Acts: Day 1



Today's Text: Acts 1:1-26, Matthew 28:16-20, Romans 6:11-14

Text: Acts 1:1-26, Matthew 28:16-20, Romans 6:11-14

“This very Jesus who was taken up from among you to heaven will come as certainly—and mysteriously—as he left.”
- Acts 1:11, MSG

Certainly and mysteriously. It feels significant, doesn’t it? Even the “men in white robes” acknowledged there was a mystery to Jesus’ comings and goings (Acts 1:10). The way Jesus departed was mysterious; it didn’t make sense. And it was also somehow certain—beyond a shadow of a doubt—according to the tribe of eyewitnesses.

When I think about the mysterious and certain things I’ve experienced in my 33 years, my mind immediately goes to Thin Mints® cookies. There have been occasions upon which I have settled into a stack of four or five cookies and a nice book, only to find myself shocked when, as I reach to lift another cookie from my stack, they are all certainly, and mysteriously, gone.

I sometimes daydream when I’m driving on the interstate and suddenly realize I have mysteriously, but quite certainly, missed my exit by three miles.

Then there was the time when the life of our friends’ son was mysteriously, but certainly, spared. He climbed out of a crumpled car that had flipped over several times and wrapped around a telephone pole—yet he walked away with nary a scratch.

Granted, disappearing cookies are far less mysterious than a spared life that, by all practical and scientific realities, should have been taken. Sometimes things are mysterious because we’re not paying attention, and other times they are a mystery because we were never meant to fully comprehend them. Not yet.

The mystery of the gospel is the latter. Jesus ascended mysteriously into heaven with the words, “It is not for you to know,” fresh on His lips. I love that so much. “But you will receive power,” He continued, “and you will be My witnesses.” And with that, He was taken up “as they were watching” (Acts 1:7-9). It was mysterious, but certain.

One element of Jesus’ ascension, however, was not mysterious at all: He left with a clear command to get up and go “to the ends of the earth.” To go become a Church. Go spread the good news of His life, death, and resurrection to the entire world. And to go with a parting gift: the power of the Holy Spirit, who would accompany them, and from whom they—and we—would receive power to carry out this not so mysterious commission.

The book of Acts begins with a heavenly mix of both mystery and certainty, and the combination will dance artfully across all 28 chapters.

There will be mystery: the things of God’s Kingdom might not seem to add up, as they so often do not by our earthly standards.

And there will be certainty: the gospel of Jesus Christ will move with the clarity that only comes from the Father. It will sprout and spread, beginning in Judea, then moving on to Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

The birth of the early Church is our story. This is where we come from, and it’s where we are going. It’s the story of how we are called to reach out, and how we are called to come together.

Come, read with us—all six weeks, all 28 chapters. Watch the gospel grow legs and walk around. Watch the early Church figure things out, learn how to love each other in community, and discover how to resolve legitimate conflicts with care. See how they give their lives in faith for the Man they watched—with their very own eyes—live, die, rise, and ascend into heaven.The Man they knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, really is the Son of God. The Man the Church still believes will return, just as certainly and mysteriously as He left.

Let’s enter into the book of Acts with hearts full of wonder and minds filled with confidence that the gospel changes everything.


  • Karlyn Harris

    Beautiful reflections to set our hearts on as we dig into Acts. I love how the mysteries of God so paradoxically comfort me, reminding me that I serve and worship a God that is huge! And thought I may not be able to know everything, I can stand on his character knowing he is faithful and good and rest in that.

  • Kirsten Fairfax

    Just started this tonight. Looking forward to it!

  • Brandie Bolton

    God told me to read acts and as usual He had to remind me several times. I wanted to order the study and I will when they come back in stock but I am loving the app on day 1 of Acts. Puzzle pieces coming together through delayed obedience.

  • Jaime Holthaus

    I have completed studies on Acts times before but I was inspired to begin this study after seeing the movie about Paul. I believe it is “The Life of the Apostle Paul”. It was very well done and I encourage everyone to catch it in theaters to help support positive faith based entertainment!

  • Megan Buehl Stackhouse

    The day after Easter feels like the beginning of a new year, entering into a new journey with Jesus. I I want to be like these newly Spirit-filled believers. I need that fresh start and new energy today.

  • Taylor Skates

    Thanking God a little extra today for the gift of the Holy Spirit

  • Jessica Thompson

    Loving this Acts series already!

  • Barbara Rogenmoser

    Just starting this study with my women’s group. So excited because my husband and I are going to Greece in the fall and will tour Paul’s second journey!

  • Cheryl Conklin

    just started this study. so excited. this is the 4th time reading Acts. praying I really see what God is trying to teach me.

  • Hello there! I have question..
    Why it has to be 12 disciples? Thanks
    God bless everyone

    • Whitney

      This very question came up last night in our Bible study. The conclusion our group came to was, repetition and foreshadowing. One can not be certain why 12 disciples because it is not written. The number 12 is repeated over and over again: 12 sons of Jacob, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 spies sent into Canaan, etc. In addressing the church, James refers to Christians as the twelve tribes scattered abroad (James 1:1). So while we can’t be for certain the reasoning why twelve disciples,we see the number twelve repeatedly used representing God’s people.

    • Rachael Paden

      Maybe it had to do with Jesus sending the disciples out in pairs. Two people made for a better witness.

  • Nichole

    My husband and I help teach a bible study and we just started acts! One of my favorite books of the Bible and I can’t wait to gain more and more wisdom through this study and the one we lead. Praying for God to fill me up!

  • h a n n a h

    Just about to start this study with my small group but thought I’d do this simultaneously

  • So excited for this!!!

  • Starting this today and looking forward to it.

  • Starting this today. So excited to dig deeper into Acts!

  • Starting this devotional today and excited to see what God reveals!

  • Starting today. Anyone joining me?

  • This passage is so exciting, it is that moment, filled with opportunity and fraught with danger, where the disciples had to decide whether to return to their normal lives or wait for the holy spirit to come and turn the world upside down. I can taste the anticipation, and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to acts.

  • Glad i began this plan! Powerful message !!

  • Gods timing is always amazing to me. I remembered this morning buying this study and not starting it mainly because of life in general and not making the time. A month ago we had a scary accident when our 4 year old son fell off a 10 ft bridge into a rocky creek (we were hiking on vacation). Reading now about mysterious God can be because we aren’t supposed to know the why- totally hit home with me. At the time I was angry and questioning why could this happen to my son- but God showed us a miracle and while I don’t know all the reasons now- our son had a skull fracture but healed quickly and left the hospital after 2 days with no permanent damage ! We serve an amazing God!

  • Constance

    I have been married for nearly 10 years to find out my husband allowed me to enter into our marriage under false pretenses and has been unfaithful numerous times. Prior to us getting married we discussed all of our expectations of one another, how we wanted our children raised, goals, etc. while I understand over time people change therefore certain expectations change, but when the most important, God, isn’t a factor all of the other things will never line up. He proclaimed to be a Christian, while he had doubts in certain aspects of the church because of previous experiences he was willing to work on understanding and becoming a better Christian. Over the years he feel further and further away to the point we all stopped going to church. I know it’s partly my fault for marrying unequally, but I took his word that he was going to do the things he told me. Now he has asked for forgiveness from me for all of his transgressions and wants to know if I would be willing to work things out. I am stuck, I love him dearly and want to believe he will do the things he says he will but there has been no proof thus far. And to top it all off we are in the military and he has been scheduled to deploy in the near future.

    • Mad

      Oh, dear one to the Lord! You are in a tough spot! Please know that you do not walk this road alone.
      “The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you without gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.”
      Zephaniah 3:17

      • shawna Caron

        I have been there myself. My husband and I went through this 16 years ago. My best advice is to tell you to cling to Christ. Do not compromise. We are all flawed, we all need the forgiveness of Christ and it sounds like you are a young family in need of some healing. I can only tell you of my own experience. God works in different ways and we cant know how it will work out in your situation but i can tell you that when you set your your face to Christ….”Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of you heart” Psalm 37:4… will be changed. He will enable you to love your husband inspite of his failings… and he will enable you to see yourself more clearly. Use this Deployment to heal :) All my prayers.

    • shawna Caron

      I have been there myself. My husband and I went through this 16 years ago. My best advice is to tell you to cling to Christ. Do not compromise. We are all flawed, we all need the forgiveness of Christ and it sounds like you are a young family in need of some healing. I can only tell you of my own experience. God works in different ways and we cant know how it will work out in your situation but i can tell you that when you set your your face to Christ….”Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of you heart” Psalm 37:4… will be changed. He will enable you to love your husband inspite of his failings… and he will enable you to see yourself more clearly. Use this Deployment to heal :) All my prayers.

    • Susan Gray

      There is no easy answer for this. I too have been in your shoes. And I chose to walk away and I’m not sure that was the right answer. I wish I would have stayed to try to at least try to work things out but I chose not to at the time. Leaving is the easy way out. But staying and trying to salvage a marriage gives God the opportunity to write a beautiful story of forgiveness, restoration and redemption.
      If you chose to stay it would take a lot of work on both parts and commitment. Take time to pray about it even if that means while he is gone for deployment and ask the Lord to show you how.
      And I am not saying you let tryout husband continue his bad choices and hurt you. He has to work in regaining trust. Seek wise counsel and lots of prayer.

