Acts: Day 3

Christ Gives Peter Power to Heal


Today's Text: Acts 3:1-26, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, Deuteronomy 18:15-19

Text: Acts 3:1-26, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, Deuteronomy 18:15-19

Bisque. It’s a soup I’d stirred in a bowl, warmed in a saucer, slurped with a spoon, but never actually learned how to pronounce. (Say it with me now: “bisk.”)

That is, until it was too late.

I was an over-eager high schooler, working my first job as a waitress in a retirement home. My first task at the beginning of each shift was to shuffle my non-slip shoes to each table of residents and recite that evening’s dinner menu. They would all nod in unison at the mention of pork chops and green beans, mashed potatoes and yeast rollsa rotating list most of them could have recited themselves. Oh, and the soup of the day, you ask? Butternut bisque.

“Butternut bis-kway,” I projected enthusiastically. (In my defense, the “q” makes it look all fancy and foreign and makes me want to speak in an accent, okay?)

Eyebrows furrowed and whispers ensued as I skipped confidently into the kitchen to inquire about—what I assumed to be—an exotic new dish I’d get to introduce. But I was soon called out, forced to correct my mistake. Butternut “bis-kway” was, in fact, the same ole butternut “bisk” that had been served every Tuesday for years. Those sweet residents never trusted me with their soup orders again.

In Acts 3, Peter is calling out the early Church—not because of a silly mistake or mispronunciation, but because of a miracle. When a crippled man known around town for begging at the temple gates encountered Peter, he didn’t get the silver or gold he asked for; he got something much, much better.

“I don’t have silver or gold, but what I have, I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, get up and walk!”

-Acts 3:6

The man was healed. He could walk. A miracle indeed! But when the crowd around them looked at Peter and John with shocked faces, Peter asked, “Men of Israel, why are you amazed at this?” (Acts 3:12).

Why was Peter so frustrated? What did the people get wrong?

The Israelites misread the miracle.

In Acts 3, God empowered Peter to give the crippled man more than what he asked for, yet exactly what he needed, surpassing human limitations in doing so. The onlookers’ amazement suggested they believed this extraordinary act was the result of superhuman powers or even a fluke. But Peter set them straight, explaining that everything they witnessed was in line with the Truth he’d been trying to tell them all along.

They would misunderstand the purpose of miracles altogether.

Since this is the first miracle mentioned in the book of Acts, it’s a pivotal time for the early Church—and you and me—to learn the real deal about miracles. Peter didn’t start a fire with his hands or make the beggar levitate—he healed him. Miracles are given to awaken confidence in God and to heal humanity. Each miracle Jesus and His apostles performed gave a glimpse into God’s plan to restore all things (Acts 3:21). Each act pointed to the truest miracle of all: Christ Himself.

They would mispronounce the gospel of Christ.

The crowd watched as the beggar took his first steps, but they themselves would walk away believing and preaching a false gospel. They missed the point entirely; miracles aren’t just for our physical benefit, but for our spiritual benefit. While Peter said, “Get up and walk!” to the beggar, the miracle whispers two more words to us: “to Christ.”

Get up and walk to Christ.

Friends, may we do the same. Instead of skipping away with false assumptions, may our hearts rest in the Truth of the One, true miracle.


  • Patricia correa

    Act 3:16 By faith in His name, His name has made this man strong, whom you see and know. So the faith that comes through Him has given him this perfect health in front of all of you.

  • Nichole

    I love this!! My husband and I always say the greatest miracle is seeing someone saved and changed! Salvation is the biggest miracle we could ever hope to see and sometimes it takes extreme miracles like this to help people to see the glory of God! Don’t forget the point of the miracles! God is so good! Thank you She reads truth this was refreshing!

  • Sometimes the hardest part isn’t the walking part, it’s the initial standing up part. Taking a stand for Christ, and not denying Him in front of anyone. It can be extremely difficult sometimes but that’s why God says to pick up our cross daily. Not weekly at Sunday morning service, but every. single. day. Trying to further and deepen your relationship with Christ.

  • Beautiful! “Get up and walk.” What simple words that were full of amazing things. What if the man hadn’t believed him? I’m afraid that there are times I do that. God tells me to “get up and walk” and I think, ‘No Lord, I’m not ready for this yet.” I needed this reminder to just listen to God and trust in his every word.

  • Beautiful❤️

  • Margie Dirks

    We are all crippled and broken, but not all of our brokenness is visible to others. Too often, we allow our inner doubts and past wounds or failures to immobilize us. To prevent us from reaching our potential. It takes courage and some effort (and a lot of trust) to “get up and walk “. Yo allow Him to heal our brokenness requires that we allow him to operate on our broken hearts. During the operation, we must be still. Yes. It hurts. But He is a master surgeon and He makes all things new. It is then our responsibility to “walk”. To risk. To take a step in a direction. When we move, He can then guide us in the direction He would have us go. ❤️

  • Sometimes (I admit) that when God uses me in a great way or Gives me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone in obedience I feel so honored that I get excited and caught up in myself. Not so much that I take the credit for what God did, but more like I become proud that God chose me. I need to work on remaining humble. I realized this in the way Peter acted like this miracle was just a natural, everyday thing…. Because it is! It shouldn’t amaze me that God can work through anyone to accomplish his will, even me.

    • Gracen

      Thank you Lyndsey for this comment, I have recently begun to feel this way and felt a nagging sense of guilt after doing something for God, and I had no idea why until you brought clarity. I love how Peter takes people’s praise and doesn’t use it for himself at all, but is almost nonchalant about it.

  • Praying for you Ander. May God heal you. What a wonderful reading that reminds us no matter what is going on in your life it is always the right time to Get Up and Walk to Christ

    • Lyndsey

      This is beautiful, I’m encouraged by what God revealed to you in this devotional

  • It’s so good to be reminded that miracles are for our spiritual growth. “Get up and walk to Christ.”

