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The days are getting longer, spring nights are on the way, and we have a fun announcement to make today! How’s THAT for some Monday joy, friends?

From the moment a new reading plan is birthed during a brainstorming session at #SRThq, we start counting down until days like this one, when we get to let all of our girls in on the fun. We’ve already told you about our next plan, The Resurrected Life, which begins on 3/28 and picks up where Lent leaves us—at Christ’s resurrection. Make sure you plan to join us—on the She Reads Truth app,, or via email subscription.

Because we want you to gather your people and mark your calendars, we’re also letting you in on what’s coming after The Resurrected Life—a new reading plan entitled The Life of Moses. Beginning 4/11, we’ll spend 3 weeks exploring the life of Moses, a man who played one of the greatest roles in the redemptive arc of the Bible.

01 3.14am  MosesSRT_0009

The images that come to mind at the mention of Moses’ name are epic, larger-than-life. We can’t help but hear the name Moses in a deep, booming voice. But the man himself was exactly that—just a man. Moses’ life was not special because he, in and of himself, was particularly special. He was special because God called him to lead Israel to freedom, and to deliver God’s holy and perfect Law along the way. Moses’ life was special because, at every turn, it pointed to the coming Messiah—the true Rock of Ages, the Living Water, the Lamb of God that would provide the cure for sin.

Do you see why we’re so pumped for this plan? We can hardly wait to read it with you!

Of course, there’s a gorgeous new study book to go along with The Life of Moses, and it’s our favorite one yet! (Maybe we say this every time, but we can’t help it—it’s true!)

Here’s a peek inside:

07 3.28  MosesSRT_0019


08 4.3  MosesSRT_0013

Isn’t it gorgeous?!

As always, the study book is offered as an extra, optional resource to help you dig deeper into God’s Word, but it is not required to participate. Book or no book, we hope you’ll reading along with the SRT community via the app, web site, or email. 

Join us for The Resurrected Life, a 2-week plan beginning March 28th, followed by The Life of Moses, a 3-week plan, beginning April 1st.

BUNDLE BOTH BOOKS & SAVE! Take 20% off when you buy The Resurrected Life and The Life of Moses study books together! You can find them both at Offer ends midnight, 3/16/16.


  • Billie Hilliard

    So looking forward to starting tomorrow!!

  • When will this study be available on the app?

  • Allison Palmer

    This sounds so amazing! Im a little confused though, I bought the study book and I’m not sure if it starts April 1st or the 11th

  • I received the Moses study book & cannot wait to begin! I love the extra info you included in this one! Thank you for putting so much love and consideration into each book.

  • Ack! I’m looking forward to both studies coming up!! I especially like the questions included in the next study book. I like prompts & thought-provoking questions a little more than a blank “response” page.

  • Clara Madok


  • Sigkapoli

    Loving the auto-ship!!

    • Gina

      Me too!! It feels like such a treat.

    • Kelsi

      Same here!! It’s such a welcomed surprise when it shows up on my doorstep!

    • churchmouse

      Yes! The study books are such a blessing, and absolutely beautiful. And I agree, the auto ship is a tremendous convenience. Thank you SRT!

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