Genesis: Day 1

The Creation & The Fall


Today's Text: Genesis 1:1-31, Genesis 2:1-25, Genesis 3:1-24, John 1:1-5

Text: Genesis 1:1-31, Genesis 2:1-25, Genesis 3:1-24, John 1:1-5

There’s something captivating about new beginnings. They arrive laden with hope and wrapped in promise, expectation strapped optimistically to their backs. The slate is clean. We hold our breath and look for the right words and best intentions to populate the page.

I once had a boss who had us write down a list of personal and professional goals for the new year as part of our year-end duties. He was the inspiring type, with a positive outlook and a successful business, and I made my list accordingly—ambitious goals only, and the bigger, the better.

I remember looking at that list and feeling a rush of emotion, like it was a long overdue promise to myself. I remember feeling hope and the fleeting yet earnest belief that circumstances can match desires if only we write them down and check them off. And I remember finding that folded-up list in my bedside table about six months later and scanning the length of it to find I’d accomplished none of my big, ambitious goals to date. Not even one.

New beginnings are laden with hope, and they should be. But on what or whom do we place that hope?

The book of Genesis is full of new beginnings. It reveals the beginning of the heavens and the earth, of humanity and marriage, of sin and nations and languages—the beginning of our need for a Savior. All of our brokenness—all our unfulfilled hopes and broken promises—begin here, in the first book of the Bible.

But Genesis is also a book of covenants. Covenants are agreements that define the relationship between God and humanity, the first being the Covenant of Creation (or Covenant of Life) when God created man (Genesis 2:16-17). But unlike the promises we make to ourselves and each other, God’s promises are, by His very nature, unbreakable. His faithfulness is never subject to our own (2 Timothy 2:13).

When Adam and Eve’s sin broke that first covenant, the Covenant of Grace was set into motion—a 2000-year journey of God revealing His faithfulness again and again to an unfaithful people. From Noah and Abraham to each generation of Abraham’s descendants, God kept His word even when they didn’t keep theirs. This achy and redemptive generations-long narrative helps us understand the beauty of—and the need for—the New Covenant in Jesus Christ (Luke 22:20, Hebrews 9:15).

With nearly every page-turn of Genesis—from the Fall to the Flood, from Babel to Sodom and Gomorrah—we will see God keep His promises and confirm His covenant with men and women along the way. When we dare to read this bold and beautiful book in its entirety, a foundational truth comes into view: God’s covenant with His people is ongoing, everlasting, and unbreakable, and it is forever fulfilled in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As we walk through the pages of Genesis, may we learn to loosen our grip on our best efforts and well-intentioned works and cling only to the hope lovingly and mercifully secured for us by our covenant-keeping God.


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  • Karoline Boginski

    Just restarted reading my bible and am very excited to use this plan to help me get into it and understand it more.:)

  • Angela Bourn

    My husband and I just started the Genesis study today, and I cannot wait to study more about God’s faithfulness.

  • lauren deering

    i can’t wait to read into more of Genesis, and how God works!!

  • Sarah Sampson

    Love Genesis!

  • Kayla Karol


  • Lauralee AlegríaEspinosa

    What an intimate way to start this new year. Thank you, God for keeping your covenant, even when I am so very unfaithful. Thank you for your grace that keeps me under your love. May I never stray further than your grasp! #2018

  • Jackie Champion

    “His faithfulness is never subject to our own.”

    Thank. You. Lord.

  • Your pontsig lays bare the truth

  • Genisis 3:12.
    We must own up to our sins, our mistakes! Blaming others will not free us of consequences.

  • He made everything for us to sustain us! We now have to follow through with his plan to keep caring for our home and his law the way it was intended, from the beginning.

  • Ashley Kim

    love the first day of this plan!

  • I’m so excited that I have found this app and can connect with sisters in Christ to share the word with each other

  • I’m excited to get into this topical bible study!

    • Emma Canty-Carrel

      Me too! I just found this app and am excited to check it out :) I’ve been working on reading through the whole bible and hopefully this will help me go a bit deeper with the beginning of my mission

  • I’ve been really struggling to get into my Bible lately, hoping that by doing devotional studies such as this one I can start to dig into my study of God and how amazing He is. Please be praying for me, that God would ignite a full on passion to dig into his word more and more each day.

    • She Reads Truth

      Praying, Mariah! Asking the Lord to give you a thirst for Him that can only be quenched through His Word.

      – Stormye

  • Laura Musselman

    The trinity wanted to throw a party, but there were no others to invite. A&E decided they’d be better off looking out for themselves than trusting God. They did exactly what I would have done. They chose to throw their own party without Him. But there is no party without Him. A&E made the same mistake I’ve been making since I was a kid, to protect myself from pain and to control my own pleasure. To negotiate with God- to get what I want out of life. God’s message: “you’ve made a mess, I’ve got a plan. You’re invited to my party.”

  • Victoria morales

    God is great

  • I am so beyond happy that I found this Bible study! God is SO good!

  • Hailey Smith

    Hi She Reads Truth family! I’m new to this bible study and online community; currently, I’m trying to decide whether or not to buy this Genesis bible study. Will y’all help me out? I have some questions that I need answered:

    1. First, is the devotional content APPLICABLE & also PRACTICAL? I read the devotional for this and though: “Okay, true… but so what NOW?” Ya fee me? Like, okay, how can I rely on the Lord’s strength when I do have a lot of obligations and goals I need to accomplish to be a woman of my word. I want to learn how to honor God & have everything I do be for the Lord, instead of feeling obligated to do so or motivates by my own vision of “success”. I want to know if the author of this devotional delves into the Word in search of HOW to accomplish dependency & hope in Christ alone, whilst leading a life of goal accomplishment.
    2. Are there New Testament tie-ins throughout Old Testament bible studies? I recently decided to start reading the Bible from the beginning but I don’t want to forget what Jesus did here on earth & specific Scripture/Truth from the New Testament.

    • Hailey Smith

      For example, I’m a student at A&M and I skipped 3/4 classes today to spend time with Jesus because my spirit desperately needed it- sin and health issues in my life were taking their role. But now, I feel lazy/bad for missing class. I’m taking 19 hours and am in my Masters program. I don’t want to do well in school to succeed… I want to do it for God. I need Him to remind me why I began school 4 years ago in the first place.

      • Kayla Allison

        If you go to Texas A&M, I would love to get in contact with you! I’m here as well in my Masters Program and am involved in a wonderful community-based Bible Study!
        I will be praying for you and that God gives you clarity in the plan that He has for you.


  • Grateful that I started this today. I have been praying to God and struggling in my heart over my faith. Getting to start from the beginning feels like a fresh start to rediscover my faith and strengthen my relationship with Christ.

    • Rebekka

      I am fully with you Katie :) Let’s discover with a blank slate who God is and how we can best relate to Him!

  • Very grateful to God for finding your page.

  • Christina Kang

    So exited and thankful to start every morning with this wonderful group of women and the words of God!

  • Anna Buchanan

    To think that we have such a strong hope in our loving, faithful, and perfect Savior, yet we run to other idols to find hope. We seek hope in our own efforts. No matter how well-intentioned, they cannot redeem us. As I wake up this morning weary, longing for newness and life, I find myself tempted to cling to my plans and routines. Oh Father, help me to cling to the covenant that you have made with your children. You will work in and through us until the day we die. We are not hopeless cases, even amidst our sinful messes. You have redeemed and are sanctifying your children and will continue into glory.

  • Cori Arnold

    Be in prayer for me as I read this devotion. Love it.

  • Love it. So excited to begin this journey.