  • Lindsay B.

    Encouraged that I need to be “out of control” which allows Him to fight my battles for me. “Surprises are part of Gods plan to remind us that He is the one who is in control”. I want Him to change my circumstances, so I can grow and he can create in me a clean heart.

  • Not only are we healed physically, but spiritually! I am always so consumed with my physical being that I forget trusting God is insuring our spiritual being also being renewed!

  • Oh that little last line hit me – “Get up and walk… to Christ.” The point that we are healed in various ways and strengthened by God to get closer to HIM, not to just rejoice in being healed and go on our way.

  • Acts 3:6 stuck out to me. I’ve been feeling empty, tired, with nothing left to give. My kids tugging at me, small group leadership and other responsibilities have felt like a burden. It hit me that Peter could have used his lack…his poverty as an excuse to do nothing….or he could have scrounged for some scrap that he had to give, but he did neither. He gave Jesus to this lame man. He gave something greater than anything that was in his ability. I pray that I would do the same…not be held captive by my lack, but give Jesus.

    • Corinne

      Oh this is so good!! Thank you, Amy. Just what my heart needed to hear.

    • Annelise

      Good reminder! Thanks, Amy!

    • Nikravesous

      Thank you Amy! This is so good to hear. I know God doesn’t give us more than we an handle but it’s hard to remember that when you are in the midst of a draining schedule. Of course we need to give it to God!

  • Don’t miss the “around” while waiting for the miracle—we are being drawn closer to God in prayer, seeking, fellowship, and intimacy. The bible tells us to ask, seek, knock. In that adking, seeking, and knocking may our eyes be more focused on the One who can bring that miracle to pass versus the miracle itself. Let’s seek His face more than His hand. For in the case of the beggar, God will do far more exceedingly, abundantly more than we can ever ask or imagine!

  • I think this resonates to well because all to often I am quick to pray for miracles, yet slow to thank God for them when they arrive. He’s the reason they happen, he’s the reason for it all! And I need to be more graceful in my thankfulness.

  • This post really spoke to my heart today. Thankful for God’s miracles and His heart. What also stood out to me is Peter’s boldness. I want to be more like that.

  • Praying for you Ander. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. His miracles still happen.

  • Jenna Johnson

    It is always a wonderful reminder that all the small and big miracles around us come from Him who loves us most.

  • Alexandria

    I love today’s message. I do my very best to remain hungry for gods work, never sitting down in one spot and ceasing to walk through my journey with him. This is a beautiful reminder that we must get up and walk everyday for our lord.

  • Did anyone pick up the statement in verse 7 that the man’s feet and ankles were healed? I wonder if the man had what we call club feet. Today, babies born with that can have surgery and they can walk normally for many years. However, in their 20s, 30s, or 40s, they have to have go through another surgery that reconstructs the ankle bones, puts in a lot of pins and has a very long recovery time. I have a friend who is going through this process right now. When I lived in India, I saw people who were crippled because of club feet. The Peter that God allowed Peter to perform for instant healing is even greater in when we put it in context of “modern” medicine.

  • Sabrina Klomp

    Coming to this study a bit late, so I’m doubling up this week. I love this part, ” Miracles are given to awaken confidence in God and to heal humanity. Each miracle Jesus and His apostles performed gave a glimpse into God’s plan to restore all things.” After experiencing so much ambiguity with miracles, this is a restful confidence. So thankful for God’s heart to restore humanity.

  • Taylor Doupe

    Said a prayer for you Ander. Trying to Understand the “why” is hard to wrap our human minds around. I prayed that you would experience great comfort and peace during this time. May the ultimate healing be upon you sister!!

  • Lifting prayers for your healing and thanking God for your beautiful testimony of faith! There is power in the name of Jesus!

  • Praying for you Ander.

  • Hello ladies–
    This is my very first time posting here, but I feel that today, it is needed.

    Earlier today, I was diagnosed with grade 3 brain cancer. I’m only 27 years old, no children and married for 5 years. My flesh is at war with my spirit. It wants to believe all the negative things and the <5 year life expectancy that has been told to me by doctors today.

    However, after coming home from an exhausting day of appointments, sharing the bad news with loved ones and many, many tears, I plopped into bed and read today’s readings. Wow. Talk about reminding me who the Ultimate Physician and Healer is.

    I love how God’s Word is always there to strengthen and uplift us. He is so amazing, and no matter what His plan for me turns out to be, I will continually praise Him.


    • Ander

      bleak prognosis that has been given to me today. However, as usual, God used today’s readings to remind me who the Ultimate Physician and Healer is. I resolve to praise Him and serve Him no matter where His path takes me.


      • Olivia

        Oh my goodness friend. God is in this. I love that his healing hand is so strong to save, and that “miracles are given to awaken confidence in God and to heal humanity. Each miracle Jesus and His apostles performed gave a glimpse into God’s plan to restore all things (Acts 3:21).” Each act pointed to the truest miracle of all: Christ Himself.” I pray that God would do miracle after miracle in your life, not just in healing your body physically. <3 I'm sorry you have to deal with this.

      • Michaela

        You have a beautiful faith! I pray you experience God’s peace as you praise and serve Him. Thank you for sharing your journey.

        • Rebekah

          Oh I can’t imagine how hard yesterday was for you, but I will pray for you this morning. The timing of our Lord never ceases to amaze me. For an encouraging read, may I pass along my cousin’s blog: She is suffering with cancer and her words give a beautiful hope to my soul. I think they will yours as well. Blessings.

      • Jen

        Praying for comforting times ahead through this battle!

      • Stacey Pascarella

        Praying for you! What a great outlook you have in the midst of very tough times. Stay strong. He’s the ultimate Healer.