    • SB

      I’m right there with you Constance. I forgave my husband less than 2 years ago. It was the hardest and the best year of our marriage trusting God to work healing and forgiving through our family. Many couples therapy trips and our own individual therapy sessions with Godly therapists. We are strongest now than we’ve ever been! It might not be the right choice for you but I can attest to it being hard and worth while. My husband and I are about to live in separate states for a year, while I finish school and he goes on to his shore duty and this feels harder to trust than before. I need to cling to God because He does amazing things! It’s still terrifying to think of my husband on his own for the first time since we healed our relationship! It’s a season of trust, and I can see it will be a test! Praying for guidance for you!

  • Praise Him.. I find myself having read today’s word with tears staining my cheeks. Only the Lord knows what I am feeling right now as I don’t know how to put it into words. Please, I just ask for your prayers. I’m 25, just broke up with my boyfriend and fiancé of 8 years 2 months ago… He moved out of state even before our breakup for several reasons but just recently I found out he’s been partaking in worldly acts. What’s worse is that he’s casted God and his Christian walk aside. This is a once baptized, Holy Spirit-filled man and it breaks my heart. He’s also pushed me away and although he’s the one reaching out to communicate with me, when he does so he chooses to talk to me about his new girlfriend and life as if to hurt me. I’m not crying over him, yes I still love him which is why I haven’t completely let go, but the reason for my tears is that I’ve seen the good side of him. The God-fearing, kind and loving man, now turn into this. Because of our once Christian walk together, I refuse to give up on him but I also don’t want to keep hurting myself. I need God’s direction and words. I need his understanding and for him to guide me in how best to approach this situation. I’ve made a choice that nothing and no one will ever stand in the way of my relationship with God, but right now he is.

    • Gail

      Miranda, my heart hurts as I read your words. I can only imagine your heartache, but God knows it intimately. When times like these move into my life, I lean on the passage from Proverbs 3: 5 – 6 “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your path straight.” During these times, I can’t lean on my own understanding, because I don’t know how. I have to lean on him. Ten years ago, my husband of almost 10 years presented me with divorce papers while standing outside the school where I teach. Standing there, with our two daughters (6 years old and 2 years old)sitting in my car right next, he told me that he didn’t love me and probably never had. He was having an affair with someone else and had been for about 2 years. I felt like a FOOL. I went home to find that he had cleaned out everything of his from our house. As I stood there in our closet, looking at the missing clothes, shoes, and what not, I felt as if my world had turned upside down and would never right itself again. My oldest daughter collapsed into a heap on the floor of the closet weeping for her dad. I had no where else to lean except on the Lord. It. was. not. easy!! I’m not saying that trusting in God and leaning on Him just made the hurt and pain vanish, but He made it bearable. He led me through dark times, when I didn’t think I could even breathe. Here is His promise to you, Joy will come in the morning! “…weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.” Psalm 30:5 Sometimes the night seems to last for a long time, but JOY will come in the morning! As very good friend shared this verse from Isaiah 43 with me when I was going through this dark time: “18 Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” I continued to remind myself that God was doing a new thing for me and my girls. I prayed EVERY day for help not to dwell on the past. “Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends ot the earth. He will not grow tired or weary and his understanding not one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall, but hose who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” (Isaiah 40:28-31) You will make it sweetheart! I did. The Lord brought a fine man into my life who loved my girls as his own. We married and were blessed with two more beautiful children. He healed the grief and hate that I had towards my ex-husband. We have a pretty good relationship – which is good since we will always have two beautiful girls together. It has not been easy. It did not happen overnight. It didn’t even happen in a year. It took me years to forgive him for the hurt and devastation he caused in my family – God did it, not me. He will guide you through it, too! Hold tight, my dear sister in Christ. He will bless you for standing firm, even when you feel as if you are standing on quicksand. He has so much wonderful blessings in store for you, that you couldn’t even fathom it if he showed you. Yes, it hurts. Yes, there are days you can only concentrate on one breath at a time. Yes, there are days when you will feel like caving in and there are days that you will feel like hurting him. Remember you are are, my sweet sister! You are a child of the most high King! Your father owns a mansion and you are a heir to the throne. You are worth more than he was giving you – much more. So, cry some, yell some, pity yourself, some, rage at the world some, and then pick yourself up, turn your eyes to Jesus and keep putting one foot in front of the other. There is joy coming in the morning. I will pray for you to receive strength and power from our sweet Jesus. You are loved!

      • Alyssa

        Wow! Your post just brought me to tears. So powerful. Thank you for sharing. I’m not in the position you were, but the scriptures and encouragement you just shared was exactly what I needed to read this morning’ thank you!

      • Salam

        Thank you for this post.

    • Hayleigh

      I’m 20 and just recently went through the same thing that your going through now. We had been together for 5 years and he had asked my parents permission to marry me and bought the ring to ask. In late April of this year I found out he had been cheating on me since early March, he was drinking and he was doing other things the world had to offer. He’s called to preach and 5years ago I fell in love with him because of his love for Jesus and his passion for him. I stayed in the relationship with him for another whole month and tried to fight for him and he chose to be with her and everything ended in late May almost June. He left without any explanation and doesn’t talk to me anymore and has me blocked from all communication. He simply acts like I never existed.I understand completely how you feel and I just want/wanted to help him and shake him and make him see that where he’s at isn’t where he’s suppose to be. But in order for someone to be helped, they have to want it. You plan everything out with them and you have this future but one day it just all completely flips upside down. You have good days and bad days and some days that are the longest days ever. But someone told me going through this, that it says in the bible there are seasons for everything. Sometimes we don’t understand it and for me. That was and is the hardest part to comprehend from God because we want to know everything. It’s our flesh and it’s totally normal, but with God sometimes we just wont ever know his plan fully until it’s in action. I understand not being able to let go, I still struggle with it but with Gods strength everyday, I know I’m gonna make it, and so are you! I thought I was the only one to go through something like this, but I’m glad to know I’m not alone. I pray that God gives you strength as he’s given me and gives me. Keep moving forward! I always pray for God to help me love him from a distance and a hedge of protection around his heart and mind. Your a daughter of a king, and you deserve Gods best and his perfectness!

  • I read these powerful words from our Lord and Savior and I have no doubt what he has asked us to do. My husband, on the other hand, doesn’t see things this same way. About 2 years ago he said that he felt the need to return to the Primitive Baptist church and their way of believing. They do not believe that Jesus intended us to be missionaries for his word. They do not believe that God uses us to spread his word. They do not believe that his word is intended for all for call upon the name of the Lord, but only a chosen few whom God has already chosen. I am at a loss how to witness to him. We read the same verses, we love the same God, but we do not agree. My husband is a wonderful man and I love him with all I am, but I am burdened over this sudden change in his belief system. He was brought up in the Primitive Baptist church, but when I met him 9 years ago, he had already decided to remove himself from that church. Why now, after all this time does he suddenly feel the need to go back? His parents attend this primitive Baptist church with him, and even though he says that they have nothing to do with his decision, I feel that they do. Any suggestions out there for how I should witness to him? I am at a loss.

    • Kelley

      Oh Gail, I have read your words with such a heavy heart and I’m praying for both of you sister. My grandfather was also part of that church. And for years my grandmother actually prayed and begged that they could join a different local church that was a Bible-believing, Christ-centered church, but he never agreed. So my grandmother prayed and asked others to keep praying, and she never gave up on what the power of God could do in my grandfather. It was many, many years before she saw any change, and it was largely in part because of 2 things: one was that an elder of that church, who my grandfather respected almost more than anyone, sat down with my grandfather one day and confessed that he was finally reading the Bible for himself and realizing that they had gotten lots of things wrong and off track in their human thinking. And he told my grandfather that he needed to be reading God’s Word himself, and not just trusting man’s opinions, words, and viewpoints. And the second thing was when God saved me, his 20 yr old granddaughter, and he thought it was through a cult at first, but God showed him otherwise :). All this to say that all you can do is pray over your husband, and trust God to work in mighty ways in him. And God will :) He always does. It may take longer or be more painful than preferred, as it was for my grandmother, but He’s a good, good Father, and He desires for your husband to be Free in Christ even more than you do~
      praying for you sister!

      • Gail

        Thank you, Kelley, for your response. Sometimes I feel so alone in this battle, and I have to remind myself that the battle belongs to the Lord. I haven’t not always handled this with the grace that the good Lord would have me too. I have begged, pleaded, used guilt, threats, – I have to say that I am ashamed of myself and of my actions. I worry that this will hurt our children (we have four). There are days that I tell myself to just love hi for who he is and then there are days I am angry for who he is. It really all came to a head when he suddenly began making up excuses not to attend church with us, and then our oldest daughter, who was 15 at the time, came in telling me that dad had told her heaven wasn’t meant for all of us. That God didn’t really mean Jesus died for “whosoever would believe in him,” but for only a chosen group of people and all we can do is live like we’re supposed to and hope that we are in that chosen group of people. It was at that point that I stepped in and actually stood against my husband. I wasn’t the godly wife I should have been. I was scared. I don’t understand how we can read the same passages in the bible, but see such different things. It’s scary and sad for me. It’s been a rough couple of years. What I do know, though, is God loves me. He loves our kids, and he loves my husband. I do feel like this is spiritual warfare and the devil has used it to drive a wedge between my wonderful husband and myself. But I WILL NOT let the devil have my marriage. I have not lifted my husband up in prayer as I should. I have been angry and so confused. But starting about a month ago, I began to really pray for him, us, our marriage, our family, and for him to know Christ. NOt just as a judge sitting on high ready to catch him for doing things that are wrong, but as a heavenly father, who loves us and cares for us and picks us up – even when we’ve wronged him.