  • Sorry! My cursor messed up and I couldn’t see the words I was typing.

  • I am excited to learn more about The Bible and God’s word! wordwordwordand to grow

  • CJ The DJ

    I’m so excited to start this journey with God!

  • Evelyn Torres

    This year has already been full of challenges & really confusing to me… I feel like no matter how hard I push myself I just can’t get anywhere & I’m surely not even close to where I want to be.. I’ve been praying to God to be used by Him because that is my biggest heart’s desire & yet no doors have been opened to me. I don’t doubt God’s power &I I know He’s not ignoring me.. I know I’m doing something wrong but I don’t know what it is & I know I have to change but I don’t even know where to start

    • Anita

      His timing is perfect and at the right time he will show you what he has planned for you. You dont have to do anything in your strength, rest in Him, rely on His strength. For His power is made perfect in weakness. You dont have to change by yourself or figure things out by yourself..just spend time with Him and let Him change you, guide you, show how deeply he loves you

    • Emmy

      Your article petecfrly shows what I needed to know, thanks!

  • Amazing!

  • Cydnee Mame


  • You don’t have to be perfect, God already is

  • Sydney Davidson


  • SO. GOOD

  • #love it

  • Go to plans in the main menu and your purchase will be listed first.

  • I’m new to this and can’t figure out how to find the plan I just paid for and downloaded. Can anyone help??

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Kara! It should show up at the top of your Plans list under Purchased.

      If not, click ‘Settings’ then ‘Restore in-app purchases.’ Email me at [email protected] if that doesn’t work!


  • I’m heading out to foreign lands (in the U.S.), with big hopes and dreams, and a lot more expectations of self. God hasnt whispered any promises that will make this journey a success. However, He asked me to trust Him. I do. So with that being said…Here’s to new beginnings, and Jesus is in the driver’s seat.

  • We are all a mess in some way or another at different times in our lives. What a gift to know that God is always there with us!

  • StJennChuckles

    What an awesome God He is. When studying the Old Testament in college I remember thinking to myself t wow those Israelites really aren’t very good at realizing that things only go bad for them when they aren’t paying attention to God. Stupid Israelites. One time after reading about how they weren’t listening to God again, I felt God say to me, ” you know how faithful I am, I have proven myself to you over and over again and still you question and doubt.” I will never forget that. The spirit calling me out for judging them and yet sometimes I am a lot like is so humbling to realize I make mistakes like not following God and he doesn’t hold that against me. He always always always shows us love and faithfulness even when we don’t.

  • Flutterby

    Thanks for your post. That’s something I need to remember.

  • Christie

    Really is a very humbling reality to know that we do absolutely nothing to earn God’s love and commitment to us! And despite how we’re initially thrown into a conveyer-belt reality of physical and moral entropy, He came upon the horizon and began to kickstart the reverse process so that despite our outward decay, He is restoring us back inwardly to how we were meant to be in Christ.

  • Danielle

    How comforting it is to know that no matter how often we fall
    Short, He is faithful to His covenants to us!

  • Mandy Henry

    I’m new but this speaks right to where I am!

  • Laura S.

    Our son is in a group home on the other side of the state. He’s our son, our “Isaac.” Visions for a New Beginning is where he lives now through God’s grace and mercy. The directorship and staff are the wings of the Holy Spirit and the Hands of Jesus every day for him and our family. Studying the parallel and being blessed within the vision.

  • Savannah

    God created everything, all the beauty we see and search and nature and yet we are still his favorite, gives me chills just to imagine

  • Michelle

    Reading this devotional came at a new start my life has became a miss I turn my back on God yet again, and again God has have me a new beginning.. Thank you

    • Mandy Henry

      He is always waiting for us to turn back. I love that his arms are always open!!

  • Shea Hawkins

    I tend to forget a lot that God put us here and created a place just for us so to be reminded is a wonderful thing

  • How comforting to know that through Him new beginnings are possible

  • Katy Ellen

    God had the answer, before we had the problem

  • I’m starting my last year of nursing school today so this was extremely fitting to start this morning. I love reading about God’s faithfulness from the very beginning…

  • Alexa Miller

    “Revealing His faithfulness again and again to an unfaithful people” love that.

  • Rachelle

    Love that God made days/nights and seasons. A sweet gift to us that helps us through life . His mercies are new every morning. He is a God of second chances and new beginnings. Days/nights , months/years, and seasons offer us times of reflection and new beginnings. ❤️

  • God is truly faithful and I am blessed to call Him Father. His unwavering love humbles me.

  • Thank you SRT for opening my eyes in a new way to the gospel and word.

  • Jenique Burton

    In the beginning…. Gods grace goes before us. Here’s to a new day covered by grace!:-)

  • Jazmin Ruiz

    As this new year is starting, I didn’t bother making a list of resolutions. Like many of you other ladies mentioned most likely we won’t keep them which is true. I feel we all have the intention to see our resolutions through but we get caught up with our daily lives which we can’t map out every second of everyday. Things come up and we get distracted and when we don’t accomplish certain things, that’s when we give up because we totally beat ourselves up. I don’t want to live like that. I want to live a life where I know I’m going to be successful. Is it going to be perfect, of course not but I feel total joy when I’m obedient to God, when I spend time with God, when I accept God’s grace and forgive myself when I mess up because I will, forgive others when they don’t match up to my perception of who they should be, and lastly be appreciative of all the blessings in my life. In Gen 3:1-6 Satan deceived Eve by making her think that God was holding out on her and having her focus on the one thing she couldn’t have instead of all the numerous blessings he gave her. I’m going to continue to choose God because that’s where my joy and freedom lies.

    • Sally

      Perfectly said!!! I too am looking to be closer to God consistently, I want to be more obedient and more like him. Life is hard and the distractions and disappointments make us inconsistent…. My goals this year is to be more constant with my relationship with God.

  • The last 17 days have been a whirlwind, full of family, friends, adventure, food, fun, love, and so much more. As I’ve finally taken time to slow down this morning and reflect on Christmas, the New Year, and 2015, I feel blessed and thankful. 2016 is a new beginning, a fresh start, and as I’ve anticipated its arrival, I have tried to come up with the perfect list of resolutions, the perfect list of promises to myself. It was a good list, but this morning, I threw it away. This year, instead of making a list of promises to myself that I most likely would not be able to keep and that would most likely leave me disappointed in myself, frustrated with others, and exhausted at the end of every day, I wrote down one word instead. Grace. This year, I want my heart to be focused on the Covenant of Grace – to truly accept the grace that God continuously gives to me on a daily basis and to be thankful daily for where God has brought me through his grace. Not only that, but I also want my heart to be focused on giving grace – to myself and to others. In 2015, God blessed me in numerous ways. Greg and I got engaged, I gained another family, I accepted a job that brought with it more responsibility, and wedding planning. These blessings also brought with them challenges to change, and at times this year I’ve fought God. I’ve tried to pick and choose which blessings I want to accept, and well, change is hard, especially when it forces you to step out of your comfort zone and grow. At times, the challenges these wonderful blessings brought have made me bitter, selfish, and at times, just ugly. This year, I pray that I allow God to refine me during the challenges, and changes, and times of growth. I pray that I would be able to accept the grace he so freely gives. I pray that I would be able to give grace to myself and others. I pray as I walk through the doors of 2016 that I would be less focused on perfection and more focused on learning to loosen my grip on my best efforts and well-intentioned works and cling only to the hope lovingly and mercifully secured for me by my covenant-keeping God. I pray that on December 31, 2016 at 11:59 pm, I can look back on this year and say, “It was very good,” because I allowed God control and truly believed and trusted his promises. Friends, we have a year of blank pages in front of us. I hope you are all eager and excited rather than fearful about what each page holds. Cling tight to his words and remember, “if we are faithless, he remains faithful.” 2 Timothy 2:13

  • Leanne Holguin

    I think about this new year and new beginnings…things we hope for and want to accomplish…our goals. We have hope that 2016 will be successful and that we will reach our goals whatever they may be. Who, what or whom do we place that hope in? THIS made me think. I think I naturally place that hope within myself when it should be placed in Jesus. I will pray for guidance in trusting God fully with 2016 and placing all my hope and trust in him for whatever this year has for me.