      • Lindsey Harrington

        Prayers are coming your way girl —
        I can’t fathom what you are going through but can rest in the truth that He is walking with you no matter the outcome

    • Joy Baba

      Just prayed for you,Ander. The Lord do a miracle in your life.

    • Nicole

      Praying for you sister , my husband was 27 when he got diagnosed with brain cancer , it will be four years this November that the first symptoms appeared , it has been a little over 2 years since his last chemo treatment , and we continue to see Gods healing in this area , he also had stage 2 with some cells being stage three in this time I had to stop googling and turn to the word , while thankful for facts the fact is God has ultimate control and the truth in the Word truly turned us towards the one who saved us and would save us from the despair we felt , phillipians 4:4-7 I read constantly and to be honest I still do anytime , it drew us closer to God and eachother, we will pray for you ! May God give you peace beyond all understanding and his glory shine through in your life !

    • candacejo

      Adding you to my prayer list, Ander. God is faithful and will not only walk with you through this valley but will be everything you need to face each day. ♥ Stand on His Word!

    • Sarah Nielsen

      Just prayed for you, sweet girl.

    • Michele

      Praying for you this morning, Ander.

    • Steph

      Prayers! Stay strong. Please reach out if you need anyone to talk to or have more specific prayer requests!

    • Kimberly Hess

      So many love you Ander. And yet, with all of our words and hearts’ affections, none of them can amount to anything close to how God keeps you in His heart. He will keep you in this time. And in every time. We are rallying around you, along with all the entire amazing cloud of witnesses that has gone before and surrounds us now. Be healed sweet girl!

    • Rachel

      Wow, what a day! Sister, I just wanted to be another voice among the many to encourage you today. God sees you. Gods plans for you are good, because HE IS GOOD. I don’t know if you’d be interested at all, but I’m part of an online blog ministry and this last week we covered the name I Am. The site is, you may have to go back a few posts but it may be encouraging to you. Grace and peace, Rachel

    • Stacy

      Dear sweet girl. Gods got this! I learned at 50 the most important life lesson from a 9 year old who also had brain cancer. Everyone kept asking ‘why’ God would allow this to happen to him. He finally told us he knew the answer. It was the most humbling answer Ive ever heard. “Sheesh..CauseGod..The main man. Big Cheese. Real deal believes IN ME!!! Dont matter the end. He BELIEVES in me and TRUST my faith in HIM!!” No amount of pain and suffering ever shook Johnny. There where times he was to sick to even speak. During those times he would lift his little hand and wave it in praise. Silent was his voice. His faith though screamed.

    • Marietta

      Praying for you right now Ander @ 5am for encouragement , strength in the knowledge of the God you serve and peace in your spirit that will be a living testimony

    • JennyBC

      Praying for you this morning. Believing in His presence for you and your family. Asking for peace and joy to be your constant companions.

    • Joanna

      Ander, thank you for sharing such a deep and personal testimony. I am a few days late starting this study but please know I am praying for your healing. There is hope. I am involved with a cancer organization called Imerman Angels that provides support worldwide and if you want to talk more about it please reach out to me at [email protected]. I know this is a scary and exhausting time, but you are being taken care of by the greatest physician!!!

    • Nikravesous

      I am two weeks late, but wanted you to know that I am praying for you, too! I am 26 and married 4 years without kids yet (still recovering from a miscarriage a few months ago) so I can relate to your stage in life. I can’t imagine how devastating this news must be to you, your husband, and family. I pray that God sends the Spirit is strength to comfort you all and to heal you.

  • Sarah Jenik

    What struck me in this passage is how quickly Paul have Christ credit for the miracle. There was no pausing to think about it, taking a little credit himself, and then being like “oh yeah, I should probably give the glory to God”. No, he gave credit immediately. I pray that I can have the same spirit of humility, immediately pointing to the Lord for my successes instead of praising myself.

  • Kelly Nash

    I totally relate to Kaitlin the author! When I work in a retirement home- I didn’t know how to say Parfait. I somehow thought it was said Para Fruit. Lol. I said it that way for weeks! Surprisingly, no one ever ordered it!

  • we must put no confidence in the flesh. it is not us or man making things happen, it is Jesus. always Jesus. He is always working and moving on our behalf to give us His best for our lives. His work in our lives if proof of His love for us and of the way He is restoring us to Himself. What a Savior.

  • Caroline

    Thank you Lord that you ARE the God of miracles. What you did then, you are doing now! I can’t wait for our miracle and I thank you in advance for making it happen. Praise God!!!!

  • Lexie Murphy

    As I read today’s devotion I was reminded about the countless times in the Bible and in my life that we the church just didn’t understand. Even in Acts 1 the disciples didn’t understand where Jesus had gone when he ascended. It took two angels to tell them to stop standing there and to move. As I continued to read I was also reminded that even though sometimes we don’t get the BIG picture of what God is doing He doesn’t turn us away. Instead He invites us to continue looking and with the Holy Spirit sometimes we are able to understand what is in action. I am so thankful that God continues to let us look at what He is doing in my life and the church’s life as we continue to walk with Him.

  • I posted this as a reply to someone’s comment earlier but thought I would share this as a new comment as well:

    Friends and sisters- Be encouraged that is God’s REVEALED WILL for healing! I too used to operate under the doctrine and belief that we should pray “if it’s Gods will, please heal” but that is unbiblical!

    My spirit and thinking were radically transformed this past year through a message at my old church back in Colorado. The Holy Spirit revealed so much truth in this message and has brought MANY healing to our church, although some were not and it still pains our human hearts and understanding.

    I encourage you to hear this message from my pastor (who is gifted greater than I with words and communication) and allow yourself to search the scriptures yourself to see if it’s true.

    story is based out of Matthew 8 where Jesus heals the leper… The ONLY time in scripture where someone asks Jesus if it’s his WILL to be healed. Interesting!

