIN with the yoke of bondage; sin. THANK YOU FATHER for loving me this much!! Constant and repeated redemption.

  • I’m in need of prayer today. I’ve felt really isolated lately and my depression has been rearing its head again. It’s affecting all of my friendships, relationship, and how I feel about myself. I know I need to open up with people and go back to counselling but I can’t muster up the courage to do so. I was on a two month mission internship this summer and I would do anything to feel as close to God back here at home as I did there.

    • She Reads Truth

      Maria, friend, I’m so glad you commented today. I’m so sorry you feel this way. I’m praying for you today, asking God’s strength to give you peace and boldness to seek community, and that it would be encouraging and life-giving to you. May His Word draw you closer to Himself and be your comfort!

      We’re so glad you’re in the SRT community—you’ve already been so brave to comment here today! Cheering you on!


    • Alexis

      Hi Maria,
      I went through the same thing after my first mission trip, I relate to how you are feeling. I felt so disconnected from God and craved the closeness that I experienced during my time in Mexico. I will pray for your depression and that anything that was broken is restored. Hang in there and know that God is still beside you :)

    • Kelly

      Maria, I’ve been in a long term battle with depression as well. I understand what you are going through and am praying for you. I know it’s hard to talk to people because of the stigma surrounding depression, but if you could just talk to one close friend and let them know what you are going through, it will make things much easier. I was lucky to have friends that would encourage me and tell me that they appreciated my company when I was there and would understand when I just couldn’t bring myself to leave my room. Take it all to God, start a prayer journal. The more you are honest with God and yourself about your feelings (all of them, good and bad) the better you will be able to deal with this. He will give you the strength to overcome this if you ask Him to and He will be right by your side through the entire battle. I love you and know that you are not alone in this fight! ❤️

  • Keri McCue

    “He will not divorce us” – This is so full of hope. It is so full of promise. Sometimes I forget these words and other days I cling onto them with a death grip! After a week of bad attitude and not being in His Word, I am clinging to these words. I am holding on to the truth of this today!


  • Caroline

    What a beautiful verse. I loved the title of today’s message and loved the message too.


  • Good morning, ladies! I’m in need of prayer and godly insight, and this seems like a safe place to seek both. I’ve been married for 30+ years to a man who claims to be Christian but has no interest in reading the Bible or going to church. He has occasionally called me fanatic and ridiculed my desire to grow closer to Jesus. He assures me that he knows “plenty of good people who don’t have to read the Bible every day and show up every time the church doors open.” I confess that, years ago as a new Christian, I did want to talk about Jesus all the time and go to church as often as possible. I’m sure that escalated the tensions between us. As years pass, however, I’ve learned to practice my faith silently and survive on minimum church involvement. While that has accomplished the purpose of decreasing tensions in our home, I feel like it’s killing my God-given passion to be with and serve others. I used to volunteer in ministries that served the poor, homeless, addicted, and incarcerated. Expressing my joy over their redemption stories only increased my husband’s resentment. “Those people ought to take care of themselves.” “They made their choices, now they ought to suffer the consequences.” “No sense wasting our time and money on people like that.” So I gave up those ministries in order to keep peace in our home. But there is no peace in my heart. I stand in confusion . . . again, not understanding God’s calling at this stage in my life. Of course I have a calling to serve my husband, and I continue to pray for God to touch his heart and open his spiritual eyes. In the meantime, it seems I must permanently give up all else. If that is true, I need God to do a mighty work to remove my passion for others. It appears that I cannot have both.

    • Alexis

      Hi Jenny,
      Praying for you and your husband and that you’ll find the peace you seek. I will also pray that your husband comes to know God intimately.

    • Keri McCue

      Hi Jenny! While I am newly married and may not have much advice for you on this subject, I DO want to let you know that I will be in prayer for this situation. I pray that you will find this balance. I pray that the Lord softens your husbands heart little by little! Know that you have prayer support!!

      Have you thought of reaching out to him and asking him what one thing he would like to do? Maybe there’s something he has been wanting to do or get involved with. If you are spending time doing things he enjoys he might eventually soften and return the favor. Then you could pick one ministry to be involved in and he could participate in that with you. If you each have ONE thing that you do with each other, maybe he would be more open to it? Praying for you friend!!


    • Bonnie

      Praying for you today to have wisdom.

  • This study of Hosea has been a wonderful reminder of God’s unrelenting love and faithfulness to me His wayward and weak child. I especially appreciated the correlation made today in the fact that Hosea paid with all he had — the price of a slave and that God paid with all He had, His Son and a cross — the price of the ungodly. However, I have a question about the reference given for the price of a slave…Is Exodus 21:32 the reference you meant to site or is there a better one that gives details on the price of the slave?? I look forward to your reply which may help me study that further. Grace and peace to you.

