Acts: Day 17

Salvation Is for Everyone


Today's Text: Acts 11:1-30, 1 Peter 4:16-19, Romans 15:25-28

Text: Acts 11:1-30, 1 Peter 4:16-19, Romans 15:25-28

I slinked into my church’s Saturday night service and quietly sat in a row near the back. It had been a hard week, and I wanted to be alone. With a quick glance, I saw a few people I knew scattered about the room. It would have been good for me to stick around and chat with them, but instead I left after the closing prayer and sat in my car. Alone.

This is often my default when things get hard: be by myself, pray, journal, figure it out. It might be your default, too, and that would be understandable since we’re both living in a culture that promotes individualism and a DIY attitude toward all things.

I don’t know the origin of this isolating cultural perspective, but I know it wasn’t learned from the book of Acts. In this chronicle of the early Church, we’ve read story after story of unity and togetherness. Scripture tells us “all the believers were together and held all things in common,” that they “were of one heart and mind” (Acts 2:44; 4:32).

Acts 11 carries on this unity theme, first with Peter defending the Gentiles. To say a Gentile could also be saved and receive the Holy Spirit was a big deal at the time. Until then, only Jews were considered candidates for Christianity; so letting Gentiles into the club was sort of like letting freshmen on the varsity team without a try-out. You just don’t do that. But Jesus did.

After listening to Peter’s defense, the skeptics responded, saying, “So God has granted repentance resulting in life even to the Gentiles!” (Acts 11:18). Here we see the Church embracing the outsider in the name of Christ. In Jesus, salvation was—and is—offered to all, regardless of our labels.

Next, we hear about the revival at Antioch. The number of conversions was so great that Barnabas went searching for his buddy Paul for help. At Antioch, they labored together for an entire year. Barnabas could have manned the Antioch church by himself, but he pulled in a friend to be with him on the journey. The disciples knew that ministry together was better than ministry alone.

Finally, we get to the part that is my personal favorite, where believers are united not only in deed, but also in name as the term “Christian” is introduced (Acts 11:26). Before any other title we may hold—Jew, Gentile, mother, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker—is this one: Christian. It sets us apart as believers in the death and resurrection of Christ. Even stronger than a bloodline, is the Christ-line we all share. It is what makes the Church body a family.

I thought of this while I was sitting in my car, in the church parking lot, alone. A building full of family sat in front of me, yet I was operating like the Lone Ranger. I had forgotten that the purpose of the Church is to do what Barnabas did at Antioch: “He encouraged all of them to remain true to the Lord with a firm resolve of the heart” (Acts 11:23). I had forgotten that salvation was for all weary sinners and I was welcome here, even on my worst days.

So I did what was not in my nature to doI reached out to the Body, in the form of a group text. Thirty minutes later, I was sitting with friends, eating chips and guacamole. I shared a little and laughed a lot, and I was reminded that we were never meant to do this alone, that believers are united by an unbreakable thread in Christ. Before we are anything else we are Christians, and that makes us more than friends. That makes us family.


  • Georgia Peach

    Being physically disabled and suffering from chronic pain, we haven’t been able to go to church, but watch it on television, for quite a while. We ran into one of the ladies from our church at the store and she invited me to join the Women’s summer online Bible Study. They would only meet in person twice. I’m trying to reach out but I don’t think I’m getting it right. The women aren’t very active and responsive when I ask a question. Now I do know some of these women personally and even they aren’t responsive. After I started having health problems and couldn’t go or help at church, they all scattered. What am I doing wrong? The only fellowship I am getting, besides my husband and mom, are from facebook friends. I read all the different posts of these women doing things together and I would at least like to be a part of their conversations, even if I can’t go to most things in person.

    • Natasha

      Georgia, I pray that God has answered/answers your longing for fellowship. I have no answers myself for you but just wanted to say you’re not alone. This summer I was feeling extremely isolated and alone, angry, exhausted and overly irritable. Although mobile (with two little ones in toe 24hrs/day) every time I reached out to others – in my missional community or church – I received very little response which can be beyond discouraging. Despite our shared longing and need for community Jesus is our most intimate friend and he is a bible and prayer away longing for us to get to know him better.