    I promise it will be a worthwhile 30 minutes :) – sermon starts 10 minutes into the audio.

    It took me over an hour to hunt down this exact sermon because I feel the spirit saying someone needs to hear this today. Enjoy :)

    • Caroline


      • Lindsey

        But when the healing we pray for doesn’t come.. Trusting then is so hard and confusing.

    • Becky

      Thank you for taking the time to look this up. I plan on listening to it tomorrow

    • April M.

      Thank you so much for sharing this sermon!! I have been wrestling through questions about the belief of cessation and how the Spirit works today, and this sermon gave such clear, biblical encouraging truth about the work of the Spirit in our lives today!

  • churchmouse

    Acts 3:16a. “By faith in His name, His name has made this man strong…”
    So many days I feel weak and just less-than-enough when it comes to representing my Lord well. How this verse encourages me to continue to press on in faith in His name, all that He is. That is where I will gain the stength I need to persevere, to get up again, to not sell myself short. Peter let Jesus down big time and yet was mightily used by Him. Grateful today, SRT, for reminding me that I am not defined by my failures or weaknesses but by Him Whose name I believe. In Him, I am strong.

    • Lexie

      Thank you for this Churchmouse! I have a family member that is battling with unworthiness and with this view on this verse I know What promise to pray for her. Thank you for commenting! =)

      • Nichole

        Check out the book Wild and Free. It’s made a big difference in my perception and how I think (more info somewhere in this thread). I’m still getting used to these comments.

    • Nichole

      I have felt a similar way many many times. My very dear friend and soul twin recently sent me the book Wild and Free by Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan. It has spoken truth into my heart about our feelings of being not enough or too much. I highly recommend picking up a copy. I gave up my resistance to underlining books and have noticed a change in my thinking from their sincere and open communication with the reader.

  • I have a slight disagreement with the author here about the Jews walking away with a false Gospel. The Bible gives us no indication that the Jews didn’t believe this miracle was from God in this Scripture. Now, we do know that the Sanhedrian didn’t like them ‘stirring up’ the people to believe in the Savior instead of the Law, but it doesn’t give us any reason to think the people didn’t believe in the miracle.
    What Peter did when he spoke to the Jews was remind them of the prophecy and the promise given to Abraham, and then said, “Look, Jesus fulfills this – and He has brought the blessing to you!”
    Healing was a sign to the Jews that Jesus was who He said He was!

    • Brittany

      I have to agree with Jamie. I’d be really interested in the author’s resources or studies that led her to believe that the Jews were walking away and preaching that the miracles happened because of someone other than God/Jesus. It seems like a lofty claim to make against the Jews that witnessed the lame man walking and Paul preaching without definitive and contextual scripture to back it up.

    • Pam B

      Scripture gives no indication of the Jews believing the miracle either. The Jews had still not accepted Jesus as Messiah, and Peter knew that which was why he was preaching repentence after performing the miracle.

    • Nichole

      I may have read things a bit differently. I did not read it as the Jews believing or not believing the miracle. I read it as their focus was on the physical and not the spiritual. I know there have been times in my life when the relief or the excitement of the miracle overshadows my knowledge or belief of where the miracle came from.

  • I love when you wrote “Miracles are given to awaken confidence in God and to heal humanity.” We take miracles for granted thinking they have to big in order to mean something, but everyday there are miracles that are happening and they all point to God we just need to look for them.

  • They were ready. Peter and John were going about their normal routine, “the hour of prayer.” They could have passed right through the Beautiful Gate and given their alms to the man lame from birth // consciences clear. Instead, they passed through that Gate, expectant of the One they loved to show up in all of His glory and confident of the power that had been entrusted to them. And they gave this man their attention // “And (they) directed their gaze at him, and said, ‘Look at us.’ ” (v. 4) Arms replaced alms — and for the first time, that lame beggar lept right through that Beautiful Gate, praising the One who had restored him! // Because only God can take our ordinary days and make them extraordinary. // Lord, help us to be expectantly ready and faithful, just like Peter and John. There is no one like You.

  • I am struck this morning at Peter’s boldness. We have to remember that this is the same Peter who denied Jesus three times (John 18: 15-18, Matthew 26:69-75). Only a little while before this, this same Peter, brokenhearted and disappointed in himself, went back to his “place”, his comfort zone, attempting to fish again, and met frustration even there as he caught nothing! (John 21:3). It was there that he saw Jesus on the beach, and “threw himself into the sea” to get to his Savior and friend (John 21:7). And it was also there, on that beach, that Jesus reinstated Peter and commanded him to feed His sheep, the directive that we see Peter obeying in these passages in Acts. In Acts 2, it says that as the Holy Spirit came and people moved from amazement to mocking, Peter was the one standing with the eleven who lifted his voice to address them (Acts 2:14). How did he feel? Was there a pit in his stomach? Was he nervous as he felt the Holy Spirit compelling him to speak? Did he feel unqualified by his past? Was he afraid, again, that he would catch nothing? What about in Acts 3:15, when he accuses the crowd, “…you killed the Author of Life!” Such a bold statement from a man who denied Jesus three times himself. And yet, what an amazing picture these passages are for me of how COMPLETE the forgiveness of our God truly is. I would be afraid to speak–afraid that the servant girl or the one-eared guy’s relative would speak up from the crowd and remind people what I said and ask who I am to be preaching about this Jesus. But instead of hanging on to his sin and allowing it to handicap him, Peter accepted that gift of forgiveness and full restoration that Jesus gave on that beach and moved forward. May I remember today that the same, complete forgiveness that was given to Peter is available for ME! And by truly accepting that forgiveness, may I be bold and free to proclaim Him, just like Peter was.

