Introducing: Mark: The Pedestrian Gospel


Happy Monday, friends!

#SRThq is filled with every emotion today as we begin the “Mourning and Dancing” community reading plan. As we stand in the tension between sorrow and joy together, we’re encouraged to see so many of you committed to seeking Truth from the depths of valleys and the heights of mountaintops. We’re asking God to keep you close as you recount His faithfulness in mourning and dancing.

We don’t want to rush through this plan or bee-line to another upcoming study, but we do want to equip you so at the end of this study, you’ll be ready for what’s next. On August 1, we’ll begin “Ruth: Fields of Provision,” followed by “Mark: The Pedestrian Gospel.”

Beginning August 15, we’ll spend 3 weeks in the Gospel of “Jesus on His feet”—the pedestrian Gospel—the son of God walking among men and women for all of us.

Written from the inspired perspective of Jesus’ beloved Mark, the Gospel of Mark is characterized by quick, active descriptions of Jesus’ life on earth. It’s a fast-paced narrative which follows the life of Christ from His baptism to His Great Commission and ascension.

As we walk through this compelling account of Jesus’ life, we will find evidence of both Christ’s humanity and His deity. We’ll get a clearer picture of His ministry in the region of Galilee, and actually get to dig deeper into the literary structure of this unique book of the Bible.

And of course, we want to give you a peek at the gorgeous study book our team has created, now available at! Thru 7/22/16, bundle our next two plans—Ruth and Markto save $8. (Add both books to your cart to receive discount. No code necessary. Find yours at









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  • Jen Baierl

    Just a suggestion… I bought Ruth and Mark and these are my first studies through #SRT. If you pay for the book, there should be a code for the app to be able to read the devotional for each day since it’s not written in the book. I’m aware that I can read it on the website, but the app is much more convenient.

    • Adrienne

      Agreed! I travel often a seem to fall behind on the web based reading because I can’t always access online

      • E

        I’ve emailed them with the same suggestion but it doesn’t seem like their are ready to go that route. Hopefully soon as I signed up for the autoship and do not want to pay the extra money for the plan on the app.

    • Kortni

      The girls in my study group have often thought the same thing. A lot of the time the devotional part is so helpful and we don’t want to miss it!!

    • Jen

      I have each devotion emailed to me, its free.

  • I had to use a magnifying glass for the reading of Acts. I am 59. Is it possible to make the font size a bit larger? I know cost is always an important factor, i.e., larger font, more pages, more $. Maybe less margin? I have shown (proudly) my books to my girlfriends and that is always the first thing they say, “Too small!!!”
    Just a thought… thanks.

    • Mary

      I agree. Mourning and Dancing especially, was difficult to read due to small print and dark backgrounds. Love the study books but even a small increase in font size would make a world of difference to those of us with less than perfect vision!

    • Angela

      Yes, a bigger font size would be great. I am using the Ruth study book and the words are really tiny. Though I don’t need to use a magnifying glass, bigger font size will make reading a lot more comfortable.

      • Denise

        I agree – I have gone to a large print Bible recently due to aging eyes which do not focus as well as they used to. Please listen to our request for larger font size SRT – it would be so very helpful

  • Emma Kortemeier

    Is He Reads Truth also doing the Mark study starting on August 15th?

  • Do you have to buy the books to participate in the study?

  • Jennifer

    I wish the books had questions, more of a bible study format, than it having the scripture. Would prefer to refer to the bible and have the books more as a study. Just not understanding the concept. Loved the Open Your Bible study by SRT.

    • April

      I would also prefer to have this as well. Although I like having the scripture in there for when I can’t bring my bible, I would still enjoy having more questions and explanations as to what we’re reading! Still enjoying my subscription though!

    • Angela

      I like to have some questions but not too much. Having looked at some of the other kinds of Bible Study and the ones by SRT, I appreciate SRT’s approach, which is to let the Holy Spirit do the teaching and God’s Word to speak to us directly. The Open Your Bible study is like a nice in-between : not too much pre-digested information by someone else and not entirely leave-you-on-your-own

  • Alta Blame

    Just received both books. Very excited to join
    You in both studies. I love the books they are beautiful❤

  • Churchmouse

    Just received both the Ruth and the Mark study – gorgeous! Can’t wait to dig in with y’all! (and I’m not even from the south!)

  • Esther_Elizabeth

    This is great!

  • is that the translation of study books will one day in French? have a good day!

  • Signed up for my auto ship and so excited to get these two books together!!! Thanks SRT!

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