  • It amazes me reading back on all of your comments. God is wonderful and loving! I’ve seen how He uses you in churches. When you suffer from anxiety or depression or a loss you suddenly have compassion for the people around you. You know what to say to that lonely girl in the back or the devastated family that just lost their child. We might not always get what we need from our church family but I believe if you give what you need, you can also be fulfilled that way!

  • Stephanie

    Thank you. I guess I think I try that, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Or maybe I think I am but I’m really not because I don’t even know how. I guess I’m unsure what healthy defenses look like.

    I’m trying now to just focus everything on my relationship with Christ. Let the rest fade away. I have a wonderful loving husband, and while I believe other relationships are important as well, they just don’t seem to be available to me for now, and that’s ok. I will have dark days still but I will fight to fix my eyes on the one who died to save me.

  • That is very hard. I don’t know you, or your circumstances. You described yourself as having a high wall round you-could you take out one or two bricks at a time, so you don’t expose yourself until you’ve built up healthy defences? Take care of yourself. Jesus knows what it’s like to be alone, and feel alone.

  • Stephanie

    This is very much me. I don’t even know how to open up to anyone anymore. Betrayals and hurts and broken friendships and relationships has built a very high wall that I don’t know how to bring down. The times when I do put myself out there I end up disappointed. Several months ago I was suffering from some dark depression. I said so at a women’s prayer meeting, with at least one woman I considered a friend. They prayed but no one followed up, no one reached out. Nothing. It hurts too much to open up when it’s so hard and then to feel like no one cares when you do. One of my biggest struggles right now. I’m an island. I don’t want to be. But I don’t know how not to be.

  • I’ve never read this text with this perspective. thanks for sharing

  • Nikravesous

    This is such an excellent reminder! For the first few years of being Christian, I was rather isolated, holed up with only my husband and one other couple who were believers. It took a while for God to heal me of my cynicism of churches and “organized religion.” I thought I could do it on my own. Now, scarcely three years later, I am active in three ministries at our church and God has blessed us with an in flow of believing couples and families to bond with! Praise God that we aren’t meant to make it on our own and He is merciful to provide us with fellowship even when we are arrogant and ignorant enough to disdain it.

  • She’s an excellent author! Well done and concise! Love it!

  • Thank you for sharing! God seems to know exactly when to draw people near us when we need it the absolute most. Praying for you and your family.

  • Tammy Smith


  • Tammy Smith

    I have been a witness recently to the statement shared in this devotional that, “even stronger than the bloodline, is the Christ-line we all share. It is what makes the church body a family.”

    A few weeks ago my bother passed away and it was my sisters in Christ and my pastor that came alongside me, daring to come close to my grief that helped me make it through…and they’re still helping. In a life and death moment, the comfort, wisdom, and love a Christian can extend surpasses anything my “religious” or non-Christian friends could provide. Moments like these reveal how necessary and how God makes us for community.

    • Nikravesous

      Praying for you dear Tammy. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a sibling, but it fills me with joy to know our Christ Family has walked through this with you.

  • so beautiful…so easy to seclude yourself from others who have truth for you to receive. what a great reminder to be steadfast in unity with others.

  • Jenna Johnson

    I really needed to read this. I too often feel alone in this huge family of the Church of Jesus Christ. I need to work harder to make these relationships a priority. I can’t do it alone forever.

  • I was struck by how it says ministry should not be done alone but together. So many times, we think we can do it alone but I got to a point in my work as a family and children’s worker where I felt alone although I was part of a wider church team. Two weeks ago my prayers were answered in an amazing way and I wad able to link with another local church who has a children’s link and meet and pray with them. Our God knows exactly what we need at the time. Thank you She Reads Truth. Xx

  • Ahtahzsa

    This was a great inspirational read.

  • Joy Baba

    Insightful! Thank you

  • Oh, does this ever speak to me. I grew up a Jehovah’s Witness and left the organization when I was 19. I have had minimal contact with my family since then, and over the years learned to “go it alone” on just about everything. And while self-reliance can be a good thing, at the same time it can generate feelings of pride at what we’ve accomplished ‘all on our own.’ I’ve fought this for years, fought to trust others, fought to develop intimate relationships. I’m still fighting.

  • Praying for God to help me break out of my loner ways and build new relationships and restore old ones in my local church. We are not called to be alone.