    • Jennifer W.

      A slave was worth 30 pieces of silver according to that passage in Exodus, which is how much Jesus was betrayed for by Judas. Some Bible commentaries say that 15 shekels of silver and 5 bushels of barley (in Holman Christian Standard Bible) were roughly equivalent in value, so Hosea was paying a slave’s price of 30 shekels of silver for his bride. Others indicate that he paid below the price of a slave, expressing how worthless this woman was viewed to be. I personally would probably go with the former interpretation, as the Law of Moses was a legal code and so it seems like Hosea would probably have paid what a female slave was worth according to the Law. I hope that helps!

  • Jennifer W.

    What I want is so often so far from what’s good for me. When I pursue my own happiness, I never find it. It’s only in Christ’s compassionate love that I find true healing, joy and even happiness on earth.
    I think about the relationship I was in 2 1/2 years ago with a “believer” who really wasn’t acting like one. I was 31 years old, eternally single (so it seemed) and just wanted romance in my life. I wasn’t planning on breaking any laws (i.e. sexual impurity) but I was ready to forsake the wisdom I had always pursued in romantic relationships of waiting for a man who pursued God and then pursued me. I was pursuing a man who was pursuing the world and it was headed for disaster. Thankfully, God shook me up and let me see that I was fooling myself into thinking that I was interested in this man for God’s glory. Really it was about my happiness and my impatience. I let that guy go and I submitted to the Lord knowing that I might just go on being alone.
    In my life, God had another plan, and He lavished love on me in a profound way by bringing in my long-awaited love to sweep me off my feet with godliness and kindness. My future husband finally made his appearance in God’s timing and I spent our whole (brief!) courtship in wonder and thankfulness at how merciful and generous God was to me when I had been ready to compromise for my own happiness. When I met such a handsome and godly man, many people told me that I was finally getting what I deserved. I had been serving the Lord for years, and I had managed by His grace to refrain from sexual relationships while I was single. However, I knew my heart story- I knew that many times, including that last big time, my heart had wandered, and I wanted something that I knew in my core wasn’t God’s best. I knew that I had learned the art of convincing my own heart that something was good when it was actually ungodly. I knew that the gift of a godly marriage wasn’t because of my “deserving it”, but because God was gracious and kind to me.

    Now, we are a week away from our second anniversary and we have a little 14 month old bundle of girly joy. I look at her and I am again awash with gratitude at God’s faithfulness. If He had given me my way, and I had made a marriage happen with the wrong man, I might be sitting here today trying to raise a child without a strong, godly husband to lead us. I might be trying to raise a husband and a child at the same time! Instead, I am rejoicing to be in an imperfect marriage that nonetheless was clearly established by God and both of us are submitting our weakness to Him and asking for His strength.

    I saw the Gomer heart in me. And then I saw the outlandish, reforming, heart-bursting love and goodness of God. I get this story.

    • Jennifer W.

      Time has flown and if anyone was questioning the timing that I mentioned, it was 3 years ago that I was in the relationship heading the wrong direction! :) I know there was probably at least one “mathy” girl trying to figure that out.

      • Emily

        Haha that was so me! Your story sounds JUST like mine, Jennifer, except God still has me in my waiting season. Very encouraged with you sharing your story! God’s best is so much better than my best!!

    • Kendra

      So awesome, thanks for sharing!

    • Churchmouse

      Oh that many young women would read your post and heed the wisdom found there! God’s will, God’s way =always BEST!

  • I am Hosea and I am Gomer. It wasn’t until I genuinely recognized this truth that the troubles in my marriage shifted. Years spent married to a man that ran away like Gomer, one who battled many demons had me so prayerful over what to do and how to remain in the covenant. I’d had inadvertently labeled myself Hosea and although I showed love to my husband and forgiveness time and again, often it was righteous and contentious … not attractive. I didn’t boast or throw the label around but I mentally looked at a score sheet and noticed that my husband’s tally was much longer than mine, and while I kept it together most times, when I’d reach my breaking point, I was quick to make note, pointing out my “sacrifices”, my purchase price of forgiveness over him and his debt to me, his wife, as if I was doing him a favor … he couldn’t overcome that. No marriage can survive it. It’s not until both spouses see that their personal score sheet has been erased. Like invisible ink to paper, our sins are devoured by a endless sea of grace. Loving a spouse who has demons is hard, forgiving he or she harder but we are ALL Gomers and “He loved us first. We loved sin more. He made us without shame. We dirtied the white dress. He gave us a covenant. We didn’t show up to the altar.” Sometimes in seasons of rough seas we forget that. We shackle ourselves to destruction by our own righteousness while we unwittingly watch our marriages sink. We need to soften and humble our hearts to who WE were before Christ walked in, so that we can better serve those who need to see Him in us. Prayerful that we love our husbands, that we love ourselves and that we throw away the score sheets, that our marriages, current or coming, be relationships of great love and respect, with God at the center. Prayerful that we are in awe over the love of Christ.

