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Proverbs: The Way of Wisdom: Day 3

What God Hates


Today's Text: Proverbs 6:16-19, Proverbs 10:29, Proverbs 11:1, Proverbs 17:15, Proverbs 21:27, Proverbs 28:9

If you’re just joining us, welcome! You’ll find a short introduction to the Proverbs reading plan on Day 1.

Section One, cont’d— God: Wisdom concerning the nature and values of God

In this first week of our study of Proverbs, we are turning our attention upward to who God is and the wisdom He offers His people. We’re exploring topics such as the ways of wisdom and folly, the fear of God, what God commands, what God hates, and blessings and curses.



Day Three: What God Hates

One of the most glorious overarching themes of the Bible is the astonishing love of God toward a rebellious and sinful people. This aspect of God’s nature is so wonderful because it plays out in every setting and circumstance—even in a broken world full of terrible things. To truly know God, and therefore truly walk in wisdom, we must know not only what God loves, but also what He abhors.

Consider these proverbs about the things God hates.

Proverbs 6:16-19
16 The Lord hates six things;
in fact, seven are detestable to Him:
17 arrogant eyes, a lying tongue,
hands that shed innocent blood,
18 a heart that plots wicked schemes,
feet eager to run to evil,
19 a lying witness who gives false testimony,
and one who stirs up trouble among brothers.

Proverbs 10:29
The way of the Lord is a stronghold for the honorable,
but destruction awaits the malicious.

Proverbs 11:1
Dishonest scales are detestable to the Lord,
but an accurate weight is His delight.

Proverbs 17:15
Acquitting the guilty and condemning the just—
both are detestable to the Lord.

Proverbs 21:27
The sacrifice of a wicked person is detestable—
how much more so
when he brings it with ulterior motives!

Proverbs 28:9
Anyone who turns his ear away from hearing the law—
even his prayer is detestable.


Q. Why do you think there are so many proverbs that talk about what God hates? Why is this important for us to know? 

Q. God hates abominations, but loves sinful people. When you are sinned against or are a witness to sin, is hatred something that rises up in you? If not, why do you think there’s no hatred? If so, what is your hatred directed at? How do these proverbs instruct us in how and what to hate? 

Q. Look at Proverbs 11:1. In what sense are we, as people, scales? Name at least one specific time you were a dishonest scale. How can we be “accurate weights”? 

Q. Look at Proverbs 28:9. What does the first half (turning our ears away from hearing the Law) have to do with the second (offering detestable prayers)?


  • Ashley Pickens

    This is a good one. When we don’t obey God our lives become disorderly and that’s when we’re most likely to pray. This is detestable behavior to God. That’s a good reminder.

  • Amanda Boone

    This speaks to me tonight – I tend to voice my beliefs so loudly that they are no longer considered passionate – truthful, yes, but if they are stirring up trouble in the community, what good is it doing? Jesus wants us to speak truth, but not out of anger and hate. My sin is no different than another’s sin, but as Christians, we are to help one another back onto God’s path. If other Christians are not willing to listen or accept the help (including myself) when they have fallen, are preaching false testimony, running toward evil, shedding innocent blood, etc. then it’s time to step back and pray for him/her/me. I just ask that if any of my fellow Christians ever see me falling, please, call me out, address it with me, do whatever God wants you to help me back on His path

    “There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.”
    ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭6:16-19‬

  • Testimony: a young girl was in a position of offending. I prayed for her and God revealed me that I wasn’t the one she was offending but that she was offending him and therefore i NOW know why I felt that way.

  • so often the anger/hatred we have towards someone is due to them sinning against us and not the things that is sin against God or are abominable to him. we are hurt and often times if we really look at the situation we’ll probably find that its not of that importance…we should remove ourselves from ourselves and look upward. We cannot pray to God if we are strayed from God because our hearts are far from him and those prayers will have no true meaning…like a wave…no meaning and depth. God is so mighty and he is the I AM, how can we not go to God with a humble and repentant spirit seeking whats right!
    Writing this all to myself as I’m so guilty of knowing whats right with my head and yet i don’t do it….

    • Katja

      Thank you so much for posting this. All of the words that you have written are exactly what I was feeling and thinking as I was reading today’s study. You are not alone in knowing what’s right and yet struggling to always get there.

  • fredyerainee


  • fredyerainee

    What I got from Proverbs 28:9 ~
    We are turning are ears away from what God gives us to live by making our prayers not heard or not noticed because we are not doing what he wants us to ! We are being disobedient to him but want our prayers to be answered, it’s hypocrisy.

  • *right ( sorry for my spelling)

  • I think God is opening our eyes to things that most of the times we consider normal and because of that we fail. We confuse our opinion and our point of view with what is tight in God’s eyes.

  • This has to be the most powerful thing I’ve read thus far. ~Proverbs 28:9 God has no use for the prayers
    of the people who won’t listen to him.~ How condemning and humbling. It’s powerful realizing that those who pray but don’t listen are simply a mumble in God’s ear. He hears them but doesn’t use His time on them because they don’t use their time to listen to Him.

  • By knowing what God gates reveals his character. It allows us to see his heart and come to a deeper understanding. We can’t try to avoid these things to “get into heaven”, but we can try to reflect him and his love to others.

  • The goal of my life is to make God happy, and doing so means avoiding things that God hates. Such actions include lying, judging others, harming the innocent etc. By providing us with multiple lists of things that God despises, we have a more clear path to heaven.

  • Understanding what God hates reveals His ultimate righteousness and our deep brokenness. Not only so, but His actions on the cross shows us His undying love and compassion for us. Even when we were enemies of God, He died in our place and forgave us time and time again when we were not deserving of it. If we truly love the Lord, we will see how our brokenness has caused a wedge in our relationship with Him. We will desire to repair the brokenness and draw close to Him by walking with Him and seeking His wisdom in our lives

  • Christina

    I think that there are so many verses about what God hates because it helps us to see the nature of God. What I mean is, if we see what God hates, we see things that are the opposite of the nature of God. Anything that God hates is something that will prevent the believer from communion with God. It’s hard to reconcile with the verses in which it says God hates “the one” who does certain things. At the same time, I know that the reason those things are mentioned is because God hates actions that keep people from being in communion with Him and prevent intimacy with Him. I think we also have to look at the Biblical context of “hate”. When I looked up the word hate, I found: a strong dislike or ill feeling toward persons or things. I think what God strongly dislikes is when a person begins acting in a way that is in opposition to His standard. As we read the word and learn more about who God is, it should make us uneasy when we hear or see things that mock God or are in opposition to truth. May we continue to grow in our knowledge of you, God. May we love the things that you love and hate the things that you hate. May we desire to do things that being glory to Your name and despise in our hearts to do things that dishonor your name. Illuminate our hearts so that we may see the intentions behind our actions. Show us those areas in our heart that do not measure up to whose we are in You.

    • Luisa

      So very well explained! It really helped me to understand his nature and that ‘hate’ in another context doesn’t sound aggressive

  • Dear Lord, help me to live a life as an accurate scale. Help me to live my life according to your ways. That I would live my life as a Christ follower in front of others and even when I’m alone. I pray that I will seek you in all I do and be an example of you in speech, love, faith, and more.

  • Katherine Proctor

    Lord help me to see people through your eyes. Help me pour out your grace and mercy to others. You are a good Father and I pray that you reveal that goodness to me every day. Let me not turn away from you when I think I know best….lead me to honor your will and your plan for my life , and your plan for those around me.

  • Lord let me accurately weigh the situations and people in front of me, not by how I feel or my own judgement, but through your eyes. All people are your children, lost and in different stages of being brought back to you or turning away and not getting to have true life in You. Let me see things as they really are.

  • Another thing I felt convicted about is that, while I don’t shed innocent blood or often sow discord among people, and that list seems like pretty “bad” things… I am so guilty of haughty eyes! I don’t realize it but often my sin of judging others comes from me thinking I know better or am better. Lord give me humility! Help me see things how you see them so I can more easily act how you’d have me act, and stay humble. Let me look to you for answers and not my own judgement.

  • I’m having trouble bc part of the verse says He hates “one who stirs up trouble between brothers.” So that is hating the actual person. It’s being nit picky, but it confuses me why it wouldn’t say “when someone stirs up trouble between brothers.” Maybe it is the translation? But both say it that way. It just seems like if we were supposed to glean “love the sinner, hate the sin” from that passage, it would have been worded differently. Then again, this is the Old Testament, so I guess it’s a little different. God did hate/turn his back on His chosen people’s enemies right? I may be way off track but that part is just bugging me! Anyone have any insight?

    • Ellen

      I am hoping someone can provide insight to this as well!

    • Luisa

      Look at Christina’s answer below, I think she explained the word ‘hate’ in this specific context very well!

  • Michaela Price

    “When you are sinned against, is hatred something that rises up in you?” This questions hit my hard today. I have been learning to learn on God and be like him by being slow to anger. I have been all too easily angered in the past. How do we keep our calm and be patient when something doesn’t go our way or we are sinned against?

    • Tegan Grunditz

      It helps me to remember that when we are wronged, it is satan’s influence in that person’s life. Hate the sinner, not the sin. And when things don’t go our way, it’s God telling us he has something better planned! Which trust me, is way better than anything we think we may want or need in our lives.

    • Pico Aulicino

      I often say the “sick mans prayer”. You can find it online if you google it.

  • What are we supposed to do with hatred towards sins committed against us, though? I’m struggling with this and while these verses help validate my pain and alleviate my fears of being wrong in my pain and anger, but I don’t know what to do know because I’ve never seen hatred as an instructed Christian concept.

    • amy

      I’ve always heard “hate the sin, love the sinner”. It makes me think of the story of the women who cheated on her husband and therefore was going to be stoned according to Jewish law. Jesus instead told the crowd, let any of you who have never sinned throw the first stone. Of course, everyone left. Although what that woman did was terrible, Jesus was showing us a picture of what it means to love the sinner but hate the sin. Can you really judge anyone for their sin when you too are a sinner?

    • Laura

      Rachel, from my own experience … forgiveness! There is freedom. Laying that situation down at the feet of the Lord. I continued to pray for forgiveness … I didn’t mean it at first… then one day when I prayed for forgiveness towards this person, I found myself really meaning it. I felt like a feather. The weight of the world was gone. I was no longer living in anger and hate. That was all God.

    • Shannon

      Hatred and anger are every day battles for me. It took me a while to realize that fixating on these feelings felt like it gave me purpose – by being angry I felt like I was keeping it from being forgotten. If I didn’t care, no one else would! It is definitely an isolating cycle.

      When I was at a very low point I heard God for the first time. He said, “I was with you all along.”

      God is with you and knows what happened and the pain you felt. From there, I think the next step is not making anger part of your identity and trusting that God will address that person in His own way.

  • Robin Rentrope

    I am feeling conflicted with this lesson today. I think because of our modern world’s interpretation of the word “hate”. Maybe hate to God, is feeling loss and pain and disappointment, and not so much a meanness and eternal rejection as I interpret the word today in American culture. If I am to see the world and the universe and everything the way it is, and then for any thing in existence to become selfish and destructive for the sake of self satisfaction, I feel that thing’s selfish action as painfully sad and I want to destroy it and explode it and for everything that is good to be showered by the debris of that thing and to feel relief. It is the opposite of nurturing love. It is is loving something and feeling the pain of it hurting others, and becoming disappointed and seeking justice. What is God’s hate do you think?