  • “Before anything else we are Christians, and that makes us more than friends. That makes us family.” We often forget that our church family is a true family not through blood, but through Christ. Sometimes I feel like my pride is at stake so I don’t want to talk to anyone about my problems. This is how the enemy wants me to feel. Shame. Embarrassed. Guilt. Having that relationship with my church family lets me know I’m not alone and that they are always there to talk and pray. Praying for confidence in the Lord so we may stand through our trials and tribulations.

    • Tammy Smith

      Fight the pride always! The Enemy attacks best when we are alone and vulnerable.

  • churchmouse

    It takes relationship to do ministry together. Texting and social media seem to be replacing face to face communication and relationship. Those skills run the risk of being lost. And social media promotes the facade of success and happiness, not the nitty gritty ups and downs of life. As a society we have more ways to stay connected yet in many ways are more isolated. Only we can set down the devices, look each other in the eye and talk.

  • I too don’t know what it is that makes some of us want to be alone. I’m the same way. I like to deal with my problems by myself, only talking to God about it, no one else, and then wonder why I don’t have any friends lol. The truth is we do have friends and family too in our church body, but for some reason we don’t want others to know we are struggling or going through trials. We may miss out on helping someone else who’s possibly going through a similar situation.. Praying sisters that we may be confident in the Lord even in our toughest hours.

    • Bernadette

      Ashley, I am the same way. I think we are so use to people with negative attitudes, and one reason that I don’t talk to many people in the church, is because I feel that I don’t want my business spread throughout the State, Lol. There’s a handful of people that I can talk to in my church, which is a very large church, but it seems that they don’t have time. I think that everyone else have their problems, so why should I bother them with my baggage. I have only been on this site for a few weeks and I love my new family. I love it that we can share our thoughts, and our experiences. I love it that we can pray for each other and cry with each other and share what Gods word mean to each of us. I feel free that I can voice my hurts and pains without being looked upon as a weak person. I love it that when I am having a bad day, I can just say,”Please pray for me,” and I get instant prayers. I Love SheReadsTruth!!!


    As a military family, we are constantly moving and having to find a new church family. It can be so heartbreaking to say goodbye to your old church family and definitely intimidating to find a new one (especially when you know it’s just short term anyways). However, God always leads us (sometimes pushes us) to the right place and I’m so thankful He does because I always feel so encouraged and spiritually renewed. Not being connected to the body of Christ is the perfect recipe for the enemy to sink his claws into your family and to grow spiritually weary and burned out.

    • Natalie H

      Thank you for this. We are a military family too and just moved this week. It’s encouraging to be reminded that God always leads us to the right place where we can find that family.

  • Not reaching out to the church body is something I have struggled with for years. It’s kind of a punch-to-the-heart to read about going off alone, journaling, & praying about something because that has been my first reactions to so many things for so long. Late last year some things shifted in my life, & brought a lot of grief, & allowed me to actually reach out for the first time… & it has been great to see just what God can do when you allow others into your pain & your life. Thankful for this confirmation this morning. Especially because I am getting ready to attempt to join a small group at church for the first time in my life. Tired of thinking I can do it all alone.

    • Sarah Jenik

      Praying for you as you join your first small group! I hope it is a blessing to you!

  • My husband and I go to a church that’s very big (5 campuses with 300 or more at each), so you would think it’d be easy to connect with a church family there. Unfortunately we’ve realized that because it’s so big, it’s even harder to meet people! You can feel swallowed up by the crowd. There are small groups, but they’re far away from us (we live in the city and all the church campuses are in the suburbs, which makes it difficult for us to even get there once a week). We’ve prayed for a community within the city to connect with, but haven’t felt at home or called to any of the other church we’ve tried. I wish there were SRT meet up groups! I would so love to connect with other ladies in my city who are around the same age and follow the SRT studies. Would it ever be possible to create a message board on here for such meet ups? <3

    • Brittany lou

      Hi lovely! I was feeling th same way! Have you thought about getting involved in a serving team? You will really be connected with others while building up your church.

    • Tracy

      I love this idea of local meetup groups! I am fortunate to have a small group that I lead and good community, but this is a great idea for those that want to dig into these SRT studies and build fellowship there!

    • Michelle

      Hi Jeanne!
      SRT Meet up groups would be fantastic to meet with ladies in our cities and who follow SRT. We should encourage that SRT consider this idea!

    • Ana Brooks

      A SRT group has been on my mind, too.

