Acts: Day 6

Grace Day


Today's Text: Acts 1:14

The early church was dedicated to prayer. May the same be true of us!

Take this day as an opportunity to catch up on your reading, pray, and rest in the presence of the Lord. Pray this Scripture for yourself and your community:

They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers.
-Acts 1:14 SRT-Acts-Instagram6s

  • I love the very idea of grace days :-)

  • Praying for The Church this morning. The people, that make-up the families of believers, the families of churches that are reaching our cities and states, country and world. May we be of ONE ACCORD, fighting FOR our God and not WITH one another. May the Holy Spirit, that mighty rushing wind, consume our gatherings as we devote ourselves to the teaching of the Word and prayer. May the radiance of God’s glory shine on our UNVEILED faces as we boldly speak the truth to a dark and hurting world. May You continue to transform our HEARTS and SOULS and our GIVING for the good of all. Raise up Your church, Your people. Teach us how to be like that early church in Acts.

  • Jenna Johnson

    I have been blessed already with a sense of closeness to my Father in Heaven and in my Savior. I love this beautiful community and I feel honored to read your thoughts, prayers, pains, and triumphs.

  • Ellington

    Praying for you Nichole :)

  • This is perfect. Work ran late on Friday, internet went down, and I wasn’t able to read. This gave me time to catch up and reflect on the craziness that has been this week. My roommate is moving out and I need to find a new roommate or a new place. Taking a breath and releasing things to God is not always a strong suit of mine. So taking this grace day has been an incredible help.

  • This is awesome!!! Christ really speaks through this!!!

  • HeidiAnne

    So thankful for this study and getting settled into a better routine and spending time in the Word. As a busy mama of 4 and growing, I have allowed it to get pushed aside a lot recently. This is such a gentle way to work it into my day without feeling overwhelmed. I put my phone on night time reading mode and read as my youngest falls asleep in her crib. Thank to for being a source of peace in this season of life.

  • Lord I pray today for all my SRT sisters, I am so blessed to be a part of this community. I think of all God’s children who He loves so much who are also talking to Him right now, and I pray for the ones who are not, may they be introduced to a beautiful relationship with Christ.

  • Hey Ladies, I’m in need of prayer as I’m really struggling with depression and anxiety that stemmed from a breakup. I had been with a godly man for 3 years, the last of which had been long distance. Out of nowhere he called it quits. This was the person I thought I was going to marry. I’m leaning on God and his comfort but joy is hard to come by. I know He has better things in store but my heart still hurts.

    • Suzanne

      Bri – I am praying for you today that you would feel tangibly how wide, long, high and deep the love of Christ is for you. I know He will walk with you through this valley, sister.

    • Tina

      Praying Bri. ..know God’s love and His loving arms around you…trust God..and hold fast to Him..He will give you the strength to see you through these dark times…He is with you…just hold fast..
      You do not walk this season alone. . Amen..
      Sending you a great big hug and love..xx

  • Michelle

    A five-year-old girl at my son’s preschool has been battling an aggressive leukemia for one year. They were told she wouldn’t survive a month and now she has made it a year and just had her second bone marrow transplant. She is at a critical, life or death, juncture in treatment. It makes me weep to see what that sweet child goes through and to hear her speak such love and kindness to others as she suffers. She believes she will be healed and I am holding onto God’s promise that faith in him can move mountains. Will you join me in praying over her in the name of Jesus and his blood on the cross? She has a FB page. Kick it Kaylin.

    • Tina

      Praying right now with you dear sister…praying complete healing for this exceptional child, in the mighty and life giving name of Jesus. .Amen…

    • Suzanne

      Praying for a miracle of healing for this sweet little girl.

  • Veronica

    “they joined together constantly in prayer…” How beautiful, how sweet, to pray with one another! Prayer is so intimate, especially when you are praying from your heart and the for the things that burden you. Today I am grateful for community that prays alongside us. I hope to continually ask “who can I pray for?” as well as “who can I pray WITH?”

    Also praying for the Grimme family in this difficult time. Christina was so young and her death so unnecessary. A bitter reminder that life as we know it can change in a blink of an eye.

  • Sarah D.

    Please pray for the family and friends of Christina Grimmie, a beautiful singer who was killed last night. I didn’t listen to her a ton, but I followed her on FB and saw her on the Voice, and it’s just sad how someone could be so cruel to commit a random act like this. But she was an open Christian, so she is in a much better place with no pain or tears. Help me Lord, live this life here on earth following you with my whole heart.

    • Mandy

      We still on earth are sad for the circumstances but rejoice that she will sing forever with the Lord! Wow!!

  • Liz Walker

    Praise the Lord. I loving praising him with some great Christian music. Rejoice n the Lord

  • Jesus, thank you for this avenue, SRT, to become closer to you and learn from your word and these ladies. It has been just what I needed. Praying for my newly found sisters in Christ!

  • EmilyBerg

    Beautiful verse. Thank you Jesus for your promise to hear our prayers. Amen.

  • Prayer is my passion! I am praying for all you beautiful ladies involved in this study and your families.

    • Tina

      Thank you Sabrina. ..what a blessing…Thank you…
      Every blessing prayed for you

  • Awesome!! ❤️

  • Amen!

  • churchmouse

    Always grateful for Grace Days! A good day to review the past week and to take a longer time to pray over what I’m to do with what has been revealed through the Scriptures and the comments. Thank you SRT for ‘scheduling’ a day to just slow down and go deep. Much appreciated! Have a blessed weekend!

    • Judie johnson

      Thank you for comments Churchmouse. always look for them as they clarify many things for me.

  • And Amen.

  • Michelle Bates

    Jesus, thank you for your love and your grace. your mercy and your justice. Your faithfulness and your kindness. Thank you for giving your life. For dying for us. for saving us. I pray for peace that passes understanding in whatever circumstances may be. I pray if we can’t fix the circumstances that we will focus on you and the gospel. the hope of the gospel. The truth that this is not our home, but also the truth that you are the beginning and the end if the Story. Thank you for truth. thank you for being our all in all.

  • I pray for you all sisters!!!! <3

    • Tina

      Receiving with a thankful heart, your prayers. .
      May God bless you

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