        Thank you for praying for me. Please continue to life both of us up. His name is Leslie. I want to be a Godly wife for him, but without sacrificing what I believe and know to be true. I have to remind myself that this is how he was raised. He grew up always looking over his shoulder and begging God for forgiveness, just so he may hope to be in that chosen group. His parents did not even attend our wedding 9 years ago because I was a divorced woman with two small girls (their dad left me for someone else). In there eyes, I am not truly his wife – legally, yes, but spiritually, no. It’s been hard because Leslie wasn’t like this when we married. But I refuse to give up. Please lift us both in prayer. Prayer that I will learn to hold my tongue and only speak love – not throw insults. I want to be the woman that God has created me to be. I also want to be able to sit down and discuss when I’m discovering through this reading of Act with him in a calm and civilized manner. NOt one trying to outdo the other. Thank you so much for your response and your continued prayer.

        • Miki

          I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and your husband. Praying that God will open up opportunities for you to witness to your husband, and for patience and perseverance for you. I want you to know that you are loved!

  • Lois Adeyemo

    Amazing chapter

  • Kristina

    Powerful passage in Acts. Thankful for The Father.

  • Completely new to this.. Not so sure how it works however I’m happy to be a part of a network of God fearing women

  • I’m thankful to be a be a part of this

  • Dylana Smith

    The words from the first reading, “you have heard me,” left me with a burning fire in my heart. We have heard his voice. We recognize his call. We know his commands.

    It was amazing to read Acts with the word from Christ. It was like reading scripture for the first time. I was on the edge of my seat. “You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the Earth.”

    Our faith started out so small, so personal, so community-based. We wish never for the size of the church to shrink! But let us go with Christ back to our roots! Let us go back to this community where “with one accord [they] were devoting themselves to prayer.”

    // Et unum sint //

  • Brittany

    So thankful to have stumbled onto this!! What a blessing to have community through this study

  • I’m navigating through this app at a snails pace.. Thankful others have only recently started as well. I’m really excited about reading alongside other women and that its on my phone so no meetings to miss due to scheduling as I always have my phone- thanks so much for this opportunity and I’m hoping I’m not too late.

    • caroline

      ann, never too late! as with everything with Him, you are right. on. time.

  • Just starting. Appreciate prayer as my life is really difficult right now.

    • Lynn E Lawson

      Anna,pray with us Phil. 1:9 & 10, ponder all of Phil. 1 & 2. I am praying for you right now. Look forward to our Lord’s answer!

  • Sarah Dover

    I’m just getting started today, but so excited to join in and study Acts with you ladies!

  • Sharrie Kreh

    I am looking forward to this study and ways to become closer to the word.

  • So excited

  • Christie Gould

    This is my first bible study, I’m also late about getting into this plan. I’m tormented by my sins and I need God in my life. I need forgiveness and fellowship. I pray that this will help me transform.

    • Amber Burton

      Christie Gould I think your recognizing that you need God is God calling you to Himself. 1 Peter 5:7 says “Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.” Our lives are not called to be full of condemnation rather repentance and joy and faithfulness. I pray you will turn to the word of God and pray and find comfort.

  • Late too but excited for the 6 weeks ahead!

  • Narcissus

    I am a bit late getting into this plan, but am so excited to get started!! I absolutely LOVE this community!

  • ‘There will be mystery, there will be certainty’ Myers Acts 1

  • I took a class on Acts in college. My professor said that the most important word in acts is in the very first verse, when it says “I wrote to you about all that Jesus BEGAN to do and to teach”. This is suggesting that Jesus’ entire life and ministry on earth was only the beginning, and that the bulk of his life and ministry is now being carried out on earth by his church. You (yeah, you!) are the continuation of Jesus’ ministry!

  • Simply Sandra

    Ladies I am new to this could someone help me?? How do we do this book study of Acts please help me!!!!!!

    • Patty Kaff

      Hi Sandra, it doesn’t appear as though anyone has replied to your post. I just started this study today so I’m not entirely sure. Seems like we just read the scripture and devotion each day then post a comment if we feel led to. (?) Not sure where you’re at in your walk with Jesus but it has always helped me to pray before reading scripture to ask the Holy Spirit to prepare my heart to hear and receive God’s Word as well as to know how to apply it. Hope this helps, just wanted you to know someone read your post and that you’re not alone in fumbling your way through figuring it all out :)

  • Lindsay B.

    The book of Acts is truly the beginning of the New Testament. It’s one of the most important books in the Bible, as the Holy Ghost is now available to all men, and behold are things are made new. Old things have passed away, and we are called to walk in newness of life. We are now under Gods Perfect Law of Liberty, which doesn’t just deal with outward things like adultry, committing the act. But deals with the heart. 2 Timothy2:22. To have a pure heart we have to filter our thoughts, for a lustful act, like adultry starts with a thought. This is the beginning of true Godliness, we learn how to kill our old nature and rise up into walking in the new man which is our precious Holy Ghost. Without being born again of the spirit we are dead.

  • Kimberly

    Also late to the game but hoping to catch up in the next few days! ❤️

  • Very excited to start acts, a bit late to the game but I needed to finish proverbs first! And really loved it, I’ve learnt so much already!

  • Different light * not differ net light. Whoops!

  • I adored this first chapter. I am a little late to the game seeing as how I downloaded the app last night, but I was fully able to dig into the Word and fall in love with Jesus more fervently. I saw Him in a differ net light and I was stunned by the words He spoke to his disciples. I am so excited to read about the early church and to learn more about our Heavenly Father. I am also excited to grow with my sisters in Christ.

  • I believe it is $2.99 for the entire study.

  • Do you have to pay the $2.99 to add this and continue after day 1?

    • Julie

      To download it in the app yes, but I believe it is free if you use safari or another web browser

    • Anna C

      If you act like you’re going to buy it again, it will say something like are you sure to want to buy this plan again for free? Then if you click yes, it should show up in your bookshelf! (Or at least that worked for me!)

  • Evangeline

    So encouraging to be reminded that this perfect yet distinctive God head worked and works in such harmony. God the Father sending His Only Son Jesus Christ to pay and pave the way for my salvation. Then before He returns to His Father announces that His Holy Spirit would be among us, in us to convict, lead, and guide us. Can you imagine the wonderment in those 12? My wonderment why He is so long suffering with me…

  • Happy to start also!

  • I needed to read the passage in acts. So much turmoil in the world today and very similar to their world at the time…political upheaval, immorality becoming acceptable, etc. They were so hungry for Jesus’ kingdom to come to earth…and his response blessed me. You don’t need to know when my kingdom will come. You need my power. Yes Lord. Help me not to be anxious about the times and circumstances. Help me look to you. I need your power and your spirit to navigate this life.

  • Stephanie Reid

    Wow. Im so excited to dig in!

  • Samantha Howe

    “But to wait for the promise of the Father”

    4 And while staying with them he ordered them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the promise of the Father, which, he said, “you heard from me;

    4 And while staying with them he ordered them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the promise of the Father, which, he said, “you heard from me;

    16 “Brothers, the Scripture had to be fulfilled, which the Holy Spirit spoke beforehand by the mouth of David concerning Judas, who became a guide to those who arrested Jesus.

    24 And they prayed and said, “You, Lord, who know the hearts of all, show which one of these two you have chosen 25 to take the place in this ministry and apostleship from which Judas turned aside to go to his own place.” 26 And they cast lots for them, and the lot fell on Matthias, and he was numbered with the eleven apostles.

    18 And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

    I love how this passage begins with the promise of the father and ends with another promise. Glory.

  • Martha, you don’t have to have the book. Just use this app,or the website. If you wish to write make notes, etc. user a steno pad or journal.

  • Martha Karmali

    Is it too late to join? I haven’t even ordered the book.

  • Mysterious things never seem to make sense in my life, and I hope to learn and seek more knowledge of God’s timing after reading this book.

  • Kristina

    I’m a bit late to start this devotional, but it is going to be a good one! “Sometimes things are mysterious because we were never meant to fully comprehend them. Not yet.” Wow, yes! How true is this. We as humans want to know (and think we know) everything. This sentence right here really helps to encourage us that we don’t need to know everything, that is not God’s design. And oh how thankful I am for that!

    I’m excited to see where the next 40 days takes us.

  • Mackenzie Byersdorf

    I’m asking God that I wouldn’t be the same after studying this book. “Watch the Gospel grow legs and walk around.” Yes! I want to see God do this through my life as I read these words.

  • Michaela

    I am also coming to this a little late… I’m ALWAYS late to everything… so no shock to me. Ha! I have been struggling with sticking to a “Bible Study.” A few friends and I started an in home (in my home) Bible Study mid 2015, but unfortunately it didn’t make it through the holidays and everyone’s crazy busy schedule. I have been searching for a “place” since the ending of that study and hope this is a place I can feel comfortable. Without a constant Bible Study I tend to find myself feeling empty… wondering where I belong…

  • Bernadette, praying for you and your family!!

  • Also late but ready to read as the church grows and the gospel is spread through the witnessing!

  • Bernadette

    I am also coming to the group a little late. I just heard about it on the radio. My daughter who was 30 years old just went to be with the Lord, and I need encouragement and I need to encourage someone. I feel lost, and at the same time I feel like I have been found. Some many mixed emotions right now. I really need to be involved in this and looking forward to studying together.

