The Life of Moses: Day 9

Crossing the Red Sea


Today's Text: Exodus 13:17-22, Exodus 14:1-31, Psalm 77:14-20

Text: Exodus 13:17-22, Exodus 14:1-31, Psalm 77:14-20

In college, I worked at a summer camp that had a massive ropes course. Every once in a while, I was put on “zip line duty.” The zip line was at the very end of the ropes course. It was the fun part that came after climbing and wiggling and jumping and leaning on your partner through a somewhat rigorous series of obstacles, all beneath the hot Texas sun.

Though the campers had tested their harnesses and carabineers to the extreme by the time they reached me at the zip line, they were often afraid to jump off the platform. It was my job to reassure them.

“Don’t be afraid,” I’d say, “Look back there at that obstacle course you just did. Did you fall? Did your equipment fail you?”

“No,” they’d whisper.

“So why do you think it will this time?”

Though I was confident on the zip line that summer, I am not always so confident in the face of scary things. I understand how easy it is to forget God’s steady hand and His faithfulness.

I forget how He’s brought me safely through the obstacles behind me when I’m staring down the big, seemingly insurmountable one sitting right in front of me.

When God parted the Red Sea in Exodus 14, His people had been through a series of events in which they witnessed God’s power and protection: plagues, the first Passover, and finally, delivery from Egypt. But then, just as they thought they were home free, Pharaoh’s army was chasing them.

Forgetting God’s power and protection in their past, they protested, “What have you done to us by bringing us out of Egypt? … It would have been better for us to serve Egyptians than to die in the wilderness” (Exodus 14:11-12).

But Moses, who trusted in the God who had promised to deliver them, reassured the Israelites, “Don’t be afraid. Stand firm and see the Lord’s salvation will provide for you today” (Exodus 14:13).

And the Lord did provide. He parted the water. He carved a path in dry land for His people to walk through. And once they were safely across, He crashed the waters back together, destroying Egypt’s entire army, bringing glory to His name by protecting His people. “When Israel saw the great power that the Lord used against the Egyptians, the people feared the Lord and believed in Him” (Exodus 14:31).

Our lives are marked with similar Red Sea moments—times when God carried us through an obstacle we deemed insurmountable. Each time He does this, our faith is deepened and our view of God and His goodness and power is broadened.

These are the times we ought to remember when we’re standing on the platform, knees shaking, palms sweating. Like the Israelites with Egypt hot on their trail, we stare at the expanse of the valley before us, doubting how or even if God will bring us through this time.

At camp, almost every kid eventually attempted the zip line. After I reminded them about the strength of the cables and counted to three multiple times, down they went. The more they did it, the more they trusted, and the less afraid they were.

If you’re standing on a platform today, instead of focusing on the fear in front of you, look back and remember the path behind you. When has God parted the sea in your past? When has He made a way when there seemed to be no way?

Remember, ours is a God “who works wonders” (Psalm 77:14). Even the sea obeys Him. Trust that the One who provided for you yesterday will provide for you today.


  • Mar miller

    My husband and I are in debt for our son’s student loans, (we unwisely put them in our name) so we’ve incurred other expenses as well and can’t keep up with the payments. I’m praying for this great big miracle of leniency so we can pay on time, and not incur the penalties we’ve been threatened with. Jesus found a coin in the mouth of a fish when taxes were due, I know our coin will show up on time also!! My God is a Big God!!!

  • Andrea Lollar

    This is one of those Sunday school stories that I can never forget, but at the same I constantly find new lessons that apply to my own life. Right now, I’m not where I thought I’d be at his point in my life, but at the same time I know I’m where God wants me to be. It’s a real struggle of patience sometimes, and honestly it’s easy to fall into the trap that God has forgotten me, or that He doesn’t care.

    But I look at this story and realized that God led the Israelites to what seemed like a dead end. They didn’t have any idea of what God’s plan was any more than we do. But I have peace knowing He won’t lead us somewhere just to throw up His hands and say, “Well, I did My job. Now figure the rest out by yourselves.” If we put our whole trust in Him, He’ll part any Red Sea in our way.

    And I am so thankful that He cares about us that much, even though none of us deserve it. Praise you , God!!!