  • Is amazing how God keep his promise to such imperfect and ungrateful humanity. But we have to understand that his grace is sufficient for all of us. Once we do that regardless of what life throw at us every single day, we will be content with just him. Our God is all we need!

  • Crystal Balentine

    The thing that spoke to me most was how God always said “It is good” after seeing his creations at the end of every day. He created man and saw that it was good! Our world today teaches us that we need to work hard at being “good enough” and that is such a hard thing to ignore. God created us, and saw that we are good, just the way he made us. God saw us and it was good, that makes me so happy!!!!

    • Leanne Holguin

      I have struggled in the past with loving myself and 6 months ago I woke up and realized that God loves me just the way I am…he created me and said “it is good” I am worthy and perfect in his eyes just the way I am! this makes me happy too!

  • Unfortunately I make many promises to othera I almost always follow through with. The problem that I have is when I make promises to myself. I am very bad with carrying out promises that I make for myself. Most of the time I feel like I don’t have enough faith in myself, but I have to remember that God has faith in me, and he wants me to grow. He has had my best interest in mind before I was even thought of. So now what I need to do is have faith in myself and stop breaking the promises I make to myself.

  • After being hurt again and again by unkept promises, it seems so hard some times to believe that God’s promises are truly unbreakable. It is my sinful nature that keeps me hiding. Hiding from God, hiding from his mercy and love. Here’s to starting the New Year out in the open, no longer hidden.

    • Sarah

      Me too! I pray for you :)

    • Dianne

      I have also experienced many broken promises by others and I sometimes accuse God of breaking His promises. I too hide from Him. But after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 6 years ago and struggling with a new way of life and many broken promises from others, God revealed to me that He never has broken His. He is FAITHFUL! (He has to remind me often) Sometimes we just have to step back and allow Him to reveal to us how faithful He is and that He does not break His promises. I know this will sound cynical, but I don’t really believe anyones promises anymore, only His. Maybe that’s self protection and wrong, I don’t know. But I struggle too.

  • It’s so incredible to me that God sent them out of the garden because something imperfect cannot be with something imperfect BUT God knew He was going to come back to rescue his people and be with them again.

  • Promises are generally hard to keep depending on their scope and complexity. However, God placed a guarantee, a safeguard, a contract if you will, before us when He penned His word. We are all so blessed to have His promises within in our grasp. I rely on them daily.

  • I have read these passages many times over the years but but am seeing it through new eyes. God is and always has been like a lighthouse in my life. Steady and constant. I have not given Him the same. It is humbling to see the power He has and is that created this world but He still remembers me.

  • Danielle

    I am so excited. This is my third bible study to do on SRT BUT MY FIRST TIME READING THE COMMENTS!!! I am a missionary far away in a corrupted and spiritual oppressed country. I pray that I find a community on SRT! Blessings to all!

    • Kaye

      Danielle, may the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you today! I pray that one avenue of that blessing will be through a connection with sisters on SRT!

    • Mandy

      Thank you and God bless you for your work in that country.

  • Danielle

    Just what I needed to hear. I wanted to start the new year in Genesis but hadn’t created a plan yet. Then I saw that the months plan is Genesis on SRT. So blessed. I am praying that every lady reading this was as touched as me.

  • I liked to think that God created because He is so full of love that He wanted to share it – I still like to think it, but I know that it’s not ours to question His reasons. And so I prayed, as I read today’s oh-so-familiar scriptures, for fresh eyes. Thank God for revealing Himself as a Creator who is both poetic and scientific, orderly and purposeful. And He created us in His image! We are meant to be like Him in His character. Even as Adam and Eve exercised their own creativity with the truth (ouch, how guilty of that am I?), and God had to discipline them for it, He did so lovingly, provisionally. He gave us the redemptive gift of work, until such a time that the ultimate Redeemer became flesh. To receive this revelation at the beginning of the year…wow, what an exciting challenge then to apply my Creator’s character in my work!

  • When we are thinking of all new things- we must search internally to see how did we get here? What was the “beginning” of this story, this journey, this trial, etc. So how fitting that we start with the first book of the bible to show that in the beginning God showed us love before the thought of love was introduced.

  • “His faithfulness is never subject to our own.” This really stood out to me today – this fact that Jesus loves us and keeps His promises to us always, no matter how many times we sin or put off spending time with Him.

  • Staci Brock

    I am using this new app that Francis Chan and the Bible Project have put together, along with this new study. Their videos on HOW to read the bible, and what each book means, has been SO informative. All of these tools such a gift!!! Thank you for all you do in putting these studies together

  • Michelle of LA CA

    Short story ; I was away at christmas holidays at a retreat and gave my neighbors your calendar and they study with SRT everyday . She’s a young woman in college yay .
    I’m looking forward in studying with SRT in 2016 . Wish you all there at the office an amazing year filled with lots of hope .
    Thank you for today lesson .

  • Leticia Alderete

    Wow I have read John 1:5 many times but today something special was in it. Thank you Jesus.

  • Genesis 3:8 says “And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden.”

    God was actually walking in the garden near Adam and Eve. The head the opportunity to spend time face to face with Him, but because they were so entangled in their sin, and because of that they were also afraid, they missed the opportunity to be with Him, to grow in their relationships with Him, to see Him face to face.

    How often have I been so entangled in sin, or living in fear, or just not living a life glorifying to God, that I miss the opportunity to behold Him face to face? No more!

  • Leslie Warnick

    I’ve read this passage countless times…today was the first time it registered….the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil…I always thought there was no evil yet…however there must have been potential? And also, satan was in the garden…so…all that must have happened before Eden? And two trees in the middle of the Garden…Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil…they were forbidden from the one but not the other…correct? Sorry to go inductive study on you..but I love how God shows me different things each time I read..
    Please let me know your thoughts..Thanks !
    Love SRT!! Happy New Year

    • Anne Marie Boudreaux

      My thoughts exactly: were they allowed to eat from the tree of life? What would have happened if Eve had eaten from that tree instead? Why was the tree of good and evil even there? The fall of Lucifer must have preceded the Creation if Satan was in the garden as the snake? Choice. Choices. From the beginning it is up to us to choice life.

      • Christina

        One podcast sermon I had listened to by Tim Keller stuck with me on this! Apologize for my paraphrasing, but he emphasized that eating from the tree itself wasn’t necessarily poisonous, but that God commanded them not to eat from it. He didn’t give a reason, just simply the command, being that God is God and the ruler of us. In eating from the tree we broke his command, we attempted to become our own rulers, and from that point forward the world is experiencing this sin and decay from our choice. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! They sparked a good lesson in my memory. :)


    Blame separates from people God placed in our life, but never from the consequences of our actions.

  • This is exactly what I needed to read! Wow.

  • Im going to Passion Conference this weekend, and this passage was a perfect start to my morning. I’m extremely nervous about going for my first time ever. This passage really helped me remember that God is always with us. When we sin(Adam and Eve eating the apple) and every other time in between. Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!