    • Christen Nohra

      I think of it this way: God hates sin but not the sinner. I think we see the word hate and think of it as harsh and rejecting, when in reality, God hates the sin that entered the world that has caused people to turn from Him and not see just how loving He is. I’m reading through 2 Samuel, and I think David is a great example of how God hated his sin, but ended up naming David a man after His own heart because David was repentant. He never hated David despite the horrible things he did, but He definitely did not like the sin. I am seriously no expert obviously but I think this has helped me some.

  • Can someone please clearly what the second question is asking, and what the answer may be ?

    • Johanza

      Clarify, I apologize

      • Kara

        Hi Johanza! I’m not sure if I know the answer, but I think the question is asking whether we also feel hatred and disgust when we see things that God hates. If we don’t feel it, why not? If we do feel it, what is the hatred directed at? For me, I can say that I do feel anger and hatred when I am sinned against or when I witness something very unfair. Hearing people lie is also infuriating to me. But where is my hatred directed? Its usually directed at the person who did the wrong, or I find a scapegoat. I feel that hatred directed at a person is probably not what God eats, but hatred directed at a concept seems too vague for a person to really accomplish. What do you think?!

      • Johanza

        Thank you so much Kara, this really clarified what the question was asking tremendously. And to answer your question, I believe that we can hate the sin but we can’t hate the sinner. And we have to remember that God may not love our sins, but he loves us. So as children of God we are to love our brothers and sisters dispite the situation.

      • Paige S.

        This helped me as well! As I was reading I kept thinking “I do hate those sins but I don’t think I am supposed to hate people”.

  • Look at Proverbs 11:1. In what sense are we, as people, scales? Name at least one specific time you were a dishonest scale. How can we be “accurate weights”?  I’m having trouble understanding this verse and the questions along with it, if anyone could help that would be great!

    • Tiffany

      From what I understand, (anyone feel free to correct me!) back in those days (before coins) people paid for things in weights of metals. Because of this, people were taken advantage of because the person selling the goods would have a “dishonest scale” that made the person buying actually use more metal than necessary. It was a way to cheat people out of money. As far as application to our lives, there are many interpretations but I think of when I want to sin and convince myself that it isn’t really that bad. I’m unfairly “tipping the scales” in favor of whatever it is I want to do instead of looking at the truth in the Bible. Hope that helps!

      • Mazda

        Thank you, this is a wonderful explanation and way to look at it!

      • Katie

        Thank you so much for this explanation! I was wondering the same thing and this clears it up for me.

    • Alissa

      I was imagining the scales as a symbol for judgment. Am I judging someone fairly or am I being dishonest in assuming that I am perfect and they are not? I also like Tiffany’s answer about the money!

  • The last question reminded me of a sermon I once heard…one comparison of turning from the law and it’s relation to detestable prayers is as if you are driving a car, and you ignore the speed limit law. If you ignore it and are dangerously speeding, yet praying to be kept safe, it doesn’t really work that way. The comparison helps me relate this question to the law of the Lord.

    • Kaitlyn

      Thank you for this! I was struggling with this question, but your analogy on it helped me to better understand!

  • Reading through these posts are so encouraging!
    Thankful for a faithful God and praying that we can be faithful to Him, in the midst of every situation we face.

  • I was struck by the question what is okay to hate. The proverb gives permission to hate the same things that God does and yet we just like God need to love the sinners but hate those things that are abominations z

  • Jenna Stephan

    I think He convicts me on certain things, I think that is “God’s hate” in my life. I certainly hate certain things in people, that’s a huge problem in my life because I get so upset by how other people feel. I know that’s either because I act that way also or because God wants me to see that. Lord I pray that you open my eyes to my sins and then the sins of others so I can live life with less bitterness.

  • Jenna Stephan

    There are so many passages about what God hates I believe is because God hates the Satan and what he is doing to turn His people away from Him. So, learning what He hates will help us identify what Satan is doing in our lives and how we are separated from God. I don’t see hate in my life, but I don’t know if I exactly display Godly love…

  • Baylee Smithson

    Keep being strong and encouraged to walk hand in hand with God everyday, and trust him to have control over your life

  • Lord, help me to be a peacemaker and not a drama queen.

  • If your not listening to God or paying much attention to him and his will, your prayers are detestable. Wow. I really needed that eye opener, I’ve been off track for way too long.

    • Julia Pike

      Feeling this exact same way. It’s hard to hear, and I hate to think of my prayers as being detestable, but I certainly fit the bill according to what the scripture says. Comforting to know that we have grace and mercy and another chance to get back on track.

  • Essiielag


  • Kacie Ann

    Today’s lesson really helped me today

  • Latoya Irving

    I love today lesson that is so real I stay away from drama and being in the streets that can lead into trouble and hanging around people who gossip and is full of drama I can’t stand a messy person. What important is to really know your word meaning their are people who does false teaching like it said today lesson but to teach us the word and live by it yes we are going to mess up that natural but understand your wrong and repent and ask God to help you in that area how I look at the bible is that it’s a life manual of everyday life I’m so great full to have it great lesson today

  • Kat Marquez

    I believe this scripture not only allows us to internalize and repent of our sins but I also think it is a reminder of the things we shouldn’t let others slip into. As witnesses, we are not only responsible to share the word of God but also act as a support system for our sisters and brothers in Christ when we see them falter.

    • Kayla

      Amen! It is sometimes easy to forget that we are responsible for sharing the word of God and acting to others in the way God intends us to. Your love and devotion to God must be upward, inward, and outward.

  • I love this study because of the questions. I’m able to relate the scripture back to my own actions and what I need to improve and or fix. I hope there are more of these studies with questions at the end!

  • This scripture 11:1 is talking about being dishonest in the market place.

    • Anna

      I think the metaphor of a scale and the idea of being dishonest in the market place can also relate any way we are dishonest for personal gain, but if you want you can stick to the idea of money and think about it as ways we are dishonest for financial gain.

  • This days reading has brought a need for repentance. Ladies, I pray for us all to be balanced scales. We wouldn’t be following this study if we weren’t seeking to be more like Christ. Thanks be to God for all He does in our lives.

  • I want to be a balanced scale!

  • Steff Thomas

    I think we all need to remember this. But we also need to turn our lives around. So many still commit these abominations with the mindset that God will forgive them in the end. God does love us all, no matter the sin. But we have to completely TURN AWAY from it. Something I know I’m still learning as I deal with my anger and depression. #GodisGood

    • Erica

      God forgives ALL sins. No matter how big or small. From the smallest sin to the most horrendous, he forgives all who seek repentance. That doesn’t mean go out and sin because he will forgive, but it does mean that if u ask he will forgive

  • Tierra Lebbie

    This study on what God hates really brought me to a state of repentance. It showed me areas in my heart that I have dishonest or been a dishonest scale. Praise be to God for repentance and forgiveness. And I am trusting Him who is faithful to do a work in my heart concerning these areas :)

  • Haley Agnew

    This is hard for me to understand. I’ve always thought of God as a loving guy up there who wants you to be happy. And lately I’ve been learning to revere and fear him correctly. We are sinful people. He loves us, but he hates the sins that we do. Jesus came to take the sun from us but only if we repent from it. Otherwise, we will not end up eternally in heaven, but in hell where we will never be with God. I don’t know if anyone wants to read this but it’s helping me process things.

  • Hope Lyon

    The scales question got me, but this is what I answered.
    I think the dishonest scale is when we try to weigh sin by our own standards and through comparison. Scripture says that all sin is equal in the eyes of the Lord, but do we lessen the weight of socially acceptable sins, like lying, to make ourselves look and feel better about the good things we do? Sin is sin, no matter how you present it. When we’re an honest scale, we understand the true weight of our sin. And when we can grasp that, it should be easy for us to humbly present ourselves to the Lord.

    • Angela Pennington

      Wow that’s a wonderful take on that question! Thank you for sharing. That question really stumped me too.

    • Abbey Lee

      Beautiful. Love this interpretation. I would never have thought to look at this verse in any more depth if not prompted.

    • Erica

      I never thought about this verse in that way. Awesome! Thank you for sharing :)

    • Terri

      Thank you for that reply. I was struggling with interpretation of that verse, but your definition makes good sense. I have ventured from what I was taught to believe growing up, and this has made me see just how far I’ve ventured and how unbalanced I’ve become.

  • Thank you Elizabeth!! Truly eye opening and I know I personally need to be more open to what God wants from me.

  • I’ve been in a difficult conflict and what really stood out to me this morning is the question about being sinned against. Do I feel hate? I do. I detest that I am being doubted, misunderstood and attacked because someone else is defensive. But I don’t hate the person. I’m disappointed.

  • Tammy Alfieri

    Dishonest scales brings me to hypocrisy. I have often spent time pondering others sin instead of my own. I think this is dishonest scales when measuring your own sin as less than another’s.

    • Amy

      Thank you for sharing this. I didn’t understand that verse and this helped me. I feel the same!

      • Morgan

        Very true Tammy! Its hard not to compare our sins and think ‘well at least I’m not doing that’. I think we do this sometime to make ourselves not feel so guilty and to make ourselves feel like we are better than others.

  • In this world full of sinners, it can be difficult to know what to hate about the sinner. I feel as though God is telling me that, just like him, we should hate the sin and not the sinner. God loves every human being, sinner or not, what God doesn’t love are our actions, or our sins.

    • Isabella Guedes

      Very well said. This is something I use daily with the ones I love….”I love you, I just don’t love your sin.” And I say that to myself too because that we sin daily. What an awesome we serve. To God be the glory. With Him, things are possible.

  • This one spoke to me! When God talks about dishonest scales I think he is referring to when people don’t live the way they should all they time. I am guilty of this… I need to work on things!!! This was a great read :)

  • I love the thought provoking questions. I wish all the studies had those.

  • I am loving this study! I just finished the Acts of the Apostles which I was doing in a Bible Study. This time I’m dong it on my own. I like that the reading is light so there is more time to reflect on each verse (and with an active toddler and a baby on the way, short is good!) Also the questions help it to stick with me more. Sometimes I tend to read and then forget what I’ve read! This helps me remember throughout the day!!

  • Stephanie

    That question is really interesting! I started thinking of how prayer is related to “ears” by listening and hearing. Prayer is a way for God to listen to us AND a way for us to listen to Him. If we turn our ear away from His laws, but want Him to turn His ear toward us when we pray, it reveals our selfishness and sin.

  • Lexi Nicole

    That last question asks what turning your ear away from the law has to do with prayer. I don’t really know. What insight did you all find for this one?

    • Amber

      Look at it like a friendship-if someone is always coming to you with their problems but never listening to your advice or what you have to say, wouldn’t it get old? You’d probably stop listening after awhile. That’s kind of like us always telling God our issues, but never reading the Word to see how we’re to live! Our prayes would become detestable after awhile! We need both prayer and studying His word to have a relationship with Him! Hope this helps!