  • Whew…. This had me laid out! Thank you SRT

  • Tessa Bischoff

    It is so easy for me to become frustrated with the Israelite, we know how many times they lost faith. I mean good grief, how many times does God prove himself to them?! Then I think, they were stuck, literally, between Pharaoh’s army and the Red Sea. I am sure their minds did not think, “Oh God, will just part the Sea for us!” They were afraid and trapped, their minds not even capable of imaging the possibilities of God and His power. We must remember….God is able to find a way, when there seems to be no way….even the sea obeys Him….

  • Kasey Summers

    Love this! No reason we should ever doubt God. He is ever faithful and has proven Himself time and time again!

  • Faith in God is like flying on a jetplane. It’s not about the size of your faith. It’s more about the plane itself. How great is our God!

  • Something that jumped out at me today was Ps 77:19 … the last line in my NLT says “a path that no one knew was there.”
    I love this thought because it reminds me that God’s ways are not mine. What I expect or want as an answer to prayer or deliverance from a problem isn’t necessarily what God has planned for me. Especially when things seem impossible or insurmountable, this line reminds me that “all things are possible with God!”
    Praying for all of you waiting to cross through the path that God has yet to reveal!

  • I could totally relate… Just like the Israelites, God has chosen a different pathway for me and my pregnancy… 4years since my miscarriage, God allowed me to be pregnant again.. but this isn’t the easy and simple pregnancy that we’ve prayed for… my husband and I are now standing on our Red Sea, holding on to every miracle that God has done for us in the past, and letting them guide us in this unknow journey as we go through complicated procedures and treatments to keep our baby’s heart beating inside my womb…

    It’s not easy, but we see God using our situation to display His glory to the people around us… such a privilege and we couldn’t be more thankful… asking for your prayers sisters, that that this baby inside my womb (almost 10 weeks) will continue to have a strong heartbeat…

    To read the full Story of my condition:

    • Cortsa

      Read your blog! Your faith is beautiful. Prayed for you and the baby ❤️

      • Jennifer

        Praying for you! I almost never comment but your story touched my heart. I had two very different pregnancies and based on two different situations (one child was premature and the other had a congenital heart defect) was told that our children would die. Both are extremely healthy and happy little boys. I can tell you from experience that God can do great things. Believing that He is going to work a miracle for you!

  • I could totally relate… Just like the Israelites, God has chosen a different pathway for me and my pregnancy… 4years since my miscarriage, God allowed me to be pregnant again.. but this isn’t the easy and simple pregnancy that we’ve prayed for… my husband and I are now standing on our Red Sea, holding on to every miracle that God has done for us in the past, and letting them guide us in this unknow journey as we go through complicated procedures and treatments to keep our baby’s heart beating inside my womb…

    It’s not easy, but we see God using our situation to display His glory to the people around us… such a privilege and we couldn’t be more thankful… asking for your prayers sisters, that that this baby inside my womb (almost 10 weeks) will continue to have a strong heartbeat…

    To read the full Story of my condition:

  • My favourite part is Exodus 13:19 and the faith of Joseph. Even though he did not share in the event of God saving his people, he did not physically live to see it, he still had complete faith it would happen, to the point that he asked for his bones to go with them when it did happen – that is amazing. That is a faith I strive for.

  • Michelle of Los Angeles CA

    “Trust that the One who provided for you yesterday will provide for you today.”
    Amen and Amen that you for reminding me of this today .

  • Melinda Wright

    Praise the Lord for His goodness!! I have really felt like Moses through this study and my work overseas these past 10 months. Such truth that the Lord has always taken care of me, but I have to REMEMBER that. I am that girl caught up in fear, always looking down and very unwilling to jump. But He always has me and that I should not fear! I am praying for removal of fear, and more boldness and remembrance of ALL the good works and things He has done in my life! Praise God that we have a God that cares for us, no matter who we are as we trust Him!

  • Hayley Thomas

    Loved today’s message. Reminds me that sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith. This was a perfect message for me today. I get anxious about the task before me and forget to look behind and realize how far he has brought me. What a blessing.

  • Elizabeth

    I am 25 years old and moving to Fort Collins Colorado in May. I am a Veterinary student and will be completing my fourth and final year at CSU. I have lived in the Caribbean for the last 2.5 years. I am newly single and still heart broken, and I have the most challenging part of my schooling coming my way. I would like to find a church in Fort Collins and meet women my age. If anyone knows of one that sounds good for me please let me know!