    • Sammi

      I’m at the Passion conference as well! It’s my second time. You’ll love it! I’ll pray for you and your experience here.

  • While reading I just got to thinking about how light is such a powerful force. It got me to praying that: God would shine light in our home: showing us (like a flashlight) how we can show his love better. If my kids are being sneaky that he would shine light on their hearts and also on the situation. Praying for a friend of mine that might feel in the dark right now that she would just sense Gods true light and that he would help her to know that she is not groping in the dark. She knows Jesus, he knows her situation and he is the light. The sunlight is warm and brings joy and we love to bask in it, I pray that this year I will spend more time basking in Jesus light.

  • I have started the book of genesis so many times with the intention of reading through the entire bible. However the devil has gotten in my way these past few times. This year I am not letting it happen again! I’m already loving SRT and I think it will help keep me motivated and accountable. Please pray for me as I embark on this journey through the Word of God!

  • I am both excited and nervous to join in on this study. I have spent the past few years trying to do life on my own but, over the past several months, I have felt a strong urge to return to the Word… to wisdom and to guidance… to Jesus. After reading through today’s scripture and study, I can see that I am in the right place. I am looking forward to learning both from the Word and from all of you! To new beginnings and to grace!

  • In Him is light…. A reminder that when we find God we find light. This light is stronger than any darkness. I find this so beautiful. What an amazing gift from God.

  • Savannah S

    I am more than excited to begin this journey through Genesis with you ladies. I’ve told myself countless times that I’m going to walk myself through the whole Bible but I always manage to stumble upon barriers that keep me from doing it. I am thankful to have this community online that will help to hold me accountable! Each year, I challenge myself to choose one word to live by. This year, I’m choosing steadfast. Lately, I’ve been very inconsistent with my quiet time and prayer life.. I’ve let the busyness of life get in between my relationship with the Lord but as I kick off the new year, my response to His faithfulness and never ending grace and love, is to open my heart wholeheartedly to all He plans to do with my life & to abide in Him. To surrender, each and every day! Happy New Years!!

  • My husband bought this study for me in book form but it has no devotional section in the book which I think is so beneficial to reflect on what I just read…plus I could just read the bible. Am I missing a section or do I need to buy this study on the app as well as have the book? It seems pointless to buy the book if I’m going to be responding on the app – which is something I like to do.

    • Lina

      The books don’t come with the devotionals. Personally I think it’s great because you’re basing your own thoughts and feelings towards the passage. And writing them down for yourself. And if you wish, you may read the devotional online, which I think is a great addition but the whole purpose of this study is to get women into the Word of God, not to get us reading another devotional.

  • So happy to start this study! It’s a timely one. Just today my 8 year old girl said to me, “I really wish Eve had never eaten the apple. Then it wouldn’t hurt to have babies, we could just have them whenever we want. And Adam wouldn’t have to work so hard to get food from the land.” Food and babies…Since day 1 the enemy has tried to ruin what God always meant for our good. Our lives today are just as messy and complicated as that first fall in the garden, full of pain & mistakes & regret & missteps. It’s almost too much to handle BUT GOD — His plan always prevails! So excited to unpack all the goodness of Genesis with you ladies!

  • I am so excited for this study. I am new to SRT and loving it already. I have always struggled with not feeling good enough. Not doing enough. Not being perfect. I always strive for perfection and when I fail (as I know I will) I beat myself up for weeks. Such a good reminder that no matter what, God does not leave us or stop loving us!

  • This devotional was a perfect way to end the first day of a new year. I’m so excited to keep up with these daily readings!

  • Amanda Hays

    Excited to read more about God’s covenants with his people!

  • I love the references to “Us” and ” Our” in from God (Genesis 1:26 & 3:22). Do you think these were references to God and Jesus or the Holy Trinity? I definitely feel like John 1:1-5 is referencing all three.

  • And everything was good. Sometimes we forget that God still sees us as the good He created. It’s easy to skip to genesis 2 as we are all sinners, but remember 1st that you are GOOD and IN HIS IMAGE. praise the Lord

  • I love that even when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, he provided clothes for them because they felt so ashamed. Such a loving father.

  • I’ve fallen away from my relationship with Jesus lately. I’m desperate to make Him my first priority again.

    • VioletSlats

      Me, too. But we can rejoice because HE is faithful! HE will draw to us if we seek HIM & confess. GOD is good all the time. My prayer for you! For all!

    • Kylee

      You are in the right place, Lyndsey! I’ve been in a similar spot in the past, and have been overwhelmed by the encouragement found in this community who digs in His word together. Be blessed sister!

    • Elle

      Bless you, Lyndsey for seeking to make the Lord your first priority again! The best place to be is at The Lord’s feet. I know He loves your desire to grow closer to Him!

  • VioletSlats

    I am so blessed to have this app & chance to read again Genesis. Recently I have struggled with feelings of depression, rage & greed. But as this book reminds me GOD is faithful & if HE does not come first I am loss like a dinghy in satan’s cruel & tedious seas. Thank YOU LORD for your WORD. YOU are faithful & worthy of all glory

    • Kathy

      It is so refreshing to hear honesty, in any area of life. Thank you for admitting to things that many of us try to hide from others as well as ourselves– and yet, I believe that most of us feel these much more often that we would like to admit. I am right there with you on all accounts. I am ready to reconnect with The One who can heal, comfort and complete us as nothing and no one else can.

  • This really resonated with me. I struggle with sudden anxious feelings when I am about to start something new or make a big change in my life. I feel lost and scared, but I need to remember that my God is a faithful one and he never breaks his promise of continuing to be with me and take care of me always, even if I feel alone.

  • In John 1:5 it says that “the darkness comprehended it not” Can some explain to me what that means?

    • Emily

      5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

      Here is the version I’m reading. The darkness has not (and never will) overcome the light :)

    • Gwen

      In the ESV translation it says:
      3 All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. 4 In him was life, and the life was the light of men. 5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

      I believe God is saying that Jesus is the Light and the light is the life of men and the darkness (Satan) has not overcome the light. Jesus shines in the darkness and where there is light there can be no dark.

  • Such an awesome devo!!!

  • Sandi Lambert

    So glad my daughter invited me to join her in this study. This first day of reading reminded me of the day I realized that Jesus was with God from the very beginning of time. It still amazes me today, and gives me such reassurance that He is with me always and will never leave me.

  • Heart eyes to this – I love these passages and this reflection!

    • Kristi

      Also, I’m reading Far As The Curse Is Found by Michael Williams and I’ve learned so much about Genesis and creation and the fall. Would prob make a great companion!

  • Though I have read Genesis several times, it is awesome how new truths about God, His Fatherhood and His unending love unfold to me when I read it today. I love how I find His pattern for our behavior, relationships and purpose is so clearly revealed in the first book of the Bible. Thanks!!!

  • My eldest son And DIL are in severe crisis. It has been my mode to take action, have a plan. Today I pray unceasingly and wait on the Lord. I have given all my children, their spouses and my grandchildren to God. He leads, not I. Easy? No. But God is faithful. I need this study. Thank you as this study is way I can spend time in study and prayer.

  • Haven’t read Genesis in a very long time…really excited to dig deeper into it and understand the readings in a deeper and bigger light. So happy to be joining all of you ladies!

  • Michelle E.

    Often times I feel so guilty whenever I sin because all I desire is to be found righteous in the eyes of The Lord. However, pursuing this goal and knowingly realizing that I can never reach it but through the grace of Jesus Christ gives me the confidence to grow closer to Him and to spread the gospel freely!