      • Olivia

        This helped it make sense to me! Thanks Amber!

      • Sara

        Thank you! That explanation also helped clarify this for me! Definitely an area I could use improvement as well.

    • Larantoinette

      My thoughts on that one were that – when we turn our ears from the law- we close our attentive mind and heart to the law- to embracing Gods Word in humility and thirst for- our prayers cannot be in line with what God desires because our hearts are far from him. My prayers will be self-seeking and against God’s perfect will for our complete joy and satisfaction in Him.

  • I am really appreciating this devotional about Proverbs! Thanks!
    Also thanks to the women that commented giving their opinion on some questions I had some trouble answering. It’s a beautiful community.

  • Deborah Bell

    Day 3 was just what I needed to hear. I’ve been struggling to get along with my in-laws and these verses nailed it! Now if I can only memorize them and recall them in the heat of the moment…

  • I think the scales are the effort I put forth at my job, at my home, at my church. Am I really giving the effort I should? Or am I lazy and distracted sometimes? I have to challenge myself to not just show up for church, but to PAY attention to the readings, pay attention to those around me. Am I noticing that someone is sad? Am I overlooking important places where I can be the hands & feet of Jesus because I’m too busy and distracted?

  • What does Proverbs 11:1 mean? For some reason the question about scales was confusing to me.

    • Caitlin Hull

      I was confused as well. I got the opinion of a friend and searched online. From what I understand, God should be our center focus. But often times it is easy to get caught up and even end up worshipping the things of this world. God has provided a balance for us in the Word. He tells us what things are good and what things are bad. But people prefer to make up their own way of salvation. They make a false balance , a false gospel. They make up their own weights with which to compare themselves.

      The conclusion I came to is that God does the weighing and He has placed a balance upon us. And the stone of that balance is Jesus.

      Take a look at Daniel 5 and read the story of the King who worshipped the gods of silver, gold, brass, etc and how God convicted him of the false balance he had in his life.

      Hope that helps!! (:

  • Bailey Alysa

    This study has opened my heart up even more to the Lord! I now understand clearly what He hates and how I can be a better Christian gal for Him. I plan to write down the 7 hatred’s from Proverb 6:16-19 so that I may be reminded daily of what not to do so that my heart may tread in His good path.

  • Ashley A.

    I’m struggling to identify the difference between sinful people and an abomination.

    • Rachel Kennedy

      The way I see it is that we are all sinful people, whether we like it or not. But the abominations are the sins performed by the sinful who acknowledges their sins and yet continues to do the things that God hates. I hope this helps!

      • Brandy Denise

        This was very helpful for me! Thanks

      • Kenya

        I believe it’s akin to the phrase that runs in Christian circles about people whose lifestyles, addictions, habits, etc. are condemned or considered sinful: Christians are to love the person, but not the act they commit. That’s how I consider it, anyway!

        • Maggie

          Yep. Hate the sin love the sinner, because isn’t that what Jesus would do? Love reading these comments, they give me more insight to what the passage is saying.

  • Kelli Vining

    This was a great reminder to me this morning of what my relationship should be with my Heavenly Father. The first question asked why is it important to now what He abhors… I was reminded of the first year of dating and getting to know my husband. Man, I wanted to know EVERYTHING there was to know: his likes, dislikes, fears, goals, feelings, everything! Why? Because I wanted to please him. I wanted to be the best girl for him and be exactly what he needed.
    Just so, I ought always to search out God’s heart. What does He love, hate, what are His goals for me… Why? So that I can be what HE wants me to be in this world in order to make a difference for HIM!
    Lord, help us be reminded of not just the things you love, but also the things you hate so that we, as your children, can be more like you and show others of your love and salvation!

  • Digging deep into Proverbs is showing me the do’s and dont’s – so to speak. Proverbs is such a great guideline for wisdom and discipline. I’m praying I am able to care more deeply & gently.

  • Kailynn Gray

    I am definitely learning how to forgive my Earthly Father through this journey through Proverbs . He doesn’t understand that the things he saids & does are not in a believers lifestyle . Proverbs is allow me to forgive and not be foolish and hold onto hatred towards him. I’m praying for a soften heart.

    With Many blessing ,

    • Kenya

      I can certainly empathize with your struggle.. I’m sending prayers you and your father’s way, friend!

  • Ashley Lynn

    I feel like I learned a lot about the fathers heart tonight. I feel rest & peace in his love towards me!

  • JessLynnJoy

    There was a quote in my bible near the last verse of the study. It mentioned that we need to come to God in prayer while acting on our belief. It can sometimes be hard for me to tell God certain things or ask Him certain things. Part of that is because I don’t always come in faith with an understanding of God’s love for me. I am praying for a more believing heart and really am trying to turn my focus that way.

  • Tomasina Williams

    I have been struggling with remaining patient with my husband and taming my tongue! I will say things without thinking and pray to God to help tame my unruly tongue! This week has been enlightening and I am continuing to pray for guidance

    • Megan

      I’m praying for you! I too use words as venom to hurt others. In the heat of things I often am proud that my words made someone hurt which is NOT of God. I will be lifting you up, Tomasina!

  • kelsey arkills

    i love this. i just started reading the proverbs after a life changing mission trip. i am still struggling with patience with my family and believing that jesus really is real. prayers for that.

  • Nicole Miners

    The way of the Lord is a refuge for the blameless, but it is the ruin of those who do evil.

    When I’ve done the right thing and have been persecuted for it, I open Your Word, Lord, and find comfort. I know I don’t have to feel bad because Yo are pleased with me. Your Word says also that the Way is the ruin of those who do evil. “Ruin” sounded so harsh at first, but then you reminded me of someone who put it this way… “God totally wrecked me.” You ruined their sense of who they were and what was valuable to them. You brought them out of darkness into light. You tore down their walls and broke their chains. That’s the kind of ruining your Way does!!!! I love it!!

  • This shows me how easily we can fall into 2 categories of unbelief.
    1. We do not accept what God hates as sin and therefore we fail to see our need and dependence on Christ’s atonement for our sins. So we keep on sinning without remorse.

    2. We accepts what God hates, think we never do these things, that we follow “the rules” perfectly on our own. So we judge others who are sinning because God detests it and we don’t allow God to help us work on our own sins.

    Both scenarios keep us from depending on Christ which prevents us from experiencing His grace that covers us completely! God dislikes both scenarios because he loves us so much and hates to see us miss out on his precious gift.

    • Megan

      Wonderfully said, Lisa! As I was reading the proverbs I was thinking, “I’m pretty good at not doing these things…” But I can be very quick to judge others and when I do, I get frustrated with the person and not the action/sin. This is such a great reminder for me and God is challenging me to refocus myself on His word and truth. Thanks for posting ;)

  • BlessedandFavored

    The way to wisdom is through truth.

  • Dory Raymond

    Can anyone help pray for a friend of mine? Her name is grace, she is a Christian 16 year old, and her family is half Christian, a family of 4. Mom is single, (Danielle) and turning away from God, trying to help Elle. And in that she has avoided the pastor, or any godly help. The adult sister’s name is Elle. She is not Christian, and is turning to her dad, (??name??) a bad alcoholic and into lots of drugs. She has had a very hard life, and needs Jesus. Please pray for them. (And me… A preteen doesn’t need this…) thank you, and bless you.

    • Dory Raymond

      ^and Danielle is also avoiding my mom( aka BFF) And my mom’s BFF that three of them used to be really close, Now it’s just my mom and her friend.

      • Madeline

        Of course. I’m sorry you are having to see a friend go through that! Life is hard sometimes, but the Lord promises that in those times he will hold steadfast

  • Proverbs 28:9 is exactly what I needed to hear tonight. I have been selfish in many ways and I pray the Lord will always keep me in his path.

    • Madeline

      That scripture made me do a double take! I like to think I have a better way of operating than Christ can in me. Praying for my ears to be tuned to His word.

    • Kyle

      I agree! This verse stuck out to me out of all of them!

  • Rachel Ray

    Jesus, I’m sorry for ever hearing Your Word and turning my ear away. I have made the incredibly selfish decision to take advantage of Your forgiveness, time and time again, knowing that I could choose the instant gratification and be forgiven when I prayed. Please don’t let my prayers be detestable to Your ears. I’m so sorry. Let me start anew. I want to be heard by You and Your Kingdom. I have put up a front that I am not proud of. I am so sorry, Lord. I have had a heart that devises evil plans, and takes advantage of the King of Kings!!! What kind of person does that?! I want to start over. I’m so sorry. Please Lord. Amen.

  • Christie Gould

    Dear Lord, rinse me of of detestable ways. Lead me on a path of honesty and forgiveness. I have been dishonest with the person I love most, and I may lose him forever lord. Please, take my lying tongue and cleanse it. Forgive me, Jesus. Glory be to God! Amen!

  • Lorna Duncan

    Proverbs 17:15 is exactly what I needed tonight! So many people are being tough on me because of my relationship with Jesus and this is exactly what I needed to read.

  • Proverbs 11:1 seems to me to be a verse about fairness. Scales are often used to represent fairness and equal judgement so it makes me feel as though God hates when people don’t judge fairly, when you don’t hold the same standards and morals for every situation.

    • Beth

      I interpreted it differently, Briana. What if it’s about balancing our lives: thoughts, actions, fears, hopes, time, money, etc…? Keeping the important things important and not becoming unbalanced in all areas?

  • I’m a bit confused about Prov 21:27 though, if anyone can help shed some light/share interpretation :) Thanks in advance!

    • Sierra

      The offerings that the wicked bring to sacrifice before the Lord mean nothing and do nothing for their debt to the Lord. It’s even more so insulting when they bring their offerings without a pure heart and without real intent to clean, through the sacrifice, what they have made dirty.

    • Dory Raymond

      If a sinner is giving a sacrifice to the lord, and is doing it with the wrong motive, that is like a lie to God, and is taking advantage of his gift. You would hate that two. Right?

  • @Taylor I think scales represent people who are dishonest, and my immediate interpretation was that this is especially those who call them Christians (and portray themselves as one), yet think and act another way. Hence hypocritical and not dependable.

  • I’m having a hard town understanding Proverbs 11:1, I was just curious of some other interpretations that might help!

    • Hayley

      My interpretation of 11:1 is that the Lord detests the lengths to which people lie, but he favors those who are upfront about themselves and have the strength to be honest. It was confusing to me as well and I had to read over that one a few times.

    • Jessica

      Hi! I’ll use an example, charging people more because they’re rich. becauthey are

  • I live close to Youth camp my hubby is helping there this week so we get to hang out and worship. There are games that require a lot of students honesty like dodge ball. Sometimes just observing this makes it hard to separate the sin from the sinner. When I see a student repeatedly pretend he is not out I associate him or her with that since the rest of camp. This lesson was very convicting. I am thankful God can forgive my unloving attitude.

  • The way of the Lord is a stronghold to the blameless,
    but destruction to evildoers.