    • Meg

      Amazing thoughts Lisa. Thank you for sharing!

      • Jennifer

        Yes, Lisa. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Great insight!

    • Jodie

      Beautiful observations and truth, Lisa! Thank you.

    • Naomi

      Yes, thank you Lisa…just what I needed to hear! Amen!!!

    • Kendra

      Love it- thanks for sharing!

    • Susie Popp

      Like everyone else, I love your insight.
      It’s so cool to read what peoples thoughts are.

    • Lauren

      Love what you pointed out with Peter revisiting his comfort zone with no success

    • Ijeoma

      Wow, Lisa! You beautifully put everything into perspective. I believe the boldness Peter is operating on is as a result of the power in the Holy Spirit that came upon them on the Pentecost.

  • “get up and walk to christ.” healing isn’t isn’t the prize, walking isn’t the prize, performing miracles isn’t the prize -jesus is always the prize. it changes my perspective in my prayers, and in how i view god’s answers to my prayers, when i shift my eyes back to this truth. so many times, i’ve asked god to give me something (and then thrown a heart-tantrum when he doesn’t), when over and over, he most wants to give me himself.

    • SarahMarieT

      Amen, Erin! So good. I fix my gaze on Christ.

    • Anonymous

      Jesus is the prize when I don’t get what I’ve prayed for. If my husband does not come to know Jesus despite my prayers, Jesus will still be my prize. If my kids decide not to choose Jesus, Jesus will still be my prize. May I continue to pray for his will to be done, knowing Jesus is still my prize.

      It is hard to reconcile my feeling of sadness about my family not knowing Jesus, with the peace and joy that comes for me in Jesus being the prize.

      “Miracles are given to awaken confidence in God and heal humanity”. This brings me so much hope!

  • I’m nee to SRT. Well I like to say I’m new. The reason being that I’ve been doing it with my mom for a while now. But being an honory 14 year old I would usually skim over the words and verses. Not really paying attention to what God was trying to tell me. But just recently, reading the study of Acts, it opened my eyes. I have a new hunger for God and his word. I love the readings and I’ve just recently started the Genesis study as well, to go along with my nightly devotional. I’ve completley changed in the way I look at everyday things. I’ve started to read my bible again and actually pay attention and think about the wonders and works of God. Thanks to SRT, my faith has gotten so much stronger in just the past few days. God desires connections both with us and between us. I pray he helps me slow down in this busy world and hear the words he is speaking. So thank you so much SRT and all you other lovely ladies who’s comments I read every day now, for helping me “get up and walk to Christ”

    • Elle

      Amen! May God continue to bless and draw you nearer to himself, India!

    • Jen

      Thank you for sharing, India! I was about your age when I started having a deep hunger for God and his word. I pray the same for my young daughter and son. How neat that you and your mom do SRT together!

    • Susie Popp

      Bless you India!

    • She Reads Truth

      India, we’re so glad you’re here! Praying for your time in God’s Word!


  • Leonetta

    “Miracles are given to awaken confidence in God and to heal humanity”. Selah!! This struck me because I’m our desire to see and experience miracles, our prayers for healing are constantly present but don’t always happen. This statement points to what may be an indicator that God uses to determine when he will heal. Funny- this doesn’t say indicate that God healed the man because he loved him (which he does) or because he didn’t want him to suffer- but because of what his healing might do to draw others close to God. Whether we suffer or whether we experience healing, how can our lives be lived in a way that awakens others to God? Gods heart for healing for all of us is bigger than the “momentary afflictions with which we suffer”- bigger than our aches, our cancers, our physical losses, it is healing the hearts of man. And who better to help us take heart in this than Christ who lost his
    Own earthly body, who didn’t want to experience the pain he did, but surrendered to the painful thing so that it might “awaken confidence in God and heal humanity”. I am encouraged and I pray others are as well. For those of us facing trails in our bodies, take heart. In Christ, we will always come out on top. No matter the journey

    • Kelsey

      Leonetta, I love this. I’ve always wondered about this. I go to a church where every week they say, “We’re praying and believing God for healing, and we believe that God is going to work a miracle in ___’s life!” I’ve always thought this was a bit Biblically incorrect. God DOES heal, and he has the ABILITY to heal, but he doesn’t always heal, like you said. I’ve been struggling a bit lately with this. Of course we want to pray for healing, and we never want people to be sick, but perhaps we should be praying for God’s will instead. The Bible mentions in James 4:14-15 that we should say “if this is the Lord’s will..” because we don’t know what the future holds. Like you said, sometimes God doesn’t heal because he has a greater purpose in mind.

      Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been struggling with this a bit. Anyone else? Or have some advice? I’m a bit torn in my heart. I know in Mark 11:23 it says, “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, “Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.”

      My heart wants to pray for healing and believe with full faith that God will do it because this verse tells me it will. But the reality of the situation is that God doesn’t always Heal, because he has insight that we don’t. This is hurting my faith. I’m praying for healing for others but not knowing if it’ll happen or not. Is it Biblically wrong to pray in such bold faith, when instead we should be praying God’s will, and say “if the Lord wills it”?

      Thanks ladies! Much love. I enjoy reading all of these comments.

      • Elle

        Hi Kelsey,

        I believe we can ask boldly for healing for ourselves and someone else, but that God is the one who ultimately in control of the outcome. God in fact calls us to come boldly before His throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.(Hebrews 4:16) I believe we can ask boldly for healing for ourselves and someone else, but that God is the one who is ultimately in control of the outcome. He is faithful. There a times when we may not see a physical healing take place, but it could be that God is doing a healing in the heart, mind, and soul of that person that is just as needed. I pray God will reveal his viewpoint more to you on this matter. God bless.