    • Phyllis Derrick

      Thank God we have the blessed hope that God never breaks His promises and until we join Him in heaven, we realize that we can’t, in our humanness keep our promises as God does. However, in studying His word and growing daily, we become more like Him. Thank you Lord for never breaking your promises and for forgiving us when we do.

  • So thankful that God’s covenant with me is ongoing and unbreakable. I need his mercy and grace everyday.

  • Heather Northrop

    As a Bible teacher and mother I reflect back on five years spent in missions work in Asia. A lot of time I have spent over the years building up ministry efforts and stripping them back down again. It’s like a fresh breath of air that I find this pre-assigned reading plan. Thank you for taking the effort out of it for me. I really need this. Not dry, but I am thirsty. Thank you for leading me to the riverbed.

  • Nadia Garner

    This is my first study with SRT, I am excited to learn about Genesis.

  • Carrie Ann

    Very excited to read the comments, I am a new member and ready to commit to reading God’s word daily.

  • This is my first study with SRT!! My longterm boyfriend and I are so excited to build our stronger foundation of faith.(he has the HRT study!) I am so grateful for this opportunity to grow and learn so much. Genesis, I feel, doesn’t always get enough credit. I am so eager to see it in a different way!

    • Katie

      This is my second study with SRT but the first my husband & I are doing together. I can’t wait to see how this hopes us grow in God individually & as a couple.

      • Tiff

        That’s so awesome! My husband and I are reading through the book of Genesis together. He doesn’t have the app, but I’m praying for spiritual growth as a couple as well!

  • Beautiful beginning. I always love reading Genesis, I love the familiarity with it.

  • looking forward to a new year, new beginnings and the knowledge that God’s redeeming grace will always be there to offer hope when I fail. His faithfulness is new EVERY morning! Praise the Lord, He loves us with an everlasting love! Could anything be better?

  • A new year, what a wonderful way to begin!

  • Tiffany Dixon

    I am excited to start my New Years off right with the word of God!

  • leslie renee

    this could not be more perfect for the start of a new year. yes – i am always filled with hope and a renewed spirit to receive a “do-over”, another chance to get it right. i checked off a lot of things last year but was still left feeling unaccomplished or fulfilled because some of the things checked off were just that – they were things. the desires and wishes of my heart are still there and that is what i plan to focus on this year with the help of this study. looking forward to all He will unveil and walking in great expectancy of all He has for me!

  • Cinthya Aspiazu

    Thankful. No one Loves me the way My Heavenly Father loves me. With all my imperfections. Thank you for Your unconditional love. Create in me a new heart. Thank You and Amen!

  • Kasey Summers

    So very excited about this study in Genesis! Can’t wait to see the gospel and Jesus all over this book. I am so thankful that God keeps His promises even when we don’t. I am so unworthy yet God still loves me. So thankful that He is the One thing that remains!

  • So profound to re- read . How do I add photo to edit profile ?
    Blessings to all my new friends .

  • This is my first SRT study with the book, and I love it! Excited for the coming weeks in Genesis.

  • Victoria

    I do not have to be perfect for God to have a plan.

  • Shannon B

    I like the tie in with a New Year reading the creation and the beginning of the world. Yesterday, I took several hours to sit down reflect on both the good and bad of 2015, make new goals and many new year resolutions. I soon realized through my spiritual, personal, physical, and health goals that I cannot complete any of these on my own. Anything that is worth doing, is worth doing with God, because he is the creator of all good things. So I decided to lift up all my new year goals and improvements to him because how am I supposed to do this alone? I can’t. Its that simple! I also went into thought that I fail him every day, so there is no way I am going to be perfect in all my new year resolutions. If I don’t achieve something I wrote down for 2016, he doesn’t see me as a failure and never will. He loves me the same amount as he does today, last year, and 15 years ago.
    In todays reading through Genesis 1 I noticed an obvious pattern throughout. “God said” & “and it was so.”
    God has the power to say things and than bam, its done! Us, humans cannot do that, so we must rely on him in that for us. One of my main goals this year is to do a better job in not having such high expectations of the World, and to rather expect and have faith in the Lord. Because in him, I know I will not be disappointed.
    “But unlike the promises we make to ourselves and each other, God’s promises are, by His very nature, unbreakable. His faithfulness is never subject to our own” -SRT

  • Tonia McElderry

    Just starting this study and I’m just curious how all of you study each day? For instance, do you journal and write about each scripture? Or do you have a set of questions that you ask yourself regarding each scripture?? Sometimes I feel like I sit down to study or read and I’m not really sure exactly what I’m doing. Hope that makes sense.
    Thanks for any tips!
    Tonia McElderry

    • sarahmariet

      Hi, Tonia! Sometimes I go through the following exercise that I learned in a college ministry when I sit down with a chapter of Scripture. Pray that the Lord would open your eyes and heart to what He has for you in His word and then go through “ABC”:
      A) “A Title” — come up with a title for the portion of scripture you just read/is there a theme that is striking your heart?
      B) “Best Verse” — go through and read again and see if there’s a verse that just pops out at you. What is being said in this verse that resonates with you?
      C) “Characteristics of God” — read through the scripture again and identify any word or phrase that points to a characteristic of the Lord. For example, Genesis 1:1 — “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” — This shows that God is a creator. That He exists before time. That He is thoughtful in the ways that He creates. That He is boundless in His creativity and His power (the heavens AND the earth).

      I like this way of thoughtful reading because if you’re in a group and compare notes, you experience just how alive the Scripture is and what is ministering to hearts differently. By no means “THE” way to do it, but something to try out! :) Happy New Year! So thankful for a fresh year with His power reigning in our lives.

    • Laura A.

      Hello Tonia,
      Personally, it is whatever works best for you. For myself what is that I do is I notate thoughts that I took from the reading, prayers I might have at the end or when reading a verse, key terms (i.e vocabulary), questions, etc. What I have noticed helps is praying at the beginning that whatever the reading for the day may speak to me and that God may expand my mind to new understandings; the rest is just putting the pen to the paper. I hope this helps :)
      God Bless.

  • Michelle Woodhead

    The Fathers heart so evident from the beginning. God didn’t just hand the skins to Adam and Eve to make themselves clothes, but He made them the clothes and covered them. Always caring for his children, even when they have been disobedient. So looking forward to this study as the love of our Father is revealed time and time again.

  • Tonia McElderry

    Love this! Can’t wait to dive in.

  • I have a non-study related question too; can someone tell me how I get my photo up? I like when we can somewhat see each other’s faces :)

  • Good morning sisters, and Happy New Year!! I’m so buzzing with love and positivity this morning, and it’s good to be back among all of you.

    I’ve read these passages over the years but at the time I was not mature or ready to fully understand the words, and what a beautiful story it is. My image of creation is a painting, and God as the artist. He was so skillful in His art! In one sense, what He made seems so simple and straight-forward, but at the same time, think of the sheer magnitude!

    While the image of darkness used to scare me, now I see beauty and protection in the stars He created.

    The image of Him taking a rib from Adam to create Eve strikes me this time around, a grown woman hoping for love in this new year. Woman and man are truly made to be partners. And despite the sin, what I noticed reading Genesis today was that even though he hid, he was honest about his mistake. I believe that’s important; owning our mistakes but moving past them.

    What’s even more amazing is God’s undying forgiveness. He never gives up on us, and that is such a blessing.