    • PronetoWander

      I cannot imagine what you’re going through. I think it’s amazing you have turned to God and are even seeking to help encourage others right now. I’ll be praying for you!

    • JennyBC

      Oh Bernadette. I’m so very sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine what you are going through. I am praying for you nonetheless. I appreciate the need for encouragement and the need to encourage. Believing for both for you and that He will receive the glory.

  • Hi! Does anyone know why the study book doesn’t include the devotional content included with each day on the app reading plan??

    • Jessica

      I was wondering the same thing. If I would have known, I would have just paid the $2.99 for access in the app instead of buying the $40 devotional book.

    • Radrkb

      I found this on the description of the book on the app…
      This book intentionally includes the Acts Scripture reading plan only—with just a few written guides for each section. Because God’s Word is living and active, we believe the Holy Spirit is ultimately all we need to read and respond to Scripture. Written responses to each day’s reading are found exclusively on and the She Reads Truth app. We warmly invite you to join us there for further commentary and conversation.

  • Kimberly

    Was led to find and join this morning in the midst of a fast with prayer time. Taking my relationship with God to a deeper level as I plead for the life of my husband who has cancer. Looking forward to this study!

  • I’m a day late so I’ve got a little catching up to do. But I am so excited to dive into this study. We truly serve an amazing God!

  • I’m so giddy about this!!!!

  • coming to the party late, but I’m excited.
    I also love that Jesus says, “it’s not for you to know”.
    I’m thankful, because there is so much I don’t understand.

    • Ebony

      I am coming to the party late as well lol. But I am so happy that there is certainty in the things we don’t understand. It’s really a beautiful thing!

  • victoria

    really looking forward to renewing my sense of awe & wonder of my lord and savior and to taking time to be still and present in his word along side all of you ladies!

  • On Sunday, during a call for healing at church, I trusted God to restore my hearing. I had gradual and continual hearing loss for the past 13 years but certainly and mysteriously I can hear without hearing aids today almost as well as I could hear with them on Saturday. I thank God for the grace to speak to the mountain before me and for continued healing. This study is going to open me up so much more to what the Holy Spirit wants to do in my life!

    • Sabrina Klomp

      Praise God, that is the Gospel in action Liz! Thank you for sharing your encouraging healing!

  • Stacey Cochran

    I was raised in a church that encouraged you to search out the Scriptures and learn God’s truth for yourself. However, I was also taught that if God didn’t want/need you to know, all the studying in the world wouldn’t help you. I find that it’s okay if I don’t know something in the Word because either God doesn’t need for me to know it or I am not ready to know it.

  • PronetoWander

    Side note: I’m sad Judas was named Judas because I really like that name but everyone tells me I can’t name a kid that lol.

  • PronetoWander

    I am so excited to start this! I’m a day behind but I’m so excited to get into this word and my husband agreed to do this with me! Prayers that this goes where it’s suppose to and leads us! Also pray for a decision my husband has to make on wether to be a camp counselor with me or go to work! He needs to make up his mind today! Prayers for the right decision please and the courage to act on it!

  • Carrie Rogers

    Watch the gospel grow legs and walk around.❤️❤️❤️

  • It gives me chills when I think about how the church started and where we are today. As we study and worship our Creator we are literally from all over the globe “the ends of the earth”.
    It’s exciting that in this age of technology we can witness to people in other parts of the world without leaving our home. Praying for you all as I pray for my own witness today in the great big world of social media.

  • This day has me truly relating to the writing. I had a really bad car accident with all 4 of my kids and I in our truck. We lost control of the car on the wet road and hit the rear side of a semi truck which sent us spinning around twice on the on-ramp of the interstate (where the road bridges over another road) barely grazing the guard rail. It tore the front of the truck up pretty bad, but none of us were hurt. The kids were playing minecraft within the hour. Despite my inadequacies as a driver, the wet roads, the semi truck, God was there protecting us. I can only thank him and hold my babies a little (well, a lot) tighter now. I can also be a witness of his protection and his mercy and grace. Very timely message.

  • Something that encouraged me was while they were “waiting” for the promise of the Father they devoted themselves to prayer. They were led by prayer and the scriptures to make the decision to replace Judas….this challenged me!

  • Yes thanks be to God that we don’t have to control it all. Mysteries and the unknown can be a little scary, but knowing that the Holy Spirit is with us always helps me get through those scary periods in my life. I am indeed blessed to be part of this group.

  • Danya Ho

    What confidence descended on the disciples
    They knew what had to be done and they did it. First things first. They replaced Judas. Then they set about the business of Christ.
    Lord teach me to accept the mysteries there are and to live in the certainties presented by knowing you and living in your word. Amen

  • Such an encouraging word this morning. Acts 1:7a – “…It is not for you to know times or periods that the Father has set by His own authority.” Such a freeing statement. Thank you God that I don’t have to know and control it all. What a blessing.

  • Christina G

    I have been doing SRT for the past year and a half, and love it! I read a quote recently that said, “your life may be the only bible someone reads”. That really resonated with me. Our daily choices and the way we live our life is part of our discipleship.

  • Wendy Palomares

    This is great. Recently at my church it was mentioned and encouraged to read or re-read the book of Acts. Talk about the Lord’s timing

  • Simply Rooted

    “…And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

    Wow this scripture really spoke to my heart. I’ve been feeling so alone lately, but what an incredible reminder that I’m never alone. The son of God is with me always! How encouraging is that?!

    Looking forward to studying the book of Acts with you ladies!

  • Joanna Cotter

    This is the first She Reads Truth plan that I have actually sat down & taken notes to really understand and grow closer to our amazing God. I am heading into college this fall and my prayer is that I can continue to participate in this special community of faith, love, and support. I’m so excited to continue with the Book of Acts and to continue on this incredible journey.

  • This is the first time I have bought the study guide to actually take notes and dig deep into studying and listening to God’s word. I’m doing this study alongside my husband who is reading in He Reads Truth. I love Jesus’ word that “it is not for you to know” and “remember, I am with you always, to the end of age.” What a great reminder that I don’t always need to know, plan, and be in control. My prayer is for focus, peace, wisdom, and increased faith throughout this study!

  • Monica Mckinny

    I’ll admit to being very fond of the book of Acts! I’m so excited to do this study with you ladies! Let’s dive deep into our knowledge of this early church & fall more in love with our gracious Creator!

  • Caroline

    So excited about this study and to read as a group!

  • This study could not have come at a better time. My church recently started our sermon series on Acts and used with the app concurrently, I feel I could have a richer understanding of the early Church. Though they may not have had it 100% together, they served the Lord, who more than completed their shortcomings, but through grace, brought them (brings us) to restoration with Him. I’m pumped!!

    • KR

      How blessed we are to have His word to guide us. This is my first time reading and studying Acts. I pray that I hear and understand with an open heart all the Lord will teach me.

  • Brooke Perkins

    I am excited to continue on this journey and reading Gods word, and possibly gain some friends from it! Love!

  • I’m confused also. Have you received an answer?

  • I have been excited to start this study, but have not really found a place that fully explains how the studies work, for example, if you need the book to join the study, or can you just use the app, why the app has the devotional with it and it’s not included in the book, why you have to pay for the plan to be downloaded on the app when you already purchased the book, what the blank pages are for in the book, etc. It is a beautiful book, but very expensive! I splurged on the book, but am disappointed to find that I now have to spend more money if I want to download the plan. It seems there needs to be somewhere you can go for clear info on how to use the SRT plans and what you need to join. Also, if you purchase the book, you should be given a code to download the plan on the app for free, otherwise, it begins to seem like it’s a little greedy…

    • Elizabeth

      They did not intend for them to be used together. They assumed we’d choose 1 of the 3 ways to study. The fee for the app is to keep the app function and going and is completely separate from the design and print of the books. The books are beautiful as you said and are put together with incredibly talented artists. You can count on the fact that we’ll have to payouts worth. Maybe in the future they’ll add an option for the book + the use of the app with the free included. I hope you understand they have to charge for the maintenance and hosting of the app. It’s not free for them either. And it’s always been a small fee on our end. :)

    • Desiree

      If you go to the web-site instead of the app, there is no fee! And the book is definitely a splurge item, not needed at all. You can buy a whole Bible for less if you need one! And there are always 50 percent off sales for that.

    • Brenna

      I think the FAQ page explains it fairly well –

      But basically, it’s so that we have options! You absolutely do not need the book for the study.

      The book is the most expensive option – for those of us who like a printed option, reading with paper, and handwritten notes. It doesn’t include the devotional so that we can focus on the Scripture portions.

      The app is a less expensive option, which includes both the Scripture and the devotional. Really handy if you’re on the go, like to carry it around in your pocket, or prefer the tech option!

      Lastly, there’s the website, the most cost-friendly option to ensure that everyone can participate! You can read the devotional either by subscribing your email or visiting the website. You can then look up the Scripture portion on your own either on a Bible website or use your Bible.

      • Jenny

        Thank you so much for the reply! That is helpful, especially since this is the first time I’ve joined. I just wish they would have put the devotional in the book as well, especially since it does cost quite a bit. I will know better how it works for next time though! Thanks again! :)

    • Brenna

      And I should add – the blank pages are for you to use. Some like to journal (take notes or write out prayers). Those who are more artistic than me may like to draw.

  • CSylvester

    I am excited to go through the book of Acts over the next weeks. To learn more and grow.

