#SRTMeetUp: Nashville


Happy Friday, friends!

We are amazed at the way God uses the #SheReadsTruth community to connect and encourage women in the Word of God every day. There are “Shes” Reading Truth in over 20,000 cities in 220 countries across the globe!

As we watch you faithfully read Scripture each day and hear the ways you experience God’s goodness, it becomes clear that, aside from the Word itself, the best gift we could give you is each other. 

We know we can’t even scratch the surface of 20,000 cities, but just as we trusted God with one simple hashtag, we’re trusting Him with a first She Reads Truth meet-up. And we’re starting in our hometown—Nashville!

If you’re Nashville local, we invite you to turn this sweet online community into real-life friendships by connecting with other “Shes” who are Reading Truth in our very neighborhood.

Ruth Launch Party
July 31, 6-8 PM
Frothy Monkey, Avenue of the Arts
Nashville, TN

Together, we’ll enjoy Frothy Monkey desserts (our treat!), celebrate the launch of “Ruth: Fields of Provision,” and commit to cheering each other on in the upcoming Scripture reading plans. This is a casual, drop-in event for friend-making and neck-hugging, including everything you love about the SRT community.

Because space is limited, RSVP’s are required! Let us know you’re coming by responding at this link.

Now, we understand most of you are not local to our fair city, but that doesn’t mean you’re left out. You can do the same right where you are! We encourage you to host your own #SRTMeetUp to celebrate the launch of the upcoming Ruth study (which begins August 1), or to simply marvel at God’s hand at work in this beautiful community of women. It doesn’t have to be fancy—just choose a favorite coffee shop or park or popsicle stand, and invite the #SheReadsTruth gals in your area to “meet-up” and say hi!

If you’d be willing to host a future SRT event in your city, let us know at [email protected]


  • Raegan Walters

    Coming to Nashville for college this semester, would love to tag along for another Nashville meet up if there’s another one soon!!

  • Kamela Hudgins

    I’m in Danville Va 1hour 15 min away from Raleigh NC I would love to host a she reads truth night anyone would like to come email me [email protected]

  • How funny! I was at Frothy Monkey for a meeting at 4 and arrived early. While I waited, I did my devotional grace day catch up. I left at 6:15 and did not know my fellow sisters were there. Hope yall had fun and would love to meet up again. When I know it is happening. :)

  • Heather (MNmomma)

    I’m from a small town in northern MN – but would meet up with She’s anywhere in the state!

    • ashley jeanne

      Hi Heather!
      Not sure if you’ll get a notification of this comment, but I’m in Minneapolis and would *love* to be a part of a SRT meet up! If Mpls isn’t too far (of course I would be willing to go to a northern suburb), let me know :) [email protected]

    • Cocoachai

      Hi! I’m in Duluth. If you head this way, let me know!

  • Anyone in NYC want to host together? My email is [email protected]

  • If anyone in Atlanta is interested in throwing together a SRT meet-up, let me know :) I’d love to join/help set it up! [email protected]

  • Rachelle

    Awww I am new to SRT and just saw this, but is already sold out. If more slots are open I’d love to come!!

  • Danielle

    If anyone has a place reserved but can’t make it – please let me know! :) [email protected]

  • Claudia Clawson

    I wish I could attend or host one in Lexington Ky. I will be on a needed vacation with my husband. Thank you She Reads Truth for the care and devotion to God’s Word and God’s people . I pray that these launch parties will be a blessing .

  • Darcie P

    I would love to come! I am actually loving to Nashville a week before the event!

  • Cindy Diehl

    Oh wow!! I will be in Nashville that weekend but fly out at 9:30am that day. Have a wonderful time!! Wish I could come!

  • Pamela Jo

    I’m so looking forward to this and inviting a
    gaggle of friends!

  • I’d do one in southwest Michigan! Kalamazoo area…

  • Argh I’m in Nashville August 4-10…not in time. I’m currently serving in Guatemala. If you have another hangout you know about id love to connect with ladies.

  • Y’all are brave. Beachbody summit is in nashville that weekend and I hear they take over the city lol I would love to come I’m not too far in KY but I have my work Christmas in JULY party that weekend :(

  • What a sweet idea! ❤️

  • Bliss Runnels

    I’m coming with a friend.

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