    • Megan

      Elizabeth, I’m so sorry you’re hurting. I don’t know if any specific churches in Ft. Collins but there’s a Christian organization there called Camp China which sends Christian English teachers to teach abroad. I don’t think the program would be something you’re looking for but the ladies who work there are wonderful Christian women who live in the area. I’m sure if you reached out to them, they would know good churches in the area and maybe be a support system for you. The organization is called ELIC and you can Google their info. Hope this helps

    • sloane

      Hi Elizabeth!
      Mill City Church. I bet you will love it. Keep your head up and and remember you are not walking this path alone.

    • Diane

      I lived in Fort Collins while attending CSU for several years. Timberline Church is a big church but has some great smaller options to get connected. The women and staff of CRU ministry were wonderful too and helped me get connected and grow so much in my relationship with God. You will love Fort Collins. I pray it will be a time of healing and excitement for you.

  • Ashli M.

    Such a sweet reminder!

  • This. So needed it this morning and God placed it in my path.

    • She Reads Truth

      Thanks for joining us today, Heidi! Love to you!


  • Thank you for this devotional, Amber. Ironically enough, I am looking into trips to Costa Rica and have been wondering if I’m brave enough to attempt the zipline. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do in a beautiful, lush jungle but often teeter on just doing it. In a way, this reminds me of my newfound, deepened faith. I am often afraid to just let go. Let go of past hurts, control, worry, fear, etc. Those are things I’m used to. They’ve become my safety cord. But in reality, and when I look back on my own Red Sea moments, it’s none of those things that was keeping me safe. Helping through the valley. God was steering me safely down the zipline the entire time I was afraid. I love Him so much for that. Lord, I repent any obstacles that keep me from you. Please give me the grace to step out on the platform of life and jump, knowing that you will never let me fall. Amen.

  • I think God loves doing life BIG! He didn’t just sneak them out into the desert but made sure that ALL of Egypt knew which God was truly in control! The night before they crossed there was basically a wind storm.. So when the winds in my life rise up and I’m struggling to see the deliverance ahead I can know God is about to part the waters!! He’s about to prove his never ending faithfulness and love to a forgetful people! I just returned from Israel and Jordan and I actually sailed on the Red Sea about 35 miles from where they crossed!! So this is especially meaningful to me!! God is good. Thanks SRT!

    • Joanna

      Wow. What an experience! That’s definitely on my bucket list! I do also believe He likes doing things in a big way. Have a blessed day, Amber.

  • Caroline

    I love it when I read things I know I need to hear. I have felt God calling me to do something crazy lately, and honestly I don’t want to. It would require me to lose a lot of things I cherish dearly. However, I am looking back and not once has my Abba failed me. I am a daughter and a college student, but soon I may be someone completely different

  • Wow this is so good. God works wonders. I just have to have the faith to trust Him by jumping off that platform. I’m definitely on that platform now, as I continue to be on Homebound in my junior year of highschool, due to dizziness from a concussion I had four years ago. I’m extremely behind in some of my classes, and the burden has really been catching up with me. But during this time, I’m finding out that getting all stressed out isn’t going to help anything. I just have to take a deep breath and give it all to God. I have to leap off the platform and trust Him. He’s got me through it before, and He will again. He knows what he’s doing.

    • Hannah

      Sarah! Thank you for sharing this. I am praying for healing for you! Our God is Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals! I am also praying for the mercy and patience of your school staff in helping you through this challenge. God sees you and He knows every hair on your head. May His indescribable peace fall on you today.

  • We all have experienced some form of hopelessness in our past.
    Some cope by not looking back, because doing so invokes or reawakens painful memories we would rather not experience again.
    And yet, here is a perspective that when we do look back, we can focus on the light that brought us out of the darkness, instead of the fear we felt while in the midst of it.
    Isn’t it amazing to know that He was with us all along, and He has brought us to where we are now?
    We are here, where we are, because the Lord continues to fight for us.
    How grateful I am, that He continues teaching me to have confidence during times of crisis.

    • Amy

      Amen, what a wonderful thought: to “focus on the light that brought us out of the darkness, instead of the fear we felt while in the midst of it.” There are aspects of my past I have been running from, but I think this is the key to finally be able to face them without feeling overwhelmed. If I look for God’s hand in every trial I’ve been through, maybe I can finally lay some of those memories to rest.

      • Amen

        Amy, I am glad to learn my thoughts helped you find a key to facing your own past without feeling overwhelmed. I remember reading “A Confident Heart” by Renee Swope. Her book planted seeds that resonated as I began learning how to handle my own shadows of doubt. Folks can learn more about Renee’s book on her website

  • Caroline

    This is so good. I love that He is always with us. He WILL come to our aid! I am declaring that today

  • churchmouse

    I’ve had a few Red Seas to cross in my life. In hindsight I can see how God was working to make a way and get me through it. I can’t say I always appreciated His method or His timing. But I can say He was always faithful! That gives me incredible comfort and assurance for future Red Seas . They are always for my good and His glory.