    Following the light of Christ leads us to His heavenly Kingdom, a stronghold for His people

  • anyone else remember that song…”there are 6 things even 7 that the lord hates things he cannot stand. proud looking eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that thinks of wicked thing to do, and feet that run to evil to, anyone who loves to lie about others, and one who causes trouble with his brothers. “

  • I think that this lesson is SO relevant to our culture today, specifically when it comes to issues like Radical Islam, ISIS (or transgender bathroom laws) and other evils that cause us to be afraid. I believe that the Christian is called to live in the balance between those who are calling for tolerance and blind embracing of all ideas, faiths and ways of life apart from submission to God and His Word and those on the other side who are terrified of terrorist groups and want to ban all people of Muslim faith from our country. Wisdom is to hold on to the fear of the Lord, not the fear of man. It calls us to recognize the abominations that God hates and hate them too. But it also calls us to see that God is greater than all of these things and He offers hope, reconciliation to ALL mankind. Even those caught up in ungodly lifestyles or even radical Islam. We get to shine His light in all of this darkness. It’s all part of His plan.

  • Lord God I come to you today humbly asking that you help died my heart to a place where hatred is only for sin and not for a person. Please touch my mouth to be honest and my mind to start at zero, much like an honest scale; forgive me for when this is not the case. Thank you for this lesson, in Jesus name I pray amen!

  • Nikki Garrison

    There are a ton of comments and I’m a slow reader, so I haven’t read them all. My question may already be answered. But I’m really struggling with the second question(s). I don’t think I’ve ever felt hatred when I’ve been sinned against. I don’t know. I think hate is just such a strong word. Yes I’ve felt angry, hurt and disappointed. But, I’d never say hatred. I think that God displayed for us the ultimate example of grace by giving us Christ. For me, this makes it seem like a major sin and slap in the face to Jesus to say something like “I hate…” at any point. Can hatred be forgiven just as easily as disappointment or anger? Am I getting too hung up on the word “hate” just because I think it’s a really strong word?

    Also, the last part of the question really bothers me… I don’t think any of these scripture instruct us on how or what to hate. They simply tell us what God hates. We are not God. Instructing us to hate something doesn’t seem like something God, who is LOVE would do…I know there’s no answer key or cheat sheet or even right or wrong answers for these questions…but I just really don’t understand anything about us being instructed how or what to hate anything. Am I missing something?

    • Diana

      I think we should hate what God hates. The behavior or action, not the person. It’s difficult to make the distinction, but there are some heinous things that we should hate. I think knowing that God loves us all, and meets us all where we are makes it easier not to hate the person. He works on all of us, and teaches all of us in His timing, not ours. The person who committed the sin is just not where they should be, or hopefully will be, right now. There is still hope for redemption. But the sin itself is still something to be hated.

      • Nikki G.

        Thanks Diana. This was helpful. I guess I never thought of the how I felt toward the sin when I was sinned against personally…human nature makes my feelings go toward the person who sinned against me, not the sin itself. That’s why I was having trouble grasping this concept of feeling hatred when being sinned against. I’ve always understood the old saying, “hate the sin, not the sinner”. But that’s so much easier to understand when the sin isn’t being committed against me personally. I think that’s where I was getting confused.

      • Liz

        I struggled with the same thing!

    • Katie Fontenot

      Nikki it took me a while to really understand this question. This is what I came up with. To know God is to know the truth and wisdom. God leads by example. He hates sin but loves sinful people. Therefore, we should do the same. When someone sins against us, we should hate the sin ( selfishness, ugly words, etc) but we should never hate the person who committed the sin because God shows us by His example that we are to condemn the sin not the sinner. Hope this helps :)

    • Rachel Catherina

      Following off of what other people have already said, what stood out to me was that these verses never condemn the sinner but rather the sin. It their arrogance, their lying tongue, the stirring up of conflict, their condemnation of the innocent, and the ignoring of His instruction that God hates. There will always be hope for the sinner but never the sin itself.

  • I have a question. God told us not to hate. I have a gay friend. I don’t like the fact that she is gay, but she is a wonderful person. Should I stop being friends with her?

    • Grace

      Zierra, do not drop this friend! God calls us to love all people. He Himself sat with sinners. We are all sinners. Remember, nothing is wrong with her simply BEING gay. What would be wrong would be only to ACT on her desires. God made her gay to lead her on the path to sanctification that He chose for her. It is the suffering and denying of our earthly desires that leads us to holiness. I would advise you to do your best to humble yourself and see yourself in your friend. Extend compassion and love to her instead of judgment. Her walk will be difficult but if she has faithful loving friends by her side the burden will be lighter! Best of luck.

      • Gloria

        I’m sorry, but I don’t agree that God made her gay. God’s work has been perfect since creation, it’s the devil that distorts it. But I do agree that we are all flawed because of sin and on a path to sanctification. It’s only the love of Jesus that leads us to true repentance so keep loving your friend as Zierra says … the love of Jesus has power to heal and truly transform… God’s grace

    • Nikki G.

      Zierra, your friend’s sin of homosexuality is no different than any sin you or I commit. There no reason whatsoever for you to stop being friends with her. Yes, homosexuality is a sin. But, no it is not different from any other sin. It’s just talked about more. The Bible is very clear that a sin is a sin. One is not worse than another. The comment Grace made about God making her gay…that is very, very debatable. It doesn’t really matter though. But, she is right that it’s the acting upon the sin that makes it a sin. Keep in mind though that the Bible is also clear about lustful thoughts being sinful. So, a gay person doesn’t have to engage in sexual activity with a member of the same sex to commit a sin. Again though, same goes for straight people. Sin is sin. Jesus hung out with sinners all the time. We’re called to be a light in the darkness. I have several gay friends and they are very aware that I believe homosexuality is clearly defined in the Bible as a sin. However, they also know that I believe that gluttony is clearly defined as a sin. So, if we’re keeping score, the pint of ice cream I ate in one sitting even though I knew I shouldn’t have because it was pure gluttonous…they know that we’re tied on a sin level in my book…and my book is the Bible.

      • Emily

        Nikki, I love this response. I’ve seen so many turn from gay friends because “it’s a sin”. Yet in my opinion, that response is acting as if one sin is greater than another. We all sin and are all at fault, it is not a call to abandon one another because of that!

  • Deana Lewis

    Loved this devotional

  • we must remember the laws/commandments. NOT because we earn faith through works or we think it’s a “duty” we have to do. Nor should we completely ignore them and sin whenever we want, saying, “I’ll just ask for forgiveness later.” Or “well, it was only a tiny sin.”

    The reason why one would follow the commandments is to honor God. A way to express our love and gratitude to Him. Jesus has already overcome all sin, freeing us from the chains of death. Though we no longer are required to follow all of these rules (almost like a checklist), the reason we should is to bring all honor to God. It isn’t about us, it’s about Him. If we say we haven’t stolen anything or covered things as a way to show how magnificent you are, then God will my be pleased. But if you don’t steal because you want to follow Christ’s footsteps and say, “You know what God? I love you so much and I want to obey you 100%. Not half heartedly, but completely.”

    God would rather us be cold or hot than lukewarm; claiming to love and know Christ, but living a life that claims otherwise.

  • momina sheikh

    the answer for the very first question is this. God is like father. father love his children but he also want to protect his children from evil. He stop his children from doing evil. father God knows that if we are going to do these kind of stuff we are going to harm ourselves or someone else.

  • In reply to the last question regarding Proverbs 28:9, “If anyone turns a deaf ear to my instruction, even their prayers are detestable.”
    I think it is about if you are praying for something that isn’t in accordance with God’s law, that is something he hates, that is detestable.

    • Rachel Catherina

      I think it also has to deal with forgiveness in the sense that so many people lately ignore Gods instructions and say “I’ll ask for forgiveness later.” (I am guilty as well.) I think that this is considered a detestable type of prayer as well. I believe that forgiveness cannot occur unless there is an intent to change behind it and intent is deemed worthless without action. In this case, in order for God to forgive us we have to actively pursue obedience and follow his instructions.

  • Does anyone understand “the sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination?” This one is confusing me.

    • Chloe

      Hi Morgan! I read something in my study Bible that might help. It says that the sacrifice of the wicked is a lie, a false pretense of piety that the Lord detests. Since the ways of the wicked are not honorable and humble to the Lord, they’re sacrifices surely cannot be honest scarifies. Their sacrifices are most likely out of selfish gain and of empty weight, and God detests what is arrogant and foolish. Their sacrifices are worthless to the Lord. I hope this was helpful!

    • Teffany

      Kind of like when you do something but point it out and flaunt it for others to notice then you have no reward for that in heaven your reward is the appreciation you’re seeking from the people… Hope it helps a little

  • Terri, I can struggle with this too. Always feeling like I’m not completely “cleared” of all the bad. The truth is that, ALL of God’s wrath was poured out on Jesus, our totally innocent Savior. To say there is not enough forgiveness for our sins is to say that Jesus’ death just wasn’t enough. Remember, God hates sin, not you. He loved you so much, he killed his son for you! Our lives will be full of sin, even after we have trusted Jesus as our Savior. Although its not natural, we need to remind ourselves that our constant sin points us to our constant need for him as a Savior. I hope this helps:

    • Sarah

      So true, Leah! Something that I have been learning and growing with lately is that how we ‘feel’ isn’t always an indicator of the truth. The truth stands no matter how we feel- so although we still may feel I forgiven, it doesn’t change the fact that we are forgiven FULLY in Christ. I find that repeating the truth out loud can help my feelings catch up with reality. Sometimes it takes a while, and can even sometimes be painful depending on the situation, but speaking God’s truth in difficult times is a pleasing sacrifice to Him. We certainly belong to an upside-down amazing kingdom!

  • How do you clear your heart of all the bad you have done? Asking for forgiveness doesn’t seem like enough? I could write a book on all my bad??? How do you get it all out? If I were God I think I’d hate me too!

    • Teffany

      I’m reading a book called resolutions for women of God and 1 cheaper is all about this… It quotes a verse about Moses and how he was a faithful servant! It goes to explain how he failed and failed but never lost sight of his calling from God and that is what makes him and all of us faithful which is one of the only things we can give God because EVERYTHING is his… You are Faithfully and wonderfully made! Head up keep your eyes on Him and you can never fail in his eyes you may stumble but he will pick you up every time

    • Julie

      If you’re looking to “clear your heart of all the bad you’ve done” because you want a clean heart in Jesus’ eyes, forgiveness absoutely is enough. The cross was enough. When Jesus said He won’t remember our sins, He meant it. Once we ask for forgiveness, it’s gone. We tend to come to Jesus with those sins we are contanstly battling against saying, “God, I’ve done it again.” and His response every time is, “Done what again?”- this is so important. However, if you’re looking to “clear your heart” in the sense of your heart is still heavy; you’re still living in the guilt of your past and don’t know how to move on into the light and into grace where He has openly called us to, I think praying about it and just digging into His word daily so your heart and mind are renewed is the best option. He loves you UNCONDITIONALLY- not dependant on you or your actions, but dependant on His goodness, His faithfullness.

      • lindsay

        love these words of wisdom, thank you so much for sharing this julie. AMEN!