  • Kaitlynn

    This is my first study, and this really spoke to me and really opened up my eyes. Being a new baby Christian I feel like this is a really good start into developing my faith and grow this summer!

  • Kate Spitzer

    I like that in the beginning of the chapter, Jesus shows that he is alive “with many proofs” making sure there was no mystery there either. The mystery and clarity is so intentional. I can’t wait to continue diving into it each day.

  • Even after the resurrection the disciples were still looking for a political deliverance “tell us will you now restore the kingdom to Israel”. Clearly not paying attention! Some had missed the point that Jesus had accomplished all what he came to do – freedom from sin, which has far greater than freedom from Rome . Now it was time to go set the captive free. I love that even in them missing the point they still trusted in God and look how He used them!
    Sometimes I miss the point completely but praying I trust in Him and that he uses me however he wants to continue carrying the message the disciples first started long ago.

  • Taylor Doupe

    This is my first study with SheReadsTruth! Excited to enter in and learn more about the book of Acts!

  • I am curious, how does the text from Romans tie into it?

    • Brandy Davis

      I think it’s because it emphasizes the importance of what Jesus did and reminds us exactly what that was: freedom from sin, overcoming death. Also it speaks of fully trusting God- which feels the most difficult when confronted by things we don’t understand, the mysterious, if you will. Even then, we must wholeheartedly follow His will.

  • This is my first time with SRT. I am excited about this journey through Acts with you all, especially with the 34 women from my church who will be meeting every Friday to discuss the week. I have consistently struggled with answering the question – “What stands out to you from your reading?” Well, today…after reading through all your beautiful and thoughtful comments the problem became quite clear — my attention span. After reading “Day 1″ of Acts and the comments, I popped up from the couch and proceeded to get involved doing something else. As I opened the fridge to get something to drink thoughts ran through my head – I wonder what the disciples were thinking, I wonder how they felt…this is the missing piece of the scripture puzzle for me. I’m not ruminating on what I am reading. How can I possibly begin to hear what God is speaking to me unless I take the time to think about what I read? This seems simple, but obviously I allow myself to get distracted. I seek focus for this week so that I can begin to shape this new habit I wish to form.

  • This is also my first “live” study, and I am looking forward to the study of Acts. We are studying the same book in Sunday School, using an inductive method. We do one chapter a week, so this will help me keep it in perspective. I’m also looking forward to the fellowship. I learned that if one wants to be a serious Bible student, one should make an appointment to do it, and not let anything detract. I’m going to study at 8 pm, so I can see all of the wonderful comments, and feast on your insights and glean from your wisdom. Shalom.

  • Stephanie

    This is my first She study. I have always done ones through my Church or social media. I’m really looking forward to this!! Blessings to all of you!

    Is anyone else Catholic? I’m using the NAB to do the actual readings but using the commentary here.

    • Celia

      I’m Catholic. In your settings in the app, you can choose which version of the Bible you prefer. I like to compare different versions/translations of the same reading- especially when I’m having trouble understanding the message.

      • Stephanie

        Celia, I don’t see a Catholic translation. I love my NAB so much I usually end up skipping other translations. I’ll give a few a try though!!!

        (Plus I love to highlight and write in my Bible.)

  • I am eager to get into the book of acts because it is when the church began and missionary work started to go to the ends of the earth and proclaim the good news. How often do I need to do that more and more. The mysteries of our Faith how it unravels and when the Holy Spirit was given to us the advocate as our guide and companion. Looking forward to learning from all of you. God bless

  • First study with SheReadsTruth and I ❤️ it!

  • I think the commentary for today was put so well – certainly and mysteriously. As I was reading I wrote down — I wonder who the men in white clothes were – obviously important bc they’re mentioned but also just so mysterious! And then the call on their lives, and ours, to tell the nations – I know I certainly don’t do enough of that. I’m excited to continue growing this summer though and learning more about our story as Christians!

  • This is the 1st study I will be completing, in time, with everyone else. I am eager to read along, follow comments, and see how the Lord teaches each of us during this study.

  • HeidiAnne

    I am excited for this study! I am brand-new to using SRT. I just signed up for the auto-ship but am using the app for this study. Can someone explain how they you typically use SRT? Do you use the app solo? Do you use the book along with the app? Just the book? And also, is there another “community” other than this section on the app for discussion?

    • churchmouse

      I use the android app in conjunction with the study guide. That way I get the devotions and the connects as well as the study info. I like having everything in front of me and can take notes and jot my own thoughts right in the study guide. The guide is gorgeous with exyras of photos, hymn chords, recipes and removable memorization cards. I love it all!

  • I’m so looking forward to this SRT study. Can’t wait to grow closer to God and delve deeper into the book of Acts!

  • I am so excited to be doing this study. In the recent past few months Acts has come up a lot for me and yet I still feel as though I am missing something and I don’t know what. I have just looked at it in Uni, I am teaching it in Sunday school, we will look at it during our holiday bible club and I am also leading church on it in a few weeks. I have been challenged recently to learn more about the early church and how it has shaped our current stance within the church today. Thank you for your ministry and I look forward to doing this and being challenged by it. X

  • I’ve been away from SRT for a while (was finding it hard to stay on track and I lost the discipline), but was really excited to get back into the swing of it with this study. Acts was a book I used to read quite flippantly and with no real depth, but having focused on it in church within the past year, I’ve really come to appreciate the foundations it set for us as Christians in behaviour, conduct, discipline, discipleship, faith and more. I know I won’t find keeping up easy, but yet I am eager to dig in, learn more, & hopefully use it to change my approach to life and faith for the better. Thank you as always SRT ❤️

    • drasch

      Tols, I’m with you — finishing up school last semester I kind of fell out of the habit. I’m back and looking forward to this study, too!

  • Brittany

    As an Apostolic Pentecostal who was raised baptist I’m excited to read and discuss this with you ladies!!

  • I am so excited to begin this study of the book of Acts. It is one of my favorite books of the Bible. I look forward to getting a new and fresh perspective on this book.

  • “20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”
    I love this verse!

  • Ana Brooks

    *It just so happened* that my listening to the Ask Pastor John podcast fell on the theme of the book of Acts. It is the March 8th episode titled Jesus Is Not Dead, Absent, Boring, or Predictable. It encouraged me; I hope it encourages you!

  • So excited to begin this journey with other growing women! Father, today I seek you with my whole heart ease reveal to me what I need to learn.

  • Does anyone with the study book know what the blank pages with yellow graph-like paper are supposed to be for?

    • Melissa

      I’m taking notes on them? I’m thinking that’s what it is for, but if it was designed for something else, I’d love to know too.

    • churchmouse

      It’s just ‘free space’ I think, to take notes, jot down your thoughts and comments from the forum, or just doodle!

  • I love this. I am a baby Christian and I was just praying Lord show me what my propose is for your kingdom.. Then I saw and read this first lesson.. Wow..

    • Sara

      Welcome to the heavenly family of Jesus, Leti! May God’s grace and wisdom fill you as you grow in Him.

  • I am so excited for this! At a time in my life when I’m trying to understand and decipher life’s intricacies, I can’t wait to hear what God has to say through this study <3

  • Amen! I love this.

  • Lyndsey Anne

    What a powerful word! Our sin nature drives us to want to know it all, control it all, have it all. Now! We see it all around us everyday. But the truth is that some things we’ll never know. Some things we aren’t meant to have. Like the format of Jesus Calling, I can hear Him speaking to me through this word, “Trust me. Wait for me. I know the plans I have for you… “

  • Haley ♡

    I am so excited to be starting this study and along side so many women. Let’s grow in Christ together! :)

  • Vanessa Tramm

    Today encouraged me to trust God’s timing and to wait on Him to move. I loved the idea of certainty vs. mystery. It is certain that God will work it all out for our good and desires to confirm, strengthen, establish, and restore us (1 Peter 5:10) but when and what it will look like is a mystery. But that is only because His ways are higher than ours and we have to believe He is always doing more than we could ask or imagine (Eph 3:20-21). I really believe God has certainly promised my husband and I children but we have been waiting for 3 + years. This idea of holding on to the certainty while knowing the fulfillment is a mystery to me was really freeing. Blessings!

    • Miss.Danelle

      Beautifly stated I hope my relationship with our Heavenly Father can be illustrated through words such as yours did in your post. Be well my sister.

    • Julia

      Thank you for your words. My husband and I have been waiting for 3 years for the Lord to give us children, as well. So hopeful, even in the midst of uncertainty. Praying for you sister!

      • Vanessa Tramm

        Julia, I am praying this study will bring healing & encouragement to both of our hearts!! It’s definitely a hard journey, but I believe God is shaping out hearts through the hardest seasons. This morning, I reflected on all the ways He has carried me through the hard parts of this journey. He is faithful!

    • Jolie

      Vanessa , that is a hard road. I have been there, too. It’s helps me remember all the Godly women in the bible that also struggled with infertility. It can be such a lonely road, but I pray the Lord will give you that child in His time and in the mean time surround you with women that encourage you and love you no matter what.

  • Sarah D.

    Excited to start reading Acts! If you guys haven’t heard of this TV show called AD: The Bible Continues, I would definitely check it out. It’s based on Acts and it’s cool how they brought it to life. It’s by the same couple who did The Bible series. It was on NBC for the first season, but NBC didn’t continue airing them, so only the first season is out. The directors said they hope to make their own channel to air it on, but that may take awhile. But it was a great first season, especially to watch while we’re reading Acts!

