Announcing our Summer Plan: Acts


Here we are! We’ve been counting down to this moment on social media all week (and for even longer in our hearts), and today is finally the day—the day we get to announce our annual SRT summer reading plan!

Last year, our first annual summer plan, Women In The Word, quickly became one of favorites and yours. God has used it to bind women together in His Truth in the #SheReadsTruth, from Nashville to New Zealand and each continent in-between. We’re so thankful.

When it came time to create this year’s plan, we knew we wanted to keep in step with the existing heartbeat of our community—reading Truth, together.

Which is why, this summer, we’re going to the ends of the earth, together.

You guessed it! The 2016 SRT summer reading plan is Acts of the Apostles.

In this 6-week study beginning June 6th, we’ll read through the entire book of Acts, discovering God’s big plan for His church. The birth of the early church is our story. This is where we came from, and it’s where we are going. It’s the story of how we are called to reach out, and how we are called to come together.

And, we’re crazy-excited about giving you a peek inside the Acts study book!









ACTS_SRT_0015 This book is 208 pages, full-color and includes 42 days of Truth-reading goodness! It also has helpful features to help you understand and apply truth, such as illustrated maps, historical essays, and 6 Scripture mini-cards.

Along the way, we’ve included opportunities for Group Time—a special invitation to gather your people in group prayer and discussion. And just for fun, you’ll find a simple recipe at the end of each week to encourage us all to reach outside of our comfort zones and invite people in.

This plan is perfect for gathering your people and starting a group!

As a special thank-you to group leaders, we’re sending a Noonday Tagua Bracelet to group leaders who order 3-5 Acts study books, or a Sunburst Necklace to leaders who order 6 or more Acts study books. It’s our way of saying, “Yes! Keep going!” and Noonday Collection’s way of reminding us that loving our neighbors can be beautiful. This offer is for She Reads Truth Acts study books only. No code necessary! While supplies last. 



We can’t wait to read Acts with you this summer! Mark your calendars for June 6, and join us on the She Reads Truth app or

  • Alaina Belzner

    Are the group questions only available in the book?

  • Elizabeth

    I purchased the plan online and it’s not showing up in my purchased plans

  • Daniela Heine

    Received mine today, what a beautiful book!

  • Heidy Arin

    I just got mine!! Yay!!

  • Where can I purchase the book???

  • Need 4. How can I get?

  • Is there an e book version?

  • Marisa Nicole

    Just got my book! Super excited!

  • How can I purchase a book for Acts study

  • churchmouse

    Just received the study book for Acts and it is beautiful!! SRT, you rock! So excited to start this!

  • Rachelle Clark

    Looking for a KJV bible study and I hope this is it , can anyone tell me

    • Lindsay

      You can use any version of the Bible that you like to read alone. The printed scripture in SRT readings isn’t usually KJV but you can use your own KJV Bible and the SRT app has the KJV. Hope this helps

  • Jo Ann Cook

    I am having trouble ordering my book, and now, we’re almost half-way through May. June 6th will come very quickly. Is there a link for the book? If so, where can I find it? Thanks for your help.

  • Sara Lindauer

    Just ordered the He/She bundle for my husband and I, however I was wondering how the weekly group questions will be organized, do we have to encourage other friends to purchase the book, which I worry about because summer is busy for our friends and money can be tight, or is it organized in a way that we can invite friends over and discuss the questions without them having read the devotionals?

  • weemuppet

    I did not see too

  • So how do I get this ordered? I am assuming you don’t wait til June 6th to order. I did not see a link to order.

  • Am I able to buy just 1?

  • I have so many women I love all over the world so we have decided to do community via a facebook group! I’m so excited about this study and can’t wait to do it with my tribe!

  • I really miss the 8×10 prints! One reason why I signed up for the monthy subscription, but there’s only been one plan with the 8×10 prints so far….the Lent study….which I LOVE the prints, just wish they were in every study.

  • A friend just told me last night about your studies. This new one in Acts promises to be such a blessing. I have a group of friends who want to meet weekly for discussion and prayer. Do others do that? I pray God uses this to refresh our spirits and refuel our love for His sharing the good news of His great love for mankind.

