Announcing: 1,2, & 3 John: A Love that Drives Out Fear


SRT headquarters is full of hustle and excitement these days as we prepare for the release of #SheReadsTruthBook (!!!) and work on the end-of-year #SheReadsTruth community reading plans. When an announcement post like this reaches you, it means we’re to our favorite part of the process—plan written, study books to the printer, and pencils down. The plan we get to tell you about today is one that has impacted our hearts in a substantial way, and we eagerly await what God will do in our community through it!

To recap, following our current plan, “Mark: The Pedestrian Gospel,” we’ll jump into “Hosea: God’s Unrelenting Love,” on September 5.

Then, on September 26, we’ll begin “1, 2, & 3 John: A Love that Drives Out Fear.” Together as a community, we’ll take two weeks to explore John’s three letters—letters that establish the certainty of the good news he delivered in the Gospel that bears his name. John works on our behalf to make clear the most important proof: the gospel is true! In fact, these 3 little letters with over 40 assurances of the faith.

Together we’ll see how John uses stark opposites—light and darkness, love and hate, truth and lies—to contrast the reality of our sin with the light of Christ. Just as God separated the light from the darkness on the fourth day of creation, He separates us from darkness and brings us into the light of His Son.

Inspired by this theme of light and dark, we’re excited to show you the stunning 123 John study books, now available at! Now thru 8/27, get a free 8×10 ‘Walk in Love’ print with each 1, 2, & 3 John book.



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