    • candacejo

      So many good points here, B. I am in tears because of the goodness of God and the fact that He wiped the scoresheet clean. May I forever do the same with my husband and everyone else. ♥

    • CJ

      Thank you for sharing your heart, B. I feel I am in a similar place. Though my husband is a believer, he is fighting demons as well. I have to make note of behaviors because there are also some physical/mental issues, which makes it easy to get caught up in the scoresheet. But then there’s that commitment. Prayer is what’s getting me through.

    • Robin W.

      Thank you, father. ❤️

    • SMM

      I am so thankful for your words this morning. I so needed this reminder grace, love and forgiveness. Deep down we are all Gomer and sometimes we need to remember that. The best part is that God loves us all the same!

    • Churchmouse

      Yes! What you have posted is filled to overflowing with much to ponder! You have lengthened my devotion time because of it and I’m so grateful!

    • Sara Beth

      Thank you for sharing! I have struggled with the score card and showing forgiveness the way God intended.

  • Wow. Wow. Wow. As I sit at my desk waiting for my high school students to arrive this was just gut wrenching. Its a daily remember as I am separated from my husband not to be prideful about my behavior in all of this. It also reminds me to walk in love and grace towards him (although not sure long term what that looks like) and to also walk in unconditional love and grace with my students who are just teenagers. All in all, this was a great reminder for me this morning!

  • Churchmouse

    Yes. Hard hitting Scriptures. Hard hitting devotion. Praise God that for those of us who know Him as Lord and Savior we do not sink into a pit of despair and hopelessness at this reminder of our past. He loved me first – I loved sin more – I repent, He forgives and I’m in love! He made me without shame – I dirtied the white dress – I repent and He bestowed a crown of righteousness. He gave me a covenant – I didn’t show up at the altar – I believe and confess and accept. He calls me His beloved. I am His and He is mine forever and ever! This marriage is eternal! Amen and amen!

    • SuzD

      And amen.

    • Debbie

      Sigh….thank you for reminding us that we can bask in God’s gracious, steadfast, overwhelming love because we recognize our wretchedness and then turn from it. What a relief.

  • “Gomer’s story starts the same way. She was hungry for love, and she had it in her husband, Hosea. But she wanted more. Her desire was delicious and permissible—until it wasn’t. And Hosea was left with something far from what he’d hoped for, not unlike the cardboard box that had arrived at my door a few weeks later. ”

    I am so hungry for love like Gomer. I recognize this now as my weakness. The place where I desperately need God’s strength. The place where His love floods in every time. When I fail and flee him for the thrill of love or just the thought of love. Our God’s love is so overwhelming to pursue us still and also help me transform if I invite Him to enter into my weakness and take every stronghold, every thought captive to Him to heal my heart.

    Thank you, gracious Heavenly Father!

  • “God is in a terrible marriage, too—with us—one He should have divorced from long ago.”

    Yikes! Did this punch anyone else in the gut like it did me? This really, really drives it home for me. How dare I? Father forgive me! Amen.

    • JennyBC

      Stopped me in my tracks. The consistent, pursuing love of Jesus always gets me when I stop and allow it to sink in. There is nothing like it and yet we chase in so many other ways. Yes, Lord, forgive me for my wandering heart that looks everywhere but to You.

    • TG

      Yes, yes, yes, it was like yikes!!! i sent a message to my friend who is reading it as well immediately. It surely made me look at myself in the mirror!

    • Emily

      Broken heart and repentant spirit. Thank you Jesus. Amen

    • Lindsay Fickas

      Goodness, yes. It’s easy to think of it as this beautiful union—and it is by all means—but it’s so one-sided. We run, He chases us, we run some more. And all our best effort comes to nothing when compared to Him.

  • please pray for my husband Myron. thank you

  • He loved us first.
We loved sin more.

    I bookmarked this with the words “So powerful!!” . Love the connections to verse throughout the written essay. I’m drawing much deeper from readings because of it. Tonight I pray the Lord resides strongly in my heart over worldly desires. Amen.

  • 2 I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the place of slavery.
    3 Do not have other gods besides Me.

    How hard would you think this would be? And yet how we struggle with such a simple thing!

    Lord please help your humble child see you fresh and new every day and seek you first and always! Amen

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