    • Jennifer

      Jerri- I once wrote on paper a sin I had a hard time forgiving myself for. I took it outside and burned the slip of paper. It was gone- just like it was gone when Christ forgave me for it. It really helped me

  • Very thought-provoking study. To piggy-back on what others have mentioned, I think I tend to not think about what God hates as much as what He loves… I guess because living in today’s society is somewhat brainwashing; you hear the word “hate” everywhere but it’s usually associated with a person or group of people, and that’s not the kind of hate God has. It seems counter-intuitive to even say “God has hate”, but when you pair it with the object of his hate, evil, it makes a lot of sense. Proverbs doesn’t say He hates liars, adulterers, and thieves; it says He hates a lying tongue, feet that are quick to run to evil, and dishonest hands that cheat people. Even though these are parts of our bodies, they themselves are not us. What we do is not who we are, as the saying goes. God knows we still sin and back in the time these were written, they didn’t even have the Holy Spirit inside of them to convict them of who they really are. That’s something we have today that would be mind-blowing to Solomon. Even he, in all his wisdom didn’t have access to what we have access to. All that to say, I think it’s a good reminder of how God views the things we do; He doesn’t see it as a part of us, He sees it as someone trying to steal innocence from His children.

  • We should recognize the strong language associated with sinfulness. Not so that we feel condemned or oppressed … But so that we recognize the magnitude of God’s Grace through His Son, Jesus. Praise be to God!

    • Kristin Boone

      What a great answer to the first question! I even wrote your comment down in my journal! Thank you for sharing.

  • This reading really reminded me how God wants us to act towards others. The question that asked, “how we react toward someone who has sinned against us…” We are all sinners, but we should all strive to be Christlike, in that he hates the sins but loves the sinners. We should do our best not to let hate towards a person come into our hearts, but love them. This is something that I will strive to improve in my life!

  • I think the word, “hate” is in the bible for a reason. I wouldn’t discount what it’s saying here by changing the words. God is a loving God, but He also is just and condemns evil-doing. He is so pure and so holy that these things He hates are opposite of Him. Saying it makes God sad discounts what is written in Proverbs.

    • Dianne

      I think sometimes our confusion can come from misunderstanding or misinterpreting what certain words mean biblically. We tend to view them through own experiences and culture. God is so holy and pure that nothing sinful at all can be in His presence. And His hatred for these things, from my understanding, is because He truly understands the damage they cause His people who He loves so much. If you saw someone hurting your child whom you love greatly, you would likely hate that, too. How much more for God who loves us so much that He allowed His only Son to die for us?

  • It very hard for me to think of God and hate in the same sentence. I read these verses and usually think “makes sad” every time “hate” is written. Do you think it is okay to say God hates?

    • Mikaela

      Yes, the lord gets angry and he hates because he hates things that are not of him. But that’s why the first question is asking us to think about what he hates. It’s like the saying hate the sin, love the sinner. He loves his people, even though we sin, but he hates the sin because it is not of him. Just as it is okay to get angry it just matters how we act with the anger. Does it turn into rage? If so then that is not of the lord. Jesus got angry in the market place when people were buying and selling in his temple. He went in a flipped the tables it says.(Mathew 21:12) it is okay to hate and to be angry. But only about evil things, things not of the lord.

  • So true Erin! Thank you for sharing!

  • Living to please the world is in sight being a “dishonest scale.” I’ve been there. Not representing the Lord in a clear honest light; giving a representation of Him that cannot accurately be seen. Knowing the Lords heart and what He loves and hates helps me cling to His character to show His glory, regardless of what the world says. I constantly need to be renewing my mind to see the Fathers heart clearly.

    • Jenny Kennedy

      I LOVE this description of what the verse is referring to. I was honestly trying to make complete sense of it and wishing there was more detail on it, and I immediately came across your comment. Seeing it so clearly now makes me realize how much I need to work in myself in that area. Thanks for the insight Erin! ❤️

    • Jacqueline

      “In a clear honest light…” How easy is it to fade in to our cultural “norms” and accepted practices RATHER than to set ourselves apart. To make ourselves known by our actions and not just our words. For there to be a balance. Thanks Erin! This hit home!

    • Louise

      Good food for thought Erin, thank you

    • Jen

      Thanks for this Erin. It helped me understand that verse a lot better. I shared your comment on Facebook as it really spoke to me today. Bless you.

  • When we start eliminating toxic behaviors and people from our lives, there is a path for the healthy behaviors and people who are meant to be in our lives to enter. The space the evil once took is now free for the things we need.

    • ally

      Love what you said carol. So true and so helpful for me currently in my life. Thank you!

  • Be Ye transformed with a renewed mind, if we are reading his word it is to pierce our hearts to become a new creature! Powerful verses….

  • Julia Byerly

    For question 3- I think that when we aren’t obeying God’s law and following his will, then we are not praying perhaps for the right reasons, I think about the parable of the tax collector and the Pharisee when they’re both praying in the temple and the Pharisee is using that time to glorify himself among people, whereas the tax collector was using that time to humble himself before the Lord.

  • Addison Walker

    I really enjoyed this because I think it’s a good reminder to look for the things God hates in your life and also to remind you that God’s grace is so incredibly amazing and it just makes you feel so loved.

  • Addie Griffith

    That is super encouraging. Thank you Tracie

  • Tracie de la Pena

    Today I woke up pretty much tearing myself apart. Not good. As I read this, I had to really work on hearing what God has to say to me and not what the enemy of my heart says. It is easy to read this and rip myself to shreds. Spending the morning talking to God about what I need to hear and what I may need to change. Seeing his grace and love as I evaluate my actions and see them through his eyes.

  • Lauren Smith

    I love that The Lord shares his abominations with us in knowing that the only way we can come close to “doing better” is through Him. When I read that list my mind immediately thought, “If I keep this scripture in mind I can work on this and really slim down on committing these sins.” But that’s my pride bubbling up, thinking on my own that I could improve myself. I need to kneel at the Father’s feet DAILY and ask Him for guidance, for strength, and for eyes, a tongue, hands and feet like His.

  • It’s important to know what God hates because love and hate cannot coexist. Proverbs warns us about the things that God hates to allow us to grow close to him and learn to love him without our sinful actions getting in the way. This is not to say God will hate us for our sins, but He is so holy that he cannot coexist with sin.

  • I think we’re overthinking the last question. As I see it, it’s not much different than the idea that faith without works is dead. If your only paying lip service to God by praying, don’t expect Him to listen. If you ask Him for everything, but you’re willing to sacrifice nothing, He’s not going to be inclined to help you fix things. It’s a relationship. It has to work both ways.

    Will He still love you if you sin? Absolutely. But if you continually commit the same sin without trying to change it, my experience has been that He’ll tend to push you into situations where you’re forced to face those sins, instead of just making all your problems disappear.

    • Abbie

      I agree with your statements. It’s almost like people “go through the motions” but don’t commit themselves to the relationship. In the past, I went through the motions. But now, I desire a strong relationship with God.

    • Kaity

      Awesome comment!

    • Katie Fontenot

      Thanks for sharing Suzy! You helped me so much!!

  • “Haughty eyes” stands out to me because there are often times I keep my words in check but my eyes tell a different story. It is not something that is hidden when a person receive a look that contains pride, judgement and lacks compassion. God, purify my heart.

  • I like to know the expectations set for me… And God clearly spells out what he loathes. It’s a no-brainer, don’t do (or try as hard as humanly possible), not to do those things.

  • The scale verse is tricky for me. Scales judge weight. Typically objects are weighed against set weights. A truthful scale is exact and does not cheat the system.

    Only God can judge others. We must rely on him to be the scale. I think our human nature is often biased and can not be 100 percent accurate. We must rely on him to make out scales balanced and fair.

    • Moni

      I don’t think we can be 100% accurate bc we don’t know the heart of the people we try to judge. He knows and yes your right God is our scale!

    • Marisa Huncherick

      Maybe it has something to do with the way we judge ourselves. I know that for me, I tend to judge others more harshly (by action) and myself less severely (by intention) because I’m operating under a self-serving bias. This verse could be saying we need to judge our own sin as sin instead of fooling ourselves into thinking otherwise.

  • I think it’s important to know what God hates because it’s important for us to know what is right and what is wrong. Just because God continually forgives us doesn’t mean that we have a free pass to sin. We should strive daily to be the servants God calls us to be. If we fall, it’s okay, but we need to be aware of where we went wrong. Yes God forgives us, but we should strive to be the best witnesses and servants we can be.

  • Chelsey Burtis

    I think it’s so important to have the things God hates clearly spelled out, because we accurately see just how sinful we are. If we don’t have a clear view of our sin, we will not full appreciate and see our need for the magnitude of what Jesus did by taking on our sin. Thank you Jesus, that I can be righteous through you and put my sin to death!

  • Knowing God’s wisdom of love and hates will help me to live a more Godly life and be in closer relationship with God. I know He has forgiven all my sins, past, present and future. I feel guilty when I fail, but try to go to God as quickly as I can and repent and get back to feeling His love and grace.

  • I’m having a hard time with this day… I feel a lot of guilt when I sin and it’s a big struggle for me to think God forgives me and still wants me. I feel like a lost cause sometimes. I know He loves me because He sent Jesus to the cross and there is no amount of evil I can do to surpass that sacrifice. But I feel like I fall so often into the earthly patterns and I want to reach for God but I always find ways I’m not fully submitting and I get discouraged. I know I can’t earn his love or forgiveness but I just take it pretty hard when I mess up, like surely God doesn’t feel like I’m reading to Him enough so He won’t hear my prayers or answer when I Call for Him…

    • K.D.

      Megan, I can completely empathize with you in regards to feeling guilty and unworthy. I have sins in my past that haunt me and no matter how many times I tell myself I’m forgiven or read about being washed clean, I refuse to dump the burden, I carry it around with me daily. In yesterday’s reading I wrote about opening up to friends or loved ones, sharing my sin, releasing that burden. I think maybe I hold onto my guilt when I could open up to someone else and easily let it go. Perhaps it’s the perfectionist aspect of me that tries to seem perfect and like I’ve got it all together, when I know I’m failing daily. However, I know God has forgiven me and I just need to fall onto him and his word, opening up about my sins and shortcomings, trusting he’ll catch me every time. Then I will continue to pray for guidance, strength and wisdom to follow his path!

    • LaDonna

      Megan I too have been struggling a lot with this. Even to the point of doubting my salvation. But thankfully as I’ve prayed about it and God is so faithful He is teaching me that this guilt I’ve been feeling isn’t guilt – it’s conviction. It’s His Spirit at work in me leading me to a deeper and closer relationship with Him. But I have to grow up and chose to take responsibility for my choice to either continue living life sometimes out of habit and sometimes continuing to fall victim to the lies of Satan. When I make my choice and when I have already messed up and literally pray for Jesus to come right where I am He leads me back. Sometimes the thoughts of evil swirl in my mind in a moment of failure but I have literally responded with this “Jesus I want your truth. I will not believe the lies of my enemy. Truth, please help me.” Jesus is trust worthy and true He will come and lead you away if you are willing to follow.

  • I’d love to hear thoughts on “Haughty Eyes” I don’t really understand what that means.