    • She Reads Truth

      We hear you, friends! ;) So grateful for your hearts for community!


  • I love how God works it all together!

    Word spreads to the church in Jerusalem that the Gentiles received the word of God and the church is a little upset. The didn’t understand because it’s new, uncomfortable and unexpected and they weren’t there to see it themselves.

    God gave Peter that vision not only to prove to Peter and Cornelius that the gospel is for everyone, but also so he could retell the whole thing to the church and they believed him.
    It’s much more difficult to denounce something when there were a bunch of witnesses (the other 6 who went with Peter) a story of a vision and a visitation of angels.

    Shortly after that the church receives word that MORE Gentiles have accepted Jesus in Antioch. This time they don’t freak out, they send Barnabas to verify.

    I love that The church in Antioch was birthed because Jews who heard the good news came to Antioch and then spoke to the Greek speaking non-Jews about Jesus (in a time when the original disciples were only proclaiming to the Jews)!

    Then when famine strikes the land, the Christians in Antioch sent relief to their brothers in Judea.

    If the church in Judea had not listened to Peter and accepted that the Gentiles were also now in the ‘club’ what would have happened when the famine came?

    Love how God brings it full circle in his plans. Even when we don’t understand :)

  • This is something I have felt God urging me to do recently. I struggle with severe anxiety, and it is hard for me to make friends and participate in the church family. I have been in a new city for two years now, and I am just now getting up the courage to consider participating in church, rather than just sneaking in/out the back. It isn’t going to be easy, but I have to remember, ‘the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?’

    • Elizabeth

      You can do it Nicki! I totally understand you. I moved a year ago to a new city & I still haven’t made any close friends. I just joined a new gym & I just started to put myself out there. It can be difficult but God will make a way! :)

    • Michelle

      I am in the same position. I live in Colorado and have been here for two years and have not completely pushed myself to find a church home. Moving to a new city is difficult to establish a group of like minded friends. Sending prayers your way!

      • Shay

        Hey Michelle- I’m in Colorado Springs but have also lived in vail and Fort Collins. If any of those are near you, I would love to connect you with some people! Email me at [email protected]

  • Thank you for your words today Andrea. I too tend to wall myself off when I’m having a bad day or in a rough patch. Thankfully I am blessed with wonderful Christian friends I can count on, but, like you said, sometimes it’s hard to reach out.

  • Needed this today. Ive been trying to do it alone for so long. It is especially hard when youre closest friends claim Christianity, but then turn and do things that you dont understand. My husband and I have been through just about everything it seems, and were now dealing with his porn addiction that is greater than I ever thought it was. He prayed yesterday for God to take away his temptation to look at it and his sin, and he told me that after that he felt so much better all day. That a weight had been lifted off of his chest. My husband has been chained to this and has been carrying this weight alone in shame and I had no idea. Of course I have found it on his phone in the past and computers, ipods, etc. but after we had our son I thought things had gotten better. He found a page on the internet that had the usernames of many women who put pictures and sexual videos of themselves on there, and that is how I found it this time. And I truly almost left him. In that moment I just wanted to get away from him and let him suffer alone. But God. I stayed and we are working through this together, but my heart is still deeply wounded. I would like to ask for prayers from any and all who are reading this- for my marriage to be restored to Gods will for marriage, and that his temptation be taken away and that he will be strong and deny his earthly flesh when the temptation arises, and that he can be the husband that I need and the father and daddy that our son needs, and to be the head and spiritual leader over our family and blessings over our finances…. Thank you ladies! If anyone has dealt with this or has any resources, books, etc for him and i please email them to me! I would love for some help along this journey from someone who has been there. Email is [email protected]

    • Brandi

      Praying with you and for you my sister! Our Father is able! Nothing is too hard for Him! Nothing is impossible for Him!

    • Betsy

      I’m praying for you and your husband. You have shown great courage and love by your actions. May God lead you both through this and bring you closer together.

    • Michelle

      Just prayed over you and your husband, Kait. Thank you for your brave vulnerability.

    • Sherri

      Kait, praying for you & your husband. God is able.

    • Sarah

      Praying for you both!