  • Samantha

    My sweet coworker cherry passed away this past weekend and left behind two beautiful pre school aged girls and while I don’t understand why God would take a mother away from her children in such a manner as he did, I know Cherry isn’t suffering. I know her girls knew their mom and who she was in Christ and that under the mysterious circumstances is certain.

    • Rhonda

      Praying for you, Samantha, and for your friend’s family. I’m praying you feel Jesus’ peace as He holds you this very moment.

    • churchmouse

      I’m so sorry for the loss of your dear friend from this earth. I know you take comfort that she is more alive now than she ever was, and at peace in heaven with her Savior. Will pray for healing of your heart and that of her children and other family. Blessings to all and prayers of course

  • Raechel, welcome back! (Finally!) Your sweet words are like water for my parched soul. I’ve missed them so much! Will you and Amanda Bible Williams be with us through this whole study or not?

    • Raechel

      Hi Frances!! Yes, we’re back for real now!! We are reading along with you and will be “lead students” with you even this upcoming week, I believe! So sweet of you to welcome us– we have been working hard on some very dear-to-us projects for the Shes that will come to you in the next six months or so. I pray it will make our absence worth it! xo

  • My first time with you girls! I am looking forward to studying Acts with you! This verse really hit me new this morning: “They joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers.” (Verse 16) Unity and prayer…it seems that great things happen when people are in unity and prayer. It would be a wonderful thing for the Lord to behold…His daughters on this website, in His Word, in unity with each other, in constant conversation with Him, enjoying each other and His beautiful Word.

  • love this… there will be certainty and there will be mystery, “they are mystery because we were never meant to fully comprehend them. Not yet.” There are so many things about my journey with the Lord that have been a mystery until years later, at the most unexpected moment when it became a clear piece to my life puzzle. I love that Jesus leaves us with the command of faith. Believe, trust, follow, and wait. You will see what I am doing when it is time for you to see….

  • What an incredible way to start a chapter in the Bible. I am firm believer that we should constantly allow ourselves to be surrounded by mystery. There’s not always an answer, or sometimes the answer is wait or not yet. I feel such comfort in the knowledge that I don’t know everything and have to just let go and trust.

  • Chelsileigh

    I’m hungry for the Holy Spirit in my life right now! I’m so excited for this study!!

  • “The birth of the Church is our story.” Looking forward to this study and it’s a privilege to understand this story. Lord, please bless our journey together.

  • churchmouse

    Another little thought : the apostles ask Jesus of now is the time when He would take the nation of Israel. They’re asking what He will do for them. But Jesus had a plan for them to do the ‘doing’ : be His witnesses throughout the world. Restoring Israel was too small a task ; Jesus had a more expansive plan in mind. They would be on the front lines of this mission! His goal for the apostles (and us!) is to reach the world with His message. A big task, yes. But possible because of the Holy Spirit. May we man our stations, take up the Sword which is the Word of God, and march out in His name and for His glory!

  • Kylie Argo

    I am so so so excited for this study!! I can’t wait to continue reading in acts!! Thank you SRT!!❣

  • Keri Underwood

    I love this! So many times we get frustrated with the “not knowing” part of this life. But we aren’t called to know everything, we are called to obey. Love this and am SO excited to get into Acts!

  • Brooke Tooley

    So excited about studying the word that God calls us to do.

  • Ruthie Enget

    I love this so much!! I can’t wait to dig deeper in my faith. And become a witness that Christ has really called us to be! Thank you SheREADSTRUTH!
    Total side note. What is the graph looking paper for in our books? Thank you!!

    • Sarah S

      I believe its for personal notes and thoughts or maybe a written prayer. That is what I have always used them for!

  • Roxanne Elizabeth

    Jesus tells us that we are to be his witnesses. In order to do that we have to know the gospel story and we have to know our story. If the gospel changes everything, how has it changed us? I think it’s a good idea to reflect on this so we can be prepared when we witness.

  • Jenn Stephens

    So much goodness in this study! I’m leading a group of women this summer through this book and we’re gathering in my home to study, worship, and pray for one another. So excited this is finally here! So expectant for what God will do through this time!

  • I am so looking forward to this study. I have been interested in missions work. God’s timing has been playing out in our lives in a way, that only He could have planned.

  • “Lord, will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?” The Apostles still didn’t get it – did they? Jesus is about to go to heaven and they are thinking of political power. Little did they know what Power they were fixing to receive and what they were fixing to have to do.

  • Acts 1:7-8 really stood out to me this morning: He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons that the Father has fixed by his own authority.”

    So many times I want to know what’s next or why something’s happening. I want to demand answers from God, to know what’s three steps ahead of me, to see the whole picture. And, it’s just not for me to know. Instead, Jesus reminds me that in every season I face, I go with the power of the Holy Spirit and the understanding that in His authority, God has ordained the times and seasons exactly as they should be.

  • I just wanted to say you She community for your comments and insight. I make a habit of reading comments because, if I’m being honest, I miss a lot of stuff when I read through the scripture and lesson. Your comments always take me deeper and give me more insight into the days lesson. I love coming to this place and learning from wise women who are always willing to dive a little deeper.

  • Caroline

    Sometimes things are mysterious because we’re not paying attention, and other times they are a mystery because we were never meant to fully comprehend them. Not yet. <—- This is so good. If we only truly understood that God is always working in the supernatural realm. We can never fully comprehend all he is doing.. how many times he has spared us that car accident, or healed us etc. It truly is overwhelming to think about.

  • Sarah_Joy

    Talked with my 80+ year old neighbor yesterday about studying the Word together this summer. She has filled a special grandma place in my heart. I know that the urging to ask her came from the Spirit. Now I’m praying that I can be a witness in Jerusalem (my neighborhood) in a new way.

  • I love the example the disciples set – their entire world has just been flipped upside down and their first response is to gather together and “continue in one accord in prayer and supplication”. May that be my response when my world appears to be in turmoil.

    • Carolyn

      Amen, Jenna! I pray that for myself too.

    • Rhonda

      Thank you for pointing this important detail out, Jenna…I needed to see this. A blessed day to you!

  • I also have a love of Thin Mints. This is the easiest recipe ever to make knock off ones! Bag of Andes Mint Chips (Walmart or Target has them) +Ritz Crackers. Melt the Andes Mint Chips and dip Ritzs with fork. Lay on wax paper. Enjoy once harden. (Found on Pinterest years ago) *Stir every ten seconds as you melt the chips so not to burn it.

  • Words that leapt out in front of me this morning: “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you, and you will be my Witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”
    Yes, we are His Witnesses – obediently go where He sends to spread the Gospel.

  • Joanna M.

    I am so excited for this study! I am a teacher and currently on summer break. This is my time to recharge and I am so excited to do it through Christ!

    • Rachel Weaver

      Me too, Joanna! I want to use this summer to grow closer to Jesus. I think studying the book of Acts is just the ticket!

    • Jennifer

      Yay, teachers in Christ unite! Nothing like getting to peacefully pour my coffee into a cute mug in stead of a Contigo, rushing out the door to get to school! Praying for our Summers in the Word!

    • Christa

      Joanna, I’m a teacher on summer break too! I am loving this time to slow down and let Jesus charge my batteries! I’m praying that this tool, SRT, will help me to pause and stay better connected with God, as the busy school year takes over this fall!

    • Christa

      This is my first on line study. I am so excited to be part of a global community of women believers. As a small town girl sometimes I think of just the U.S. as being Christians. How narrow minded of me! This study has made me realize I am part of a body that reaches all the Earth! I feel a connection with people all over the planet. Somehow the world just became smaller! And as a result, I have been given a much bigger picture of God.

    • Kathie

      Me too! Loving my extended morning quiet time and afternoon prayer reflection time. Love my summers of unhurried time with God.

    • Becca

      I’m also a teacher in need of some recharging! I do not do a good enough job spending time in the Word during the school year..hoping this study will help me change that! Praying that you all find renewed strength and peace through Christ this summer :)

  • I think it’s interesting that right before Jesus left them, the disciples still thought Jesus was there to free Israel and restore the kingdom (vs. 6). I may be reading that incorrectly, but it seems like they were still focused on what they thought Jesus was there to do and not listening to what Jesus was telling them he was there for. That encourages me in a way, because I get so jealous that these men actually got to touch Jesus and be near him. I feel like my life would be a lot easier and my faith a lot stronger if I could physically see Jesus. But these men did have him near them and they still didn’t understand what Jesus was there for and what his purpose was in coming in the flesh.

    • Teri Lynne Underwood

      I noted that same thing. Jesus’ answer to their question was to assure gem (again) of the Holy Spirit. It is only the Spirit’s power in us that enables us to shift our eyes from the earthly to the eternal. Love this!

  • Suzette Solares

    I’m excited to be a part of this with you all. I have never done this. It is my first time. Let us be the out-stretched hands of Christ, as my Pastor said yesterday. May you be blessed!

  • “Sometimes things are mysterious because we’re not paying attention, and other times they are a mystery because we were never meant to fully comprehend them. Not yet.”
    “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me….And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”
    I struggle with anxiety and so reading things like “It is not for you to know” instantly brings up fear and panic. The thing I try to tell myself when that happens is “It will be okay. God has this. He is with me. It will be okay.” Somehow I have to find freedom and acceptance in not knowing. It’s not God’s will for me to know. It’s not His plan to follow my plan.

    • Joanna M.

