Announcing: Lent 2016


Good afternoon, friends!

It’s three days after Christmas and rain is pouring outside our windows at the She Reads Truth office. The only thing that tells us it’s still winter is our gold Christmas tree we can’t bear to take down yet! It’s unseasonably warm, but somehow that makes it feel like an appropriate time to talk about the upcoming Lent reading plan.

As you probably know by now, She Reads Truth exists to be “Women in the Word of God every day,” and so we have been working hard the past several weeks to plan a meaningful and rich Scripture reading plan for the upcoming Lent season.

Here is how those 47 days (6+ weeks) will be broken down:

1. A brief Introduction to the traditions of Ash Wednesday and Lent on the Church calendar
2. An examination of biblical Repentance, Fasting, and Prayer
3. A walk through the book of Jonah, to deeper understand God’s sovereignty and salvation
4. A look at The Person of Christ, as demonstrated by Jesus’ “I AM” statements in the Gospel of John
5. A real-time walk through The Work of Christ during Holy Week, from His triumphal entry into Jerusalem to His once-for-all victory over the grave

The Lent 2016 reading plan begins Ash Wednesday, February 10, and continues through Easter Sunday, March 27. We invite you to join us for free online or via email subscription, or for a very small fee on the She Reads Truth app.

We’ve also created a crazy-beautiful Lent Study Book in collaboration with Kelly Ventura Designs. (You guys. We LOVE making these books for you! And we LOVE the challenge of making each one more beautiful and more useful than the last!)


This book intentionally includes the Lent Scripture reading plan only—with just one guiding essay for each section. Because God’s Word is living and active, we believe the Holy Spirit is ultimately all we need to read and respond to Scripture, and we keep our words separate to prevent distraction. Written responses to each day’s reading are always found exclusively on and the She Reads Truth app, and we warmly invite you to join us for that further commentary and conversation!


As one of our super-special seasonal study books, the 2016 Lent Book also includes extra elements such as sheet music, recipes, poetry, and beautiful, helpful infographics.

IMG_7086 copy

Find the Lent 2016 book for sale here, as well as more details and photos to get you excited! And if you know a “He” who might want to follow along at (same daily scriptures, just different responses), consider ordering the He/She book bundle to save a little bit of cash!


And, a little preorder incentive: All orders of the She Reads Truth Lent book (yes, that includes He/She bundles) will receive a hardcopy of the She Reads Truth Hymns EP for free! (If you order 6 books, you get 6 cds. Easy!)

She Reads Truth Hymns

We are so looking forward to beginning the Genesis study with you January 1, and we are already praying God will meet you in the February 10th Lent study as well. 

Grace and Peace,




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  • Laverne Cleath

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  • nice.

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  • I too am confused as well. I would like to sign up for the lent devotional a. Best by email. Thanks

  • I’m so confused how to I get the book and music? I’m new to this

  • Sara Beth

    I know Lent actually begins tomorrow, but I really want the book! I know I will probably miss the first couple days of Lent in the book, but considering it’s over a month long, I don’t think it will be that big of a deal. Can I still order it now, and how soon will it arrive?

  • Is the Lent study going to be available for HeReadsTruth as well? Do they coincide?

  • jamie Mouw

    Same question. I ordered 5 sets of He/She Lent and just realized that I didn’t receive the cd’s either. Maybe I missed something in small print? :-) It’s been known to happen !!! LOL

  • Emily Henry

    I just got my books in the mail today and I’m soooo excited! The only question I have is about the CD. I thought I was going to be receiving the CD with my order, did I miss the date if I placed my order on 1/9?

  • I’m curious if you will be restocking the Lent books before it starts?

    • Brittney B.

      I was wondering the same…I tried multiple times to order my books yesterday for a small group, but it wasn’t processing. I look this morning and they’re sold out! I’m really hoping to get them in time!

    • Margaret

      Me too. So sad I didn’t order yesterday before it sold out.

  • What will the cost of the Lent study through the app? I’m trying to decide the cost difference between the book and app.

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Mary! It will be $1.99 on the app, but always free at! So glad you’re planning to join us!


  • Veronica H.

    I preordered my Lent book and just received it today, but there was no hymn CD included in my package. Who do I contact to find out if I can still receive one?

  • Hi, when will the Lent series be available for purchase/download on the app?

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Kristi! It will be available for download on the first day of the reading plan, Feb. 10!


  • I am quite eager to begin this study. Will I be able to do it all over the web? I will be out f the country and unable to get the book before I leave.

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Nancy! Yes! As always, the devotional commentary will be online! So glad you’re joining us!


  • Hi. I have the monthly subscription. Will I also get the cd or is that only for separate orders? Are there any studies that aren’t included in the monthly subscription? Thank you!

  • Christine

    Hello! Very excited for this study! Does the book have guidance for a small group? Thinking of getting 6 women involved for this 7-week study. Just curious if the book is intended more for individual use or group discussion! Thanks! xo

  • So excited for this plan! When do they ship?

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Amy! Lent begins shipping the week of January 25! So glad you’re joining us!


  • Morgan I.

    Thank you so much SRT team!!! I love this study! Thanks again!❤

  • I think its a beautiful cover as well! Just being a born again believer, I just find the focus on ashes a lil bit well, morbid…and Matthew 6:16-19
    Remind us about an outward appearance, that’s all…CHRIST saves us, and if we’ve got that right, we’re in the same boat! :)

  • The book is SOOO PRETTY!!