      • Christina

        Hi Kelsey! Thank you for your sweet honesty. I, too, often struggle with the fear of praying the wrong words or asking the Lord for too much or too little. Recently, somebody spoke something into me that helped to begin wiping away that fear in me, and I pray it might encourage you, and our other sisters, as well.

        I was speaking to a friend of mine, who is a new dad, and he was sharing with me all the ways in which his newborn baby boy shows him Jesus. He was saying how amazing it was that, although his son had no ability to ask him for what he needed, he still wanted more than anything to provide for him and give him every desire of his heart. His desire to provide for him and give him what was best wasn’t limited to the words his son could say or what he could ask of him. I think it’s similar when we pray. I believe that the Lord delights in the simple fact that we are coming to Him and trying to share the desires of our hearts with Him. But I also believe that He understands our limits and our humanity, and that His desire to give us the very best, which is ultimately His will, can never be limited to the words we speak or the prayers we pray. I pray that you are encouraged that the Lord knows every piece and part of your heart, and that your prayers are always enough.

        Love and prayers for you!

      • April

        Healing is always God’s will, I believe He communicates that through Jesus when He is told “if you will it, you can heal me” and He responds “I will it” (Matthew 8:2). Every time our white blood cells fight off infection, God is healing. Every time doctors use knowledge to make someone well, that is God healing. He still heals in an instant, all over the world. And sometimes the prayer for healing is answered when the person prayed for is made whole with God in heaven. That’s not second rate healing, it is just as much an answer to the prayer for healing as any of the others. God always heals those who ask Him to and He always does it in His all knowing wisdom – it’s always the best way, even if we disagree.
        Right now God is healing me through doctors and medicine from a life threatening autoimmune disease. Years ago I resented Him doing it that way instead of instantly, miraculously. But now I see that this way is just as miraculous. No life is possible apart from God, no healing is possible apart from Him. Be encouraged, friend, your prayers for anyone’s healing are never in vain.

        • Kelsey

          “And sometimes the prayer for healing is answered when the person prayed for is made whole with God in heaven. That’s not second rate healing, it is just as much an answer to the prayer for healing as any of the others.”

          Thank you! This struck me. I’d never thought about it this way before!

        • Tamara B

          I didn’t think about it this way before, but It makes a lot of sense. Sometimes we think people don’t get healed, because of sin, or unbelief.. But God cares more about the heart. What use is it to be healthy of body if your heart is not ‘healthy’? God is molding us trough whatever circumstances come our way. And, indeed. The best healing might be to be with God!

    • Steph W

      Friends and sisters- Be encouraged that is God’s REVEALED WILL for healing! I too used to operate under the doctrine and belief that we should pray “if it’s Gods will, please heal” but that is unbiblical!

      My spirit and thinking were radically transformed this past year through a message at my old church back in Colorado. The Holy Spirit revealed so much truth in this message and has brought MANY healing to our church, although some were not and it still pains our human hearts and understanding.

      I encourage you to hear this message from my pastor (who is gifted greater than I with words and communication) and allow yourself to search the scriptures yourself to see if it’s true.

      story is based out of Matthew 8 where Jesus heals the leper… The ONLY time in scripture where someone asks Jesus if it’s his WILL to be healed. Interesting!

      I promise it will be a worthwhile 30 minutes :) – sermon starts 10 minutes into the audio.

      It took me over an hour to hunt down this exact sermon because I feel the spirit saying someone needs to hear this today. Enjoy :)

      • Becky

        Thank you for taking the time to look this up. I plan on listening to it tomorrow!

  • May I not fail to recognize Jesus and His power – His works. May I not mis-read, misunderstand His miracles.

  • Keri Underwood

    It’s so important that we understand that point! Everything points to Christ. Every passage in the bible, every miracle, everything. We forget this sometimes, I forget this sometimes. I get so focused on me! Thank you for this reminder this morning and for always bringing Christ-centered quiet time to my life. Blessings to you!

  • Beautiful. I love the way SRT writes devotionals and gives us a new way of looking at a Scripture. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for making God’s Word fresh and new to me again!

  • What an amazing God we serve. He brings us together as women to read ancient words that still pull at our hearts today. I am struck by Peter’s willingness to speak boldly for Jesus. This verse hit me in the face-acts 3:12- “Peter saw his opportunity”. I was convicted because I missed an opportunity to speak Jesus to a group of women last night who were calling out to men from a van for sex. I was struck by how sad this was and even said out loud that I should go talk to them about Jesus, but I didn’t. I don’t want to miss these opportunities and I also want to trust that God will give me the words to say. I grew up in a very guilt driven, legalistic church, and I’m always afraid I will come across like I think I am better than someone else when I share my faith or talk about Jesus. But typing that out, I know that is Satan persuading me that those women are not worth my time or might hurt me.
    On the topic of miracles, I agree with Jen, that we attribute them to everything but God a lot of the time. Also, we miss them!
    I love this community of women and I love reading your comments, it helps me get more out of this study then I would on my own.

  • Stephanie

    Hey ladies, I could use your prayers. My dad is having heart surgery in a couple of weeks and my grandma is not doing well and probably going to have to move into an assisted living facility. I would appreciate your prayers for their health and prayers for me to let go of my anxieties and seek rest in the only one who can provide true rest and healing.

  • Lori Christensen

    As Peter’s testimony points other’s to Christ, may my life also point those around me to Him too!

  • I believe in miracles because I am one! I’m currently 58 years old. When I was 8 the Lord healed a tumor that was in my body…when the doctors went in to remove the tumor it was gone! The doctors had no medical reason for it! Five years ago my husband and I were in the middle of the Joplin MO EF5 tornado in our little Ford Escape. It was truly a miracle that we survived. My daughter is a SheReadsTruth reader and she is in need of healing in her body. She has Multiple Sclerosis and the JC virus. I’m trusting the Lord each day to take care of her. I love our study in Acts! Our church is also beginning a study this Sunday in Acts so I’m looking very forward to that! “Miracles aren’t just for our physical benefit, but for our spiritual benefit.” Thank you for this devotional!

