A ‘She’ Lock Screen & a Reminder


Friends, our summer reading plan, Acts of the Apostles, begins TOMORROW! We’re setting our alarms, opening our Bibles, and jumping for joy because it’s finally here! It’s our prayer that God would meet us in the pages of the Book of Acts, showing us His big plan for His people.

In the meantime, we wanted to share this lock screen, made especially for you—our “Shes” who Read Truth. Set it as your phone’s wallpaper and be reminded of the sweet gift of a community of women committed to reading God’s Word every day, together.


  • Esther_Elizabeth


  • My husband and I ordered the He/She bundle and are working through it. I wish though, that having spent so much, it came with the app reading included so we could have the insights shared that way as opposed to just the scriptures and note pages. I had hoped the books, for as nice as they are, would include more guidance, teaching, or devotional material to compliment.

    • Elly

      I agree!

    • Dani

      Kit…I wish the book came with the app reading as well! We paid a lot for the book and it would be nice to have the convenience on my phone. But instead, I’m reading the daily devotional on my computer (using the SRT website) for free. Have you at least tried that? To go along with your scripture reading and note pages? The devotions have been great (as always) and really encouraging with the scripture. :)

      • Sara

        I agree that having the app included with the book would be great! In the meantime, I bookmarked the SRT website on my phone’s browser and use it to follow the study.

      • Michelle

        I a!

  • awesome work. g
    God bless

  • Jennifer

    Good morning! What a great study! I love the book of Acts and I am taking my sunday school class on a journey through Acts so this is just in time! I would like to report though that I have tried to get the Through the Bible in a year on my laptop and have not been able to get it. Thank you so much!

    • Melissa

      Try reading through the bible chronologically. That is the only way I have been able to fully understand it all together!

  • I need to clarify – I am using a laptop for the study. I have just read other comments of those who downloaded the app onto their phones then are charged to download the study. This is news to me as I do not use a smartphone for the study. I apologize for incorrect information.

  • Hi everyone! Does anyone know if I need to purchase the study or is it included with the purchase of the book?

    • Denise

      The online study is available to all. The book is a paid for item but the online study is free.
      Welcome !

  • Lauren Cutrer

    So excited to start this study with everyone!!!!! ❤️

  • Jenna Johnson

    I am so excited. This will be my first SRT plan with the community!! So excited

  • churchmouse

    Seeing if this will post. Having technical difficulty

  • churchmouse

    I’m using this Sunday to browse the Acts study guide. It’s simply gorgeous! Chock full of good Godly stuff! The book even smells good lol! Thanks to all for your devotion to excellence!

    • Amy

      Hi churchmouse… Just curious, as I’ve been doing SRT bible studies for almost 2 years now but have never purchased the study guide, am I just totally missing out? I kinda think I am and I need to start getting the guides. Was just wondering your thoughts… Blessings!! Amy

      • churchmouse

        I’m a paper person so I use the guides in conjunction with the android app. The guides are beautifully bound, very sturdy. Includes the Scriptures, commentary, maps, timelines, recipes, hymn chords and removable Scripture memorization cards. I like to take notes and jot down my thoughts so the guide is perfect for having everything in front of me. I read the comments from the app – love the ladies who contribute from around the world! The guides vary in length, detail and price so that may be a factor. Hope this info helps!

      • Marisol

        I purchased the book but do I need to purchase the bible study online as well?

  • Yasmine Mendez

    How do we get the acts plan?

  • So very excited!!!

  • Awesome! looking forward to Acts tomorrow morning! Thank you for all you do and Happy Birthday SRT!

  • Love everything you guys do! Thanks!! ❤️

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