    • Nikitah

      I think it’s something like being proud. It’s like how we say that we “look down our nose” at someone. At least, that’s how I’ve always thought of it. Kind of like a princess who casts scathing looks at peasants.

  • When I read the Biblia version of Proverbs 11:1, I immediately took it to mean that God detests a life that is not in balance, (read: no time for Him), but delights in a life that is in balance (read: God first). It was a good reminder to ‘re-balance’ my scale regularly.

    • Paige Earl

      What a great way to look at that! Life is all about being disciplined in everything we do especially intellectually, physically, and most importantly spiritually. That is why they call them disciples after all :)

  • I love the format of these! It really gets me thinking! I’ve been wanting to have questions at the end of these so badly because I can’t really afford to buy the book every time. It’s nice to have something to write down in my own journal. Thank you so much!

  • On the surface, proverbs 28:9 is a simple verse. But, when really reflecting, as others have mentioned, it carries a lot of weight. If we do not listen and try to understand advice, how can we truly pray for or against something? To me, this is God’s way of instructing us to listen first before making any decisions. If we do not hear others, it is selfish of us to expect them to hear us. Same with God – if we do not truly listen to His word, it is selfish of us to expect that in return.

  • If you think about it, God can only meet you halfway and then the rest is up to you. This last proverb got to me (28:9). By turning your ear and not listening to godly, wise counsel we can assume God too will then turn His ear away from our prayers. It is really a deep proverb to grasp. If you’re in deep waters right now or think back to a time when you were did you stop and ever think about what you did (or didn’t) do to get yourself where you were. Did you turn away from the wise cousler? Did you not listen when you should have? Think about it. I know I’ve been there and to think about what I, myself may have done to put myself in a not so nice situation was just unimaginable (at that time). Now looking back I can learn, grown, and seek this wisdom that these proverbs are giving us. Loved Day 3!

  • Justice is shown blindfolded and holding scales. Scales measure. We are deceitful scales when we have a set of standards that we expect everyone to live by, but yet we do what is convenient to us whether it is sinful or not.

    • Dawn

      That is at the heart of hippocracy! Even as a parent I believe I have done this. “Do as I say not as I do”. I can remember telling my children that. Knowing better but yet doing it anyway, and then holding someone accountable for the same type of offense. I am totally guilty of this! Even right down to the way I keep house…eeeeeeewwwww!

  • We are all scales…we weigh our thoughts and actions everyday. Are we measuring against God’s word or comparing ourselves against what others do. This is a dishonest scale. An accurate weight is to weigh according to His word…we are who He says we are and no amount of comparing against others will add value.

  • Jacqueline

    I don’t understand the idea of being a scale

    • Tasha

      The amplified bible describes dishonest scales as “a false balance and unrighteous dealings”. I immediately compared it to when a salespersons sells you something and they give you only the good details about the product but omit the bad allowing you to weigh in and make a decision based only on partial facts. By omitting information and telling half truths you become a dishonest scale because you’re allowing people to see things and make assumptions based on just the information you provided which obscures the truth. Being completely open and honest and allowing people to know the whole truth, both good and bad, you’re being an accurate weight.

      I hope this kind of helps. I’m not very good and expressing my thoughts into words. Maybe someone else can weigh in a help make it more clear! :)

  • I’m not sure that I understand the notion of being a dishonest scale versus an accurate weight.

    • Jacqueline

      Me either! I don’t understand that

    • Cali Elizabeth

      I took that as: a scale is a standard for measuring weight, and it is usually relied upon to be accurate. So, adjusting a scale to provide false results that seem true to the user is wrong and detestable. For example, a scale at the gym reads your weight. However, if the gym alters the scale to add a couple of pounds, it deceives the users and allows them to assume a lie. The gym’s motive is to keep the user coming back to achieve that goal weight, but the user is being mislead and lied to because their trusted standard of measurement was altered without their knowledge! The opposite of this, an accurate weight, or standard of measurement, is good in His eyes. Hope that made some sense, it’s past my bedtime!

    • Tasha Brasher

      The amplified bible describes dishonest scales as “a false balance and unrighteous dealings”. I immediately compared it to when a salespersons sells you something and they give you only the good details about the product but omit the bad allowing you to weigh in and make a decision based only on partial facts. By omitting information and telling half truths you become a dishonest scale because you’re allowing people to see things and make assumptions based on just the information you provided which obscures the truth. Being completely open and honest and allowing people to know the whole truth, both good and bad, you’re being an accurate weight.

      I hope this kind of helps. I’m not very good and expressing my thoughts into words. Maybe someone else can weigh in a help make it more clear! :)

  • He does not hate*

  • I think I am more upset when a person who sins against me is someone I love. I don’t hate them, though, as these people do not habitually sin against me. I think this is the same with God. He does not have his diligent followers for a single sin, rather He’s disappointed and expects better of us.

  • Thank you for doing this devotional on proverbs. I find it really helpful to have the verses there on the page it helps me focus especially because I am easily distracted! I come to this website almost daily to read God’s word (usually before bed ) it’s so helpful as things are busy/stressful and sadly I don’t always leave time for God. I look forward to seeing what the verses are each day. Thank you!

  • I think we as humans are quick to put God into a mold we want him to be. Our sin separates us from a Holy and Righteous God. Without Jesus our righteousness is as filthy rags, the word says his ways are not our ways. Use the truth of God’s Word to understand what his word says and not our opinions. It is a great reminder that this is not about what we think. It is what God thinks.


  • The amazing thing about the 7 abominations listed in Proverbs 6:16-19–is that all those things were done to Jesus and yet, He took all of those sins upon Himself to save us so we can be with Him <3 How GREAT is His Love for us!! AMAZING LOVE, HOW CAN IT BE, THAT THOU MY GOD, SHOULDST DIE FOR ME???!!! WOWWWW!! GOD'S LOVE IS BEYOND HUMAN COMPREHENSION!!

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you for putting the verses in the text! I’m more likely to read them when they’re there vs. when they’re linked somewhere else.

  • Personally not a big fan of this format, but good devo!

  • I didn’t think too much about why it’s important to know what God hates until I got to the question about hating when someone sins against you. Often times I don’t have much hatred in those situations because I just don’t care about those people or what they do. Studying what God abhors such a sweet reminder is that God does care about us and what we do. We matter to him

  • I’m having trouble with my order, and not getting a respond via email or the FB page. My package arrived, but my study guide wasn’t in it!! How do I get help?

  • I loved today’s study. For such a long time I would hold such hate in my heart for those who sinned against me. (One person in particular who harassed me for years and called me out of my name for years) I even took it upon myself a few times to punish this person , especially when I felt they were getting away with it, Usually by slandering their name to anyone who would listen and even calling the police department on one occasion and then telling everyone I did so because this person was so creepy (I even said this to one of the persons best friends. Knowing it would get back to this person that I had notified the law) at the time I felt quite proud of myself and that I had the upper hand. Of course This got me nowhere except to a deep dark place of bitterness. (And I don’t know if the police actually ever went and did anything about it. I’ll guess not seeing that this person didn’t fully stop their awful behavior right away) One day it hit me that it wasn’t my place what so ever to punish anyone and it wasn’t my business on how God was going to punish them. I needed to rest easy that the lord has it all handled and that I become just as bad as the person who originally sinned against me when I fight back nasty. It continues the cycle of hate. I’m doing my best now to not add to any hate cycles by reacting and I can now pray for those who sin against me because being that mean and spooky and having to live with a soul like that isn’t a good life anyway. They are already suffering and are so turned away from gods word that I can feel sorry for this person now. & yes this person has stopped bothering me and it’s been years since their last creepy offense so god handled it in his own time. Praise the lord!

    • Keri Underwood

      Something I have learned about anger and bitterness…it holds no one hostage but you. I have had similar situations as the one you describe. Situations where I know I was being wronged and I felt the need to correct that person’s behavior. But, like you said, it’s not our job. And the anger you hold is only harming you not helping. It makes everyone around you angry as well and anger leads to so much unhappiness! I’m so glad you were able to learn from that! Now we can focus on being joyful in the Lord no matter our situations! Blessings to you Autumn :)

    • Teresa



    so… i have a few thoughts on which, i would like some clarification. Proverbs is a very relevant book in today’s culture, obviously the word of God is timeless. But when it references “turning your ears away from hearing the law” , as we read in Proverbs 28:9— haven’t we already done so? wasn’t the law what Jesus came to fulfill and absolve us from following because we could not? don’t we essentially live off of Grace now instead of the law? because i certainly don’t hang around religious folks anymore. i don’t listen to fire & brimstone sermons. i acknowledge the truth that satan is a real being, i acknowledge that we are all sinful and fall short, and without Christ i was a child of wrath… i am by no means promoting that we sin and say “oh well, there’s grace!” but i need to know if there’s another way i can read this. Because LAW says to me religious chains.

    • Kathy

      I read this as the law referring to His commandments, which we are called to obey and that pleases Him. Of course He knows its impossible for us to keep the law which is where grace (thank God!) comes into play. Surely if you study the Bible as a whole you will come into contact with this concept of the law, which we cannot just throw out. The law reveals our need for a Savior. Anyway, hope that helps :)

    • Meghan Tietze

      The law is what we strive for, grace is what we have received through Jesus’ sacrifice in His knowing that we aren’t perfect beings and living a life without sin is simply impossible. Everyone wants to live a life upholding God’s law, but it is a battle that we simply cannot win because of our sinful nature. We want to uphold the law, and would’ve been judged before Jesus’ time, but as our advocate, He has saved us from the daunting task of perfection. Praise God! This by no means translates to living in sin and turing a blind eye to what God desires and counting on His grace alone. God knows when your heart wants to seek Him and repent; His grace is given to us based on that fact. I hope this helps! God bless ❤️

    • Gabi

      You’re definitely right! Christ fulfilled the Law! What joy!
      I think of it like this: We hear the Law with new ears now! Because of Christ, we hear the Law without condemnation. It serves instead to remind us of all Christ has done on our behalf.

      • Amy W

        Romans 7:7-10; KJV
        7 What shall we say then? Is the law sin? God forbid. Nay, I had not known sin, but by the law: for I had not known lust, except the law had said, Thou shalt not covet. 8But sin, taking occasion by the commandment, wrought in me all manner of concupiscence. For without the law sin was dead. 9For I was alive without the law once: but when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died.

        Thank God for a revealing God; He reveals His Word, the Law, and our sins to us. So thankful He doesn’t leave me, us alone.

    • Lizzy

      Also, Jesus summed up the law by saying to love The Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old is gone, the new has come. I think we are being made new and more like Christ as the Holy Spirit works in our lives through the Word. Yes, we are saved by grace (yay!), but as I learn about who Jesus was and is, my love for Him grows and I desire to listen to the Holy Spirit and study the Word more. I think the verse may have something to do with having a heart that is open to the work of the Spirit…it’s a true relationship. Not sure if that makes any sense, lol!