      That first quote also stuck out to me. I catch myself saying “what if” a lot. Like “what if I didn’t get the job that I have or what if we lived somewhere else.” And I struggle to give control over to God. I like what you said, it’s not his plan to follow our own plan.

    • Tiffany

      I am in the same boat with you, Emilia!

  • Anna Buchanan

    I am in a season of waiting right now. I am single and long to be married. I don’t want to clump myself into a category of desperate, cliche women because I think many people quickly and unfairly judge that crowd. Still, I desire to be a wife and mother, yet no prospects seem to appear. As I read the story of Jesus’ ascension I realize a few things: His plan is mysterious, He has given me gifts and tools, He will never leave me, I have a purpose. My God does not intend for me to know all the answers. I cannot always be in control! The Holy Spirit is here to guide and comfort me. I am not alone, because my Jesus is every present. In the church I have a purpose to guide others to Christ. My story is bigger than my own desires, no matter how good. Jesus has more in store for me than my own wishes. May I submit to His caring, sovereign, beautiful plan.

    • AdeDoyin

      Amen! I spend so much time fretting over something I can’t control. When I start to do that, I will try to remember to look to my purpose in God and not my relationship status.

    • Lauren

      I went through a period of waiting for 5 years…not for a husband but for a child. I prayed and prayed, was sometimes confused and even angry or jealous of others that had what I so desperately wanted! The Lord work through my husband and I during that period and we have grown SO much! We ended up doing In Vitro and our baby girl is going to be here in 6 short weeks! God is SO good! I consider all of this my testimony and embrace and cherish this part of my life that was so painful at times. Hang in there! He has a beautiful plan for your life and a wonderful man out there waiting on you! Jeremiah 29:11 got me through a lot of those frustrating times and still gets me through when I have doubts…also listening to the song “Just be held” by Casting Crowns encourages me. It pops in my head when I am anxiety ridden and makes me remember I have no reason to be anxious! God’s got this!!

    • Anna Lee

      My pastor concluded our sermon yesterday by saying, “God continues to deliver but maybe not in the way you originally planned.” My anxious heart felt fear in the realization of that statement, but also I know that God will, without a shadow of a doubt, provide. Just like in the ascension, I’m sure the disciples felt that fear of the unknown but you are right- we are not alone! Everyday we must give up our own plans and submit to his. I’m in a season of waiting (for a job, or career direction) and also feel those fears, but this is such a good reminder that He will provide for us. We need only to lean into Him!

      • Abigail

        Girl, same. And I constantly struggle with “am I just not working hard enough, or is god telling me not to do this?” Uncertainty feels awful but I need to rely more on God and less on myself. I’m looking forward to growing in confidence and grace with you though!

    • Joanna

      Right there with you Anna.

    • Celia

      This is me right now, too. I struggle with the “label”, as well. I’m smart and have a career, but family is more important to me than any of that. Trusting God’s mysterious plan can prove to be difficult but praying for faith and trust for myself, you, and all the other ladies like us!

    • Saffron83

      Just prayed for you! Sending a hug! My sister in law is in a similar position and she has your beautiful attitude. I think especially in Christian circles marriage and children can tend to be idolized by the wives and moms and this makes it even harder for singles to relate to us. I love my single friends- you are needed and valued and whether or not you get what you want, know that the blessings of being married with kids pale into insignificance when compared with the spiritual blessings we have when we receive Christ as Savior (eph 1). I had 6 years of infertility before my little girl and thinking on my spiritual blessings used to comfort me so hope it does the same for you. Something I used to do was write out the advantages of NOT being a mom and try and use it as an OPPORTUNITY to serve God! Not always easy but worth it :) x

  • Heather (MNmomma)

    told my hubby last night…I am soon excited for our new study….I can’t wait to get in the Word in the morning! Love that!!! Love this thought from our pastor yesterday….”We were designed to be CONSUMED with God”…..Have a wonderful day Sisters!

    • Jen

      I love that Heather, that we are designed to be consumed with God! What a great reminder this morning!

    • Chelsea Chandler

      I LOVE that thought! We were created, formed, and designed to be immensely consumed with God. We weren’t designed to be consumed with social media, television, good works, etc (all things I struggle with), but with GOD!! Thank you for sharing–this really resonated with me!

  • This truth; “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age” Matthew 28:20.

    Mysteriously and Certainty! Just a short 11 days ago I had a culmination experience of those two words in one place. One night I went to bed feeling like a new mom at 26-years-old cradling her sweet newborn and woke in the morning a 44-year-old mother of a graduating high school senior. The time mysteriously gone but with great certainty it had been lived out. As she ventured across that stage and into the following days we have talked so greatly about where she came from and where she is going and the one thing that presides over all of the ideas and realizations is that regardless, she is God’s, He will direct her steps. Each time she leaves this house I remind her that her greatest task in life is to be a light and as sure as I have been that “The Church” is my story it has become a beautiful reality to see it become my daughter’s too. Looking forward to this study and looking forward to becoming The Church!

    • Heather (MNmomma)

      Tearing up over here B……huge hugs!!!! He WILL direct their steps…..and ours….LOVE THAT TRUTH!!!!

    • SusieT

      Congratulations to you and your family on your daughter’s graduation from high school!

    • Christa

      Wow! So eloquently put and just what my heart needed to hear. I am struggling with letting my precious little red head grow her independent wings. Now 12, she is beginning to spread those wings. It breaks my heart that she does not need me like she used to, fills my heart because I’m so amazed at the young woman she is becoming, and also fills my heart with fear because little by little, I cannot protect her like I used to. Thank you B for reminding me that she is His, that he lives within her, and is always there for her, even when I cannot be. Your words reminded me to trust and have faith in Him. That He is in control, not me. I pray this gives me peace as I gradually let her spread her wings and fly. Thank you.

  • churchmouse

    I’m one of those who like to have all my ducks in a row. So when I hear “It is not for you to know”, I ask “why not? ” When I hear “You will receive power,” I ask “how will that work?” And when I hear “You will be my witnesses,” I ask “witnesses of exactly what? How do I do that? What will it look like?” Yep, mysteries make me uncomfortable, which I guess is what mysteries are supposed to do! Jesus didn’t give out a lot of specifics (enter faith!) but there is this certain command, ” Go, therefore, and make disciples… Baptizing… Teaching… ” So… I go, as myself, as He leads, whatever it looks like, wherever it takes me, to whomever He puts in front of me. With the comfort that He is with me always, to the end of the age. I let Him put the eggs in my basket and I just walk.

    • Lauren King

      I’m like you I want the answers, it’s just how my scientific brain works. I have really tried to embrace the fact that we aren’t called to have a comfortable faith. We have learn and grow and trust that we don’t have to know, it’s already taken care of!

    • heather (MNmomma)

      oh man….. I am right there with you!!!!

  • The mystery of God is a theme throughout the Bible. Stand on the certainty… embrace the mystery. As we lean into the mystery it becomes more and more beautiful. It is so like God to be known and yet unknown.

  • It’s not enough to just serve leading and teaching inside the church. To become the Church, we must boldly share Jesus with everyone in our circle of influence, our family (immediate and extended), our coworkers, and those we come into contact with during our day. We need to share the certainty we have found! Let’s go boldly today!

  • So excited about this study. Let’s go out and come together ladies!

  • Chelsea Pirtle

    Although things are sometimes mysterious, there are things we are certain of. Let’s hold on to those things everyday!

  • Yes Jesus I will be Your witness. Know that I need Your power, guidence, and Spirit, because I am a sad example of how your witnesses should perform. My heart fills with joy to know that You will not let me sit in this lukewarm state. Your Word is living and breathing and ready to spur me on.

  • Love Acts, looking forward to this study.
    Also, disappearing Thin Mints = snack-ccident

  • Olivia Ryan

    I can’t wait to experience the gospel walking around in my dining room each morning as I dive in with all of you lovelies! Such a beautiful way to put it….”the heavenly mix of mystery and certainty.” Amen.

    Im also comforted that it’s not for us to know the times or seasons that God has set in place. It’s only for us to trust that the Holy Spirit is with us. And it’s all going to be okay in the end. <3 Praises rise this morning!!


  • Go! Become a Church! This is our story! Oh the beauty of the certainty and the mystery that makes up our story in Christ! Praise Him!

  • Jennifer C

    The birth of the church is our story…love that!

  • …where we come from, where we are going…

    If we don’t know these two things, we don’t know anything. So many of us Christ-followers live as if we don’t know to whom we belong, where we are from, and where we are going.

    This world is not our home. Let’s make sure we are fully equipped and empowered by the Holy Spirit to assist others to join us where we are going.

    • Kelsi

      Great point! My pastor’s sermon yesterday was about Luke 14, and choosing the “narrow door” in life so that we can see God’s glory when we die. Knowing where we come from, where we are going and recognizing that this world is not our home is SO important in getting where we need to go. <3

    • Lexi

      Great points! I’m so grateful I know to whom I belong!

    • JulieG

      Yes! I read somewhere where we are citizens of heaven living here on earth. Really changes my perspective in my daily interactions if I can remember that incredible truth. I’m looking forward to diving in to these next 6 weeks!

    • Kristin

      Well said, Bee 3!

  • “It is not for you to know”…I love that too. God has carefully and sovereignly chosen not to let us know and understand all things. Not because He doesn’t love us but precisely because He does and wants to root our faith deep in Him. When we “don’t know”, we are pushed to press deeper into trusting Christ and trusting His promises. He promised He would would return and He promised the power of the Holy Spirit for this life…may I live out of what I do know today!