    • SusieT

      Thank you for sharing, Gayla! Praise God that He is the same today, tomorrow and forever…and that He is still performing miracles around the world, AND in our midst! May our Lord touch your sweet daughter and bring her healing.

    • Brandi

      Prayers for your daughter!

      • Maggie

        praying with you for your daughter. my dad also has MS, so your prayer for healing hits close to home. it’s been a long road of faith for my dad and for us his family, trying to wrap our heads around times when God doesn’t answer prayers the way we would want. Even in the midst of his sickness, God has brought such beauty and soul healing to my dad , my mom, and many in our family. it’s still hard, but helps to see him working good out of suffering. I pray for complete healing for your dear daughter today, body, soul , and mind. for energy, for muscles to work properly, for her nerves to be completely restored to health, any scar tissue in her brain to disappear. may God be glorified in her restoration.

        • Gayla

          Thank you all for your prayers! After being diagnosed my daughter said that she believed her MS was her witness for the Lord! I’m very proud of her and her strength!

    • Joanna

      Praying for your daughter!

  • Erin Cox

    This took my breath away for a moment: “God empowered Peter to give the man more than he asked for, but exactly what he needed.” Just as our heavenly Father does for us daily: always exactly what we need.

  • “Miracles are given to awaken confidence in God and to heal humanity. ” This is so true, and yet reading this made me sad. It seems like nowadays so many people look at miracles and attribute them to everything other than God: modern medicine, technology, coincidence. How cynical we’ve become! Praying today that we can see God’s miracles every day for exactly what they are, and be bold in our proclamations: this was a miracle, because God knew exactly what we needed.

  • Thank you for the encouragement! I pray a prayer of Intentionality with God today. Inviting Him into our days & rest in Him.

  • I am loving this devotion! Always pointing us to walk to Christ amazing!!! I take so may notes and am already so touched and moved to really spread to people the miracle of Christ! GET UP AND WLAK TO CHRIST!! LOVE IT!! Thank you!!

  • What an amazing devotional, Kaitlin! I love how these devo’s are Christ and gospel – centered. Yes, miracles are not just for our physical benefit but for our spiritual benefit. Yes, this man was leaping with joy from being physically healed – but moreso that he had put his faith in Christ and was given new life and eternity with Him! Thank you, SRT! <3 Love this ministry!!

  • I kind of got lost reading in 1 Corinthians, and was hit with v 10: “… I worked harder than any of them, though it was not I, but the grace of God that is with me.” I totally get Paul. I’m a self-sufficient, letter-of-the-law, by-my-own-bootstraps kind of woman. I struggle with asking for help, because needing help from someone means showing weakness. By “doing it myself” I’ve built this foundation of pride that continually threatens to pull me away from reliance on God. It’s a struggle I’ve had my entire adult life. Here Paul acknowledges that no matter how hard he worked, it was only by the grace of God. ONLY BY GRACE. Thank you, Lord, for this reminder, and for the study of the beginnings of your Church.

    • Chloe

      I’m glad you pointed this out! I think I was primarily focused on the miracle and God’s amazing capabilities, but missed this awesome point. I am known for wanting to do things on my own, so this is a reminder to me that asking for help doesn’t always mean you are weak. I pray that I become more reliant on God and trust his plan.

    • Amen

      How amazing to recognize this kind of pride we are taught to have, in order to become one of many successful, “relying on oneself” independent women. This rolls over into our everyday life where it becomes difficult to bring God to work with us, because we are taught that business does not need or recognize the blessings given to us, instead giving away credit to the owners or workers for the success of that business.
      Today I will bring the “only by grace” perspective with me.

    • Christa

      I was strongly convicted by your post, although in a reciprocal kind of way. I’ve recently been treated very poorly by some people I have spent the last 2 years volunteering for. I have taken it very personally with hurt feelings. But… V. 10… I worked harder than any of them… It made me realize that… It was not I, but… God that is with me. It is Him I should be desiring to please, not men. I pray that in my desire to help others, that I do it not for recognition, or simple appreciation, but to realize that it is God working through me and that should be enough. Help me to get out of His way and remember who I truly serve.

  • My thoughts and prayers are with all of you lovely ladies today as we move through this study. May we all be filled with the Holy Spirit and remain in awe of the resurrection power through Jesus. I once was metaphorically lame but now I dance for joy knowing Jesus is in the daily process of fully restoring me so I will be ready to enter His kingdom one day. All glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

    • Mary

      I love the way you worded this… but now I dance for joy knowing Jesus is in the daily process of fully restoring me so I will be ready to enter His Kingdom one day… AMEN SISTER!

    • Christa

      I agree with your words “daily process.” He continues His work on my heart everyday, as long as I’m willing to listen.

  • Stephanie

    I love this reading so much. It is one of my favorites. There is a beautiful reminder that God uses His Holy Ones to do His work on Earth. What an amazing gift!! We are called to be God’s feet everyday. While we likely aren’t causing men to walk again, we have the gift of healing hearts and minds by leading them to The Church.

    We have the chance to be Peter so we must grab it everyday with our friends, families, and coworkers!

  • Jane Link

    Prayers for safe travels!!! Enjoy your sweet grandbaby! ( I love her name!)

  • candacejo

    Oh Kaitlin, your stumble reminded me of one I made almost 40 years ago as a young teenager. The “youth group” had control of our Wednesday night service and the youth pastor called on us randomly to stand and read a scripture out loud. Mine was 2 Peter 1:15…from the KJV…”Moreover I will endeavour that ye may be able after my decease to have these things always in remembrance.” And there was that word that stuck out like a beacon in a lighthouse. Endeavor became enDEEver , in front of the entire congregation and my life was never the same.

