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Hey there, friends!

Here at #SRThq, we’re always a season (or two or three!) ahead—we can often be found photographing popsicles in December or singing Christmas carols in the summertime. But the news we get to share with you today is filling our office with all things spring! We hope you can begin to see and smell the same springtime joy as you mark your calendars to read Truth with us these next few months.

On May 2, the #SheReadsTruth community will begin Proverbs: The Way of Wisdom, a 4-week plan that explores how to gain the true and timeless wisdom we long for—by looking to the One who created us. 

Together, we’ll find that the pursuit of wisdom and the pursuit of God cannot be separated—that the study of the Book of Proverbs is a journey to spiritual maturity.

This 4-week Scripture reading plan is not a straight read through the book. Instead, we’ve gathered a selection of wisdom sayings from throughout the Book of Proverbs into daily thematic readings. Each day’s reading is followed by a short series of questions (yes, questions!) to help you grasp the meaning of the text and apply that day’s wisdom to your own life. We pray that this interactive format, created uniquely for the Proverbs plan, will deepen your study of God’s Word and guide you in His wisdom.

Of course, we’d love to introduce you to the study book that goes along with the reading plan, and girls, it is GORGEOUS!





The Proverbs: The Way of Wisdom study book includes full Scripture readings for every day (right there in the book!), as well as helpful charts and infographics, guided response questions with journaling space, 4 Scripture mini-cards, and a step-by-step pattern to create your own paper garden rose.

(Let us stop you right there. Those flowers you see covering the book in the dreamiest, spring-iest way? They are made entirely of PAPER by fellow-She, Rachael Baldwin of Appetite Paper. We loved Rachael’s paper flowers so much, we included a detailed, step-by-step photo tutorial right there in the book!)


The interactive elements of the Proverbs: The Way of Wisdom reading plan makes it ideal for individual or group study. And? We’re excited to offer this unique reading plan FREE on the She Reads Truth app, as well as on the site and via email! In other words, this is the perfect plan to do with a group of your favorite Shes.

Now through 4/8/16, order 2 or more Proverbs study books and get our favorite ‘She’ tote for free! Find yours at

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  • Hi, I am interested to know if Proverbs: Way for Wisdom 4 week scripture plan is included with the Study Book.
    Thank You,

  • Courtney Waters

    I was wondering who the photo credit goes to for the images throughout the study.

  • Echo Of Faith

    To SRT, could you do a Mothers Day study?

  • Nana Jan

    I am new to SRT, and am interested in this study. How do I get started?

    • Shelby

      Hi Nana Jan! I’m a fellow SRT reader :) They basically do themed, mini Bible study sessions. There’s an iPad app in which you can buy the study sessions (although this one will be free!), or you can order the book (pictured), or visit the website with your Bible handy and it’ll give you the scriptures to read. Since this particular study doesn’t start until May 2nd, you have a couple weeks to play around exploring the website or order the book! Good luck and happy studying! :) -Shelby

    • Isabella

      I think you’ve just captured the answer pelceftry

  • Christine

    Is the bundle for SRT and HRT still available for the Proverbs study?

  • Rosemary

    Hi! I was wondering what is the difference between the in-app purchase and the book? I’m trying to declutter and be greener but I am interested in the study plan. Thanks!

  • Jessica Stroud

    Just bought the his and her for me and my husband! excited!

  • Jenipher

    So excited to get started with SRT. This is my first study with the app and book! With my job it’s hard to make it to church every week so this is what I have been looking for. I am in need of being filled up as I spend a lot of time and energy pouring out.

  • Thank you so much for making this plan available on the app for free. I am looking forward to it. After being away from the church for more than 10 years I am currently trying to find my way back to God and deepen my understanding. I am enjoying your website and welcome any and all recommendations for someone who is just getting started! Much love.

    • Brittaney

      Praying for your journey, Jess! May God speak to you through this study❤️

  • I am beyond excited about this! Proverbs is probably my favourite book of the Bible. Can’t wait to work through it in a new way with this study guide! Also, seriously the most beautiful book I’ve seen from you guys so far! Keep up the good work!

    • Katherine

      You took the words out of my head! I love proverbs and studying it in such a new and unique way is exciting – can’t wait!

  • Kailey Arnold

    If I order this book now, when will it arrive? On May 1st, or 5-7 days from now?

  • Megan Gilley

    Stop. This is gorgeous!!

  • April Hayes

    So glad that I purchased the SRT Annual Subscription! Cannot wait to get this next great study!

  • xoLeahNicole

    If I purchase the She and He Proverbs books, would that qualify for the

  • Will the tote be available for individual purchase?

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