  • My husband and I have been struggling with infertility for the past 17 months. It can be easy to become distracted by doubt and bitterness, which Satan so badly wants us to succumb to. However, in the past 2 years God has done AMAZING things for my husband and I. He has walked us through the Red Sea time and time again. I want to keep my focus on how faithful God has been and remember how faithful He will continue to be.

    • She Reads Truth

      Keeping you in my prayers today, Bethany. Thankful for your beautiful testimony of God’s faithfulness. Grateful for your willingness to share!


  • Tina, thanks for the link to that song. It’so powerful

  • Catherine

    This is just what I needed to be reminded of today as I wait for pathology results on lymph nodes. I had mastectomy last week and will learn this week if chemo is needed. It is good to be reminded that just as God was with me in hearing diagnosis …He will be present again.

    • Heather (MNmomma)

      Lifting you up this morning <3

    • Heather

      Praying for your peace with the results and the next path you need to take, Catherine. I will keep you close to my heart this week.

    • Robin W.

      Praying for you.

    • Sherri

      Catherine, praying for peace and a good report. God bless you.

    • Cindy

      Praying for complete healing for you.

    • churchmouse

      Praying for strength in the waiting and beyond

    • Joanna

      Praying for your peace and strength Catherine. Please keep us posted on the results.

      • Catherine

        One lymph node contained cancer cells so chemo might be likely. A new research study was published two weeks ago suggesting the doctor order another test for cases like mine. I will learn in a few weeks if I am high risk or low risk. If high risk, then chemo. If low, then radiation. I am amazed at the timing of the study and hopeful of good results. Thank you for praying.

  • We live in Ecuador. We felt the quake, but have only seen damage on TV from the coastal areas. It´s extensive and heartbreaking. As a mom of two littles, I can only imagine what this feels like for the moms who have their kids with them. Others are holding out for miracles that they might find them in the ruins of homes, hotels, and businesses. As of now, it seems like this part of our country is backed up against the Red Sea.

    My prayers continue to be for provision to be made in the name of God, that God´s people would step forward sharing physical sustenance while articulately sharing sustenance for the soul. Would you pray with me?

    • Sherri

      Missycm, praying now.

    • Heather (MNmomma)

      Joining in prayer….

    • Tina

      In prayer right now sweet sister for all the people of Ecuador and for God to show up in every way possible. hope for a restoration that is only of Him…
      Not much…but filled with love, sending you a hug and prayers. .xxx

    • Anne

      Yes… I am praying for the people affected by this earthquake, and for those ministering to them…

    • Robin W.

      Absolutely praying.

    • Ashley

      Praying with you all. I lived in Ecuador for 6 months when I was in college, and hold the country so near and dear to my heart. Seeing pictures, hearing stories and knowing of all of the destruction and suffering is painful. Our God is so much bigger than an earthquake, and I know that He will provide. Praying for you and your family as well, Missy!

    • Bethany Philpot

      Praying for your family Missy, and for all the people in Ecuador. I pray that God’s presence and peace can be felt by everyone who is overcome by fear and heartbreak.

    • churchmouse

      Yes, adding my prayers with all the others – for those suffering in Ecuador, Japan and Houston. And Syria, Darfur, Afghanistan, Sudan… And so many other places I can barely locate on a map. So thankful our prayers know no boundaries and our God is so powerful.

    • Joanna

      Praying that God provide comfort, relief, and aid to anyone and everyone who needs it.

  • Anna Buchanan

    This is one of my favorite passages in all of Scripture. As a senior in high school I was dating a boy who was bad bad bad on every level. My 2 best friends walked with me for 2 years trying to help me cling to Jesus instead of my boyfriend. When I felt like the Lord had brought relief I began to want to run back to the boy. My best friend took me to Exodus. She reminded me of how easily we forget God’s faithfulness. Now, in tech week, I cannot focus on the fear. We only have 3 more tries to get all this stuff right. NO, I choose to focus on my Father’s past faithfulness. He has led me through Red Seas time and again. This will be no different. His faithfulness will continue. I need only be silent. He will fight for me. It goes against my nature to simply trust, but I know my Jesus is calling me to come to him and rest. My strivings will not save me.