    • Ama

      Kait, my heart just breaks with you. I feel the pain that porn brings and it’s just devastating. I understand how betrayed you must feel, and how you want to help him even though you also need help. Please try to remember, as difficult as this is, that it truly is not that you are not enough. It isn’t a you problem; it’s a sin problem. For him, I strongly encourage him to look into James Macdonald’s series in Walk in the Word. He has a new serious called ‘unstuck’, and there’s many parts dealing with the topic of sexual sin. I pray for healing in your marriage and in your home, and in your heart. The devil wants to destroy us and our culture, but I believe we will see a revival of the church that hell cannot stand against. We’re here for you sister. ❤️

    • Tina

      Praying for your family. Thank you for sharing your heart. But God.

    • Camille

      I sent you an email – not sure if you’ll see this. Satan loves silence and we will not be silent on this issue! Let’s drag this ugly sin out in to the light.

    • Eva

      Praying for you. Dave Carder in Southern California has a counseling ministry and written a lot of books on this subject from a Christian perspective.

  • So blessed to have incredible friends who are excited to walk with me and Christ, altogether. I have never felt so close to God than when he put friends in my life that show me how to love more like him.

  • I struggle to connect to the body of Christ. I am working though social anxiety and panic attacks. Church events can be the most difficult. I am on a chat group for those like me and I have found that many of us are terrified of connecting to others in church. I typically pick mega churches where I can blend in unnoticed and leave discreetly if I need. I have been reading a wonderful book about changing thought patterns and I could use some prayer in this area. I am good at hiding my struggle no one would guess this is the case with me. I am praying for healing.

    • kait

      Praying for you to find Godly friends and a good church. I recommend small group studies if your church provides them or you could just start one with some ladies from the church. I also deal with anxiety and panic attacks so I know where you are coming from, but I pray that your walk with Christ will continually strengthen you in mind and body.

    • Pam B

      I totally get where you are coming from. I also struggle with social anxiety and big group events make it worse. I have found that if I have at least one friend or person I know at the event, I feel much better about being there.

  • Could it be the epidemic explosion of fear, anxiety, depression on mental illness be partly linked to the fact we tend to want to isolate when we are struggling? Angie Smith, in her book, “What Women Fear,” says “We have an enemy who thrives on our silence.” I think he also thrives on our separation from each other.

    • Sarah

      I may have to check out that book!

    • Steph W

      Great suggestion! I’ll have to look into that book :)

    • Pam B

      Yes, I agree with you that Satan wants to separate us from other believers. He knows we have strength in numbers, but if he can pull us away from that communion and fellowship he has a better shot of tearing us down.

  • Caroline

    Whew weeee I needed this ““He encouraged all of them to remain true to the Lord with a firm resolve of the heart” (Acts 11:23). I had forgotten that salvation was for all weary sinners and I was welcome here, even on my worst days.”

    Thanks for encouraging my heart today.. needed it!

  • Christina

    I am a recovering addict. I was clean for ten years going to AA and relapsed for four months. I now have five years sober. I have to ask for help . Otherwise, I will die. Today, I go to AA, Church, and therapy. My attitude is I need all the help I can get.

    • Christina

      I forgot to add, God does not discriminate.

    • Cynthia

      Not being able to ask for help is PRIDE. We all need help and each other. Admitting our need is the first step. Thank you,Jesus, for creating us to need You and for the Body of Christ to share our burdens in prayer!

    • brenda maningo

      congratulations on your sobriety!! God is so good!! God bless you always.

    • jessiechatchat

      Praying for you today, sister.

  • Christine

    This is my struggle right now. In prayer with my husband as to whether or not to leave our church over divisions and lack of leadership. I love my church family, but I no longer feel like we belong there… There is no unity, there is no true heart for ‘outsiders’. I’m so tired of church being a place where we congratulate each other on how ‘good’ and ‘godly’ we are. So we haven’t attended service in over a month and I just feel so alone. Prayers appreciated sisters.

    • Christina

      I am putting you on my prayer list.

    • Sydney

      I have always heard “It is not what the church can do for you, but what you can do for the church.” Maybe God is calling you to be used right where you are. Praying for Him to lead you.

    • Steph W

      Praying for wisdom in this situation!