  • Today as we begin this study I begin a journey of reigniting the fire in me to follow His commands. This means no longer allowing sin to have a say in how I conduct my life and not paying attention the desires in my heart that make it all about me. It is NOT all about me-it is all about HIM. Lord please help me along this path to find my power in you!

    • Sue

      I am in that same place in my life right now. Together we will do this.

  • Peace 2015

    Struggle with obedience to the great commission is real. At the root of my struggle is often the need for control. Wanting to have all the details before diving head first into full obedience, for safety precautions(fear). But here it is in black and white.

    He commands…We obey
    He empowers…We surrender
    He promises….We trust
    His will… Not mine

    Lord, teach me daily to do your will. To trust, surrender, and obey!!

  • Acts 1:6-8 really spoke to me today. The disciples are keen for everything to be sorted and restored but Jesus tells them they have to wait, that God alone knows the time, but in the meantime they are to be his witnesses.
    There are situations where I’m asking the same questions- when will things be resolved and restored? This encourages me to wait and to trust God’s timing and that he has a plan. But also that I’m not meant to just sit around waiting for God to fix things. Like the disciples, I have the Holy Spirit and I am called to be a witness even in the midst of the mess and the waiting.
    I’m excited to be studying Acts with you all and praying for you today.

    • Kelsi

      Thank you for sharing this! I’m often impatient in God’s plan for me, and waiting is not a strong suit. BUT, God will reveal himself on his own watch. I just need little reminders like this to put me in place.

  • God moves mysteriously but certainly. This is a word I needed to hear today. And it is so true, and though I have walked through that truth and felt the goodness of it, sometimes I still have fears and doubts. But, I know God will always be there even if I don’t feel it. Feelings are fleeting, God is forever. And that is certain.

  • God moves in mysterious ways….this has been something I have heard and seem most of my life….how true…when a believe, that which we know to be of God and yet cannot explain….there is His mystery…

    I got to thinking or it came to mind as I read…And there will be certainty…In this world of fast track living, messages being sent and received in an press a button and it is received where ever you sent it in a flash…( I am an old school gal, I love to write letters), …my point it has taken a long time for the gospel to ‘reach the ends of the earth’ and yet, praise God it has and is reaching everyday, with the clarity that only comes from the Father…I had the privilege of hold an old church bible a couple of weeks ago…I had tears as I held it…why? My thought went to how May people before me had held this same beautiful book that contained the word of God…how many had given their lives to Jesus after hearing words from that wonderful ‘I’ve been around a long time’ smelling book…If a big old church bible can do that to me, of the twenty first century, learning and finding out more of the spread of the early church is going to be a mysterious yet certain journey I look forward to taking ….God better have His jars ready to collect the tears…lol..

    Happy Monday…xxx
    See you tomorrow…xx

    • Chris

      Tina, I love that picture of joining in that ‘great cloud of witness’. My own faith journey was heavily influenced by my grandmother. I was struck one day as a teen that God was real to her , watching tears stream down her face as we watched the crucifixion portrayed in a play. God soon became real to me also , inspired by her deep faith.

    • candacejo

      So often, probably far too often, I rely on my phone, laptop or tablet to read my scriptures…and there lies my Bible close by gathering dust. I realize I am still reading the same thing no matter where I get it (and am very thankful for the modern technology at our fingertips!) but sometimes I must pause and grab that old book, drink it in, smell it and let its words consume me! Thanks for the reminder today. ♥

      • Heather (MNmomma)

        thank you Tina for your beautiful insight…..what a powerful reminder. I know that I love the convenience of having the text in the study books for the SRT studies, but there truly IS something special that happens when you open your bible (any bible)…..may your day be blessed my friend!

    • churchmouse

      Oh yes! Sister Tina, there is something special about an old well – worn Bible! Your words took me back 30 years to the first church we attended after we were married. I was so impressed with the number of folks who carried their personal Bibles to church with them. And the sound of the pages turning when the pastor read from the Scriptures. All those Bibles so lovingly carried by His people – as good a reason as any to join that fellowship! Now I absolutely appreciate modern technology but I’m a paper and pen gal. My Bible pages have pulled away from the binding and I have others I use. But I go back to that one, the one I first read and underlined and came to love my Lord through. Thank you Tina, for reminding me today of the preciousness of the Book itself. Blessings to you across the pond!

      • Patti

        The sound of Bible pages turning…….. I miss that sound. Years ago as a college student I attended a large, Bible teaching church. We would sometimes kid that our pastor/teacher led us in “Jolly Bible Time” as he taught. He used so many scriptures. Tied OT and NT together. I learned so many Bible facts and grew in my faith. But yes, the sound of Bible pages turning. I miss that. Now I live in a large city and attend a large church…… but with the scripture up on the screen I don’t hear the sound of Bible pages turning anymore. Readers and iPhone screens……… Oh, I’m happy and excited that the Word of God is more accessible now than ever. But yes, I miss the sound of the pages………

  • Alice Carroll

    120 people is such a small number. They could have had no idea what God was going to do with them. So I should look around my little church and have faith that God can do great things with us too.

  • Kasey Summers

    The gospel changes everything. Oh how true this is. The mystery yet the assurance beyond all things. I’m so thankful for Acts & for SRT!! So pumped for this study!! Been so excited for it to get here. Cannot wait to see what all God is going to teach us!

  • Elisabeth

    The aspects of certainty and mystery were not as clear in my translation (I’m German), but I loved this insight. What I found interesting in today’s reading was verse 8: There is a clear order in which things are supposed to be happening: First of all, we are to receive the Holy Spirit, then afterwards His power, and at last, we are supposed to be witnesses. We are not supposed to be witnesses without relying on God first!
    I also loved the way the early church chose the new apostle, and I hope that I can apply their method to my decision-making-process: They chose someone who remembered the past with Jesus and who believed in Him, they prayed and they let God decide and trusted His will.
    I’m really looking forward to this summer reading plan and I pray for all of us that we will discover new things every day and grow in Christ and become more like Him!

    • Annie

      Hello there fellow German :) Wie schön jemanden zu begegnen, der auch manchmal ein bisschen Probleme mit den deutschen Übersetzungen hat. :)

    • SusieT

      Guten Tag, Elisabeth und Annie! Willkommen! Having just read Tina’s touching comments about an old Bible, I had been thinking about an old family Bible I have, and thinking about my great-Grandmother — who was born in what is now Germany. She came to America with plans to work a few years as a housemaid for a German Lutheran pastor and his family, and then to sail back across the Atlantic to her home with the money she had saved. God, however, had other plans for her: in the large German community in St. Louis, she met and fell in love with a young man also from Germany, they married and began a family. It was faith in her Lord that carried her through some terribly difficult times — and none less so than when, at age 34, she suddenly found herself a widow with seven little children and living in a country then somewhat new to her. She would often tell others, though, that the same God who took care of her as a little girl in her native German village would continue to care for her, wherever she was. (And He did!) …It has been many years since she has gone home to be with the Lord, but stories of her faith remain in my family and continue to inspire. …And so it was all the more wonderful for me this morning to learn that our SheReadsTruth community includes some sweet sisters from Germany! It is so good to have you with us!!

    • Lyndsey

      I love your insight about the order in which we must become witnesses. Thanks for sharing

    • Patty


  • I love the Certainly and mysterious theme to today’s study. God constantly moves in mysterious ways and I totally agree that sometimes we are just not meant to understand. I feel that a lot at the moment. As I struggle with illness (whilst heavily pregnant), try and be a good parent to my toddler, am just about getting to grips with being at work and now my Granny is very poorly.

    I do not understand why but I know God is here. I hold on to that certainly. I’m so looking forward to journeying through Acts and seeing God transform his church. The best bit for me is that the holy spirit who made it all possible the same today as he was then. We have the same power living in us now to transform lives as they did then. Thank you Father

    • Aimee

      Claire, I will pray for you. When I was pregnant with my 2nd child my husband lost his job – 1 month before delivery. Long story but it was unjust and unfair treatment. We had no income and no insurance, a toddler and a baby on the way. I struggled as you are now but I made the decision to trust in God no matter what. To tell you all the mysteries that occurred over the next two years (he was out of work for 2 years) would take too long. Let me just say that I came out of that difficult time knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that I could trust in the Lord my God. He has a reason you are walking this path and He has a plan that you may not even begin to see for a long time. But know that He has you in His hand. Choose to trust Him no matter what. He will be faithful and will fill your heart with peace as you choose that trust in spite of your emotions. Blessings!

      • SusieT

        Beautiful testimony, Aimee! Our God is AWESOME! Thank you for sharing!

  • Tracy Jones

    I pray this study transforms all who walk through it during the next six weeks; let the words of devotion and scripture grow our passion for Christ and develop each of us imperfect apostles on our path towards spiritual maturity. God bless everyone and the journey you are about to begin through this powerful book.

    • Chrissie Herrle

      I can’t believe that we chose the same plan! Pittsburgh is in the beginnings of an apostolic revival so this study fit my situation perfectly!! Thank you for pointing me to this ap sister❤

  • Anna Irwin

    I am thrilled to be reading this along with Shes all across the globe! May God move mightily as we read, pray, and join together in community!! May the Spirit inside us embolden us to love and give testimony to the One we know gives life that is truly life! May His kingdom come and may we be joyfully the hands that help spread the Good News to the ends of the earth!!!

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