  • This blessed me this morning beyond belief. It’s so easy as humans to get caught up in fear of what may or may not transpire ahead but if we just look back at what God brought us through…..

    • Heather (MNmomma)

      amen! sooooo true!

    • Mamajonk

      My exact same thoughts! In the middle of the night my mind was racing with doom and gloom and after praying was finally able to go back to sleep. Then to read this devotion upon waking was just perfect! Our God is so so good!

  • I love to reflect on the fact that the whole time that God was leading them out of Egypt, He was guiding them in the right path by going ahead of them in a pillar of cloud by day and in a pillar of fire by night. When the Egyptians pursued them, God fought for them by moving behind them and getting between them and their enemies. I just love the image that God goes before me and that he fights for me by coming between me and my enemy!

  • Natasha Smith

    Such a beautiful reminder of how God will turn that seemingly helpless situation around for our good. How he is ever present in our time of need. This was just what I needed today!

  • I’ve been awake half the night worrying about a financial situation which is out of my control. This is precisely what I needed to hear this morning.

    • Christie

      Praying for you Robin. That God will part the seas for you to his glory, if in his will.

    • Caryn516

      Praying that God will bring relief to your situation. I struggled for years as a single mom through financial difficulties…the best advice I got was to “do the next right thing”…after following that advice, I learned to lean on Him and find peace. Praying the same for you!

  • There is a line in one of my favourite songs. be honest..Every word touches my heart and reaches deep into my soul…
    No longer slaves. ..I reckon this song would have been the Israelites anthem…
    …You split the sea so I could walk right through it…my fear was drowned in perfect love…you rescued me so I could stand and sing….
    Lord may these be the words if my mouth and the meditation of my heart today and throughout this week..Amen..X
    Lifting you my sisters in prayer today. ..KNOW you are without a doubt, a Child of God..His blood runs through your veins. ..
    Every blessing dear Sisters. .xxx

    • Tina

      Here’s a link…
      Be free…x

    • Christy

      Thank you Tina, that is beautiful!

    • Heather (MNmomma)

      Oh Tina~ this is one of my favorite songs – and it hit me so firmly in the heart this morning. I had tears streaming….thank you for listening to the spirit prompting you to post this……it fed me and blessed me in ways that I struggle to articulate. I am in a major time of transition – and am not sure where God is leading me and I am scared, but ultimately I know that I am a Child of God….I am no longer a slave to fear… to you my friend!

    • Joanna

      Amen. Thank you Tina!

  • Too often I am like the Israelites- fearful and complaining because I can’t see the way ahead, instead of trusting that God knows what he’s doing. Psalm 77:19 stood out to me: “Your road led through the sea, your pathway through the mighty waters- a pathway no-one knew was there!” It reminds me that God’s plans are bigger and we need to keep following him even when we don’t understand or can’t see the way through a situation.

    • Beth

      So true! Reminds me of a Helen Steiner Rice poem that has helped me remember on more than one occasion that we just need to put our trust in Him.

      “If we put our problems in God’s hand,
      There is nothing we need understand

      It is enough to just believe
      That what we need we will receive.”

  • Elisabeth

    What I loved in today’s reading was how in so many verses it is underlined that God is with His people and that He has a plan, even when things seem to go as wrong as they possibly could in the eyes of the Israelites. God directs them, God positions Himself between the Egyptians and the Israelites, He warns Moses about what is going to happen – there is not a thing that escapes His mind. His power is the strongest equipment we could wish for, lets trust in Him and not be scared. I pray for you all that whatever obstacle might be in your way today that you are reminded of God’s power and trust Him that He will help you. Amen.

    • Sarah

      His power is the strongest equipment we could wish for! :D

    • Sherri

      Elizabeth, I receive your prayer that today we remember God’s power and trust Him to help with every obstacle we face.

    • She Reads Truth

      Thank you so much for this reminder, Elisabeth! Grateful for you!


  • There is absolute truth in this…thank you for the great reminder.

    • She Reads Truth

      Thanks for joining us, Dana! We love having you in our community!


  • This is so true isnt it, so many times we face a new challenge, difficult situation or hard time forgetting how much God has already achieved in our lives already.

  • Bree King

    I find this lesson to be such a strong reminder. So often I forget the things that God has brought me through. God didn’t give us a life to watch us stumble through blindly without his help. No, he actually gave us a life that would constantly be in need of him. I love that. What a blessing.

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