      I am currently reading ‘bait of Satan’ by John Bevere and he speaks of this topic (when to leave a church or not). His words are very convicting and biblically based. I highly suggest all believers should read it. I personally highly recommend getting the book with the devotionals in the back to help you process :)

  • Keri Underwood

    I’m so very guilty of this. I tend to pull away when I most need to be surrounded by others. I rarely tell others when I need help or prayer. I think this is partly because I’m a “I can do it myself” kind of girl but all because I can’t stand feeling vulnerable. This is something I am constantly working on and something the Lord has been convicting me of for quite some time now. I love this reminder that community is how the early church lived. They lived together, worshiped together, provided when others were in need. They truly were a family. And we should be modeling that example. Thank you for this reminder today SRT :) I very much needed it!

    • Janet

      I struggle with this as well. In my life, I have suffered through cancer battles and now have congestive heart failure. My instinct is to turn inward and not let anyone know how I am feeling or what I need. I felt this was my best witness to my trust in the Lord. God has reminded me that it is okay to show weakness, and that it is in that weakness that He often reveals His power and glory.

      • Keri Underwood

        That last line, “it is in that weakness that He often reveals His power and glory.” Wow, so powerful and so true! Praying for you Janet and thanks so much for these words :)

  • Emily Roberts

    this was so great! Struggling with a rough day/morning you can want to hide in a space alone. In Christ we come and unite.

  • What a convicting testimony! My first tendency is to pull inward and struggle through on my own. I am thankful for this reminder that we are not alone and that we are to share everything; the good and the bad

  • Angela Chapman

    1 HEAR

    14 How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?

    17 So faith comes through hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.
    Romans 10:14;17 ESV


    24 I told you that you would die in your sins, for unless you believe that I am he you will die in 
    your sins.

    John 8:24 ESV

    3 REPENT

    The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent

    Acts 17:30 ESV


    9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved. Romans 10:9-10 ESV


    38 And Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ
    for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”
    Acts 2:38 ESV
    16 And now why do you wait? Rise and be baptized and wash away your sins, calling on his name. 

    Acts 22:16 ESV


    10 Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life. Revelation 2:10 ESV

    11 I am coming soon. Hold fast what you have, so that no one may seize your crown. Revelation 

    3:11 ESV

    Read the Bible for yourself. You’ll see that these, indeed, are the steps to salvation. 

    For more information on obeying the Gospel, call your local church of Christ, the one true church.

  • churchmouse

    Unity within the body of believers – Jesus himself prayed for this in one of His last earthly prayers. Unity as seen here in Acts is a beautiful thing but it does not come without some struggle, without some tension. I have witnessed two church splits. One was due to the senior pastor’s moral failure (some said guilty, some said not. A great rift occurred within the congregation). The second in the same church was over vision and direction. The rift widened. Those were not pretty days. Let us not fool ourselves : church folks often hurt other church folk and the wound cuts deep . Healing is slow for those who stay. Some leave the church merely with a war wound. Others leave to never return. There is certainly shared guilt. But repentance brings back the potential for a new beginning, a fragile unity that strengthens over time. Dear sisters, let us do all that we can to love each other well, to develop listening ears and soft speech so that we build a strong chain of unity that binds the church together. That’s my prayer today.

  • “Therefore, if God gave them the same gift that He also gave to us when we believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, how could I possibly hinder God?” Acts 11:17. I love the way Peter testifies and explains to his brothers how he ended up delivering the message of Hope to the Gentiles. I love that he shares the details of what happened and then leaves them with the question of “how could I possibly hinder God?” . Peter knew it was a divine calling he received and he knew it was not him doing the work but the Spirit. Who can hinder that? After this episode the church grew even more in numbers. The Jews and Gentiles needed each other and God brought them together and made them one under one name, Christian. They came together, glorified God and when hard times came they met each other’s needs. God had a plan. He always has a plan. And ministry together is always better than ministry alone. Good devotional and study SRT. Really enjoying it!

  • I love that we share more than a bloodline-we share a Christ-line!

  • Acts 11:18 TM …God. “It’s really happened! God has broken through to the other nations, opened them up to Life!”

  • Elisabeth

    Yes to the family of Christians! I love belonging to that big family. I love that in Acts, unity is always underlined, but conflict isn’t hidden: There was a conflict between Peter and the Jews that had converted to Christianity, and conflict is normal in families. But they managed to solve the conflict, and I love how they did it: They spoke with each other about their concerns and they listened. They were open for new arguments and for true, vital discussion. I pray that I have this attitude when it comes to conflict and that I am patient enough to listen and to be open to the opinions of others. I think this is something I struggle with sometimes.

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