  • Firstly I can’t wait for this study and am very excited. Have had a break from shereadstruth recently and just come back to it and my heart has been set on fire through the Moses study! Just noticed however that the number of comments each day seems to have decreased significantly. Is this showing because of an increase in using the study guides? Just a shame as the community commenting and praying together through srt was so strong and powerful!

  • What is the difference between the SRT Acts Study book and the Acts book for men?

  • I love these studies. The books are beautiful, but it is frustrating to buy these expensive books and still have to check my e-mail to get the full experience, can the written responses be included in the books?

  • Will the group content be available online as well or will we need to purchase a book for that aspect?

    • Mandy

      I am wondering the same thing! Not everyone in my community an afford the $40 book. Will ladies be able to follow online with the study? Or do you have to have the book?

  • This is so exciting and a huge blessing! Have been praying for and looking for a great study over Acts! So excited for this!

  • appledees

    Glad for this but the expense is killing me!!
    I have sweet college girls who want to do this but can’t afford it… Please find a way to lower the cost.mehave sweet

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi appledees! We never want cost to prevent anyone from reading Truth with us, which is why all of our reading plans (including Acts!) are available for free at! We’re so glad you’re joining us!


      • Nina

        Hi. I can’t seem to find the free reading plans for acts. Is it not available yet?

        • April

          It will probably be available on June 6 when the study begins… just my thoughts, I’m not for sure.

        • She Reads Truth

          Hi Nina! It will be available at on 6/6!


  • Lindsay Harmon

    Yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!! I asked for this one! I am so excited. Nothing challenges my my faith quite like reading about the early church reading

  • Miranda MariYah

    there’s probably an e-mail to reach you guys at, but I can’t find it. I just got a new phone and when I downloaded shereadstruth again there’s no way to retrieve all my plans and things from the account I had on the other phone. is there a way to do this our have I thrown money out the window? thank you in advance :-)

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Miranda,
      Great question! If both of your devices are under the same Apple or Google Play account, click ‘Settings’ then ‘Restore in-app purchases’ to sync your plans. Email me at [email protected] if there’s anything else I can help with!


  • Grace Fischer

    Hang in there, Alicia. I have been in the pit and have been pulled out of the pit. It was all God. I had to learn to wait on him and do good while I felt as if everything was crumbling. Wil purposefully pray for you and your husband.

  • Alicia Salinas

    I would love to learn and be a part of doing this in my home, please contact me, or email me what to do..I was just asking in prayer, how to be of service and I turn on my phone, and there you were. I have no job, no money at this time, I’m in so much pain, and I need Hope back in my life, feeling so lost and empty, not sure what God wants for me, looking for his direction for me and my husband, we’re both not working and we both going down real quit here..Need all the prayers and Love right now.

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Alicia,
      Friend, we are so grateful for your heart! All of the Acts reading plan content will be available for free at, so maybe you could start by getting some friends together by going through it here! Praying that God would meet you in His Word each day, providing His comfort and presence. Sending love your way!


    • Marnie Viau

      Hang in there and know when he closes one door he opens up a big huge slider door for you .. Keep faith and trust and be thankful everyday for what you do have and no focusing on what you don’t have … Stay in the word and pray pray pray xoxo

  • Nancy muir

    My daughter posts consistently on the SRT BLOG under MissyCM.
    I read your studies in email & I mentioned to her yesterday that it would be fun to do the upcoming ACTS study together.
    She lives in Ecuador. I’d like to get the study book for her, but I see it’s not available til 5/17. By the time you mail it to me in Virginia, and I mail to her in Ecuador, by the time she receives it, the study will likely be over…it takes 4 weeks from US to Ecuador. It will also cost me an additional $15 to ship it.
    Is there any way to send this by email, where she could print it out there. I would of course pay for that.
    I’m grateful for your thought provoking studies, and the way it deepens my life (& my daughter’s) in Christ.

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Nancy,
      We’re so grateful you and your daughter are reading Truth together! We unfortunately can’t distribute the book content in another context, but you’re welcome to join us at for the study! We love having you in our community!


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