  • I thought Ash Wednesday was celebrated by Catholic and like faiths….not trying to offend, but rather would like a better understanding on this issue and regards to lent.

    • Emilie Grace

      I feel the same way

      • Kat

        Ash Wednesday is actually celebrated by many Christians around the world. Growing up Presbyterian, we celebrated Ash Wednesday, and several non-denominational churches I have attended since have also celebrated it. I can’t vouch for many other countries, but I do know that many Christians celebrate Ash Wednesday in Ethiopia as well. Following the liturgical calendar is definitely not something only Catholics do.

      • MJRay

        We celebrate Ash Wed and Lent in the Presbyterian church (and I also did as a child in a German reformed church and in college at an episcopal church)

    • Sigkapoli

      Ash Wednesday is the kickoff to Lent. In the Anglican Church we receive ashes to symbolize the fact that we “are dust and to dust we shall return”. We then begin the penitential season of Lent. Lent, like Advent, are somber seasons in the church year, marking a time of preparation. Many denominations mark Ash Wednesday, Lent and Holy Week in some manner.

    • Lindy

      Not offended, but perplexed. May I ask your concern?? Thanks! The book looks beautiful, by the way!!

  • Will the cd be included in the direct ship subscription?

    • Gina

      I have the same question! I’d like to sign up for the direct ship, but I don’t know if that qualifies for the bonus pre-order CD?

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi friends! So glad you’re joining us for a year in God’s Word. Yes, you will get the Hymns CD with your Lent book—yay! While we can’t make any promises for the future, we LOVE our auto-ship subscribers and will make sure joy is delivered to you each month!


  • AnastasiaRose

    :O so beautiful….

  • I can’t wait to start this year off with SRT! Have my Genesis book ready to go and cannot wait to receive the beautiful Lent book! I do have one question… Will the Hymns CD also come to those who purchased an annual subscription for the study books / guides be included in their shipment? If not, is there a place that we can purchase the CD on your website?

    Thanks for all of your words and guidance you offer and I pray that this year may be glorified through our studies and we are able to read God’s word everyday!

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi April! Yes, you will get the Hymns CD with your Lent book—yay! While we can’t make any promises for the future, we LOVE our auto-ship subscribers and will make sure joy is delivered to you each month! We love having you in our community!


  • Melody B.

    So excited to join in on the Genesis study! I just recently discovered this app. I’m thankful that I found this group of sisters! :D

  • Heather (MNmomma)

    Just curious on The Book of Common Prayer that is frequently referenced in the SRT studies…..what version do you guys use? The prayers have resonated with me and I would love to find it…..BTW, super excited for the upcoming studies – LOVE the new book designs – and the new auto-ship option…no more worrying if I will have my book in time :) Thanks SRT!!!!!

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Heather! We have the Oxford University Press version! We love you back and are so excited you’re joining us for another year!


    • Sigkapoli

      The BCP is likely the 1979 edition. The ’28 prayer book can still be found as many churches prefer the older language. If you aren’t Anglican/Episcopalian the book will be very confusing at first glance. I’m new to the Anglican tradition, and 7 years in I’m just now comfortable finding what I’m looking for. The BCP has prayers for families, services to be used, psalms and then the sections of prayers covering everything imaginable–birth of a child, meals, to rain and thanksgiving for the harvest.

    • Sigkapoli

      I’d love to connect with you and walk you through the BCP if you choose to buy a personal copy. The beauty of it is no matter if it’s a large print, pew book, or personal size, the page numbers are exactly the same. Add gmail to my user name if you’d like to connect!

      • heather (MNmomma)

        awesome! I have not ordered it yet – was a bit overwhelmed at the options……and didn’t know if I should get 1928 or 79….

  • Lys-in-RO

    When will the Lent study books ship???? I live in Romania but my family is coming to visit at the end of January and I was wondering if I might be able to get the book shipped to them in time and be able to actually use the book this year, something that’s usually not an option for me.

  • Catarina Pombo

    Hey :) how can I subscribe for the Lent reading plan?

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Catarina! If you’d like to subscribe via email, you can do so at So glad you’re joining us!


  • How does the Lent study line up, date wise, with the Genesis study? Just trying to figure out what I should order to follow the Genesis!

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Madison! Genesis is Jan. 1-30, then Lent is Feb. 10-March 27. I hope you’ll join us!


  • Is this study guide part of the auto ship or should we order it separately? So excited!!

  • Where can I find more info on the January genesis study?

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Lindsey! So glad you’ll be joining us for Genesis! It begins this Friday, January 1 and you can follow along at, on the SRT app or via email subscription. Study books are available at, but they are completely optional! Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any further questions! I’m here for you!


  • Churchmouse

    YES! SRT, you enhance my journey in study and application of the Word! Wouldn’t miss the opportunity to travel alongside you and this wonderful community of sisters. Thank you! You are excellent!

  • Thank you for working through the church calendar in this way. I loved the advent series and look forward to the lent series. The book of Common Prayer is a form of worship that really resonates with me. At the moment, I am going to a church that doesn’t follow the church calendar or use liturgy, so it is an answer to prayer to have it included in SRT to feed my soul in that way. Thank you!

    • She Reads Truth

      Meg, so glad you’re here, friend! Looking forward to reading God’s Word with you in the coming seasons.


  • Very excited for my 2016 year in His word with all of you!

    • She Reads Truth

      YAY, Stacee! So are we! Excited for what’s to come!


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