Lent 2016: An Invitation


You are invited.

You are invited to leave behind the land of “I’ll do better” and enter the promise of “Look what He’s already done!”

You are invited to fast from your striving and shame and feast on His forgiveness and faithfulness.

You are invited to quiet the voices in your head that keep you up at night, the ones that tell you you’re worth less, loved less, wanted less, and listen to the sweet words of the Savior on repeat.

“It is finished.”

The God of creation is the God who created you, who sought you like the shepherd seeks out the one lost lamb, and who rescued you from the prison of sin and self.

Lent is a time to stop your running—to see the Shepherd running to meet you, to embrace you like the loving father embraced his prodigal son.

Lent is a time to look long at your sin, but look longer at the Savior and the cross where He marked all your sin-debt paid.

Lent is a time to embrace grace, to say ten thank yous for every I’m sorry. It is a time to walk with Christ to His cross, to lean in and listen hard to His words and actions as He does for us what we could never do—reconciles us to God for now, forever, for good.

The season of Lent 2016 begins tomorrow, Wednesday, February 10. We invite you to join us for this especially rich season of repentance and remembrance.

The Lent 2016 Scripture reading plan spans 47 days and builds to the climax of Resurrection Sunday with five separate but connected sections:

1. A brief history lesson of the traditions of Ash Wednesday and Lent on the Church calendar
2. An examination of biblical repentance, fasting, and prayer
3. A walk through the book of Jonah, which illustrates God’s salvation and mercy in each of these three things
4. A look at the person of Christ, as demonstrated by Jesus’ “I AM” statements in the Gospel of John
5. A real-time walk through the work of Christ during Holy Week, from His triumphal entry into Jerusalem to His once-for-all victory over the grave

As always, the reading plan focuses intentionally on Scripture itself—on God’s Words instead of ours. Each day will begin with a Scripture reading assignment, followed by an optional written response. We love connecting with you on the site and app via the written responses, and we especially love seeing you connect with and learn from each other. But God’s Word is living and active, and we believe the Holy Spirit is ultimately all we need to read and respond to Scripture. We trust He will meet you every day as you open His Word.

The online Lent reading plan begins Ash Wednesday, February 10, and continues through Easter Sunday, March 27. You may also enjoy following the #SRTlent hashtag to connect with and learn from other “Shes” who are in the Word of God every day, during Lent and beyond.

May God turn your heart toward Him during this Lenten season. We are reading with you and praying for you!

Grace and Peace,

Amanda, Raechel, & the She Reads Truth team


  • I live in Eastern Europe and we have different dates for Easter and Lent, but I am wondering how to access these posts offline; I would love to print them and have them with my Bible since I really try to have my devotional time be non-electronic.

  • I know that God will guide me through the path that I am supposed to go down

  • This will be a wonderful experience for me no my family!

  • Natalie weaver

    Thank you so much for sharing this with me. This is just awesome! Can’t wait for each day reading! God Bless!

  • I’m really excited for this Lent and am grateful for this space to help me learn more this season.

  • Christina

    If I buy the $2.99 devo. will I be able to access it offline?

  • Hi how do I get started on this journey

  • Deeda carter

    Excited to start this journey and thankful for the friends that invited me

  • Received my book in the mail last night, so pretty!

  • Shout to Lord for He is good and his mercies endure forever!

  • Rhonda Madon

    Blessed to just have the word of God to read. The Lord Jesus is my salvation, and the only way for me.

  • I’m excited to get started!

  • Jessica Carlton

    Really looking forward to this daily study! Open to how it will bless me!

  • Samantha Clarke

    Very excited!! Last year’s Lent readings really blessed me so much.

  • Megan Keelan

    I’m glad that I found this app just in time. I was searching for a way to devote more time to scripture during Lent, so I’m excited!

    • Faruk

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  • Looking forward to the study!

  • Sheretta

    Very excited! I really need this!

  • I am really looking forward to my first Lent with SRT. <3

  • Looking forward to this journey of LENT 2016.

  • Wonderful!

  • Susanna | Revisionary Life

    Lent is such a meaningful time for me! I’m so excited to journey through this season using the She Reads Truth study for the first time!

  • I am interested in an online devotional. Is this possible?

  • I have the book and starting tomorrow. Thank you

  • So excited!

  • I’m excited to learn more about lent

  • I am excited and grateful to begin this study tomorrow!

  • Ashley S

    Can’t wait!

  • Maddie Sparrow

    I’m gonna need this

  • Are the HE’S doing the same study? It’s not posted yet on hereadstruth.com but I figured so!

  • Michelle

    I am very much looking forward to this lesson as well. I am so blessed by this ministry!

  • I am truly inspired to start this lesson on lent!!

  • Hi! I purchased the study book but am a little confused on how it relates with the reading plan on the app/website. Do I need to purchase the reading plan on the app as well? Or is the plan in the book all I need? They seem to be a little bit different…Just want to make sure I’m getting the full experience here. ;) Any help would be great! Thank you!

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Sara! Great question! The book can be used as a scripture-only resource or alongside the online devotional content at SheReadsTruth.com or on the SRT app. We’re so glad you’re joining us!


  • Alison Willis

    You guys have lead me closer to god i love you gust so much

  • Alison Willis

    She truth your are a inspiration what is y’all email

  • how does one sign up to receive emails? this website does not make that obvious.

    • Alison Willis

      I thought the same thing if you find out will you tell me please my name is Alison willis

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi KB! You can subscribe by visiting shereadstruth.com/subscribe, entering your information and choosing the ‘daily reading’ group. So glad you’re joining us!


  • Cross? Or is that last year’s?

  • I’m fairly new… Is it the one called “Jesus keep me keep me near the

  • Beth Schwandt

    Thanks! How
    Do I order lent book today?

  • Kristina Yates

    Excited for this :)

  • Charmaine Blackman

    Excited for this! But wasn’t able to fit the book into my budget this month – can i still follow along online? I think i’m subscribed to the emails but not sure…?

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Charmaine! The books are totally optional and you can follow along for free via email or here at SheReadsTruth.com!


  • Crystal May

    Looking forward to it!

  • Ben Horton

    Looking for the he reads truth part

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Ben! It will be available at HeReadsTruth.com or on the He Reads Truth iOS app. So glad you’re following along!

      Grace and Peace,

  • Jojohamm

    With my daughters joining me, looking fw to this study.

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