  • This gives a fresh start to the new year it is the time to reflect on what our trials and errors have been in the year before our coming new year we shall learn to break through our mistakes and begin a new life and support the change that is to come my goal for this year is to read at least one section per day if not more

  • These words at the fresh start of a new year … beautiful. This morning my husband and I woke early and enjoyed a tasty breakfast out together sans the kiddos. We sat across the table recalling our nearly 24 years together and thought over years past, prior New Year’s and the road we’ve walked together; some portions profoundly harder than others. We ventured into a thought over our first year in marriage and the decision to relocate cross-country. We spoke about how it was life changing and guessed that, had we not made that move, things would have been very different for us. As we negotiated that possibility he stopped and said, “Wait, no. We can’t even go down that road because, well, Jesus.” He elaborated on what I knew to be true as well….God always prevails!!! One way or another, He would have shown through in our marriage and the end result would have been the same … HIS glory! It is so easy to think about what we desire for the coming year or years. To look back on the “yester-year” and bid good riddance, but shouldn’t we bid adieu with a nod of our head and a grateful heart….no matter what we’ve endured. As we went around the table at dinner last night, we asked our kids to name two things they will always remember ’15 for, and thankfully they laughed and smiled with fond thoughts over the year. But there have been and there are years we walk steep hills and deep valleys. Those treacherous walks yield great things though and I am thankful for those journies. Romans 5 (The Message)reminds us they develop “passionate patience which in turn forges the tempered steel of virtue, keeping us alert for whatever God will do next…..we’re never left feeling shortchanged. Quite the contrary, we can’t round up enough containers to hold everything God generously pours into our lives through the Holy Spirit. Christ arrives right on time to make this happen. He didn’t, and doesn’t, wait for us to get ready.” The covenants established in Genesis go far and deep and wide with us through all our journeys; cross countries, at home, in hospitals and courtrooms. It doesn’t matter what we plan or aspire to do, we must remember that God is at work and there is great hope in that, not our ability but God’s. Romans 5: 15-17 “Yet the rescuing gift is not exactly parallel to the death-dealing sin. If one man’s sin put crowds of people at the dead-end abyss of separation from God, just think what God’s gift poured through one man, Jesus Christ, will do! …. Can you imagine the breathtaking recovery life makes, sovereign life, in those who grasp with both hands this wildly extravagant life-gift, this grand setting-everything-right, that the one man Jesus Christ provides?”

    Love to you all in this New Year. Prayerful over those experiences for you all that forge tempered steele in you! I’ve missed you all this week and look forward to further study in 2016 with you beautiful women! ~ B

    • Tina

      B, you write so beautifully and eloquently….I love to read your words…so gentle , kind, reassuring and truth…
      I, only the other day, mentioned in conversation that, like your good man said,, I would not change anything I have been through, because fir me, those things, however painful have brought me to this day, this moment, this realization….’But God.’..That God is good, faithful, loving and kind, and His love for me, for us is a covenant written in the blood of Jesus for eternity… To Him be all the glory…Amen.

      Sending you ~B, and yours…a very big hug and love….and wishing you a year blessed with an abundance of everything good and God blessed…xxxxx

  • Just before starting this study, my very first She Reads Truth Study, I read the book Ragamuffin Gospel. It was a humbling and beautiful book about how God loves us and desires to have mercy on us in our mess. As I was reading this morning there were many beautiful parts that jumped out at me in a new way, but Genesis 3:21 took my breath away. The first human sin, the start of our messy rebellion was met with God’s compassion on us. As Adam and Eve dealt with the consequences of their sin we see God having compassion on them and clothing them in their nakedness. It brings me to tears.

    • Diane Huntsman

      Reading the ragamuffin Gospel right now! Thought I’d share that with you because I thought it was so crazy that you commented about it!! I just started and already can’t put it down! Pray you love your SRT journey through Genesis! These girls never disappoint, their writing gifts are always applicable, filled with truth, humor, and love!! Be blessed!!

      • Sarah O

        Ragamuffin Gospel was one of the most powerful books I have ever read! One of those that has really changed how I see God in a profound way. I’m so excited to be doing my first She Reads Truth, it came along during a season of change for me and desire to renew my relationship with God. Thank you for your encouraging words!

  • I am so excited to be starting the new year with this plan. I pray for more spiritual security and commitment in this year. I’m glad we’re starting off with the book of Genesis.

  • Kayla Johnson

    I have used this site for a few years to assist in ministry with high school girls. I am a college student who leads YoungLife at a local high school and always thought these studies would best benefit the high school girls I lead. A few months ago I tried a study for myself, the study of ephesians and was blown away. I have decided to start this year with you and this study and am already in awe of the things God is going to show me throughout this study. Thank you so much!!

  • Christine Hsiao

    I’ve started reading shereadstruth daily for a few bible studies now, but I want to really read and reflect this year. I currently just use the app, does anyone use the books? Do you like the experience? I might get the $24/month subscription, but my budget has been a little tighter recently, and it is technically free online!

    • Liz C

      I also have a tight budget so I select a few books in the year to purchase and enjoy the rest via email and on the website. The books really hold me accountable and I enjoy have the scripture written out along with a response page but I also use a journal when I don’t have the book for my response. You will still need to access the devotional (commentary) online since SRT intentionally doesn’t include that in the books. I think that is why the mixture works for me. I tend to purchase the books for the longer studies like Advent or Lent. I also like the sheet music and recipes included in those books. (However if my funds where unlimited, I probably would get the subscription.). But I don’t feel like I’m missing anything important by being selective.

  • Ashleigh

    What a great start to the new year! Thankful for all of Gods promises!

  • Tiana Bancroft

    It’s always great to reflect on all that God has provided and promised. I find myself constantly asking, “Who am I that God would give dominion over His great creation Earth?” His mighty, omnipotent, and redeeming love was there for me in the beginning and it endures still today. Like Adam and Eve, I often find myself hiding from God (as if that were even possible). My sin, my shame, my failure to be transparent is only hindering my personal relationship with Christ. I pray that through this study that God’s truth draw me closer to His throne; removing all fear, thus preparing my heart to receive His great mercy, love, peace, and grace.

  • I’ve been struggling for some time now with where I am in life and wondering why this was the path I was on. It’s felt like this never ending rut. Last night at watch night service I wrote a letter to God to tell him just how frustrated and lost I felt.
    I’m praying that beginning this new year at the beginning will help me refocus and truly connect with Christ again.
    I rarely post, but have been following for 3-4 years now and am just asking for prayer that my faith would be renewed.

    • Ashley

      Lin, I will pray that your faith be renewed! I know exactly how you feel, as this new year is also going to be the year I reconnect with Christ after being lost for a very long time. I can just feel great things ahead for us!!! Keep your chin up!

    • Karen

      Hi Lin. I just wanted you to know that I’m reaching out to you and praying for you this morning. I was just thinking – in a totally different context – about how we want to see the results of our efforts. Our biggest fear is that we will do the right thing, and nothing happen as a result. And so often we don’t see anything resulting! We raise our kids day after day and we don’t see them growing, or becoming more “civilized.” We read our Bible and don’t see ourselves growing. And yet, it’s never true that nothing is happening. Paul tells us, Our labor is Not in Vain in the Lord! He sees and loves every step we take toward Him, and we are accomplishing things in the unseen world that we have no idea about! Our faith is not in what we see ourselves doing, but in the fact that He is always at work within us “to will and to do His good pleasure.” I pray you will rest and take joy in His love for you today.

    • Carrie Ann

      May the Holy Spirit fill you with a new, fresh, awakened joy that you cannot contain. I pray you will allow yourself to feel the freedom of being free from past regret. I pray these in accordance of God’s will.