    • Tatianna

      Jesus fulfilled the law for us because we could never keep it perfectly. But God doesn’t give us His law to follow in order to justify us; He gives us His law because He loves us and wants whats best for us. God’s law instructs us in how to live so that we live God-honoring live. His law also protects us from harmful things. In Romans 13 Paul reminds us the the fulfillment of the law is love. We should delight in God’s law because it was made for us and for our good. It’s easy to look at the law as something bad – religious chains, like you said – but really the law of God is just specifics on how to love one another. So to turn your ears away from hearing the law is like turning away from God’s love and turning away from striving to be more like Christ – who kept the law perfectly and loved perfectly. God’s grace helps us to love His law and to live according to it. Grace doesn’t get rid of the law; it helps us follow the law like we never could without grace from God.

  • Prov. 11:1 when I seek to get more out of something than I have put into it, I am being a dishonest scale.

    • She Reads Truth

      Love this thought. Thanks for wrestling with this question today, Andrea!


    • Haley

      This convicts me! What an amazing thought! Thank you for sharing!!sharing!!

    • Denise Stone

      Such an honest and real observation of motiveand purity, what lies behind what we do and why we do it. Thank you for this insight and truth.

  • Christine

    It’s easy for me to think “hate the sin, love the sinner” in regards to big things like abortion, homosexuality, etc., but I realized today that I need to make it more personal. Someone has wronged me. I’m allowed to hate that I was wronged, but I’m not allowed to hate the person who did it. I’ve been praying about how I should interact with this person, and somehow this helps.

    I like Proverbs 28:9 in the NIV. It says “If anyone turns a deaf ear to my instruction, even their prayers are detestable.” We can’t ignore God’s word, and then ask Him to help us. I’m a teacher, and it makes me think of my students. They don’t listen, don’t read, ignore instructions, and then when they get a bad grade, they come to me upset asking for help. I get so frustrated because they turned a deaf ear to my instruction and direction, and now I’m supposed to go out of my way to help them even more?? I wonder, how often does God feel that way about me? He gave me clear directions on how to live, but I ignore it, do my own thing, and then come crying to Him when it doesn’t work out the way I want it to. Thank God for His infinite love, because I’m sure I’m a frustrating student.

    • Lissah A.

      You are not alone, I’m pleading guilty as well! When we ignore His Word, I think He lets us go our way just so that we can learn from the mistake, that is waiting to happen. And like you said, ‘come crying to Him when it doesn’t work out the way I want it to.’ We always come running back to Him! And yes, praise Him for His infinite love and grace! Be blessed!

      • Irina

        I’m not sure about phrase”hate the sin and love the sinner”. Where it comes from? Psalm 5:5-7 speaks about God who hates all workers of iniquity. Sometimes we use common phrases not coming from the word of God…

      • Lauren

        I just made a similar comment! Even the verses used here say he hates the person who sows discord among others.

    • Celia

      Thank you for relating Proverbs 28:9 to teaching!!! I’m also a teacher and get frustrated with the same exact thing. And it gets worse at crucial times, instead of staying the course and working diligently to make sure they graduate- they give up then cry to me. The parallels of this to our relationship with God is clear. Thank you so much!

  • I think of a dishonest scale being when we see and act out of our own lenses and justify based on our emotions and not TRUTH. Accurate weights are determined by what God says is truth. My prayer today is that I may operate and see things through His eyes and truth and that I may experience his perfect peace in doing so.

    • She Reads Truth

      Challenged by this thought today, KC. Thanks for sharing!


  • A Heart's Therapy

    Hate the act not the person…
    That person is still a child of God. Hate is a very strong word. when hatred rises up it is most often at the act of what has been done. What if instead of hating the person, we try to see what Jesus sees in them or, if they are not a believer, what they can or will become with Him? What a beautiful thing…A snake can become beautiful too.

  • When I first think of a scale, I think of us trying to balance the sin in our life and our sanctification. Although the we don’t want to have to balance our sin, we are ultimate falling short of God. When we ask his forgiveness and understand his grace in our lives, then our scale is balanced. When we ignore his scripture, his will for our lives, and his grace, and continue to be stuck in sin, our scale is out of balance. This morning I am praying that God will keep me in balance! Praise him for his relentlessness and his mercy!

  • Question 3 really got me thinking: what DOES it mean to be a just scale!? I was blessed with what the Holy Spirit showed me, so I decided to share, maybe some of you came to the same conclusion! “When I think of scales, I think of justice and judgement. So if I’m a dishonest scale, I’m not practicing justice and I’m judging unrighteously. To be an accurate scale, I need to be set the the standard of God’s word. His word needs to be on one side of the scale, becoming the thing which I measure all else by. I need to measure based on His words, not based on my feelings or perceptions, in fact! I need to even measure my feelings and perceptions based on His word! In the words of Jeremiah “the heart is deceitfully wicked” I can’t trust my heart! But I can trust God’s word!”

    • She Reads Truth

      Kelsey, thank you so much for this reminder. I’ll be carrying these thoughts with me today!


    • Jenn

      Thanks for sharing! I was struggling to understand what it meant to be a “just scale” too! I appreciate your perspective.

    • Meg

      This was so helpful, thank you!

  • Anytime we are unfair or dishonest in our dealings with others, we are beings “dishonest scales”. We should hold every transaction and all our dealings with others according to the just standards of the Lord as described in His Word. We should be above reproach in all things, treating others as we want to be treated, and representing the true character of the Lord to all we come in contact with.

  • Kasey Summers

    Father, help me hate sin as you do. Make my thoughts, focus, and passion honorable to you. Be my all and all. Give me wisdom. Help me desire it above all else. Make my highest desire be to seek and want more of You. The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil. God, enable us to hate evil and love what is good.

  • I think that when we turn our ears away from the law, we are truly just ignoring God’s wisdom. Have you ever heard the Holy Spirit tell you to do or don’t do something but you ignore it and do things your own way? Boy, I have. I think that when we purposely disregard God’s wisdom and then turn around and pray for our own will, we are making God angry. Thank goodness for his grace. My prayer most mornings is not only for wisdom but for the reminder not to ignore it when it’s readily given to me.

    • Amanda

      So true! Thanks for sharing your insight – I especially like your last sentence.

    • Lissah A.

      I like your last sentence too, “A reminder not to ignore His wisdom.” This is awesome. Thank you for this!!!

  • “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” John 14:15
    Proverbs 28:9 Why would He want to hear me call Him “Lord,” ask Him for things, and pretend to worship, when He knows I do not love Him? No more than I would want to hear someone flatter me who treats me with contempt. It’s unfair to expect Him to take pleasure in my words when I turn my back on His.

    • Julia

      Love this thought. Thank you!

    • Kate

      You described this perfectly! When I read that verse, it was a punch to the gut because I have been guilty of it Garth too many times.

  • @LifeOfaMomOf4

    It’s so easy for me to tune to Christian music and sing along, thinking to myself that I’m worshipping God. But if I have been neglecting reading God’s Word (which happens more often than not), than God rejects my “sacrifice”. I need to FIRST read His Word, THEN offer my worship. I cannot allow myself to be too busy to read my Bible. It’s an abomination to God. Ouch.

    • Erica

      Wow, ouch is right! This happened to be the first comment I read and it hit me right between the eyes. I love worship music and singing to God but I have been neglecting his word and spending time quietly with him! We are called to worship in spirit and in truth, with our hearts and our minds. Lord help me to come to your word first with my mind so that I may then worship you fully with my heart!

    • Tamisha

      Thank you I needed this because I’m going through this right now

  • Proverbs 28:9 If, when praying, we ask in the Name of Jesus we are asking in accordance with the will and Word of God then our prayers are not an abomination. But, if what we are asking is outside the will and Word of God then what we ask is an abomination. I thought of this example: Years ago I was in a particular bible study. During our prayer time one of the attendees asked for prayer that God would move her and a young man’s relationship forward toward marriage. The young man was not a Christian and the attendee was. The leader of the study gently explained to the attendee that she could not request this of the Lord because it was against the Word of God. She did, however, pray for the young man’s salvation.

  • When the question asks us what dishonest scales would
    Look like I thought about how we tend to judge people without knowing their hearts. Many times we judge without knowing the whole story of someone’s past, and even their present situation. No one is exempt from Gods judgement, but we don’t have any right to judge others.

  • Today as I worked through the questions a thought came to mind. It’s something our pastor says a lot. When we see what God sees, we will do what God says. I’m going to write that over and over today as a reminder!

    • Amy

      That is a much more concise way to say what I’ve been trying to put into words this morning! It’s my goal for today as well: to try to look at every action through my Lord’s eyes.

    • Jennifer Horst

      At first I didn’t know how to answer the question, why is there so much about what God hates, but to me, simply, it’s we know what God stands for, what kind of God he is.

  • The fear of the Lord as we read yesterday ia drawing near to God. God cannot be near sin so if we turn from the law we are not drawing near to God. Our hearts are filled with what we treasure. If we treasure whats good and just and which comes from knowing God we are filled with the fruits of the spirit. On the other hand if we chose not to follow God’s law then we inadvertently follow something else. If from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks then we most likely will have self serving prayers that are not acceptable.

  • I think we often use dishonest scales when we are doubleminded about certain things. You see two people commiting the same sin/crime but you judge one more harshly than the other because of prejudices you don’t even know you have. I often do this when I either expect too little or too much from people that ultimately do something they shouldn’t.
    I often forget that there is no measurement of sin before God. Sin is sin. There is no small or big sin just as there is no small or big God just one God who loves us all the same.

    • Mary Frances

      Most often that second person I am willing to forgive of the sin is myself, yet I hold others to a higher standard.

    • Emily

      You make such a great point, Shiru. I try to measure sins and in those moments, I tend to forget that in God’s eyes, sin is sin, regardless of how big or small it is in my eyes. Until today, I never thought of this judgment as a dishonest scale.

      Like you, Mary Frances, I find I too am most often this person, holding others to a higher standard than I hold myself.

  • Thankful that God is so full of mercy and grace and sees our sin and desires to tbe act us, refine us, forgive us, and mold us into the best image of Him

  • I tend to think about all of the large topics that are going on in our world right now…the hot topic’s that our country is so engrossed in right now, as the things that God hates most. It can make me angry how so many people can’t see the sin for what it is, and that’s discouraging to me. And yet, I find ways to brush of my own personal sins everyday, or be ignorant to them entirely. It’s a double standard. Lord, guide my heart, my mind and my eyes to see sin for what it is despite the scale of sinfulness I have set up for myself in my own heart. Sin is sin. Help me to see my sin, to turn from it, and fall to my knees before you in repentance. Amen.

  • Loving this study! Thank you!!

  • churchmouse

    I do not want anything that breaks the heart of God to take root in me. God’s ways can be mysterious but He has made some things quite clear as He does in these Scriptures (Pro. 6: 16-19). I stand up and take notice because I love Him. He has written me 66 love letters so they I might know Him intimately. How then can I expect to communicate (commune with) Him if I do not bother to take the time to read them (Pro. 28: 9)? Lord, thank you for your plain – spoken words today. Turn my heart towards You as I ponder your letters this morning. Amen.