    Great study and analogy. I don’t want to miss a miracle or the purpose of them but to be aware of what God is wanting to do all around me and how I may help those who don’t know Him, come to know the Miracle Worker!

    Appreciate your prayers today as we leave family, friends and our hometown to make a major move south to be near our miracle grandbaby, Norah Jayne. We are packed and ready to go and just desire a prayer covering for our travels. ♥

    • ~ B ~

      Woohoo for another move under your belt! My goodness is this one a fantastic one for you all! Can’t wait to hear more about it! Prayerful over your journey and your new home!

    • Sherri

      Good morning Candacejo, praying for a hedge of protection around you & the Sweetheart for safe travels. Welcome to Tennessee.

    • shannon

      Candacejo, I remember when you first mentioned this pregnancy and I prayed then. So exciting to hear of her arrival!

    • Heather (MNmomma)

      So excited for you! May your travels be blessed! Enjoy those sweet snuggles!!!

    • Mamajonk

      Prayers for safe travels and this new season for you and your family. Grandbabies are the sweetest gift of all!

    • L

      Moving to the grandbaby! I understand and desire that so much but God has shown me the time is not yet right. I not so patiently await the time but also experience waves of anxiety at the thought (and hopefully soon to be reality) of actually moving away from nearly the only place I have ever lived. I will be praying for you as you make the move and for God’s blessing on your family

    • Tina

      Dearest. .. wow you’re on the move. ..Praising God for the provision of a new home to be near Nora Jayne and the family…
      Praying protection for your journey, love, blessings, friendships anew, and most of all praying God continue to be ever present in all you do…
      Sending some warm love from here to both yourself and the sweetheart. ..and the family…. see you here soooooon. .xx

      • candacejo

        Thank you my sweet friend! We made it safely but have a big couple of days ahead of us to be sure. My DIL goes back to work on Monday so I get to jump right into Norah-Norah-land. Love to you! ♥

  • Thank you! I pray for his help in doing that also!

  • Isaiah 35:6 prophesies a day to come when the lame will leap. That day will ultimately come in the New Creation, and so the lame man leaping in Acts 3 is a beautiful foretaste of the day that is yet to come. Jesus, the one who here makes the lame leap, has given (in part today, one day in full) that same resurrection life to me :)

    Peter’s sermon helps me understand more:

    V12-16 – Jesus, the one who brings resurrection life, is the one we all by nature reject. If I had been there I too would have denied the Holy and Righteous one and sentenced Him to death. To my shame, even as I profess to follow Jesus, there are still many ways I reject him.

    V17-21 – We must repent of rejecting Jesus if we want to know our sins blotted out (v19), the refreshment of His presence today (v20) and ultimately be included in His restoration of all things (v21). Praise God for what repentance achieves by His grace! Repentance is the ‘Beautiful Gate’ that I sit at today to receive the life Jesus offers.

    V22-26 – I must trust these words of Jesus (v22) because to ignore Him brings destruction (v23) whereas trusting them is the promised means of blessing (v26).

    I noticed too that the consequence of his miracle, seen in Acts 4:2, is that the apostles ‘were teaching and proclaiming in Jesus the resurrection from the dead’. If I have sat at the Beautiful Gate of repentance and received a miracle like the lame man who leapt (in my case, forgiveness, refreshment and the promise of ultimate restoration in the new creation) then I too will want to proclaim today in Jesus the resurrection from he dead! Praying for God’s help to be faithful in doing that today.

    • Buttercup

      Sarah – thank you for sharing these insights. It’s clear to me that you have the gift of teaching. I pray you are using that gift to its fullest extent. If not then you are most certainly denying others a privilege. God bless!

    • Christa

      In my late 20s I sat at the Beautiful Gate. I was living a “party” lifestyle and had no relationship with Jesus. But instead of saying “get up and walk with me”, He said “clean up and walk with me”. My life changed. Feeling His spirit within me made it impossible to continue to live wrong and selfishly. I became a stranger to many of my friends, including my now ex husband. They no longer recognized me. Tempting me back to that lifestyle, teasing me for being “the conservative ” one in the group. A few also heard the cleanup call and have become servants of The Lord as well. He performed the same miracle of healing, just in my heart and not my legs. Instead of Peters voice, it was His voice in a book given to me by a friend that I receive that call. I pray my daily living proclaims the miracle that he performed in me, providing evidence that he is truly alive!

  • I love how Peter responds to the crowd here- so clear and confident in explaining about Jesus and how the miracle points to him. It’s amazing to think that he is the same person who was full of fear, hiding away and denying Jesus just a few weeks before.
    I love how it shows the Holy Spirit’s transforming power and it excites me that the same power lives in us too and that God can transform us and use us in witnessing to others of what Jesus has done.

    • Carly

      I was struck by the same thing! It is really beautiful how God can use someone like Peter or even Paul (as we read on into Corinthians) to bring Him glory. I am amazed by the faith that Peter has to look at someone and say “Get up and walk!” I pray that I could have that kind of faith. What an amazing story.

    • Elizabeth Berg

      Carly, thanks for reminding me that this is not so long after Peter’s denial of Jesus. That perspective really hit home!

    • Heather (MNmomma)

      What a powerful reminder! Thanks so much!!

    • Hannah

      I honestly never thought about this…thank you for this new perspective!

  • Sarabeth

    This early morning I long to Rest in the miracle of our Savior. I go into surgery this morning and nervousness and worry are swirling in my head. (I’m also rather hungry for bisque now. ;> )
    The memory verse from a few weeks ago is a life raft; Prov 3:5-6. Thank you ladies for these studies and for continually pointing us to Jesus.

  • I think it’s pronounced ‘beesk’ :-)
    Thanks for today’s study.

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