    • Lin

      Thank you, ladies! My eyes were filled with tears and my heart with joy as I read your responses. I honestly did not expect a reply and such heartfelt ones at that. I will be praying for each of you as well!

  • One of the things that I did in this study was read each verse out loud. I love how everything that God did was to his best. After each verse, we read AND IT WAS GOOD. That really touched my heart because it reminded me that everything God is doing for us, is for our good. It’s refreshing to know how much he loves and cares for us.

  • Looking forward to a new year and a new study! I love what 2 Timothy 2:13 said, about God remaining faithful, even when we are faithless. So many times I’ve wandered from God, but He has always been there when I returned. He will never give up on me.

  • Shannon Tyson

    “New beginnings are laden with hope, and they should be. But on what or whom do we place that hope?”

    Praising Jesus this morning that as this New Year is upon us with all of it’s good-intentions, goals, and resolutions that I can ultimately hope in Him. Too often I find myself flailing around, chasing all of the things through my own works and willpower. This year – I’m reminding myself that my hope is not in my efforts but in His saving work on the cross.

    Gracious and good Father, remind me when I forget.

  • This is the most perfect way to start the new year. It’s refreshing to start out with a focus on my hope in Jesus instead of in my own efforts. And I love reading through the most ancient stories that point to our need for a Savior! Happy new year, ladies!

  • Sara Moore

    It continues to amaze me that God knew we would need a savior from the very start of the world. Adam and Eve are known as the first sinners and get a lot of blame, but I tell my daughter when the topic comes up that we are no better than them and that if they had not sinned someone else would have and the world today would still be fallen. We all need Jesus and he was there for us from the beginning of time, not just from the New Testament. He has always been there as our savior and mediator.

  • God’s promises are eternal! Even among our hurting world, we are promised peace in Him. We receive His grace no matter what. Adam and Eve were chastised at first for not following God’s rules, but then He clothed them in a fatherly action of love and grace. Lord, You are amazing!

  • Happy New Year everyone! I’m so thankful that out hope is in God’s covenant not our own.

  • New member here:) Thanks for this site/app. Loved reading the Word of God in the morning instead of checking my Facebook! I can’t remember the last time I read anything from Genesis. It was so refreshing to read the familiar words of the creation. Once again, thank you. Dear God, help me to keep focused on what is really important.

  • Love new beginnings.

  • As I began the reading for today, I was stopped at vs 3. God created light and darkness before he created the sun and moon. What light and darkness was this? I quizzically asked my husband (who is a pastor) and his two word response was John 1. I flipped over and read John 1:1-9. And my mind just exploded. Jesus is the light. Obviously it wasn’t God creating Jesus since he is apart of the Holy Trinity. But it made me feel so humbled reading John 1:1-5. In Him (Christ) was life- the life was the LIGHT of men. Jesus is the Light. Even in the beginning, he is the Light. The Light and salvation for man. I was so thankful when I got to the end of the readings and saw where y’all added John 1:1-5 to the readings. So thankful for how these study’s truly do point to Christ and him only. Thankful this morning for the Light of Christ. My hope and salvation in him even though I am not deserving. My prayers for 2016 is that he alone is made much of.

    • Candance

      Isn’t that little nugget just awesome! Every time I read either of those passages I always go to the other one. Even at the beginning of creation Jesus was the answer!

    • Sara Moore

      Wow. That didn’t even occur to me in that way. Thank you so much for your insight. Vids love and grace are truly amazing.

    • Alexis

      Wow, thank you for pointing this out. I never saw that before. How cool!

  • Spetrounov

    So excited as well to join you all in reading truth; about the true one in which my heart delights this first of the new year. Blessings…

  • I’m new to She Reads Truth. I’ve been a Christian since I was a young child. Always set out good for a new year…….. but we know how that can go.

    • cAro

      Welcome Becky! I am kind of New too and all i can say about This bible Study is that it has been teaching me to focus more on God than me. It has been refreshing especially for me (a person who loves to push herself down because I missed the mark all the time). I hope and pray that God will reveal himself to you in ways that He has never done before! That this new year will be an amazing year of grace, love and peace! Blessings!

  • Rhonda Elder

    Thank you for helping me start this New Year off by getting into the WORD.

  • Daughter of the King

    This is such a powerful reminder of the goodness of God. That He us a covenant keeper and thankfully His faithfulness is never subject to our own. Lord, help us always keep our eyes fixed on You and the truth of Your word which reveals Your character. May You allow us to gain more victories this year by remembering that You fight for us in every area of our lives if we willingly surrender them to You in Jesus’ name.

  • This is the perfect study for the New Year! It’s a New Year to glorify God and rest on the promises He made for us!

  • Angela Sackett

    Took tons of notes this morning and am excited to share with my kiddos, my husband, and a coming-to-Jesus new acquaintance, so we can all discuss what they, too, are seeing anew of HIM through His Word.

  • Love this plan and how it has reminded me that Genesis is indeed a book of new beginnings. May god bless all of u this new year and may we put all of our trust in Him who is forever faithful.

  • I fell in love with SRT plans when I started the advent plan :) I praise Him for the eagerness and excitement He’s given me to keep reading, keep studying, and enjoying and savoring His Word! Day 1 of this plan could not be more refreshing! More than ready for 2016!

  • Heather (MNmomma)

    I woke up this morning early… one day to sleep in…..and couldn’t have been more excited! It was time to start the new study!!!! Not going to lie…..I have missed our mornings :) A shout out to the SRT team for the incredible design of the new study… is stunning!!! I am very much a visual, hands-on sort of person. I have used the study guides for well over a year now….and they keep getting better and better. For me the “experience” of the study guide: the text, the colors, the pictures, the journaling space helps to deepen and enhance my study time….thank you!!!!!

    • Amy Riker

      I miss our mornings, too, and am a tad lost when I can’t start my day with my SRT sisters. I was excited upon remembering the new study began today. I look forward to learning with you, Heather. :)

  • Churchmouse

    2015 is history! So excited to open 2016 with this book of beginnings and with all of you! (Is it weird to say even the smell of the study guide is pleasing? Lol) Ahhhh… God speaks “and it was so.” He creates and then stays fully engaged with what He has created. He makes Oh so much good out of nothing. He makes order out of chaos. I pray I remember that each day of this new year. That He engages with me, His creature. That He will make good out of whatever comes my way this year. That He will make order out of any of my chaos. He’s engaged and He’s in charge of my little world as well as the great big world. I place my hope in Him and it’s all good! Praying to keep the faith and the focus on Jesus this year!

  • So true! I have never been one to make New Years resolutions, but rather try to focus on one day at a time keeping in mind that Gods mercies are new every morning and striving to be more like Jesus. Happy New year, sisters!

  • I have a terrible track record of finishing things. So thankful I can depend on His perfect ways! Knowing He will be true to His word, gives me such peace. Happy New Year everyone! Our God will carry us through!!

  • Happy New Year, dear Sisters! I, too, am looking forward to this new study and what God, through his Holy Spirit, will show each of us, through it. Thank you, Amanda, for today’s reading! What a timely reminder for me to rely not on well intentioned New Year lists…but instead depend totally on our faithful Heavenly Father.
    I saw a church sign recently that pretty much says it all: “January 1st will bring a new year. Only Jesus Christ can bring us new life.”

  • I’m so much more thankful for new beginnings this year than I have been in years past. 2015 went out like a bang for me and at this point my only hope is that God is making all things new and that He has something more I store for me this year than I could ever ask for or imagine. Even in the midst of all the chaos and pain I find myself in right now, I know He is good and He is working according to His purposes. Praise be to God for new beginnings!