  • God is holy. As a Christian, He’s our standard. Our sanctification truly comes when we “let this mind be in you”. To have the mind of Christ; to be a woman after God’s own heart. God mercifully gives us these things He hates, and when we truly begin to understand exactly what they are, the root of where they stem, our sinful nature we possess, then and only then can we purge from these chains through the cleansing only Jesus can bring. I’m thankful for the cross, for salvation, but I’m also amazed that God lets us in on this progressive, sanctifying walk. Drawing nigh to Him is seeing ourselves through the Word and deciding, by His grace, to live a more pleasing, day to day life for Him. I’m so thankful God told me I am a sinner. I’m thankful for Calvary. I’m thankful for His Word and its daily, cleansing power.

    • Sarah

      Amen! I loved how you put that, that we should be thankful that God told us that we’re sinners. It makes sense because how else would we find our deep need for Him and the need to be like Him, if we don’t first see the emptiness of only relying on ourselves?

      • Amy W.

        Amen, praise the Lord for wisdom. In the Old Testament, the law was given…that law, revealed to us, just as it was to Paul, gives us liberty to see ourselves and draws us to God. The law isn’t imprisonment, it’s truly God being ruefully honest with us. I’m so thankful He doesn’t leave me, us alone.

    • Kate

      So beautifully put!

  • It is important to me to know what God loves and what God hates because the thing He loves I should love (like people) and the things He hates those are the things I should hate (like my own lying tongue sometimes).

  • I had to think about Q3 for a while, but then it hit me: I am a dishonest scale when I don’t treat others fairly. Or when I try to “tilt the scales” in my favor, so I don’t look so bad. Ouch. Praying for forgiveness this morning.

    • Amy

      I had to pray the same today! God put His holy finger on a specific moment in time. I want to be like Christ…. “He reviled not again….” When people were coming at Him with wrongful accusations, He said not a retaliating word!

    • Robin W.

      Right there with you.

    • Teresa

      Me too.

  • JeniaMarie

    I think dishonest scales could be how we judge others so harshly but when it comes to our own sin we don’t judged ourselves with the same standard. How can I be so hard on someone else and then ease up on my own sin. Every sin is the same in God’s eyes. The consequences are different but sin is sin.

    • Lauren

      Thank you for this. I struggled with this question.

    • Jessica

      Thanks for posting this. I didn’t think about it like that. That’s a eye opener for sure

    • Carly

      Thank you for posting this. As I wasreading the

      • Carly

        Thank you for posting this. As I was reading about the things God detests, I was immediately thinking of other people who committed these sins, but then I paused and started to consider the times that I had done these things as a follower of Christ…which is so much worse! So in the end, as Christians we have to consider the fact that our sin should be weighted heavily because we have committed to love and follow God.

    • Marcie

      What are scales really? Measuring devices I suppose, but if I think of ancient scales they were comparative devices. You put something on one side and compared it to what was put on the other. How do I do this? How should I do this? What am I measuring against? It should only ever be against what God desires, not what others put on the scale. Am I using an adequate comparative or am I cheating the scale? I will never be able to balance out with the Lord’s standard, but my eyes should only ever be on that standard. I should not compare with my neighbour and I should not be considering how my neighbour compares to God’s standard. I can encourage and edify, but I should not judge.

      • Christina D.

        Marcie this really spoke to me today in thinking about comparing myself to others. Thank you for your thoughts and wisdom!

    • Janny

      Great perspective! Thanks for sharing!

    • Amy M.

      I like your thoughts JeniaMarie. I also think of people having the same character in public versus in private. For example, at church a person may be inclined to give in the collection plates before God and other people, but may be stealing money in private.

    • Erin Cox

      Thank you! I struggled on this one!

  • Kelly_Smith

    I don’t have a lot of strong emotions toward the things God hates. I like to think it’s because I am peaceful and loving. But at the heart of it, I don’t like conflict. If I have strong opinions and stand for them, I may encounter opposition. That makes me cringe. So I sit back quietly and watch injustice and abomination abound.

    The Christian life is not intended for spectators. We are called to defend the poor, the orphan, and the widow. We are called to stand on the side of right, no matter the cost or how it might make us feel uncomfortable. When I consider the boldness with which the early Apostles addressed sin, I know that I am a timid, cowardly believer.

    This doesn’t mean I need to grab a mega-phone and proclaim judgement and damnation from the street corner. It does mean that, when prompted by the Holy Spirit, I should speak up for Truth, *no matter the consequences*. Christ has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, and LOVE, and a sound mind.

  • It is important to know what God hates (as well as what He loves) because we are able to get a clearer picture of His nature: he is a loving, merciful, but not a permissive God.

    • Lexi

      Yes! It’s so simple when put like that…He is loving and merciful and gracious, but that does not mean he’s permissive. I wish unbelievers could see this truth.

  • …and one who stirs up trouble among brothers

    • candacejo

      This one gets me every time. Combined with the “swift to run to evil”…I find myself pulled into drama and before I know it I have spewed negativity into a situation, even though it might just be with one person. With that one person I have stirred up their emotions and negative feelings and then they go to another, and on and on it goes. Praying today for a watchman at the door of my mouth that I would not sin against the Lord! And praying that whatever is in my heart that causes me to do these things in the first place would be rooted up and plucked up! Blessings…

  • By knowing how He feels, we can more accurately live a life that is pleasing to Him.

  • I feel alot of today ties in with the first lesson of wisdom and yesterdsys lesson on fear of God and builds on it. when we know what he hates, we can take that and show reverence by practicing and implementing these themes into our daily lives, honoring God and His word.

  • I was studying Romans 2 last night with friends from church and we talked a lot about judgement and what was judged by God and what we should or shouldn’t judge. The same idea of not hating the sinner came through from that.

    I do find the last question/verse hard as the thought that any of our prayers might be detestable isn’t something I’ve thought of. Yet if we are far from God then why should our prayers be pleasing unless we come with repentance.

    • Liz

      My thought about this–and I’m not sure about it–is that this verse means essentially that if you are not going to listen to God, He’s not going to listen to you!

      • Erin

        Liz …I have been a living testimony of this verse, I am ashamed to admit..:and I was disobeying what God was telling me to do…I could tell when I tried to pray that my prayers were hindered…because of my choices He was not pleased to hear from me…

    • Lexi

      Growing up in a very conservative Baptist school and church, I remember being told at one point that God doesn’t “hear” our prayers if we’re in the midst of sin and haven’t repented. I’m not entirely sure if that’s what this last question/verse is referring to…but that was the first thought that popped into my head. I’m struggling with this question to a bit.

      • Lexi

        Sometimes the legalism of what I was taught as a kid really messes up the truth of what God’s Word actually says about certain areas.

      • Leigh

        I don’t think that verse means God doesn’t hear us. I was raised in a conservative environment so I know what you mean! But I have found truth to be God always hears the prayers of his children. I think of it as when we have turned from God and cry out to him with a selfish, disobedient heart, those prayers are not honorable to the Lord. I have a brother who struggled with drug addiction for years. He talked about praying to God to not get caught, not be in trouble, or for certain people to not find out. I think those are probably prayers that were detestable to God. God isn’t going to honor a prayer that helps you stay in sin. I know that’s an exaggerated example but I think about times in my own life that I have used prayer or asked for things in selfish ways to advance my own cause. They’ve always been times that I put my own desires ahead of obedience to the Lord.

      • Gracie

        Psalm 66:18 -harboring is choosing to remain it your sin, living it, loving it, without repentance. The Lord is near to the broken-hearted, the repentant.,%20Tracts%20&%20Preaching/Printed%20Books/Dr%20John%20Rice/Hindrances/h_07.htm

      • Gracie

        Beautiful-and I’m praying for you today as you do that.

    • Shannon H

      That question about prayer prompted me to think of the passage in Luke where Jesus tells about the Pharisee and the Tax Collector praying in the temple. The Pharisee was rejected by God because his prayer came from a heart of arrogant “I can do this on my own” attitude, but the prayer of the “sinful” tax collector was accepted because he prayer in humility and recognized his desperate need for God’s mercy. What is my approach to God and to the law? The law was designed to show me how much I need Christ. If I reject the law OR if I say I Have kept all the law, then my heart has not understood the intent of the law at all, and my approach to God will be me-focused….trying to manipulate God into doing what I want. But if I have understood the Gospel, how great a sinner I am, unable to keep any part of the law without failing, then my approach to God will be one of humility as I cry out for His mercy and trust that His grace covers me completely.

      • Kelsey

        I totally agree Shannon, I thought of the exact same verse and I also thought of how the bible says that sin separates us from God, because He is separate from sin, He is Holy, and so if we are in sin, we have to come to Him with repentance. I couldn’t remember the verse though where it talked about sin separating us from God.

      • Jess

        Thank you so much for sharing that tie in with the Gospel. Helped me see these passages more clearly.

      • Cheryl

        Thank you for this, it’s so much deeper than what I had been taking at face value

      • Erin Cox

        Yes! Thank you! You articulated that perfectly :)

    • Natalia

      I’ve recently had this conversation with some of my youth leaders and one of the answers given was that now, after the cross, when God looks at you he sees Jesus’ blood and righteousness. So when you pray God sees Jesus. That’s incredible =D

  • Elisabeth

    The second and the last question spoke especially to me. What I take away from these verses is that we are not supposed to hate the person that sinned against us or others, but the sin itself. I think this principle can be very helpful in our relationships. If I hate the sin, I can still meet the person with love (even if that might be quite difficult in reality, but I think it is an concept that makes sense). For the last question I also thought a bit about relationships and how they can picture the relationship I have with God. If I consistently come to someone to tell them about my problems, my wishes, my needs etc., most likely the relationship will soon end because I’m not really interested in the other person. I think it is the same with God: If I just pray without listening to the law and His word, the relationship is quite egocentric and unilateral. If I really want to have a true relationship with someone, I have to be interested in their wishes and needs – in the case of our relationship with God I have to be interested in what He has to say and what He loves (and hates).

    • Alison

      I totaly agree Elisabeth, hate the sin not the sinner! And yes I think as Christians we need to invest in others and in God. In spending quality time with people we will really know their needs and if we can help who knows what could happen in their lives.

    • Brittney

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. The second part of the second question “how do these proverbs instruct us on how & what to hate” confused me a bit. I knew to stop & realllyyy think about the question because I think that’s an easy one to allow our worldly views to misunderstand what God is telling us, however maybe someone new to studying the Bible & just building their relationship with God might think “oh, I’m allowed to hate x,y,z”.

    • Amber

      I also think we should keep in mind who is really behind sin-Satan. We should be angry with him also and not the sinner. I know it’s easier said tha done!!

      • Avid Reader

        especially when you have been betrayed by someone you trust highly, who doesn’t show any visible repentance, only irritation and anger!

    • Amber

      Thank you Elizabeth!! Truly eye opening and I know I personally need to be more open to what God wants from me.

    • Tatyana

      I agree with you on understanding that it’s not hating the person but the sin. That same thought came to my mind as I was reading the questions… as to the egocentric relationship with God, I always knew that concept but I guess it’s been on the back burner of my mind for so long I came as a light bulb when I read your comment. Thank you for reminding me of that…

  • Joann Sudderth

    This will require more thought.

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