    • Kaite

      Amen! I find myself in a similar boat as we say goodbye to 2015…. But God is good and we look to see Him show glory through the pain and confusion in this new Year!!

  • As in verses 3:12-13, I too often look for excuses for my sin, maybe not so much blaming others, but none the less trying to justify my actions. So thankful for a forgiving God who offers grace beyond measure. Happy New Year to you all.

  • I am so excited to start this journey with all of you in this new year!

  • My mind is exploding with excitement and expectation for the new year….new beginnings, new hope; what our Lord has in store for me (and for all who want to follow & live in His will)
    I can only ask for Him to sharpen my vision and give me clarity to see and hear when His still small voice directs me this way or that! “Lord, I need your strength & power to follow through with my commitment to what it is You are leading me to and through in this upcoming year! Happy & Healthy New Year to all my sisters in Christ.

  • When I first developed a relationship with Jesus, one of the hardest things for me to grasp was the notion of surrender, of truly trusting God… after all, as women, society tells us to have control and be in control and to “have it all.” I kind of thought of that with today’s reading. Instead of trusting God, we go our own way. Of course I still make decisions without prayer in this hurried FOMO world of ours. -Sigh ;) That need for control is changing, thankfully, and I am grateful to have a God who loves and forgives me as I chase Him.

  • Happy New Year!! May we all remember that He is our strength! I am hoping this year to really learn to trust and surrender in all things so there will be more peace and less concern about performance. I’m hoping to focus more on Jesus and less on approval of man. God Bless you all !!!!

    • Joanne

      Oh my gosh! I didn’t see your reply when I typed mine. I love how you worded this… More Jesus and less approval of man. Yes. This!! Grace and peace!

    • Kaylin

      What a blessing it is to be able to serve a God whose word we can forever count on as it does not waiver! I too love the way you worded this! God’s approval is the only one I want to seek! Have a blessed New Year!

    • Carol

      Yes, yes, and yes. This is all so beautifully said. Thank you for being here, sisters!

    • Sheree

      Beautifully stated! My one word for 2016 is strength! :)

  • Missy CM

    Recently discussing the pitfalls that could befall our kids and the kids in our life we love dearly, my husband and I kept coming back to the fact that you could grow up with really any factors (poverty/wealth, Christian culture/secular culture, Christian education/secular education, among sooo many other factors) and still the grace of God trumps the likely outcomes in our eyes. We kept coming up with “exceptions to the rule” of kids who grew up a certain way, yet have grown up to be “Champions in the faith” (term from Revolutionary Parenting).

    So thankful for covenant grace, and a God who loves to weave life-threads in a bigger and more amazing way than we could imagine ourselves.

    • Bonnie

      Love this! I am one of those exeptions to the rule. I don’t know why God chose to pull me out of darkness, but I’m so thankful He kept it up until I finally gave in. Praying the rest of my family will also be overcome by His amazing love.

      • Amy Riker

        I, too, am an exception that was pulled out of darkness. I’m new to genuine relationship with Him, but ever so grateful that I finally listened. His love amazes and overwhelms me.

  • It can be easy, at the start of a new year, to have hope that it is going to be a fresh start- this time I’ll keep the resolutions, this year I’ll get it right, this time life will be different. I’ve done that many times, yet it never seems to last long and I’m left discouraged and disappointed.
    This shows me that even with God the shiny new beginning didn’t last long before it was spoilt. But it also gives me hope because God didn’t give up on the world or on his people, and his hope for the world was never placed in Adam and Eve’s ability to obey him anyway. He already knew they would mess up and he already had a plan to sort it out.
    I love how it shows God’s faithfulness, even when we are not faithful. Of course I have hopes and dreams for this year and areas I want to improve on, but this reminds me that the success of this year does not depend on how well I meet these goals but on whether I place my hope in God. He already knows the mistakes I will make this year, but he has already dealt with them and he does not give up on his people.
    I’m grateful for the reminder to “loosen our grip on our best efforts and well-intentioned works and cling only to the hope lovingly and mercifully secured by our covenant-keeping God.”
    Happy New Year to you all!

    • Sara

      Ditto and amen! Your eloquence described the jumble of thoughts in my head. Happy New Year!

    • Dana

      Beautifully spoken

    • Ruth

      Thank you for putting this into words – important to remember that he has already dealt with our mistakes and mess-ups. This makes me feel like the pressure is off and I can just stick close to God. Happy New Year, sisters.

      • Sarah York

        I love both of your posts! I’m going to pray as often as I can for God to help me in sticking close to Him.

    • Victoria

      Beautifully said, xo

    • Cheryl

      Thank you for putting this down in words – such a blessing.

  • Jesus is my ‘In the beginning’ …

    Every morning, every new day….Jesus is there with new mercy, New Grace, New beginnings…everlasting, forever love..

    A bit like the film…51st date, with drew Barrymore…every waking day is new…Every day is a new beginning, each new day comes with its own God infused purpose, of love, Grace mercy, forgiveness, redemption, plans…
    If I could wake up each new day believing and trusting that my mistakes of yesterday, though still are on my mind, have been forgiven, BECAUSE of Jesus, or the broken heart that hurts so much, is being patched up and covered by God’s love, BECAUSE of Jesus, or the struggles of life that can be so overwhelmingly tough to face, are not mine to face alone, BECAUSE JESUS walks right alongside, holding my hand tightly in His, and faces them with me…If I could remember that God gave His only begotten Son, Jesus, that I, sinner of sinners, would know freedom, Grace, Love, forgiveness, mercy, every day… Each new day …is a new beginning..a fresh start, a chance to start over…

    My life, my world, Praise God, looks different to that, heart still hurts, but God…all praise to Him…,holds my delicate heart is his loving hands, giving me peace… My overwhelming struggles, are still overwhelming…, But God, oh Praise God…for sure, one day at a time shows and gives grace, peace and love…Amen and thank you Lord God…
    God is near, this I know,…and His covenant with me, as one of His people, is ongoing, everlasting and unbreakable, and because of Jesus, this gift is fulfilled in His life, death, and resurrection…Thank you Lord Jesus, thank you…
    I was created by God…in my beginning, and though I walk in sin, and brokenness, God still gives me New beginnings every day..Every day….Amen…What a wonderful and loving God we serve and who walks alongside us…x

    Happy New beginnings to you my Sisters….Praying that your faith is strengthened each day as you walk hand in hand with the Lord…that your hopes are fulfilled in Him who is.. our HOPE, that you know LOVE abundant to overflowing….this coming year…
    Every Blessing, with love, xxx

    • Carly B

      Amen! His mercies are new every morning. Happy New Year to you, Tina. xxx

    • Heather (MNmomma)

      Happy New Years to you too Miss Tina!!! “Each new day is filled with God infused purpose”…..yes! yes! yes!!! Love and huge hugs to you this morning!!!

    • Liz S

      Happy New Year Tina! Thank you for your thoughts this morning! Taking the whole year on is so daunting, but there is peace and comfort in knowing the Father holds our ‘delicate hearts’ in His care!

    • Victoria

      Wow. This is so beautiful. Love to you sister. Thank you for writing this. And thank Jesus for the truth in it.

  • Rosemary

    3:8-9 makes me wonder how I too am trying to “hide” from God. Sometimes in prayer I find myself hesitating to confess the most painful things, as if I want to keep God from knowing my sins. I kind of laugh at Adam and Eve when they try it, but I’m no different! Right now I will pray first for honesty, and then to be changed……

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